MMM 412: Hypogeum

An underground stone temple in Malta, hewn into a natural limestone formation between 3500 and 3300 BC, believed to have been a ritual site and known to be a necropolis (remains of ~7000 individual humans have been cataloged already).  Interesting to me because it’s beautifully carved, and it’s a ritual space with no access to the sky.  No star alignment, no solstice observation, just a temple and burial site.







  1. Gross.

    Bet it smells like teen spirit down there.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. “Ritual site” = “we have no fucking clue what this was used for”

    Hang tough, leon.

  4. Not necessarily. Debris patterns and ancient garbage often reflect a site’s use. Animal bones that have scorching but lack tool marks often signify ritual sacrifice, for example.

  5. Your mom left scorch marks on my animal bone

  6. Short update end of last post

  7. And, well, a funeral is a ritual, so even if the ritual space is just for the necropolis, it’s still a ritual site.

  8. Funerals killed it. Ironic.

  9. TFW no mountain hippie gf

  10. Jimbro. Hang tight Jimbro. I can’t even get my condolences right.

  11. First

  12. She’s pretty engaging. Pretty appealing lifestyle.

  13. Hay pusher >>>>>>>> mountain hippie.

  14. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 3, 2020 9:37 am
    Hay pusher >>>>>>>> mountain hippie.

    Give me time and I’d have her pushing hay on our farm while I set up the mobile chicken coop.

  15. I’d like to be her yoga mat.

  16. Sorry to hear about your mom, Jimbro.

  17. One day, when I grow up…I’m gonna visit the places leon put in this post and that last one.

  18. Ok, so I’m watching the Mountain Girl story and before I do the entire 20 minutes….I’m curious about some things in the comments. Did her bf dump her or something?
    The comments are sooo bizarre

  19. She apparently went out with some guy and really liked him and then he ghosted her.

    Standard twenty-something drama.

  20. There’s a several-week waiting list to tour this place. Can’t handle too many folks at once and they are still doing active archaeology.

  21. For a second I thought Leon was referring to the hippie chick

  22. For a second I thought Leon was referring to the hippie chick
    I actually did too haha

  23. She apparently went out with some guy and really liked him and then he ghosted her.
    ahhh, I wonder if she’s crazy. She definitely makes soothing youtube videos.
    Dating is weird. Trying to date after my divorce was a nightmare. I did get a carton of 9mm ammo out of one of my dates. That was nice

  24. She has a really good down dog
    actually, I don’t really know what I mean

  25. I start back to work tomorrow, officially, full time…since March 13th.
    I’m going to fix a whole bunch of stuff that’s been waiting for me to fix, Friday incoming freshmen will get their new Chromebooks…and then?
    I dunno. Students will drop off broken Chromebooks to me every Wednesday between like 9-11.
    I fix what I can on site and then send the rest off to ETS (educational technology services) if they need soldering or who knows
    but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing M, T, TH, and F
    Professional development.
    I feel like I get a lot of that here

  26. Nobody with a life worthy of instagram is wholly sane.

  27. Of course not, because a worthwhile life doesn’t look good on Instagram. Instagram is an illusion, and the more you try to make reality match it, the more insane you be driven by the process.

  28. Ugh, Her meals are NOT appealing to me.
    She’s a cute kid though
    I’m gonna have to start from video 1 to get the scoop on her.
    She a trust fund baby?

  29. Someone’s paying her food bills. Maybe it’s instagram money or an inherited homestead.

  30. She has a job, and depending on where she’s living it may be cheap enough that work plus YouTube revenue covers her bills.

  31. MO Ozarks are pretty cheap if it’s not cleared land.

  32. I need to know more!!
    I”m guessing youtube covers a loooooot of monies.
    I was curious about getting started and how she did it.
    I guess instead of leveling up this toon on warmane on my last day before work starts, I’ll be watching her dadgummed videos

  33. oooh is that where she is? It was so scrubby looking I figured it was northern California. The MO Ozarks is where my family is from.

  34. She’s in Washington, near Wenatchee as far as I can tell (her video shows the store where she works).

  35. I was just mentioning the Ozarks as a general case. I follow a few homesteaders in those mountains and it seems like land isn’t hard to get there, and unlike MI you generally aren’t in a protected watershed.

  36. I saw she worked at a little hippie shop, but I didn’t see the name.
    I would love a link to some of those homesteaders Leon.
    That’s always been a big fantasy of mine is to homestead. That would be rad.
    but impractical at this point and time, so I will enjoy them on youtube

  37. PJ, learn to code solder.

  38. hah, I know how to
    but union rules, they only allow us to do a certain types of repairs (which is bizarre to me because at the old district I did EVERY repair), but here at this new district…every person has their job and we do that, and that’s it.
    At the old district I was swapping out screens, keyboards, batteries, wireless cards, you name it, on Macbooks…now there’s ONE guy that does that and ONE guy that does the more advanced Chromebook repair.

  39. Kevin and Sarah are in MO: Living Traditions Homestead. They raise meat rabbits and every bird you can imagine, plus pigs, and they have goats and a cow for milk. They also do market gardening, and make a fair amount of money selling plant starts at farmer’s markets, or did until this year got that shut down at the peak of the season.

    Also Sarah has cute dimples and tig ol’ biddies, but I try not to notice that.

  40. Watched a few minutes of Ozark hippie chick. Looks like she put rice and red lentils to soak overnight. You don’t have to soak lentils.
    Does she have AC while living in the Ozarks. MO gets hot AF.

  41. Soaking lentils will start give them a little time to ferment and if you ditch the soak water it can pull out some of the plant lectins.

    She’d be better off sprouting them, but that’s advanced.

  42. Sarah can start with a live rabbit and end with stew. Can Hippie Mountain Girl do that?

  43. So are you saying I should soak my lentils overnight? I just rinse and cook them 30 min or more.

  44. If I had to eat them I’d soak and drain them just to reduce my inflammation and gassyness. If I had long enough I’d sprout them and then grind them for bread.

  45. I don’t get a lot of gas from them but since I have a sensitive gut, it might be a good idea to pre-soak.

    A bowl of lentil soup does help relieve my recent ‘issue’.

  46. What’s wrong with gas?

  47. My Indian friend is trying to show me how to make dosas, and the first step is soaking lentils and rice overnight. Then you grind them to make a batter for the crepes, and ferment it before frying in butter. Hers are delicious. Mine tasted like old socks.

  48. What’s wrong with gas?

    Discomfort. Passing it at inopportune moments.

  49. It’s sure fun to crop-dust in Costco though..

  50. also, thanks for the youtube link leon

  51. I can’t go to costco until they return to the real world, so gas is useless to me.

  52. ugh
    just got this email…I fix computers, I don’t even talk to people at my job..much
    Professional Learning, How To Talk About Race by EPOCH

  53. Dosas reminds me I haven’t made butter chicken and pakura in a while. Mmmm.

  54. Mini-me is on a grocery run for me. I think she appreciates momma a little more these days.

  55. PJ, I expect to get an ultimatum to attend one of those eventually. That will be the beginning of my career as executive vice-president of operations at Caruthers Farms LLC, a woman-owned, veteran-owned small bidness.

  56. On what planet is it appropriate to talk about ‘race’ in the professional setting outside of do your damn job regardless what wrapper you came in?

  57. Planet GovernmentEmployeesandContractors IV

  58. It isn’t, which is why I won’t. My tiny company has like 6 employees and 2 of us are as black as Wesley Snipes. We get along fine and work together well as professionals. Anyone sending us to reeducation camp is trying to make that worse, not better.

  59. How to talk about Race:

    I’ve not done anything to you that is racist. If you believe in “White Privilege”, and think that I possess it because of the color of my skin, then you are the fucking racist. Just because you are black or brown does not afford you any special treatment from me. Get in line like the rest of us, do your work, keep your fucking kids out of my way, and turn your fucking music down.

    Won’t be no trouble that way.


    President Donald Trump said Monday that he had fired the chair of the Tennessee Valley Authority, criticizing the federal-owned corporation for hiring foreign workers.

    Trump told reporters at the White House that he was formally removing chair Skip Thompson and another member of the board, and he threatened to remove other board members if they continued to hire foreign labor.

  61. How the fuck is the TVA still a thing? It’s been 70 fucking years.

  62. Scratch that, it’s been 80.

  63. I don’t know, but if anyone should be hiring Americans it’s them. I’m pretty sure you can find programmers at the local university computer science departments.

  64. Or any of the hundreds of thousands displaced by H1-Bastards in the first place.

  65. Condolences, Jimbro. Prayers.

  66. Ah Jimbro…I just went back and read your update. I’m sorry.

  67. Did someone have loose bowels in the hallway again?

  68. Nah, she peed the ottoman, though. Had to replace the waterproof mattress pad. She got 2 baths today.

  69. Trying to date after my divorce was a nightmare

  70. Daughter can’t nightsit grandma tonight like she did last night.

    Daughter has been holed up in her house for months. If she goes out –mask, hand sanitizer, hand washing like crazy once home. Once in a blue moon, she’d visit her BFF. She went on a road trip with this BFF last Tuesday. This friend’s husband started feeling ill on Saturday. One day fever, two days cough, now a runny nose. He tested positive for Wufluey…got results today. She’s worried her friend is asymptomatic and may have spread it to her. From what I’m reading, f*cking WHO clarified that it is rare for it to spread that way. Daughter has not been near the friend’s husband in over a month. (he got it from a coworker)

    No way in hell are we telling MIL why daughter couldn’t stay. Mr. B will have to sleep on the sofa tonight. MIL promised she wouldn’t come up the stairs but if she has to, she’ll holler. OY.

  71. Lumper kept calling and texting to see if he was still on the schedule for tomorrow.

    3 ignored texts
    3 ignored voicemails
    6 ignored phone calls

    I think he may have finally figured it out.

  72. Father of SEVENTEEN kids, and he was only 26 years old:

  73. DeSean’s Penis.

  74. Why not eighteen?

  75. You suuure you don’t want possibly infected daughter to stay with MIL?
    I’m just throwing it out there and expediting my ride to hell

  76. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻 Peej



  78. Peej, on the one hand it might be better instead of her being tortured nightly by the voices. She’s not having a good time of it. And the stress I felt for those two nights, may have knocked recovery back a bit.

    On the other hand, my daughter would blame herself and forever feel awful. So it’d be better this shit pass us by. Her friend is pissed at her husband, because she has stuck close to home herself all these months….but come one, ain’t his fault, honey. Him and two other coworkers all started showing symptoms on the same day.

  79. We are all going to get it.

  80. I’d rather not get it RIGHT NOW and with my luck wind up with a terrible cough and cough my surgerized hoohaw inside out.

  81. Daughter was talking to her Indian friend. Her parents are going through the same thing we are with a MIL. Her grandma (dad’s mom) lives in the same space as them and is abusing hell out of her mom.

  82. That sucks about your lumper, scott. He seemed promising. He doesn’t know where you live, does her?

  83. Wut? The hell.

    …does ‘HE’…..

  84. Don’t let your hamsters fall out!

  85. cough my surgerized hoohaw inside out.

    I hate it when I do that and a clown falls out

  86. Father of SEVENTEEN kids, and he was only 26 years old:

    Lotta stupid women out there

  87. Lotta stupid women out there

    Car in works with most of them.

  88. WhA-oh Sean’s Penis, bam-a-lam

    WhA-oh Sean’s Penis, bam-a-lam

    Sean’s Penis had a child, bam-a-lam
    the damn thing gone wild, bam-a-lam

  89. Don’t eat rutabagas, please.

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