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  1. I almost feel guilty…pupster’s poat looks like effort was put into it

  2. PJ, you lazy whore, put a link to the new poat in the old one.

    How long have you been here?

  3. apparently since january of 2008
    hahaha and excuse it’s Ms Whore to you!!

  4. er, excuse me
    sheeeeeesh I’m tired

  5. Greatest poat ever!

  6. It’s dead Jim
    My poat killed the hostages.

  7. hahaha mare, you suck

  8. This is a fitting end. The blog was stomped to death.

  9. I am still here El Guapo.

  10. Kamala was envisioning Mike Pence’s fly, but somehow her signals got misconstrued.

  11. haahahahaah, the funny part is I liked the video.

  12. PJ’s video just further proves that people learn about classical music on Looney Toons.

  13. Kamala is not intelligent.
    She’s not black.
    She trashed the blacks in her state.
    She slept her way to the lower middle.
    She laughs at inappropriate times.
    She is attractive but often looks weird due to botox/filler.
    How is this woman considered for anything besides PTA President?

  14. If you suck hard enough, anything’s possible.

  15. She is attractive but often looks weird due to botox/filler.

    She is the epitome of a woman whose traits turn a man off.

    And I have a serious question for the left here, how is her straightened hair anything other than cultural appropriation?

    Or is that just what semen does to curly hair over time?

  16. PJ, your hair is naturally curly right?

  17. PJ, your hair is naturally curly right?

    I’m not sure I trust this line of questioning
    but yes
    this was me last August before I dyed my hair again

  18. Nice.

  19. ooooooooooooooh, yeah. I guess I should have read your comment prior.

  20. Eh, she’s half Indian, she could just want Indian hair.

    So really, it’s that she actively rejects her blackness.

  21. My good friend and I were discussing politics yesterday over lunch. He gets a lot more of his news from the TV than I do so he’s always wanting to compare his take on the world with mine. He’s convinced that the Dems in the swing states that Trump won in 16 will steal enough votes to swing them back the other way and Biden will “win”. His closing summation, “We’re fixing to elect a guy for president who couldn’t get hired to teach at any decent high school in the country.”

    I’m stealing that and injecting it into all Biden conversations for the next month……and maybe the next 4 years.

  22. Pat and Ethan read through the comments yesterday about what he should do and they thank you.

  23. I’m stealing it too.

  24. If the military is out, has Ethan considered a lucrative career in the growing industry of male prostitution. The Fred Garvin institute has new classes opening today!

  25. Cougar University offers a degree in Flagpole Sitting.

  26. And if anyone’s daughters want tips on how to be whores they should visit Kamala’s website.

  27. Kamala Harris University offers a course in Pole Smoking.

  28. Nice, indeed!

  29. Trump will be doing a ‘townhall’ on Rush’s show tomorrow. Think they’ll be taking questions from the listeners.

  30. Rush has more daily listeners than the average debate audience on teevee.

  31. I’ve only seen one Biden ad. That was Sunday, during football.
    Yesterday, husband had on one of the alphabet channels and it was wall-to-wall drag out between a GOP congresswoman and her challenger, and some state level races.

  32. Trump should arrange something with Telemundo too.

    Remember Olympia Snow, who supposedly retired? Well, she’s on the debate committee. Also, Danforth? Did I hear that right? These guys are still alive apparently and still very much RINOs and NeverTrumpers.
    How are they allowed to change the rules, mid season, without getting approval from both parties? From Don Jr.’s response this morning which included GTFO, I gather they weren’t told.

  33. This past year has been filled with death around me. And not a single one died of the virus.

  34. Because the virus is just a virus and not as deadly as the Chicom propaganda it was wrapped in and amplified by a dishonest media and their globalist handlers.

  35. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/black-holes-universe-big-bang-roger-penrose-nobel-prize-b881031.html

    There was an earlier universe before the Big Bang, and evidence for its existence can still be observed in black holes, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist has said.

    Sir Roger Penrose made the claim after recently winning the award for breakthroughs in Einstein’s general theory of relativity and proof of the existence of black holes.

    Sir Roger argues that the existence of unexplained spots of electromagnetic radiation in the sky – known as ‘Hawking Points’ – are remnants of a previous universe.

  36. Is Trump running any ads anywhere?

  37. There was an earlier universe before the Big Bang, and evidence for its existence can still be observed in black holes, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist has said.

    Riiiiiiiiiight. I’ll let Amy Adams know about that after she finishes giving me a Kamala under my desk.

  38. Beasn, I get Trump and Biden ads on yootoob when I’m not blocking them.

  39. I found the article funny due to the constant “believe the science!” refrain from the left (and parts of the right) even as “the science” becomes increasingly mystic and cultish.

  40. Penrose has a rather fanciful catalog of book topics where he sells woowoo about black holes to IFL(s) types. That’s been his racket since at least the mid 80s.

  41. I see Trump ads on Fox when I watch The Five. The one with the supposed doctor for Biden has been showing up too.

  42. I was driving around doing a few errands this morning and heard Glenn Beck talking with a few guests about the current polls putting biden in a big lead and asking them to reconcile that with the facts on the ground that everyone is seeing. The disconnect between enthusiasm for Trump vs Biden, etc. The consensus was they’re a set up for the contested election that they anticipate.

    When Trump wins they claim that there must have been shenanigans because the polls said otherwise. Or if it’s close that will be the fuel for the lawsuits.

  43. The other line from the left is an argument justifying stacking the Supreme Court as a response to Trump “stacking the lower courts”. Which is 100% wrong sinceTrump hasn’t added any judges, just filled vacant positions. They’re counting on the media to carry the water on that whopper too.

  44. There is hope for Kamala: Boy who has eaten nothing but sausages his whole life has been cured

  45. They’re giving Biden a big lead because that’s how much they’re planning on voter fraud.

  46. Every weekend there’s Trump rallies around these parts. I’ve never seen anything like it….and actually week days too. People on the side of the road holding Trump signs and American flags
    aaaaaaaaaand road side stands all over the place selling Trump merchandise.
    I feel like those people are true heroes tbh, it’s California and I’m always curious how often they get harassed

  47. Didn’t SE Cupp used to be on the right? What happened to her? Did she marry a lefty or did she move to the swamp?

  48. She married an establishment GOP dude. Her problem is that she’s a NYC atheist who wants to be in good standing with her social circle. The classic liberTHOTian who is conservative enough to get gigs on the talk shows.

  49. Peej, maybe if they did that in places like San Francisco, they’d get harrassed? Our friend’s daughter lives out there in S.F. with her boyfriend of CHYnese descent. When Trump was elected, she was so upset because Trump was going to jail all the gay people. Her and her sister are all, abortion is women’s healthcare and the U.S. is not a good country. Friend can’t understand what went wrong since he was raised Catholic in schools and such…while ignoring the many thousands of dollars he spent in sending them to dance programs their entire childhoods, art and dance school, and being gone most of the time either with work or hunting.

  50. Just on Fox News – arrest of Wolverine Militia guys for a plot to kidnap Whitmer.

  51. Why do I have the feeling that’d be like The Ransom of Red Chief?

  52. Kidnap Whitmer? And do what?

  53. Mask her

  54. So to speak

  55. arrest of Wolverine Militia guys for a plot to kidnap Whitmer.

    damn, that sounds like a TBS movie

  56. Honestly, it sounds like the plot of a comedy: “A group of inept militia kidnap an unpopular a state governor, only to discover that her obnoxious attitude drives them crazy. State officials conduct a half-hearted ‘search’, while secretly glad that she’s gone and fighting for control in the power vacuum. A local sheriff eventually begins to suspect the militia members and begins to investigate.”

  57. TIL Mr. RFH never had to read The Ransom of Red Chief. I thought that was required reading in 4th or 5th grade, along with “Gift of the Magi”.

  58. Why do I keep hearing Benny Hill music?

  59. This sounds like a bunch of hooey. Made up bullshit, because it’s the exact thing that the lefties keep crowing about


    Overthrow the Michigan government? who the hell does that?

  60. On June 6, Croft, Fox and around 13 others from multiple states gathered in Dublin, Ohio, to discuss creating a society that followed the Bill of Rights and allowed them to be self sufficient, officials said. A confidential informant for the FBI was at the meeting, according to court records.

    Later in the article:

    The group had already been brought to the FBI’s attention in March 2020 by a local police department, court records show.

  61. my favorite venn diagram not designed by Geoff

  62. ARYAN NATION: Listen, we’ve had her THREE DAYS now. Last offer. $10K cash and our Chevy Astro Van you can keep if you take her back.

    STATE OF MICHIGAN: Nope. No Deal. YOU took her. YOU deal with her.

  63. Slim Pickins would’ve known how to deal with her back in his Blazing Saddles days.

  64. C’mon man, would the FBI lie to you?

  65. libs on facebook are like: So is it safe to assume a D tsunami in the Michgan Statehouse now?

  66. I gave your mom a D tsunami.

  67. I suspect a goodly proportion of the state wishes they’d succeeded.

  68. Pretty sure BLM and Antifa are conducting ROC Drills on doing exactly this to the President.

  69. This is tailor-made for Whitmer’s renewed calls for a “State of Emergency!!!!” now that she has to beg the legislature to keep the farce going or make her pillow-biting ambulance-chasing “Public Health” director assert without authority that all her unlawful orders are now his, even though he’s her appointee and he cannot by any right have authority that she (per the SCoMI ruling) never had.

  70. So, what I’m saying it, it might be an Antifa plan. Maybe.

    I mean, kidnapping? So even if the plan goes off she goes home unharmed (after a vacation)? How conveeeeeeeeenient.

  71. Whitmer also lashed out at President Trump and accused him of “stoking distrust,” “fomenting anger” and emboldening hate groups who “spread fear and hatred and division.”

    “Just last week, the president of the United States … refused to condemn white supremacists, like these two Michigan militia groups,” Whitmer said, referring to Trump’s debate appearance. ” ‘Stand back and stand by’ he told them. Stand back and stand by – hate groups heard the president’s word not as a rebuke but as a rallying cry, as a call to action.”

    Go fuck yourself gretch.

  72. You think the FBI could be convinced to be … just perhaps … interested in Antifa?

    These people met and plotted. Antifa has moved on to phase 2 of the deal.

  73. Robby Starbuck on twitter has video of one of the miltidiots, and he’s got a big Anarchy flag on his wall.

    In one reply he’s got a Gadsden Flag


    Truck’s engine is kaput.


  75. Should just get an RV, solve both my problems at once

  76. That sucks, Tim. Any mechanics in the family?

  77. Time to mow half the yard before the sun gets too low.

  78. She’s going to be the racism czar in the Biden administration.

    You wait – she’ll steal a job from a black lady.

  79. Wow. I might have to stay off Imgur for a while. Front page is wall to wall derangement.

  80. but…if you stay off Imgur, who will give us all the good memes?
    You’re our Imgur filter
    What now?

  81. https://is.gd/cth9sp

  82. I usually browse the front page to get a feel for things, and then I do hashtag and keyword searches. I’ll just do the latter.

  83. >>>Overthrow the Michigan government? who the hell does that?

    Antifa….to garner the sympathy vote for Witchmer’s continued overreach and reverse Trump’s ’16 win.

  84. If not antifa, and it was ‘militia’….how much you want to bet it was a bunch of guys having beer and just talking about how much life would be better if someone (not necessarily one of them) locked Whitmer up somewhere until the imagined CHYnabola panic blew over.

    Speaking of which, one of my dental hygienists was talking about how one of their family members recently passed away and the …either hospital or nursing home, can’t remember where she said they passed…put it down as dead from covid. The family is like, ‘aww, hells nah, take that off and put the correct cause on’. This person was in hospice with an assortment of bad ailments and everyone was waiting for ‘the call’ each day.

  85. re: Whitmer….because the Deep State FBI a-holes would never do anything nefarious or run with fake reports/dossiers/lies.

  86. Just saw a couple of stories on youtubes, one some random English guy and the other Piers Morgan. 68% of the English public do NOT like Megan Markle and her wife sticking their noses in our politics whilst still having their titles. 74% of Good Morning Britain’s audience want their titles stripped.

  87. jeez, i was wondering how you waded through that cesspool, pupster. keywords for meme searches?

  88. Yea, no. These guys weren’t Trumpers. They were anarchists. I don’t know if they were far right, but they have more in common with antifa than they do Trump.

  89. I gave your mom a D tsunami.
    Comments this are why I come to this shithole blog

  90. beasn, we had that out here. The family is fighting it because the dad was in hospice for cancer…I wonder if you were talking to me? I think I commented about it here, because this wasn’t a rumor or a friend of a friend, this happened to an actual friend of mine and her family is not happy about this

  91. Meme dump or meme as text search term, #meme or #meme dump or #dank memes for tag search. We’ve done pretty good not stepping on each other’s meme posts which is pretty amazing. I try and keep the searches to today or this week time frame. Now you know all my secrets, go forth and meme post some more.

  92. https://is.gd/8xtKn8

  93. mine mostly come from facebook

  94. I’m addicted to Baby Yoda memes.

  95. We had a bear encounter today.
    Laura saw a youngster race across the path we were on.

    Momma had probably already crossed. If not, we could have been in trouble.


    Okay no it was about the size of a big dog, roly-poly, and it ran across the path like its butt was on fire to conceal itself from us. Still, I was on edge and kept clapping and tromping as much as possible afterwards. And looking behind us. The place was clearly an old apple orchard at one point, it was fragrant and the ground was littered with big apples. Guess the little guy was fattening up on carbs for Winter.


  98. Guess the little guy was fattening up on carbs for Winter.

    Aren’t we all at this point?

  99. Deer eat rotten pommes

  100. Why am I up at 0330?

    -side eyes down to the right-

    Fuckin’ Lola …

  101. Darren’s esophagus remained plugged.

  102. *waves westward, raises coffee mug salute*

  103. *realizes mug was too full for that gesture*

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