Me and You and a Dog Named Meme

That Amy Coney Barrett hearing sure is a Tragedy, isn’t it?

I can hear your ears melting, metalheads.


  1. Foist and Moist

  2. gross

  3. “my own fragrance”

    -still laughing

  4. I shared the fragrance one with my crossfit friends last week because we’re doing the “Eat a lot of vegetables” thing and they … things that are happening…

    wakey wakey

  5. Need one of those methane bags they want to put on cattle to Save Da Erf.

  6. Comment by mare on October 13, 2020 7:14 am
    hhahahahahah Biden introduced himself as running for the Senate. And couldn’t remember Romney’s name so called him “the mormon.”

    It’s really not funny. It’s incredible. Our political rivals are scum.

  7. I like the cat with the two dogs. HA!

  8. I’ll take “what if Trump said this” for $800, Alex.

  9. I’ll take “what if Trump said this” for $800, Alex.
    Similarly, what if Trump drew a handful of reporters and a gaggle of 20-30 supporters at his various appearances?

  10. Well, that kinda happened at his Oklahoma rally, way back when. Remember the glee when the arena wasn’t full?

  11. Why the fuck are we actually doing hearings for the SCOTUS?

    You wanna know why it’s going to wind up with shooting? Because the worthless MFers supposed to do the fighting in the political arena won’t do their MFing jobs. Instead they pad their nests and keep selling us out and laughing behind our GD backs.

    F’in’ A.

  12. The OKL one was when all the kids reserved tickets, right? In order to make the empty spots.

    So yesterday’s really in Toledo was Biden speaking to some parked cars? LOL. It’s so hard to get pictures of this shit because the media knows how bad it looks.

  13. I’m all for hearings. There are legitimate questions to ask. Just because the Dems make a farce out of their side doesn’t mean there isn’t a purpose for it.

  14. At a rally right when the whole Covid thing was blowing up there were a lot of empty seats and the media jizzed their pants about that one.

    A caller to Rush yesterday raised a good point. They pay rioters, marchers and voters to show up and do their bidding, why do you suppose they’re not paying “supporters” to be at Joe’s campaign stops? The caller theorized it was because they think the mail in ballot fraud will take care of things. Rush tried to calm that line of thinking down but I didn’t follow his line of thinking and wasn’t quite as reassured as he usually leaves me

  15. Pretty sure he knows that too, and just doesn’t want to toe the conspiracy theory line.

  16. I don’t care, I’m voting in person, so my vote counts that night. No need to wait for it.

  17. A little more on the shooting in Denver

    And a good question:

    “Now, just imagine for a moment that the sides were switched. Let’s say a BLM activist was shot dead in front of a crowd of witnesses with cameras, and the shooter was an unlicensed “security guard” with a social media history full of right-wing stuff. Let’s also hypothesize that the shooter claimed to be working as security for the local Fox affiliate and/or Sinclair Broadcast Group station, but he was unlicensed and the company he claimed to represent was scrambling to get away from him.

    How long do you think it would take for the national news to leap on the story?”

  18. How come a single reporter can’t ask the question: “Why was a “paid security officer” getting into an argument with a “protester”?

  19. Because he was muscle. And I wouldn’t be shocked to learn he was following his patron’s wishes.

    And no, there is no purpose to the hearings, the legit questions will not be asked, it will just be a smearfest circus and everybody here damn well knows that.

    Please excuse me. I may be in a particularly bad mood on such things right now.

  20. What media person was he protecting at the time of the shooting?

  21. If you watch the many videos (I have this morning) the victim was in a verbal altercation with the “Black guns matter” guy, he walks off and a moment later is shot but the “security guard” who was not actually a “security guard”.

    And, there is no “media” present – at least in the filmed altercation.

  22. Now we have the media killing people they don’t like and then providing cover.

    America. It was nice while it lasted.

  23. Yeah, there was a lot going on there that the media seem disinterested in finding out about. By the time the truth is known or even hinted at everyone will have moved on to one of a thousand new outrages

  24. It irks me that a free, honest, media is so important because we don’t have one anymore in this Country.

    I don’t watch network news and choose the filter through which I watch news. I guess people need to watch “the news.” Even fox is utter garbage. If people would just stop watching that would be helpful.

  25. Barrett was approved to the 7th Circuit by the same committee less than 3 years ago. Enter her transcripts from that and hold the vote.

  26. Meme MILF killed it.

  27. why do you suppose they’re not paying “supporters” to be at Joe’s campaign stops? The caller theorized it was because they think the mail in ballot fraud will take care of things.

    I’m with the caller in that they are paying certain ‘supporters’ to fill out mail-in ballots for Biden thus no coverage of his anemic support. I don’t know why Rush would think it’s a conspiracy when you hear nothing but the pushing of mail-in votes.

    I saw on a local news blurb how St. Louis is doing their early voting, already in progress, and how viewers can participate. In MO, you need a notary to do absentee voting…but they say, that is for SOME people. Not everyone needs to do it and HERE’S HOW.
    Democrats in MO are fighting to stop proving one is a legitimate voter.

  28. You know damned well that if it were republicans forging mail-in ballots and ballot ‘harvesting’, the DOJ and FBI would be all over it, dragging people in. Is ANYTHING being done about those people doing the illegal deeds in Project Veritas videos or the ones uncovered in TX?


    And to make it more aggravating, I have family who thinks the amount of fraud is too minuscule to even matter…that it is being blown way out of proportion because election year and he’s not going to believe any of these stories during an election year. I bring up the ballot harvesting in CA and how dependably red Orange County turned completely blue in the last election due to said ‘harvest’….’oh, fraud is too small to matter? Explain that Einstein? What if you lived there and your vote was turned to shit?’ And look at the states that only vote by mail…when has the republicans won there since?

  29. Did Jake tapper hang up his “journalist” title? Is he actually on the DNC payroll?

  30. Meme MILF killed it.

    My refractory period ain’t what it used to be.

  31. For Laura

  32. I’ve watched a couple of that guy’s videos. He tries some crazy stuff.

    Man, it’s raining cats and dogs here. Finally! I don’t even care that it’s only happening now that the garden year is almost over. At least it will knock down our fire risk.

  33. Car in…..yes. For years now.

  34. Heh.

  35. It seems like its just gotten worse.

  36. Rush was just talking about why the Trump agenda got stalled in the first year of his presidency…that the republicans believed the Russia hoax and thought he was going to be frogmarched and that the agenda would be reversed.

    That does not make a bit of sense because if Trump was tossed, we had Pence, who ran on the same agenda. The agenda the republicans mostly ran on too. So regardless, they had the votes and could have pushed it all through anyway.

    So what it tells me is that Ryan and co. are full of sh*t and really didn’t want to rid us of obamacare and other assorted things they campaigned on.

  37. Beasn, embrace the power of “and”. Ryan and others weren’t keen to actually spend political capital on the Trump agenda, and the Russia hoax scared a lot of other Republicans into backing off for fear of getting caught in any backlash.

  38. Still doesn’t make sense. Trump’s agenda was their agenda which they ran on before Trump. If Trump gone, were they supposed to then pass more democrat agenda?

  39. They’re not stupid…but they have been de-masked for the RINO turds they are.

  40. Anybody with an ounce of brains knew collusion was bullshit. The agenda stalled because they didn’t want to do it, also they thought the bullshit might work, or they didn’t have an ounce of brains. They didn’t back Two Scoops because he is an outsider and shows them up by doing what they have failed to do on purpose for 30 years.

  41. Would they have told Pence he was a lame duck because ‘taint’? Nope, we gotta do what Pelosi and Schumer want to do.

  42. Pupster nailed it.

  43. Just because they run on it doesn’t make it their agenda.

    Just in case nobody here’s paid attention for the past 40 years.

  44. I have no idea what Pence’s “agenda” is.

    I don’t trust him AT ALL. Why? He’s another insider. He just happens to be a Christian insider, that’s the only difference I can tell. I’m over the “aw shucks” bullshit with a sharpened knife waiting for your back. Nope. I want another killer like Trump. Who? Don’t know yet.

    You know who used to be just like Pence? The clown turd, Ryan.

    I think I will probably be looking at a vet who DGAF.

    I think Cruz is also learning the game. Gentleman politician against the left is a sucker’s game. Cruz is plenty smart. Doesn’t have the killer negotiating acumen like trump though. He needs to keep Pompeo and Grenell.

    He brought some pretty interesting charts to the hearings today.

  45. Pence used to be an IN version of Rush, Mare, I heard his show a few times before he ran for office there. I don’t trust him as much as I do Trump, but he’s NOT Paul Ryan.

  46. Watched a little of KlownCar from Somal……Minnesota addressing ACB. Drones for five plus minutes without asking a question. For demrats, advise and consent means smear and smear.

  47. Would they have told Pence he was a lame duck because ‘taint’?

    Yes. All of Trump’s appointments would have been forced out. Pence would have been told who to appoint, and would have been a caretaker with the understanding that he would not run in 2020.

  48. Had that happened, Alex, the GOP would be no more.

  49. GOP is pretty much on life support as it is.

  50. He brought some pretty interesting charts to the hearings today.

    Who brought charts to where and what did the charts consist of?

  51. Lol, we didn’t know Paul Ryan was a total dick until he got some power…and never used it or used it against us.

    Anyway, I’m not supporting Pence unless he starts stacking bodies as it were.

  52. I think Pence would be better running the GOP behind the scenes, while Noem and Grennell run in 2024.

  53. Sen sheldon Whitehorse went on a bizarre rant using charts that were insane to tray and say ACB was a puppet for RNC judicial committees or something. He never asked a question Juarez talked insanely for 30 min. Cruz brought a simple chart showing Whitehouse is bought and paid for.

  54. Using my phone for comments makes me sound dumber than usual. SAD!


  56. This pleases Pupster.

  57. Urrgh, #1 pup just showed up with a dead chicken. Not good.

  58. Just now my friend sent me a pic of her boyfriends “mail in” ballot(s). He registered to vote in Arizona, they sent him 4. Just saw the picture.

  59. Speaking of dogs with dead chickens, I made a marinated chicken on the grill and it may have been the best chicken on the planet for a short window of time. I’ve been buying “Simply Organic” seasoning, I really like the grilled chicken and grilled veggie variety:

  60. 1986 was the year, and your pal Pupster was having the time of his life. I always thought things would just get better and better, not that “this is the high point, it’s all downhill from here”.

    Even better, this was the eighties—you know, when the world was still fun. There was light. There was laughter. There was big hair and acid-washed denim, just because, dammit. You could still make jokes without a Twitter mob destroying your life forever.

  61. what did you marinate it in? Grilled chicken is the best. Are you a spicy fan?

  62. For the record, I still have a pretty good time most every day, just not 19 year old with a mullet good times.

  63. I used apple cider vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce and a little dijon mustard. Salt, pepper, curry spice and that grilled chicken mix I linked earlier rubbed in before the marinade.

  64. Not a spicy fan, can’t take the heat anymore. Oh, I forgot I added a squirt of lime juice to the marinade above.

  65. interesting mix, sounds good

  66. Urrgh, #1 pup just showed up with a dead chicken. Not good.
    One of my attendings in residency used that analogy when talking about residents resecting asymptomatic synovial plica in the knee. “It’s like a farm dog killing a chicken … you gotta kill that dog before it kills again” (spoken in an Italian accent) as he leaned in and stared at you until you sheepishly nodded that you understood.

  67. I always giggle when I’m comment 70

  68. I cooked chicken thighs the other night in a mixture of chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, oregano, salt, pepper, tomato paste, diced chipotle, chicken broth, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar. baked the whole thing in a casserole dish on a bed of chopped mushrooms.

  69. Topper.

  70. Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

    Hey, it’s 2020, what could go wrong?
    From Insty…

  71. Dia de la muerte in h2.
    pinadas on the promenade.
    Sunday best and painted faces.
    Lining up for the parade.

  72. Diamonds eased Raquel’s pain.

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