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  1. Onlyfans
    Kangaroo boobs

    Pupper at the start reminds me of my dog when I was a kid. I still miss that dog.

    Why the hell am I on first?!?

  2. Because you were too disciplined to swing at a 3-0 pitch.

  3. I look forward to meme weekends.

    “People watching the birdfeeder…” hits kind of close to home.

    I enjoy them all, but I like the sleeper hits. The one that is funny but is so low key, so right on, so true that I may not even laugh but instead I give it the coveted slow nod of the head with eyes half-closed sipping my coffee. That would be:

    “Me whispering into my green tea after taking one sip…”

  4. Comment by Pendejo on August 29, 2020 7:44 am
    Because you were too disciplined to swing at a 3-0 pitch.


    Heh. I’m not jacked up on coffee yet but I’ll laugh harder, later.

  5. Wakey wakey

  6. Ozzy and socks in the basket.

  7. Go to “”

  8. I’m afraid it’ll infect my laptop with communism.

    Read more about the Bella Thorne wrecking OF story. Apparently the director either (1) told her not to do precisely what she did, said she should use a fake name or b. isn’t working on a movie with her at all and she made that up.

  9. First

  10. Calm down, Mare.

  11. Just finished next week’s BBF, overcast rainy Saturday here in The Queen City, no mowing unless there is a major turnaround in climate today. I’ve been thinking of converting the leftover ribs into pulled pork with the Instant Pot, not sure how that would work.

  12. Hey, Hotspur, you been doing much sailing?

  13. *waits for the inevitable “I sailed yer mom last nite” response from Spur

  14. I freaking loooooooooooooove the memes. Those are great.
    and speaking of magic mushrooms. I’m a big proponent of microdosing. I have not tried it, but I hear good things (ps, Jordan Peterson is my side piece, he just doesn’t know it)

  15. Poor Merv was trying to lay in bed and slowly wake up
    Me: Ok, but just let me read you one more meme. This one is really funny.
    Me again: Ok wait, one more, one more. This one..ahaha just one more

  16. How much rain you wind up getting mare?
    I know it wasn’t totally near you, but I remember living in Florida when Katrina hit and boy howdy did it rain

  17. Nothing out of the normal, PJM.

    The only thing…a bunch of sea squirts have been pushed up onto the beaches because of the rough water from the storms and it’s stinking up the beaches.

  18. I feel for those in Texas and Louisiana but I’m relieved we didn’t have to deal with a hurricane this time around.

  19. Yeah, I can’t imagine. I experienced a full on tropical storm while I was there and dang, that was crazy gnarly

  20. you been doing much sailing?

    Unfortunately, none. I had a couple of projects I needed to do on the boat that I couldn’t do myself. The marina staff was very short handed due to CoBitch, so when stuff was still unfinished at 4th of July, we decided to not launch this year. Kinda sucks – when you’re 71 you start thinking about how many sailing seasons you can reasonably expect.

    Anyway, we’ll be set to go next year if we aren’t all dead. (Net neutrality could still get us.)

  21. Poor Merv was trying to lay in bed and slowly wake up

    You sleep together but you’re not married?

  22. Kinda sucks – when you’re 71 you start thinking about how many sailing seasons you can reasonably expect.

    All depends on if you can get your Hoveround on the boat

  23. You sleep together but you’re not married?

    No, there was no sleeping, didn’t read my comment? He was awake. Gawl

  24. But you were in his bedroom so that counts. You were totally sleeping together.

  25. hah!
    Sexist! HIS bedroom?
    we bought the house in February

  26. but it’s my family home that we’ve owned since 1957

  27. So you’re LIVING together!!!!!!!

    You know what they say about buying the cow, right?

    (Not that you’re a cow.)

  28. For Leon only!!! Nobody else click. This means you, PJM!

  29. Yummy yummy.

  30. hey! I can appreciate a pretty gal!!!

    our wedding was supposed to be October 10 of this year
    that kinda fell flat

  32. Didn’t the Scots do a handfasting type of marriage? Do that before making it legal legal.

    “In Scotland, handfasting was a Celtic tradition, that was most often considered a probationary period of a marriage or a ‘temporary marriage’; though by Scottish law, provided that the declaration of a couples love to each other was in the presence of two other adult witnesses, it was legally binding too;”

    Technically, you probably already are.

  33. So…the memory care place we put a deposit on is not going to take MIL. No Plan B as BIL decided to take a small vacation this weekend to get away from all the stress.


  34. when you’re 71 you start thinking about how many sailing seasons you can reasonably expect.


    I totally get that thought.

    Since Hawaii is basically closed, we’ve missed a summer there. It’s a place we enjoy and we are only going to get so many of those.

  35. So…the memory care place we put a deposit on is not going to take MIL

    argh. That sucks. I’m sorry beasn
    I hope they’re giving you the deposit back..right?

    The aunts are super disappointed we had to postpone the wedding. They have the decor and table decorations already made up. We had the caterer (taco cart, FTW!), the little church, the reception hall, photographer, alcohol, everything already reserved. With how everything is crapping out, people not being able to come
    oso not being able to come was the last straw!! SeanM was still able to, but that’s cuz he lives two hours away. Unclefacts meteor Summoner is actually performing the ceremony, so we’re excited about taht.
    but now? Now when we have the wedding, we can make it a full on hostages meetup

  36. Yes, we will get the deposit back. Husband will also tell the sales lady to pass along to the nurse, who did the interview with his mom, to tone down her body language…as it indicated to him that she was going to be rejected a week before they made it official.

  37. I mean, we get you don’t want a howler to disrupt the unit and she would require more resources than they’re willing to provide…and we’re okay with it. Just don’t make it so flipping obvious. Totes not appropriate.

  38. I’m sorry for all H2ers who are being screwed by CoBitch (which I am obviously stealing from Hotspur because it’s perfect).

    And I fully understand there is no comparing my desire to hang out in Hawaii to those who can’t be with loved ones in nursing homes, getting cancer treatments, weddings, funerals, etc. It’s just something I miss and when you’re older you really do start thinking about how many times/years/opportunities you’ll have to do those things.

    What really frustrates and burns me is the unnecessary nature of the lockdowns and shutdowns.

  39. Beasnsnsnsns, I’m sorry about your situation.

    I think getting a couple of guinea pigs will help.

  40. My wedding cost under 3 grand for everything including the rings which was the biggest chunk. When we went to the store we were looking at the alternative metals (ie: non-gold) and I got a ring made out of some durable metal (really don’t remember but it hasn’t suffered a scratch in over 2 years. Paula was looking at them and said Nah, gold! Since I was intent on buying the cow, so to speak, I smiled and paid the man. She’s worn it 2 or 3 times and usually wears a silicone ring.

    Justice of Peace $100
    Hotel room for my mom and nephew $100
    Pizza $100

    I should specify, “second” wedding. First go around cost me about 10 grand and, yeah, I paid since her parents didn’t have much for resources. Cost me a lot more to get out of that one too. Sheesh …

  41. I’ve been watching videos on Guinea pigs and I think I like the little scamps.

    While in CA a month ago, our grand nieces (or nieces once removed?) had two and they were adorable, shy but very cute.

  42. CoBitch is good, will steal. Also stealing Chin Diaper.

  43. When MIL wasn’t calling our morning help a filthy hoosier (in MO ‘hoosier’ is another word for white trash), whore, and ‘get your fat ass off my sofa’, she was trying to bribe her to leave….’You leave now and I’ll pay you. I’m not going to pay you what they are paying you because you’re worthless…but come on, I’ll open the door for you’.

    I’m all about leaving these ladies, who are a Godsend to us, to do their job, but when MIL started to threaten to hit her with her cane, I opened the door and told her that if she didn’t put down her cane and sit down, I was going to come down there….do you want me to come down there? She put her cane down for 5 minutes and sat down before going at it again. The help then got her to stop by saying, ‘Would Jesus want you to be hitting others?’

    When the help left, I apologized but she was fine. Said if she made it to 91 before flipping out, she’d want some compassion too. She’s been doing this since she was 18. Her next shift was a 12 hour…old man, who sometimes goes off on her too.

  44. >>>I think getting a couple of guinea pigs will help.

    IKR? I’ve been dropping the hint to Mr. B. for awhile. In South America, when they aren’t dinner, they are considered good juju and ward off evil spirits. You can go to holy men to get a ‘treatment’. It’s where they take a piggy and touch you with him/her. I tell the husband that we can do the same for me. And his mom. We might need five in her case.

  45. Beasn needs a black piggie as a familiar.

  46. Our George was a – mostly – black piggy. He was so handsome.


  47. Beasn, sorry to hear that. It sounds like your MIL entered a new stage of decline a little while back. We had a patient with dementia who screamed ceaselessly for 20-30+ hours at a time. When she was making sense she was seeing things and talking about things that weren’t happening. Her sleep was completely unregulated. She only took occasional catnaps, around the clock, and attacked caretakers. She was with us for a while, went to a dementia unit, and passed away in a few months. From the time we took her in to when she passed was just inside a year.

    Finding a dementia support group is a good thing for you to do, you get more info about what is happening and what to expect.

  48. This is technically our first wedding. Merv has never been married before and I did a justice of the peace when the kids dad and I got married…Graham was about 18 months old and whacked me in the face in the middle of the ceremony…he’d never done that before. I should have taken it as a sign.
    Taco cart and booze are gonna be the most expensive part of our wedding.

  49. When MIL wasn’t calling our morning help a filthy hoosier (in MO ‘hoosier’ is another word for white trash), whore, and ‘get your fat ass off my sofa’, she was trying to bribe her to leave….’You leave now and I’ll pay you. I’m not going to pay you what they are paying you because you’re worthless…but come on, I’ll open the door for you’

    I know it’s not funny…but
    I swear this is all like a scene out of a movie.

  50. Taco cart and booze are gonna be the most expensive part of our wedding.
    Go on …

  51. PJ, it’s not funny but it is funny. Daughter was asking me how grandma was and when I told her what she was saying, she laughed. She thinks old people, cute. It’s uncanny how she connects with small children and old people and doesn’t let them get to her when every other stress does.

  52. lauraw, due to MIL’s experience during/after the war with the communists coming in to their house and taking whatever they wanted, she’s been a complete beast about her territory ever since. A kid steps in her yard, she won’t make them a racetrack, she would go ballistic. So part of going off on the help has to do with that. But yeah, she’s been going on 40 hour stints of crazy with energy that would wear her out on a normal day…thus why we hired the help.

    Daughter was exposed to the ChingChong again, so she wasn’t able to help overnight…husband is on his own. He took his mom for a drive yesterday and she had him take her to the cemetery to see the family. She forgave Pops and then they walked to her parents, siblings, graves. She told him she forgave me too (I’ve done nothing). Other than some mumbling, she had a quiet night and has been pretty quiet today. Maybe the meds* are kicking in….maybe she’s refueling. We’ll find out.

    *resperdal (supposed to help quiet the voices)

  53. Go on …

    And, bail for certain hostages that show up might will also drive up the cost

  54. vocabulary meme describes H2 so well

  55. You’re so fucking right!

    (comment applies equally to Jay and Peej)

  56. praying for you beast. its gotta be tough.

  57. beast = beasn. and I’m not channeling mil, it was autocucumbered

  58. We may have purchased wooden blinds because some of ours looked like the one in the “Caught the fly” picture.

    I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’.

    (That being said, those “wooden” ones aren’t as sturdy as you would think, either)

  59. *checks flights*

    Maybe y’all should get married in Vegas.

  60. Peej, when our friends’ son got married a couple of months ago they had to downsize their wedding, too. They did the taco truck for the reception – it was so much fun!

  61. Leon is a filthy hoosier wannabe.

  62. I was initially bummed about the postponing of the wedding because come on, 10-10-2020 was a fun date….but, in the scheme of things, my life is going pretty dadgummed good so even though the wedding is postponed and I’m living an asbestos dust and a completely gutted home with a grifter for a contractor
    I can’t complain because I have air conditioning

  63. They did the taco truck for the reception – it was so much fun!

    I loooove that part…taco carts rule and I’ll probably be in line for it like 3, or 4…..or 20 times

  64. *checks flights*

    Maybe y’all should get married in Vegas.

    We’d thought about that
    but my 87 year old aunt reeeeeeeeeeeeeally wants us a to have a wedding and I ain’t trynna make her travel

  65. Has she ever been to Los Vegas? Hmmmm? She might have a really good time.

  66. Go to “”

    LOL It goes straight to Jim Crow Joe’s campaign website.

  67. Why don’t you go to the courthouse and get hitched on 10/10/2020, then have a wedding ceremony later?

  68. Beasn, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Prayers. MIL used Hoosier as a slur. First time I’d heard it. Dad called West Virginians “Ridge Runners”.

  69. TiFW^^^^ That’s a cool anniversary. Good idea. Double Ten Day is an huge holiday on Taiwan.

  70. I’m trying to register my small business with the state. As best I can Cypher, im supposed to register as organizing a LLC under the business name, then register the business name (seperate form and fee required, then I have to apply for a FEIN # ??? Still trying to figure that out. Anyone with exp in this area feel free to tell me if I’m fucking up or missing something please and thank you.

  71. so biden got better ratings than trump for their speeches? how is that possible?

  72. ‘Cuz all of the Republicans tuned in to see him crash and burn?

  73. MSM #. Not CSpan. Not Streaming.

  74. I understand why XB left. WordPress is asshoe.

  75. I mean, think about it – we want to know what the opposition has to say so that we can knowledgeably refute their talking points. They “already know” that everything our side says is wrong, so why bother tuning in just to hear our candidates spout hate-filled lies and racism? And Orange Man Bad!!!!!!!

  76. TeeRoy, the husband says that sounds like what he did when he did a LLC….if’n IL is like MO.

  77. We did all that stuff about 20 years ago, but that sounds about right TeeRoy.

  78. Re: Ratings Trump vs. JCJ

    What are the numbers?

  79. Now that I think about it our tax guy might have done a lot of that for us.

  80. Oso’s back!

    Oso’s back, back again!
    Oso’s back, tell a friend!

  81. Kenosha Hat Trick, y’all

  82. Wait, what IS going on back there? Is a guy at a “protest/riot” getting a blow job in public???????

    Nothing says I’m serious about the BLM movement than that. NOTHING!

  83. Gawdamn preverts! Why back in the day we had common sense and got our blow jobs in back seat of a Chevy the way God intended!



  86. Mare, CoW had planned their first visit to HI. Anniversary trip. Money has been applied to a future trip. Not refunded. Applied. I’m so glad we were able to go in Jan/Feb. Feels like eons ago.

  87. Gawdamn preverts! Why back in the day we had common sense and got our blow jobs in back seat of a Chevy the way God Jim Steinman intended!

    Fixed it for you.

  88. Leon is a filthy hoosier wannabe.

    I’m one short mile from being white trash a hoosier, but that makes all the difference.

    At least I don’t own any Notre Dame gear.

  89. You doing this on your own TeeRoy, or are you plan on having employees?

  90. I don’t care what “gender” the kneeler is, geeting a beejer from a bearded face is gross gross gross.

  91. Interesting

  92. OK. Confession time. I’m only sharing this here and not on Facebook…I don’t want it to be anticlimactic and I want people to come to the wedding still because that’s the fun part.
    Merv and I went to the courthouse and got hitched in January…but we are pretending like it didn’t happen.

  93. Congratulations!

    Honestly, I’m pretty sure everyone would understand. The quickie “courthouse wedding” followed by a ceremony later on is a time-honored American tradition, although usually one of the participants is either deploying, or pregnant.

  94. Well Colex, you can come swing dance with me at the hostages meat up, er, I mean the wedding

  95. That sounds great.

    Also, if you know how to swing dance you should demand that this be the song for your first dance with Merv.

  96. I’m happy for you, PJM. You and Merv did just the right thing!

    Many happy years are in your future!

  97. 39 kids found by the Marshal Service in Georgia.
    Today 25 in Ohio.

    Don’t like Trump? Tough titties. He’s serious about ending child sex trafficking.

  98. 39 kids found by the Marshal Service in Georgia.
    Today 25 in Ohio.

    wha? It’s a myth, don’t you know? It’s something made up by Qanon

    Colex, Merv has agreed to watch some swing videos so we can learn how to do it

    I’m happy for you, PJM. You and Merv did just the right thing!

    Many happy years are in your future!

    Thank you!! I am honestly in a really good place right now. Think that’s why I’m back here, you guys have carried me through some really different times, and now I want to be here in the good times too

  99. I just had some work to do before I could come back

  100. Congrats, PJM.

  101. Congrats on the wedding nuptials, PJM.

    Getting married on your birthday is pretty damn awesome

  102. Getting married on your birthday is pretty damn awesome

    hahaha do you know the story behind that?
    lke how that started?

  103. no, but it’s fun to say Happy Birthday to you every day.

  104. haha I have a krav friend on there, Matt Sturbator and one day he was chatting with me and he’s like, you just love all this attention, I’ll bet you love it when people say happy birthday and I said, actually, I have it hidden on my wall so I don’t have to deal with all that nonsense. I said, problem is, someone will wish me happy birthday and then someone else will see it and then eeeeeeveryone wishes me happy birthday, so even hiding it doesn’t do much good. This was in August several years ago, my birthday is in April.
    That ass went to my wall and wished me a happy birthday
    soooo, someone saw it and wished me happy birthday. by the time I saw it, about 10+ people wished me a hbd, I tried to tell everyone it wasn’t my birthday and no one believed me hahaha
    now I’m the gal that has a birthday every day

  105. well, there’s worse things…

  106. There could be much worse
    it’s actually really funny. I get a kick out of it

  107. congrats Peej!
    i’d come to your wedding if I had VayKay, however I need to work 6 months before I get any.
    While I am on it, I am tempted to move back to Texas so I can get every other weekend off, these 2 day weekends really suck.

    I tried to order a new office chair from Amazon, but because I moved they wanted me to enter a card number I have not used in a few years.

    On the plus side I emptied 8 boxes of stuff looking for the card. I was actually opening boxes labeled spare bedroom closet and spare bathroom.

    Didn’t find the card but I only have 5 boxes left to open!

  108. Well, it might be 6 months before we have it
    Honestly, it’d be really fun to make a hostages meatup out of it. Merv and I have already discussed it
    Originally, Oso was going, SeanM, Unclefacts …and whatnot, it’d be a blast to have more

    wait, are you saying you only get two weekends off a month?

  109. Also, I sold my Dodge back when the China Bat Flu started. I miss it, and of course I could buy a new Hellcat, but I am kind of looking for something different (and less money). I am considering a used Cadillac V, (ATX or CTX), an older Tahoe with a LS motor (can make stupid horsepower on the cheap)

    Any other suggestions? I have also been considering a old Durango they came with a new version of the 360. As a Mopar guy that is appealing but you can’t get the horsepower out of a small block Mopar that I want in a daily driver, unless I commit sacrilege and put a LS in it.

  110. If it is in 6 months I will be there!

    No I get every weekend off, but in Texas I got a 3 day weekend every other week unless it was a holiday that I got a 4 day weekend.

  111. Vmax…I would love that. I will push it far enough out that everyone can attend. Might as well eh? It’ll be awesome to seeyou again!

  112. That would be great!
    I have never been to Sandy Eggo!

  113. my Zeke is still around, is Frodo? Whatever happened to him? I have pictures!

  114. Congratulations, Peej! So happy for you guys 😘😘😘

  115. Hey Peej,
    Have Mads contact me, I have some art I would pay her to make for me.

  116. As of Saturday, the score was Sean 9, Indians 0. Thank you, Hosefuckers.

  117. WOW, Sean. You’re kicking ass all over the place. 9 years???

  118. This is from the CDC website, notice the 6% and what that means.

    Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidities,

  119. See data on comorbidities and tittities here:

  120. Sean 9, Indians 0.

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