Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born November 6th, 1995 in Malibu, California.  She stands 5′ 6″  and measures 342336 and 130 lbs.  Please grab a hair band for Miss Sierra Skye.






  1. She’s really something when she smiles.

  2. Sierra is from CA and is a vegan and wants to spread love and positivity. She has a high voice and has 400 followers on Instagram.

    Her body is amazing but like most in her arena, she does not have a lot of depth. Her favorite movies are RomComs because they are funny and romantic. Well, she nailed that one.

    Damn it, I’m not spreading positivity.

  3. She walks and moves like a model, has no visible tats and the pictures don’t have Brazzers or Twisty’s logos so I’m going with that

  4. Not every BBF model is seeking the VP nomination with her heels up

  5. Her second picture reminds me of your proof of life Mare, big laugh.

    CARin might like today’s band, reminds me of Royal Blood, just bass guitar, drums and vocals.

  6. You will not be surprised to know that her boyfriend, Roman, is nice enough but kind of a douche. He doesn’t like sleeping because “it’s like, whoa, like, I just went to sleep 5 minutes ago, and like it’s dark, and I’m afraid of dying and stuff, like I just don’t like the concept of it, like it scares me”

  7. ^^^^The above quote is real and not made up nonsense. Although of course, it is nonsense and something only a turd from CA would say.

  8. His greatest fear: start at 8:15

  9. He’s actually afraid of death. Which is not unusual.

  10. Her booty could mesmerize.

  11. I’m jacked up on coffee. So I don’t know what I’m saying.

  12. Not bad at all.

  13. Mare doing BBF model deep background research.


  14. Statistically, she won’t be vegan in 6 months, so she has that going for her. That or she lies about it already.

  15. 10/10 would smash.

    Admitting to 130 pounds is interesting. I like a thick girl.

  16. Pups, I clicked on your links and the Q and A video popped up next to it.

  17. She’ll do.

  18. She does not seem “thick” to me.

  19. I was going to comment that her weight looked realistic for her stated height, which is a pleasant change.

  20. Her boyfriend was a club promoter, because of course he was.

  21. Realistic is the right word. Not thick.

  22. Quite the hipster.

  23. She does have nice hips. She won’t have many descendants — if any — to carry on that pleasant trait, but she has them.

  24. Speaking of hips and tits, this gal does some interesting videos of getting dressed in various eras. There are a lot that start with here wearing a thin nightgown by a sunlit window, so they have that going for them.

  25. We have 2 Bosch episodes (Season 6) left and we are watching them both tonight. This is our Big Friday Night Excitement in the Time of COVID.™ I’m going to be sad. Love that show. I hear they are in production for one last season. HUZZAH.

  26. “They’ve merged into Mosquitor!”
    “Summon Methchagator!”

  27. Headline from 2025:

    “Where have all of Florida’s frogs gone?”

    Headline from 2030:

    “Where are have all the alligators and deer gone?”

  28. Leon looks who is behind it. Wouldn’t surprise me if we end up with weird, never seen before, untreatable, diseases.

  29. Do mosquito-borne diseases even make a blip in the US? This is hunting opossum in the CA hill country with a flamethrower.

  30. The Covid™ stupidity is quite interesting. The teachers at his school look like robots. They have these big face shields on with a mask and gloves.

    At swim lessons, they wear a face shield in the water. Think about that. A face shield in a giant pool filled with kiddos. Imagine hiding a ziplock baggie in front of your face while you swim…it’s basically the same thing.

    I never believed that collective panic would happen again but here we are. Being the best dumb we can be, even though this is not who are, even if we’re on the wrong side of history.

  31. I give the assholes credit, they successfully tapped into some crazy fear using The COVID™ as the conduit.

  32. The masking is how they turned it from a hygiene issue into a moral panic. Moral panics have a long and luxurious history of providing all sorts of opportunities for bad actors.

    Outlaw alcohol! It’s the devil’s drink/less profitable when legal!

  33. If you spray a couple’s picnic food with mace and also spray their faces because they are eating but not wearing a mask, the left has really done a good job of making the crazy even crazier which I guess helps them somehow.

  34. Yep, it’s now a moral panic. People without masks are would-be murderers, so any violence used is justified.

  35. she has a suuuuuuuper nice butt!!

  36. We visited my husband’s mother who is 91. We traveled across the country. Her daughter from Spokane also visited. Her other daughter was there and had just got out of the hospital after a 1 month stay. Another daughter (she has/had 5) had just visited Mexico.

    None of us wore masks or gloves. We hugged, kissed, the usual. We were impressed and happy his Mom was not fearful at all.

    My husband’s much older lefty cousin called her (after everyone had left) and said she she be wearing a mask even indoors and avoid contact with the family. She was soon to host a lunch with a couple of dear friends.

    Effing idiot. Creating fear where none exists. That’s evil.

  37. also

    it’s a shame the play button is over the other guy’s face or you’d see his a black dude

  38. Conversely, I’m at the point where I’m pretty sure the entire Dem party and their street thugs is the moral equivalent of an invading army bent on subjugating my people and killing or oppressing Christians and observant Jews, and that they will only stop when sufficiently dissuaded, either by casualties or fear.

    *looks longingly at painting of Vlad Tepes*

  39. I never believed that collective panic would happen again but here we are.

    yep…I wear different multicolored scarfs around my neck and don’t pull it up over my mouth unless I’m near someone or I get to the storefront………..but the glares I get from the mask wearing people in the marking lot is a sight to behold.
    I’m not even near you, get over it

  40. She has a really tiny waist (23″!), makes the sweep of her hips more dramatic than usual.

  41. It appears a great deal of studying this model’s body is going on by the H2 judging committee.

  42. If the future is people walking waaaaaay away from you as you walk by and no ability to see your smile to others, and constant mask wearing and fear of mask Karen’s then our future is shit.

  43. ^^^That sentence sucked but I’m too lazy to go to admin and fix it. Would you all just pretend it’s coherent? You normally do that for me anyway.
    Thank you.

  44. I think a lot about what things will be like in the next few dozen years and I have this conflict around things basically staying the same and radical change.

    I could see a world where people basically wear a scuba type of outfit when they leave the house. Protective, filtered air, etc.

    But then I think how weird that would be and decide that people will probably still be about the same as now.

    I wonder.

  45. At least I understood what you were trying to say. I can’t say the same for oso’s Alphabet soup spews. IDK WTF she be talkin bout 0.5TT.

  46. Some of latex shit Rosetta used to poat about may become everyday wear. Even for non deviants.

  47. GND and I had a discussion about it last night. I think you’ll see a lot of people wearing masks now full time. Lots during flu season or when people get scared of something pushed by the media.

    Big pushes by health departments to mask up in late fall and winter, regardless of whether it’s effective.

    Masks in nursing nomes full time, period. Gotta really make the last days of the elderly safe even if it’s dehumanizing, awful, and they don’t want it. It’s all for their own good.

  48. COVID exposed how much fragility and incompetence is in the system.

  49. First

  50. I never believed that collective panic would happen again but here we are. Being the best dumb we can be, even though this is not who are, even if we’re on the wrong side of history.

    It’s not who we are. It’s who they are. I am not a part of them, and they are not a part of me. The schism has occurred.

  51. groomehmeh

  52. The only question I have is when the mandates cease and businesses drop theirs. I’m not setting foot in CostCo until they give it up and I won’t renew the membership when the time comes. I can get groceries and hardware without going into the stores, but it’s annoying AF. I haven’t been to a restaurant this year and likely won’t until that goes away.

    Pretty sure it’s all been conditioning for the “vaccine status RFID” that will be implanted in the hand, because isn’t that soooo much nicer than wearing a mask all the time? You want to buy here or sell at the market, you gotta get it, just makes things so much smoother.

    I’m not one of those “It’s the END TIMES!” perpetual freak-out type, really, but this is the playbook I see them running.

  53. Dystopia is Now!

    What were the legit fears when you were growing up?

    I remember nuclear war, commie invasion, and of course terrorism, but that was about it. Some minor ones in there, but those were the biggies.

  54. We must be terrified of a virus less dangerous by every metric than the Hong Kong Flu of ’68, but we must absorutery not worry about Chy-nah’s domination of the Pacific, Hollywood, or tech manufacturing.

  55. In first grade my science textbook warned us of the coming ice age, running out of coal, and peak oil.

  56. My first grade science book had pictures of your mom.

  57. That Stanton character better watch out, he sounds like he’s been reading hatethoughts like Humanae Vitae.

  58. I’ve never understood the libertarian fantasy that somehow polyamory could be made to work. “It doesn’t affect you,” is a damn lie. Anyone with any knowledge of human nature and history can see that it’s a social and economic disaster, one that, ironically, would result in greater government interference in everyone’s life.

  59. groomehmeh

    Back in the day when I worked at a Special Ed preschool, the powers that be thought it’d be a good idea to implement what they called “reverse mainstream”…that meant putting a normal 3 or 4 year old in a class full of extremely autistic children, severely handicapped, emotionally disturbed, etc in the hopes that the “normal” child’s behavior would be a great model for the other students and they would copy them…..instead, the opposite occurred…when you have ONE child who is different than everyone else, that kid mimics everyone else. Barking, rocking, behavior issues, etc.
    Methinks Laura’s job is getting to her

  60. Human births are at something like 105 boys for every 100 girls, with young men being more likely to die from adventure, accident, or war. Simple game theory says “polyamory” affects literally everyone in the mating pool.

  61. Polyamory would

    a) create an incentive for women to become the second or third wife or girlfriend of a wealthy man, rather than settling down with the schlub who makes 60k a year as an accountant at the local car dealership. That’s a recipe for creating a whole lot more sexually frustrated and angry young men with nothing to lose.

    b) undermine the familial bonds which help ensure child welfare. The more unrelated or distantly related men around children, the increased likelyhood of abuse. Additionally, uncertainty regarding paternity would likely prevent men from bonding with children. The result is a generation of broke, feral children to fill the prison systems and foster homes.

    c) create unstable relationships which too often explode, requiring the state to step in and play arbiter. Divorce court is ugly enough. Divorce court when you have two “mothers”, three “fathers”, community property, uncertain paternity, etc.? There’s no way that doesn’t result in either massively increased government powers, or extralegal attempts to “solve” the dispute.

  62. You guys are a wet blanket.


  63. Love is never free. One always has to pay.

    Luckily your mom started a punch card program for repeat customers.


    Joe Biden’s speech was viewed as many times on YT as this video, as of this morning.

  65. Now I want to see a video of Joe Biden reviewing Taco Bell.

  66. We live in a world where Joey has no chance at the presidency and Joe Biden has something like a coin-flip shot at it.

    I hate this timeline. President Joey would be amazing.

  67. Meanwhile, Thom Brennaman has been suspended for using the anti-gay slur fag on air (hot mic, thought he was off air).

    Since when is that an anti-gay slur? he said one of the f-g capitals of the world. Little insensitive, yes, but anti gay?

    be careful people.

  68. have y’all seen the ad of the GOP lady running against Kwaze Mfume, Kim Klasic, walking through Baltimore? Every inner city candidate for the GOP has to make one like it, and they should all run at the same time.

    She’s run against him multiple times, losing 20+ each time, but gaining.

  69. It’s like the N word, they can call each other that, but you’re not permitted to even quote them doing so.

    Part of an effort to disqualify literally every online gamer from public life, I suspect.

  70. The only sports I’m willing to watch. Maybe golf too.

  71. I remember the swine flu of the late 70s. That shit almost kilt me

  72. Interesting how many mentally unstable people live in the US. Kind of sad.

    But we’ve given into the crazy and that only encourages more.

  73. Guys, I just looked through our POL page and it appears that I’m the only gay black obese man on this here site.

    Pay me reparations?

  74. Ok let’s play a game…

    Who kicks the bucket first?

    Generic civil rights icon

  75. Isn’t Biden a generic civil rights icon?

  76. RBG

  77. Pretty much everyday around this time my energy level just craters. Doesn’t matter if I eat breakfast or lunch or if I fast. I’m up at 5 and I get about 8 hours of feeling OK and then it’s nappy nap time. It could be coffee crash I guess, I stop drinking it around 11.

  78. RBG dying might be the October surprise.

    Of course the real surprise is that it happened last October, but it wasn’t as useful then.

  79. I think that’s called Siesta.

  80. You should aways have a Diet Dr. Pepper
    just ask SeanM
    it tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper
    I never know what they’re comparing it to though, that’s the thing

  81. From wikipedia:

    Biological need for naps
    The timing of sleep in humans depends upon a balance between homeostatic sleep propensity, the need for sleep as a function of the amount of time elapsed since the last adequate sleep episode, and circadian rhythms which determine the ideal timing of a correctly structured and restorative sleep episode. The homeostatic pressure to sleep starts growing upon awakening. The circadian signal for wakefulness starts building in the (late) afternoon. As Harvard professor of sleep medicine Charles A. Czeisler notes, “The circadian system is set up in a beautiful way to override the homeostatic drive for sleep.”[2]

    Thus, in many people, there is a dip when the drive for sleep has been building for hours and the drive for wakefulness has not yet started. This is, again quoting Czeisler, “a great time for a nap”.[2] The drive for wakefulness intensifies through the evening, making it difficult to get to sleep 2–3 hours before one’s usual bedtime when the wake maintenance zone ends.

  82. wait…who is RBG? all I can think of is red blue green

  83. ooh ruth bader ginsberg

  84. Which reminds me, I wanted to nap for an hour before work today but forgot. Too much stuff to do.

  85. I am the worst nap taker. No matter how tired I am I can almost never drift off to sleep. It happens maybe 3-4 times a year where I actually get one in


    *waves junk on mountain peak … feels empowered*

  87. Your mom naps on my dong.


    Best comment ever.

  88. (Ignores MJ)

    In my old office my 2 partners who were older guys used to take naps at lunch every time they worked. They’d use an exam table and conk out for a half hour or so.

  89. Back in the day when I worked at a Special Ed preschool, the powers that be thought it’d be a good idea to implement what they called “reverse mainstream”…that meant putting a normal 3 or 4 year old in a class full of extremely autistic children, severely handicapped, emotionally disturbed, etc in the hopes that the “normal” child’s behavior would be a great model for the other students and they would copy them…..instead, the opposite occurred…when you have ONE child who is different than everyone else, that kid mimics everyone else. Barking, rocking, behavior issues, etc.

    Jesus Christ PJM, that is the stupidest most wrong-headed thing I’ve ever heard.

    And these goddamned people are entrusted with children.

  90. I used to sleep under my desk at one of my offices when the need hit me especially hard. It got worse after I switched to a standing desk back then. But that was when I had an office with a door I could lock.

  91. One of them just died at age 89. He moved to NH to be near his son about 10 years ago. The other guy works one day a week for about 8 months a year and heads to Panama for the winter. He used to sail there but at age 80 he’s been leaving the boat down there for a while

  92. I hate naps. I never take them.

  93. Comment by Jimbro on August 21, 2020 2:08 pm

    Paganism resurgent.

  94. Internet gets fixed tomorrow

  95. So? What’s the problem?

  96. Jesus Christ PJM, that is the stupidest most wrong-headed thing I’ve ever heard.

    Yeah, it was bad….these people in admin think of new creative ways of doing things and then force the teachers to completely change the entire curriculum they’ve designed because this is what research says is the latest and greatest and then they decide next year to implement something else
    I honestly feel sorry for most teachers….the ones you don’t hear about. We only hear about the paid agitators. Most don’t think like the media portrays them.

  97. That was for the twin peaks on peaks, BTW

  98. Thunderstorm zapped some part of the dish.

    I also hate naps and never take them. 15 min of your eyes closed while relaxed can be very refreshing though.

  99. I’ve had lots of time to do shit though. I’m sorta exhausted because All that stuff requires more energy than fucking around on al gore’s internet. I also feel I have no idea what’s going on because I only have tv or my phone. Neither is really up to the task.

  100. What is your definition of a nap, then?

  101. Honestly, I never used to feel the need for afternoon naps, but lately I’ve been fighting drowsing off around 2ish many days. Probably because work has been slow and dull as all get-out lately (thanks COVID).

  102. I don’t fall asleep. Naps fuck me up. I hate them.

  103. I love a nap that involves about twenty to thirty minutes of lying with my eyes closed, just on the edge of sleep, but still aware of everything. The kind of state where your whole body starts to tingle a bit.

  104. Getting ready to read the comments. Dad went to make a donation to our church. Stopped to visit his parents. Someone stole the bronze template from his mother’s grave. Broke the vase. Peak 2020

  105. I don’t understand how taking off your top on a mountain is “empowering?” And if it’s so “empowering”, wouldn’t taking off your pants be even more “empowering?”


    Empowering is an annoying and stupid word.

  106. Naps fuck me up. I hate them.

    Me too. I wake up really in a really foul mood, and think, “Well, that was a waste.”

  107. My brother was a Sunday afternoon napper when he lived with me. Golf or baseball on TV and supine on the couch. The few naps I take are usually at camp in the afternoon, same thing with golf or baseball on and no one making noise.

  108. ooooooh my police scanner (yes, I have one on always, shut it, I’m also a hammy, aaaaanyhoo) says there’s an active shooter in San Luis Obispo wearing body armor Sheriff’s bearcat is arriving with SWAT

  109. oooooooooh it’s at a gas station. HE HATES THESE CANS!!!!!!!!

  110. Multiple tan lines pics. Was Ace the poster of the Tan Line post at the HQ? Possibly 15 years agoish? (Neither Wiser nor Andy are around to tag me with ‘The Google’)

  111. Someone stole the bronze template from his mother’s grave….



  112. The Jerk is some kind of awesome

  113. How did your CNC of that $1000 hunk of metal go Pepe?

  114. The windows and door for our porch project arrived this week. Roof is on but not complete yet. The crew was AWOL today with the threat of rain. I’m hoping they can finish in the next week or two. They can take as long as they want but it’s a pain listening to Rowan bark all day while they’re here

  115. You think you’ve got it bad? Think of poor Rowan trying to defend his pack and no one will let him at ’em! You bastards

  116. I used to have a 23″ waist. In high school/college. 34″ hips. Never looked dramatic.

    Then I had a couple of big headed nine pounders. My waist never got over it.

  117. I gave your mom a big headed nine pounder.

  118. the glares I get from the mask wearing people in the marking lot is a sight to behold.
    I’m not even near you, get over it

    I get the same. I will put on a mask as soon as I go thru the doors. The Karens will stop ten feet from me – in the parking lot – and let me pass while giving me a death glare.

    The frame of mind I am in these days, I dare any one of them to say something to me.

    One of the things I bought, last time at Wallyworld, was some cherries. I did not want a whole bag, so I got my own produce bag and picked 1/2 lb cherries out of the bags sitting on the shelf. Now the cherries are the top two shelves that run at least 6ft. The bottom shelf, which runs the same length, have bags of grapes. I did not realize some Karen was standing 8ft away from me, glaring, disapproving of me picking my own cherries*, waiting for me to leave so she could grab a bag of grapes. My cart was out of the way. All she had to do was say ‘excuse me’…I could hold my breath…and she could zip by and grab her grapes. WTF? I stepped back to my cart, she walked forward shaking her head.

    I am so glad she didn’t say something. I don’t like it but I’m loaded for bear.

    *it is the end of cherry season. If you buy the 2 or more pound bag of cherries, a quarter to one third of them are past their enjoyment phase.

  119. I gave your mom a big headed nine pounder.

    My dad gave her six.

  120. That first topless picture looks like one of my backpacking destinations.

    That water was cold. Like 4 second swim cold.

  121. Pepe gets it. Monica manages Gate of Heaven for the Archdiocese. After Dan called her, she started walking grave by grave. MIL is not the only gravesite vandalized. She called Dan back in tears. She has to notify multiple families.

  122. They’d use an exam table and conk out for a half hour or so.

    Now that takes some skill. I’m always afraid of falling off those exam tables, awake.

  123. The Karens will stop ten feet from me – in the parking lot – and let me pass while giving me a death glare.

    yep, amuses me to no end now…go ahead, glare. And yeah, the shamers can KMA

    I also feel sorry for my sister…whose name is Karen

  124. WTF does loaded for bear mean? (I know what it means!) 🤣👋🏻😂

  125. That’s why they put the stirrups in!

  126. We’ve hired a service to babysit MIL during the night. Since I seem to trigger manic episodes in her, I’ve convinced Mr. B. to hire a second shift so that he can at least get most of his morning calls done. He has to realize she needs more than he can give.

    Meanwhile, him and his brother are evaluating various memory care homes. She sees the writing on the wall and is putting the mean screws to my husband.

  127. *tackles oso and styles her hair on end with Crisco*

  128. That’s why they put the stirrups in!


  129. Haha Beasn. If you are safe with a home healthcare group, go that way. If you are in danger, some memory homes are better than others. MIL was in a 6K a month home. All the money she saved waiting to travel in retirement, took very good care of her.

  130. oh beasn, I’m so sorry. Imissed that the MIL was back at your house. Argh

  131. PJ, work left a loophole. Security was hired to provide safety for the non-maskers. We screwed the roll out. I work with idiots. We aren’t allowed to engage. We are expected to call re-enforcement. Mask Nazis are mostly teachers. Mostly. (I recognize them from their PO idiocy and their crappy fundraising).

  132. Expensive material came out fine, Jimbro. Always stressful when one little miscalculation can cost big $.

    Hot and dry here (like Hotspur’s mom…). We’ve had maybe an inch of rain in the last couple of months. Everything is drying up. Lots of smoke in the air the last few days. All our grass for the year grows in the summer, between the end of June and the end of September. We have a little less than a month until it’s too late to do any good. Some places are already selling off cattle. Depressing.

  133. Husband just brought her back from an evaluation at a home near us. Right when they were finishing up the interview, she started in on her ranting….which usually happens about now.

    He had to take a phone call and she’s downstairs yelling how evil I am. The baby gate stopped her from coming up.

    Oso, we thought about keeping it in the family and letting the estate pay whoever a salary to be her caregiver — while hiring out for overnight — but both sons acknowledged —
    1. no idea for how long this would be for…this could sink her sooner than later or she could live to 100.
    2. they are not up to the task. Sis-n-law who is an OT, buried her mom last year and does not want to go thru everything again, especially with a mean dementia patient who has become 24/7.
    3. Even if she wasn’t targeting me, my anxiety level is at 11 because of all the strain of recovery — and her.

    Husband is going to talk to his brother and pull the trigger on the place they visited today. Until she is processed, we are comfortable with the the service we hired. It’s the same place my sis-n-law’s family used for their mom. We met the ‘owners’ and they aren’t creepers.

  134. Oh and oso, I think the price will be about $6k/month.

  135. Security was hired to provide safety for the non-maskers.
    oooh dang, that’s crazy. And kinda cool

  136. Right when they were finishing up the interview, she started in on her ranting

    So thankfully they got to see it.
    She was officially diagnosed with dementia?
    Why is it that it waits til nightfall usually to hit?
    you sure this isn’t some sorta Disney curse?

  137. Grandma was bedridden the last 10 months, which probably helped since it meant that Grandpa could keep her at home with home care assistance. I can’t imagine the difficulties if she was able to get up and move around.

    My prayers for you and Mr B.

  138. Why is it that it waits til nightfall usually to hit?
    you sure this isn’t some sorta Disney curse?

    Exhaustion sets in? She’s tired, easier to confuse, thinking slows down and she she has more “misfires”.

  139. hhhmmm, nah. I’m thinking Disney. Really fits that profile

  140. Well, Beasn is an evil witch after all.

  141. Coffee is better than naps.

  142. Well, Beasn is an evil witch after all.

  143. Coffee is better than naps.
    It definitely tastes better

  144. Sundowners is a bitch.

  145. Once MIL qualified for Hospice, her care was shared between the home and Hospice.

  146. Hispanic woman at home, thought I was a terrible person for not moving MIL in with us. She was really judgy. I get daily texts from one of my tias about how terrible I am for not moving to Roswell and taking care of my mom. Daily.

  147. Does Beasn even float?

  148. Your tia should have taken her in if it was so important

  149. PJ, my brother already gave my Tia my mom’s house in Roswell. My Tia is terrified that she will find my mom’s dead body. I get on average 3+ texts a day. I have backed every single Tia/Tio off about this. Except, my Aunt Monica. She is relentless. My mom refuses to go to assisted living. VA provides two home healthcare assistants a week. One for personal care. One for shopping and cleaning. I refuse to make up the difference.

  150. Good boi

  151. Honestly, I worried about coming home to find dad had expired while I was looking after him. In a crazy sense the way it actually ended was something of a relief, in that respect anyway.

  152. I don’t mean to compare my dog to your dad, but that was best case scenario for us. Coming home to a Gran Mal seizure was equally a relief.

  153. Coming home to find grandpa dead was difficult. More so was figuring out how to dispose of the bodies of the two hookers before I called an ambulance.

  154. More so was figuring out how to dispose of the bodies of the two hookers before I called an ambulance.

    ahahaha I heart you


    and that went right into family chat
    soooo cute

  156. 😂😂😂🤣👋🏻 CoAl with the funny.

  157. I’m trying to decide between a French Bread refrigerator pizza or a leftover brisket quesadilla. Dan is still on soft foods. No chewing.

  158. Ill take some of both please oso

  159. I’ve got lard, so yes, I float real good.

  160. Hey PJ, do you still make a lot of bread?

  161. >>>She was officially diagnosed with dementia?

    Psych diagnosed her with major depression (which can trigger hallucinations – visual and/or auditory), PTSD, and mild dementia. We believe the dementia part has gotten worse, fast.

    >>>Why is it that it waits til nightfall usually to hit?

    Late afternoon to evening – ‘sundowning’ usually happens…confusion increases, etc. Difference is…sundowners usually know they are confused. These voices have become her reality. She believes they are coming from me. There is no confusion. Prior to the ‘voices’ she was going to bed super early and then getting up a couple of hours ready thinking it was morning and going through the morning routine. We should have done what we could to keep her up later.
    Now, every 3rd day she has a manic episode where she can’t turn her brain off and she’ll go on an off/on 24 hour rant with little sleep. Can’t remember what they called that.

    >>>you sure this isn’t some sorta Disney curse?

    It’s the riot/covid/commie curse that sent her over the edge. That, and I couldn’t go down there for weeks, after my surgery….so more isolation.

  162. I get daily texts from one of my tias about how terrible I am for not moving to Roswell and taking care of my mom. Daily.

    If she isn’t willing to split the care up with you since she too, is blood, ignore her.

  163. I ignore all of them. Back in the day, following my parents divorce, my mom and my ex SIL moved my dad into an assisted living facility in Rio Rancho. Knowing that I don’t drive. Dan and I took care of my dad. Dan didn’t like my dad, because my dad allowed my mom’s abuse. Told my mom at the time, that my brother and sister were responsible for her. FF. I’m still catching shit. I’ve dropped the hammer on most of my mom’s siblings. The nicest Tia is the one that won’t let go.

  164. On a pleasant note, my nephew came over yesterday and brought our great niece. She is sooo freaking adorable! She visited with great grandma first and then nephew brought her up to see me. She is one year old and has been walking bowl legged for 2 months. I’m like all ‘Hello ‘B’ how are you!’ while waving to her and she gets a big ol grin on her face and waves back.
    She explores and climbs on everything and poor nephew was getting worn out because we’re not baby proofed. She gets into a bag of yarn and becomes mesmerized. I tell nephew not to fret, let her explore and learn to love the yarn — get her ready for the next step BWAHAHAHA!
    She carried around a couple of balls of it until she discovered a Gund bear, called ‘Toothpick’, I put out for her. She hugs him and nuzzled him and slung him on her back as she continued to explore.

    Such a great visit. She and my nephew are good medicine.

    My niece texted me this morning that when she was dropped at their house this morning, she brought Toothpick to show everyone and loved on him.

  165. You gave up a Gund?

  166. Hey PJ, do you still make a lot of bread?

    I am very suspicious of this question


  168. I have recently spent a bunch of time in Vermont and am really surprised by how little there is there.

    The State population is 623,000, or about 1/2 New Hampshire’s.

  169. The only state in the US with fewer people is Wyoming.

  170. Michigan has just shy of 10 million. Positively crowded by comparison, but I think we’re like 20x the size.

  171. Just googled population per square mile.

    Michigan is #20

    Vermont is #34

    CT is #6

    District of Columbia is #1 by a mile. (Nearly 10X #2 NJ)

    Hope you are a people person Alex.

  172. I’m going to stick with northern Virginia. I’ll only go into DC when I have to.

  173. You can probably go to a museum a weekend and not run out for a year.

  174. Scott is right. Battlefield. Roanoke. Lots to do. MD and Antietam.

  175. Gettysburg is in Chief C3P0 territory

  176. I’m currently talking with a friend whose brother, who was also a friend, killed himself over this COVID BS. His wife was an RN, she had more drugs in her body than my classmate. It was originally investigated as a murder/suicide. My friend, has had custody of his young niece for 4 years. I am also a friend with his niece. Her dad suggested me to friend her when she was 12. Wanted me to help her navigate social media. 2020 sucks

  177. I am not qualified for this. I do what I can do.


    Thoughts from Leon or Phat?

  179. You have cousins for that.

  180. Scott, I really do. Unfortunately, my friend doesn’t want to talk to Doctors he doesn’t know. Even lawyer cousins are more qualified.

  181. Beasn ,

    Did they ever check you MIL for high ammonia level? My wife has liver cirrhosis and has occasionally got into an elevated ammonia level. Very odd behavior and personality change. It can also be caused by kidney issues. It’s easy to treat with lactulose.

  182. I have watched Hamilton 5X. I cry every singe time

  183. Tomorrows jerb is in Nashua.

    Tripadvisor says there is a ton of good food there.

  184. Laura doesn’t want to help.

    She is going to miss out on some lobster or clams.

  185. Air and sea are much easier problems for AI navigation. I suspect airborne killbots will be the first of their kind, soon to be followed by armed UUV.

  186. That said, LockMart is in the decadence phase at this point in the corporate lifecycle. If you see any apparent innovation, it will have originated in a subcontractor.

  187. >>>Did they ever check you MIL for high ammonia level?

    I don’t know. She was checked twice for UTI and they keep track of her kidney function because they don’t work so good. Will have to check her records to see if they ever did.

  188. Daughter came to spend the night with MIL. MIL yelled at her 5x to get out of her apartment because she’s ‘in on it’ and that I brainwashed her. Pretty sure she’s still upset with the interview at the home and is lashing out at everyone.
    So, daughter will spend the night on our sofa and go downstairs if she hears her moving around. Baby gate is up.

  189. Oso, yes, I did give up a Gund. The baby loves it and it’s washable.
    The mood I’m in, I’m wanting to downsize a lot of the things.

  190. Blood ammonia level test is not a normal test. Right after the blood is drawn it has to be put on ice and tested in very short order. We’ve always had to have it done in a hospital. High ammonia can happen quick, it just seems weird her dementia just suddenly got really bad. Mental health issues always suck. Best of luck with your MIL, I hope it works out for the best.

  191. Vermont has 623K, about 2/3 the population of Austin, and they’ve foisted Bernie Sandanista on us for all these years? Fuck a bunch of white people.

  192. Watched the Scott Adams rant linked in AoS. Hilarious. Starting about 12 minutes in.

  193. Bill Whittle loses his shit:

    This is great…

  194. I’ve been watching some of y’all critiquing the USPS here lately. Here’s my contribution. Like a good citizen, I mailed my 1040 to the US Treasury on July 15th. The check I enclosed with it cleared my bank today. That’s a lag time of 36 days if I’m counting right. It had to travel all the way to Austin, maybe 300 miles.

  195. Deacons exorcised Rowena’s phantoms.

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