MMM 418: Throwback Monday

A choice selection of images from Year 1 in the old style.

Woman, clean.

Woman, inverted.

Woman, dirty.

Woman, bereft of distinct RGB values.

Woman, with matching couch.

Woman, with matching bench.

Woman, sans shirt, plus scarf.

Woman, indecently adorned but purportedly equipped for sport.


  1. The only possible tucker is red dress. But the rest seem nice. I like these posts.

  2. I might go back to this format more regularly, but I’d have to find new sources that aren’t 90% porn or pulling me to it.

  3. Sleeping without killing my back. Me am happy. That wedge cushion I bought years ago is proving one of my better investments over time.

  4. Leon, you’re right to not get sucked into porn on our account. I’m sure Roamy has had to sift through some weird gay stuff to do HHD. Yikes.

  5. Good morning rubes.

  6. A good sleep can make everything look better.

    During the night problems seem worse. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation for it.

  7. Hi, little rube!

  8. Any of you had a DUTCH hormone panel? I guess I’m speaking to the ladies although I’m not sure.

  9. Yeah, but I can’t talk about it. It’s in my contract with the H2.

  10. I had very bad sleep. I’ve had a headache since last night around 9pm, and this is day 4 of tinnitus in my left ear. Both are usually related to me eating something I shouldn’t, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it might have been this time.

  11. Probably not a bag of dicks.

  12. I’d remember that.

    Wife wants to get us started breeding and selling gypsy vanner horses. A broken, trained yearling can sell for like $12,000.

    Semen from a well-regarded stallion can go for $800 a shot. Pretty sure that’s where the easy money is. I’m at that point with the real job where harvesting horse semen is starting to sound like a better option.

  13. Hotspur paddled a Dutch whore, does that count?

  14. Your mom will harvest horse semen for $8 a shot.

  15. No, but it’s interesting.

  16. Why not $9?

  17. Your mom likes this:

  18. Biden has called a lid for the next four days. For “debate prep”.

  19. At night. All is (generally) quiet so the only voices are your own. All is dark so your mind fills in the blanks.

    As the wise one said, what’s in there? Only what you bring with you.


  20. Because geo-political issues always give you a week to prepare.

  21. I’m worried. Someone talk me down off the ledge. Does Trump really have this, or are Americans really stupid enough to vote Biden into office for the three days before he’s forced to resign for “health reasons”.

  22. More to the point, is the Dem Cheat Machine really up to the task?

    Honestly I’ve stopped worrying. Shooting probably starts Nov. 4 either way and I’m in no position at all to deal with it so there’s no point dwelling on it, since I can’t do a damn thing about it anyway.

  23. At this point I think the most likely outcome is whatever benefits China most. Prediction, events in order:

    1) Trump will appear to win, by a decent margin. No landslide, but not a squeaker.
    2) BLATANT fraud with mail-in ballots will flip the EC to Biden (who will have won the “popular vote” already thanks to illegals in CA) on Tuesday during the week of Thanksgiving. It will be obvious fraud only “believed” by those who have a stake in OrangeManBad.
    3) EC meeting will be contentious and end in a tie, continuing the chaos.
    4) Biden dies of Wuhan Flu on Christmas Eve.
    5) All-out civil war begins in January.

  24. Also: something something accept the things you cannot change something change the things you can something wisdom to know the difference.

  25. The blatancy of the fraud is important, just like the awfulness of all the BLM “martyrs”. It’s deliberately contentious and indefensible, because that sows more division. That’s been the real goal of all of this. Divide America by any means available.

  26. Wife tells me my college roommate was complaining on facechimp about his Biden/Harris sign being stolen from his yard in GR.

    This is the same guy that bought Michael Badnarik’s presidential campaign book and introduced me to Ron Paul. Fuckin’ tragedy, it is.

  27. I’m honestly thinking Biden has this in the bag. The attack ads in Iowa are all lies. Trump is secretly planning to do away with social security, and give the money to wall street (actual ad, Biden Harris). Senate race (Ernst incumbent, Greenfield dem challenger) has been harping on that for weeks.

    Neither is true, but it doesn’t matter. My neighbor across the street, retired, is convinced of it. You can’t get through.

    I don’t think there are enough of us, between the lies, and the cheating (mail in ballots are through the roof here).

  28. Also, the senate will be flipped, because of the lies, and the advantage in the house will be increased for the dems. It will be 10X worse than when Obama had all 3, because they will pack the court, and add 2 new states (PR and DC) and republicans will no longer be a valid party. The greens have won, and we will have to wreck this economy and country, then they will “fix” it.

  29. Bret Contreras moved to Vegas.
    What a jerk

  30. also, I love her

  31. Robb Wolf moved to Reno like 10 years ago after CA proved unworthy as a bidness climate.

  32. I’ve convinced myself that all of the drama will be for naught.

    Trump wins the EC, loses the popular vote and dems continue to scream at the sky for 4 years.

    He can lose MI, PA, and WI and would still have 270 EV.

    I think he’ll hold on to PA, though. My sleeper state is NV. I think Trump can win it because many of the casino workers aren’t there to be driven to the polls by the SEIU.

  33. I think you are missing the big picture here.

    Leon is going to be a horse semen magnate.

  34. Giant horsecocks all day long.

    And it’d be a step up in quality of life, possibly also in income. It would give my life meaning and purpose that it currently lacks.

  35. Horsecocks killed it, just like that one gay dude a few years ago.

  36. Started working on my clearance stuff, and immediately discovered that I was missing some info, so now I’m waiting for a former landlord to respond to my email.

  37. Semen magnate.

    Two words I did not think I’d see together.

  38. Your mom is a semen magnet.

  39. Leon is going to be a horse semen magnate.

    I figured we all ignored it because it was obvious. It’s like the old saying water is wet, Pope is Catholic
    If leons shits in the woods, can you hear it?…you know all those sayings

  40. Leon’s gonna stand up in a teleconference and scream, “Fuck this shit, jerking off horses for a living is a better job!” and then quit.

  41. I would totally pay like actual money to see that
    I mean, I only get paid once a month and right now, it’s towards the end of the month, so I’m totally broke
    but like
    if he can hold out til the last day of the month, I’d pay to see Leon do that
    like even five whole dollars

  42. I don’t know why I always thought going to TX would take me through Arkansas, but no, it’s damn near a straight shot without changing highways (depending where I was going).

    /filed away for later
    //sadly no, not going there just now

  43. Flipping over the table and quitting is a lot less impactful over MS Teams.

  44. I have threatened on multiple occasions that I could be on the job driving a garbage truck within 3 weeks if it comes to that.

    Pretty sure handjobbing stallions would top that threat, but might get me an HR talking-to unless it’s not just a threat.

  45. You could probably make money letting people jerk off the horses, you know.

    Pretty solid business plan ^^ right there.

  46. Why are we talking about jacking off horses with Mare around?

  47. It looks like the GOP is running about even with the Dems in MI, which is good news. Someone over at the HQ posted a link to an article that suggests that the youth vote is way down. If so, then that is also good news.

  48. Apple crumb pie in the oven.

    Went apple picking a little while back with the Wiserbuds and my sister. The apples this year are amazing, because of the dry sunny weather this Summer. I didn’t add any sugar to the pie, unnecessary.

  49. Trump is a strong closer. They were able to beat Hillary without a ground game and this time they have one.

    She sucked, but Biden isn’t exactly an inspiring candidate.

  50. Oh look, the 3rd debate on Thursday, the one that was supposed to be on foreign policy, is no longer about foreign policy. They are pulling out all the stops to protect the precious.

    The moderator pre-emptively deleted her twitter account, Kristen Welker.

  51. The cheat is better organized this time, MJ. And the lies are more focused.

  52. Jay, I’m worried that you’re so overcome with pessimism. Is everything okay?

  53. It’s snowing, so no!

    I just quit on all this, I’m surrounded by leftism, and I don’t see a way out. I just have to call it as I see it. I don’t have the confidence that Trump can pull this out. I voted for him reluctantly in 16, enthusiastically in person this year, so my vote counts right away, but i see how the deck is stacked this time.

    The twitter and facebook shit just sealed it for me. They don’t have to obey the rules anymore. The New York Post has to delete it’s posts to get reinstated on twitter. For their own reporting.

  54. I can’t speak for Iowa, Jay but you’re crazy if you don’t see the enthusiasm for Trump. Even in CA. The ONLY way Trump loses is through vote cheating.

  55. more on Thursday’s moderator.

    Trump will get pissed off again, we’ll love it, and the media will savage him for it.

  56. I agree mare, there is more enthusiasm.

    Remember the enthusiasm we had for Romney? The shitty economy that Obama had? Sept 11 in Benghazi in 2012?

    How did that work out for us?

  57. 1) Trump voters are VERY enthusiastic about voting for him
    2) Many 2016 never Trumpers are now Trump voters.
    3) There are still Never Trumpers who are going to vote for Biden this year, but they have really completely lost their minds.
    4) The comfortable Dem base is going to vote for Biden because Duh, they would regardless.
    5) younger voters, ex- Bernie Bros – are PISSED and most likely will find something else to do on election day. What has happened has completely taken the air out of the young vote.
    6) the “I’m not telling you who I’m voting for” crowd is all voting for Trump, which includes a lot of the middle.

  58. Jay, I hope this helps. It doesn’t mean anything at the polls but for people to get in their car and show up and wave flags and get flipped off, this is damn good enthusiasm for CA.


  59. Remember the enthusiasm we had for Romney?


    No, I really don’t. I thought we all held our noses to vote for him. I don’t remember any enthusiasm other than he wasn’t Obama.

  60. Oh, and Jay, for God’s sake, stop watching the news. I haven’t for about 20 years. I get my news through ace or my highly filtered Instagram and occasionally twitter.

  61. I was enthusiastic for Romney the same way I’m enthusiastic for a meatball sub from SubWay: it’s not good for me, but it’s better than starving, and it’s the best option at the turnpike rest stop.

    I’ve since learned that it’s better to starve.


    The New Yorker has suspended reporter Jeffrey Toobin. Sources tell VICE it’s because he exposed himself during a Zoom call last week between members of the New Yorker and WNYC radio.

    Toobin said in a statement to Motherboard: “I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera. I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers.”

  63. Sweet.

    I think I called it when the pandemic first started that a lot of smug, yet technology tepid people are going to show their dicks.

    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

  64. Theres a total blackout on the Hunter Biden story in the media

    Not the news, Mr. Reagan.

  65. I remember really liking Romney and thinking he’d make a great president. Wow, how things have changed.

  66. He would likely have been a competent president. Just like Bush was a competent president. But both are part of the establishment, and both come from a similar cultural background. Trump broke them, because he revealed that the world, and the Republican party, is changing.

  67. I’m super pessimistic about the election. It warms my heart to watch campaign rally videos, walk-away videos, stuff like that. If I had confidence that the vote was going to be counted accurately, I’d feel confident. But I don’t. It’s way too easy to cheat.

    If I had $500,000, I know exactly how I could steal the MT Senate election with literally no risk because I wouldn’t be breaking any laws. If I figured that out with 30 minutes of thinking about it, you can bet other people know, too.

  68. also, Mrs. S is canceling out my vote for President and Senate. Bummer.

  69. I would be less pessimistic if I had some of laura’s pie (SYWMs)

  70. I have to temper my view of these things with the fact that I suffer from serious fucking depression and part of my mind lies to me on a regular basis. Keeping that in mind I can breath deep and see that, yes, things look bad, but that doesn’t mean they’re as bad as they look.

    And in any event, like I say, can’t do shit about it, no point stressing over it more than I gotta.

  71. Laura’s pie is warm, moist, and delicious.

  72. It’s also fragrant with a flaky crust and it’s covered with little crumbly bits.

  73. Every needs a piece of laura’s pie….now with extra crumbly bits. Make America Pie Again

  74. I’ll pass on the pie. Doesn’t sound keto.

  75. Leave the keto, take the pie.

  76. Make America Keto Again?

  77. It’s def not keto, lol.

  78. Laura’s pie is the big hit at all the church socials.

  79. I made a pretty decent sausage-egg-cheese casserole with what remained of my keto pancake mix.

  80. Politicians do nothing. Trump is not a politician. He’s making all the former Presidents look like do-nothing clowns. He really has done a shit ton of things. Really good things. He’s the best President in my lifetime in my opinion.

  81. What’s wrong with Mrs. Sobek? Why would she vote for Biden?

  82. Laura’s pie is the big hit at all the church socials.

    and at BINGO…everyone is willing to put down their dauber for a piece of that pie

  83. She has a history of bad choices, Mare. She married a crocodile, FFS.

  84. Brother Tim, I can absolutely see how depression would color a person’s view on the world around them. It’s good at least you’re cognizant of that fact….it’s not always easy to separate.
    My sister tends to view the world through a harsher lens than I do.
    She and I will view someone’s response completely different.
    She will think they were cranky and I am thinking oh they were just being direct.

  85. The Wuhan Panic has radicalized Mrs Caruthers in the other direction.

    She still bothers to engage on facechimp, and it’s illuminated her as to how many of her “friends” will go Nazi.

    You people are my only friends anymore, so I got no worries.

  86. I reaaaaaaaaally keep wanting to leave FBI’m friends with so many people that have passed away (like PattyAnn and Lipstick and others) and if I delete my fb page, I’m not gonna get to see them anymore
    or other hostages that no longer come here like sohos and whatnot
    even stupid wiserbud

  87. PJM, if there’s anything the formal diagnosis did for me, it’s give me a reality check on how I viewed the world and myself. Before it was all too easy to believe that nasty, dark, lyin’ voice. Now I know…and it’s still hard, but at least I know to check it.

    Interestingly enough our “opposition” is the exact opposite. They’re being told the lies the illness tells are the real truth. In that light, all that’s happening makes sad, perfect sense.

  88. Just had to unsub from my favorite yooboober because he told me to Wear A Mask, People! at the end of a Skyrim walkthrough video.

    Sorry, I get enough religious content on other channels.

  89. Before it was all too easy to believe that nasty, dark, lyin’ voice. Now I know…and it’s still hard, but at least I know to check it.

    I imagine it’s incredibly hard. Honestly, it’s impressive that you can do it.
    When my self doubt voice kicks in, I can spin.

  90. Mare, Mrs. S just really hates Trump. She voted 3rd party in 2016, and will now vote against him. As for the senate, in guessing it’s about wanting a Dem senate more than about the specific candidates, but I actually don’t know. We don’t talk politics anymore.

  91. She made a comment a little while ago about progressives being more advanced on race issues. I thought about asking whether she meant the progressives who shout the n-word at black cops, but decided it wasn’t worth it. Better not to talk about it.

  92. And Leon is right about her history of bad choices.

  93. Interesting, Sobek. I would find that hard to live with IF her political views spilled over into lifestyle.

    I have a couple of sister-in-laws who are okay to be around for about 10 min. Their political views are kind of how they live their lifes.
    Victimhood, government help and control, irrational, and generally lack the ability to critically think or manage their lives.

  94. I voted 3rd party in 2016. My vote in California doesn’t really matter any the way.

  95. As long as we don’t talk about politics, we’re fine. And when my kids ask a question about politics, I always try to be fair and present multiple sides in my answers anyway.

  96. I wrote myself in for tax something or other. The Dem was running unopposed.

    GND forgot so there’s goes my landslide victory.

  97. PJM, I often can’t. And it only takes listening at the wrong time.

    I doubt I need to explain the consequences.

    On the plus side, national voter party identification is…R +1.

    Let that sink in if you’re on the ledge.

  98. There’s an old Apple orchard on some property I own that datesback to the mid 1800’s. One of the trees has a greenish yellow Apple that is like no other heirloom type I’ve tried. It’s a late season ripening variety. It has a very distinct pear and banana note. It s really quite nice. I should try them in a pie.

  99. One of the trees has a greenish yellow Apple that is like no other heirloom type I’ve tried

    Probably should back off……any serpents near it?

  100. Orchard’s closed. Dude with the flaming sword out front shoulda told ya.

  101. Winter banana apple?

  102. Y’all need to think back to that late Nov 8th early 9th 2016 feeling. Hold on to that pleasant surprise, the joy. That warm glow of contentment. Don’t forget that feeling, no matter what happens this year.

    I’m no prognosticator, I think the support for 2 Scoops is exponentially larger than anyone is accurately measuring. I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but they’ve been telegraphing their punches for years now. Maybe the fraud will be exposed, maybe it will be to little to matter.


  103. Winter banana apple

    I would be less pessimistic if I had some of laura’s pie

    horse semen magnate
    You guys have gone off the rails today. Y’all need Jesus

  104. We were enthusiastic for Romney because we wanted Obama to go off into the night sucking dog dick.

    And speaking of dick, that dick Dick Morris completely misread the numbers and said Romney was going to pull it off in the last few days, which gave all of us false hope.

    It was a depressing time.

  105. Romney is the reason I stopped trying to predict elections. I figured the country was in such bad shape financially, it was so incredibly obvious that Obama had no idea how to fix it, and Romney’s entire reason for existence was fixing financial things. Easy win, right? No. Obviously I don’t know how Americans think.

    I also assumed Hillary would win convincingly, so maybe it’s for the best that I think Biden is more likely to win (because of fraud).

  106. took Ethan to the doc today – Navy will take him (they think) if I doctor oks the knee. The doc said his knee looked great.

  107. LOL Toobin

  108. pfffft, comments taken out of context! THIS IS A SETUP

  109. Good luck to Ethan.

  110. Good luck. Navy is great. Oops, I mean being a Navy Brat is great. We were just in NV. Every ad on TV was a Biden ad. We aren’t getting any Biden ad buys in NM. That tells me the NM, isn’t in play. NV is. More COVID positives at work. These people are so full of fear it’s ridiculous. Best case scenario…I know only 2 that are all Biden all the time. Rest don’t vote. The voters are all 45.

  111. Joe couldn’t win the presidency when he had his marbles.

    That, and the fact that Trump will have a lot more support this time makes me confident.

    I saw tons of Trump signs today, in CT.

  112. YayEthan!

    “There’s always an exception”*

    *for a young, intelligent, motivated,non-criminal recruit

  113. (I left out “cracker”)

  114. Teams, EOD, or Special Boats?

  115. took Ethan to the doc today – Navy will take him (they think) if I doctor oks the knee. The doc said his knee looked great


  116. This hit me hard

    Can’t say much more but I knew this baby and his mom

  117. oh that sucks…sorry Jimbro
    that poor mommy

  118. Jam, is it a paw paw tree? Those grow all over the place but they only have fruit for a very short time each year. North American bananas, sort of. Really more like a papaya.

  119. Hideous, Jimbro. So sorry.

  120. That’s awful, Jimbro, I can’t even imagine.

  121. Carin, that’s great news.

  122. I couldn’t read the article but based on the headline, it’s horrible.

  123. What Mare said. Behind a paywall for me

  124. terrible accident jimbro

  125. navy now, car in? how does pay feel bout that? congrats to ethan/matt/ian

  126. so, rush’s cancer is back? terrible news. the man who helped me find my conservative voice

  127. Late surge by Big Softie down the stretch, but Hot Ginger wins by a nose.

  128. I was wondering about Rush last week. He normally misses time ddurin treatment weeks and he was live for several days from the Trump call in “rally” and all last week. Somewhere in my mind I was wondering if something like that was up and he wanted to go all out for Trump in the last few weeks of the election.

  129. Terminal. He caught the audience up.

  130. What Jimbro said. Trump talked him into a Twitter account. He doesn’t follow. But he tweets.

  131. All the contestants in Round 3 brought a lot of talent to the table. My pick had the fewest votes lol

  132. I’m sad about Rush. I’ve listened to him since 1989. I remember saying to my husband, “Hey, there’s this guy who’s saying all that stuff I’ve been yelling about for years!”

  133. One of my fellow residents was a fan of Rush, Mormon guy from Idaho. We worked together ’91-’97 and he used to laugh at the “Liberal Yankees” in Massachusetts. Having grown up in MA I really didn’t know any different. Only in the last 10 years with his program on local radio and more free time have I become a regular listener. He’ll be missed.

  134. I only caught a little of Rush this morning when running around but what I heard didn’t sound good. Did his doctors give him an time frame? That’s sad news. 2020 is a shit year.

  135. Rush only said that his tumors were shrinking until the last scan.

    They will adjust the cocktail and give it another try.

  136. Ok good, thanks Scott. He’s sounded really positive during this and apparently it had been going pretty well. Hopefully it will work out for him.

  137. I just googled stage 4 lung cancer survivor rates.

    4.7% survive 5 years.

  138. Thanks. Scott. I was getting my news from Savage and Snerdley.

  139. Mom had Stage IV lung cancer. Didn’t want treatment. Lasted 7 months after diagnosis.

  140. Granted, stage 4 of any cancer isn’t good. But a long as it’s hasn’t become metastatic he has better odds. That’s what I was afraid had happened.

  141. My dad and my Uncle Glen got 6 weeks. My Uncle Stan, got 6 months. He never stopped smoking. My dad hadn’t smoked in 21 years. My Uncle Glen was smoke free for 43. My Uncle Stan was diagnosed, left the Dr and smoked a cigarette. He was the real deal. He had heart attacks at the golf course. He was chewing nitro the entire time I introduced him to Dan. He lived 10 years after meeting Dan. He beat Jack Nicklaus in HS golf. Got his HS girlfriend preggo. My Aunt Carol. Got a job at the factory. Made cash on the golf course.

  142. “Stage IV. This stage means that the cancer has spread to other organs or parts of the body. It may also be called advanced or metastatic cancer.”

  143. MSM still not covering the Biden graft story. If mentioned, only tangentially as a debunked Russian plot. Think they can keep it under wraps for the next two weeks?

    If they have another debate, Trump has to hammer it. The only way lefties will become aware that something happened.

  144. Trump needs to hammer the Hunter story hard or no one will hear it. The bullshit “Russian meddling” story was parroted by Juan on The Five with the expected reaction from his co-hosts.

  145. During his golfing vacation at Martha’s Vineyard – President Obama had been slicing off the tee on every hole.

    He asked his Scottish caddy if he had noticed any obvious reasons for his poor tee shots, to which the caddy replied:

    “Aye, there’s a piece of shyt on the end of yer driver. ”
    The President picked up his driver and cleaned the club face, at which point the caddy said:

    “Nae, thother end.”

  146. Penelope had to go to Costco today. Out of sodas except for regular Coke. No toilet paper. Very low on lots of stuff.

  147. I’m convinced half the shit-posters on Twitter are fake. The long number in the name is the giveaway. Every single one like “Mike54692384” and “Linda24589701” are shit-posters.

  148. Quitting twitter was better than quitting smoking.

  149. Well he’s in worse shape than I thought. Apparently I don’t know shit about cancer, and quite frankly hope to keep it that way. Thanks Scott.

  150. Was planning on a normal Thanksgiving, but the family we usually celebrate is staying in lock-down. I don’t blame them, one has some serious health issues and shouldn’t be trying to fight off the Chyna virus. But I’m still sad.

  151. I’m watching “Horror of Dracula” on TCM and was trying to figure out one actor because he sounded so familar. It’s Michael Gough, Alfred the butler in the 80’s and 90’s Batman movies.

  152. haha hostage thanksgiving meatup

  153. Don’t endanger red pandas!

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