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  1. Lotta chuckles in them thar memes

  2. Demand equivalency: rooster/penis

  3. It depends on how connected you are. Like, there’s a band called Korn, I have been to their house a ton of times (1997), they’ve met me, but they don’t know me from Adam and I don’t know them eithe

    How come we didn’t know you back when you were cool.

    I waked on the last poat.

    .5 coffee in.

  4. Front holes with a cervix.

  5. So there IS an official Hostage booze store…

  6. Front holes with a cervix.


    Sounds like a Tool song title.

  7. Fooking Rain. Had my work crew scheduled for on the range training day. Now… I’m looking at a gawdamn honey do list….. oh well, I did wake up this morning and I was able to dress myself so I got that going for me.

  8. I keep seeing ads for mask with clear parts for the mouth. You know, so you can see me smile.

    Fuck that. If I’m going to be forced to wear a mask, I ain’t smiling at shit.I could be open mouth chewing behind her.

  9. e

    add to previous comment

  10. Being able to dress yourself is a scam

  11. In the early 90s lived in a townhouse in Manassas Va. My next door neighbor was a guy named Dave. He was a long haired guy, always pleasant, quiet, very subdued. Never heard a peep from his place.

    One morning (ugly early) I go out to load up and head to the airport and Dave is loading up his vehicle at the same time. So of course I ask him “where you headed.” Dave says “I got a gig in Dallas”. Coincidentally, I was also going to Dallas for the entire week. So I say “where are you playing”? He says “Oh, I’m the bassist for Foghat, come to the club and go to the back, tell whoever’s there to tell me and see the show and hangout.” Cool. So that’s what I did. Went to show, and then hung with the band for a couple of drinks afterwards. Had a good time. I dont think Dave and I crossed paths ever again. Never back home at the same time afterwards.


  12. I always thought Foghat was the coolest band name ever.

  13. This is a good cover of this song (appropriate to the title of the poat)

  14. It really is epic ^. Just saying.

  15. add to previous comment

    Will do.

    I keep seeing ads for mask with clear parts for the mouth. You know, so you can see me smile.

    Fuck that. If I’m going to be forced to wear a maske, I ain’t smiling at shit.I could be open mouth chewing behind her.

  16. It’s fine, Coalex. You can put that e wherever you want. Freedom, man, that’s what I’m about.

  17. Comment by Car in on August 1, 2020 10:11 am
    It’s fine, Coalex. You can put that e wherever you want. Freedom, man, that’s what I’m about.

    Your mom lets me put that d wherever I want.

  18. Alex dives off the top turnbuckle.

  19. THe New York times should be nuked from orbit

    “Mail Delays Fuel Concern Trump Is Undercutting Postal System Ahead of Voting

    The president’s long campaign against the Postal Service is intersecting with his assault on mail-in voting amid concerns that he has politicized oversight of the agency.”

    Fuck them all with the barbed cock of Satan.

    The Postal Service Suck Right Now Because Too Many Of The Workers Have Chosen To Sit On Their Ass and Collect The Sugar Daddy Money Versus Working.

    There. I wrote a new headline for them.

  20. Fuck you all IN THE ARSE with that barbed cock:

    “At the same time, the mail system is being undercut in ways set in motion by Mr. Trump. Fueled by animus for Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and surrounded by advisers who have long called for privatizing the post office, Mr. Trump and his appointees have begun taking cost-cutting steps that appear to have led to slower and less reliable delivery.”

    god, I hate them so much.

  21. The next paragraph … “in recent weeks” … so the mail has sucked for MONTHS now, but you’re going to blame it on something that has happened “in recent weeks”.

    Let me help you out: EVERY GOVERNMENT OFFICE SUCKS BALLS RIGHT NOW. EVERY ONE. Absolutely every one.

    Every permitting place, the DMV/SOS, the IRS, the PO. Everything.

    Why is that? humn … let’s think.

  22. It’s called gaslighting, Carin.

    It’s a wonder the NYT doesn’t spontaneously combust.

  23. It really is epic ^. Just saying.

    Dang, that was good. Thanks. Also calm down.

  24. ok, that ligma joke was aaaaaaaaaaall sorts of levels of deep
    or everything went over my head

  25. How come we didn’t know you back when you were cool.
    If I was cool, the guys in Korn would probably know who I am

  26. that appear to have led to slower and less reliable delivery.”

    appear? where have these people been the last 30 years I’ve been receiving mail?
    Fedex and USPS are THE worst

  27. *head pat for ligma*——-PJM

  28. If IBM can do this with video they can do it with robotics.

  29. I got nothing on the ligma thing.

  30. This map is AMAZING.

  31. *head pat for ligma*

    well first I had to google it, but like a virus could be the same thing as a joke going around right? Cuz it started in 2018? or did I way overthink this and I still have no idea what I’m talking about?

  32. If IBM can do this with video they can do it with robotics.
    I can’t love this harder if I tried. I want to play!!

  33. This map is AMAZING.
    that was unexpected

  34. Roger Daltrey had a wonderful voice for rock music. No idea what he sounds like now, I understand he’s had troubles.

  35. But this is what Daltrey was saying in May…not bad
    or if you all already know this, then :P

    also, Laura…how was work last night?

  36. Educate yourselves.

    LIGMA –

    LIGMA is part of the BOFA spectrum of conditions. LIGMA (Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits) is the second stage of BOFA (Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits). In this stage, the disease interferes with the immune system and increases the risk of developing common infections such as tuberculosis. Given the weakened immune system, many of the patients, such as popular Fortnite streamer Ninja, die on this stage of the Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits (BOFA). It is also the last treatable stage. Although not effective, there are treatments to LIGMA: LIGMA-BALLS (Bi-Asonurdick Lateral Lactatioustits Sequence) that, even though it’s experimental, have shown some promise. With stopping the spread of BOFA at the LIGMA stages, it can stop patients from going into the third and final phase of the BOFA sequence: E-TMA (Entrenched Terminal Mi-Asintits)

    “RIP Ninja. At least he died of Ligma and not E-TMA”
    “Yea. Did he at least try the LIGMA-BALLS procedure?”

  37. Yes, that’s what I read about Ligma after muh googling
    sadly, I don’t have balls to really make this joke work

  38. Ligma joke is too much like work. I like my memes like I like my paste, straightforward and mucilaginous

  39. Got the lawn mowed this morning. Feels like I do when my haircut is brand new. We’re getting the remnants of that tropical storm midweek, they’re saying 1-2” of rain. Definitely needed

  40. Bottom shelf vodka meme spoke to me. I like to mix my cigar smoking with a pipe now and then. After a while they need to be cleaned and they suggest wetting a pipe cleaner with alcohol. Not wanting to leave a flavor in the pipe I went with vodka. When it came time to choose one I spent 5 minutes pondering whether I should buy a premium version or a cheap one. Being the cheap bastard I am, I went with the bottom shelf plastic no name bottle. Never mind that I could make a 750 mL bottle last a couple of years and if I bought premium I could have some to drink with tonic water and lime. Might have outsmarted myself there.

  41. Comment by Pupster on August 1, 2020 11:16 am
    If IBM can do this with video they can do it with robotics.


    So, you’re saying they’re working on faking the next moon landing….

  42. PJMomma is scads higher on the cool scale, than Korn.

  43. When a Hostage joke misfires, it’s a slow burn dumpster fire.

  44. I hope scads means a ton!

  45. Work sucked. Stayed late again and ran out like an alligator was after my ass. I was charge, so that also blew even more. Being charge means that you start to hate the sound of your own name halfway through the shift. You start to sit down, get to chart five fucking words, and “LAURA!” gets called out yet again and you have to get up and run. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat…until it’s midnight and you’re only finally getting to do your own charting after handoff to the night nurses.

    Those no-patient-care jobs in admin are starting to look mighty attractive…

  46. Being charge means that you start to hate the sound of your own name halfway through the shift.
    In all honesty, there are days as parent hearing MOM!! just one more time makes me want to go postal. Not the same, I know…but I get the feeling.
    Do those non patient job require more schooling and are you graveyard?

  47. They probably stole those from a Sam’s Club.

  48. Nah, I usually get off work at 11:30PM. Some of those yerbs require a master’s degree. The thought of going back to school is not attractive either. Still got PTSD from this last round. Professors are remorseless cunts and I have no desire to be exposed to that sort of bullshit again.

  49. Now do a stack of korans.

  50. Well, I guess they showed…somebody.

  51. The Gideons maybe.

  52. Yeah! Get the Gideons! Those smarmy bastards!

  53. Bible stealing is still pretty popular, but lately, they’ve been stealing my reading glasses. Not the whole package. One or two at a time.

  54. They probably need the glasses so that they can read the Bibles.

  55. Went for a walk in the woods. No $20 was found.

  56. Heading down to MA tomorrow to see my mom. She’s been on hospice status since around Christmas last year. Double whammy of colon cancer and lymphoma. She was treated with chemo for a couple of years and at some point last year she made the decision to go on hospice after studies showed less response to the chemo. She has been doing okay but has had increasing pain requiring more narcotics. My sister moved in with her in March, post-Covid hysteria. My sister has Chrohn’s Disease and is on immunosuppressant therapy for it so it made sense for them to quarantine together. I had a chance to visit before the travel restrictions hit and we’ve been doing a lot of texting and FaceTime to visit. My sister said it’s time to visit her now while she’s still coherent. My mother told her she doesn’t think she has much time left. My goal is to have a chance to see her before it’s too late. I am so incredibly pissed at this Covid bullshit. After my last visit I told Paula I’d be heading down every other week to visit but then they forbid travel to MA and still working. Now they have testing if you travel to MA which is not on the exempt state list. Paula can’t go, her hospital doesn’t have the same program. I’ll be tested before I get back to work but if I go again I may not have enough time to be tested. Oh well, fuck them.

    $20 in tolls

  57. Of course we can’t have a funeral because she isn’t a black civil rights icon.

  58. Praying for you and your mom. Maybe, you qualify for a John Lewis funeral Quarantine exemption.

  59. Pretty sure I saw her on the “Bloody Sunday” bridge.

  60. I’ll mention that to her priest. Nigerian guy.

  61. Father Tri is the only priest offering funerals around here.

  62. He’s Vietnamese. ZOOMing the funerals, too. Church is pretty big. 50% capacity is ginormous. It is the burials that are limited.

  63. Even D🐀🐀 are angry about Wuhan when it comes to funerals.

  64. The Governor, not the virus.

  65. CoAl, most of our bibles are the big print editions.

  66. I’m sure she’s had Last Rites. Damn shame she can’t have a funeral mass. I’m sure her church will offer its intentions for her but it’s not the same.

  67. Going to regular Mass tonight, will light candles for Jimbro’s mom and for Carin’s sister.

  68. Is that really aoc dancing? She has nice tits for a skinny gal. Thus endeth the list of nice things I can say about her.

  69. Pendejo, are you talking about my video? That’s not AOC. It’s just a couple of dancers who are really good.

  70. Jimbro, you are right. It’s not the same. I will continue to Pray for you and your mom.

  71. No power, no ice. Dan is hoity toity about drinking warm cheap bourbon. (Catching up with last nights apocalyptic comments)

  72. Ric Grenell is an honorary Hostage.

  73. In Albuquerque, if you take your pet to the vet, everything is curbside. Unless, Euthanasia. Dan took MA to the Vet Thursday. Nails did and a shot. After her recent seizures and allergic reactions, any shot is under observation. They picked her up curbside and told Dan it would be at least an hour. He gets the text. Shows up. Pays on Contact Free device. Waits. Waits. Waits. Calls. They had an emergency and forgot about MA. Tech picks her up. She pees all over tech. Dan is waiting curbside. They bring him a fat cat in a crate. Dan tells the tech he’s waiting for a Dachshund. Tech: Oh, she just Peed all over a tech and she’s getting cleaned. $20

  74. Sorry about your mom, Jimbro.

  75. Prayers for your mom and your family, Jimbro.

  76. Many thanks guys. I am of two minds on this. One is of course sadness … There’s only one mom who brought you into this world and nurtured you to be an independent person and I’m grieving her impending death. The other is admiration for her strength and the decision she made to choose hospice and not seek endless, likely futile treatment, with ever diminishing returns. She witnessed many of her relatives descend into dementia and live on in body only with no remnant of the person they were before that process. As a practicing Catholic she is at peace with her fate. Early on, at the time of diagnosis and staging my sister was frantic with worry that my mom would not seek any treatment at all. She made her decision after a lot of talks with her Oncologist and had a plan for treatment and a plan for stopping treatment. She is a very practical person, faith filled and has learned a lot in her years. I can only wish I have the same wisdom when my time comes.

  77. 🙏🏻

  78. Condolences in advance. I did my two.

  79. Sorry, Jimbro.

  80. Incontinent blind dog is incontinent. We’re going through 10 puppy pads a day. If you know, you know.

  81. ‘Sup hosefuckers?

  82. My condolences, Jimbro.

  83. Howdy, Andy!

  84. Peace and comfort to your mother, and also to you and your family, Jim.

  85. Super sorry about your mom, Jimbro..that’s rough

  86. I’m so confused about the socially distance mask thing
    Like, I wear a bandana around my neck and when I go into the grocery store I have it up (only cuz they won’t let me in otherwise) but when I’m not near anyone, I pull it back up, and then back down when no one is around.
    I mean, I thought the whole point was that if you have a mask on, you don’t have to socially distance, right?
    “Wear a mask if you are unable to socially distance”
    Why I gotta do both?

  87. Jimbro, sorry about your mom running out of time.
    Sounds like she really has her stuff together about it, though. Made her peace with GOD and ready to turn the page.
    I envy her having a plan and the courage to stick to it. I can only hope I have my shit together like that when I get to where she is now.
    May she go with GOD…

  88. And yeah Crispy…not too sure about that hand dryer haha hope it’s not in the women’s restroom!!

  89. Peej, I think the idea is that in the grocery store aisles you can’t really socially distance so you should just wear it the whole time.

    This whole spread thing is about contact time, and the issue isn’t really you so much as the employees in that store who are exposed to you and all the other sketchy people passing through.

  90. Thank you for that explanation
    and yes, I’m definitely sketchy. You should have seen me this morning!!!
    Guess I’ll stay out of everyone’s faces

  91. Someone at Aces this afternoon said:
    Bob and Doug have undocked from ISS. We still have 19 hours to get our gorilla costumes and learn to ride horses.
    This is gonna be great…

  92. Deeply earnest regrets persisted.

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