MMM 416: Korean Dolmens

Not a specific site today, but an overview. The Korean peninsula reportedly contains 40% of the world’s known dolmens, which are large stones resting entirely atop upright or nearly upright standing stones. All are believed to have been built across nearly the same time period as such structures were being build in Europe. Before you get to woo-woo on that idea of a common culture, though, it’s worth noting that there is pretty much just one way to arrange 3 stones in a structure that looks something like a doorway or a tortoise, so any culture that got the idea to move big rocks around was going to get here eventually.

We don’t know if it started off with a deliberate tilt or “leaned” later on.

This one makes me think “doorway, but I’ve got nothing for scale. Could be a doorway for gnomes.
Same as prior, better angle.
If there are so many of these things, why can a cursory search only find these two? I blame the Korean language not finding them as “dolmens”. I’ll have to find the right SEO keyword.


  1. Thousands of these things and hardly any pictures. As noted in the poat, it’s almost certainly a search-term issue. Not many English speakers tour Korea to look at standing stones.

  2. Seo Term – gnome portals

  3. Should have tried “Korean megalithic structures”.

    Your mom favors these :

  4. On one of my running paths, someone did something really cool with resting rocks. I’ll get a picture of it one day.

  5. Morning Report would take about a week to read.

    How does he do that?

  6. Retired with nothing better to do?

  7. Retired in DeBlasio’s locked-down Manhattan, no less.

  8. Could be a doorway for gnomes.

    Well, the Koreans are small in stature. RAYCISS!

  9. OK, so I made the other loaf of bread. I found the ‘life changing’ bread was better than the ‘adventure bread.’ I made the same substitutions with both, and ‘life changing’ took fewer steps, was not gummy and I like the flavor better even though it’s pretty close. They both toast up delicious and substantial.

    For my next batch I’m going to sub some oat fiber for the oat bran and see if I can get the carb count even lower.

  10. Speaking of rayciss, Mr. B has had to turn down two potential buyers for his john boat because size. He went to meet one yesterday and the guy was 400# easy and this would be his starter boat which his daughter has been bugging him to purchase. Nothing against larger people but Mr. B. was like, ‘Let’s go over to “…” lake and see if you can load/unload without a problem’. Boat was very tilty with him in it and he nearly went tits up when trying to get out of it. Mr. B grabbed him like he could actually help someone over twice his weight from going down (shut it) and kilt his already hurting back.

    He looks at the guy’s wife, who just stood there (probably wanted her husband to go under), who was 250# easy and said, “Yeah, I don’t think this is the boat for you.”

    This morning, he gets another call about the boat.
    Mr. B – ‘How much you weigh?’
    Buyer – ‘I’m 6’8″ and 350#’
    Mr. B – ……..

  11. *puts down phone, when calling for a boat

  12. lauraw, what was the brand of Vit D you mentioned taking – that was not made from lanolin?

  13. Pretty sure you’re not 350, Jay.

  14. Pretty sure the husband put the dimensions of the boat in the description, too, but these folks have no idea because ‘starter’ and it’s a pretty good price for boat, trailer, motor (which doesn’t work). Husband got it from his dad’s former neighbor for free.

  15. I don’t think that was me, beasn.

  16. Doorway Koreans.

  17. Here’s an article on a vegan website I found on the subject beasn, hope it helps.

  18. There’s a good reason I don’t own a kayak.

  19. Buyer – ‘I’m 6’8″ and 350#’

    That is a big dude…doesn’t sound overweight though with that height
    Is the boat not able to handle weight if it’s evenly distributed?

  20. Next week, the rest of CA will join them.

    They’ll be banning electric light soon so they brownouts will be less noticeable.

  21. For my next batch I’m going to sub some oat fiber for the oat bran and see if I can get the carb count even lower.

    Oat fiber is my go to for making bread. and other stuff and things

  22. CA makes me want to run my nostril down the side of a cactus

  23. That is a big dude…doesn’t sound overweight though with that height

    I didn’t think so either but he, like the first guy, wants to take the family out in it. Me and my husband, our combined weight being right under 350, would fit comfortably in it. Add another person, it starts getting jiggly especially when standing up or moving around. It’s just not a big boat made for above average statures.
    I told Mr. B. to let the buyers make that determination. If they sink it, it’s on them. Though he is convinced he saved the first guy’s life.

  24. laura, it was you and I think we were talking about cod liver oil.
    Thanks for the site. Will check it out.

  25. Though he is convinced he saved the first guy’s life.

    he probably did
    We have a tech guy at one of our high schools (I’m not exaggerating) that is one KFC bucket away from being bedridden. Nicest guy in the world, but he cannot walk more than 3 feet w/out having to rest more than 10. He’s had to get up to use the restroom during tech meetings and it will literally take him half the meeting to get to and from the restroom. He is dripping sweat and breathing heavily like he just ran a marathon. He’s probably about 500lbs., give or take.
    If he ever leaves that high school, I’m tempted to relocate over there as they have little expectations of him and the campus supervisors do all the running around for him….that job would be cake for anyone to take over

  26. Aww, that video was so bittersweet, PJ. What a good neighbor.

    This one popped up right after. Sort of a kleenex to the previous one’s tears.

  27. My nostrils feel like I have cacti in them. Don’t know if it’s bad ragweed season or if my body is still on the weak side which makes my tolerance level much lower for any of the weeds.

  28. jeez, how does someone like that maintain employment, other than a union? losing the job might be a wakeup call and spur him on to change something in his life.

  29. I miss my kids being that age…so much fun

  30. I found the ‘life changing’ bread was better than the ‘adventure bread.’

    Pretty dramatic names for bread. just saying.

  31. jeez, how does someone like that maintain employment, other than a union?

    well, I mean, he does his job, but he gets to use a golf cart all day to do most things. whereas I’m getting in sometimes up to about 10,000+ steps in a day.
    And like, I had to get ladders and swap out ceiling projectors myself, they hired an outside company to do it or if rewiring needs to be done, I do it and they outsource….so I’m like my word, they would have ZERO expectations of me haha. He’s been there since 1994, so he’s been there long before they had much technology being used.

  32. Pretty dramatic names for bread. just saying.

    haha sounds like life coaches invented these

  33. Just read through laura’s link. They mention D2 and D3 from lichen. And the sun, as the best of way of getting the D. (squints at the low-hanging fruit…, squints at those words….). Click over to responsible sunbathing and see this..

    “You should never sunbathe when the sun is at its full intensity, at the height of the sky.”

    I thought that was the best time but for only 10-15 min. Am I doing it all wrong again? What am I missing.


  34. Adding Goya adobo seasoning to my spice rack was life-changing.

  35. I wonder if my grocery store has been able to restock all the Goya products. They were sold out of everything except dried black beans the last time I looked.

  36. Sun-time should be shorter in inverse proportion to nearness to noon. The reason for the caution is likely that most people go over on time without meaning to, and even then, the shortest time is for people with paper-white skin only. Your eyes need the daytime light as much as your skin, so hat and long sleeves after that, but stay outside as much as you can. Skin, lungs, nose, eyes, everything needs it.

  37. New favorite word for Dems: The Obamarroids

  38. I get mine driving home from work

  39. judging by all the news on ACB over the weekend, I’m left with one question:

    beasn and roamy: where are your handmaid outfits? I see you talk about catholicism all the time, but I’ve never seen you with your uniform on. What gives?

  40. There’s this huge tell in the media about who is putting together the stories and shaping the narratives.

    Their reference points are always TV shows or pop culture that appeal to 32-39 year old liberal single women.

  41. OK, I remember now, beasn. Cod liver oil jogged my memory.

  42. Cod liver oil jogged my memory
    Then it’s working for you!

  43. He is dripping sweat and breathing heavily like he just ran a marathon. He’s probably about 500lbs., give or take.
    I was just telling the story of a surgeon who I know, same size give or take a box of donuts, and he would do auto-PEEP just walking around. He had the big one and when he had a cardiac cath they lacerated his femoral artery. He was months in the unit. Still alive, still working doing odd clinic jobs here, still a large man but slimmer than his hey day

  44. Morning Report would take about a week to read.
    How does he do that?
    I scroll right by it most days. Every now and then I’ll click on a few stories but that’s it.

  45. Okay, workie workie

  46. I should change my FB profile to “of Mr. RFH” just to see the libs’ reactions.

  47. Auto Peep…had to google that one

  48. I see you talk about catholicism all the time, but I’ve never seen you with your uniform on. What gives?

    I don’t know, I’m too busy over here regretting not having a bakers dozen of chirrens. (not that I could have that many because I grow ’em big – takes a lot out of a person – but because I look back on that time with babies/kids as precious.)

  49. And to make it even more a crucifix to a ghoulish lefty, being pregnant is an amazing thing, raising kids is awesome, and having a husband to take care of/protect me so I could do both was wonderful. They should try it sometime, maybe they wouldn’t be so uptight.

  50. Roamy, when people on FB complain, reply, “Don’t kink shame me.”

  51. *I think I need to schedule some time to see my grandniece*

    Beasnette is so stressed with the stupidity at work because chongfluey, she’s planning on quitting and has asked me what she should do next….


    I just…I can’t even. I didn’t go there. Yet.

  52. They should try it sometime, maybe they wouldn’t be so uptight.

    None of them has the capacity to keep a man. Too selfish and angry.

  53. So this is kind of nifty. The kid is adorable.

  54. Merv sent me this and requested this for dinner once the kitchen is done

  55. Where are the sides?

  56. That looks like me making Mexican food.

  57. Lauraw, that was better than 97.48% of rap songs.

  58. haha, the “every pan in the kitchen” recipe

  59. that wasn’t Kanye?

  60. I found a recipe for butternut squash soup with sausage, and it’s nearly like that. You’re supposed to brown the sausage in a saute pan, roast the squash on a baking sheet then blend it smooth in a blender before putting it in a soup pot and adding the sausage. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Sausage gets browned in the Dutch oven and removed (usually to my soup bowl or the cutting board), cubed squash gets cooked in the sausage grease to get browned a bit, then I use the potato masher to break up the cubes, add cream, chicken broth, seasonings, and sausage, voila.

  61. I am buying one of the other lots on my road, and the real estate agent is yanking my chain. He told me I needed a “proof of funds” letter, and now I’m to bring a certified check to closing. Why the fuck would I need proof of funds if I have a certified check? I’m pissed because I wasted my time last week getting the letter, and now I don’t see why I need it.

  62. Lazy macro challenge started today. I’m about to barf. Tried to eat most of my food between noon and before work.

    I had some food combos – to hit the correct numbers – which should just not be considered by normal human beings.

    I called it “Life Changing Dandwich” and “Adventure Cole Slaw”

    The “Adventure Cole Slaw” had avocado added to it. WHich, and I’m sure you’re going to be surprised here, wasn’t an awesome mix.

  63. *pinches Car in and runs away*

  64. That throat singing is pretty cool.

    I imagine that is how lauraw sounds when she’s getting her hump debrided, sanded, buffed, then waxed to a glossy shine.

  65. Got that backwards…waxed, then buffed…..

  66. I’m trying gross food combinations so you don’t have to.

    You’re welcome people.

    *pluck hair from the hump, then watches in horror as shit starts squirting out

    WHAT is that stuff? IT BURNS

  67. What’s everyone’s opinion of the new Deftones album?

    I missed it when everyone was talking about it.

    Remember when Teresa used to do summaries for us?

  68. Depends on whether it’s a depilatory wax to remove hair/spines or a sealing wax to improve the finish.

  69. Can we use wax to plug this hole? Spackle? What. It’s EVERYWHERE.

  70. Takeaways from my lunch break:

    1. My truck is likely on its last legs unless I can find someone to service it…maybe.

    2. There are good people in Montgomery, AL, of all melanin levels.

    3. Gravity functions perfectly well in my vicinity, thanks.

    4. Falling on asphalt sucks, thank you very much.

    5. Whoever it is finding new ways to make my life worse can fuck off into the outer dark.

  71. Are comments down at the HQ? I can get the main page but if I click through, none of the article/comment pages will load at all.

  72. I’m having the same issue. Pixy’s hamsters must be on a break.

  73. Sidebar says comments are borked.

  74. Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  75. Actually the article pages work, but the doesn’t.

  76. Tim fall down go boom?

    Dude, if you’ve been injured you could be due compensation.

  77. -Sidebar says comments are borked.-

    Ah, see that now. Thanks.

  78. “Sidebar says comments are borked.”

    Ah. See it now.

  79. I just ate a bunch of tangled string so tomorrow morning I can say I SHIT YOU KNOT!

  80. Depends on whether it’s a depilatory wax to remove hair/spines or a sealing wax to improve the finish.

    Yes and yes. One before the other. She likes that.

    WHAT is that stuff? IT BURNS

    Pus. Because you punctured it because SOMEONE forgot to lance it, we need a bucket of that Flex Seal.

  81. *gives pupster a bucket of Flex Seal*

  82. I have gorilla tape. Will that work?

    And is gorilla tape racist?

  83. Haven’t scraped myself up like this in a long time. Shitty timing for it.

  84. Wash your scrapes off good, Tim, and keep them clean. Don’t need no infection setting in.

  85. Car in, her goo might eat through tape, though it might work if you needed to tape the rest of her to a pole while you tease her monkeys.

  86. Had to go for a walk after reading about the somali cunt in MN and her massive voter fraud program. Turning MN into Somalia one out-of-state non-citizen at a time.

  87. Why is she not in jail for marrying her brother and other assorted campaign $$ fraud? Why is this not bringing down the wrath of the fed…oh nevermind, OrangeMan disrupted the grifter’s ebb and flow of District of Corruption.

  88. Forget it Beanesjake, it’s Somalitown.

    tape the rest of her to a pole while you tease her monkeys.

  89. oooooooooooooooh and kid number 3 just passed his driving test

  90. Cleaned ’em good when I got to the office. We keep a decent stash of first aid supplies, which comes in handy.

    Also got word one of dad’s best friends passed away over the weekend. Cancer, which I’d only learned recently he’d been battling. He’d lost touch with his family for most of his life, but made contact with some nephews a few years back, and was with them when he expired, which is a fine thing.

    Not starting out well, this week.

  91. ahhh, your poor dad. That sucks. Sorry Brother Tim

  92. Tim’s dad passed a little while ago, PJ. Hopefully he’s getting to reconnect with his friend today.

  93. Mrs. Pupster needs marquee ideas for whole smart chickens. I suggested:

    Organick Hole Smrt Chikins $x.xx LB

    Which was not acceptable apparently.

    We don’t sell half smart chickens.

  94. It’s been almost four years now, actually. I imagine St. Peter saw him coming and said “Oh Lord, we have to deal with both these reprobates now?”

    Catch ya later, Chuck.

  95. Dumb chickens are a drag on the rest of the class.

  96. WTF is a smart chicken?

    Mine are dumb as… well, chickens.

  97. Do Smart chickens have Wifi?

  98. Ace is having some fun in the sidebar.

  99. I’m going to lose my shit if I don’t get the skinny on these smart chickens.

    How smart are we talking, here?

  100. How smart are we talking, here?

    I think they can interact with Alexa and your wifi-enabled refrigerator


  102. So “chickens as they were raised throughout nearly all of shared human/chicken history”.

    It’s terrible that this needs a marketing term.

  103. Smart chickens are part of the internet of chickens, which means that they’ve already been infected by Chinese spyware.

  104. With regard to Cuntzberg’s dying wish:

  105. Listen, and understand. The smart chickens are out there. They can’t be reasoned with, they can’t be bargained with. They don’t feel pity or remorse or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are fed.

  106. Well done, Tim.

  107. So I’ve wanted a Mossberg Shockwave since I heard about them, and then they were all gone. Bud’s just got a couple in and I bought one at confiscatory pricing but supply is low and demand is high. If you wanted a short pump 12 gauge you might want to go here quick like a bunny.

  108. Husband got another inquiry about the boat.

    Mr. B – Let me ask you something, are you a big man?

    Big Man – I’m 6’2″ and 350#

    Mr. B – This is not a big boat and it’s jiggly with two avg men. I’ll gladly show it to you, but I don’t think this is the boat for you.

    Big Man – Yeah, okay. I don’t even know how to swim, so if it tips I’m SOL. Thank you.


  109. chicken costume

  110. It would be worth checking to see if the “shorty” 12 gauge shells will work that shotgun. Added number of rounds, very similar close ballistics.

  111. all the crowing from the left about turning Texas blue? this is why.

    700k votes

    by nice deb

  112. Yeah TRoy, I seems to remember Hickock45 doing a side by side with the Remington and Mossberg, one of them needed an adapter for the shorties. I’ll check it out.

  113. Taking tomorrow off to get stuff done. Lost today to (a) having to spend the first half of the day away from my desk filling in for someone else and (b) nearly getting run over by my own freakin’ broken-ass truck. Hopefully better progress tomorrow. Maybe less pain, too.

  114. I’m still on the clock. I may take some “comp time” tomorrow to sleep in.

  115. Mahomes is so much fun to watch. Bitch Wuhan, is a bitch. We may or may not be going to Vegas for a few days. May or may not be going to NM Vegas. Northeastern NM is kind of pretty. Lots of antelope.

  116. So apparently Microsoft’s screwed the pooch and managed to shut down Office 365 worldwide.

  117. Kind of Jelly that CoAl is getting ready to be in the heart of Moron country.

  118. CoAlex, that explains the end of my day and why it was the end of my work day.

  119. Car in should run to this

  120. Kind of Jelly that CoAl is getting ready to be in the heart of Moron country.

    Right now I’m in Oregon. I find out this week if USAA wants to do another interview. If they were to make an offer, I might be moving to San Antonio instead of NOVA.

  121. Jay,
    Modern Cauliflower Gratin, are you fuckin kidding me?
    This is ridiculous!
    It’s cauliflower, WTF, O?
    This level of effort to eat cauliflower???

  122. WTF is up with Dave Chapelle? This guy’s looked like a Ethiopian refugee for most of his life but now suddenly when he’s pushing 50 he’s all pumped up with muscles and a fat face.

  123. ChrisP?

    (yeah, gonna let it embed ’cause I’m lazy like that tonight)

  124. Darren eagerly received presents.

  125. It’s all been a scam by Big Cauliflower.

  126. Cauliflower is vile.

  127. where did my post go?

  128. it scheduled for tomorrow. someone can fix or I will in 45 mins when I’m at a computer

  129. I couldn’t find it. But then the new editor etc sucks so it could be user error.

  130. I poosh da button.

  131. perfect song for sleepy Joe

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