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  1. Building on T Roys earlier comment, when I checked my Faceborg yesterday for the first time in a long time, every other ad was for a class action suit against the Boy Scouts alleging past sexual molestation, looking for victims to sign up.

  2. Changing our history and traditions

  3. Need moar ammo. Also a useful thread to point out which lefty shit-thugs to block on Twitter.

  4. They are already threatening lawsuits and investigations into Trump and all of his businesses as soon as he’s out of power.

  5. “Have you ever voiced support for Donald Trump?”

  6. What is wrong with Reich? The left has lost it’s mind.

    Plus there’s this:

  7. Reich is a nasty little piece of shit. How he can still be referred to as an “economist” is a mystery to me, has he ever been right on anything?

  8. Jonah Goldberg is just as bad. I can’t believe the things he writes.

  9. Carin, I’m glad that one was subtitled, I was afraid to unmute.

    I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up to an Amber Alert at 1:34 AM from Mississippi. Hope they found the kid, but damn.

  10. LOL, joke just told on TV – we’d be in better shape if Adam and Eve had been from Arkansas, they’d have eaten the snake instead of the apple.

  11. Same comedian – how are fake blondes like cow patties? The older they get, the easier they are to pick up.

  12. Happy birthday, TiFW.

  13. Reich is one of those people who’s only alive because of modern, genteel society. In more civilized times he’d have been exiled at best.

  14. Comment by osoloco11 on October 17, 2020 11:42 pm
    CoAl: those bruises are the ones we can account for. Grip bruises on Oso. Neck sites.


  15. More and more I think we’re the Holy Roman Empire circa 1613. Just waiting for it to get ugly.

  16. Ditto for Fatberg.

  17. I think we’re closer to 44 BC, personally. The internet will take the place of the roads no one remembered how to build, complete with highwaymen waiting for unwary travelers, and Apollo will be a myth about a chariot that took men to the moon.

    The Muskians on Mars will look back with sorrow.

  18. Happy Birthday TinFW.


  19. https://is.gd/bFHkB0

  20. CoAl, it’s a running joke with us.

  21. Connected buttholes.


  22. happy bday, Tiffany? whats steak and bj day for ladies?

  23. I loved: Me trying to put 20 on pump three
    Lucas better keep his little mouth shut.
    And the motorcycle gang one, definitely that one.

    Also, there were a few I did not understand.

    The hotel one, the tattoo one and April Fool’s workplace.

    *checks the meter, yes, still set to dummy level 11*

  24. Hotel one is a pun. The last lines are a play on the lyrics for the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe”

    The tattoo one is because those are the kind of dweebs who are too scared to get a tattoo and would ask someone who has one if it hurt.

    April Fools one is making fun of the fact that we’ve gone from our ancestors recommending counting fingers and using circles of salt to ward off fairies, to recommending counting teeth and using a circle of salt to combat AI.

  25. I’ve got a septic tank. Off-grid poopin’.

    whats steak and bj day for ladies?

    Tiramisu and cunnilingus, too?

  26. Faeries were as real as AI.

  27. Tiffany? I like it. new autocucumber name for TiFW!

  28. I have more belief in faeries than I do in Rollo’s Basilisk.

  29. Man is built to believe in the invisible, in things for which he has no evidence of the senses. We are thus because we are ordered toward a belief in Almighty God, and all that is exists for Him. We use this validly to believe in other things, like circles, triangles, truth, good, Honor, etc, but this capacity, like all others, is a target of the devil, and is easily perverted even without him. It leads us to find something like religion in wicked perversions, like communism or Wuhan Flu Panic.

    I believe that’s at least part of why the Panic is going to be so hard to walk away from for some folks. It’s got an invisible, pervasive being that must be appeased by numerous rituals, it’s got tribal signifiers for the practice of the faith, and it imputes a sense of righteousness and purity they’ve never known before. For some — maybe many — this is as close to the religious observance for which they were built that they’ve ever been. They can’t give it up, because their lives finally have a mockery of meaning.

  30. Why did I not know about Pig Wings until today? If one of you grillmasters talked about them previously and I was drunk, lo siento

  31. Are we doing Secret Santa this year?

  32. Thank you, Alex.

  33. TIL WTF Pig Wings are

  34. Tampa Bay’s defense is fun to watch.

  35. Jimbro…IKR? They showed up in a tweet from the KCRoyals and Kingsford charcoal. Now, I want pig wings with mustard dipping sauce

  36. TB is fun to watch. I just wish they had old school tangerine unis

  37. I’d participate in Secret Santa.

    I’ve had grilled pork shanks before, but I’ve never heard them called pig wings and I haven’t seen them in the store. Just watched two Utubes on them, new to me too Oso.

  38. I haven’t seen them in the meat department. I know I needs them.

  39. Go Braves!

  40. I forgot the quote marks on my earlier comment. That was from the Wookiee. She was taking about how they need to subvert the young and the gullible in order to effect change. They’ve laid out the plan. They are actively instituting it.
    The weird part is them calling us conspiracy rubes when we point out their own words.
    I think we’re truly fucked.

  41. The cyanide and shamrock dealing is for realz. I’d love to just be left alone.

  42. 👋🏻 Jam man

  43. I don’t understand the meme with Cruz having huge boobs and the quote under it.

  44. Sometimes Cruz with huge boobs is just Cruz with huge boobs.

  45. No, I feel like there is something more to it, the quote seems to indicate that.

  46. Ahhh, another meme I didn’t understand. This is certainly a world record.

  47. I don’t get the Cruz meme.

  48. https://is.gd/hYFSWV

  49. It’s not easily searchable, at least by me

  50. I thought that was a callback to the Babylon Bee with Cruz in drag because Trump was going to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court.

  51. The MyPillow and Creepy Joe trying to sniff her hair, heh.

  52. don’t fuck this up braves. we need the lowest rated world series in history

  53. You will get that.

  54. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Today I am 60 – still trying to figure out how that happened so fast….

    Spent the day driving back from MIL’s house. She turned 90 on Friday. We had a nice time with Paul’s family.

  55. just moved all the plants inside. whew!

  56. District Eight reelected Paul.

  57. Jam, where did you see the wookie saying stupid stuff?

  58. How many meanings of words need to be redefined to save liberal’s asses this year?

  59. Up late, bad headache, will have poat out shortly.

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