Oh my goodness, how did this get posted?….again


  1. How was toxic masculinity not a tag here? I had to rectify the sitcheashun

  2. Well, this post sucks.

  3. Nevermind, I got it working.
    No surprise for you

  4. nice post, IT person

  5. Well, Fox news is expecting that Trump will be masking up next week.

  6. IT people are THE absolute worst..

  7. Oh right, now that BLM is winding down, everyone needs to ramp up covid again

  8. We mostly have categories, not tags.

    Swine flu 2020 will end restaurants and bars forever.

  9. ah, so many memories.
    damn, I’m not even drinking and I’m all a mushpot

  10. anyone remember what the original page was called? We named ourselves The Hostages, but what was the actual url?

  11. You’ll have to ask the man lesbian

  12. I wish I could.

  13. I know mesablue would know. I’ll go ask him on faceyspace

  14. I see an offer for beef outside skirts 4.54/lb. This is from the restaurant supply place so I assume there is some trimming involved. Can anybody tell me how big of a pain in the ass it is to take the membrane off these things? Is this a good price, pre-trimming?

  15. I’ve done it…I think it’s a huge pain in the ass, but then I didn’t have amazing knives.

  16. sure is delicious though…carne asada for days

  17. actually, I’m pretty sure anyone has better knives than I had and it wouldn’t be a pain in the neck at all for you

  18. This chick says you just peel it off

  19. That seems too easy. If I were only going to buy a few pounds it would be one thing to take a little risk, but they are likely coming in bulk packaging. I hear these things are so tasty it’s worth it though. And with the sous vide we wouldn’t have to worry about overcooking or making them come out too chewy.

  20. oooh so the stuff you’re getting is far superior sounds like from what this chick is saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfFNRdfP_lc

  21. ok., this guy shows me how clearly bad my knives were cuz I couldn’t do this and he’s making it look ridiculously easy

  22. “It’s not a marshmallow, it’s a steak.”

    Haha, she’s a dipshit and doesn’t know much about what sous vide does. It’s still a steak. A really, really, good steak.

  23. Yeah, we have a guy in our I.T. dept that makes THE most amazing briskit every Christmas using sous vide method…it’s epic and freaking melt apart in your mouth

  24. Gotta do a sous vide brisket one of these days.

  25. TBH it is kinda awesome.

  26. Gotta do a sous vide brisket one of these days.

    Chef I worked for last year absolutely went wild with his sous vide. He used an Anova, and the main thing he would do was chicken breasts.. buy a box of ‘random’ chicken breasts (normally would be considered lower quality, but bulky) and then season and put in ziplocs with seasoning and do for X hours at ~130 degrees in a cambro… cheap and easy and always came out perfectly cooked and juicy. Funny thing was some customers would accuse them of serving them raw chicken when it was demonstrably cooked through because it was so juicy. He did fish and filet mignon and other stuff too. Stuff does come out amazing if properly done…

    I’ve been considering adding one to my RV’s cooking utensils because they don’t draw much power and seems like a good way to cook a variety of things.

    I dunno about a brisket that way… my steakhouse background makes me say that’s sacrilege… best way I know to do a brisket is to dig a pit in the ground, salt the fuck out of it fat side up, wrap in aluminum and lower in over hot coals, sealing in for 24 hours (best with mesquite wood) but might turn out fantastic. Making me wonder now…

  27. Wasn’t the original URL wickedpinto.wordpress.com?

  28. Oops – just looked it up on mesablue’s site. It was:


  29. Desperate, Emile robbed pharmacies.

  30. Sean, how long have you been sober now? I used to enjoy the updates.

  31. My poor boy. He’ll never understand the joy of picking up some random hottie in a bar and then regretting it later.

    He’ll have to settle for pushing a button on a phone and having a slut come over.

    Wait a sec…

  32. He could always bang a shemale at BLM protest. Don’t give up hope.

  33. He’ll be assigned a mandatory tranny at this rate. Emphasis on the man.

  34. Nah. I’m sure he’ll be a nice young man with traditional values.

  35. WTF did I just watch?

    Two minutes of my life I’ll…actually look back on and decide were less of a waste than usual, to be honest.

  36. I’m sure he’ll be a nice young man with traditional values.

    I’m pretty sure that the “traditional values” of the Hostages are “weed, titties, and loud music.”

  37. Totally agree with that.

    The record store in downtown Alpha was closed. An employee knows someone who tested positive for Covid.


  38. Also there were about 5 people on a corner holding black lives matter signs. 4 white 1 black all under 18.


  39. Testing positive without symptoms means nothing. I’m not going to a hospital for anything less than a compound fracture until this shit is over, I guess.

    Time to start farming leeches to get my iron down.

  40. There are still record stores?

  41. Yep. They paid me $250+for my shitty records.

  42. Sure, doesn’t wiserbud work at a record store?

  43. Wakey

  44. hahaha, last day of the week, so I’m sitting here waiting for BBF to pop up.


  45. Why are record stores essential?

    Oh wait, your governor isn’t a commiedemocrat. Never mind.

  46. Bagel store in Detroit we like is open three hours a day – call in orders only- thurs through Sunday.

    I told pat they were probably milking the unemployed until it’s done.

  47. Speaking of which, did you catch Kristi Noem saying there isn’t going to be any social distancing when Trump comes to Rushmore? Media went nuts.

  48. Bars closed in Michigan except traverse city area and UP.

  49. you’re probably right, Car in. I’m sure it made the decision to stay closed easier.

  50. thewickedpinto.wordpress.com

    Thank you geoff!! and HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Via Instapundit. Brought a smile to my face.

  52. First

  53. So the farmer I get lamb from and I got to chatting when I went out to get the freezer from him, and his new day job is something I think I’d really get a kick out of. Basically, he’s a seed supplier for a company that sells native grass seeds. His “job” is to find native Michigan grasses — especially sedges, which I didn’t even know were a thing — and gather seeds, then propagate them and sell the seeds up the chain.

    I think I just found a use for my side yard, if I can get hooked in with his buyer.

  54. Native grass is my favorite because it’s acclimated to where you are and usually is more eco-friendly. I was trying to think of the scientific/latin name for my lawn. I think it’s called astro-turphicus

  55. Yeah, a lot of the small-farm types trying to build pastures are trying to go that route to minimize their inputs. It’s tricky to get started, because you can’t just depend on native grass seeds blowing in anymore. The first year we let our field go fallow all we got was foxtail, which can be deadly to horses.

  56. Foxtail? Wasn’t her name Megan Kelly?

  57. I’d have used different yard tools to mow her down, IYKWIM.

  58. hahaha, last day of the week, so I’m sitting here waiting for BBF to pop up.

    Yah, I resisted the urge to post it, feels like Friday to me too.

    I took the day off to go to a new dentist, first appointment in NC, I asked for a cleaning, but after all the X Rays, pictures and measurements they are kicking me over to a periodontist to talk about extractions and what not. Hopefully this next guy can knock me the fuck out and do what needs doing after the initial consult. My gums are for shit, apparently.

  59. Maxwell did not kill herself.

  60. I’m off work and the dump and scrap metal depot are both open tomorrow, so we’re going to do some tidying.

    I can’t find my good machete, though, so I may have to defy the mask order and go buy one if I want to hack down greenery on the fence line.

  61. The first year we let our field go fallow all we got was foxtail, which can be deadly to horses.
    It was deadly to one of our dogs. Went in her ear and hen who knows where?

  62. Knox County, TN made going mask-free a misdemeanor with no expiration date on the ordinance. Because Science.

  63. https://tinyurl.com/Hotspur-lost-his-phone
    ahahaha you know how hard they had to be laughing filming that?

  64. I’ve got an exterior door where the weather strip along the top keeps popping out of place. Should I try to glue it in or just use some staples?

  65. I had no idea about the foxtail seed menace.

  66. Masks are required in my whole state, but luckily the virus stops at the state line so South Carolina is safe.

  67. Both, and dont forget the duct tape

  68. I finally got around to watching the Tucker segment with Mike Braun.

    That did not go well.

  69. That did not go well.


    it actually did in the senes that that pussy Braun backed down on his idiot legislation.

  70. I love the language in DoD contracts:

    Systems and Technology Research, Woburn, Massachusetts, is awarded a $7,735,180 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to develop a binary structure inference system to extract software properties from binary code to support repository-based reverse engineering for assured micro-patching that minimizes lifecycle maintenance and sustainment costs.

  71. Is it a bad sign that I actually understand 90% of that statement?

  72. I had no idea about the foxtail seed menace.

    It’s only dangerous when it goes to seed, and only to horses. The fuzzy “fox’s tail” head on it is apparently too much for their esophagi and the irritation can cause them to founder. Sheep and goats apparently mow through it without issue.

  73. Is it a bad sign that I actually understand 90% of that statement?

    What word did you not understand? Looks like a standard reverse-engineering project. Most of the ones I’ve been near but not on say this but leave out the patching and maintenance because we’re reverse-engineering malware to build effective countermeasures.

  74. Well, it’s bad for all living things according to the internet.


  75. Huh, we’d never heard it was a risk to anything else, and my sheep farmer grazes on it without issue. Weird.

  76. CoAl, what is going on at Ft. Hood?

  77. Oso, I have no clue. I think some soldier disappeared, and now it looks like foul play.

  78. The POI committed suicide the other day. Searchers possibly found 2 other bodies, while looking for her. It’s just weird.

  79. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was something even nastier going on. Serial killer? Pervert? Who knows.

  80. Social justice warriors are UP IN ARMS. The big line was that she was sexually assaulted, and of course she couldn’t report it … ellipses intentional because the story is just filled with innuendo. They DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, but that doesn’t stop everyone from making assumptions.

    Then yesterday lawyer for the family said a “superior” (doesn’t say which gender) walked in on her in the shower and another used bad words to her in Spanish.

    That’s it. That’s the sexual assault?

    But, the full force is out. People are OUTRAGED that the story isn’t know, etc, etc …

    She was a pretty girl. Wonder what happened. SInce we DON’T FUCKING KNOW YET.



  83. Jay, I’ve followed her for a while. Nice video.

    I’m claiming love triangle

  85. She got murdered and they’ve found her body and the first suspect was a soldier that took off and left base and then “Around 1:29 a.m. Wednesday, officers found him in the 4700 block of East Rancier Avenue. Authorities said that as they tried to make contact with the suspect, he pulled out a gun and shot himself.

    He died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    His name will not be released pending notification of next of kin.

    Officials say the civilian suspect arrested in Guillen’s case is the estranged wife of a former Fort Hood soldier.”

  86. My little yorkie dog is having gastrointestinal issues again. Just back from a $350 vet visit. That purchased some IV fluid, a B12 shot, some anti nausea meds, some anti diarrheal meds and a couple of cans of super deluxe science dog food. He’s been a exceptionally good doggie so he’s worth it, but these things never happen right after you hit a lotto. Freaking rent and cell are due this week. Such is life.

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to renew my instuctor credentials and be licensed to provide State approved concealed carry training here next month. I can charge 100 per head and easily make a 6 – to 700 every weekend.

  87. Guillen’s

    Isn’t that one of your kids?

  88. The only base I have any real experience with is SANGB, but I can easily see how a body could go undiscovered there for quite some time.

  89. Funny you mention that, I just got back from the fancy gun shop…prices are high and shelves are pretty bare. $150 for concealed carry class, now scheduling into August.

  90. Honestly, it was the part about it being a $7.7 million “fixed-fee-plus-costs”, which given government can’t possibly be what it seems from plain language…

  91. That’s a pretty standard payment structure for a government contract.

  92. The non-fancy gun store is on vacation. They are $50 but their calendar hasn’t been updated since January.

  93. Love triangle sounds like what’s up. Then all the SHE WAS KILLED BECAUSE SHE WAS BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED folks are going to go dark.

  94. IDIQ is what should raise your hackles, BroTim.

  95. Isn’t that one of your kids?

    I lost that one at Walmart I think…in Alabama

  96. Then all the SHE WAS KILLED BECAUSE SHE WAS BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED folks are going to go dark.

    with no mea culpas

  97. My little yorkie dog is having gastrointestinal issues again

    I’m sorry. That is never fun 😦

  98. Ugh, Why can’t the world have back scratching post placed like…everywhere?
    I wouldn’t even worry about germs. I just need to get that one spot on my middle right. I have a scratcher in every location at home and work, but it’s just not enough.
    Where are my rights? MY NEEDS ARE NOT BEING MET



  100. It is just too hot to be outside. Ugh.

    fixed it for myself

  102. If you’re a small defense contractor, CPFF contracts are the same as Firm Fixed Price contracts, but with more paperwork. If you’re a monster defense contractor, your contracts are too big to fail, so CPFF is a license to bill.

  103. You can tell from my bitter tone that I’m in the former category.

  104. was that bitterness? maybe you should put a bitterness tag. I honestly felt, if we’re gonna have a critique here, that really sounded more matter of fact…like, you were puttin’ us some knowledge. Where is the wailing? The gnashing of teeth? Do better.

  105. “License to bill” ==> “License to kill”

    See how bitter that was. Totally implicitly bitter.

  106. https://tinyurl.com/Beassssssn

  107. See how bitter that was. Totally implicitly bitter.

    oh damn, I see it now

  108. Back Scratching Solutions ™

  109. ^^ that needs to be a thing, carin…we could make dollars

  110. yes….why can’t we have cats programmed to do this?

  111. I was talking to my 85 year old, extremely deaf, mom on the phone this morning. Shut your whore mouths. So, making small talk and I tell her that me and the wife went to Costco last Friday. She says, “You took M where?” I repeat that we went to Costco. I can tell from the silence on the other end that she still hasn’t made the connection. So I elaborate by explaining, “Costco, they have one in Lubbock and David (my older brother) shops there a lot. In fact I think he’s taken you with him a time or two.” She replies, “Oh, Costco. I thought you said you’d taken M to a cock show.”

    We had a good laugh and I thought it would be a good fit for this shithole dump.

  112. Cock Shows are more Mare’s thing.

    Or MJ.

  113. …so she could see what they are supposed to look like.

  114. haha your mom was wondering what kinda sick little monkeys she raised, that you AND David think going to this kinda stuff is ok

  115. The contract I worked on pre-F*rd and both contracts post-F*rd have been CPFF, basically the customer and the prime hashing out a huge pile of wants and putting them into baskets that get turned into projects under the program umbrella. The weak link is perpetually the people between the devs (i.e. me) and the grunts doing the intel work who actually use these things. I spent 4 years in total building something that was never used because the government side of that equation dropped every ball at every opportunity to get buy-in from the intel guys.

  116. ” Guillen’s unit, the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, has also opened an investigation into allegations brought forth by her family that she suffered from sexual harassment by a supervisor.

    “She was afraid to [report it] because the sexual harassment was coming from her superiors, so her concern was the retaliation, being blackballed,” Khawam explained during the press conference. “We believe the person that killed her is that person that sexually harassed her.”

    Phelps said Army CID has found no evidence of those allegations. He called Robinson a “coworker” and not a supervisor to Guillen.”

  117. Huh, well this has been left out of the story. Aaron Robinson – is black. And his married girlfriend helped hack up the body.

    This is one WEIRD story. But remember, black lives matter. I’m sure that fits into this somewhere.


  118. Leon, any thoughts on the new F-150?

  119. Not really. Can’t be as prone to rust as the ones I’ve owned, and the V-8s in mine have been great workhorses, but I’m in a Tundra now and have no plans to go back unless Ford starts signing my paychecks.

  120. Huh, well this has been left out of the story. Aaron Robinson – is black. And his married girlfriend helped hack up the body.

  121. Robinson died on June 30, 2020. Here are 13 facts about him:

    He is African American.
    He is 5’11”.
    He was 200 lbs.
    He was an active duty junior soldier.
    He was married.
    On June 30, 2020, he fled the Fort Hood military base.
    On June 30, 2020, he was found walking in the 4700 block of East Rancier Avenue in Killeen, which is around 10 miles from Fort Hood.
    On June 30, 2020, he turned a gun on himself and pulled the trigger when he was approached by officers of the U.S. Marshals Service, Killeen Police Department and the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force.
    He was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin at 1:17 a.m. on June 30, 2020, according to Killeen Police Department News.
    He was a person of interest in the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen.
    He was accused of sexually assaulting Guillen. He was accused of walking in on her when she was showering at the Fort Hood military base. He allegedly sat down and watched.
    He allegedly belonged to a very prosperous family.
    Before his death, Guillen’s sister Mayra Guillen spoke to him when she visited the Fort Hood base during the search for her sister. He was dismissive and laughed in her face, WHIO quoted Mayra as saying.

    Soo, probably not a love triangle. He’s a creepy murderer. Once everyone knows his race…this is gonna drop off the radar just like carin was saying earlier

  122. One of the articles I read said “Ft Hood has long been known for drugs and criminal activity “.

  123. So a pervert, like I thought?

  124. Any large military base has issues with drugs and criminal activity. Add in that Hood is centrally located to much of Texas, and is huge, and it’s not surprising.

  125. Military have said he was not a superior. They were both 20. So, no problem/fear with reporting.

  126. Unless you can’t accuse a black man of such a thing because racism.

  127. Honestly the project itself doesn’t shock me. Doesn’t mean I LIKE it. I can see a thousand ways that capability would be useful. I guarantee the stated purpose ain’t what they have in mind.

  128. Fox is reporting that Duckworth is saying she will hold up over a thousand promotions unless Vindman gets promoted. I’m gonna promote Duckworth from Captain Cunt to Major Cunt for her meritorious behavior.

  129. https://tinyurl.com/yae8cwmu

  130. Ok, Peej, ordered the wine dye. I gave up looking around here for it, apparently covid created a run on dye in lapeer.

    I’m going to do the bed curtains in the bird, and do some pillows as well. Outside curtains will be wine.

  131. https://tinyurl.com/Congrats-on-the-negative-PJM
    Judgemental much? I’m negative for covid and that is ALL that matters. WTF?

  132. Ok, Peej, ordered the wine dye. I gave up looking around here for it, apparently covid created a run on dye in lapeer.

    I’m going to do the bed curtains in the bird, and do some pillows as well. Outside curtains will be wine.

    I had to order mine of Amazon. Noo such things as craft items right now during covid. It sucks!!!
    I want pictures when this is done. I am sooooo freaking excited

  133. https://tinyurl.com/y8katpnd

  134. Crazy former CoW just got his Twitter account suspended for responding 👌🏻Boomer to my comment. He thought it was my STFU comment.

  135. So, the people being arrested for destruction of monuments and rioting are on the left AND the right, according to the attorney.

    Gee, I wonder what the split will be.

  136. The democratic run hellhole cities of CT had really high mill rates.

    Which was racist, because white folks in the suburbs paid less.

    They “fixed” that last year, and now we all pay the same.

    Property tax bill on my truck this year? $850.

  137. Consplaining RI history to Dan. Funny, when you consider his family were original settlers.

  138. Watching Vault on Amazon. Scott, I still don’t understand the vehicle tax. I’m still pissed about emissions tests on new cars.

  139. They have not “fixed” the insurance rates yet.

    It will happen.

  140. https://tinyurl.com/yaaox64a

  141. To clarify, they adjusted the mill rates on cars.

    Their voters rent, so they don’t give a crap about the tax on real estate.

  142. The SiriusXM is free promo going on until the 6th? Not working if you previously subscribed. Nice of them.

  143. https://tinyurl.com/yab8dkr7

  144. NFL to have the National Anthem AND the Black National Anthem, this year.

    Not kidding.

  145. I didn’t know they had a black national anthem.

  146. Week 1, that is. I’m sure it will continue.

  147. Lift every voice and sing.

    Just learned that too, but google confirms.

  148. No Hispanic national anthem?

  149. That RPS video was the most racist thing ever. Where’s the representation!

  150. No Hispanic national anthem?

    I thought it was La Bamba.

  151. Jus like u dint know juneteenth. You buncha crackas!

  152. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/07/02/liberal-reporter-on-minneapolis-ruins-it-looks-like-bosnia-n2571752

    “Seems pretty obvious that a big reason why the scope of the violence and destruction wrought be these riots hasn’t gotten the attention/coverage it probably warrants is because journalists think this would help Trump”

  153. wonder what else we will learn in the coming weeks that we are racist to not know.

  154. I doubt one black person in 1000 knows how to pronounce Sidhe, even though most American blacks have Irish blood.

    Buncha self-hatin’ half-micks, they are.

  155. what is a mill rate for cars? Is that like a yearly registration fee and what is a property tax? Is that like the yearly registration fee?

  156. We have a horrendous property tax rate in TX to support local entities but it doesn’t involve automobiles or boats and such. So we got that going for us.

  157. Property tax bill on my truck this year? $850.

    Ouch! I have four cars, and the total tax bill is less than that.

  158. Darby expressed rude pronouncements.

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