Because I know you all watched Episode 1 when I posted it last week, here is Episode 2. You’re welcome


  1. Well this post isn’t as bad as that time Laura posted a BBF. That’s faint praise.

  2. I watched this video and wondered when I could attend a classics course to discuss its subtleties.

    Initially, I spelled its, tits and I wasn’t sure which worked better.

  3. Tits would have worked better. But I’m not an English major, just an average guy.

  4. WTFITS?

  5. Adorable

  6. wakey

  7. I hope Peej didn’t strain herself with the effort of creating this poat.

  8. Probably threw her back out.

  9. You know what she needed? She needed HELP FROM A BUFFALOOOOOO…

  10. First

  11. What did I just watch? How much weed did I smoke for breffis?

    Are these questions related?

  12. I’d be shocked if that sold 10k units.

  13. Dawww, the baby drummer! What a smartie.

  14. “Git outta here kitty cat”.

    That could totally be Leon, off grid.

  15. /After watching that video, I now feel as if my life has meaning.

  16. Which video Clint? The mountain man or the cleavage hider?

  17. Oh, and nice to see you, Clint.

  18. Buffalo man, of course, Mare. Smooches to you!

  19. I’m so proud of you guys for watchin a guy on a bufaloooooooooooooo
    also, I’m here so late because doing this post wore me out. Had to stay in bed a little longer
    Recovery takes soooo much longer the older I get

  20. /After watching that video, I now feel as if my life has meaning.

    Nonsense, you life always had meaning………at the hostages.
    we all float down here.

  21. You’re prolly just constipated, Peej.

  22. back in the office, internet outage at home. Yay Masks!

  23. “They all wore masks for the Spanish Flu!”

    That did nothing to stop the spread, it was noted at the time.

  24. I dont think they all wore masks. I also don’t think they washed their hands regularly, or had the sanitation practices we do now.

  25. This is so funny.

    Masks will be a sticking point as will school openings.

    It seems like such a great political wedge right now but it won’t in a few months unless the media can keep the hype going or if there actually is a second wave of death.

  26. Wait until the MN cops are acquitted because of overcharging them. Will probably happen in October. Thanks Keith Ellison!

  27. You’re prolly just constipated, Peej.

    Mornings are faaaaaantastic

    *drinks morning cup of metamucil, looks at sunrise*

  28. Masks were mandatory at a lot of public events at the time, Jay, Covid Karens keep posting shitty memes about it on imgur without any real historical context.

    I find it ironic that most of the pictures are of people at baseball games and other sporting events.

  29. I saw Second Wave of Death open for Boob Apron at Red Rocks Amphitheater in ‘06.

  30. I saw Second Wave of Death open for Boob Apron at Red Rocks Amphitheater in ‘06.

    ahahaha I don’t know why that made me laugh as hard as it did

  31. I’m encountering a lot of people that are anti mask. I don’t know why but they just start talking to me about it.

  32. Out here in San Diego County we have a loooooooot of fuck you I”m not wearing a mask type people.
    I wear one IN the store as I’m not interested in making store staff uncomfortable having to ask me to wear a mask, but outside? oh nah

  33. I like to walk around outside with my mask dangling from one ear. It makes me feel al gangsta an shit.

  34. Please be sure to hold your gun sideways when you shoot as well
    Accuracy is through the roof

  35. Hotter ‘n a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.

  36. Accuracy is through the roof

    So is the bullet, I imagine.

    I have not worn a mask, nor will I. I don’t spit when I talk, and I’m pretty sure I had Chinese Lung AIDS in February. I had been going to a neighboring county to shop, but they got an order (that I plan to “not know about” if anyone karens at me). I got a garden hat with built-in mosquito netting as a last resort, but I haven’t worn it yet.

  37. Hotter ‘n a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.

    Foolhardy fathead fanning the flames fires up the firewood causing the fresh fucked fox to be finished in the forest fire

  38. That’s a lot of fucking F words is what that is.

  39. Fatalistic fellatio for funsies

  40. Is fellatio ever for any other reason? I thought that was sort of the point.

  41. Giving blood currently. “Power Red”. Basically they’re taking just the cells and giving back my plasma and some bonus saline. I’m eyeing the juice box for my celebratory drink after the phlebotomy is complete

  42. Well, I guess when MJ does it it’s fantastic fellatio for funding.

  43. He wouldn’t be able to donate blood

  44. Red Cross or the blood guys at your hospital, Jimbro? Seems ideal for what I want.

  45. Red Cross is all set up for it. I asked at the hospital thinking I’d save them money but even though Red Cross charges money for blood it’s an efficiency of scale

  46. test

  47. test

  48. huh, both work. sweet.

  49. I’m eyeing the juice box for my celebratory drink after the phlebotomy lobotomy is complete

  50. I’m telling you, Leon, baby goat yoga/crosstraining.

  51. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal phlebotomy…

  52. gin and juice!

  53. My sister in law did the yoga with goats in Maui and loved it. It is, of course, just about the funny goats jumping on your back and hanging out with them. MARKETING GENIUS.

    I’m sure everyone just laughed a lot so they got “centered” (relaxed and happy) like they say they do when they do a hard workout with lots of deep breathing.

    It’s impossible to count the number of times I’ve heard people say “Yoga really centers me.”

    Firstly, STFU
    Secondly, It’s a workout with breathing, you’re not meeting Christ.
    Lastly, STFU

  54. ^^^But I mean that in a nice way.

  55. Some of our BBFs have been bottomy Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  56. Roamy, how are you feeling and have any of your organs they removed grown back yet? I just figured you being superwoman, that might happen.

  57. 50% of the men in yoga classes are there just to ogle the wimmens. 50% of the men in yoga classes are just there hoping to get flexible enough to do an oroboros impersonation.

  58. Every time Mare says, “but i mean it in a nice way” it makes me laugh.

    I used to work for a guy who held himself out to be a great Christian. But like most of us he’d get wound up and criticize the hell out of some piece of shit who desperately deserved it. After a few minutes of dogging the hell out of the dude, he’d catch himself and say, “but I don’t mean any of that in a bad way.”

    PS: He was full blown dementia by age 55 and died at 61.

  59. Back when I was doing P90X one of the workout days was yoga. I did about half the workout cause I wasn’t gonna do all that standing on one leg balancing shit. But I kinda liked it. You can break out in a full sweat in a 72 degree room while remaining motionless. I didn’t know that was possible but it is.

  60. PD, I like Yoga a lot and use to do it regularly. I just kind of change things up. But it’s not a religion to me and I’m guessing not for you either.

  61. Whitmer’s task force has figured out why so many black people (in Detroit) have died of COvid. Its not vit D, nor population density, nor previous conditions.

    Its those fucking racist health care workers. Their implicit bias.

    “Health care professionals will need to complete the training to renew their licenses to practice medicine.”

    B a haaaa haaaa haaaaaaa

  62. It was more of a riff on people who say, “yoga really centers me.” Uffffffffff

  63. I never had an out of body experience while doing it. I don’t really understand why anybody would. I did it because it was part of the P90X program which was doing me a whole lot of good at the time. I wouldn’t mind getting back into it but the arthritis in my hands and elbows is too painful now.

  64. Whitmer is a whore.

  65. Um, doesn’t that require a law to be passed or something? Since when does the governor’s office have any such authority, even in a (non-)emergency? Shelter in place, hygiene, evacuate, okay, but mandating “training” under that auspice is absurd. Can she order them to learn how to change the oil in a Cutlass ’88 because they might need one on the job, too?

  66. If any of you need to feel smart:

  67. Car in, y’all may have a serious shortage of health care workers in the future. My sister in law works at a huge hospital in Lubbock that is run jointly by Lubbock county and Texas Tech University medical school. And she tells me that more babies whose parents are from the eastern half of New Mexico are born in that hospital than babies whose parents are from Texas. The reason why? Obstetricians in NM who don’t want to do abortions are obligated to perform one if their patient says she wants it done. By law, they can’t refuse. So they responded with their UHaul. According to her there are almost no obstetricians left in NM in the eastern half of NM.

  68. Pretty strong correlation between outright dipshittery and walking on the beachside while being willing to be interviewed, it would seem.

  69. Help help I’m being repressed.

  70. I did about half the workout cause I wasn’t gonna do all that standing on one leg balancing shit. But I kinda liked it. You can break out in a full sweat in a 72 degree room while remaining motionless. I didn’t know that was possible but it is.

    My guy Merv Griffin did yoga with me when we were doing Krav Maga because he needed stretching…it was really good til I pushed him like a linebacker one time at Krav and he didn’t fall properly and herniated his disc…no more yoga after that.

  71. “Health care professionals will need to complete the training to renew their licenses to practice medicine.”

    fuuuuuuuuuu please kill me

  72. I’ve often wondered how California could continuously send lunatics to DC to represent them. Now I know.

  73. yoga is not a religion to me, but I am practicing meditation.
    Kind of amazing. You want to talk about centering yourself. Just sitting there and shutting the fuck up for a half hour and really trying to quiet the mind is kind of amazeballs.

  74. Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and this kinda stuff is why it’s is hitting the black community harder than the white…no racism

  75. Blacks in Detroit are not the healthiest people. Obesity is well over 50%, diagnosed and undiagnosed Type 2 is rampant, and it’s cold enough that hardly any of them get enough vitamin D.

    Black fitness vlogger I follow made that point based on the few studies that are out there. White guy without hair can get all his vitamin D with 15-20 minutes of noontime sun exposure even at high latitudes. Dark-skinned blacks need hours. Not enough D and you’re immuno-compromised, full stop.

  76. I wonder if there’s any benefit to buying a low-powered UV bulb and putting it in a lamp in my office. Turn it on for an hour or so a day while I work shirtless.

  77. I’ve done yoga in the past, and it can be a workout when done properly. That said, I wish it could be divorced from the new-age pseudo-hinduism crap. I want a body weight stretching routine for days I don’t go to the gym, or am recovering.

  78. Pilates was formulated specifically for that, Alex. Josef was a good Catholic who didn’t want anyone praying to Hindu gods by accident, as I have heard it.

  79. Goat Pilates…….

  80. I went in a grocery store for the first time since the plague was set upon us on my way back to camp. Wanted soy sauce but being a good husband I asked Paula if we needed anything else. Holy crap. She texted me a 15 item list. Got it all but faced condemnation for not finding the Zevia soda.

    “No good deed goes unpunished”

  81. Dallas job was a bust. Waiting on DC…

  82. I just want a nice, dry cave I can rig up a makeshift home in. I’m tired of the pay-late-have-nothing-left life and I’ve basically nothing left I can liquidate.

    Tired of being just plain fucked.


  84. The funniest thing I saw recently was a woman that was easily 150 pounds overweight carrying a bag of Chick Fil A, fully masked up outdoors.

    As in, she might get the terrible rona but would never consider you know, maybe being healthy.

  85. “carrying a bag of Chick Fil A….”


    So you’re saying you hate Jesus……

  86. Chick Fil A is all in on hating Jesus these days. May as well get Popeyes.

  87. Haven’t been to Chik-fil-A all year. Used to love it, don’t really miss it now.

  88. I must not be reading job sites right. Every time I look at something promising, I see the “requirements” and hear doors slamming shut.

  89. I have a kid working at CFA and as a result have had more CFA in the last 2 years than I’ve had before that. In fact, I’ve had their coffee twice today.

  90. Just copy and paste that into your tailored resume, Tim. That’s what half the guys in DC do with zero consequences.

  91. I ran into a former CoW. Asked her if the rumors about her Club were true. She told us, no. She had to be tested because a teacher at her kids daycare tested positive. You get a kit for testing. Put your info on it. You don’t know if it is nose or throat until they open the kit. They all got throat, except for her three year old. She said it was brutal listening to him cry and scream.

  92. I’m team Popeye’s

  93. Dude, I can’t see you happy with DC. That’s my home AO. All I can say is reside in WV or western Northern VA. Stay out of Maryland. Dont consider anything on 95. If you have to be all up in the urban area go with something in Fairfax county near the metro, but itll be pricey.

  94. If DC I’d give myself a hard limit of five years. Get experience, make some money, enjoy the tango and swing dancing scene, and get the hell out. Plus, there are a few blacksmithing schools in the area so I can take classes.

  95. Got it all but faced condemnation for not finding the Zevia soda.
    Well yeah, that stuff is good.

  96. Don’t screw up again!

  97. I get the stink eye when I bogart a can when it’s too early for a beer and I don’t want seltzer

  98. Bro T, having worked HR. If it says “should possess” then 90% time negotiable. Some “must have” will also fall into negotiable. Bullet points are normally deal breakers. Bet you already knew that but I thought I’d throw that out for shits and grins.

    Half the time they list that shit like a wish list. If you have 80- 90% of the skills requested fire your resume. Whaddya got to lose?

  99. The Zevia ginger ale is an excellent mixer.

  100. Alex,

    You realize your discussing relocating to a city that within the next 5 yrs is very likely to become, how shall we say…contested?

    I vote Portland. While it may also become conflicted, at least you have tribe there.

    I admit bias. I despise DC. I swore when I left the next time I laid eyes on it it would be through my sights. That was in 07. I hope to never see it again.

  101. when it’s too early for a beer

  102. Teeroy, my tribe are mostly leftists. Hardcore leftists. And one is a PDX cop.

    WA might be nice, since I have friends up that way.

  103. Watched the last Season of Sneaky Pete on Amazon. Bought Tropic Thunder before Cancel Culture.

  104. I’m glad I got a copy of The Black Hole. Couldn’t be made today.

  105. Not because of the title, but the all-white cast. Forget there’s only 5 humans and it’s entirely possible given the demographics, it couldn’t be made today.

  106. I didn’t get a bootleg of Song of the South. Memorized it, so I’m cool. Zip a Dee da MFErs

  107. I never saw that one, Oso, but we did have a copy of B’rer Rabbit when I was a kid. I remember the tar baby.

  108. When I was a kid, the Frito Bandito and Speedy Gonzales were EPIC. Cancel Culture fucked us over 40 years ago. Three Caballeros became the new norm. Three Amigos.

  109. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on July 9, 2020 2:26 pm

    I wonder if there’s any benefit to buying a low-powered UV bulb and putting it in a lamp in my office. Turn it on for an hour or so a day while I work shirtless.

    **sets up camera for HHDcast**

  110. I had a bootleg copy of Song of the South, but it’s on VHS and probably nothing but static by now.

  111. I remember when they did away with the Frito Bandido because it was offensive to hispanics. We were WTF?? None of our friends were offended.

  112. Have to take a big hydraulic cylinder into ABQ tomorrow. Potential record heat, pray for Oso.

    Getting ready to go to ABQ:

    Penelope: Paints toenails so sandals will look good.
    Me: Runs a couple of magazines through the G19, gives it a good cleaning. Tosses a rifle in the truck, just in case it gets exciting.

  113. Speedy Gonzales was like a superhero to me. I wanted to be him.

    But canceled because accent.

  114. Arriba arriba

  115. **sets up camera for HHDcast**

  116. Explosion heard in western Tehran Thursday evening.
    Electricity reportedly cut in suburbs west of Tehran following mysterious explosion.

    More… Bad Luck…

  117. Can’t catch a break.

  118. Must’ve pissed off Allah

  119. WTF is this Oklahoma ruling? Half of Oklahoma turned over to an Indian reservation, including most of Tulsa?

  120. Interesting ’60 minutes’ from Australia on Maxwell and Epstein.

  121. Dennis enjoys repairing phonographs.

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