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  1. Welp.

  2. wakey

  3. I love your new avatar, Pupster.

  4. https://is.gd/6onnE2

  5. Thanks. It’s Mashed Potato.

  6. https://is.gd/epp0U7

  7. Just when I thought my opinion of Pope Francis couldn’t go any lower, he names Archbishop Wilton Gregory a cardinal. That man should be in jail, not in a future conclave. Damn.

  8. He’s trying to force a schism.

  9. Once he has enough cardinals, he’ll preside over a gay wedding.

    Sorry, he’ll “bless a civil union” just to muddy the waters further. Confusion is his weapon of choice.

  10. Benedict should have never stepped down.

  11. I believe he was threatened. Either with blackmail or harm to his family.

  12. “Confusion is good weapon of choice.”

    Along with surprise.

  13. Crap, I screwed up the Leon part of that quote.

  14. HOLY SHIT, the pope did what???????

    The faggot????? A Cardinal?

  15. *takes Mare’s coffee away*

    Calm your tits, Mare.

  16. Being a Catholic it may matter just a bit more to me, Lauraw.

  17. As the locals in Hawaii say, “much more betta”


  18. Fine, but who’s going to pay for all those question marks? That shit’s not free, you know. WordPress is charging Pupster for those.

  19. Rocketboy and DIL not coming over for Sunday dinner. Glad he let me know before I started cooking this beeg pot roast.

  20. *throws my stripper money at the blog*

    4 bucks doesn’t go as far as I thought.

  21. Roamy, send me your home address.

  22. mare, it goes farther if you fold it into little paper airplanes.

  23. For all the Catholics who are upset right now, I know two really nice young men who can help you process your feelings.

  24. A bad pope doesn’t make the Church wrong, Sobek. We’re in something like the Arian Heresy at this point. It’s happened before, and we’ll be better off after a little more darkness.

  25. Al-Masri was killed yesterday. He was the second in command of Al Queda. AND he was a ginger.

    *narrows eyes*

  26. Not necessarily related to my last comment but imagine the God-Like swooning the media would give a dem if they were doing what the Trump administration is doing in the Middle East.

    And as I understand it, the best part of this is the other nations bypassing all Palestinian demands/garbage/people. They were given literally hundreds of opportunities to have their own land, to make peace and get lots of $$$ for it and of course, the West Bank. They said no because they wanted it all. Now they will get nothing and it’s wonderful. Well, that is my hope at least.

  27. Hillary has been very quiet lately.

  28. MARE!


  29. Biden actually says fraud:

  30. Comment by Pupster on October 25, 2020 12:14 pm



    HHAHAHAHA! Okay, I watched all 1:57 of that and everything is better now.

  31. I know, Leon, please imagine a winking emoji after my comment. I get that we’re all human, and doing the best we can.

  32. imagine the God-Like swooning the media would give a dem if they were doing what the Trump administration is doing in the Middle East.
    I saw some twitface criticize it as “Jared’s transactional peace process” or some such BS

  33. Because peace just happens without transactions and treaties.

    That’s why it’s been so awesome over there since Mohammed talked to an “angel”.

  34. All I know is, you Catholics know how to write music:

  35. Sobek, our secret is learning more than three chords

  36. You should see our paintings of saints with the thing that killed them.

  37. *high fives Sobek*

    *and not in the face like I usually do*

  38. I have seen them. You Catholics also know how to paint, sculpt, and architect.

  39. Your secret is having enormous piles of money and thousands of years to hire and train the best that humanity has to offer to glorify God through every artistic medium.

    Knowing more than three chords comes with the territory.

  40. St Lawrence of Rome is often painted with a grill. We have only a vague notion of what he looked like, but we know he was grilled alive for not denying Jesus, so we paint him with a grill.

    I’ve read that he’s also the patron saint of BBQ, which I can only hope is a joke he laughs at now.

  41. They probably didn’t even think that shit was macabre back then.

  42. Laura, there have been nuns and monks that kept human skulls in their cells throughout nearly the whole of church history, so that they could be reminded frequently to contemplate their mortality and how their time was being spent in light of that fact.

  43. I do the exact same thing Leon, but with celery in the crisper drawer.

  44. Leon, St. Lawrence is also the patron saint of comedians. In the middle of being martyred, he told his executioners, “Turn me over, I’m done on this side.”

  45. Comment by lauraw on October 25, 2020 3:34 pm
    I do the exact same thing Leon, but with celery in the crisper drawer.



    Deep. But I understood it completely.

  46. Celery in the crisper and fishsticks in the freezer give a man a measure of his days

  47. I mentioned getting the appliance repair shop to look at our stove to Paula who took the ball and ran with it. Somehow fixing the stove ended up with us getting a storage container and a dumpster while the entire first floor is being renovated with us living at camp while this all happens.

    Women …

  48. That’s awesome, Jimbro! I hope your reno goes smoothly and you’re enjoying your new first floor soon.

  49. My lovely daughter and her equally excellent husband announced we are to expect a new grand child in the next 9 months. We are pleased with this blessing and give thanks to the Almighty.

  50. Renovations are exciting! And if you can afford it having another place to live is great. I know you can afford it because all you have to do is lop off a few limbs to earn that sweet, sweet cash.

    I can’t remember who told America Drs do that but it was someone.

  51. The Patriots stink.

  52. The real money is in selling drugs for diseases of affluence.

  53. Congratulations TeeRoy! Best wishes for the healthy carriage and delivery of the apple of grandpa’s eye.

  54. Annnnd Trump just announces another peace agreement. This time it’s a cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  55. burritos in the freezer

  56. Go big or go home.

  57. Congratulations Teeroy. Babies are awesome.

  58. CoAl, I am so happy for Trump and Pompeo. It was Jewish communities that were being targeted. Multiple civilian casualties. Jews for Trump parade in NY was targeted by Andy Fa and Democrats. BIRM

  59. grandpa terror has a nice ring to it. and yes we will be calling you grandpa

  60. haha that should be teeroy but autocucumber is wise

  61. wonder what these countries will do when biden wins

  62. so watch 60 mins or not? hmmm

  63. knoller is a horrible reporter lately. surprised at the consistency of that tweet

  64. I hope your reno goes smoothly and you’re enjoying your new first floor soon.
    Hah! I re-read my comment and it sounded like fait accompli. We’ve always talked about a renovation here “someday”. Me mentioning the stove being repaired unleashed Paula’s wishes for it to happen. It will, but the appliance repair guy will be here years before it does.

  65. And yes, the Patriots do suck this year. Still have not watched a game (any football- college or pro – and I don’t really miss it which is truly odd). I watched the end of “Around The World In 80 Days” and on the way by I looked at the score which was 23-3 or something like that. Looks like Brady made the right move. Patriots need to clean house, retire some big money contracts and stock the draft picks.

  66. the edits in this 60 minutes interview are horrid

  67. We held off on any major moves because of the doggies. We are painting. Getting rid of furniture. Repurposing. Reclaiming our space. Am I crying like a bitch? Why yes, yes I am.

  68. Stahl deserved to have trump “walk out”. can’t wait to see them misrepresent it

  69. The worst part is when you have to pick food up from the floor.

  70. softball questions for biden. will people vote for you because you aren’t trump?

  71. no question to biden about what he would do about covid, only editorial comments about it. probably supplied by his campaign. CBS and 60 mins are trash

  72. norah O’Donnell frames the post as a tabloid, and softballs the hunter question as Russian disinformation

  73. Norah is going to have to learn to code.

  74. Charlottesville lie, norah doesn’t correct it

  75. CBS is garbage

  76. wow biden says trump doesn’t know suburbs, and doesn’t know that black and white people live next door to each other. what a prick

  77. I can’t watch that, my head would explode

  78. Still have not watched a game (any football- college or pro – and I don’t really miss it which is truly odd).

    Same. I cancelled Hulu after the supabowl, was going to get another streaming service for spring football but didn’t. Now I think I just won’t go back.

  79. Scott, we donated treats and food to friends. We threw away our fancy senior dog food because it was open and not donatable. Dan didn’t want to food shame his friends by donating dog food outside of their budget.

  80. Kibbles and Kobe Beef.

  81. A question from my FB “Is Frito Pie a thing outside of NM and TX?”

  82. BTW, it was bacon and Wagyu. Bae was all about the Braunschweiger

  83. I ate Fritos when I was 12.

  84. don’t remember the last time I saw someone try to steal home. It’s been a while.

  85. Dianne’s envelope required postage.

  86. TeeRoy that’s wonderful news. Learning that in 2020 helps make the year not so trashed.

  87. Is everyone at H3? Asking for a friend. No, I’m not I’m asking for me.

  88. Everyone else was raptured.

  89. Re Fritos. One of my college roommates took a job with them down in fl. He was working on distribution efficiency or some such….

  90. He never sent me any Fritos …..
    The fucker.

  91. * wonders if mare has calm tits yet*

  92. Grandpa Terror cracked me up. Congrats, Teeroy!

  93. We all know that Sean is such a nice guy…. he never mentions that diannes “envelope” requires more than postage…

  94. Trump needs to make this point.

    Why is it ok for a Biden to make 80k a month from a foreign gas company, but not ok for a Pennsylvania man to make 80k per year from an American gas company?

  95. It’s so dark here that I didn’t wake up on time. Turned on the lights in my office and my windows are just one-way mirrors now.

    MMM in 10-15.

  96. Good morning! Slept in this morning. Late start in the office today.

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