Toothpaste, Packing Peanuts, Nail Clippers

Carin is a warrior

Some pickin’ that makes me happy

Take the back roads instead of the highways ~Minnie Pearl


  1. Mornin’, all!

  2. Still jamming out to Pick Up The Pieces by the Atlantic Family. Thanks for linking Laura and Geoff. I feel like we played the short version of that in junior high school band.

  3. Me too, Jimbro. Thanks, Laura and Geoff!

  4. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 30, 2020 10:26 pm
    Meanwhile, in Scotland…

    That’s the kind of neighbors who get the flaming poo on the porch.


    How far can you fling poo with a trebuchet?

  5. I bet you can load up a hollowed pumpkin with a gasoline/vaseline mix and a kinetic fuse.

  6. Would coating the inside of the pumpkin with, say quartz dust, work? My understanding of these workings is minimal so I’m spitballing. Also I don’t think I’m on quite enough DHS lists I guess.

  7. Whatever they use in Messico to preserve gourds ought to work.

  8. damn
    this post is UH-MAY-ZING!!!!!!!!

  9. Just started listening to the Atlantic Family. 22 minutes?? Holy shit, that’s a jam session.

  10. Here’s a list of the solos:
    Richard Tee – Electric Piano
    Molly Duncan – Tenor Saxophone
    Don Ellis – Trumpet
    Sonny Fortune – Saxophone
    Herbie Mann – Flute
    Randy Brecker – Trumpet
    Michael Brecker – Tenor Saxophone

  11. I just read a professional cyclist was suspended from team Trek because he tweeted, ‘that’s right’ when it was assumed he supported Trump.

    That’s fucked up. No wonder everyone keeps their head down.

  12. Fired from a job for a political statement.

    How is that not a lawsuit?

  13. I tapped out during the flute solo. Got too much to do today, and I’m not constitutionally suited for long drawn out music jams.

    I like my songs like my sex; efficient, effective, and pretty much over after the bridge.

  14. Who ordered this?

  15. Shhh, Peej is trying to help us again.

  16. I dunno…does have extra cheese and pepperoni?


  18. I even put like a word of wisdom on this post
    isn’t that good enough for you people?

  19. ugh. everyone is gone
    is it my breath?
    Not enough deodorant?
    I can change.
    Please come back!! It’ll be different this time, I swear

  20. I’m in a meeting. 10 AM EDT is pretty much peak time for those.

    It’s the least-bad meeting of my day.


    Forget college, I should have started a “Business Leadership” scam.

  22. I’m still kicking myself for not growing up to be Bret Contreras.

  23. I’ve had a busy morning running around getting shit done. One destination was Sam’s for toothpaste and shampoo and ended up with a $260 cart only $16 of was alcohol (12 pack of Baxter Beer).

    Looked at, even considered, but ultimately did NOT buy packing peanuts or nail clippers

  24. So, this has probably shown up at AoS already, but have you all seen the pictures of Biden with the wire inside his right side suit coat lapel? There’s another view of him lifting his left hand and an apparent microphone near the sleeve. Another one has blue eyed Joe with dark contact lens. Did not agree to pre-debate check … fishy


    They’re introducing their first perfume, “Eau de Playground”.

  26. Not quite the same vibe as Pick Up The Pieces but it’s got a catchy beat

  27. Ugh, hate that fucking song.

  28. wakey wakey

  29. I want to order these but he’s always out:

    Just wanted to share my struggle with you guys. Or Shhhtruggle as Michelle would say.

  30. YAY, it’s Thursday PJ poat day!! MWAH!

  31. That is weird. How did half my comment disappear? It said…’The last pics cracked me up.”

  32. AL governor extended mask requirement to Nov. 8. Rah.

    How convenient.

    My BIL, who lives in St. Louis County, overheard in the hospital he works, that strict measures/masks, will continue thru next year.

  33. Jimbro, thanks for the link. He’s got some other catchy mashups. I liked this one.

  34. I don’t understand stuff like Biden was wearing a wire or super secret contact lenses.

    It would be impossible to get any benefit from that and the risk would be huge.

    Trump kicked his ass all over and in the next debate, he’ll be totally different. He’s the embodiment of chaos. And no one’s minds were changed at all. It’s about turnout. More so during the fake pandemic.

  35. My favorite yootoob homestead guy is building another barn. He’s a legit journeyman finish carpenter so his woodworking is always top-notch. He was on a cherry picker with his wife doing trim work and managed to nailgun himself in the hip because he was hurrying a bit too much. His wife had to tell him he’d done it.

    Trip to the ER to pull the nail (which was barbed) then back home to finish the trim work. Like a boss.

  36. I doubt anyone was feeding Biden info, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a low-grade, cognitive version of this device:

  37. All the fact checkers confirmed NO WIRE for Joe during the debate. So there’s that.

    I agree, high risk, low reward scenario for a wire but the screen grabs invite the discussion.

    Also, as Rush just said, if they believe Biden won the debate as they are claiming, why are they saying the rest of the debates ought to be canceled?

  38. The commercials with people wearing masks hit me really wrong.

    Please stop it.

  39. I think they gave him a strategy for when he starts to get “lost”. That is the only thing that explains the bizarre answer to whether or not he’d pack the supreme court. Just reading the transcript, you can see he’s frazzled. He just suddenly launches into this VOTE tirade.

    It’s weird. But then everyone is consumed with the TRUMP IS A BULLY narrative to even notice.

  40. The VOTE tirade looked bizarre as it unfolded with him staring into the camera. On NPR they applauded him for “breaking the 4th wall” and talking directly to the voters.


    What an embarrassing pile of shit they are.

  42. He honestly looked lost and confused as he did that. Man oh man.

  43. I’m still kicking myself for not growing up to be Bret Contreras.

    That guy is my idol!!!
    I was actually planning on going to his gym (about a half hour away from me) in Pacific Beach and then coronahell struck…when this is over, I’m gonna go
    He lets you work out there free two or three days a week

  44. is the 4th wall holding up the glass ceiling? I’m getting lost.

  45. If men had ever really built a glass ceiling, they’d put women on top of it and insist on skirts and dresses.

  46. shh, leon, they’ll figure out the secret!

  47. don’t tell peej the real reason for tube tops

  48. I’m sure she knows.

  49. Peej is old enough that her tube top doubles as a short skirt.

  50. you mean doubles as tube socks?

  51. The fourth wall and the glass ceiling are supported by the fifth column.

  52. We have done some redneck things with flinging pumpkins but never poo. Need a shell to withstand the acceleration or it “pies”.

    Which reminds me, I should inspect the proving grounds for volunteer pumpkins.

    Longest throw so far was over 200 yards.

  53. I let a volunteer squash come up and crawl through my front flower garden. The big leaves look nice in there among the snapdragons. Not sure what it is, it’s making a smooth, dark green round squash with white stripes. The closest thing it looks like is green kuri, but I have never grown them so no idea where the seed could have come from.

  54. Thanks to Leon, there’s a nice big powdery blue jarrahdale suspended in one of my front yard shrubs that I need to snatch up soon 🙂

  55. My pumpkin mounds failed this year. Weeds and woodchucks overtook them. I’ll have to try again next spring.

  56. I found volunteer garlic in my old garlic patch. I haven’t planted garlic in about 10 years so I’m guessing it’s just been growing out there year after year on its own

  57. I love this song.

  58. There are clear pics of Biden’s flat, flesh covered earpiece while he was giving other speeches. Not believing they would try to give him key words or phrases is silly. The guy is clearly demented.

  59. Dick-hydra.

    When Ace is On, he’s On.

  60. Pisses like a lawn sprinkler.

  61. BRB, tailoring a resume for CoinBase.

  62. Remember when I said I was going to restock my preps before Election Day? Everyone else must have had the same idea. I went to Walmart – no canned meat, few canned veggies (oddball ones like asparagus, boiled peanuts, and pickled beets), no dried beans, one lonely box of split peas, few bags of rice, and of course no Clorox or Lysol wipes. They did have bleach, limit 1 per customer. Will try either Aldis or Publix in the next week.

  63. I was going to work on the new patio this evening (i.e. move the stupid rocks out of the landscaping area so we can put paving stones in) but we’ve had serious torrents of rain for the last 3 hours.

  64. Don’t you mean CoinBased?

  65. Indeed.

  66. Romacita, I have started doing some stockup shopping trips over the last couple weeks and it’s the same here.

  67. Bil Biopsy result:

    Good news. It is Cancer/pancreatic. BUT the tumor was pushing on the bile duct and it’s still small and seems contained. Because it was blocking the bile duct, he was jaundiced, which is usually only something that happens when the disease is much further along. That’s why pancreatic cancer is so bad – you have no symptoms until it’s almost too late.

    So, he’s going to go through all the nasty treatment etc but hopefully they got it “in time.”


    After a reboot and cache dump it appeared your beloved Pupster would be forced, FORCED into using the horrid wordpress block editor. NOT GONNA!

    I discovered that you can start a poat with just a title, save it, go back to ALL POSTS, click on your post, then select “classic editor”.

    I love you all dearly, but it will be a cold day in hell when I use the block editor to make a post.


  69. Thank God, Car in! #cancersucks

  70. Yay, Pupster! When I did the HHD poat, I copied last week’s, and that put me in classic editor. Good to know.

  71. Lauraw, there were no cans of soup, either, except for casserole ones like tomato and cream of mushroom. Big empty space where the Chunkys and Progresso soups usually are. I’ll admit it spooked me a bit.

  72. Prayers up for Carin’s BIL.

  73. Walmart dot com is well stocked.

  74. I just ordered $125 worth of cleaning products, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.

  75. Visiting my aunt and uncle in their new house out in the country. My uncle is building a swank timber frame chicken coop. It’s going to be nicer than some of my apartments.

  76. On one of those stockup trips I had a bunch of bags of dry beans and the cashier said; “You cook those? Don’t you have to like soak them overnight and stuff?” I said, “you have to plan ahead.” She was agog.

    Thinking to myself about all the people I worked with in retail who live spontaneously moment to moment and blew their paychecks on fast food junk all the time and never were prepared for anything. How do they get through things?

    Not to say that some ill wind can’t crush me anyway, of course, no matter how much I prepare.

  77. Thinking to myself about all the people I worked with in retail who live spontaneously moment to moment and blew their paychecks on fast food junk all the time and never were prepared for anything. How do they get through things?

    These are the people who not survive the coming Little Ice Age without help.

  78. How do they get through things?

    They keep eating fast food

  79. So a test for something invisible on someone who may have 0 symptoms will dictate when you get your constitutionally-recognized freedoms back? A test that can be lied about by anyone in the chain of custody with no recourse or dispute other than another test administered by the same people with no incentive to provide a negative result?

    It’s time for tar and feathers. Minimum.

  80. I guess us white people need to get infected more so it’s more equitable…that works, right?

  81. I hear people with covid float.


  82. down 12 pounds in 2 weeks

  83. Jay doesn’t float anymore, but at least his test will be negative.

  84. already tested negative

  85. Jay is now more likely to float not being weighed down by those 12 lbs.
    Congrats J’ames!!
    You doing lowcarb solely with exercise?
    also, I hate you men because ya’ll lose weight so much faster

  86. Jay is now more likely to float not being weighed down by those 12 lbs.

    Uhhh, that’s not actually how buoyancy works.

    Fat floats. Muscle and bone sink.

  87. So Wallace says Trump is primarily responsible for the debate last night.

    Still not gonna watch your show, asshole.

  88. Heh, avoiding carbs and eating less, and better.

    haven’t even started the exercising.

  89. oh I still have plenty of life preserver, that will be a while

  90. I ran out of work today.

    Pretty sure this will be my first weekend off since March.

  91. Lol, every time he has said this, the phone starts ringing.

  92. “down 12 pounds in 2 weeks”

    You will be weightless in no time.

  93. haha, I have a LONG way to go!

  94. Fat floats. Muscle and bone sink.

    always with the logic and rational thinking

  95. Let’s see…6#/wk, there are 52 weeks in a year….

  96. I’ve been eating like crap for the past month.

  97. I did today, but that was an anomaly. I have been drinking more and I get almost no exercise lately.

  98. Can’t sleep. Too much anxiety.

    Need to see if the whole public service forgiveness for student loans applies for me, I’ve worked almost 11 years for the Baden Powell’s American cousins now, that would cover it right? (I’ve been in forebearance since March due to teh COVID, but I don’t want another ten years of payments staring me down if I can give it the old heave-ho.)

  99. I have patients in their 60s-80s who have lost their ability to walk or toilet themselves because they were so sedentary for most of their lives. If you spend more than half your awake day sitting or lying down, you could eventually be one of these people.

    Many of them have legit medical issues, but a number of them have a personality disorder and are deliberately trying to create the conditions to invite people/ society to intervene and take care of them.

    Either way, don’t do that if you can avoid it. Get out there and take some walkies, get up off your ass as much as possible. Sitting is a health risk.

  100. Lauraw,
    You’re absolutely right. However, some of us have broken things in our bodies earlier.
    Anita has two steel hips in plastic sockets that are now timed out.
    They rattle and click as they seek their preferred position.
    I’ve two discs at L4-5 and L5-S1 that are blown out and have pain problems of their own as the vertebra pinch the nerve roots. .
    My left hip and knee are shot.
    We really no longer have a choice about staying upright and active all day.
    As much as we’d like to, we just have to sit down and “Take a Break”.
    We’re in our 70s now and have to hire youngsters to ‘go up on the roof’,
    or climb the ladder to trim the oak.
    We can still wipe our own asses and wash each other in the shower!
    “Golden Years”, my ass. This sucks.
    We are realizing that we can’t take care of the acreage much longer and are gonna have to get a smaller place, that means being close to neighbors. That is going to be problematic. People suck.

    I’m not even gonna get into the ‘personality disorder’…

  101. Trump and Melania have the Ching Chong Chicken Lung AIDS.

  102. Don’t expect roses, punk.

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