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  1. Pups has entirely tapped into the H2 psyche… he knows how to make us smile, laugh and soothe our savage breasts.

    That one dog may not be a Huskey but I would never say that because it might take away from the cuteness by being a douche who likes to point those things out like our usual H2 pedants.

  2. We went out to eat with a couple of couples last night. One of the fellows subjected us to the following piss poor joke……which makes it perfect for this dump.

    What’s the best dog to own if you tend to lock yourself out of your house?


  3. soothe our savage breasts
    Pups treated us to a pair of those yesterday

  4. Overcast now, supposed to brighten up and return to summer conditions today. The last couple of days were in the 60’s and I felt cold. Funny how 60’s feel like heaven in March or April in contrast.

  5. I had dinner with Rocketboy last night. He showed me a few of the pics from the Maine honeymoon, and I was pleased that he and DIL took a selfie by the Bass Island lighthouse, the same as we’ve done on every trip. He laughed about pointing out to DIL the different rentals we’ve stayed at.

  6. Something has been excavating a hole by my back patio, from the volume of dirt I thought mole or chipmunk.


    Dang thing is the size of my thumb and moves dirt like a dang bulldozer.

  7. It’s been hot here so long that 60s would feel like heaven now to me.

  8. Guy in Pup’s link was holding a cicada killer mating ball in his hand.

    Dude, you’re holding a bunch of horny stinging insects in your paw

    Interesting critters

    The video host talks too fast and the words on the screen are hard to read because of poor contrast with the background but it’s not like. there are 1000’s of videos to choose from or I give dos mierdas

  9. Nope.


    Let the nightmares begin!!

  10. Best part of 60’s was the low humidity and sleeping with windows open rather than the AC.

  11. I saw Brood IX open for the Cicada Killers in ’20

  12. Yeah last two days were in the low 70s and were great. Today is gonna be back in the 90’s.

  13. […] this old (2013) photo of the earth as viewed from Saturn over at The Hostages, and it kind of made the bottom of my stomach drop out. Just seeing what a tiny little speck we are […]

  14. Bass Harbor Head Light House was just in the news

  15. Now Mutual Of Omaha is losing its Indian head logo to this Ultra-PC craziness. In the future all corporate logos will be amorphous blobs.

    Until the amorphous blobs of the left revolt …

  16. The one I’m watching for is Little Caesar being #problematic because modern Greeks don’t look like that or something. We already see the “Egypt is in Africa, so Cleopatra was black!” bullshit being repeated without criticism.

  17. I’ve never heard of the American Beautyberry before reading this blurb about a possible MRSA treatment

    Common down south I guess

  18. This is a funny take on the logo thing with a few doozies

  19. Current chicken flock is yet to produce any eggs. No roosters among them, but I’m starting to wonder if they are duds.

  20. *Signs up to soothe Mare’s savage breasts.*

  21. Heh, I was waiting for someone to step up and swing at that fruit.

  22. Free parking in the rear.

  23. Best part of 60’s was the low humidity and sleeping with windows open rather than the AC.

    Best part of 60s was the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles and beer.

  24. gotta give jimbro credit mare. he swung at the pendulous breasts early on

  25. is the beer better now, or in the 60s? lots more variety now and there’s so.e tasty ones too.

    from when you partook of course

  26. John Lewis has moved on to that great race card heaven in the sky.

  27. Beer is better now. Choices in the 60s consisted of Pabst Blue Ribbon (it didn’t become PBR until Gen X discovered it. We drank it because it was cheap.), Blatz, Stroh’s, Goebel’s, and Budweiser (which we couldn’t afford.) If you were uppity you drank Michelob (which we really couldn’t afford). Of course there was Miller High Life (the Champagne of bottled beer), Carling Black Label (Mabel, get off the table. The quarter’s for the beer.), and other local stuff.

    Microbrews didn’t come out until the 90s. Now the choices are vastly better. But I sorta miss those simpler days. We never talked about the aroma or finish. (Well, not in relation to beer anyway.)

  28. My dad used to love Hamm’s in the 60’s. Last year was the 10 year anniversary of his passing, so while we were tubing on the Salt River, I made a point to drink a Hamm’s with my son in my father’s memory.

    Now the kid has made it his primary beer.

    I guess the old beers have some legs.

  29. Well, now I need to try Hamm’s……… it light or dark?
    Merv and I have one beer on the porch every couple of nights to show the kids that some people CAN actually have alcohol in small amounts and not be crazy people. This has been my go to choice. It’s strong for me so if I don’t have it with food, I’m kind of a mess

  30. My dad didn’t drink, he was a pin wearing member of the PTAA
    ( ) but I remember my Uncle Paul drinking Schlitz beer with the pull tops when we used to visit.

    Some of the old beers I remember are Narragansett, Schaefer and Black Label. Carling’s is still a thing in Ireland.

  31. “Turns a fridge into a palace”

  32. Back in those days there was this mystique surrounding Coor’s. It wasn’t shipped east of the Mississippi per agreement with Stroh’s, which couldn’t be shipped west of the Mississippi. At least that’s how the story went.

    Anyway, loads of people here thought Coor’s was nectar from the gods, and out west everyone coveted Stroh’s. Except Stroh’s was actually pretty good beer. Coor’s was referred to by my western buddies as “woman’s beer”. It really kinda sucked, but we couldn’t get it, so it was “a thing”.

  33. Johnny Paycheck referred to Coor’s as Colorado Kool Aid – brewed from a mountain stream, it sets yer head on fire, and makes yer kidneys scream.

  34. I remember the whole No Coor’s beer thing as a youth. When they went national I had some and wasn’t too impressed. Kari, one of my old MA’s who probably drank too much, used to drink it. Isn’t that the plot line from Smokey and the Bandit?

  35. I believe you are correct Jimbro. They were bootlegging a semi truckload of it to some party back east at the request of some high roller whose daughter was turning 21.

  36. That movie came out 43 years ago.

  37. hamms used to be 25 cents at the local pub. won a bet on that, drove from ames for quarter draws

  38. I loved Stroh as regular drinker. fire brewed!

  39. know why coors is like sex in a boat?

    both are fucking close to water

  40. One particular scene I remember vividly was Jerry Reed getting ass whupped in some roadside bar by a bunch of bikers. After they toss him out he staggers back to his rig, climbs inside, fires it up then with a devilish grin spies their line of Harleys parked right in his path.

  41. “There’s a place
    Where the hawk soars free
    Where a man can be
    What he wants to be

    Where the air is fresh
    And the water’s clear
    And there’s just one beer
    That’s brewed up heeeeeere

    Taste the high country
    Taste the high country
    Taste the high country
    Climb up to Cooooooors”

    “It ain’t flatland beer.
    It ain’t city beer.
    It ain’t downstream beer.
    It’s Coors!”

  42. I’ve never heard of the PTAA *cough* but I think its soul was in the right place for sure. Heavy drinking in Ireland was taking scant resources from families.

    Cheers to Jimbro’s Father.

    No disrespect meant.

  43. Comment by scott on July 18, 2020 1:21 pm
    That movie came out 43 years ago.


    Holy crap I’m old.

  44. Some of the old beers I remember are Narragansett, Schaefer and Black Label.

    Schaefer tasted like it had been strained through steel wool.

  45. My mom gave me his pin after he died which I have somewhere tucked away. Even now it’s a big deal when I’m visiting my mom and have a beer. We used to laugh at church when my dad was an Extraordinary Minister for Holy Communion and when the chalice of wine was offered he’d do what we called the pump fake and lift it to his lips like he was gonna drink from it.

  46. The Patriots old stadium was called Schaefer Stadium back when they sucked. I remember going to a few games with Scouts and the seats were all aluminum bleachers. Even as a stupid kid it hurt to sit on them so half the time we’d walk around the stadium doing stupid kid things

  47. I remember Billy Beer.

    Dad drank Budweiser, Old Milwaukee, and PBR. Mr. RFH’s grandma drank the little bottles of Schlitz, and Mr. RFH remembers being allowed to have one.

  48. My dad’s favorite was Ballantine’s India Pale Ale. Most places didn’t stock it so he got the local party store guy to special order it. It came in green bottles and was very hoppy – unusual for those days. My brother referred to is a “boiled grass.” I kinda like it so it was what I kept on hand. If you didn’t like it, I said, “Next time BYO.”

    Anyway, who knew my old man was so ahead of his time?

  49. I once owned 5 cases of Schaefer, 16 oz cans.

    Worst beer ever.

  50. I once owned 5 cases of Schaefer, 16 oz cans.

    $30 worth, huh?

  51. So, over the years the better half collected “black mammy” kitchen nic knacks and such. Bout a year ago she started talking about changing decor… it should be understood that my position on kitchen decor is the same for the rest of the home….DGAF. Do whatever ya want, dont care. As long as it is environmentally sound, I dont care what color it is, what the curtains look like, furniture style, function before form, not my AO. But I digress.

    So yesterday she and daughter go antiquing and the better half mentions her kitchen stuff to the antique person who responds with quite a bit of interest. Better half returns home, tells me, and I get to looking the stuff up online….yeah, I got a couple thousand in black mammy and pikininney crap. Maybe more, I got boxes of this shit.

  52. Lawn jockeys used to be a thing. My Schlitz beer drinking Uncle Paul had one out front of his house

  53. All this talk about old beer brands made me remember Haffenreffer aka “The Green Death”. Tasted like a skunk as I recall from the few I ever had. The bottle caps had a rebus under it and if you do an image search you can find them. When I looked them up I learned a little history

  54. Used to buy a six of bud and a case of Schaeffer. After a couple of Buds you couldn’t really taste the fail when you switched.

  55. In the 1980s Trump was predicted to bring America back to God.

    This is for you Catholics (like me) and non-Catholics too, why not?

    Apologies if this has already been linked. There is an 8-minute video that is very much worth a watch and tells the story.

    And for those doubters… Knights Templar could have shipped, (literally) stone by stone, the house back to Italy thereby acting as angels on the church’s behalf.

  56. Mickey’s Big Mouth is another awful classic.

  57. “$30 worth, huh?”

    You may be right.

    A friend was making a booze run to NH (much cheaper there)

    I handed him some cash and said “buy me as much beer as you can.”

  58. Mickey’s called itself Mean Green.


  60. Doritos.

  61. That last one made me cry for the first time in a while.

  62. That one makes me think of the “Catch it Derry!” video that was out a while ago.

  63. He’s like MacGregor, he’s got no legs!

    The dog is pissing! Can you blame him?

    Ben and I think that one’s hilarious. Every now and then we play it to make Paula question our sanity

  64. When I was in HS all the white boys drank coors cause Mexicans drank bud. My last two summers before I graduated from college I worked as a swamper for the local anhueser Busch distributor. Since bud light as free I made the switch. I’ve now been drinking either Michellob light (which I’ve not seen in a long time) or bud light for 40 years. I’ve drank maybe 6 coors during that time. BRand loyalty and shit.

  65. My dad would drink whatever was cheapest. In Cali, he drank Olympia. In VA, it was Schlitz. In TX, it was Coors. In NM, it was Natural Lite. In college, I was all about Budweiser. When I met Dan, we would drink Grolsch.

  66. My Uncle Felix and my Uncle Gilbert only drink Coors.

  67. With the beetus, I drink Michelob Ultra. Before the beetus, I was enjoying Pyramid Hefeweizens. Mmmm…liquid bread.

  68. I cut a 9.38 lb boneless pork loin into one inch slices and Mr. B. ‘cued half of them up. Man was that a purty piece of meat (that’s what she said). That was lunch, along with sweet corn, German slaw, and taters.

  69. Then I did a snooze on the sofa.

  70. We had to get a mailing address for the vacant land in Kazoo ……there’s never been a mailbox there, so somewhere there’s probably a giant pile o’ junk mail.

    Nah, it’s just voting democrat.

    Mr. B. has never had to put an address on any of the vacant lots he’s owned.

  71. I cooked up some country ribs with chili powder, garlic and onion powder, chipotles, vinegar and honey. Came out ok, but a bit of bitterness I can’t figure out. Gonna fry up some tacos later.

  72. Whitmer ordered flags at half staff to “honor” that race huckster Lewis. Is there anything this cunt won’t do to let her freak flag fly?

  73. Mostly. Water, black coffee, ACV in water with a little regular salt and potassium salt, water with a squeeze of lime, water with a tablespoon of kimchi juice, etc.

    lauraw, what is ACV? Where do you get potassium salt?

    Longest I could go was 18-20 hours. I’m a wuss.

  74. Is there anything this cunt won’t do to let her freak flag fly?

    Double anal in a clown costume.

  75. ACV = “apple cider vinegar”

  76. When I met Dan, we would drink Grolsch.

    Well la ti dah. Artists concept:

  77. I liked the cool bottles. Now, we drink cheap bourbon. Evan Williams. Ran out of Evan. Had to drink Crown XO. We got it on clearance at Sam’s. A hundred dollars off. We won’t be drinking that again. It was pretty smooth though.

  78. Why ruin a nice glass of water with ACV? Is that part cleanse?

  79. We are supposed to watch a video on how to de-escalate mask situations. Wouldn’t load. Shrieking harpy was screaming at a Member for not wearing a mask. Started screaming for a manager. Cente told the unmasked lady that he could get a mask for her. CoW relayed to me. Me “Mask policy doesn’t go into effect until Monday. You totes mishandled the situation. Both of you.” CoW “What do you mean?” Oso “Check the app. Read your e-mail. Listen to Sam’s radio.” (I had way too many maskholes today. Fuck the fuck off. Stay away from me. Ask your questions from more than 6 feet. Bitch wanted me to do a price check. I told her to place the item on a pallet of water and back off. No one wants to BTFU)

  80. I don’t know how to put accents on Spanish names. Vicente. Pronounced “Chente”

  81. grolsch bottles are the shit in homebrewing

  82. there’s a MLB baseball game on. so what if its the yankees.

  83. Go to and play opening day winners. Budweiser and baseball for a jersey.

  84. We were watching Phillies/Nationals

  85. I’m getting guilted into visiting my mom. My mom buys all of this COVID BS. She’s 80 years old. Should Oso kill her mom?

  86. No, you can kill Carin’s and Carin can kill yours. Less guilt.

  87. Hotspur is wise.


  89. Hotspur with the Strangers on a Train. For youngsters, Throw Momma From the Train.

  90. Gym is now requiring masks. Nope. Guess I’m working out at home.

  91. Montana went full masks.

    we have like a hundred cases.

    We also have a dem gov who is running for US Senate.

  92. We caved to masks. Things were getting seriously Fucking dangerous with the Karen’s. We hired outside security. There was crazy shit this morning when Dan dropped me off. Security may be more about us than whining Karen’s. Fucking panhandlers. 1 block from substation. 4 hours to respond.

  93. Mask all the Karens!!

  94. There are more tourists in Montana than citizens right now — lotta Karens — guess who is not wearing masks?

  95. Montana went full masks.

    we have like a hundred cases.

    I’m trying so hard not to see it as the Mark of the Beast, but I’m pretty sure that comes next: RFID with the vaccine.

  96. ***I think it is stupid to make Montanans wear masks given our low rate***

    A karen from California came up to me today while I was working hauling thousands of pounds of stuff into a store and said, “it’s gotta suck wearing a mask while working, huh?.”

    No mask.

    Yeah, but it’s required now — she’s a foot away.

    Where are you from?

    :”California with my dvmnbm”

    Step back now!

    The only reason we have to wear masks is because of morons like you.

    You come here, you don’t care about us — and we have to wear masks because out of state people brought the disease here.

    “Blagh Bluh blargh.”

    Ma’am please get away from me.

  97. Anita goes to a ‘underground gym’. We are out in the hinterlands, 30 miles south of Seattle and a few miles south of Puyallup. Members know to wear masks when entering the gym, and when leaving the gym. That way the state spys think they are complying.
    Inside the gym nobody wears masks because you can’t work out in a mask.
    This is such hippocritic bull shit.

  98. Check out Moses on facedouche. He is quite the artist. Photography. Janis not Russ. IB baby.

  99. Found out last night that a friend’s father (90 with health problems) had to go to the ER with a problem, then the hospital. During the stay, picked up COVID.

    Wasn’t having symptoms, so he went back home. Few days later, he can’t breathe, wife calls ambulance, he is admitted to hospital, doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t recognize anyone, no one can go visit.

    Got a text this afternoon that our friend’s father passed away.
    It was our friend’s 60th birthday.

  100. Directing Edwin required patience.

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