Upstate Monkey in a Tree

Just slightly more effort than trying to ride a buffalo.


I’m sitting up in a tree while loading this masterpiece and a chickadee just landed on me and is eating the spiders and such that are crawling on me. There’s a shittonne of Salticus scenicus around this year.

Ahhhite – Have fun!

Monkey out.

Important Update:

Weekend’s @ Chez HotnTot

L - R: Memes - HotnTot


Driving to work



  1. Jam, I gave this a thumbs up for the spiders crawling on you.

  2. Pictures don’t do justice to the views in real life. The sights, sounds and smells of fall are enough to make one’s gourd all bumpy!

  3. Salticus scenicus

    Salty little fucks

  4. Local news poll on whether ACB should be confirmed before the election is running 2/3 YES and 1/3 NO. It’s good to live in a conservative area even though the libs beat you over the head with their presence to make you think you’re in the minority

  5. Rain coming Tuesday night, leftover from the tropical storm. Up to an inch which we need.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Go out of your way to thank an Indigenous Person today. Not exactly sure for what but it’s the thought that counts

  8. Howie Carr calls the MSM “Democrat operatives with press passes”

  9. I was just sitting out on the enclosed porch and Rowan was leaning into me for scritches. When I looked down I realized I had stirred up a huge ball of loose fur. We need to get an area rug or there’s going to be a dog hair problem. There’s wire screen under the deck boards to keep bugs out and the gap between boards going to slowly fill with dog hair over time.

  10. Oh come on, Car in, everybody knows it’s white supremacists doing all the shit stirring.

  11. These are the best memes we’ve ever had.

  12. I liked the leaf one.

  13. I need to vote soon at the town office. I’m working on Election Day so going early doesn’t work and by the end of the day I don’t have the patience to stand in line in the cold, dark November night. I’ve done it that way for years and it always feels good knowing you’ve done your part.. And by that, I mean it becomes even easier to tune out political advertising.

  14. Second try –

    This is what passes for objective journalism in this state.

  15. ” … a woman told her to “know her place” after cutting in line at a supermarket.”

    -Yeah, as in, get to the end of the line where everyone else joined it!

    ” … Spivey-Oliver, 54, who works in cranial prosthesis for people with severe hair loss for Veterans Affairs.”

    -A wig maker in other words.

  16. ” … a woman told her to “know her place” after cutting in line at a supermarket.”

    I’ll take “things that never happened” for $500, Alex.

  17. I should have printed up t-shirts that read “ACB is notre dame.”

  18. I’ll take “things that never happened” for $500, Alex.


  19. So, how are the show trials, err, hearings for ACB going?

  20. Where’s Mare when we need her?

  21. BWAHAHAHAAH, she’s so beautiful and wonderful that Bill likes to bone younger, cuter, nicer women to honor Hillary.


  22. He wouldn’t want to defile her pristine beauty, you see.

  23. I got a “must be done by COB Tuesday!” task last Thursday that should have been assigned 3 weeks ago, so I’m working today.

    I’ll observe Columbus Day on Friday.

  24. In fourteen hundred and ninety two,
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
    He hit a rock…

  25. marezee dotes

  26. Another effective ad (to me) against Maxine Waters.

    Joe Collins ad (twitter)

  27. important updates added

  28. The task I should have been assigned 3 weeks ago might actually be impossible to complete as written, and there’s no one around to ask for clarification.

  29. Our Gov has the Karen’s on hyperdrive

    I’m so glad I live in a red state where the governor is leaving it up to each county to do what they feel is best for their county. My county says…y’all are adults, we’ll leave it to each business owner to do what they feel is best. St. Louis County has finally backed off a little after their residents about strung the overreaching executive up by his big toes.

    That said, I went out for a walk around the neighborhood and the lady who does laps got a little miffed I was on the same sidewalk and stepped into the street to go around me. The fu.

  30. I keep watching the Andy Tifa tweet Jimbro poated yesterday. LOL. Git out da way bitch!

  31. Steve Inman is a national treasure

  32. Hmm, if Hillary had 63% support from Hispanic voters, and now Anna Paulina Luna (running for congress in FL) is saying 53% are supporting trump, how is this election even close, much less Biden plus double digits? According to google 16.7% of the US is hispanic, and 12.7 is black. If dems have the black vote, they win? 4 points more are hispanic

    *confused by dem and media logic

  33. Whites are abandoning Trump, Jay. That’s seriously what they’re going with. Because ChinaFlu.

  34. well, the never trumpers sure are.

  35. Only when their wive’s boyfriends are watching. They know the grift is utterly over if Trump actually goes away.

  36. Biden has a plan for the virus.

  37. Only when their wive’s boyfriends are watching. They know the grift is utterly over if Trump actually goes away.

    I disagree. They hope that once Trump is gone they can go back to the way it was before, where they sold books and cruise packages where they told the flyover rubes how to bring about a “conservative renaissance” while at the same time pushing policies that benefitted their Chinese and corporate overlords.

  38. He will save a lot of lives, but only if he’s elected.

  39. The World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 has urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary control method against the spread of the CCP …..

    “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” David Nabarro told The Spectator in an interview aired on Oct. 8. “The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

    Nabarro pointed to the collateral damage that lockdowns are having worldwide, especially among poorer populations.

    “Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry, for example in the Caribbean or in the Pacific, because people aren’t taking their holidays. Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world because their markets have got dented. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. Seems that we may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition because children are not getting meals at school and their parents, in poor families, are not able to afford it,” Nabarro said.

    “This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe, actually,” he said. “And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using lockdown as your primary control method, develop better systems for doing it, work together and learn from each other, but remember—lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.

  40. Funny. I can’t find the apology in any of that.

  41. Supposedly this is a different guy than the Chinese-pocket spokeshole that was all-in for lockdowns in Q1.

    And you might be right about that, Alex, but that would be monumental lack of self-awareness on their part. That doesn’t make you wrong or me right, since monumental lack of self-awareness is really their hallmark, but I can’t believe they are all that stupid.

  42. My son’s friend is working for google. He is working remotely from KS, for a year, making about $350k. I wonder if they are in on the cuts?

  43. So, now there are a couple of guys in Magdalena and Socorro who got Covid and are coughing on produce at grocery stores, coughing and touching doors at the Post Office and other high traffic places. Police are supposed to be looking for them, but who knows if it’s even a crime? People suck.

  44. The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by thousands of health officials/workers, have been saying the same re: CCP.

    I don’t see any of our media swine reporting on WHO’s new declaration or theirs, do you? Don’t see any govs or mayors picking up on it either.

  45. Don’t worry about COVID, Pepe. Worry about driving into town, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Covid? Not so much.

  46. i actually lol’d @ this:

    Harry Khachatrian
    It’s all fun and games until Andrew Cuomo puts Joe Biden in a nursing home

  47. Andrew Cuomo killed it. Just like Nana.

  48. Grrrrrumble. Penelope had to go to town today to take care of some business. She drove all the way in only to realize that everything was closed for the holiday. We don’t have regular jobs, so we don’t take days off. It gets frustrating.

  49. Why are there 112 votes and only a dozen people who comment here?

  50. 350k, wow, that would be nice

  51. guess we’re democrats, and pupster is packing the mailbox

  52. Lurker votes?

  53. Lurker votes and Morons.

  54. Dak Prescott turned down a 5 year contract, $34 million per year with $100 million guaranteed. He figured he could do better in the future, so he signed a one year deal worth $31 million.


  55. These pictures are sooo beautiful jam
    was this you?

  56. The first rock throw was at 6 minutes?

  57. Lurker votes and Morons
    I read that as Mormons

  58. Yeah, WP stats page is confusing, but it looks like we get a larger number of views on Fridays.

  59. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 12, 2020 3:43 pm
    Andrew Cuomo killed it. Just like Nana.

    Leon’s been killing it lately (with the funny). Unlike Cuomo and your Nana.

  60. Jimbro, you and Joe Biden 🤪

  61. 2020 sucks for baseball HOF. Pete Rose should be ok.

  62. You have real fortitude to make it to 6 minutes Scott.

    I thought of chucking rocks immediately, but then thought I would not want to bend down to pick them up and appear smaller for a second.

  63. PJM, that video is incredible. As soon as I change my Depends I’ll be back.

  64. More page views on Fridays? Imagine that…

  65. That’s what I was thinking too
    like, why did it take you this long to start throwing?
    I would actually be pooping, but that might just be me

  66. We used to have a cheesecake spike in traffic on Mondays, too.

  67. why did it take you this long to start throwing?
    I would actually be pooping

    Jam would be throwing poop.

  68. Part of this guy’s strategy was to “appear big.” Cat’s are smart and will be patient and strike at the right moment. Throwing a rock or getting a stick was the first thing you think of but then you have to bend down or stretch and reach and that is that moment they could strike.


  69. Telling it go “go back” 67 times was a failed strategy.

    Cats only understand spanish.

  70. Hey Leon!

    After drilling into the stalagmites and pulling out cylinders of rock, the team could see an obvious transition between two layers. On one side were old minerals that were part of the original stalagmites; on the other were newer layers that had been laid down after the fragments were broken off by the cave’s former users. By measuring uranium levels on either side of the divide, the team could accurately tell when each stalagmite had been snapped off for construction.

    Their date? 176,500 years ago, give or take a few millennia.

  71. He should have charged that cat and screamed “Te cortaré perra!”

    The video would have been 6 minutes shorter.

  72. They found great^x grandpa’s house!

  73. heh, Elliot loves it when I call him “Senor!” Really loud

  74. I’m on Team Braves. Bout time Ozuna started hitting like he did when he was a Marlin.

  75. Seems weird seeing fans at a baseball game.

  76. Umm…that cougar video is why you carry a gun with you out in the wild.

    If it comes down to him or me, I’m going home that night.

    Wonder if it was a Momma cat protecting her cubs?

  77. Oh, yeah – at the very beginning, you can see some other cats in the vicinity. She was protecting her babies. Scary!

  78. Wow.

    Joe Biden’s family owned slaves

    Great great grandpa passed them on to his ancestors, unlike George Washington, who freed his.

  79. Found out what happened to my sister. Heart attack and cirrhosis. Heart attacks don’t really run in my family, so I’m guessing the cirrhosis probably caused it.

  80. ugh, tough news.

  81. I haven’t drank in a month, trying to lose weight. Feel pretty darn good. Plus having pants that are a little looser helps.

  82. At the beginning of the video you can see a kitten in back, on the left.
    After a few minutes, the Glock would come out, with a ‘near miss’, if that did not work, orphan kittens…

  83. {{{Hugs}}}, Car in.

  84. Just found out that hubby’s niece was put on the heart transplant list today. Prayers, please, for sweet Amanda. Thanks!

  85. Deena enjoyed Raoul’s pain.

  86. hhahahahahah Biden introduced himself as running for the Senate. And couldn’t remember Romney’s name so called him “the mormon.”

    It’s really not funny. It’s incredible. Our political rivals are scum.

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