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  1. Too many good ones. Of course I remember the tit ones of dozen tit and Gatorade tits. Also relating the 7 deadly sins to “Pride Month” is a creative slam on the notion of having a pride month in the first place. Lot of chuckles along the way.

    *virtual LIKE from Mare*

  2. This is utterly wrong. Nominating someone, especially if ACB, is Trump’s best move. It plays well with the GOP, both pro and anti-Trump, since the party is pretty united on the need to control the judiciary. Collins will likely vote to confirm when push comes to shove, because if she didn’t she’d piss off her base. Any hearings will be a circus, with grandstanding, attacks on the nominee, and nuttery in the gallery, which could give Murkowski the cover she needs to change her mind and support the nominee. Let’s go into the November with plenty of footage of the left going insane, while Dem politicians talk openly about how they’re going to try and pack the courts once in power. Putting a conservative judge on SCOTUS would be a win, and people like winners. Finally, it forces Biden to respond with his own nominee, which will either be too left wing for much of the US, or will be to milquetoast for the Dem base.
    There’s obviously going to be countless words written about this in the days ahead, both pro and con. I’d anticipate the nomination moments after they toss the last few shovels of dirt on her coffin. Which is why I think the Dems will draw her funeral out like The McCain Event in the hopes of creeping closer to the election.

  3. I was reading AoS last night before going to bed and saw something about a dying declaration from RGB about wanting her successor appointed by the next POTUS. You can imagine the response to that falls along party lines. I haven’t seen anything yet today other than some boss memes and further confirmation that RBG is a) Notorious and 2) Still Dead.

  4. I met Scalia many years ago- have always been a fan; can’t really square his supposed friendship with her , a person who openly called for the dismantling of the very document she took a vow to uphold.

  5. I could make my last wishes known before I died but I’m not sure my wife and kids would honor them.

    “As my corpse slowly assumes room temperature, hire two Asian hookers to suck on my big toes simultaneously.”

    Ya know what, dad? We’re gonna save that money and use your money to run down to Cancun instead.

  6. She was a true force multiplier for evil. This path always ends with the playing of the same music.

  7. Frost here this morning. It’s early.

  8. Frost here too, and I didn’t get up early enough to watch for pre-dawn deer.

  9. Some of these are better than others

    bg is Bulgaria FTR

  10. Listening to Black Sabbath “Paranoid”, out 50 years ago (2 or 3 days ago, I’m just catching up). It says 1:23:29 on the time screen. I don’t remember it being that long. I’ll probably turn it off after I hear “Money”.

  11. J/K!

  12. Just finished next week’s BBF, she’s a beaut Clark. Trying to get the energy to start the 2020 Tournament of Boob Champions, we have a lot of strong contestants this year.

  13. Also Fuck Frost.

  14. Original album was 41:51 minutes long which makes sense. This is probably some anniversary edition.

    Would they be allowed to write “Fairies Wear Boots” today?

    “Yeah, fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
    Yeah I saw it, I saw it, I tell you no lies
    Yeah fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
    I saw it, I saw it with my own two eyes”

  15. Saxon made me think of the Tournament for some reason. I think it might have been her tits or something else like her eyes.

  16. It’s 47 degrees RIGHT NOW!

  17. Might be going to the farm. Husband is taking contracts up for the buyer of our properties. Buyer says he will take it to ‘his guy’ before arranging for signage of said contracts.
    Problem is, if ‘his guy’ is the same guy who wrote up the contract that is on his house, his guy is a putz. We saw the contract on his house. His guy is both his agent and the buyer of his house’ agent. Contract favors his agent and his buyer.

  18. Booyah!

  19. Goohmehnem.

  20. holy crap these were fun….poor Merv sitting over across the room trying to wake up and as usual, I’m spamming the hell out of him with all these fantastic memes
    yep, our relationship is gonna last foreeeeeeeeeever

  21. oooooooooh the swagger that guy has after the nice booyah punch

  22. Contract favors his agent and his buyer.

    well yeah
    do you have a guy who can look over them on your side?
    all this stuff gets so dadgummed expensive

  23. delicious tackle

  24. K9 Booyah!

  25. Nice! Like a giant furry bullet

  26. I’m not gonna lie, at some point their suffering starts to turn me on a bit. Cry harder, scrunt.

  27. Being this emotionally enmeshed in politics- or anything you have almost zero control over- just can’t be healthy.

  28. …and she took the video and posted that herself. On purpose.

  29. She wanted people to see her doing that.

  30. That’s the part that really alarms me.

  31. Leon, please make this bread, but lightly toast the seeds and nuts first and sub out the oats for oat bran (and maybe some toasted plain coconut flakes), so it’s lower-carb. Then report back on it. Thanks in advance. You’re the best! *fist bump*

    Another version of it here:

  32. Comment by lauraw on September 19, 2020 12:17 pm
    She wanted people to see her doing that.

    She’s probably got some deep seated exhibitionist fantasies.

  33. That colon blow bread looks freaking delicious

  34. I had a Life Changing Loaf this morning.
    It was quite an Adventure Loaf.

  35. Arrr, mateys!

  36. Doesn’t it, Peej? I’ll let you test out the recipe for me too, if you want. Man you people are awesome!

  37. compliment

  38. Every leaf in my yard is still green RIGHT NOW

    Give it a week or two …

  39. I was having a cigar the other day and realized I didn’t see the chipmunks that are always running back and forth between the woods and their burrow under my granite steps. Not 15 minutes later a hawk swooped by from out of nowhere and flew like a rocket beside the garage to the back field.

    Mr Hawk answered my chipmunk question.

  40. I hate when recipes come with 9-page blog posts.

  41. A flexible, “silicon” loaf pan.

    Ain’t happenin’, homey.

  42. Damn it. I just paid to replace the screen on my phone and it’s already cracked again.

  43. If it’s thin enough, silicon is flexible.

    But most people don’t do baking with pans that are 25 µm thick.

  44. Or maybe they do – I know f***-all about baking.

    Silicon and silicone, however . . .

  45. Trail mix bread is life changing but not in a good way.

  46. I’m jut going to line a pan with parchment, whenever I get around to getting the ingredients for that recipe.

  47. “Beware of ventures requiring new pans” or something like that

  48. Adventure Bread killed it.

  49. Hey CARin, but tall.






  55. I’ll let you test out the recipe for me too, if you want.

    It’s possible I will have a kitchen by next week and I will totally do this

  56. So that gal screaming in her car about RBG (I have a hard time not saying Red, Blue, Green when I see that) ….when she was done having her fit
    I whispered to her, I’m voting for Trump.
    Tell you the truth….I was going to vote libertarian because in my state, there is not a chance in hell the electoral college will swing for Trump…so I like to put my third party cents in
    but not this time
    the maskholes and chicks like that have driven me to it.
    I believe I’m doing a spite vote

  57. That pig restaurant hat deal is in my opinion, the only reason to have kids
    to torture them

  58. Not gonna lie, saw the dog appear on the K9 chase, first thought was “TORPEDO AWAY!”


    It was a thing of beauty

  60. Ha! Thanks Jimbro! I am able to like on my Kindle Fire!!!!
    That was for Scott.

  61. And I loved all these memes, sleeper haha was extended warranty.

  62. Well, they had Ginsburg keeping that seat warm as long as they could, but room temperature just isn’t going to cut it.

  63. If they had any sort of motivation to be creative..they would have at least tried to pull a Weekend at Bernie’s or something
    no, it’s just easier to scream for some people

  64. WTF? Since when is Death a fucking Genie thats grants a wish you can inflict on an entire Nation? Cause if thats the case, my dying wish is that everybody kills every fucking communist they see. I don’t give a fuck about her dying wish anymore than Joe shit the rag man down the street. And when in the fuck did a judge become a fucking celebrity? Again, don’t give a fuck, big deal, she did her job. This shit is stupid times eleventy.

  65. I’ve been to Famous Dave’s in 5 different states…nobody told me about the Pig Hats!!! WTF?

  66. you’d look cute in a piggie hat

  67. BRB, gonna beat my dick like it owes me money.

  68. I’ve been to Famous Dave’s in 5 different states…nobody told me about the Pig Hats!!! WTF?

    Dan was the one who told all of us about the Pig Hats. He didn’t tell you?

  69. 🤣🤣🤣 He says he sent me a link a while back. I really want a piggie hat. I don’t wear hats. I can wear tiaras, because they never enter my peripheral vision. No claustrophobia. The worst thing about sleepwalking/talking is without cameras, Dan gets to create the narrative. He says, that a few nights ago, I got up, walked down the hall, yelled Motherfucker, then went back to bed.

  70. The worst thing about sleepwalking/talking is without cameras, Dan gets to create the narrative. He says, that a few nights ago, I got up, walked down the hall, yelled Motherfucker, then went back to bed.

    You wake up and he’s put next to you an empty gun, two liquor bottles, a dead hobo in the closet, and a bag containing an unknown amount of foreign currency and two bricks of cocaine.

    “Oso, what the hell did you do last night when you left?!”

  71. 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t drive.

  72. Our hobos work the medians by the Club, WalMart, and Kohl’s. 2 miles. I bet Car in, could ruck the hobo.


  74. The comment from the link

    so i had a bit of an apostrophe the other night lying awake at 3 am. Education, and by extension, standardized testing, wasn’t just dumbed down by libtards trying to control politics. It was also gutted by triple 9’ers who couldn’t accept regression to the mean in their offspring.

    and i guarantee you that the triples had more influence. the bell curve is a harsh mistress

  75. WTF is a triple 9’er?

  76. I neglected to note this, but the bishops being cited in the memo above are cowards abusing their authority.

  77. The comment about “Generation Eloi” is so on target it ain’t even funny.

  78. 999’er ???

  79. Triple 9 Society. For those who score in the 99.9 percentile on the IQ test.

  80. Mensa is 98 percentile.

  81. I’m part of the Triple 6 society. Six figure debt, sixty pounds overweight, 6″ long.

  82. Your mom is in the 69th percentile.

  83. Triple 9 Society

    Another group where I don’t have to fret about the tragedy of rising membership fees

  84. This seems an awful lot like PG’s dying declaration of his last wishes

  85. 👋🏻 To Leon about the Catholic elite on the burning in Hell list.

  86. I ran out of cardboard sheets and can’t work tomorrow.

    1st day off in months.

  87. Enjoy the day, supposed to be a nice one around here.Dry and in the 60’s.

  88. I’m reading this book as a change up from zombies or military history

    Real life account of an expedition out west in the early1900’s. In one vignette the horses’ hooves were getting irritated by the prairie grass so they just shot a bunch of buffalo to make buffalo skin moccasins for their horses.

  89. 1800’s

  90. We are going to Mass in person. No masks. Arrest us all. FU bitches.

  91. Buffalo fixed everything.

    Early duct tape.

  92. Jimbro, one of my Buckeye familia disappeared out West. Family lore, he was a buffalo hunter/Indian killer. He came home “Different”. No kids. His brother was at Andersonville. Died 30 years later from his stint. My rant. 9/11 responders dying years later are 9/11 victims. RL friend was injured in VN. Air vac to Japan. He passed in 2008 from injuries he received in Vietnam. Put his name, on the wall.

  93. It’s the parents that have screwed up the school system. I can tell you that right now.
    It went from helicopter parents who hovered over their kids making sure they did every activity and more
    to the lawn mower parents who went and mowed their way through making sure there were no obstacles for their babies.
    I will sue you
    first day of kindergarten kids saying, “my mom says I don’t have to listen to you”
    Parents calling the principal in the JUNIOR HIGH LEVEL demanding that their child’s grade be changed from a B+ to an A
    The parents are the ones that created this monster.
    Parents of kindergarten children standing outside their kids’ class socializing with their Starbucks while their kid was inside seeing their mom and crying their eyes out and then the moms rushing to them…had the moms just freaking left, the kids would have gotten over it and paid attention to school and making friends.
    It got so we had to put butcher paper over the windows so the kids and parents couldn’t see each other, but admin told them it was in case of active shooters they wouldn’t be able to see their kids…..because that is THE only way the parents would allow the windows to be covered.
    When MY kids started school, I couldn’t drop them off fast enough
    Parents are absolutely 100% the reason for the downfall of schools

  94. Got this from a Youtube video comment on Ruth’s death

    Trump’s Supreme Court will be RUTHless

  95. Parents are absolutely 100% the reason for the downfall of schools

    This. I know it’s fashionable to blame teachers, and they do bear some of the blame, but too many parents focus more on gaming the system rather than teaching their children to be self-reliant, grow a thick skin, etc.

    Don’t complain that your kid can’t read if you don’t ever read to them, or if you allow them to spend their every free moment playing video games or online. Don’t complain about classroom disruptions if you aren’t willing to back the school admin when it comes to discipline (including your kids!).

  96. Don’t complain that your kid can’t read if you don’t ever read to them, or if you allow them to spend their every free moment playing video games or online

    I can’t tell you how many kindergartners are enrolled in the Spanish immersion program who have can’t even count to 10 or even be able to identify a letter in the English alphabet…..that is basic Sesame Street or even Dora…..I have NO idea what kids are doing all day at home before they begin school, but to not have any basic grasp of anything is just crazy…and you want your kid to learn Spanish, but you don’t even help them with English?

  97. Trump’s Supreme Court will be RUTHless

    Ok, that gave me a chuckle


    The Church of Iceland’s new ‘woke’ ad welcoming people to Sunday School has sparked outrage after it featured a bearded Jesus Christ with breasts, makeup and a dress.

    The advert, which apparently shows Jesus shaking his ‘breasts’ while dancing under a rainbow, appeared on the National Church’s Facebook page on September 11.

    The advert has since been deleted from the Church’s page, but will be depicted on buses in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik for at least another two weeks.

  99. I double dog dare them to do that to Mohammed

  100. Doreen entered Ryan’s periphery.

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