Filler with pics

Not those kind of pics … you sick shi@$!!

Sunrise over Amish Country

Had a b-ball tourney in Hershey PA area this weekend. Took some pics of cows and shit while I was trying to find a coffee place that was open.

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  1. wow no early risers

  2. Splitting the poat into two pages creates two different comment strings. I say we let it go for a bit until everyone complains.

  3. Oops. Silly me.

    No it doesn’t. I blame mare. Pray for oso.

  4. I got almost 7 hours of sleep! Yay!

    Also our program is asking everyone to take a week and a half of PTO between now and the first week of December. Vacations are pretty meaningless for the folks in Virginia since nothing is open and they already got back the 2-3 hours a day they used to spend commuting, doing lunch prep/acquisition, and putting on pants.

  5. I’m on the clock but not working until Oct 1.

    After that they’re paying me until end of Jan. Need to find a job double plus quick so I can get double plus paid for a few months.

  6. Solid plan. Mrs C’s transfer to the AFR happens Oct 1, so we’re thinking she can just volunteer for a week of Active right after and I can take a week to be the substitute teacher.

  7. I have a few good leads but if I can’t find a permanent position in the next 30 days or so, It’ll probably be after the new year.

    I don’t want to do filler work but I have a friend with a consulting company that has plenty to do. Dunno. We’ll see.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Given the mismanagement by the Prime who is now mandating vacations for their people and strongly suggesting it for others, I may be in the same boat soon. Hopefully the guys who bought us have some work I might be useful on.

  10. Scott always needs lunkers.

  11. I can’t lunk in CT.

    I should get my CDL and see if I can get that apprenticeship going at the Well&Septic place that’s looking for a buyer.

  12. A lunker is a lumper who has a college degree.

  13. Lunker’s is a big fishing/hunting/camping store with a restaurant that serves game meat burgers in a town near me.

    Well, served, it died a few years ago.

  14. 2/10 would lunk

  15. are you big enough to drive the big truck, or would you have to sit on a phonebook, leon?

  16. My MiL is a truck driver and she’s 4’11”, I’ll manage.

  17. I’m still waiting for the email to start my clearance process. This is starting to piss me off.

  18. I think Sean is recycling used derps.

  19. First frost.

    This has to be about a month early.

  20. wow, that is early. only got in the upper 40s here, so far.

  21. It’s lunk, it’s lunk, it’s lunk, it’s in the thread
    It’s lunk, it’s lunk, it’s lunk, might kill it dead

  22. I need to bring my basil plants in off the deck.

  23. Comment by Car in on September 22, 2020 8:33 am
    Scott always needs lunkers.

    I won’t lie: I’ve idly searched for sprinter vans on occasion when I was frustrated with my latest job.

  24. And Romney falls in line with the GOP.

  25. Huh. Didn’t see that coming.

  26. whoa, guess his voters in Utah made themselves heard.

    Plus he couldn’t be the one to break Trump’s mojo.

    Wonder how this will affect Collins in Maine. She’s got a reelection to worry about.

  27. He takes pics and we get “a” pic
    wtf? I WANT MOAR

  28. Haha, from RBG’s wiki:

    She was nominated by President Bill Clinton and was generally viewed as a moderate judge who was a consensus builder at the time of her nomination.

    Since when has RBG been moderate? That was the whole issue when Slick Willy nominated her.

  29. It got down to 35 here last night. Scott said he saw frost on the porch roof but when I went out to the garden today nothing was frosted. Watering yesterday probably helped prevent damage. Even the eggplants, which are pretty tropical, look fine.

    Still, a hard chill like that is a pain in the ass. Makes everything take their sweet time ripening right when you need them to hurry up. it has just been a wretched season. Dry, plus nothing would set fruit this summer until the temps came down below 90 degrees so it all set fruit late and I’m getting stuck with a dillion green tomatoes.

  30. I saw RBG described as “slightly left of center.”

    We are living in two different realities. I really don’t know if that can continue.

  31. it has just been a wretched season

    I’m pretty sure 2020 is haunted

  32. Annnd I just got a response from USAA regarding a job I applied for months ago. They want to set up a phone interview tomorrow.

  33. It was 34 here a couple of weeks ago. A lot of little birds died. Starlings, maybe? Most were okay, but one particular type didn’t do well.

    I’ve been here 42 years, and this was one of our worst years ever. Hot and no rain. Might have had one worse year, not sure. Lots of ranches selling off most of their cattle.

  34. USAA, great insurance!

  35. I saw RBG described as “slightly left of center.”

    Some of my lefty friends agree with AOC that she is centrist, and Biden is moderate. They are high, and they know it. They continue to lie, though. They will not discuss it with me, because I will rip their lie apart.

    To be fair, Biden is more moderate than AOC. Low bar.

  36. A buddy works there and likes it, and I’ve heard good things. I’m just pissed that three months after I applied I’m just now getting a response. It seems like hiring practices continue to get worse and worse, especially as everything is increasingly automated.

  37. I saw RBG described as “slightly left of center.”

  38. It seems like hiring practices continue to get worse and worse, especially as everything is increasingly automated.
    I haven’t really had to interview or send out resumes in about 5.5 years and over that time the process has changed a lot.

    People have little sections at the top of their resumes that are just buzzwords. It’s so the automated screeners can read it and move it along in the process, which actually defeats the process.

  39. Signed up for Parler (@BrotherTimMTG. It wanted me as @BrotherCavvil, based on the email I used I guess? No idea where the second v came from) basically for shits -n- giggles. May ditch it like I did Gab and Twitterreich before it, no idea yet.

  40. Autoscreening is lazy. Not to mention the constant ghosting, which just ensures good prospects don’t give you a second look.

  41. Is Diane Feinstein still around? Hardly ever hear her name.

  42. Diane was bullying Murkowski the other day, re: Ginsburg vote. Caught on camera, so yeah she’s still around.

    Ingraham showed her senate questioning of Coney-Barrett last night. Man, that was awful. Trying to imply Amy was going to overturn Roe-v-Wade from a position where she wouldn’t have a vote on it. Coney-Barrett told her, too.

  43. People have little sections at the top of their resumes that are just buzzwords. It’s so the automated screeners can read it and move it along in the process, which actually defeats the process.

    HR and journalism, two professions infested with twenty-something women who know nothing about what they’re covering but arrogantly believe that they do.

  44. I don’t blame HR but I agree with you. It’s people like me trying to reduce costs who buy software to improve the hiring process but actually end up destroying it.

    Human resources…let’s take the human out. LOL

    The result is you get people with 50 random words at the top. Its all so silly.

  45. I think the two are a kind of 69 of fuckuppery. HR looks for software to make it “easier,” which ends up leading to a department that doesn’t understand how to effectively do a resume search, which ends up requiring more software to cover the deficiencies.

  46. I sorta loosely mentored a few HR projects last year. Really bright girl that made a huge impact.

    I think it took something like 4-6 weeks to get someone in the hiring process and they ended up cutting it down to a week after making some pretty minor changes.

    At the time it was impossible to find good people but I believe that’s all changed now.

  47. I’m pretty sure 2020 is haunted

    Yup. Just got word from my little gardening pupil; “I am no longer pregnant.” Second such loss this year for her. Poor kid, I’m over here crying for her. The last time I was so ready to toss a year in the can was 2009. That was a very shitty no good year too, except for the founding of this blog.

  48. Some guys just make ugly women…

  49. Any democrat that doesn’t believe and proclaim that the last 244 years were a huge Fucking mistake and the only remedy is to burn it to the ground and let the kids build something better is labeled a moderate. 20 years from now they’ll be labeled wreckers, saboteurs, and running dog imperialists.

  50. I can empathize with your pupil. 2020 has sucked majorly.

  51. You know what year 2020 reminds me of? 2016. For too many of the same reasons, though some of the actors changed.

  52. 2020 has really sucked. Yep.

  53. Poor Alyssa Milano, never learns her lesson

    This chick is certifiable. Wonder if she’ll be in the crowd at the Coney-Barrett confirmation hearings.

    Can you believe Romney is voting with the GOP? I know someone already posted it, I’m still in shock.

    Next thing you’ll tell me McCain is votin for Trump.

  54. HS is James Woods?

  55. I’ve been centered on Coney-Barrett, but the other two sound equally good.

    Lagoa as a 1st generation immigrant presents a multicultural twist, while she is more compared to Thomas than Scalia.

    Rushing, Thapar, etc I don’t know a lot about.

  56. Kyle’s truth to be told today, per Lin Wood, his lawyer

  57. Rushing clerked for Thomas and Gorsuch.

  58. Romney could be “yes” on holding the vote but “no” on the candidate, yes?

  59. that is true

  60. Not sure how he does that without winning Weasel of The Year. Although, to his ilk, that would be Stunning And Brave, right?

  61. Back from farm. Brought back as much as we could. Going to air out one of the beds (which was bought new for the farm) and make it my own. Much more comfortable than mine.
    Going to have to air out the downstairs apartment, too. Smells like old lady.

  62. So sorry about your gardening friend, lauraw. May her next attempt be successful.
    When I lost my second, the ultrasound tech, who also owned horses, was saying from what he’s seen, humans are a lot like thoroughbreds as regards successful pregnancies….50%.

  63. So MIL has been at the home since Thursday. Sisnlaw and my niece went to visit her yesterday, through a window. Said she looked great, was very happy to see them, and wants to see Mr. B. and….me, so she can help me over losing the baby the voices told her I lost back in June — like lost-lost….like you would lose your phone kind of lost. Also voices told her beasnette lost one too…after taking care of the one I birthed in June. Yeah, I’ll pass, for now.

    Seems she made a couple of friends, too. She really likes the director of her unit and she discovered another resident, who brings her her meals, also came from the former Yugoslavia. They speak of ‘home’ in German, together. Which is nice.

    Once her quarantine is up, they will give her a job like the meal bringer lady has a job of delivering meals, depending on what she likes doing. Looks like they will put her in charge of dusting the common room. She is looking forward to it, very much. That was her hobby. Cleaning.

    Another good thing, the meds are working and she notices that once she takes them, she feels better. No sad thoughts or anxiety.

  64. Viva Frei and Barnes did a live chat. Barnes seems to know the judges pretty well. He’s not a fan of ACB. He thinks she’ll be another Roberts. He really likes Logoa and Rushing. Thinks Rushing is too young.

  65. But she still hears the voices…which still say crazy stuff but not nearly as vicious.

  66. I think Trump should nominate on merit, not sex. Cruz, Cotton, or ..maybe Hawley (also young). I know the first two are solid.

  67. Sounds like that home was just the thing for her, beasn. Praying things continue to go well for all involved.

  68. I’m glad for you, beasn. Especially hope you can let yourself off the hook if you haven’t already.

  69. They couldn’t give MIL those same drugs when she lived with you?

  70. *calls DHHS*

  71. I’d rather have Coney-Barrett or Lagoa than Cruz or Cotton.

  72. Leave Cruz alone. I can’t tolerate another Beto the Bitch campaign yet.

  73. Cotton seems to have a little bit of vinegar in his piss and some shit in his neck. Which is Texan for feisty. He seems willing to pick a fight. We need him in a position of leadership in the senate.

  74. Beasn, I visited w my mom by phone yesterday morning. She lives in an assisted care facility a couple of hours north of me near my older brother. She’s been dealing w macular degeneration for years now and told me yesterday she can no longer see her computer screen and can’t read the closed captioning on her tv. Also she’s way deaf and has fought tooth and nail against wearing a hearing aide for twenty plus years. She told me she thinks this will be her last Christmas. And I suspect she’s right. Not being able to read and watch tv is gonna leave her with too much time to focus on her misery. I’m looking into getting an audio book reader and some good headphones but I don’t know that it’ll help. Most of us are at a tough age where parents are concerned. At least she’s not a democrat though. I feel bad for some of you guys.

  75. They couldn’t give MIL those same drugs when she lived with you?

    THIS. Holy shit, why not.

  76. Lauraw, (((HUGS))) to your pupil.

  77. I am not a doctor, but I know some of those drugs can require close monitoring in case things go pear-shaped. It’s possible they might not have been able to do that in the home environment. Just spitballing, I could be way off of course.

  78. Lauraw (((HUGS))) to your pupil.

  79. Generally it’s not enough to just drug someone, a nursing home can provide a controlled environment away from the triggers that might cause her issues to flare up. The staff can provide constant oversight, and track if the medication stops working, or if new symptoms appear.

  80. Yeah, those things too. I can’t wonder if her new friends there are also contributing to the positive changes, never rule out how isolation can have negative effects in cases like that.

  81. Yup. She isn’t sitting around alone all the time, listening to the voices in her head.

  82. I hope so. It sounded like the drugs were different, and this combination was working. Sometimes it is monitored, you are right. But sometimes docs are lazy, when the patient isn’t right there.

  83. Honestly, one of my greatest regrets with dad was the fact that, since I was working as well, he was there by himself all day. Is friends from his interests almost never visited (something I may never forgive them for) and he wasn’t able to get out much in the last year of his life. I remain convinced the isolation was as much responsible for his fate as his heart or anything else, and wish I could have done more in that regard.

  84. What Bro Tim said, except in our case it was MIL.

  85. RBG died of AIDS.

  86. Heh. Colorado Alex made the front page quoting Alex the Chick.

  87. Was March 2009 when this version of the Hostages was created? I know there was an original blog that was blown up. Hence why this is the “H2”.

    Nah, I created this one in January of 2008………..but maybe we weren’t pushed into using this one til the other got deleted and maybe that was then, I just can’t imagine that it was over a year when the other one got died.

  88. Laura, I’m really sorry for your pupil
    I know you hostages peep were certainly a help for me when I lost one of mine at the end of 2007. You guys were my sole source of comfort
    ya buncha fags

  89. Pretty sure Colex and Alex the chick are the same person
    you ever see them in the same place at the same time?
    I didn’t think so

  90. what front page?

  91. Chicks with dicks.

  92. Scroll down to the fine print at the bottom J’ames

  93. Where did everyone go?
    Is it my breath?
    It’s my breath…isn’t it?
    *smells armpits*


  95. Colorado Alex is definitely not AlextheChick. I can reach the top shelves, for one thing.


  97. I’m taller than ATC.

  98. I dated a short chick once. I referred to her as cock height.

  99. Not to be confused with ‘dick height,’ which is whatever Hotspur’s height is.

  100. Watching The Daily Trump Show. CSPAN 3.

  101. *dusts off Lauraw voodoo doll*

  102. Roamie!!!!!

  103. 🤓 for Romacita

  104. Saw one of my long time patients today after a 4 year stretch of time. I’ve been her doctor since before she was a teen. She’s now in her early 20’s and I see for ortho things unrelated to her primary diagnosis every so often mainly because she’s a wonderful person who never fails to make me laugh. She went to mortuary school and is now practicing as a mortician locally. After the visit was over I joked with her that I’ll be her patient someday!

  105. Peeeeej.
    Did you check both pages?

  106. This new editor does suck teh Balzac.

  107. heh, nice jimbro

  108. Tucker going after Soros. He got flagged by twitter.

  109. Got a dining room table, chair, and hope chest out the door today.


  110. Another mom with her teen who has Down Syndrome was wearing a Trump 2020 mask. She got the “Nice mask!” whispered by me as I exited the room along with the thumbs up.

  111. Separate boxes or one giant box?

  112. Will Collins being against a vote help or hurt her in Maine, Jimbro?

  113. I took the table top off of the base, so 4 boxes.

    This was stuff I picked up a month ago.

    Summer was nuts.

  114. She’s in trouble either way. Her opponent is getting major juice from national out of state sources. If Collins thinks she’s going to convince Dems to vote for her because she’s nonpartisan for not voting or voting against she’s really just pissing off her base. Abstaining might be her safest bet but I’d like her to vote “For” and let the lefties heads explode.

  115. Not to be confused with ‘dick height,’ which is whatever Hotspur’s height is.

    That got a spit take, thanks!

  116. So…..we’re visiting DD#1 and SIL. Been here since Friday. I have spent the last 2 days in bed with a high temperature (highest so far is 102.5) and generally feeling icky. Have no idea what it might be. Feeling a little bit better tonight.

    DD#3 sent me a text today saying that the grocery delivery guy liked our Trump sign – he said, “God bless Trump, I’m from Venezuela and he’s the only one helping us”.

    Gotta say, that really made my day!

  117. If, God forbid, Biden wins, I hope they go after Cindy McCain and tax the shit out of her.

  118. Debate next week! Biden will be full of adderall and cocaine.

  119. He probably got the questions about a month ago.

  120. They couldn’t give MIL those same drugs when she lived with you?

    She did start taking them while she was here. The switch up happened after the last 40 hour rant and the chasing me around the kitchen business. We could tell the last couple of weeks that something was different…though she still tried to come up the stairs the last two nights before she moved…one of those nights she berated, with less steam, the help.
    It’s not even been a week yet at the home. She did tell the director that she kept hearing the people upstairs, fighting. It being ‘memory care’, there is no upstairs, so they tell her that sometimes our brains like to play tricks on us.

    It still being all new to her (there is still a part of her that will hold her in check), we are taking bets on when she starts wandering in the middle of the night, shouting “WHAT GOES ON HERE?” Brrrr.

  121. p.s. – MIL never had a friend outside of her family. Never wanted one. She went ballistic in anticipation of the one time family came over from overseas, and stayed with them for a couple of nights. FF to recent years….before they moved in with us, my husband took his mom aside and told her that for ‘it’ to work, he will not tolerate any negative talk about me (i.e. – she cleans her house every day….I don’t). He said he was actually surprised she never blew up in the 3 years she was here, before the cheese slid off her cracker (heh).

    The drugs, so far, have mellowed, not disappeared, her negative tendencies.

  122. Can’t you just give her a shit ton of weed? I’m talking .5 MJs, or a 1/4 Hotspur.

  123. ooooooooh jam!!! I didn’t know there were two pages…welp, I appreciate the pictures
    and why wordpress gotta add pages instead of “see more”?

  124. MIL never had a friend outside of her family. Never wanted one.

    You sure it’s because she never wanted one and not because no one could tolerate her?

  125. I’m thinking the dementia + anti-psychotics = mellowing.

    Told my husband that I hoped he didn’t mind if I didn’t want to see her any time soon. He’s like, “Will you go to the funeral?” rather sarcastically. Not sure how to take that. She scairt hell out of me during a really bad time. Seeing her makes me want to pop one of her pills. Seeing me may trigger an episode and we don’t want her to boomerang.

  126. the help.

    I love it when you say “the help”
    makes me think you’re some rich old broad talking about your house servants

  127. Beasn, it’s waaaaaaaaay too soon for that. Lord, you might have a bit of PTSD…that shit is legit

  128. Peej, I’m not sure. She is a nervous Nelly by nature and from stories she would tell, she was always an introvert, scared of her own shadow, kind of person. Her sister was the extrovert who loved getting out of housework to go run errands for her mom and oma. MIL loved when her sister would let her tag along with her and her friends…but also like staying behind to do the chores.

  129. I just want you guys to know, that if kayleigh Mcenany becomes available
    I get first dibs
    She could probably make me swing that way

  130. ‘the help’….I say that because they’re nice ladies who work for the business called, ‘Senior Helpers’. The cost depends upon what level of care you require. We hired ‘companion care’ – the cheapest tier, as she could still do a lot for herself. But they mostly worked for us to keep her butt off the stairs and to keep her from running out the back door.

  131. Oh, and it pissed her off to realize that she was paying for them. She couldn’t help herself. The voices are real to her. And that is why Pops worked so hard to save for if one of them required such care.

  132. Beasn, don’t ruin this for me
    I prefer to think of you as some rich, eccentric broad.

    She is a nervous Nelly by nature and from stories she would tell, she was always an introvert, scared of her own shadow, kind of person.

    My one crazy liberal friend (I became friends with her before I knew hoooooooow insanely liberal she is) is the queen of being scared and anxiety. To the point where she’s actually draining to be around.

    The minute the pandemic hit, she let me know that she went to a union meeting and that she and I both were probably going to get laid off
    nevermind the fact that we’re in different districts and she’s a Spanish teacher (those are gonna be the first to go) and that I’m I.T….very different fields and hierarchy of usefulness.
    those fires we had a few weeks back, she panicked and told me to pack my bags to evacuate…I’m like, I’m watching a windmap, we live northeast and the wind is blowing southwest, we’ll be ok.

    When the riots were happening in the next town over OMG! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WE ARE GOING TO DIE THERE ARE WHITE SUPREMACISTS OUT THERE

    and this is what happens when you ONLY watch Rachel Maddow, cuz um…those weren’t white supremacists doing the rioting and looting.

    Point of all this rambling ridiculousness is, your MIL is exhausting, my friend is exhausted
    and typing this post was exhausting
    We are all going to die

  133. Pjm what would merv say about you dating Kayleigh?


    This delights me. Not only am I *not* being forced to take their stupid classes, this is going to affect anyone taking fed money, like contractors and universities. And that whole Title VII thing if they try to force it anyway. Niiiiice.

  135. I’m seeing a Katie Hill Threesome in PJ’s future.

  136. Eccentric – absolutely!! Rich? Not so much.

    Yes, MIL was exhausting and so it appears, your friend. Jeez, she needs to get that looked at. Could be her prostate.

    Husband poo-pooed me when I mentioned how I thought the whole business might give me some PTSD. It’s like he forgot me saying how close to the edge I was due to his mother and partly to his reactions/anxiety/stress which I could totally feel on top of the stress of surgery, on top of being forced to be a ghost in my own home which didn’t help quiet the screaming mimis, in the middle of the night.
    It’s not over and the next time he quietly walks up behind me, I may punch him in the junk.

  137. Merv would tolerate it.

  138. Not only am I *not* being forced to take their stupid classes, this is going to affect anyone taking fed money, like contractors and universities.

    And why Trump needs to be re-elected. If he’s not, it will be brought back in spades.

  139. Merv goes shopping

    Note: the rest of the comics are pretty bad. Don’t click through them. Seriously NSFW.

  140. Merv said to me
    “look, you do what you gotta do”…and something about watching, I dunno..I stopped listening because there were too many words

  141. It’s not over and the next time he quietly walks up behind me, I may punch him in the junk

    You do that…and then while he’s on the ground writhing in agony
    Apologize and say, oh dang, I think it’s PTSD
    All will be well

  142. Note: the rest of the comics are pretty bad. Don’t click through them. Seriously NSFW.

    holy crap…I clicked, you telling me no is like saying don’t press the red button
    Those are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bad
    first one was good though haha

  143. Lin Wood, Rittenhouse’s atty posted this

  144. This is interesting from TuCa;

  145. Damn, esophageal regurgitation persists

    (Pre-derp: Insomniac Edition)

  146. Doctor, euphemism’s “reflux,” please!

  147. Deals expiring! Respond promptly!

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