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Butt Drugs

(Colorado Alex) Some more “content”


  1. Well, um, that was something, ah, special!

  2. Unique!

    (sorta like PJM)

  3. I broke the blog or so it appears. Just need one of you smart computer types to rectify the situation while I’m off rectifying your mom

  4. Dude. DUDE.



    And I went down the rabbit hole of Proverbs 31 which is about finding and/or honoring a good wife, especially 31:10-31. Read something about acrostics but only in Hebrew … ain’t had enough coffee for that

    The fact that there exists a thing called Proverbs 31 Ministry ought to have been a clue that I am not up on my current bible news

  7. Thanks for the rectification Pupster. I clicked on Peej’s video and read the description which is good. Their link to ilovelocalcommercials was busted for me butt my youtube sidebar had some other local ones on including Butt Drugs.

  8. 31:19 “She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.”

    Tell me more!

  9. I thought the OT frowned on getting handies.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. I’m going to admit, I sorta hoped for more “Man on a Buffalo”…

  12. Their lives matter more than yours

  13. I couldn’t stand the wait BroTim and went ahead and watched the whole series. I think it’s only 4 videos so it must have been cancelled mid season and not renewed for some buffalo-hating reason

  14. Wal mart mandating masks, and that’s being celebrated?


  15. The Left thinks the People of Wal-Mart == the Right, so the celebration is that they think we are going to be forced out of our selfishness and into being compassionate members of the community.

    I predict Wal Marts will be looted.

  16. I’m going to do curbside pick-up of groceries until this madness ends.

    I will not mask, and I won’t risk their business license for it.

  17. Has anyone asked Fauci where the scientific evidence is that masks prevent the spread of *insert whatever*?

  18. And why now when deaths are going down and we have working treatments?

  19. Because they have to keep the charade up until November to enable fraud-by-mail.

    Massachusetts is apparently debating making their mask mandate permanent.

  20. Ugh. Apparently when I was updating my various services after my last change of debit cards (does ANYBODY protect this information anymore?!?) there was a glitch with my ISP, when I re-enabled autopay it went back to the old card I’d just turned off instead of the new one. Fortunately WOWWAY has pleasant, helpful people, that got it sorted for me, unlike their idiot programmers and system designers, apparently.

    That wasn’t sarcastic, by the way. Pleasant conversation with a good person that sure as hell sounded American! How often do you get that with customer service these days?

  21. Washington has required masks now for over a week and I heard a local health official say this will be the new normal. We’ve had 95% compliance on the masking, but our infection rate hasn’t changed. When the mask orders don’t change the rate that’s pretty good evidence they don’t do shit, but they will never admit they are wrong. It’s all theater all the time now. If masked worked why can’t everything open up?

  22. Jay, I tried your KC ice drink recipe yesterday, it’s pretty good.

  23. IKR? Just a nice change.

  24. Whitmer is already making grunts about “going back a phase” if her unlawful mandate isn’t followed strictly.

  25. Still not as good as pupster’s pitcher of G&T’s

  26. going to podiatrist this morning. Left heel keeps flaring up, limpy J’ames is not happy J’ames.

  27. I’m willing to wear a mask if they open shit up. So far they just want us to comply with everything they do.

    Won’t do any good, but I’ll wear it.

  28. Wow, I’m magic
    I worked really hard
    you’re welcome

  29. I’m off rectifying your mom



  30. Our governor signed an EO that makes it impossible for localities to put mask policies in place.

    Businesses will still do it, of course, but that’s at least a step in the right direction for civil liberties.

  31. Georgia seems like a nice place. Too bad Biden will cut you off in the next administration.

  32. Nah. If he wins he’ll pour money into GA. Imagine all of the monorails and bridges over lakes, kill whitey museums, etc.

    Swing state!

  33. Bardcore
    New style of music being listened to at the PJ household

  34. PJM I like the Hidegard Von Blingin’ videos. Here’s her cover of Creep.

  35. And “Jolene” really works.

  36. One of the morons yesterday said that printed on his mask box is;
    “These masks will not prevent the spread of Covid-19 or Influenza. This is NOT a medical device.”

  37. I swear to the Lord above, I was just about to ask if Chrispy has updated us on COVID shenanigans.

  38. Yes!! My boy and I are listening to Bad Romance right now from her hahaha

  39. Big day. I’m officially instructing professionally again starting this evening. I have a couple that are getting “Intro to Firearms and Home Defense”.

    The marketing angle for all the newbies will be to offer the course along with a home security assessment. This will provide the reluctant student(s) privacy and applicable knowledge tailored to their individual environments. All for the low, low cost of only 5 easy payments of….I digress.

    My regular job is insane. People are insane. As I travel around, one can identify the political leaning of a area by the group approach to covid. I have one suburban location that is just about 100% mask along with one ghetto location same same. Rural areas dgaf. Also, as I travel through the rural I see lots of Trump flags and sign along with “Pritzer” (our governor) Sucks”. I find that heartening to a degree.

  40. I’m still waiting for the lawsuits to start hitting courts. There’s going to be an avalanche of shite over these orders. Whitmer’s lawful emergency ended April 28 and she’s issued an EO basically every couple of days since then, many of which weren’t even tangential to the supposed crisis.

  41. Also, as I travel through the rural I see lots of Trump flags and sign along with “Pritzer” (our governor) Sucks”. I find that heartening to a degree.
    My last trip to the lake I noticed a lot of Trump signs on the way. Very few signs around here, mostly local races. Zero Biden signs anywhere

  42. And congrats on the side gig/potential main gig taking off. Seems like a great time for that service with so many new firearm owners. I’m glad people are willing to get the training. Don’t forget to let the local range or gun club you’re sending them bizness

  43. Above is a link to Mike Glover a former Special Forces / Contractor type. He is putting together a organization. Mike is highly regarded amongst his peer group. I strongly suggest you find the time to listen to what this guy has to say and why. Then consider if you want to affiliate (also strongly reccomended) . I agree with his perspective and support his concept .

    It doesn’t matter what we want or dont want, what matters is what “is”. No one is coming to save you, you have to be able to save yourself.

    No one is coming to save America, we have to save it ourselves

  44. I apologize for the imbed, I thought it would just be the link. If someone with the keys to this joint wants to correct that no probs on my end.

  45. I sent that video to myself to watch and share later.

  46. Listening to Rush. Good perspective on polling and the election. I’ll paraphrase a little . If the Dems actually believed the poll numbers as they stand now they would not be pushing for mail in voting. He also believes there will be no debates

  47. I want to sing the praises of this device

    Every year I get endless shit flies buzzing around me when I’m in the garage having a cigar. It took a little while to get going but right now the flies are fighting each other to get in. I’m happier than TeeRoy when gun parts are in the mail.

  48. Watching Fox. they are tracking the guy that smacked the police chief with a pipe bender (judging by the end of the pole). They better find that one.

  49. Cause every body nose…..

    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me happppeeeee

    Gun parts in my mailbox makes me smiiiile

  50. oh, they are calling it a cane, and they have a woman in custody. I wasn’t sure if it was male or female.

  51. I was trying to think of the dumbest course that Biden will take, which he will:

    1. Tie conditions to debate; ex Drumpf’s taxes
    2. Try to minimize debates to 1
    3. Float idea that you can’t debate cuz reasons
    4. Back track on debates and give in
    5. Eye explodes on TV…again

    We’re at stage 1 right now.

  52. State of Texas has to remove 3000+ positive cases, cuz they were probable?

    WTF? why would that even be possible to mess up? How many others are doing the same thing?

  53. One of the HQ commenters made the point that Biden agreeing to a debate means they know the polls are garbage and he needs to gain ground.

    Alternatively, no debate AND garbage polls might just they know it’s a loss year and this’ll get rid of Biden and his hangers-on for good.

  54. Grocery store won’t let me buy liquor online.


  55. GND and I have been picking through a lot of the GA data, Jay.

    There are def anomalies. For the first 50K cases in GA the positive rate was 6%. For the second 50K cases it went to 13%.

    The death rate, for each was 4% and .45%.

    That makes zero sense from a purely stats perspective. Given the amount of samples you’d come away saying 1) there’s no relationship between the metrics or 2) the data isn’t valid.

    I’m guessing 2 so far.

  56. Hello, my name is Gasket. The line starts on my left. Please observe social distancing and shit. Thanks.

  57. I agree with your assessment, MJ. Iowa has jumped from 5 to 10% too.

  58. *waiting for press sacrifices at the altar of Kayleigh

  59. that’s a reply to This tweet

  60. I just logged in to my red cross app.

    Swipe right ‘cus I’m COVID negative baby!

    (Full disclosure: I had to look up which direction to swipe)

  61. Researching stuff is White Privilege

  62. Writing things down for the edification and education of others is whiteness. Or Joooooooooness, which is even worser, I think.

  63. What did your Heel Doctor say Jay?

    Let me guess: heel cup or gel inserts, calf stretches, ibuprofen and Metamucil

  64. I think you swipe away from your vag Jimbro. don’t want to get an infection.

  65. yup, wear the boot, here’s some double strength naproxen.

    Fresh boot, too! $39 on Breg site, wonder what they will charge insurance for it.

  66. Respect The Taint!

  67. Yeah, a lot of times I’ll tell people with commercial insurance to look on Amazon or at an online brace shop for stuff like that if it’s non urgent

  68. I have to drive 40+ minutes into IN to buy gin in a county with no mask order.

    Road trip tomorrow.

  69. Just sent a letter to the flood insurance carrier politely telling them to pound sand. My mortgage carrier required flood insurance while I owed money on the camp. First few years it was about $2000. Then it started going up. Last year was about 6 grand. That was the thing that finally told me it was time to prioritize paying it off. I made some moves and did the payoff 10 years early. The bill for insurance this year was close to $9000! I’m tired of paying for seaside mansions in hurricane zones to be rebuilt

  70. Sooooo here is the government in action.
    Merv owns a sign company. They are wholesale and do not work with the public. The sign companies come to them and say, “this is what we need, please make it”
    Sooooo, a sign company came to them wanting signs for the VA. The VA signed off on this and the sign company said ok, so then Merv’s company made this.

  71. crap, it’s not public. Hold on

  72. insoles from shoes was a great idea from him, though. Much more comfortable.

  73. Looks legit.

  74. No it’s just ice cream.

  75. Everyone must be off licking their cones

  76. I didn’t expect to like Hamilton, because of Pence and the politics. I love it. I’ve watched it 3 times. Watched on my iPad, because Dan is watching Thursday Golf. I only like Sunday Golf.

  77. Peej, when my dad was in stroke rehab, they had him on the 2nd floor. The signs were almost as bad as Merv’s. Almost.

  78. Things that sound dirty: stroke rehab

  79. Stroke Rehab Solutions ™

  80. Normally Merv’s team would have caught that as the third line of defense, but his team is mostly looking to make sure the paint is good, the Braille is where it belongs, that kinda stuff. It’s not their responsibility to govern what gets printed on that that sign…it’s the sign company that takes the order, but sometimes Merv’s company will be like…you guys sure your client wants this?
    But they’re so slammed right now no one noticed…but it ultimately comes down to whomever at the VA signed off on it. lulz

  81. Stroke Rehab is my new band name

  82. PJM?

  83. So, turning on the phone this morning, and I hear a noise as whatever is breaking down EXPANDS WITHIN and the backing of the phone comes away a bit more. Long lunch, new phone to get used to. Oh well, had the S6 for five years, it was long paid off and owed me nothing more.

  84. My dad got kicked out of Stroke Rehab for rolling around tearing down Jesus pictures with his good arm. I can’t think of a good name of a band that Stroke Rehab opened for, Moron fail.

  85. PJM?

    ahahaha actually……….had a fellow moron get a little flirty with me over a PM on FB….said something hugging me really hard and go in for a kiss if he met me and I responded with, well it’s a good thing I’m a G1 in Krav Maga because I’ll kick your teeth in
    to paraphrase

  86. if you don’t have patience…go 8 minutes in cuz all the lulz

  87. He wasn’t up to your standards, I take it?

  88. I saw Stroke Rehab open for the Killers in 08.

  89. Stroke Rehab and The Vaselines

  90. KY and the Water Based Lubricants

  91. He wasn’t up to your standards, I take it?

    Nah, Merv will do, or the lead singer of Stroke Rehab…he’s kinda hot

  92. Some dude in Michigan got all stabby at a convenience store clerk over the mask policy, was gunned down in the street later by police. Been trying to find the raw video, they released the body cam video, and when he was pulled over the house he was stopped in front of had a camera rolling on the whole thing. The officer fired 8 or 9 times and must have missed most times at close range, had to clear a jam and finally put him down. Don’t watch this if you don’t want to see a dude expire.

  93. Gun jammed when he grabbed it. Officer did a good job clearing it and getting the gun running again. Can’t tell where the shots were going. I imagine he was hit repeatedly, but not in the CNS. Scary.

  94. Peej, that was hilarious.

  95. Don’t watch this if you don’t want to see a dude expire.

    lord, what was she shooting at? A bird?

  96. Love how OANN is banished to the back of the room in WH briefings, and Kayleigh still calls on her.

  97. Merv did an advanced training in KRav…you have to grab a gun as someone is firing (from the side angle), you learn that a gun can’t be fired when you’re holding onto it. People get scared thinking it’s going to hurt, but it only hurts after it’s been fired a couple times because then its hot
    but still, having some of your skin sloughed off is still better than getting shot, so there’s that?

  98. Some dude in Michigan got all stabby at a convenience store clerk over the mask policy, was gunned down in the street later by police.

    This is what Gretchen wants, it will be her reason to keep us in phase <<<< normal for as long as it takes.

  99. I find it interesting (not really) that most of the violence about mask wearing involves folks who are … black.

  100. Making dinner then was going to go for a run, but tut tut it looks like rain.

    I just …


    Everything cancelled, except the Detroit Marathon. It *may* be cancelled. DON’T know. I mean … shit, I kinda need to know. I’ve been so disappointed all year, it’s sorta hard to train and get excited for yet another thing that will be cancelled.

    I’m —->this close<—— to going on a 57 state shooting spree. Saturday is my pew pew class.

  101. The Hostages in a nutshell

  102. I have to drive 40+ minutes into IN to buy gin in a county with no mask order.

    Road trip tomorrow


    Eh, I just hit the local swanky liquor store nearby. Nice lady behind the counter asked if I had a mask. I said I must have left it at home. She shrugged, and I got what I came in for. And this is in the Gull Lake area, which is the capital of Karenhood, with all the rich, be-yoga-panted white prissy beyatch sisterhood woke glitter-sniffing WHITE (that’s racist) special snowflakes running around. I imagine in your neck of the woods, Leon, they’d be even cooler about it.

  103. Gym tonight. I’ve been sitting here all day trying to read statutes on sales taxes and it’s getting hard to look at the screen. Walls of small black text on white backgrounds make Colex an angry boy…

  104. That’s why you need large magazines.

  105. That’s why you need large magazines.
    Large, YUGE, magazines.

  106. Gym tonight.
    I’m envious. We are all ordered to stay in our homes here in Cali unless on some sort of official business

  107. My new cargo shorts came! Woohoo!

  108. Fuck that Peej. Michigan had that order for a while. I still went to the track to work out. We worked out at the track in small groups for three months.

  109. Jude, I only worry for the business if there might be a snitch on the premises that gives them grief. I might go to the county that didn’t have an order until last week first and just claim I hadn’t heard and have poison ivy anyhow. They’re only 20 minutes away and if I’m going to potentially have a problem I’d still rather be farther from home.

  110. I’m envious. We are all ordered to stay in our homes here in Cali unless on some sort of official business

    When I lived in Ventura I was outside of town, and there was a two mile loop I could run at night. I’d probably be out every night just to get fresh air and keep from going stir crazy.

  111. Merv was playing the shooting video at .25 speed to see if he gets hit
    “I think she shot him in the dick when he caused the gun jam”

  112. Whatever she was using, I want to make sure I have a bigger caliber handy.

  113. Wu Tang Flu wrecked my plan to get in shape and buy this as a reward, but it still calls to me.

  114. Leon with the cargo shorts. Do you have the boogaloo Hawaiian shirts?

  115. “I think she shot him in the dick when he caused the gun jam”

    Yah or the thigh. I’m guessing 9MM or 40cal, I’m no expert but it doesn’t look like she slowed him down until the dickshot. Then she cleared it and scored 3-4 more and he went down. If you listen to the audio he was mocking her the whole time.

  116. Wife is out of town with Possum until Saturday. If backpage were still a think I could hire an escort… to go buy me some gin.

  117. Do you have the boogaloo Hawaiian shirts?

    Not my style. I never like the fabric texture on those.

    But I have thought about it.

  118. I posted on facedouche that it was time to retire TWSS and Your mom. Ready to head to fifth grade. Moron That’s what your mom said. We graduated, y’all

  119. Leon, Dan has a closet full of Hawaiian shirts. Lone Star TX Hawaiian shirts. 4th of July Hawaiian shirts.


  121. I wanted to retire your mom, but she begs so pleadingly…

  122. Of course Dan has hawaiian shirts, he’s a racist gringo.


  124. Pups with the 🤣🤣🤣. J’ames, we were just talking about this the other day. My woke family has fewer AA and Trans friends than we do as retailers. Our wedding was woke. 30 years later and there was more diversity at our Alt Right wedding than any single family member in the interim.

  125. Dan is such a racist Gringo, his best friends are black. He has Indian friends. He doesn’t like illegals. Still not as racist as mi familia.

  126. Mask order for the entire damn state taking effect momentarily.

    Also, any willingness to re-elect Kay Ivey as Governor.

    Connection? I mean, it’s possible…

    /looks for “custom voodoo dolls”

  127. Guys wear Hawaiian shirts because the pattern helps hide a concealed pistol. Also, if you see an old guy wearing a vest in Summer, he’s probably packing.

  128. Pepe, si. Untucked is the concealed carry uniform.

  129. Did you see where my cousin is so pissed about Baca, that he’s going after the NM civil militia?

  130. Hawaiian or polo shirt, untucked, cargo pants, boots. The “I’m carrying concealed” uniform.

  131. Yeah, guy who shot the protesters who attacked him isn’t affiliated with the militia. Let’s go after the militia!!!

    That’s the scary thing, the government is protecting the looters/vandals. They attack you, no problem. You fight back, you’re going to jail. Crazy.

  132. Local school district here in their return to school plan, wants teachers to have kids wash their hands every 60 minutes. For 20 seconds each
    sooo, you have a class of kindergartners………every 60 minutes you’re going to spend 15 or more minutes washing kids hands? good lord

  133. Also, no one on one help, no carpet time, no shared crayons, scissors, etc. no centers, Imagine trying to keep 30 kindergartners’ attention spans from across the room.

  134. I think I read that in Cali, there hasn’t been one child death due to Covid…….. I’m sure they’ll adjust that report soon.

    I read an article on a study that exposed 400+ uninfected people to an asymptomatic carrier. No one was infected. They rat-holed that report asap. Just like someone at the CDC said very rare for asymptomatic people to transmit the virus. Then they walked that back like crazy.

  135. Pepe, gets it. My Soros cousin pretends to be free. His wife is another story. He can’t get the shooterso he goes after us.

  136. Pepe, all that stuff will be rolled out the week after the election, if only we deplorables will behave and vote correctly.

  137. Ok you goofs. The reason why the bad guy didn’t fall or react to the hits is cause this isn’t the fucking movies. Ok?

    Instant incapacitation is RARE in shooting events, period. Getting hit does not cause you to fall or be knocked down by force of the hit. Did you know that in our modern society 80% of our shooting victims survive? This is due to our medical system being so well versed in the treatment of GSWs.

    This is a survival issue. Just cause your shot you are not out of the fight. If you shoot me and I’m conscious I’m gonna be pissed and will be doing everything I can to destroy my attacker.

    Good shoot by the officer and good react to stoppage. She handled that like any professional should and should be commended.

  138. Trying out Goya adobo powder sin pimientos tonight since regular was sold out. Will report back.

  139. T’Roy with the giant buzzkill on my handcannon dreamz.

  140. He’s right though. A typicial tazer shot is more dramatic in life than a typical gunshot, unless it’s straight to the face on tangent intercept.

  141. Just watched a squirrel climb out of the garden with a big green tomato in his mouth.

  142. This video has been making the rounds. Can’t remember if it has been linked here.

  143. Central Nervous System (CNS) hits are the only ones that result in instant incapacitation. It looked like she was hitting him, but around waist level. You can see her weapon light shining around belly button level. It’s not like in the movies where there are gouts of blood and people fly back. That’s what 12 ga. shotguns are for.

    I think you can function for 10 seconds with no blood pressure before you become unconscious. That’s a long time for someone to be stabbing you after you shoot them in the heart.

  144. T Roy from the top rope.

  145. Not tangential, orthogonal. Tangents on my mind a lot lately thinking about orbital rings.

  146. This made me snortle in my underoos.

  147. Peej, I put your reddit video into a link so it would quit playing every time I refreshed the page.

  148. Not tangential, orthogonal.

    Well thank goodness you cleared that up.

  149. Preparing your proposal for Elon Musk?

  150. Honestly, having given the matter some thought, a Mars shot should probably happen after we have an orbital ring. Or 3 of them. It makes colonizing Mars, Luna, heck Mercury almost trivial.

    But good luck getting one built, sadly. You’d likely have an easier time building one around Mars, at least politically.


  152. Flag on play. Upon review I deem my last poat unintentionally dickish and fine myself two bullwhips.

  153. It’s alright, TeeRoy, we’ll be merciful. Mare will be along shortly to deliver your paddlin’.

  154. Honestly, having given the matter some thought, a Mars shot should probably happen after we have an orbital ring. Or 3 of them. It makes colonizing Mars, Luna, heck Mercury almost trivial.

    But good luck getting one built, sadly. You’d likely have an easier time building one around Mars, at least politically.

    I want a couple of asteroids put into orbit along with bases on the Moon.

  155. Oops.

  156. IG-20-018.pdf

    We found that NASA’s exclusion of more than $17 billion in Orion‐related costs has hindered the overall transparency of the vehicle’s complete costs. Both federal law and NASA policy call for a Life Cycle Cost estimate for all major science and space programs costing more than $250 million, and for the Agency Baseline Commitment (ABC) to be based on all formulation and development costs. The Orion Program received approval from the NASA Associate Administrator to
    deviate from those requirements, resulting in exclusion of $17.5 billion in Orion‐related costs from fiscal year (FY) 2006 to FY 2030 due to the Agency’s tailored approach to program management and cost reporting. Although these exclusions have been approved, the tailoring of these cost reporting requirements significantly limits visibility into the total amount spent on development and production efforts.

    We also found that Orion has continued to experience cost increases and schedule delays. Since the cost and schedule
    baseline was set in 2015, the program has experienced over $900 million in cost growth through 2019, a figure expected to rise to at least $1.4 billion through 2023. At the same time, the program’s schedule for Artemis I has slipped more than 3 years, while the schedule for Artemis II has slipped 2 years. Additional delays are likely as both Orion and SLS complete development efforts for Artemis I in the next 16 months and prepare for Artemis II. Meanwhile, Orion is
    proceeding with production of crew capsules for future Artemis missions before completing key development activities, increasing the risk of additional cost growth and schedule delays as issues are discovered late in the development effort, potentially requiring costly rework. Further, NASA’s award fee practices have hindered the program’s control of contract costs.

  157. Trump and the Republican Party need to get their shit together on their fundraising emails. I got 14 emails today, since ~11 PM last night, and most of them, even just the subject lines seem worded in a way to piss me off.

    “Sad to see we can’t count on you” (guess not)
    “We are running out of time” (election is still in November, right?)
    “I recognize that you get lots of emails” (yes and they are all from you)
    “If you don’t step up to defend Trump right now” (you’re going to what?)
    “Please do not ignore this message” (too late!)

  158. I’m gonna need a full explanation of the physics in ‘Interstellar’ from Leon, Alex, and Roamy.

    That movie kicked ass but I haz the dumb and I can’t follow the space – time – gravity thing at all.

  159. The universe consists of very tiny strings on the back of turtles.

  160. Haven’t seen it.

  161. I haven’t seen “Interstellar”. Too much like work.

    CoAlex, not surprised the IG doesn’t like the bookkeeping shenanigans with Orion. SLS and James Webb Space Telescope (which is delayed again) have all kinds of hidden people charging to it full time but not doing a damn thing.

  162. My hope is that when Trump wins, he tells USSF to take over the Moon mission, they cut a deal with SpaceX, and the whole SLS mess is tossed overboard. Turn NASA into something similar to NOAA.

  163. Which way, modern man?

  164. Can I skip the chest shaving and spray tan?

  165. Peej, I put your reddit video into a link so it would quit playing every time I refreshed the page.

    Thank you! Sorry. Believe it or not, the dashboard has changed considerably from when I used to post consistently.

  166. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 16, 2020 8:55 pm
    Can I skip the chest shaving and spray tan?


  167. USSF will turn into a steaming load of leftist jizm in no time. Just like NASA. It’s a government agency. It’s baked in.

  168. Well screw it, then, I’mma play more Skyrim.

  169. USSF is the seed from which the Adeptus Mechanicus will one day grow on a distant, red soil. They will watch from their cold desert while Terra rips itself apart in civil wars and biological denial.

  170. Well aren’t you all just little rays of sunshine today.

    Tomorrow there will be boobs. Try not to stab MJ in the face while I’m gone.

  171. I only worry for the business if there might be a snitch on the premises that gives them grief.
    That’s why I wear a mask in stores and either do the below the nose/chin or loop it on one ear thing after I look around at the people inside.

  172. … a Mars shot should probably happen …

  173. WTF is an orbital ring? Why do we need 3?

  174. Interstellar is one of the best movies of the last 10 years.

  175. You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me happeeeee
    When skies are gray

  176. I have paid to watch two movies in the last 25 years.

    I want my money back.

  177. I got the DVDs of Pride and Prejudice from Netflix. Mrs. Bennett is a Monty Python Pepperpot. Mr. RFH and I are arguing whether a Graham Chapman or Terry Jones pepperpot.

  178. So this is who I feel sorry for
    My son works for Dominos…..every…single…day several times a day
    some asshole is in there screaming at my son that they shouldn’t have to wear a mask. Dude, take it up with the governor, not some minimum wage college student just trying to make a couple bucks. Why be a dick to them?

  179. Because those people are pieces of shit. Not just now, but always. They just like using the masks as an excuse.

  180. WTF is an orbital ring? Why do we need 3?

    Mind the speech impediment, turn on CC.

  181. Because those people are pieces of shit. Not just now, but always. They just like using the masks as an excuse.

    True, I’m gonna mention that to my son

  182. It’s misdirected anger. He should be screaming at Newsome. Or worse.

  183. Sorry Leon, the topic may be interesting, but I can’t stand that guys voice.

  184. I get it. For extra sadness, he’s been in voice therapy for 20 years and that’s the best he’s able to do.

    He has a good sense of humor about it, though. He admits that he prefers to say “mass dwiver” in place of “whalegun” because even he laughs when he thinks about a giant gun that shoots whales.

  185. Lady cop fucked up in a major way. The mocking perp was constantly walking toward her and she let him get ‘way too fucking close’.
    Twenty one feet is the limit if you are on top of your game and prepped for it.
    She was not.
    Perhaps distracted by his calm mocking manner? She did not detect menace(Even though he was advancing on her with a knife and a screwdriver!) and let him get way the fuck too close.
    She needs remedial training…

  186. Moon base first. With mass driver.

    “Hi, we’re setting up this base on the Moon to mine and build stuff.”

    “Yeah, sure, it’s all dead, won’t affect us…”

    (10 years later)

    “Hi, we’re going to use the Lunar facilities to build a ring or three around Earth.”

    “WHAT?!? But but but environmental shit and block our view and REEEEEEE—”

    /large mass impacts San Francisco at high speed

    “I’m sorry, I don’t recall saying we were asking your fucking permission, just that we’re going to fucking do it. Clear, Gaian soytard?”

  187. The mocking perp was constantly walking toward her and she let him get ‘way too fucking close’.

    Yes!! Waaaaaaay too close. I think she was scared and did NOT want to fire that weapon. He should have never been able to get that close. She needs remedial lessons and more gun training. She did a good job clearing the jam with a quickness though.

  188. Way too close……..especially since the dude was white and not likely to make the national news.

  189. Dustin exemplified rugged persistence.

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