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  1. They sure grow up fast

  2. Watched “Glory” in honor of the 54th Massachusetts memorial getting vandalized by Antifa idiots. I hadn’t seen it before, took a bit to get used to Bueller being an Army officer.

    The memorial was sculpted by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who also did several famous statues of Lincoln and the design for the $20 gold double eagle coin.
    Growing up in SE Massachusetts in the 70’s we went to Boston a few times with Cub Scouts and our grade school for field trips on the Freedom Trail. I remember that mural being part of the tour as well as passing by it later while roaming the city as a young adult. BLM savages ruin everything

  3. Finger fractures in kids are usually treated closed, a few need a push and even fewer still need surgery. I can see where you’d feel like him playing football was risky. Given how fast kids heal from finger fractures I can also see why he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. You’ve got yourself a dilemma there.

  4. VMax, that Voyage whiskey has a great backstory but their logo is lousy. I’ve heard that story about how booze transported by ship in the Age Of Sail acquired an enhanced flavor as a result of the ship’s motion and varying weather conditions. I can’t imagine they’ve built a fleet of wooden sailing ships and wonder if they’re using container ships to sail the booze port to port.

  5. This son of bitch still wouldn’t let me like this poat. Now I’m pissed.

    When a Mexican restaurant….that was good. Real good.

    And as you know, I’m an anti-masker but that DiCaprio deal would be about right.

  6. I love that PJM’s son loves Football (and I’m sure that means the whole team situation) so much he’s willing to deal with breaks to play.

    That kid does have heart.

    I just know from experience…mine, my husband’s and my kiddos that early injuries can sometimes haunt you in old age.

  7. Oh, “I’m in danger” made me lol too.

  8. I never broke any bones. Either did my kids but just wear and tear I guess.

  9. ww

  10. no u

  11. Any suggestions for a gentle sleep aid. At the farm and my sleep is so messed up…even withwhat may be a better mattrrss up here. Having such a hard time relaxing.

  12. Children’s nighttime vitamins with melatonin.

  13. They’re like gummy bear mickeys.

  14. Haunted house idea…move in with me.

  15. What is melatonin made from?
    Vit D in vitamins is made from lanolin. I’m allergic to lanolin.

  16. No source listed on my jar, sorry 😦 Gotta be something out there not made from wool oil.

  17. My order of escalation is

    No caffeine after 10AM – noon
    Read a boring book

    I haven’t really had to go beyond that

  18. Benadryl has the opposite affect on me. I bounce off the walls with it.
    My son came up to surprise me for my birfday and I’m happy to see him but feel awful in that I can’t really enjoy the company. We haben’t seen him since Christmas. We need a solid week awsy from meltdown central. The next ‘event’ we have the greenlight to tske her back to psych ward.

  19. Benadryl has the opposite affect on me. I bounce off the walls with it.

    You should try cocaine.

  20. Unfortunately, we only have last night up here.
    Being catty but it’s not fair. BIL took 3 day mini vaca last weekend. Mr.B. used all his taking care of his mom.

  21. Cicada, USS Wisconsin, and the sword in the knife rack are my favorites, the antidepressant one went into the dad joke file.

  22. Beasn, I’m glad you got a break from the (literal) insanity, if only for a short time, and I’m glad you got the green light for the psych ward if she starts up again.

  23. Its my understanding that certain strains of cannabis have excellent anti anxiety and sleep aid benefits when used at medicinal levels before bed. That’s what a friend tells me.

  24. Prolly work on wayward in laws too. Time for your nite time cookie snak grandma…..

  25. Also, there is the Family and Medical Leave Act if you need it. It might be unpaid leave if Mr. B. has used all his leave, but it’s up to 12 weeks and they have to hold his job and keep health insurance in place for him.

  26. HEY T ROY

    I wanted to say thanks for all the tactical advice, you are awesome.

    Can I have some more?

    I bought some new factory magazines, and the springs are so tight I can’t load them to capacity. Is that a common issue? Should I load them as much as I can and store them compressed, and they’ll loosen up over time? I’m afraid I’ll bend the feed ramp on the top if I try and force any more rounds down the pie hole.

  27. They are built for 9 but 7 is all I can manage.


  29. For the first time in my life I can relate to Bill Clinton.

  30. And boy, am I glad there’s no sound with that one.

  31. Perfect weather day here. I have the windows open and I’m canning a monster batch of chicken broth for Winter. Life is beautiful. And you’re not bad, either. *waggles eyebrows*

  32. Beasn, have you ever tried progressive relaxation? Where you visualize yourself in a beautiful place and you visualize each part of your body warm and relaxed. Start at your toes and feet and go on up until you feel your scalp and face relaxing. By the time you get to the little muscles around your eyes, it’s a struggle to continue.

  33. Oh, and I also have a humongous boneless pork shoulder on the smoker.

    People, what I’m trying to say here is that it’s a good day.

  34. If they are that tight ide get a loader assist device , there is probably one out there for your firearm. BTW. What are you running? Also might not hurt to take em apart and lightly oil. Once put back together you could also take a toothbrush and use it to depress the follower up and down “working” the spring.

    In the mean time load them to your comfort level and go with that. Defensive shooting is very very very rarely a shoot, change mag shoot some more event. Most of the time once good guy starts shooting bad guy(s) flee. Add line of thinking the defensive shooter should be looking for the earliest opportunity to disengage. The only reason I’m shooting is cause I can’t flee at that moment. The second I have an opportunity to get away im getting off the X and out of the zone. 14 rnds should get you there.

    Check out YouTube channel “active self defense” lots of videos of defensive shootings with analysis.

  35. Finally got the new modem from the cable company up and running correctly. Only took a couple of hours with a call to the robot, trip to the post office and gas station, lunch and finally a call to a live person.


  36. It’s a Bersa Thunder .380. The new mags are made by Bersa also.


  37. This is a hilariously awful take.

    For decades, Washington think tanks were vital to a virtuous revolving door. Young policy professionals, both Democrats and Republicans, would serve time in government, then remove themselves to think tanks where they further honed their professional skills and rethought issues, then go back into government at a slightly higher level. Donald Trump’s election in 2016 put a spike in that revolving door, shattering its mechanism…

    The Blob really are process wonks: the very opposite of ideologues. Give them a broad policy directive and they know how to execute it, what buttons to push, whom to call, and how to get buy-in within the building, be it the Pentagon or the State Department. Don’t smirk. In an imperial power system with a vast bureaucracy, it is the dozens and hundreds of deputy-assistant secretaries, assistant secretaries and undersecretaries who constitute the heart of the policy machinery.

    So the return of the Blob will mean the return of competence and follow-through in government, which is absolutely necessary in crises where myriad angles of response have to be staffed-out. As we have seen, this is precisely what has been lacking in the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19. Don’t kid yourself: the return of mere competence is going to instantly create a sense of dynamism in the first year of a Biden administration.

  38. WTF happened to the Spectator?

  39. Trump broke them, just like he broke everyone else.


  41. Competence and government do not belong in the same sentence.

  42. Laura, please mail me some of that pork shoulder. Thanks in advance.

  43. The only thing that will increase government competence is by viciously restricting its scope.

  44. For Jimbro and Laura and whoever else wants to chime in- so my surgery recovery has gone pretty well over the last two months and I’m no longer on light duty, but damn, I’m weak. I have been trying to build up my strength, and the muscle that is holding me back is the one on my left that runs in a straight line from my ribcage to leg (rectus muscle?). One of the cuts is across this muscle, and it’s the one I pulled a couple of weeks ago in lifting something too heavy. It bitches at me, and I’m tired of it. Advice?

  45. You should try cocaine.

  46. Medical marijuana

  47. The best thing will be time. Walking and gentle stretching will help. Go easy on the weed and cocaine. No crunches!

  48. Been doing the walking, trying to walk 5,000 steps a day, which will get easier when fall gets here.

  49. Go easy on the weed and cocaine.

  50. Comment by Pupster on September 5, 2020 12:59 pm
    It’s a Bersa Thunder .380. The new mags are made by Bersa also.


    Fellow traveler. I did some of my best shooting with that little number. However, it would “jam” on me and I sent it to the manufacturer for repairs. They said user error. Uh, no. The instructor at my local range at the time had the same problem. I did love it otherwise. Sad!

  51. I’ve never had a malfunction with it, I’ve owned it since the early 2000’s. I don’t shoot it a lot though. Going to have to get gud.

  52. Aaaarrrgh, Penelope tried to do a lotto for a couple of knives in our Facebook group, just like we’ve done for the last 6 years or so. Facedouche banned the post since it violates their weapons policy. Assholes…..

  53. Facedouche banned the post since it violates their weapons policy. Assholes…..

    that’s bullshit. How long til they start banning YOUR posts you do? I love looking at your handiwork (yeah, I was totally talking dirty to him, what of it?

  54. Go easy on the weed and cocaine

    welp, that settles it. I’m never taking advice from Jimbro ever…again

  55. I KNEW that “Eat right and exercise” was a scam!

  56. Oh, and Mr. TiFW’s niece is being added to the transplant list for a new heart (been a long time coming). Prayers would be appreciated.

  57. Her name is Amanda and she is 36 years old.

  58. Another 10 mile weighted ruck.

    Beautiful day for it.

  59. Went to the park with Possum and bumped into the mom who ghosted me. She apologized profusely and told me she was just panicked about everything at that point. Play date set for Wednesday.

  60. I wanted to say thanks for all the tactical advice, you are awesome.

    Can I have some more?

    I bought some new factory magazines, and the springs are so tight I can’t load them to capacity. Is that a common issue?

    maybe some simple hand exercises? build a little strength.

  61. Oh, and I also have a humongous boneless pork shoulder on the smoker.

    brisket has been in the bath since Thursday night. tonight it chills and tomorrow we smoke

  62. someone else got a 90 day ban on Facebook for posting a crusader joke.

  63. I see the left is continuing with the lie about trump slamming the military. now fox has confirmed the story? I saw nothing of the sort

  64. Oh, and Mr. TiFW’s niece is being added to the transplant list for a new heart

  65. someone else got a 90 day ban on Facebook for posting a crusader joke.

    I wanna hear the joke

  66. ahahaha is that really the Crusader joke? cuz that’s freaking funny and will be put in family chat
    this on the other hand…not cool

  67. No, just one of my favorites.

  68. Make Constantinople Great Again

  69. maybe some simple hand exercises? build a little strength.

  70. Brisket in a bath? Do you mean some kind of marinade, or a rub?

  71. Belated Happy Birthday, beasnes. FB reinstated his account. “Mistake”. Lin Wood tweeted that he’s suing Twitters ass after they froze his account for defending the Kenosha Hat Trick.

  72. I mean sous vide. 48 hours at 137.5 is the plan

  73. Oh, man. We still haven’t tried that yet. I’d be tempted to cut it up and test a couple different temperatures.

  74. Exekiel tortillas are like the bread in flavor, minus leavening. Texture is closest to a normal corn tortilla. I liked them, but YMMV.

  75. Ezekiel. Whatever.

  76. I like that clock too, Leon.

  77. not every day you see brit hume dragged in the comments by righties:

  78. Pups, is that a double action only or is your second shot less of trigger squeeze and the hammer is already back? Its style is patterned on the Walther PPK. I carried a similar Sig in the 90s when doing the suit n tie protection thing. Good for what its designed for, especially nowadays with improved propellants and ballistics for defensive rounds.

  79. Clock!

  80. Portland ME on Tuesday.


  81. SA/DA T Roy.

  82. Excellent video, CoAlex.

  83. I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in the world for my sister and I to do those kind of exercises…
    I mean, we’d spill our drinks and then what?
    have to pour more…just not enough alcohol

  84. I have two sisters. The closest one to my age would probably exercise with me, but she would insist on the both of us wearing proper exercise clothing for ladies of our generation. So, sweatshirts, leg warmers, iron lung, petticoats, long heavy wool skirts to cover the ankles,etc.

  85. PJM, I still remember you saying the only time you ever got that close to your sister was to fart on her.

  86. Mr. RFH and I went to Mass tonight and had to deal with the little shits in a Black Lives Matter protest blocking the road. We could hear them shouting their stupid slogans during the service and police sirens going off. Needless to say, we went home a different way. I looked at the local news websites and NONE of them said a word about it. I wonder how many of the little shits are from here.

  87. So what’s the deal with Poland these days. I hang around on right wing blogs and suddenly there’s one ‘Poles save the world’ history link after another. Some kind of charm offensive? Don’t get me wrong, the stories are fine. But this seems rather, all of a sudden, you know.

  88. There are still right wing blogs?

  89. Wow, NBC being fair?

  90. Doreen edited Ryan’s papers.

  91. Wake wake

    Just say that NBC story.

  92. Clock.


  93. Thanks to everyone for the good advice on a longish range bolt action rifle.

    Very good stuff.

  94. Read a long article about Shannon Kent on some blog linked to from maybe Black Rifle Coffee or Boot Campaign, I forget exactly where. She was a badass, a real American hero.

  95. The Jeffrey Goldberg hit article is kind of hilarious.

    IIRC he’s a guy that was on Rhode’s list that would print anything asked to create an echo chamber. He also printed a fake story in 2016 that was totally unbelievable but for some reason the media ran with it because he’s Jeffrey Goldberg. And if there’s one person you can trust its Jeffrey Goldberg.

    What story was that? Hmmmm?

    Oh yeah. Trump is a Russian spy.


  96. suddenly there’s one ‘Poles save the world’ history link after another
    I haven’t seen any but maybe I’m too busy looking at the sisters “exercising”

  97. I’ve done a million of those shoulder tap push ups lately. They seem to be all the rage.

  98. The Poles HATE communists and nazis and they love their religion, Catholicism. They do not want their country to change so they’ve said “ABSOLUTELY NOT” to refugees. They even set up a human shield protest at the border. They are not afraid to say what they want for their country and tell the EU to piss off constantly.

  99. Plus they produced and have pride in one of the best Popes ever.

  100. Plus da women

  101. I don’t know why we haven’t been playing the shit out of this one



    They’re not bringing their best, folks.



  106. Gotta be parsley, which is on the no-no list when you’re trying to conceive. Seems like something that’s bad for fertility is probably just, well, bad.

  107. They’re not bringing their best, folks.

    Entertain the joyous possibility that these are their best.

  108. hahahahaah, The idiot running to music with his feet on fire is perfect.

    High fives MJ

  109. Entertain the joyous possibility that these are their best.


    I think this is true.

  110. Anyone who believes that story about the “losers” is an effing idiot.

    FFS people are dumb.

  111. Oh good lord I am sore this morning. Did drills with the AR for about 4hrs yesterday. Shoot n move working on controlled pairs, precision required. My buddy was consistently maintaining a .17 split (time between first shot and second) i got mine down to around .22. Setup a barricade and worked moving to and shooting from cover. Lower body is fine, upper body, shoulder, neck, and arms are telling me to fuck off.

    Enjoy the class today Pups. Remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

  112. People are dumb.

    “It’s true because he’s said it before”

    “no he didn’t”


  113. I laughed so hard at some of those links I am crying, MJ. Oh man, good stuff.

  114. MJ, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for posting those links.

  115. TeeRoy, we’ve never met, I think. Where do you work, if that’s something you can say online.

  116. So on Friday the neighbor lady came over and wanted to replace a bunch of boards on her fence between our property line. She stained just her side so I could stain the other side the color on my side of the fence. Started yesterday after playing and walking 18 holes of golf. Carin if I carry my bag do I get to call it a 7.5 mile ruck? She had 30 boards she wanted replace initially but that number has increased. I’m tired today, got another 18 to get in and then need to finish staining the boards I hung yesterday. Ran out of light and couldn’t finish yesterday.


  117. I love how in the original video, the cops come over to see if they need help. How embarrassing. They get shooed away.

  118. oooooooooooooooh you guys!! My neck of the woods is on FIRE!!!!!!
    It was about 115 degrees yesterday, so that didn’t help.
    Not sure if you can see this, my uncle took this pic from his house (he’s a retired fire captain, so he’s got good abatement and whatnot)


    Going to make this today, will report back if it’s good.

  120. From Carin’s link

    “Despite what videos might depict, we lost some glassware last night. You can not deny the anger and hurt our community is feeling right now. As always, the actions of a few agitators are amplified louder and louder as videos are shared and conclusions are drawn. See? We support you. Please do not burn down our restaurant We, now and always, stand with those standing against injustice.

    Stay safe. Listen. Love.

  121. Started yesterday after playing and walking 18 holes of golf. Carin if I carry my bag do I get to call it a 7.5 mile ruck? She had 30 boards she wanted replace initially but that number has increased. I’m tired today, got another 18 to get in and then need to finish staining the boards I hung yesterday

    Is this a common core math problem?

  122. Yes and if you don’t show you used the stupid method required get the answer you don’t get any credit.

  123. between this comment “PJM, I still remember you saying the only time you ever got that close to your sister was to fart on her.”

    and Laura’s description of her workout gear, I about inhaled half a cup of cofee

  124. The wife of a guy I know is a kindergarten teacher and they are having to teach online. It’s the disaster you would expect and the state hasn’t change any of their requirements. One evaluation she has to fill out for the kids is ” do they play well with others”.

  125. When I was a kid, telling someone to hotfoot it meant to get their ass in a hurry. This fool brings a whole new meaning to the term.

    I know I’m a hateful sumbitch, but I hope he’s a double amputee here in about a week.

  126. So I’m I.T. for a school district…I’m at the high school level now, but I was K-8 until last year so I’m still friends with a lot of the teachers
    the hell they are in right now is just…holy crap.
    My friends are Spanish immersion teachers (which I freaking love the program, I put my kids through it). Can you imagine? Not only are you trying to keep a 5 year old’s attention on zoom….you’re speaking to them in a language they don’t understand. Yeah, needless to say, it’s not going well

  127. Watch an episode of Puppy Dog Pals with Spanish sub/dub. Time better spent.

  128. @Sobek. I work for a “Gaming” (slot machine) company as a armed courier. I take the money out of the machines and fill the ATMs at approx 70 seperate locations per week. Keeps me moving and I handle about half a mil a day. I’m also in the process of setting up a part time business delivering defensive handgun training.

  129. Whooee

    “I cannot spare this man, he fights.”

  130. Got it. I was assuming PD somewhere, which is why I didn’t know if you could say. Cops talking about their jobs on the internet isn’t necessarily a good idea.

  131. I like how the commenters are blaming Trump for the riots.

  132. Oh, and I’m baaack!

    We got to stay an extra night but had to get up super early so booo. Got a little more sleep last night as my body was starting to thaw from the nightmare.

    Got home and they had set the A/C to 74. It was freaking freezing in here. We usually set the 1st floor to 79 because it also cools the basement apartment which doesn’t really need cooling. She sits outside in a sweater during the summer.

    And she picked ALL of the peppers off the plant, again. She wants to make stuffed peppers but that won’t be for a few days…of which THEN the peppers would be ready (and I could pick a few for us). Husband thinks she’s building up another outburst. Last two nights she slept, sooo…..First thing she said to him when he went to say hi and take her the mail…”Oh, so you didn’t steal all of my money, so that’s something.” (she had gotten her monthly Morgan Stanley whatever the hell pay out thing).

    Daughter left me some roses in a vase, a card, and a bag of kettle corn…which I don’t really need but it’s soo good.

  133. The 80 acre lot behind our farm sold and the couple have begun to build a house on it. The FIL of one of them has been trying to track us down for weeks. He’s interested in buying ours and MIL’s acreage so that he can live nearer his kid/family. Husband is seriously thinking about it.

  134. No eagles but saw lots of deer in the soybeans. A mama and her two fawns have been hanging around the house.

  135. Btw, pharmacist BIL says that melatonin supplements are synthetically made. No longer made from animal sources. But some foods are somewhat good sources, like turkey, walnuts, salmon, etc.

    NAP TIME!!

    *shields eyes*
    Geez, laura, put your tarp on!!. Gross.

  136. Got home and they had set the A/C to 74. It was freaking freezing in here.

    ahahaha I would die at 74. I have mine set to 68

  137. Beasn, would she come after you if you told her to STFU?

  138. It’s 68 in my house, but that’s just because the windows are open and it’s overcast.

  139. We need AC for about 6 or 8 weeks a year and make do with window units. Paula has been campaigning for a heat pump which are supposed to keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Her parents are happy with theirs. I left it at the “We’ll look into it” stage. I’d like to get the porch finished before dealing with another job.


  141. “We’ll look into it”

    that means yes to me and I take the ball and RUN with it

  142. Pretty sure that’s a universal trait in womens

  143. One of her crossfit buddies has a husband who installs them so it’s inevitable. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while but haven’t budged. Sometimes a little push is all I need

  144. Neighbor’s house has been on the market for a couple of weeks and has a pending sale. $560,000! It’s a nice house, hopefully new people are not assholes. I’m guessing doctors or lawyers for that kind of money. Maybe they’re city dwellers looking to escape

  145. Comment by pajama momma on September 6, 2020 2:52 pm
    Beasn, would she come after you if you told her to STFU?



  146. MJ, I saw another “rioter on fire running” synced to Cotton Eyed Joe and he’s wearing a cowboy hat. Priceless.

  147. My AC is set on 74. I am barefoot, wearing T-shirt and shorts. Mr. RFH is in long sleeve shirt over a T-shirt, sweatpants, socks, and slippers and will wear a sweater if he’s working in the basement.

  148. I dug out the trench for pavers on chicken fence edge #1. 3 to go.

  149. Found a toad in the grass that I threw to the birds. I’d killed it with the shovel before I even saw it, so I figured I may as well get some use out of it.

  150. Trump banning critical race theory “training” crap for all gov’t employees makes me so very happy.

  151. We didn’t even start the swamp cooler this year. Portable AC and fans. Our electric bills are high. Water bill is low. Bedroom is 64. I need my weighted blanket. Living room, is 68.

  152. Beasn, would she come after you if you told her to STFU?

    She came after me for taking her pots/knives because I want to keep the help safe. That should have earned her a ride back to the hospital but I don’t have POA. It was a final warning.

    It’s hard not to say anything while she’s in your face saying mean, vicious, Dr. Phil grade nasty things…especially when you are so sleep deprived, but, her head is broken and you have to take a page out of the experienced senior helper book. Ignore and try to redirect.

    Worst I’ve said to her was ‘take your mean self downstairs and eat your lunch’ or ‘the only hate I’m hearing, is coming from your mouth’.

  153. I took my Respect in the workplace CBL. Thought it was going to be CRT. It wasn’t. Scored 100%. Corporate money isn’t going to terror groups. Going to building an institute of learning. We aren’t the BOA.

  154. But again….I was sleep deprived.
    I won’t have to put up with another outburst. She will be re-admitted next time.

    The psych doc told BIL that he didn’t want to upset him but with folks her age, who present so sudden-like and escalate this quickly, usually flame out sooner than later.

  155. Beasn, I am so sorry you are going through this. CoW, is the same. He has cameras everywhere. His main concern is his Anglo wife. His son. His 4 brothers are feeding/enabling her mania. Culture wars. I’m praying for you guys.

  156. You people are all hot blooded. The upstairs unit gets set at 77, at night. Downstairs, 79, unless it’s super hot outside…and I will direct a fan on my fiddysomething self.

  157. Thank you, oso. I now have a pretty good reinforcement on my team. My sisnlaw now knows our pain since she was here last time, and saw it for herself. She reallly had no idea.
    Husband and his brother are people who like to soft pedal things so as not to stir the waters or to ‘impose’ on anyone. She knows this, too. She had to direct her husband on certain points while he spoke with doc so he wouldn’t ‘smooth’ over anything. Thus, the greenlight to not have to deal with another outburst.

  158. My mom refuses to leave her home. Her siblings and her aides allow her to stay home. I get daily texts, trying to guilt me into moving to Roswell to care for her. Not happening.

  159. CoW? Cousin of wife?


  161. I get daily texts,

    That is seriously rude. Are your siblings getting daily texts? If she has aides while staying in her home, they need to STFU.

  162. You done tore up his liver. Good jerb, pupster!

  163. Wait, is it my left or his left. So confused.

  164. Downstairs, 79, unless it’s super hot outside…and I will direct a fan on my fiddysomething self.

    68, with ceiling fan, AND one of these
    aaaaaaaand I’m naked and it’s still not enough
    and I’m not even having hot flashes
    Merv on the other hand is shivering…but I can’t get any more naked, he can put on more clothes

  165. Okay, this tomato we bought at the roadside is serially delicious.

  166. good read from Jeff Goldstein


    is that how you shoot or ummm, you hang?

  168. Calm down Peej.

  169. CoW is CoWorker. I am the only child getting texts. Dan is livid. So far, I have been able to keep him from burning bridges.

  170. Calm down Peej.

    got it
    how’s it hanging?
    I’m so clever, see what I did there?

  171. Let him channel some FFDP.


    You are not a bad person if you ignore the texts. If she’s happy in her home and has aides taking care of her, they really do need to leave you alone.

  172. Hispanic guilt. I refuse to respond to it. Dan has always had my back with regards to mi familia. The Tia’s he likes, are pissing him off.

  173. I refuse to respond to it

    That’s muh girl

  174. We have your back, too, oso.

  175. I know…Han Solo’d

  176. I’ve seen one baby five-lined skink scrambling around, but it’s too fast for me to get a picture. This morning I saw a baby anole in the bush by the front door, only because he moved. He held still long enough for a picture, very tiny and cute.

    *proud lizard farmer*

  177. I’m gonna guess those low left occurred on your 7 yard shots? How was the class? Learn anything good?

  178. It was great T Roy, learned a lot and met some cool folks. When I concentrate on breathing, front site, grip, and finger position I’m in the X ring a little low. When I lose focus on any of those I’m scattering it around a bit.

    Trainer owns a small gun shop, and had examples for sale of just about everything she was discussing. Probably sold $1000 worth of accessories on breaks to a captured audience. For example, when we talked about the law on securing firearms she showed a couple of different safes, lockboxes, travel cases. When we talked about level of force she showed stun guns and kubatons in stock. Smert.

  179. We saw a Honda Acty Street today in a parking lot. Cutest freakin’ thing I’ve ever seen. You can pick it up and put it in your pocket.

  180. WANT.

  181. It could be Banglar Party Van II: Hobbits Edition

  182. We can park it in the back of my van.

  183. You’re going to have to be lanced and de-scaled in order to fit in that, laura.

  184. It is pretty cute.

  185. Comment by scott on September 6, 2020 8:49 pm
    We can park it in the back of my van.

    Fit a smart car on the back of it, like some vehicular Russian nesting doll.

  186. Scott, what type of van do you own?

  187. Ford Transit 250 high roof.

  188. That’s not the OG Party Van though. First one was a Sprinter.

  189. Have I been in the OG party van?
    not sure what all I remember of that weekend

  190. Those Hondas are cute!

  191. Have I been in the OG party van?
    not sure what all I remember of that weekend

    How many vans have you been in the back of? It was probably the one without astroturf.

  192. You were in the puddle next to the van.

  193. The pickup truck version of the Acty is effin’ cool. The walls of the bed fold down so it can be a flatbed. The older models are very easy to work on. Guys, I’m falling in love. Apparently these little things are a dime a dozen in Japan and cheap as Hell even after importing to the US. I bet an entrepreneur could make some good money just importing them and selling them off a lot to drooling jerkasses like myself.

  194. omg some of them have dump beds

    hold me


  196. Penelope wants an original Mini Cooper.

  197. Comment by PepeLp on September 6, 2020 10:09 pm

    Wife material.

  198. How many vans have you been in the back of? It was probably the one without astroturf.

    how many?
    all of them

  199. You were in the puddle next to the van.

    Puddle? That was an Olympic sized pool ….to me

  200. That scythe video is hypnotic. Kind of makes me want to try that.

  201. A bunch of memes. Kenny tries to see how fast he can get banned from Facebook.

  202. The video, and reading the mowing scene in Anna Karenina, both make me want to try that.

  203. Pretty sure Alex wants to try that. Not the scythe…..

  204. Both, actually. The girl and the scythe.

  205. Ridiculous. We have machines for that now.

  206. A well-honed scythe is better for the lawn, and you can cut at any time of day without annoying the neighbors.

  207. Glad you enjoyed the class, take as many as you can afford. Next up for me is AR intermediate and then AR instructor and my bucket list is the 7 day long range shooting class out west. But that one requires a sizable equipment investment.

  208. I’d like to do an AR course. I’m much, much better with my pistol. I have a shotgun that I could probably write my name with (my name is Rumpelstiltskin, so that’s really impressive). With an AR, I can hit my target at a distance, usually, but I need a bench rest to get anything like a decent group.

  209. Of course, no one doing a room clear needs to hit a button-sized target at fifty yards.

  210. My last name is Cumberbatch.

  211. My name is Tonto Goldstein, but my friends call me “Bubba”.

  212. Laura?

  213. How

  214. Govmnt & Media Ridicule;

    Some zingers in there…

  215. I notice the new focus on awareness is getting out the vote. In college, this spells doom for GOP candidates.I don’t see many students thinking that voting out democrats is the answer.

  216. Danielle earned Ruth’s praise.

  217. Good morning laborers

  218. Just got back in from morning chicken duty and realized I have to go back out and check on the little chicks. If anyone wants to put up a poat about fighting commies being the highest form of labor, go for it.

  219. No takers, okay then.


    Wordpuss screwed up their editor again.

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