Rock Monday

So, before Peej throws up some nonsense, here’s today’s “rocks” for everyone to ponder. Porcupine Tree broke up a few years ago, but this song is amazing.

Here’s some more rock – new stuff from Deftones:

Puscifer has a new album coming out soon, not sure how I feel about this one just yet:

Gojira also is working on stuff:

I think we can all agree that these “rock” videos are phenomenal creations of mankind, and certainly marvels. Bla bla bla …

This new editor sucks.

UPDATE (Colorado Alex): In honor of Muscular Motivational Mondays of yore:


  1. This would be a “new rock” theme, but the first song is old. It’s NEW TO ME.

  2. Ick.

    1/10 would smash

  3. The porcupine tree song is something special.

  4. Last time there was a poat this bad…

    Well… there’s never been a poat this bad.

  5. Porcupine Tree is like Tool, Rush, and Pink Floyd rolled into one.

  6. So, how did your yard party go Hotspur?

  7. Hey – can someone unpost my post please

  8. Maybe put it up tomorrow. ? I’m on my phone and can’t figure out wtf I’m doing.

  9. Thanks in advance nice person!!!

  10. I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to do that. but I’ll try.

  11. Hey! I managed to do it.

  12. Thank you nice lady.

  13. * likes post even tho mj sent out hate notification on h13*

  14. MJ’s become a big fan of Cardi B and T-swizzle since he’s transitioned. It’s probably the hormones.

  15. how dare you!!!
    My nonsense takes time and much preparation
    such genius can only come on day a week as more would be too much for the average feeble human brain

  16. T-SwizzleJ

  17. Cardi-BJ

  18. wow!! hey jam!!!

  19. Here’s what Rock sounds like when it’s performed by non-faggots.

  20. Pretty sure the faggot count is zero for the bands I posted.

  21. If you’re a professional musician you’ve sucked a dick or two.

  22. yeah…anything that has Maynard in it is zero queer

  23. The woman who was bringing the salad felt funny (she said maybe lack of sleep) so she didn’t come.

    It started at 4:30 but I worked until 6, so I missed the weirdness of everyone arriving. Everybody sat outside by the fire – properly social distanced. At one point I was going to fill everyone’s wine glass, and one of the women whipped out some fucking little bottle of disinfectant. I set it back down and said, “everyone, you can pour your own.”

    The woman who made dessert (brownies) had them individually wrapped in cellophane bags.

    I offered cigars. Nobody took one.

    It was ridiculous.

    They’re all yellow dogs, but there was no discussion of politics, or even current events. I thought Cuntsberg would come up, but she didn’t.

    Anyway, at least I got to sit out by my fire on a crisp fall night.

  24. That sounds really nice.

  25. I would have smoked a cigar.
    I mean, if it was individually wrapped and you had a bottle of disinfectant handy
    I don’t want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My 23 mile ruck sounds like more fun. We did shots at mile 19 or something.

  27. PJ, you can smoke cigars by my fire with me anytime you want.

  28. WOOT!!!
    Time make a journey out of California…cuz the suckage is strong here

  29. 3 hours on the phone. Missed my workout. Monday is not good this week.

  30. 15% positive rate since thursday in iowa, 2974 positive tests.19024 tests performed.

    Horrible horrible horrible. We should shut it all down again.

  31. 3 hours on the phone

    omg!!! If anyone needed me to describe my idea of hell….I think you’ve just done it for me

  32. 15% positive rate since thursday in iowa, 2974 positive tests.19024 tests performed.

    Horrible horrible horrible. We should shut it all down again.

    We’re finding out today if everything is getting shut down again….this will KILL my kids as they’ve been isolated from the world since March, it’d be one thing if our house wasn’t gutted, but quarantine on top of construction is bad
    but that’s 2020 in a nutshell

  33. Jimbro, Michelin tires are on sale at The Club starting 9/23.

  34. Used to be a Michelin guy (well, body type still is, but I digress), now I’m on Team Hankook

  35. Back in August, the access road was going to be removed by the end of September.

    Just called. “2 months”. I strongly suggested that they needed to be better.

  36. Fist bump for pendejo. Been listening to Whiskey Meyers for a bit. Have you checked out Billy Strings? Fucking kid is a phenom.

  37. Why shut down when few are dying? Effing idiots.

  38. But, mare, 19 deaths, out of those almost 2k positive cases!

    Think of the children.

  39. just how selfish and self centered are Democrats?

    Heh, big cajones on this one.

  40. Have you checked out Billy Strings? Fucking kid is a phenom.

    if you’d look at my Thursday post two weeks ago….you’d see him featured

  41. Negative on Billy Strings.

  42. Negative on Billy Strings.

    if you’d look at my Thursday post two weeks ago….you’d see him featured

    I hate all of you people

  43. I’m looking. Guaaauhhh!

  44. I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge bluegrass picker fan, so that kinda music does me in
    My daughter and I go to a bluegrass festival and camp out every year…only this year they’re wanting us to do it online and I’m like yeah, you can pound sand

  45. So, it’s Peej and Skruggs? Or Flatt Momma?

  46. If you’re talking about my butt
    Flatt Momma 100%

  47. Pajama Skruggs, there we go.

  48. HS and Jazz are bluegrass guys.

  49. What about like
    Lonesome River Momma?

  50. OK PJ. How bout Tyler Childers?

  51. “The popular faith in words is a veritable disease of the mind, for a superstition of this sort always leads farther and farther away from man’s foundations and seduces people into a disastrous identification of the personality with whatever slogan may be in vogue.” C.G. Jung

  52. How bout Tyler Childers?

    I had that, but the doctor gave me some antibiotics and it’s all cleared up now

  53. Poat updated with new content.

  54. Killed it.

  55. I’m watching the Trump Show.

  56. PJM’s new kitchen.

  57. That’s for cooks who stand at the sink ‘contrapposto.’

  58. You guys familiar with the arrow next to the image of a gas pump on your fuel gauge?

    It’s been around since 1986 and I just learned about it.

  59. I thought everyone knew that.

  60. I didn’t even know that arrow was there.

    Extremely helpful with rental cars.

  61. I found out about the gas gauge arrow triangle from one of those “life hack” memes a few years ago, I thought I posted it but maybe not.

  62. Who wants to tell Scott about the gas cap rack?

  63. I don’t even drive, and I know this one. I married one of those gas guys. My dad was one. I H8 running out of gas. I have memories. Dan has been great so far. He still thinks it is funny to taunt me.

  64. The gas tank arrow is a staple of nearly every life hack clickbait article

  65. I got new tires for my truck a little less than a year ago Oso. Paula may be needing snow tires for her new car though.

  66. I don’t have a gas cap. When I did it dangled.

    Stop making things up.

  67. Rowan picked up a steak knife off the TV table earlier tonight and had the handle clamped sideways in his mouth, bloodthirsty pirate style, as he jumped up on the couch. Ben screamed in a dramatic voice “THE DOG’S GOT A KNIFE!” Took me a minute to figure out what was going on. You never know when your obedience training command of “Drop it” will pay off like it did tonight.

  68. Jamster’s post set to drop tomorrow morning.

    Now it is. I’m tellin ya, hit that schedule button over and over, or you won’t get a poat.

  69. The dog’s got a knife sounds like something on The Babylon Bee.

  70. Rowan’s got a gun
    Rowan’s got a gun
    His whole world’s come undone

  71. ‘Drop it’ is one of the best dog commands. Another one is “Staaaaahp!!” which is used during a ‘come’, but right before they’re run over by a car.

  72. The rule is that you’re not supposed to practice “Staaaaaahp!!” frequently, just once in a while during “Come” practice. But I practiced it all the time and Dorkus obeyed it every time. The key is the upraised hand and the urgency in the voice that says, AAAAAAGH YOU GONNA DIEEEE

  73. So, occasionally in life I run across latin phrases being spoken aloud or written here and there, and I always think to myself, “That’s not how I was taught to pronounce that.” Because I took three years of Latin in high school, and V was pronounced W, C was pronounced K, etc. stuff was different than what we commonly hear.

    The authority of my latin instructor was such that I always assumed she was right and everyone else was wrong. And in that, I was correct. She was using the correct classical pronunciation and the rest of the boobs in the popular world are absolutely wrong.

    Rock on, Mrs. M. Gone but never forgotten. One of the best teachers I have ever known.

  74. gotta love a good teacher. Mr Linden was mine, taught me to try and do better in school, which had come easy for me.

  75. Must be why my kids call it Little Kaiser’s pizza

  76. Only if it expanded to seize the polish restaurant next door.

  77. Raccoons have invaded one of the labs at work. This was announced by one of the snarky co-workers in an email with the comment “and they didn’t even have a mission-critical back-to-work plan.”

    Manager replied, “At least they have masks.”

    I LOL’d. (Still, this is stupid, let’s go back to work, people, and chase the varmints out.)

  78. good one on the manager, gotta give it up

  79. Waiting For Biden to Make a Coherent Statement Since March 2009

    anyone know why the tagline here says March 2009 when this place was created in January 2008?

  80. Was March 2009 when this version of the Hostages was created? I know there was an original blog that was blown up. Hence why this is the “H2”.

  81. Dorian especially reviled Pennsylvania.

  82. I was told there would be a fresh poat

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