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  1. Jesus better pack a lunch.

  2. Spent the last four days in the Smokies with Mr. RFH. Toured Cades Cove despite the hurricane remnants dumping rain. Hiked up Clingmans Dome and am now officially too old for that shit. My right knee is still bitching at me for that. Mr. RFH called Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge the Schlocky Horror Picture Show. But it was nice to get out and do semi-normal things, plus we had an awesome dinner with my niece.

  3. Nice avatard Pupster, disappointed I didn’t steal it first

  4. Thanks for checking in Roamie, I was about to dispatch Sean Penn for a bass boat rescue mission.

  5. I didn’t bring a computer, and my cellphone had no signal 95% of the time. I never turned on the TV in the rental, so I had no clue what was happening in the outside world, like RBG.

  6. Smokies: Unplugged

  7. That funny matchbook meme reminded me that they’ve largely stopped giving out matches everywhere except generic packs if you ask for them when buying smokes. I remember every restaurant used to have a bowl of them by the front door and a lot of other places as well.

  8. We’re still leaving the windows open at night when sleeping but the opening is less than an inch. The weather report I heard on the radio said frost overnight but it doesn’t look like it here.

  9. I buy a box of these every year, every bathroom in the house is equipped with a small ashtray and a pack or two.

  10. Buffalo fixed everything.

    Early duct tape.
    This made me laugh. A lot. Now every time they shoot a buffalo in the book that’s what I think about. Thankfully it’s only 200 pages or so.

  11. Best part of the rental condo was that the condo above us had birdfeeders. There was a huge oak tree just a few feet away where the birds would wait their turn, and they were close enough I could see details and not just flying blurs. I sat on the balcony and watched cardinals, scarlet tanagers, black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, dark-eyed juncos, goldfinches, and some little gray job I haven’t figured out yet. Also what my brother-in-law suggested might be kinglets – they were teeny tiny, not much larger than a hummingbird.

  12. I would totally buy those but I’d worry about the juveniles in our house fucking up the process. We stick with air freshener in the bathrooms and a big Yankee Candle in the living room. That gets lit with a strike anywhere wooden match.

  13. I first heard of the kinglet bird in a book by Bernd Heinrich called Winter World. Interesting critters!

  14. The Ding Dong masking meme is more imgur dipshittery. If masking worked, the Philippines would be untouched.

    Why do they hate science?

  15. Imgur is close to 90% dipshittery these days, but I can still pull out some solid memes for y’all.

    I know I’m reposting some of the same memes, my memory is good enough to know if I’ve seen it before but not good enough to remember if I or anyone else has posted it already. If it makes me laugh or if I think one of you guys will like it I post it.

  16. I saw a herd of elk, which was a first for me in 40+ years of visiting the Smokies. I also saw a black lump in a tree, which I was told was a bear. There is a theory that the bears in the Smokies are smaller than they used to be because the chestnuts were wiped out, and that was a major food source.

  17. Without social media, this thing would have been over in June at worst.

  18. I desperately want chestnut trees. Losing them was a tragedy. Them and pumpkins fed the militias when we fought the Revolution.

  19. I had no idea the east coast had elk.

  20. On one of the flatter trails, there was a lady with two dachshunds. One looked at me, raised one paw, and barked a warning for getting too close. I thought of Osita, Ginger, and MA.

  21. If I can find the camera, I will post a pic of the biggest elk. Nice rack.

  22. I had no idea the east coast had elk.

    Me either. I’ve seen them out west, had a couple walk by on the service road behind my parents house in Utah, and almost plowed into a herd of them when I visited Skinbad many years ago. Big fuckers.


  24. Screaming possum hit too close to home.

    My goddaughter is an Ashley and that meme is a yep. She lurves posting selfies. Lots and lots of selfies. Yes, she’s very pretty and photogenic, but enough already. Even her brother told her to knock it off on one of them.

  25. It’s 46 degrees and I had to put on pants. Ragweed is kicking my ass and I feel like I’m going to blow out my hoohaw like one of those party blowout noisemakers.

    Mr. B went walking out in the soybeans and spooked about a dozen or so deer that were down in the ravine between properties. Lots of sproing and tail twitching as they beat path for an island of trees.

  26. *sneezes 10x all over blog*
    *Wipes nose on poat*

  27. Could the little grey bird have been a tufted titmouse, Roamy? If you see chickadees you usually see titmice, too.

  28. Tufted titmice are cool little birds.
    I get a few at my birdfeeder.

  29. Thank you, Lauraw, that was it.

  30. Oops.

    Wakey wakey
    Wakey wakey

  31. 23 mile ruck yesterday, which pretty much took up most of my waking hours.

    Feel ok today. Only sore muscles are those tendons behind the knees. Started at 8:15, finished around 3:30. We were walking a good clip, but we did take a bunch of breaks – and we’d usually wait for the rest of our group (crossfit buds) to catch up before we started again.

  32. Mr. RFH called Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge the Schlocky Horror Picture Show. B

    Pretty accurate. You have all that natural beauty but then that … I don’t even know WHAT all right there.

  33. Pigeon Forge had some hot rod show going on, so for six miles, there were people in lawn chairs lining both sides of the road, watching classic cars go by.

    One neon sign was so bright, neither one of us could figure out what it said, which misses the point of advertising. “Hey, that place burned my retinas, let’s go there!”

  34. Congrats on finishing the ruck, Carin!

  35. Thanks Roamy! It was an adventure, that’s for sure.

  36. It’s sort of sad when you get over 49,000 step for the day and some of your friends STILL beat you. lol. My watch died RIGHT at the end.

  37. Did you see any Elk?

  38. Just unpacked a $9.60 package of country style ribs, the sell by date is tomorrow but they are bad NOW. Yikes. Not a good smell in the kitchen. Ribs Hot dogs for dinner y’all.

  39. “One neon sign was so bright, neither one of us could figure out what it said…”


    Maybe they sell sunglasses……

  40. Selfies are a gateway to OnlyFans.

  41. Nothing worse than getting burned by meat gone by. It’s not like you’re gonna shove the meat in a bag, rifle through your trash for the receipt and storm into the store you bought it at for a refund.

  42. sound on

  43. Every now and then I’ll play Meat Roulette with marked down meat but it gets cooked that night or frozen right away. The Hannaford’s store I usually shop at is in a Karen-dense community and is pretty busy so it’s a reasonable risk. I don’t even think about that in Bangor at the Shaw’s Market.

  44. Here’s my friend’s take on the nomination:

    “ Here’s my Nostradamus impression: Trump nominates ACB. Turtle 🐢 brings the vote to the floor. All Dems and Indp vote as a block. 47 nay. Mitt joins in. 48 nay. Collins and murkowski say there shouldn’t be a vote. And don’t. So it’s 50-48. ACB is in.”

  45. rifle through your trash for the receipt and storm into the store you bought it at for a refund

    Heheh, yeah.

  46. The democrats elected Trump the first time, and they’re going for broke to re-elect him too.

    Riots, threats, extortion…Do you want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.

  47. If he nominates ACB as many presume he will it will force the Dems to attack a woman and a Catholic neither of which will play well. Not to mention the actual public freakouts and riots that are already not polling well

  48. Why are they reporting RBG’s final “wish” as if it carries any weight or legal meaning?

  49. I’ve got my favorite chicken parts (bone in, skin on, thighs) marinating in a bag of olive oil and kofte spice

    I ordered a few different spice mixes from that place and they are incredibly fresh and fragrant. So much so I had to bag them up separately and hide them because the whole kitchen smelled like a foreigner’s house

  50. You know why … any action by Trump will justify the preplanned riots. I’m sure the busses are already reserved

  51. Oooo, let us know how the chicken comes out. Did you get their ras el hanout too? A spice place near me makes a great one. It’s pre- ground, though, so I have to use it up fast.

  52. Watching major sporting events without fans is a bit like watching porn with the sound turned off. You have been warned. Carry on.

  53. I had a gift certificate for that place and went crazy in there. One of the things I got was an expensive little container of ‘Grains of Paradise.’ I ground some up in my grinder and had a taste. Honestly, it just tastes like a combination of white pepper and green cardamom. Very nice, but easily mimicked with those two cheaper spices.

  54. Not sure that I’m buying that that was her final wish. Sounds like something they’d make up. She had her chance to retire and let Obama nominate her replacement, but hubris got in the way.

    Nice to see everybody digging up the Dems tweets about how they should replace a justice in an election year.

    I like how the Dems are threatening that “nothing will be off the table”, like they are models of decorum and restraint. They will be out for revenge and use any means, legal or not, to achieve it.

  55. The thing that bugs me is the idea that somehow HER dying wish should mean anything to me. Or anyone outside of her family. A grandma making a “dying wish” of reconciliation in her family has meaning. RBG saying this doesn’t mean shit.

  56. How many people have had dying wishes these last few months?


  58. I have a different brand of ras el hanout that I’ve been using every now and then. I really need to douche out our spice closet. There’s some really old stuff in there I’ve had for way too long. I’m the guy who tries new spices around here and most times it’s a hit. Occasional misfire but she enjoys my spicy meats the majority of the time

  59. The BLOG is the SPICE

    The SPICE is the BLOG

  60. Carin, what do you use for your rucksack? Paula got a vest with two 500 mL squishy bottles on the front for fluids but feels like it won’t be enough for her adventure race. I’d get her one but I’m not sure what she needs.

  61. For straight rucking, I just use by weight vest, with a belt that carries water. For the 23 mile, I used a sorta high end backpack – with waist belt etc – because I carried food, water, emergency things, extra shoes, more food, etc etc.

    . For WATER purposes – I have this vest- it carries plenty of water, but has pockets and what-not for snacks:

  62. I’ll let her get the one she wants. My guess is that I’ll get the wrong one and waste money. She stopped at the LL Bean outlet in Ellsworth on her way to Ben’s flying lesson today so she may have solved the dilemma already. Yours looks like my old Camelback which is long gone.

  63. It’s similar to a camelback – or the ones I’ve used before. It just has more pockets.

  64. Plus it wasn’t a Nathan, which are about double the price.

  65. 60+ million unborn Americans had a dying wish to live, she didn’t listen to them.

  66. I hold on to some receipts for awhile. But generally if I buy anything from the butcher counter or marked down, I use it right away. If it smells off I wrap it back up, freeze it, tape the receipt to the bag, and back it goes. Customer service ladies appreciate the freezing of any stank.


  68. Ginsburg admitted Roe was bad law but she liked the result anyway and did nothing to remedy it. So not only a ghoul but a troll with zero redeeming anything. Unless you live in hades.

  69. So it’s the third day, has anyone gone to check RBGs tomb?

  70. Priestess of Moloch.

  71. Shit like this makes me question democratic principles. These are people who desire to be ruled.

  72. When I see flowers, cards and candles I get the notion of paying tribute to who they see as a remarkable person. Seeing the video makes me ill. Crying hysterically for a judge you’ve never met is a lot over the top.

  73. I don’t understand the hysterics, especially for someone you don’t know personally. It’s not like this was unexpected.

    It was convenient that they announced her death late on a Friday.

  74. They’ve turned progressivism into a religious movement, and made RBG into a saint.

  75. I don’t get the ceiling fan one

  76. Professor X’s legs don’t work, he’s confined to a wheelchair.


  77. It’s funny/ironic because you can totally see the bear behind that tree.

  78. People have lost their minds.

  79. Because burning portable bathrooms would smell bad.

  80. ok thanks for explaining all of them to me….whew
    I didn’t want to admit I didn’t understand ANY of them
    thanks for saving me the embarrasment

  81. You have all that natural beauty but then that … I don’t even know WHAT all right there.

    Redneck Disney World.

  82. Ok, the tweet that colex posted…
    is that Yoko Ono blowing an exhaust pipe at the end?

  83. Wow, you made it a lot further than I did. I think it’s a hollowed out elk horn.

  84. Do you think they’ll be able to get an actual conservative, “let’s follow the Constitution” appointed to the Court? Seems like the Lefties invariably get a reliable, never break the faith, lefty judge. The conservatives nominate a supposedly reliable conservative who turns out to be squishy, or even a little left of center. Who is vetting these judges? Maybe they should get other opinions.

    So much propaganda right now. “I’m a Catholic, but I’m worried about Amy Barret…” When an article starts like that, it screams propaganda.

  85. I think the problem is that conservative judges aren’t necessarily going to vote along ideologically conservative lines, because their conservatism is about how they interpret the constitution. Hence they’re going to occasionally vote against the politically conservative line because they’re taking a originalist and literalist interpretation of the Constitution.

    Plus, they’re just less likely to be activists or want the court to have a lot of power. I’ve said before that I think Robert’s decisions can be understood as trying to avoid decisions that are Roe v. Wade like in their wide-ranging effects. Hence he tries to find a ruling on a narrow technical ground while pushing the majority of the issues back to the legislature and executive branches.

  86. Ok I don’t get he one with the dad and the son. The son hands the dad a pen?

  87. It’s a joint.

  88. A tampon.

    He’s telling his dad to man up and get back to work.


  90. Roamy, Gingy used to do the “Pointer” thing. ❤️

  91. I wondered what she was blowing

  92. I really want a TN vacation. Every time we plan one, it is cheaper to go to HI.

  93. choke hold

  94. I talked to my dad, and he said the elk were reintroduced in 2001 to the Smokies, that they haven’t been there all along.

  95. Butker just made a 53 an 2 58 yd field goals.

  96. Turned the heat on today.

    Never done that in September.

  97. I used to aim for the end of October and wear extra clothes and get the fire going but by mid October it’s usually on.

  98. Same here. Halloween is always the goal. I’ve gotten pretty close.

  99. J’ames, I was ready to accept the early season loss. BRB masks are ready for dryer.

  100. Worried about this winter. Hot dry summer might be averaged out with a cold wet winter.

  101. We never turned on the Swamp Cooler. We are getting boned by PNM. Bitch said that due to COVID, they were guesstimating and not reading. First month, seemed real…I was quarantined and MA was getting fans every day. 2nd month raised questions. Our September bill was triple our previous bills. Dan is livid. Fighting with PNM.

  102. Scott, check out Joe Bastardi. He’s really good. Mebbe a certain radio show host we have in common could interview him.

  103. Both nights we forgo fans and portable AC, dropped into the 40s. It was great…until skunks.

  104. Chargers played well. I was watching Cardinals so I missed most of the game.

  105. It was nail biting time.


  107. Daniel expected rigorous precision.

  108. Someone closed the last few remaining open windows last night …

  109. After a weekend of meetings amongst the Dems/Media get ready for the poll-tested/focus-grouped message about nominations today because it’s coming at us

  110. WSJ Headline from this morning:

    “Meat Was Once in Short Supply Amid Pandemic. Now, It’s on Sale.

    -After springtime shortages, supermarkets are selling meat for lower prices as supplies rebound and exports decline”
    I won’t link the article since it’s probably paywalled but I think you can get the gist of it from just the title.

  111. Ugh, woke up way too early this morning, thought about all the work waiting for me and couldn’t get back to sleep. Logged on, found 232 emails waiting for me. Apparently the out-of-office message didn’t do much. Two hours of shoveling out the inbox, and now it’s time for a 2nd cup of coffee and maybe breakfast.

  112. Thanks, Jimbro, I’m going to make beef jerky this week for Mini-me’s care package, might see about restocking the freezer.

  113. RBG B RBD

  114. Cat woke me up at 445 or so and wouldn’t leave me alone until I finally got up about 20 minutes ago.

    Anyone want to do a big rock poat?

  115. Yeah, ok. I’ll do it.

  116. Thanks, you’re a mensch.

  117. Actually, that’s not going to work. I have little man duty today.

    Apparently GND’s temp read 100.4 so they wouldn’t let him go to school.

  118. Probably caught the coof in swim class.

  119. Actually, everyone failed. It was a bad temp reader so everyone went home and then came back.

    What a stupid time to be alive.

  120. Hrgblasl. Another monday on this side of the ground. It’ll do.

  121. Those elk are something else. “Majestic” would definitely fit.

  122. Wait wait wait. They check THE PARENTS temp dropping off the kid?

  123. My fourteen year old grandson spent the night. His parents went camping. This morning when I left he was “in school” on HotBride’s MacBook in the dining room

    What a stupid time to be alive.

    God damn.

  124. Yes, if you can believe it. They check the parents.

    I keep holding out for a prostate exam but so far there are no takers.

  125. Ugh, I should probably start getting those when engaging with the medical-industrial complex is less stupid.

  126. RBG as Joan of Arc.

    Ok let’s do it.

  127. So, we’re not getting a poat?

  128. I’m trapped in a skype call with a dipshit now.

  129. Even HotBride calls her a cunt.

  130. Oh, you’ll get a poat alright.

  131. New poat.

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