MMM 417: Daorson

This site is named for a tribe in the region contemporary to the estimated time of its construction. The first written reference to it calls it Daorsioiethnos Thrakon, and it sits in modern Bosnia-Herzegovina. The fort and acropolis are believed to date back to ~400-500 BC, and the site was destroyed or abandoned close to 100 years before Christ’s birth.

Not much left now, sadly, just some walls built to stand the test of time.

A view of the rubble pile (from the destruction near 100 BC) and surrounding terrain from a distance. The hill for the fort clearly had excellent sight lines to the region.

Some walls remain remarkably tall and straight.

More walls.


  1. Sorry for the delay. Wordpuss balked at my tags initially until I dropped them and finally found the categories menu.

  2. Don’t worry on my account! Like I ever contribute?

  3. Tim, your presence here is valuable to me.

    Posting is hard. It’s not for everyone. Peej is proof enough of that.

  4. Oy!!!!

  5. Wakey wakey.

    Where do I complain to management about the tardiness of this poat?

  6., Carin. They’ve assured me that they care and want to hear from you.

  7. “tardiness”

  8. C airn peej has the cell # to contact management for thoughts , concerns, suggestions, and poat remediation.
    They do renovations too.

  9. I did try writing something up once. It’s sitting in draft unfinished, probably in my own blog, I got no idea how this platform works like that. I should spruce it up sometime and try it out.

  10. You can complain to me Ka rin. But put on your mask first!

  11. Why is it always womyn teaching these?

    [EXTERNAL] Pay Equality: Closing the Wage Gap & Leveling the Playing Field

    This persistent problem has a host of negative effects on women, their families, and even their employers. Underpaid individuals may express feelings of anger over being mistreated, as well as jealousy towards others who are paid more for performing the same job with the same or less effort. These feelings can impact the effectiveness and quality of work. Those who know they are being underpaid may decide to seek employment elsewhere, resulting in increased costs for employers who must then hire and train replacements.
    Participants in this webinar will come away with a solid understanding of what constitutes pay equity, the laws governing pay equity, strategies to avoid pay discrimination, and what organizations can do to cultivate a work environment that will lead to more equitable outcomes for their workers.

  12. So now we’re blaming the debate for getting Trump the covidfefe?

  13. Peej is proof enough of that.


    They do renovations too.

    yes, you want a new kitchen? We’ve got that? New porch? We’ve got that too! Just Dial 1-800-We-Will-Be-Done-In-Two-Weeks for all your remodeling needs

  14. All the republicans got covid at the debate cuz they didn’t wear masks.

    What a stupid time to be alive.

  15. pay equity

    “Equality” had to go, because it easy to show it was already there. Now women and minorities have to have higher pay to compensate for all those years when they were supposedly underpaid.

  16. You can cover up poating errors with the effective use of our totally descriptive category system.

  17. Now women and minorities have to have higher pay to compensate for all those years when they were supposedly underpaid.

    totally not ok
    but um, if they’re gonna give it to me?
    well then

  18. Lefty women are an embarrassment to women.

    I get why they didn’t initially have the vote. Women can be too emotional. It’s good for raising children (when applied correctly) but hoo boy, I’m sick of their shit.

    PJ momma, I just spent a little over three weeks in CA and there is a convergence of crazy there.

    Although it was heartening to see people on freeway walkways holding Trump signs and the American flag.

  19. This post is the reason we can’t have nice things.

  20. Jam, it’s so good to see your monkey face.

    Is that racist? Don’t care. I’ve kicked my care meter in the poon. Like MJ said, it’s a stupid time to be alive.

    On the other hand, I follow a Latino conservative on Instagram and he said something like, “I’ve prayed for strength and these times are about going through and getting stronger.”

  21. Latest CDC COVID infection fatality numbers:

    0-19 years old—— 0.00003%
    20-49 years old—– 0.0002%
    50-69 years old—– 0.005%
    70 and older——— 0.054%

    FFS people regular flu infection fatality rates are 0.1%

    We shut the country down for BULLSHIT POLITICAL reasons like we all said months ago.

  22. Also, shutting down schools was a complete dumbass move. From what I understand kids don’t even have the receptors for this particular virus.

  23. Good morning, Mare.

  24. Some MI counties are attempting to assert states of emergency in the wake of Bitchmer’s rebuke by the MI supreme court.

    People are going to start really losing their shit at this point, and some petty tyrants are going to bleed if this doesn’t stop.

  25. Leon, calm down.

  26. People are scared. There’s no countering that.

    There is no information that can help people be less afraid. 30+% of people think 9 million people have died from Covid and that it’s a death sentence if you get it.

    It’s sort of akin to the gay thing. Most people think the population is about 30% gay.

    What’s remarkable is that people clearly don’t understand proportions or numbers at all. It’s like when Biden reads the prompter and confuses 200000 with 20000000. It never occurs to him that it can’t possibly be correct. He just keeps on reading.

  27. My husband surfed and I went boogie boarding almost every day. Full wetsuits are the greatest thing ever. When we weren’t doing that, we were walking the different beaches.

    My Mother-in-Law doesn’t get up until 9 and needs about an hour or so to get put together so we would leave the house at 5:50-6:00am (Dawn Patrol) and get home about 11am. A good system to have a fun time but also caring for and hanging out with MIL.


  28. The cool thing about 6 months of lock down is that people are conditioned to it. It doesn’t matter if the SC decides against it. People love this shit.

  29. Leon, calm down.

    No. You get mad.

  30. Yes, the media has done something right (for their party affiliation), scared the shit out of dumb people. I saw a video of a woman asking people on the street how many have the virus and how many have died.

    Besides the cringe-worthy comments of complete idiocy, generally, the dummies on the street think 30-80% have it, and about half that many have died.

  31. Mare, what part of California were you in?
    In my neck of the woods, there’s a pickup truck Trump rally EVERY weekend. It’s a site to see
    course, the media calls them “Proud Boys”
    funny though, there’s a lot of women in attendance

  32. If you think you know people who have died from COVID, you are probably wrong. More likely your elderly Mom or Aunt in a nursing home died from loneliness.*

    Comorbidities are a much more likely culprit.

    *My husband JUST walked in to tell me our neighbor’s mother died in a nursing home, not from COVID, they believe it was from loneliness. No one was allowed to visit for months.

  33. Oceanside. Although we went to Dana Point/San Clemente a lot and south to La Jolla once.

  34. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 5, 2020 10:25 am
    Leon, calm down.

    No. You get mad.


    Agree. More people should be pissed off and calling and writing their dumbass political betters.

  35. I peed where you swam mare
    just thought you should know

  36. “Writing”. Yeah…”writing”.

  37. We had (via the resident Republican Club President) Trump/local mayor/local rep signs put in my MIL’s yard (at her request).

    It’s awesome because her bitch neighbor who is Canadian had the fricken balls to say to my 91-year-old MIL that, and I quote, “Only stupid old white women would vote for Trump.”

    I hope that bitch dies a little inside every time she sees the Trump sign.

    More projection, I notice a shit ton of stupid old white women with Biden stickers on their cars.

  38. Comment by pajama momma on October 5, 2020 10:33 am
    I peed where you swam mare
    just thought you should know


    HA! I could tell.

  39. * I may or may not be entering the old white woman phase. 60 years old. But I feel like 30. Damn it.

  40. My husband and I “triggered” one of his sisters a few times. But to be honest, triggering her takes almost nothing.

  41. I got a mailer from the democrat running to replace my state house rep. It was the single best ad for my house rep I’d ever seen; called out his refusal to wear a mask on the job, him accusing Wretched of being a dictator, and his endorsement of MI as a “gun sanctuary state”. The dem even called the rep out for being a Yooper who only moved here 10 years ago, as if that made him some sort of carpetbagger.

    I’m about to donate to my guy and see if he needs help with the campaign, sounds like a baller.

  42. Had a phone interview with a USAA recruiter a week and a half ago. She told me they’d let me know by last Friday if they wanted to move forward to another interview. No word, so I sent a follow-up email and the response today was, “it’ll be another 1-2 weeks before we have a decision.” *shakes head*

  43. I peed where you swam mare

  44. My mother is just … just shared this.

    “Horace Lee
    15h ·
    I just don’t buy it. ‘At present’, I don’t believe Trump is ill with Covid 19. That’s right I believe it’s a hoax, a con, an act to try to make little of the pandemic as if it’s not all that serious. And, Trump has a handle on it. Sure a president would have the latest, very best of care for Covid 19, available to only a few. But, a major symptom has not been mentioned that everyone who has had the virus experiences, that I know of. A symptom that really can’t be controlled while ill with the virus. A symptom little talked about that would keep Trump from dressing for a leisurely walk to Marine One and an in hospital photo-op let alone a ride in the presidential limousine to wave to well wishers, however short (all the while not looking the least bit ill). The symptom is uncontrollable diarrhea!
    One way or the other the guy isn’t to be pitied especially after his terrible handling of the pandemic in this country. Over 200,000 DEAD and counting. No not deserving of a single petty vote…

  45. The job market is pretty slow.

    The president of the former employer said to everyone, ‘let’s keep them on furlough for a bit longer. It’s not like they’ll find another job.’

    She got promoted of course.

  46. ^^that sentiment is what makes me think Trump might lose. It’s so easy to blame someone for bad things that aren’t explainable.

    We could blame China, but that would be correct. So we must blame the orange man.

    I thought there would be a cascade toward Trump; if there is it’s slow and giving me a flippin heart attack.

  47. Coronavirus-19 was an inside job!

  48. Wow, Penelope just got a call that her brother had a bad heart attack. He’s only 51. Not obese at all. Penelope’s mom is freaking out. Fortunately she lives near us so Penelope is with her now. Talk about out of the blue.

    He lives in Virginia and does some type of computer support for NASA.

  49. Diarrhea is not a major symptom of covid. The people I know who had it, did not get diarrhea. And how the hell is one man going to stop a tiny virus affecting the entire world? Wth is wrong with your mother, car in?

  50. Ugh. too much health shit going on right now. Hope he’s ok.

  51. Trump did not force nursing homes to take infected patients. Democrats did that and most cases are in the northeastern states because they hate old people as much as their Beijing benefactors do.

  52. If we had it when I think we had it, Possum had diarrhea and likely lost her taste/smell for a few days, which is probably why she was scaring us with lack of appetite.

  53. Mare, where did you get those numbers re: covid deaths

  54. Sweden is reaching herd immunity.

  55. I’m wondering if son-n-law had it back in February (?). Fever, bad chills, bodyaches, for 24 hours. Felt much better by day 3. Daughter didn’t catch whatever he had or did but it didn’t affect her.

  56. Dolphins are asshoe

  57. Carin, your mom belongs in a nursing home.

  58. don’t you hate it when other people take your lunch hour for granted? I get to work over mine, because so and so won’t be busy at that time.

    No respect for other people’s time.

  59. The Rubin Report: Megan Kelly

    good interview. seems she recognizes that she inserted herself into the debate in 16, just like Wallace did this year.

  60. Meanwhile in India’s densely populated slums:

    “It found that 57% of the people tested in slum areas of Chembur, Matunga and Dahisar had been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

    Some 1.5 million people live in these three areas located in the western, eastern and central parts of the city.

    Scientists involved with the study told the BBC that the results pointed to a number of things about the prevalence of the infection in one of India’s worst-hit cities.

    For one, the virus has spread more widely than was earlier believed in the city’s slums, where more than half of Mumbai’s 12.5 million people live…………….

    The study also found that a large section of people had been infected and survived with no or little symptoms, leading to a low fatality rate in these areas – one in 1,000 to one in 2,000. This also lowers the city-wide death rate from Covid-19.”

  61. Oh come on, Donald Trump hasn’t even been to India recently, they can’t have Covid.

  62. That the administration has now all had covid – and will soon have immunity – that will be a pretty good campaign point. /just saying

  63. what happened to the story that there are people getting Covid multiple times?

  64. Penelope’s brother died. Her mom is devastated.

  65. Looks like flu of ’57 and Hong Kong flu of ’68 was much worse and noone was forced to wear masks.
    Pretty sure I had the ’68 flu. I was five and remember getting sick as a dog. Awful fever, felt awful, and wound up with a bad cough for weeks.

  66. Oh, that’s horrible, Pepe. I am so sorry. Many condolences to your wife and her momma.

  67. Was her brother married/children?

  68. so sorry, pepe!

  69. I asked my boomer family about ’68 and they didn’t even remember it.

    2x as deadly as this shit, and it’s not even a memory.

  70. OH NO. I’m so sorry. That’s just horrid. My aunt had a really bad heart attack (out of the blue like that) at a young age. Fortunately she survived and learned that she just had bad genetics heart wise. I’m soo sorry.

  71. Hope there’s a recovery coming for the BiL, Pepe.

  72. Leftists not even understanding what a “pre-existing” condition is are making bad memes of facedouche.

    I’m a bit embarrassed for them.

  73. I should offer to rub Vicks on Kayleigh’s chest.

  74. leon, he didn’t make it.

  75. I don’t understand what the big deal is for Trump wanting to go home. He had a mild case and pretty much has a personal doctor. Hospitals are shit for recovery from anything. People getting major surgeries are going home the next day.

  76. I think it’s because everyone is so deranged they can’t think clearly.

    We’re awash in stupid.

  77. Mare?


    That didn’t happen yet, Pepe, however, a seal popped up 10 feet from me.

  78. They wanted him at Walter Reed so they could poke him with the polonium pen.

  79. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on October 5, 2020 1:50 pm

    Doesn’t this c*nt get how great it was for Trump with regard to the people who were praying and cheering for him on the street?

  80. And so they could maintain the “super serial disease” narrative.

  81. I think people are emotionally unhealthy because people in their inner circle to include parents and children allow them to be.

  82. HAHAHA, you could almost hear that dolphin go ‘WEEEeeee…..KARATE CHOP!’


  83. Pepe, I’m very sorry on behalf of your Wife and Mother-in-Law. Prayers are up for anything they need to get them through.

  84. I wish someone at the WH with balls like Kayleigh would explain to the Nation that getting the virus for over 80% of all people is nothing. NOTHING. Most will never know they had it. About 15-17% will have flu-like symptoms and around 5% will get really sick but most will certainly survive.

  85. After being in California and then hearing Florida was opening up only to find out Publix, Walmart and all the rest are still requiring masks I’m fed up with this shit.

    Pup’s memes helped. And reading your funny bullshit too.

  86. @realDonaldTrump

    I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!


    HA! Those lefty c#nts will be losing their minds.

  87. Jake, you’re a tool. A sheep. As Trump as just demonstrted – we can live our life, and if we get the virus we feel a little yucky for a day or two, then we’re fine.

    Mr “adult” in the room wants us to live under the boot of big state deciding who we can see, what we can do, whether we can live. For as long and as forever as they decide. And you’re an ass enough to pretend as if it’s nothing more than wearing a face diaper in the coffee room.

    FUCK YOU Jake Tapper.

  88. mare, where did you get the fatality numbers way up yonder in the thread?

  89. Beasnsnsns, CDC.

  90. Here is a funny (it’s not funny because it’s true) version:

    I’ll get the CDC link.

  91. And remember the deaths include those deaths with an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

    Those infant/child deaths are 100% something else.

  92. I remember when I used to think Jake Tapper was a good guy. He’s an insufferable cunt.

    Stay at CNN, Jake, with all of the other insufferable cunts, that way I don’t have to accidentally come across you on the air.

  93. Beasn, he was married. He had 2 adult children from a previous marriage.

  94. I ain’t too bright when it comes to percentages and fractions. I went to publik skool.
    Explain how I get this –> 50-69 years old—– 0.005% , from your link…so I can explain it to someone even dumber than me.

  95. No rational person gives a shit about masks.

  96. 1% means 1/100. So 0.1% means 1/1000. Thus 0.01% means 1/10000. And therefore 0.001% means 1/100000. So 0.005% means 5/100000. Or in English 5 out of every 100,000.

    I also went to public school. For some odd reason we were still expected to learn shit or else hit the road.

  97. Pepe, so sorry for your loss. 51 is WAY too young.

  98. Use these stats and divide them by cases in same age group.

    For example, 500 deaths is what % out of approx 50,000,000 citizens under the age of 20. And I rounded up. .00001.

  99. hahahahaha, Someone on Twitface just mentioned Trump’s Dragon Energy.

  100. Beasn?

  101. Whose turn is it to tie Pepe to a cactus?

  102. Pendejo, I attended the city of St. Louis public skool. It was horrible as good teachers fled in the knowledge deseg and forced busing was about to happen. Requirements for high school…math and science – one year. And this was after a series of substitute teachers from 3rd grade through sixth who didn’t math. In jr. high, the math teacher was more concerned with running for local political office than showing up to teach.
    I did take remedial maths in college but don’t remember much of it.

    Now my kids attended public school out here in suburbia. Both had math every year of K – 12 and finished with algebra/pre-calc. Son went on to minor in it. Both remember muchly.

  103. I am now 100% convinced Biden is going to get Covid and fall very ill.

    It’s the Trump curse.

  104. HAHAHAHA Jenifer Rubin, eat a bag of dicks.

  105. Pepe, I am so very sorry for Penelope and her mom. RIP for her brother. Condolences and Prayers

  106. Pepe, what a terrible shock. So sorry for Penelope and her mom. Condolences.

  107. I misunderstood earlier, Pete, so sorry for you and your family.

  108. Comment by MJ on October 5, 2020 4:40 pm
    I am now 100% convinced Biden is going to get Covid and fall very ill.


    You do understand they will blame Biden’s death on Trump.

  109. Pepe you shit phone.

    Took Possum to a park. A quarter of the kids are masked and hating it, but only mom is here. Kids here with Dad are barefooted.

    There’s an uber-karen running around with her dog in the soccer field 50′ from anyone trying to shout at the unmuzzled dog through her own muzzle. I hope she’s careful brushing her teeth tonight. That can be just as fatal as dog walking.

  110. Biden will get sick just in time for debate 2 and Trump will be blamed. Harris will take the top spot in all but name afterward, and polls to track the false shift in the vote to track the fraud will be published asap.

  111. Sorry to hear about Penelope’s brother. Yeah, 51 is too young. Also not that much f’n older than me. Eff this shit.

  112. CoW who tested positive has multiple indicators. She should be fine. We should be fine. Rewatched South Park Super Pandemic. As regulations ease, Karen 2.0 increases. I want a Cartman 6’ ft social distancing stick

  113. I just use my wang.

    Not that it is that long, just that it keeps people at bay.

  114. Neighbor down the street has a basset hound puppeh. There are fewer things cuter than a baby basset hound.

    He used to walk his older hounds up this way…and then the older male one passed about a couple of months ago. They weren’t going to get another so soon but couldn’t pass it up when he was shown a new litter. Little male, named Kong. So cute and slickery and both he and the older female fought for attention and skritchies. I was generous to both. SO CUTE!


  116. My condolences to Penelope and you as well as his family.

  117. Bad news for you Amanda Mertz fans. As unlikely as it seems, she was stealthily overtaken by a pair of russian K-cups.

  118. Bassett’s have regular dog sized poops. They are adorable. Huge poops. Getting ready to log in to my Uncle Larry’s Rosary. He was my grandpa’s youngest brother. 2 years older than my Aunt Dee. More uncle than great-uncle. More older brother to my tias than uncle. Brain tumor.

  119. Well, still apartment hunting, but I got a cheaper stay option than hotels. It’s an upstairs room in home of best friend’s sister (& her hubby). Stairs mitigated by friendly dogs! I should be OK for a couple weeks, hopefully won’t take too long…

  120. Got timed out from rosary. Had a cousin tag me in…kicked out again.

  121. Biden is already sick.

  122. Pepe, I’m so sorry about your brother-in-law. Prayers up for the family.

  123. Probably a good thing that I keep getting kicked out from the rosary. My uncle Larry was really pretty special. His first two grandchildren had Downs. They love Messican weddings. My cousin, Alicia, married a football coach with an EDU in Special Ed. FF to Alicia’s wedding. Mike danced more with my Uncle Larry’s granddaughters, than he did with his wife. Girls are at the rosary. They are confused. I’m crying.

  124. Hoyer is a Russian asset.

  125. 30+% of people think 9 million people have died from Covid and that it’s a death sentence if you get it.

    This was my nephew’s wife. She totally lost her shit when he got sick, then she got sick and said, this is just like a cold.


    Mark Kelly is not a nice person, and I fervently hope McSally can hold on to her seat.

  127. CoW with the Rona is a native that packages meat. We aren’t worried. I want Cartman’s Social Distancing stick. Key & Peele The Substitute. Aaron is freaked that an old lady is keeping up with social media. Young black dude loves me.



    Lol, Penelope thought it was funny, although she had the same expression as the girl in the video.

  129. Holy crap Roamy, are his actual, *direct* former coworkers agitating against him?

  130. Laura, yes. I am, too. A lot of astronauts are full of themselves, and for the most part, that’s okay, because they fought hard to get where they are, against a lot of competitors. Some are truly gracious and thoughtful and make life easier for all involved. Mark and Scott Kelly are unkind assholes who don’t tolerate very well the little people in their lives, how dare you breathe the same air.

  131. That, and Mark Kelly has had some hinky deals with the Chinese, and I don’t trust him as far as I could kick him.

  132. China owned and tear.duct earned

  133. Wow!!

    That’s gotta be some extraspecial shitheels. I always wonder how people like that get to any kind of position over others.

  134. I’m still surprised no one pushed him out the airlock.

  135. My cousin, Alicia, married a football coach with an EDU in Special Ed


    My first battalion commander was a reservist who was a HS SpED teacher and football coach. He claimed that those were the twoost useful skills in his position.

  136. Dependably, Earl refused painkillers.

  137. Jimmy Likes Memes

  138. I wonder what we will discover in 10 or 15 years when the babies and toddlers who are unable to see entire faces during their early development are finally teenagers?

  139. Interesting take on this issue

    “This was one of the goals of groups like ACORN, which would register voters like Mickey Mouse, the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys, etc., and some people laughed, thinking, “No one is going to go to the polls and try to vote as ‘Mickey Mouse’.” True. But it inflates the number of registered voters. The more registered voters you have, the easier it is to slip in illegal ballots, without detection.”

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