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  1. The Hostages are the real world version of Dave & Amy standing in the snow up yonder

  2. Cover of “Dreams” by the Cranberries by an ensemble of Irish female singers that resemble the crowd at a Lilith Fair. Still a beautiful song


  3. The Hostages are the real world version of Dave & Amy standing in the snow up yonder

    Once they start flinging Amy’s oeuvre, that is.

  4. I drove through downtown Austin yesterday. The Colorado River is dammed up downstream to create a very small lake originally called Town Lake and now called Lady Bird Lake. The streets on either side are back from the river bank about 75 to 100 yards creating a pleasant green space for walking, jogging, bicycling, etc. Or at least they used to be. Now it’s a half mile long homeless encampment. I wouldn’t walk down there now unless I was carrying my .45. Sitting at a red light, I watched an old man with one leg cut out of his pants sitting on a bench having a furious argument with his water bottle which was sitting at his feet. About the time the light turned green he kicked it out into the street. Very sad.

  5. Very sad.
    Can’t disagree.

  6. Just voted for Round 4 and was delighted to see Lauren in the lead.

    The cream rises to the top. Or something like that.

  7. Hey, I can like on my phone!

    *stares at horizon thoughtfully *

  8. It’s nice to have two nice smiles to choose from.

    Even if I didn’t vote for the one with my comment on it.

  9. That third pic of Lauren sealed the deal.

  10. Lauren is a good looking lass. Hopefully voting irregularities don’t taint the process.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. irregular taints outrage me too

  13. There’s been at least weekly protests here by the Confederate memorial by the courthouse. Antifa tried to start some shit (brought in a pallet of bricks, got pepper-sprayed), but this ain’t Portland. Stalemate for a while. Finally, in the middle of the night, city employees moved the memorial to the old cemetery where Confederate veterans are buried. While I don’t like the 1:30 AM skulduggery, at least the memorial still stands, history hasn’t been erased, and maybe these pink-haired weirdos with the bullhorns and drums will go back to Seattle.

  14. Holding grudges is me.

    Train wreck is getting shared with co-workers.

    Wrong drawer, rejected ice cream flavors, and fancy plates made me laugh. Fancy plates also made me think of Mom, who would make a crack about bringing out the fine china at Thanksgiving (Walmart brand paper plates usually, Chinet if she had a coupon or caught a good sale).

  15. I love the one of the little kids with the garden hose. It requires no caption, no explanation.

  16. Colex, that tweet about Florida voting had me totally confused, but if I’m understanding the acronyms right, that looks like in person early vote numbers, and doesn’t include vote by mail numbers (which are overwhelmingly blue). So I’m not sure if it really means anything at all.

  17. Sobek,

    A large proportion of Dems (60% according to some surveys) have said that they were voting by mail. The GOP is expected to have better turnout on election day, so if they’re also doing better in early in person voting, it is a good sign. In other tweets he is tracking the total votes Dems need to be ahead by on Election Day if they want to win.

  18. Woo hoo! New range is on the way. 50 year old Hotpoint will be retiring in November.

  19. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/CDPH-Guidance-for-the-Prevention-of-COVID-19-Transmission-for-Gatherings-10-09.aspx

    Gov Newsom’s rules for Thanksgiving.
    1. No more than 3 households, including your own. If you have 3 married kids, only two of them are allowed to come.
    2. Make a list of all attendees and their contact information in case the government wants it.
    3. May not be indoors.
    4. Your guests may go inside briefly to use the bathroom as long as you sanitize it frequently.
    5. Any shade structure must be open on at least 3 sides.
    6. Your chairs must be at least 6′ apart.
    7. You must provide a hand washing or sanitizing station for your guests.
    8. You should only use single serving food. (No turkey or bowls of mash potatoes or cranberry salad.)
    9. If you must serve out of one dish, your guests may not help themselves.
    10. The designated person who is allowed to serve you must wash or sanitize their hands frequently and wear a face covering.
    11. Everyone must wear a face covering at all times, except briefly while you eat (but you must sit 6′ apart while you eat), or if you need to use an inhaler or for other urgent medical needs.
    12. Keep the gathering to 2 hours or less.
    13. You should not sing or chant. Physical exertion is warned against.
    14. If you want live music, it should be played by a member of one of the households and shouldn’t be a wind instrument like a trumpet or clarinet.

  20. Suck it, California. You voted for this douchebag. Suck it hard, and suck it long.

  21. Comment by scott on October 24, 2020 2:05 pm
    Woo hoo! New range is on the way. 50 year old Hotpoint will be retiring in November.

    It’s going to live in a farmhouse.

  22. so, new study saying if 95% of us wear masks, we can save 100k lives. so we are destined to lose at least half of the deaths? or is it more? if we don’t wear masks will it be 500k? Jesus.

    and this is on fox! not even cnn or msdnc craziness!

  23. what did you get Scott? i love the Samsung i got. hotspur has one too

  24. and now I’m being subjected to more burn loot murder bs in the Oklahoma tcu game. Lincoln Riley is woke yall! pregame t-shirts are a vehicle for social change yall.

    they are trying to make me quit watching college football too. isu stays in the locker room until after the anthem.

    isu osu today. unbeaten in the big 12, 17 vs 6. go cyclones!

  25. GE convection.

    We got it at an appliance place, probably paid a little more but we have someone to call should we need service.

    Pretty sure we are done with Home Depot appliances.

  26. love the convection, that was a must have.

  27. It looks like a rocket ship compared to our current one. I like the steam clean feature too.

  28. lots of bells and whistles!

  29. Question for Gavin Newsom…

    What efftard came up with that bullshit?

    Anyone who abides by these rules is an effing idiot and should not be allowed to vote because they are so mental. I have other thoughts but will not express those.

  30. You didn’t really need to restate them for effect, Roamie.

    The actual CA Health Dept. text is stupid enough.

  31. Who chants at Thanksgiving?

  32. Some cops are going to get killed over that shit.

    No tears from me when it happens.

  33. we chant when dinner is late. does that count?

  34. No turkey? No peace!

  35. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Turkey.

  36. https://is.gd/Hey_Alex_its_a_womentaur

    Half woman and half another woman.

  37. Made paella for dinner.

    I really, really, really need to eat a salad tomorrow.

  38. Comment by Pupster on October 24, 2020 5:08 pm

    Half woman and half another woman.

    I’d give it a shot.

  39. https://is.gd/Oh_hi__are_you_busy

    Nobody wanted what we have for dinner so we are going out to my favorite steakhouse. I should not buy groceries more often.

    Later haters.



  41. Horsewomen are crazy.

  42. Given the Soviet level of electoral fuckery in California, I don’t entirely accept the ‘they voted for it” argument.

    Reduce to Territory, arrest all officials, start over. If it recurs, THEN fuck’em.

  43. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 24, 2020 5:40 pm
    Horsewomen are crazy.

    That’s what I keep hearing. Amongst… other stories.

  44. great, now I want steak

  45. New flag is flying!

  46. did we hear how beasns butt tasted?

  47. Home Depot flag didn’t last a year.

    I purchased this one from Amazon and the quality is so much better.

  48. We were the only flagless house in a chain of 6.

    That had to change.

  49. https://tinyurl.com/yxj8bbk3

  50. Our stove/oven is at least 25 years old. My house was the summer house for a family who is big in the local funeral business (there’s an old headstone tossed in the woods that must have had a mistake on it). The wife got the house in the divorce and remodeled the kitchen area a few years before I ended up buying it. The brand is Thermador and it works okay but it could stand a replacement. Range is gas, oven is electric. Only 2 of 4 burners work, the LED indicators have dimmed to the point where we can’t see the temperature setting. The fan for this model oven pops up from the back of the stove which is apparently called downdraft ventilation.


    If we got a new one we’d need to install a vent over the stove or get a similar model. A kitchen remodel would be nice.

  51. Your range is only 25 years old and stuff is broken on it? That’s some bullshit. My 50 year old Hotpoint still works like a top. It just gets a little hot where it shouldn’t. But it cooks great on all burners every day and nothing is actually nonfunctional. You should check your warranty.

    If you can’t get any satisfaction, let me know, I’ll give you my old range when our new one comes off backorder.

  52. Race Bannon is my favorite VP

  53. If there was a decent shot of a repairman fixing it without costing an arm and a leg I’d give that a shot. 25 years old is my estimate, it may be older than that but not by much.

  54. Hah, I just looked on Thermador’s site

    “No servicers are available in your area.”

  55. Thermador is a top brand. thought those would last longer

  56. you would be surprised at what a local repair place can do. those guys know how to cobble something together

  57. no steak reheated brisket

    mmmm brisket

  58. Seriously my 50 year old Hotpoint has worked ceaselessly and has had zero service checks in the last 22 years that I have been using it. I don’t know if the previous owners who are dead ever needed to call a repairman.

  59. Mare, when she was a little boy. https://tinyurl.com/y6czhxf4

  60. There’s 2 appliance repair places in Bangor and Brewer. Will definitely contact them. For something we use nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day, it’s worth it to fix.

  61. Sounds like somebody is having second Hotpoint thoughts.

  62. We’re waiting out our 30 yr old Amana

  63. well that was a fun end to that game

  64. Dale elegantly revised prose.

  65. Comment by scott on October 24, 2020 7:07 pm
    We were the only flagless house in a chain of 6.

    That had to change.


    Well done.

  66. We ordered a replacement flag from Amazon because they had flags made in America.

  67. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/go-chinas-gtv-releases-videos-hunter-biden-sex-tapes-smoking-crack/

    The story contains the link to the video. A strong stomach is required to view it, trust me, it’s nauseating. Even though Hunter’s weenus is pixelated and the lighting is poor it’s pretty obvious what’s going on there. Took me a minute to realize the woman “massaging” him while he was filming and smoking crack was using her feet. He complemented her as a “Professional”. Video was released by a dissident group in China trying to call attention to the CCP’s blackmail program.

  68. Oh gawd, I pressed the home button on that video site and there’s about a half dozen Hunter sex clips near the top.


  69. Haaaaahhhaaaaaa!!
    Mmmmmooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm – Jimes is bored and surfing porn on a Sunday morn.

  70. Not watching any Hunter pron, good enough to know that they were using it to blackmail Joe.

    Someone had a good editorial about what kind of dad would let make his drug addict son keep shakin’ that moneymaker instead of keeping him in rehab until he’s straightened out. I don’t remember where I read that. PJ Media, maybe.

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