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  1. Needs a couple of “Follow me for more recipes” labels on the cake and hot dog meme

  2. @jtlol A black Supreme Court justice just swore in a female Supreme Court justice. And the only people who are unhappy about it are Democrats.

  3. Trump already nominated someone to take ACB’s place on the circuit court. Takin’ care of business.

  4. I’m trying to think of the worst possible outcomes for the left.

    1. Trump wins in a landslide. Everything was a lie.

    2. It’s so close that there isn’t a clear winner, kinda like 2000. ACB votes to stop counting in PA giving Trump a second term. Roberts sides with the liberals. Decision is 5-4. Would have been 5-4 the other way if RGB had lived a few days longer.

  5. RBG waiting to be replaced by Hillary needs a prominent spot in the big book of self-owns.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Some of the lefties are proposing Hillary as one of the court-packing justices.

  8. Gay enough, but not brown enough.

  9. thanks roamy

    I swear I hit am when I scheduled the damn thing. Oh well. When I went to it to change it on my phone, it was caught in a script loop of some sort, not allowing me to see the calendar popup. switching back and forth really fast. It’s done that the last couple of times I tried to change the scheduling.

    Anyone else have trouble on the phone, with the wp admin? I use chrome.

  10. I wonder if this is the reason for the symbolic thumbs down a lot of the dem senators displayed for their ACB vote:

    One more lingering reminder of fucking McCain.

  11. And the world’s smartest senator (thanks Tucker!) voting thumbs down with a Hell No! thrown in (Hirano). What does Hawaii see in her?

  12. If there was any justice, a one-way ticket to rescinding statehood.

  13. Urrrgh , 10 degrees here this morning with a couple of inches of snow.

  14. wow, BLM ad for Iowa Senator, about police brutality. So many lies. Just read that Iowa has less than 1% of the population, yet has the 2nd most expensive senate campaign in the country, Ernst vs Greenfield. Greenfield has 9 of her top 10 donors from out of state, and is outspending the incumbent Ernst.

  15. I was doing a little research via tittyweb jenkins and discovered that Wendy Davis (Abortion Barbie), who is running to unseat a R congressman by the name of Chip Roy, has received almost $50K in campaign contributions from The University of Texas. I’d be damned interested to know how a publicly funded university has any business spending it’s money on a house race.

  16. Same reason Planned Parenthood spends money on campaigns.

  17. Make Hawaii Foreign Again

  18. stop bagging on the tiny island nation of Hawaii. mare and oso won’t have anywhere to go to get away from it all.

  19. PP is at least in theory a private not-for-profit or some other nonsense.

    Why is UT making political contributions to anyone anywhere for any reason?

  20. We want names Jake. Because these are the pieces of shit who need to be exposed.

  21. Of course, Jake AGREES with this. He sees no problem in this being the course of politics. Fuck him.

  22. I don’t believe that there was such a consultant, but if there was he’s exactly why we got Trump: guys like him are scum who have screwed the party for decades.

  23. I don’t believe it either.

    Fake news.

  24. The Boston Herald just endorsed President Trump.

  25. His 8 year old daughter told him that.

  26. Anything to keep up the narrative. Che Che is making bank on consulting fees

    *cries on the couch

  27. How do I become a highly-paid-but-perpetually-failing campaign consultant for someone I never want to win?

  28. Swear to God, Hunter looks more and more like Homer Simpson in every picture.

  29. Funny comments on twitter about who the consultant was.

  30. Evidently referring to her as ACB is disrespectful.

  31. Yea, that’s hilarious.

  32. Not sure what’s going on with that tweet.

  33. Therefore, I will use ACB from this time, henceforth.

  34. Anything without a name is fake.

  35. LOL

  36. aww, the lefties are mad that Reid only changed to rule to simple majority on little judges. they NEVER intended it to be used on Supreme Court judges. The evil GOP.

  37. We literally warned them that they would regret it.

  38. Cocaine Mitch told Harry not to do it.

    Harry said “nah, it’ll be fine”. Go out to Searchlight and take it up with the pederast if you don’t like it, leftie pukes.

  39. I love how the left keeps trying to change the rules to their short-term advantage, only to have it blow up in their faces. Now they’re ranting about how the courts should be expanded, and how Congress should use its power to prevent SCOTUS from hearing any case not under its original jurisdiction.

    Both of those ideas would blow up spectacularly. Court packing would result in a death spiral for SCOTUS. As for the latter idea, please Mr. Donkey, don’t throw us into the bri’r patch! Sure, limit SCOTUS to original jurisdiction. Gonna suck when a GOP Congress and Administration reimposes DOMA, changes to the census, bans gun control, etc, and when states impose abortion bans.

  40. Biden now says he’s going to look into rotating the Supremes to lower courts. Because he’s listening to constitutional scholars.

  41. Court packing would eventually turn SCOTUS into a college of cardinals that replaces the EC in choosing the next president.

  42. Court packing would likely result in a negotiated settlement where the Constitution is amended to limit the size of the court.

  43. Probably the same scientists/scholars that everyone refers to for Supreme Court/Covid/Global warming/Immigration Policy

  44. Biden now says he’s going to look into rotating the Supremes to lower courts. Because he’s listening to constitutional scholars.

    This is how co-equal branches work. The president can also fire senators, right?

  45. did you see that Roberts issued the oath to ACB in the private ceremony?

  46. Is anyone else looking forward to voting in person next Tuesday?

  47. Not looking forward to it but I am planning to do so.

  48. I wasn’t going to vote, because I’m on the road and it’s too late to register to vote in VA. Now, I think I’ll leave on Saturday, drive to Ohio by Monday, and vote Tuesday morning.

  49. I love voting. IN person.

  50. This is how co-equal branches work. The president can also fire senators, right?

    ““There is some literature among constitutional scholars about the possibility of going from one court to another court, not just always staying the whole time in the Supreme Court but I have made no judgement,” Biden said at a campaign stop in Chester, Pennsylvania.

    He went on to say that “there are just a group of serious constitutional scholars, have a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on.”

    “That’s what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to give them 180 days God-willing if I’m elected, from the time I’m sworn in to be able to make such a recommendation.”


    This election has serious consequences.

  51. Carin, it’s pretty widely accepted in the Twitter universe that Jake made that shit up out of his ass. Which is what we all do but you know what I mean.

  52. GOP consultant
    Santa Claus
    Easter Bunny
    Tooth Fairy
    Anonymous source
    RBG’s dying wish

  53. G spot

  54. The female orgasm
    The yeti
    sober libertarians

  55. I have a foggy memory of reading some opinions on co-equal not necessarily including the Supreme Court.
    Can’t look it up now but the constitution speaks to how the court is to operate and if memory serves the preszy has dominion over it.
    That shithead bidens’ handlers will definitely make hay on both sides of the argument.

  56. G spot is real.

    Just reach into your vag hotspur and curl two fingers up.

  57. Two fingers won’t fit. I’m still a virgin.

  58. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Quality H2 comments.

  59. Ad buys for Biden and Ben Ray in NM. They have never polled lower than 10% leads over Trump and Ronchetti in NM. HMMM….

  60. Roads between here and work are closed. Plow didn’t make here until 10:30. We had 8” OF SNOW at our Condo. We can get out of the Condo, but we can’t make it to work. Snow day!!!

  61. That’s incredible, Oso and Pepe. We are due to get our cold snap/ chance of snow at the end of this week.

    I picked about ten gallons of peppers this morning, cleaned out the bushes in the garden. Tomorrow, fennel and green tomatoes and whatever non-hardy food is still out there, get cut and come onto the porch. I have to pull up my shell bean vines and hang them upside down to dry down too.

  62. what about THE CHILDREN oso? they need their bread and peanut butter on a daily basis

  63. Imagine if Trump lost. I absolutely believe he will win, but I cannot imagine what it would be like in the US if the lefty k*8ts got their hands on the controls again.

  64. Shit, Jay, that is all I’m hearing on commercials…about covid preventing kids from getting 2 square meals and a healthy snack at school….so can you please donate to *insert name of scam here*
    The kids acting in these commercials look very well fed and their mother, who works loooonnng hours from 3 to midnight thirty, is chunky. So mama is feeding her piehole, why ain’t she providing sack lunches for her kids who are old enough to pour their own cereal?
    Why is it the school’s job to her damn job and where is their daddy?

  65. When I was a kid, living in a blue collar household, with a present daddy, we poured our own cereal, got a sack lunch to take to school and when not in school, made our own cheese or baloney sammich. Are they saying black kids are too stooopid to make their own baloney sammiches and koolaid?

  66. I see a headline over on twatter…
    “Texas is on it’s way to becoming a democrat state”

    What do they know about all the voter fraud and were they alerted before Biden let the cat out of the bag.

  67. that asshole John cusak was posting bs about texas

  68. We’re getting all of our bedroom windows replaced today. The originals were horrible in their cheapness. Guys started yesterday but had to stop after the first two because the rain began earlier than expected and never ended. Fortunately, we missed the ice and snow which was riding the back end of the rain.

    It’s flipping cold in here.

    The workers are two middle-aged guys. Both on the heavy side. One is a curmudgeon. Little worried when they have to keep going up/down the stairs or go up the ladder on the back side of the house. Sign on the side of one’s truck — “Installers needed, please call….”
    Overall, they do a good job. This is the third project we’ve thrown their way.


  70. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 27, 2020 2:35 pm

    Ask for a tit pic.

  71. The cost of plywood has skyrocket here and I couldn’t figure out why.

    I just asked my crate guy. “Riots and hurricanes.”

    Just think about how much plywood gets used when NYC gets boarded up.

  72. did Car in go see Trump in Lansing?

  73. from what i hear, NYC is still boarded up.

  74. His costs are up 150%.

  75. People must also be stocking up for the post election hissy fit.

  76. I didn’t know he was coming. I worked a lot over the last four days and missed any announcements.

  77. Phili riots night two tonight. Better buy your plywood now.

  78. I was wondering about the lumber thing. One of my homestead channels is building another barn and lucked out on buying the kit right before a big price jump.

    Hurts him as a consumer (he’s a journeyman carpenter with a lot of projects) but he’s hoping the price stays up a while because it helps small sawmills stay profitable. Was there a tariff change or something?

  79. Lauraw, our temps will be back in the 70s by Friday. Our trees are full of snow. Dan was out shaking the trees, clearing the walk, and getting snow off the car. Things people in Albuquerque rarely do.

  80. Window guys just left. They do a good job and then clean up after themselves.

  81. The funny thing is that it hasn’t snowed here yet at all this autumn.

  82. Also Discover called. Suspicious 1 cent charge and then two failed attempts somewhere in Mississippi to a ‘spa booker’. Only different behavior on our part, was Mr. B. went to eat at a CHYnese restaurant, for lunch an hour or so before the call.

    New cards on their way.

  83. Too bad I didn’t have all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, so I could make the worker guys even bigger.

  84. Maybe the credit card thing will slow down Mr. B. from charging at all the fast food restaurants he eats at ALL THE TIME, and I get fat. I looked at the activity a few days ago and was like ‘Mr. B, wth with all the fast food? Carry some cash for cripe’s sake’.

  85. I left that up too long.


  86. Russian disinformation campaign

  87. 54 votes for the leader.

    9? daily commenters.


  88. Beasn, I was accosted at a Whataburger. I told the cray cray that I didn’t carry cash. She started screaming at me that fucking white people not carrying cash is fucking racist.

  89. Is anyone else looking forward to voting in person next Tuesday?

    ME! I am very much looking forward to it.

  90. She started screaming at me that fucking white people not carrying cash is fucking racist.

    Did you tell her that you aren’t white?


  92. Pups, my hubby wanted me to rage on her in Spanish. I’m still pissed that Whataburger didn’t comp our meals. Gave us coupons for burgers we weren’t interested in

  93. Hubby is watching the Ronchetti/Ben Gay debate. LIV response explains the National ad buy for Ben Ghey. Hispanic dude with the Trump shirt told me I needed to watch this.

  94. I don’t speak motherfucker either.

  95. Text message:

    “Hi, this is Aaron from the Michigan Democratic Party, is this L*?”

    *my actual first initial, not my name, just the letter

    “Eat shit and die cold and alone, Aaron”

    Okay, not really, I just blocked the number and deleted it. No sense talking to a robot.

  96. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻 I taunt my BS texts. It is MY responsibility to say “Stop” to your BS? I don’t fucking think so.

  97. I don’t want to let them know they have a “live one”.

  98. My vote for Amy Winehouse.


  100. That video has already been blocked on social media. It was hilarious

  101. I accidentally offered Dan a blow job today. He’s cashing it in. TMI

  102. “on accident”

  103. I didn’t see this on local news and the Bangor Daily News website has been a real pissah about non-subscribers seeing articles so I’ve put them with Drudge Report in the forgotten corner of my old bookmarks

    Nice people at Treworgy’s.I took care of a family member a looonnnng time ago. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were Trump voters. Paula said the libs were savaging them on Facedouche for hosting Trump. The manager said hosting a POTUS on an apple orchard in Maine was a once in a lifetime chance they couldn’t pass up. Around here they’ll gain more business than they lose.

  104. The tits voting once again seems suspect…
    while I do agree with he outcome , the methodology is suspect.
    *does that side eye thing*

  105. I have never and will never root for Trump. Treworgy’s farm is Tegridy SouthPark

  106. The chick that won this week is cute. But the second place broad is a real winner in the BBFway.
    Her vote gif… hooboy. What a doozy.

  107. Nice job Sir Pupsalot.

  108. anyone else getting an uneasy vibe in this bobulinski interview?

  109. There would appear to be some last minute monkey shines going on at the polls.

    I would only remind everyone that it is October, and there will be several consolation rounds for blog favorites with high vote totals or strong grassroots support.

  110. He’s cashing it in.

    There’s vouchers? Coupons?

    *looks through file marked ‘marriage certificate’*

  111. Rodney Smith started a movement to mow lawns for free for the elderly, disabled veterans, those fighting cancer, etc. He encourages kids to do his “50 yard challenge” and take care of their neighbors. Dave in Texas won a silent auction of one of Rodney’s mowers. (It’s pink, very cute.) TIL he is not a US citizen, and his application for green card/permanent residence had been turned down. After Twitter blew up, Congressman Mo Brooks sent a letter to Ken Cuccinelli.

    Glad to see Twitter good for something.

  112. Twitter is never good for anything.

    He’ll turn out to be a serial killer.

  113. Interview was earth shattering

  114. there wasn’t anything that wasn’t already known, and the FBI had the hard drive already. He tied some loose ends, but the media will sweep it aside.

  115. sick of watching people steal from a store on camera, no worries about anything.

  116. There’s vouchers? Coupons?

    *looks through file marked ‘marriage certificate’*

    Punch card.

  117. I am not paying a dollar to read that.

    Are there Cliff Notes?

  118. Oh, I didn’t realize there was a paywall.

    Dude shot his ex while their six- year- old watched, kidnapped the kid, it ended a few days later with a barricaded subject and a SWAT team. But they took him into custody this morning.

  119. I am not paying a dollar to read that.


    I just stopped the page from loading before the paywall kicked in. The names are unique.

  120. JFC, I was at work tonight and in the main room they were playing some “news” show that was naught but a longass ORANGEMANBAD exposition. After about 20 minutes, *I* hate Trump. Holy shit, people. The lies and brainwashing are off the hook.

  121. Pretty incredible work.

  122. I’m trying to find an old youtube video, it was a cartoon of sorts, featured a couple of kids depicted in the Dick and Jane style of drawing or earlier, I guess, but they were murderous. Something to do with bringing goods to town in a truck, Maybe items in the cartoon were labeled. It was a positively dreadful video.

  123. Disruptions ended. Realignment proceeded.

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