BBF Championship 2020 Round 5

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2020 Championship Round 5.




Contestant’s names in the headers are links to the original 2020 BBF post with additional pictures.

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Your model for today was born on Friday the 13th, 1998 somewhere in Wisconsin, now residing in Los Angeles, CA.   She stands 5′ 10″ and measure34D – 24 – 34 and 136 lbs.  Please get ready to fall in love with Miss Sabrina Lynn.



Cancel the rest of the year and let’s vote for BBF Model Of The Year now.

Holy crap, Pupster broke the site!


10/10 would smash if I wasn’t so fat and gay


She seems nice. Good job, Pupster.






Your model for today was born November 6th1995 in Malibu, California.  She stands 5′ 6″  and measure34– 23 – 36 and 130 lbs.  Please grab a hair band for MisSierrSkye.



Comment by mare on August 21, 2020 7:07 am

Her booty could mesmerize.


10/10 would smash.

Admitting to 130 pounds is interesting. I like a thick girl.


Not bad at all.






Your model for today was born May 16, 1982 in Bakersfield, California, USA. She stand5′ 7″ and measure41 – 28 – 38 and 165 lbs. Please explain magic dirt theory to Miss Angie Griffin.



Hubba hubba


I’d tip her 20% if she were serving me breakfast at Denny’s at 3:00 in the morning.


7/10 would smash






Your model for todawas born on April 5th in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an Israeli citizen, and currently resides in Austria.  She stands 5′ 3″, is married, has no teeth, models and sells hosiery, and likes totally hairleskitties.  Please use your checkbook or your imagination to fill in the blanks for Miss Katerina Savitski.



Best edentulous Israeli Ukrainian Austrian model we’ve ever had!


She has a very nice symmetrical face.

Shoot, her teeth must be terrible. But not to worry. She’ll use some of that sweet, sweet, modeling money to get them fixed.


She should have to wear a label identifying herself as a tilt hazard.







  1. Sabrina or Sierra. Pups made this a thinking morning. I’ll have to give this some thought.

  2. Sabrina’s are real, Sierra’s may not be. Hmmmmmm.

    As Pooh would say…think, think, think.

  3. Sah-Bree-Nah

    First picture is all I needed for my vote

  4. If Katerina actually showed her teeth (or hairless kitty) there may have been some hesitation on my part but nope


  6. You have exactly captured my thoughts, Jimbro.

  7. I mean Pups.

    Hey, Pups how’s the vacation going?

  8. Really needed two votes this morning. Maybe 3. If I register as a democrat, can we work something out?

  9. 1 by a country mile.

  10. Pretty good Mare. This area of the NC coast put up “emergency dunes” to try and protect the beach houses from the hurricanes along the eight miles of coastline, so I can’t just walk down from the deck to the ocean. Hurricane Isaias flooded the town and my rental lost the back stairs and has about a foot of sand under the house that hasn’t been removed yet. Still it was nice to wake up here this morning.


  12. Katerina’s tattoos are off-putting, so I went with Angie.

  13. Pups is powering through.

  14. Leaning towards Angie. We came so close to an All-American bracket…dang furriners…

  15. Anyway! At work. Got sick of no power. Everything here seems to work! Would have come in yesterday but roads where I stay were still kinda dicey.

  16. WSJ article title from today

    “Walmart Pulls Guns, Ammo Displays in U.S. Stores, Citing Civil Unrest”

    Better pull the knives too

  17. Knives aren’t dangerous, Jimbro. Jeez. We talked this through yesterday.

  18. More WSJ:

    Dearth of Credit Starves Detroit’s Housing Market

    Lenders shun the city’s low-priced properties, making it hard for Black residents to access home ownership. The city of nearly 700,000 saw barely 1,700 mortgages made last year.

    Racist banks obviously. STAB THEM!!!

  19. I could buy half the “houses” for sale in Detroit for cash, and I’m not rich. That’s not why they aren’t selling. Trump’s economy lifted enough people out of poverty that even more of them left Detroit, and there’s no reason to go back and live there under WuFlu restrictions. Why live in a cramped, shitty house in Detroit when you can’t even go to Cobo for an event or watch the Tigers lose to the Twins?

    In 1950, Detroit had 2.5 million residents and has bled them every year since. Simple math says there have to be at least 1.8 million empty former residences. Sure, Devil’s Nights of ages past and re-developments probably dropped the inventory a bit, but lenders have fuckall to do with this.

    Go shakedown Dennis and Kwami if you want to lay some blame. Hell, Kwami wasn’t even that bad, relatively, he was too dumb to grift well.

  20. has anyone else lost the avatars on this shithole site?

  21. My avatar is real and it’s spectacular

  22. nevermind, someone in IT here probably got a case of the clevers, and has been messing with the firewall again

  23. I’ve seen a few articles floating the idea that banks should be made to lend to low income and certain pigments without decent credit.

    How long ago was 2006? A few hundred years ago?

  24. Some of the comments on the Detroit housing article pointed out that it’s hard for banks to make a profit on mortgages for 3 to 5 thousand dollars with all the regulations in place and with a clientele that frequently defaults. They need a pay day loan person more than a mortgage institution

  25. How long ago was 2006? A few hundred years ago?

    It’s The Current Year+5 now, that was basically the bronze age. Besides, MMT says we can just paper over the defaults.

  26. Travis Roy was well known around New England

  27. Some of the comments on the Detroit housing article pointed out that it’s hard for banks to make a profit on mortgages for 3 to 5 thousand dollars with all the regulations in place and with a clientele that frequently defaults.

    The owners should just sell on land contracts. Evictions for defaults are hard, but at dollar amounts that low, you’ll do better with just the down payment and passing along the property tax liability than you will waiting for someone to get a $3000 ‘mortgage’.

  28. LC evictions ARE easier than bank evictions, so there’s that, and once the LC is public record, all sorts of bizarro businesses will offer to buy you out of it if at a small loss if you need the money right now.

  29. I still get one or two of those a month. I’m not desperate and don’t want to screw our buyer over, though, so I haven’t bothered. Plus, I could luck out and get to evict him and then sell it all over again.

  30. wakey wakey

  31. Everyone prepared for their contact tracing on monday?

  32. Because 41 people died in Michigan on Thursday.

    Oh, no really, 22 died some other day and were ‘added’ because reasons. But we’re still going to pretend its trending up.

  33. In other news, a friend caught covid. She’s a nurse. She was wearing full PPE.

    Which … weird, right?

  34. WSJ article title from today

    “Walmart Pulls Guns, Ammo Displays in U.S. Stores, Citing Civil Unrest”

    Better pull the knives too

    so they dont’ want to get looted is what they’re saying

  35. Everyone prepared for their contact tracing on monday?


  36. My name is Gretchen Whitmer. You can reach me by phone at 517-373-3400 or by mail at 111 S Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI.

  37. I can’t stand that woman and I’m not even in that state

  38. Restaurants have to provide names and numbers for everyone who dines there.

  39. I’m going to get that printed up Leon.

  40. Contact tracing for a burned-out pandemic that never was and pretending it passes with the same difficulty and traceability as AIDS is a fig leaf so transparent it wouldn’t even hide Robert Gordon’s micropeen.

  41. How long ago was 2006? A few hundred years ago?


    Holy shit, exactly. WTF do they think partially caused 2008?

  42. I’m going to get that printed up Leon.

    That was my strongly-implied suggestion. Maybe have it easily visible for clientele in case they forget who they are or how to find themselves.

  43. Holy shit, exactly. WTF do they think partially caused 2008?

    The same thing they are hoping will cause 2024.

  44. I’m sad about 50% of Americans are really dumb.

    And, now, I totally understand the French Revolution and the solution to the tyrant problem.

  45. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Today is payday!! getting paid once a month is a bitch
    we start getting near the end of the month and I”m telling the kids
    ok, NO ONE EATS FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS!!! I don’t want to hear ANY complaints!

  46. A monthly pay cycle is obnoxious. Don’t you work for a public school? Teachers suck at budgeting, how has the union let that stand?

  47. PJM, call it “fasting” as in “hey, kids, let’s do a fasting challenge!! The winner gets to eat breakfast first in five days!!”

  48. Yarrgh. Fucked up my perfect attendance record at work. Dealing with a kidney stone hung up at the prostate. Got vicoden on board along with Flomax and another drug to relieve bladder spasms. So im high at 8 in the morning and still thankful to be here after blasting that deer the another nite. At that speed under those conditions could of easily ended up dead. Whats the old saying? “There I go but for the grace of god.”

    Trying to figure on how to get productivity out of the day. Countdown to the next escalation.

  49. *hides Danton puppet behind back

    I think Tuesday is going to be awesome.

  50. Yikes, TeeRoy, sorry to hear about the stones, but you dodged death and that’s something to celebrate!

  51. Hope the vikes work, TeeRoy. I had them once for a gum planing and was thoroughly disappointed. House, MD lied to me, but after watching the show, I really should have seen that coming.

  52. Comment by Car in on October 30, 2020 9:23 am
    Restaurants have to provide names and numbers for everyone who dines there.


    Eff her. And not in a good way.

  53. I have a feeling that Wretched is going to be eating out a lot for the next while, and not just her pet lesbian SoS.

  54. Get it?

    Because there sorta was one

  55. My restaurant name is Gretchen Whitmer.

  56. She may be getting around. I suspect Gavin Noisome is going to be doing a lot of unannounced campaign stops as well.

  57. We went out to dinner last night. It was great.

    MJr was really good. He just sat there and colored, played with his matchbox car, and smacked the waitress on the ass.

  58. Power was out for a little over a day. Everything in the fridge has to be thrown out.


  59. I voted for the chick whose stripper name sounds like a failed Pepsi product.

  60. Every time I go to a restaurant
    my name is Sarah Connor and my phone number is 619-867-5309
    literally, every time
    no one pays attention

  61. A monthly pay cycle is obnoxious. Don’t you work for a public school? Teachers suck at budgeting, how has the union let that stand?

    It really is and I have NO idea how the teachers put up with it and haven’t changed it. It’s really strange. I just pay ALL my bills the first day of the month and then I know what I have left to live on.

    Mare, your idea seems a lot easier than locking them in the closet. They really pushback when I do that, but thankfully, they’re already weak from lack of food, so it’s not too much of a struggle. I don’t pull any muscles or anything.

  62. Too subtle.

  63. haha as I’m sure you can guess, I’m not very good at subtle

  64. See, if I say I’m Sarah Connor, I can either get a look of frustration or a wink and nod and know if I can trust this person to touch my food.

    That’s why you should be Gavin Noisome.

  65. ahaha people out here are way too uptight for that and might not let us eat..they don’t want to get fined or shut down

  66. Go with Jocelyn Benson. that should be subtle enough they won’t get it.

  67. hell, I didn’t know who Jocelyn Benson was til I looked her up just now
    soo, Ghislaine Maxwell is probably not too subtle either?

  68. Too rare a name, I’d think.

  69. Who’m I kidding, I’m never going out to eat again. They won’t let this go until they destroy restaurants and then re-open them under .gov auspices.

  70. Dude that delivered our pizza last night had a mask on, I haven’t seen anyone else wear one since I left Charlotte metro area.

  71. Not sure where you had your pizza delivered from, but my oldest is a driver for Domino’s and it’s corporate policy to wear a mask. Like they ABSOLUTELY have to wear one

  72. Only deliveries I get here are Amazon’s version of Uber, and they are req’d to do gloves and masks.

  73. drivers at our pizza place are required to wear masks

  74. Who’m I kidding, I’m never going out to eat again. They won’t let this go until they destroy restaurants and then re-open them under .gov auspices.

    I will say, I’ll never do a buffet again, not that any of them can really survive covid…but covid was my last straw.

    waaaaaaaaaaay too many times have I seen little kids unattended sticking their fingers in food and they’re short enough that the sneeze guard doesn’t stop their snotty little sneezes and coughs from getting all over the food.

  75. staff on the inside has to wear masks, staff at the bar (bartenders, door, wait staff) all have to wear masks. Customers have to wear masks, pedestrians have to wear masks, pilots flying over our airspace have to wear masks…

  76. don’t care, love me a good buffet.

    That’s probably why I have to lose weight, too. Which, I GAINED A HALF POUND THIS WEEK. this sucks.

  77. The chinese buffet in Yspi helped me to reach my deadlift PR.

  78. If the boys on death row at Red Lobster are wearing masks, they’ve gone too far.

  79. We have a city mask mandate, and now a county mask mandate, neither of which the state has allowed them to enforce with law.

  80. The stores in IN are doing all the enforcing, as is my parish.

  81. The chinese buffet in Yspi helped me to reach my deadlift PR.

    Piled your plate that high, didja? haha

  82. This would be cool to see! (as long as it ended peacefully, pretty sure a lot of people saw this on 9/11)

  83. Watched the season finale of Yellowstone last night. I went to bed angry as hell.

  84. “pegged son”

    Does that mean what I think it means or is my mind just filthy?

  85. I honestly don’t know.

  86. Rumor has it Hunter’s paid women to, um, probe him. Possibly while harnessed securely to said “probe”. Possibly while they grunted and said “you like that, don’tcha, you little bitch?”.

    That last part, and only that last part, is pure speculation.

  87. That video of the guy talking about the Trump parade was heartwarming.


    emotionally rewarding or uplifting.

  88. Peggy, is that you? I can’t tell through the mask.

  89. 8 year olds dude.

  90. I’d forgotten about that Hunter Biden rumor.

  91. Well, I Like me!

  92. they did a great job burying that one, didn’t they Colex

  93. They got pictures of my vehicle

  94. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 30, 2020 1:37 pm
    They got pictures of my vehicle


    I love that so much.

  95. Do you think Pups is at the beach in a comfy beach chair drinking an adult beverage? I hope he is…but wearing sunscreen!

  96. No sunscreen, sitting in the sun is my hobby now so none needed.


    Going to cruise to a small coastal town Mrs. Pupster has romanticised from a couple of books/movies, then fried seafood on paper plates until somebody throws up.


  97. Pups is indeed living his best life!! Huzzah!

  98. So, somewhere after Fight Club came out, the whole “unreliable protagonist” and hallucinated antagonist/alter-ego became a thing in video games, at least in horror games. The whole thing boils down to a ride on rails where you learn in the last act that “you were the monster all along!” and ooooooo, spoooooooopy.

    It’s boring, it’s tired, people have seen it so much that they roll their eyes now.

    It’s begging for a deconstruction. A game where you’re being led down that path literally the entire time, heavy, heavy foreshadowing that you’re just batshit and all the monsters are in your head… except the big reveal is that no, you’re sane, the monsters have been real all along, and you’ve just been gaslit the entire time by their master.

    I’ll call it, “American News Media”, or something more catchy.

  99. When is your wake, Jay? I’m not sure I can make the funeral but I’d like to at least say goodbye.

  100. Trunalimunumaprzure is the anti-covfefe.

  101. trunalimunumaprzure … all he has to do is read the words. READ THE WORDS Joe.

  102. Biden gives horrible speeches. Its on fox. He just really drones. Because he’s reading, of course. The only hope is that he peps it up with some nonsense.

  103. Folks …

    Folks ….

    Folks …

  104. he sounds all fired up when they edit it all together.

  105. Bobulinski is talking to The Federalist now.

  106. My clearance stuff is approved. Now to take a drug test and start work.

  107. woo hoo! welcome to the machine, coAlex. Can you suspend our taxes yet?

  108. Unfortunately not. I’m going to start as a night-shift operator on the Death Ray.

  109. Jay, did you listen to Rush today? Minnesota is in play!

    A republican presidential candidate has not won Minnesota since 1972.

  110. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    However, seeing thousands turn out in Rochester for Trump was quite a sight. that’s where the ultra lib SIL is.

  111. Hotspur, we are watching Tin Star on Amazon. It’s Yellowstone on meth. CoW with COVID came back to work today. He was surprised I figured it out. He had the COVID migraine for 3 days. Sick for 2 more. Went to dinner with a friend from UNM. Friend was bored because all of his suite mates had tested positive. All have fully recovered. Governor Wuhan is freaking out about nothing.

  112. CoWs 6 year old coughed at school. She was sent to the “Cares” room. CoW had to pick her daughter up at school. She had to be tested. Can’t go back unless she gets a negative test.

  113. I saw a preview of Tin Star and it looked like the typical “corporate entity poisoning the environment small town sheriff saves the earth” show. I like the lead actor though, he’s good.

  114. Let me know if you need some clean urine, Alex. I know a guy.

  115. The 0 and Joe show in MI will be at an undisclosed location.

    Why even do it in Michigan, then?

  116. MINO

    Michigan In Name Only

  117. undisclosed

    Trump voters have been crashing Joe’s rallies and outnumbering Biden’s fans. Don’t want them to organize in large numbers too early

  118. Pups, that is just one of the stories. Super serial. Give it a chance.

  119. Michigan In Name Only

    Much like the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

  120. Before Rush left for the last part of his show a caller asked him about the rumor of a NYT “Bombshell” on Trump for a Monday release. Rush had not heard that rumor. Caller said Hannity and Levin were talking about it. Rush’s take on it was that they’ve hit him with everything so far and nothing has worked and if it comes to pass he thinks it’ll be a nothing burger.

  121. I’ve never had one

  122. How much DMT did that one take?

  123. The Five cut to a Biden rally. There’s a lot of car horns going off and they’re all Trump supporters

  124. Should we expect rape allegations on Monday?

  125. Probably tomorrow to take advantage of trick or treat banning in lockdown states.

  126. rape allegations

    Maybe, who knows. Whatever it might be you can be sure it won’t violate the terms of use on facedouche and twitface

  127. Now that’s a pricey beaver

  128. I highly recommend it if you have the means.

  129. Huh. I really thought sheared beaver would be less furry.

  130. On Monday we will learn that Trump raped and beat a black hispanic transgender woman with an autistic child, living in poverty in Dearborn, MI.

  131. With a pre-existing condition.

  132. Governor Wuhan is freaking out about nothing….


    I got an emergency notification on my phone that “We’re now in a Covid crisis and need to stay home and NO Halloween!!!” She’s nuts.

  133. Sheared beaver (SYWM) is super soft.

  134. Anybody notice that Beasn hasn’t been posting much lately?

    I’m kinda getting the same vibe as the movie Psycho. Beasn wasn’t really having problems with a crazy MIL, she was having a mental breakdown. I can just see her sitting in a rocking chair in the basement, wrapped in a shawl. Charging up the stairs and screaming at people. Now she’s in a “mental health facility” and only gets computer access every once in a while. Not quite sure where the “Farm” figures into this scenario. Maybe she was burying the bodies in the backyard and calling it a farm…….

  135. Is this in reference to my earlier comment about unreliable protagonists?

    I buy it. She can be pretty nutso. PJM is prolly her Tyler Durden.

  136. I saw the beaver blankets in the back of the NRA magazine and thought I’d check it out. I knew they’d be expensive but didn’t realize how much they’d be. We have enough troubles with our Sam’s Club fleece blankets with Rowan trying to hump them every now and then and I couldn’t bear to watch him line up the beaver blankie for the same treatment.

  137. Pepe, Beasn and I are DMing about our bears and crochet snuggles.

  138. The chicks in this post are wearing entirely too many clothes. Not you Carin, I was talking about Mare. 😉

  139. Pepe, we all got our Amber Alert BS in the break room at the same time. Member was wearing a Wuhan tee with a Hitler mustache “Not my Dictator”.

  140. Clocks go back tomorrow.

  141. Clocks go back tomorrow.

    Back to the Shire?

  142. The chicks in this post are wearing entirely too many clothes. Not you Carin, I was talking about Mare. 😉

    Here you go. NSFW.

  143. Irish is a great blog but I have to be careful going there.

  144. Comment by osoloco11 on October 30, 2020 7:09 pm
    Pepe, Beasn and I are DMing about our bears and crochet snuggles.


    They let her have a phone in the psych ward?

  145. Power came back an hour ago! Yay!

  146. Yesterday was the 9 year anniversary of our October snowstorm.

    Out for a week and the final straw.
    Generators kick ass.

  147. Not quite sure who is on the psych ward. Beasn is doing fine. MiL is in good care. I’m just as normal as I ever was

  148. Another great job by teh Pup.
    I hope your beach stay is as bodacious as the blog babes.

  149. Pockets are empty. Somebody beat me to it.

  150. Steven Miller is a white nationalist since he wants to enforce the immigration laws on the books. The legacy media can’t die fast enough. However what comes after will probably be worse.

  151. Also I demand the vote be audited. It’s inconceivable Katerina is in last place. I wonder if you people are right in the head.

  152. Sorry I forgot to add, Come on Man!!!

  153. On my way to the grocery store, four lane road, saw a police vehicle in the first lane…another car in the second lane. I’m like “hmm, looks like maybe someone got hit?” It was a buck with a nice rack. Still alive, couldn’t get up, just sitting there, looking around in the few seconds it took for me to pass. Poor guy. I took another road to get back home. Didn’t want to see if he was still there waiting for someone to put him out of his misery. It’s weird because we’re not out in the boonies though there are a few acres of soybeans, nearby. Mostly residential.

  154. looks like Ellison ans Walz miscalculated in minnesota.

  155. thermadin is spreading Russian misinformation. sabrina!

  156. Katerina has a really cute face in the second picture.
    I picked Sierra because she has a gorgeous figure. If I had her body, I’d make money off it too…NOT PRON you freaks.

  157. I tore my retina Monday. My eye doc says it is almost healed today, but I have a new big ball of goo floater that is messing up my vision. Why can’t they fix that shit? He says they can but it is….not recommended.

  158. Beasn, they are talking shit about you. Just poking the bear I think, but gut them if you will.Because Bears

  159. Sabrina floats my boat

  160. I admit it should be a toss up between Sabrina and Katerina. I would be content with either winning.

  161. Dammit I meant Sierra, not Sabrina. Apparently I’m in the minority

  162. Da, tovarisch

  163. It is an honor just to be nominated, worthy of recognition.

  164. H2 championships, worthy of a resume!

  165. Why even bother traveling to Michigan if it’s closed to the public? What sort of wacky world are we living in?

  166. It won’t really be in Michigan.

  167. Sabrina is just cuter than shit.
    Would that i was 59 years younger and single and rich and famous…
    Yeah, like that could happen…

  168. Sabrina is adorable.

  169. Comment by MJ on October 30, 2020 9:59 am

    Power was out for a little over a day. Everything in the fridge has to be thrown out.

    You serious or you let MJr stand there with the fridge door open?

    I guess I’m Scottish enough that it would take longer than that for me to throw food away. Then again, we have a generator that I would fire up after 6-8 hours.

  170. Mr. RFH is weird. He thought Grumpy Old Men was depressing. I thought it was hilarious.

  171. Do Englishmen respect Peruvians?

  172. No

  173. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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