Can’t Shake Meme

Recursive joke


  1. I don’t get the last one.

  2. Wait, I do, it’s just meh.

  3. Does the last one mean, she’s a bitch?

  4. I like your shirt.

  5. “No one puts Baby in the corner”

  6. Ohhhhhh, thanks Jimbro.

    *sits in corner…with dunce hat*

  7. Drill revving is right up there with BBQ tongs clicking, it must be done.

  8. Milk carton udders is pretty damn funny

  9. Excellent post Jimbro.

  10. You rev the drill to make sure it’s working and not wobbly before you work with it. Oughta be watching the bit at the same time to make sure it’s in straight.

    The dummy who wrote the meme saw a grownup do that but didn’t know why.

  11. Lots of white R&B singers out there. Lots of em use black back up singers.

    Just sayin.

  12. Too bad Amy Winehouse already cancelled herself.

  13. wakey wakey

  14. We gotta convince George Lucas to issue a new version of Star Wars with the original audio for Darth Vader rather than that awful dub by a racially non-conforming James Earl Jones.

  15. This stuff is all so funny.

    Do you remember Soul Man?

    If anyone under 40 finds out about that movie they’ll just lay down and die.

  16. St Louis couple defending their home are being discredited because they had mustard stains on their shirts.

  17. If anyone under 40 finds out about that movie they’ll just lay down and die.

    Under 30. Those of us over 30 remember it, because we’re old enough to not be pussies about such humor.

  18. I’m guessing a personal injury lawyer is a democrat.

  19. First

  20. Comment by Car in on June 30, 2020 8:56 am
    I’m guessing a personal injury lawyer is a democrat.


    One or both of them is representing one of the protestors. They are BLM friendly. And they are registered dems.*

    *saw that online— did NOT confirm. But if you look at their house it’s hideous inside. The decorating is atrocious. I’m guessing dems.

  21. Rae Dawn Chong was an odd choice for the love interest in that one, but that was probably at about her peak cuteness.

  22. Seems like I’m missing part of the conversation this morning. Day ending in ‘y’, then.

  23. What I find interesting is that the St. Louis attorney’s has a evul black rifle. The female appeared to have a Walther PPK. Neither one had ANY clue what they were doing.

    If that’s the state of resistance the protesters can expect they will be emboldened. At least until they come upon someone with some training. The odds are running out on the protesters, very soon they’re going to fuck around with the wrong people and get lit up.And the baby Jesus will smile.

  24. Just read an NPR headline and teaser paragraph on how D&D is revamping how some of the imaginary races are portrayed. Following that was an article about how the Stars and Bars are coming off of Mississippi’s (?) flag and another about Beyoncé’s epic performance which radiated strength for black women. I’m telling you, at this rate they’ll have racism licked well before Covid.

  25. Yeah, the lawyer couple made me cringe with their lack of discipline. The only thing worse would have been if she was holding her pistol sideways, gangsta style

  26. Got a front end suspension problem with the Lincoln, the shop I like couldn’t troubleshoot it so it’s at the dealership. Pray for Pupster.

    Got a Lyft back home after dropping it off, “Tena” drives Lyft full time and likes it. On the 20 minute drive she told me of 3 major life tragedies in the last three years (son murdered, house burned down, grandson passed away), I don’t know if she was angling for a sympathy tip or the unluckiest person I’ve ever met.

    5 Stars but stay away from me please.

  27. Local restaurant just announced on facebook that they won’t open today (they’ve been open ) because they are too short staffed.

    We have about 6 people at my work who are working minimal shifts and a few who have just not come back. fuckers. The management has said they will NOT get their shifts back. I can’t wait for those fireworks. One chick is one of our oldest servers (been there the longest, not age wise). Her husband is on “disability” (@@) and she is always giving up shifts at the start of the month because she doesn’t feel well. She’s given up friday night and one other shift.

    Our manager is working 2 shifts and her daughter is maybe working 1, so they’re milking it too.

  28. Wage Gap

  29. Returned to work last monday. Parlors were supposed to open Friday. Spent 4 15hr days working like a dog to get money redistributed and either re-arranged the machines for social distance or installed metal and plexiglass dividers between each machine at each of our 100 plus locations. At 6pm on Thursday the state decided to push back opening until the 1st. So, here I sit. My normal schedule had me mon thru wed off thur & fri on sat. Even if they open on wed there’ll be nothing to collect until Thursday (my day off) so basically I’m looking at one days pay this week. I’m going to claim it for UI purposes and see if I can recoup any losses there. Then of course next week itll be balls to the wall to get money out because they did minimum fills to re-open.

  30. Oh the maths is easy. But am I judging these folks? Absolutely. I hope they get busted or don’t get their hours back.

    fuck ’em.

  31. Reason #10000000 I don’t use social media.

    A guy I work with used some of the skills we taught him this year to create some really nice visualizations of the correlation between case count increases and death rates. Put it on LinkedIn.

    Immediate comments calling it fake news, he should die, etc.

    WTF is wrong with people? Is all of social medial like this?

  32. Yes.

    It’s also the reason for all the fear diapers.

  33. Also, GNDs wants a dueling hamster named Trent.

    He gets all jacked up listening to NIN and his kill word is ‘fugde.’

  34. It’s also the reason for all the fear diapers.

  35. Oh. Chin diapers?

  36. That too. Because my rights end where your fear begins.

  37. The Russian bounty thing is hilarious for the hysteria by the establishment scum.

  38. >Drill revving is right up there with BBQ tongs >clicking, it must be done.

    This is the tradition of my people, and I love to see it spread.

  39. Lib cousin just posted pic of her cat with a rainbow toy for pride month. It’s either eleventy on virtue signalling or she’s about to come out.

    I like the idea of celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight and pretending the first half of 2020 never happened.

  40. the lawyer couple made me cringe with their lack of discipline.

    This is why we have 2nd amendment celebrations on a regular basis. Mr. RFH is a pretty good instructor and will not hesitate to yank shooting privileges if you’re being a dumbass.

    Larry Correia identified the weapons they were using as mid-1990’s vintage. Wonder if they bought them when Clinton had his weapons ban.

    Wish I’d bought more ammo when I had the chance.

  41. Can we just celebrate New Year’s Eve 2000 and take a mulligan on the whole century to date? I’ve not been a fan.

  42. I like the idea of a New, New Years.

  43. W Family Homestead Theater

    SCENE: The W’s are standing by the sink, gazing out the kitchen window together at the back yard, and chatting.

    scott: that stupid chipmunk is hanging out in the blueberry bed. I saw him run under your potting bench.

    laura: I know. He did the same thing when I walked out there 20 minutes ago.

    scott: I think he-

    scott and laura in unison as Fat Bastard XVII strolls into frame: WHOA!! whoa!!!

    scott: *dashes out to grab gun on porch*

    laura: *watches the fucking groundhog grazing and trampling plants and trying to get into the garden gate*

    laura: *watches scott walk out, taking aim*
    *watches groundhog start to run*
    *watches groundhog get shot in the ass, turn around, and then turn back and run away even faster*

    Seriously, fuck these rodents. Right in their big furry butts.

  44. Laura’s story triggered me.

  45. I’m really not sure where he got shot. I am not happy that it wasn’t a good kill shot. It wasn’t enough gun. I think if this is the season young woodchucks are going to start wandering around for new turf now, we need to pull out the .22 and forget the air rifle for a while.


  47. There are .22 caliber pellet air rifles now.

  48. You gotta eat what you kill, Lauraw. That’s the rules of the land.

  49. Maybe in Michigan, but not here. Must suck to be you when you kill a spider.

  50. Lawyer couple needs training, but at least they’re willing to fight.

  51. So apparently 7% of “COVID” deaths are solely attributable to the viral infection, the other 93% are co-morbid fatalities. Further, 43% of the deaths are nursing home residents.

    This really was all a total scam. China sprayed cities down with bleach, killed off a bunch of dissidents in the name of “public health”, and made sure we saw it, along with videos of people just falling over “dead” in the street.

    But #wearamask or you’re a selfish asshole.

  52. I don’t kill spiders. duh.

    Leon, so you have a link for that?

  53. I’m just thinking groundhog stew could be a thing.

  54. Maybe sous vide?

  55. Groundhog is better smoked.

  56. Woodchuck confit.

  57. We had an Uber driver pick us up at our home to go to the airport. So, you’d think they would know we’d have luggage.

    To make it short I’ll bullet point:

    ~Showed up late.
    ~Had an old huge TV in the trunk said she forgot and asked if WE had anywhere to throw it. NO, we don’t.
    ~We had our luggage jammed next to us in the back seat.
    ~told us her life story. part of which was her husband getting $5000 from a disability claim for something or other and then she told us (seriously without any self-awareness) that they took the $5000 to vegas stayed in a luxury room and spent it all.
    ~no surprise but she is raising her grandchildren because her daughter is an addict.

    A lot of people have shit lives because they are stupid and/or make shit decisions. Color isn’t the problem.

  58. Leon, where did you read that?

  59. The 43% is at Forbes and shows up in Sefton’s links this morning. I saw the 7% exclusive number in PJMedia comments with others agreeing they’d seen it too, trying to find a link.

  60. Thank you!

  61. Nothing but shit on the teevees.
    On Sunday there was women’s college soccer. Every one of them wore a BLM shirt and took a knee during national anthem. Then some commercial came on, probably paid for by BLM with some chick who may be someone but I don’t know or care, about how things have not changed one iota in the 400 years blacks have been enslaved here. What the ever fuckity fuck? Totes not conducive to the healing process.

  62. Egad. *cringes*

  63. POOP BAR

  64. fauci said masks are very important at the Covid19 hearing, so get ready for mandatory masks soon. Pence is also recommending masks

  65. pepe, isn’t it legal to just shoot that guy in the head?

    If not, why not?

  66. I’ve long been watching the % dead in nursing homes for a few reasons.

    First, I have access to hospital data and the waves of cases never materialized. They had to go somewhere.

    Second, I hoped we might have a conversation around the treatment of the elderly. IIt appears we had the conversation but it was in German.

  67. It’s times like this I’m glad dad went when he did.

    On the other hand…it also makes me wonder what actually happened on his last day.

    Or maybe I’m just getting paranoid. A justified stance these days.

  68. As I drove to work this morning I was thinking about the whole mask fiasco after hearing an NPR news blurb on “The growing cry for a national mask policy to eliminate confusion in the public”. Someone is going to invent a mask that looks just like a mask but allows you to breathe normally like it’s not even on you. It would need to be highly porous yet give the appearance you were doing your part to fight the Chinese virus.

  69. A faux mask

  70. Brand name FoMask

  71. The little branch office of the credit union downstairs has been closed for a few months due to the corona. It opened Monday and as I walked by I went in, said Hi to a teller I know and did some bank shit. Just got an email that there was a robbery there an hour ago. It’s going to be one of two scenarios. A real heist with a clean get away that they may or may not solve right away or some addict who stumbled over after being discharged from the ER and saw a bank just there asking to be robbed. One thing is for sure … the suspect was wearing a mask

  72. ooo, Biden taking press questions.

    Anyone for a softball game?

  73. Biden’s on!

    *puts on aviators

  74. Watch out for Pence. I think he’s shit. My (what I like to call) “Paul Ryan is a lying bastard” radar is pegging with anything to do with Pence. DO NOT TRUST.

    The vp is an insurance policy for the deep state.

    I will NOT vote for him for President. EVER.

  75. how things have not changed one iota in the 400 years blacks have been enslaved here.



    There is so little racism the last 5 racism outrages have been hoaxes.

    There is so little racism we have to get rid of beloved faces on syrup and rice.

    There is so little racism we can’t say Master Bedroom anymore.

    There is so little racism we had a fucking black President for eight fucking years.

  76. Biden got a russian bounty question right out of the gate.

  77. Pence did a really good job in IN, as governor.

  78. I agree with your so little racism, mare.

  79. Jay, fuck Pence. If he’s for masks, he’s an idiot.

  80. Mom told me a story about when dad went to flight school in AL (Rucker, that Confederate general) in the 60’s. About how the black people would get off the sidewalk and walk in the gutter when white people would walk by. You can see the pain on her face as she says it. Makes me shiver. Things were horrible, and democrats did it.

    Things really have gotten better.

  81. I will never vote for him. I gave my vote for Romney and McCain *spit* will not give it to a pussy again.

  82. I do respect that Pence wouldn’t say “black lives matter” because that’s bullshit.

  83. This press conference is a little different than the Trump ones.

  84. Like the beachball and the bat food memes today. Great post, as usual!

  85. Awww, RIP Carl Reiner.

  86. We’re def going to get pressure for national masking.

    My guess is that Trump caves.

  87. Election year cave to appear concerned

  88. Calm down Mare

  89. that’s fox programming for the afternoon, MJ, discussing masks.

    All of the Five and Hannity are pro mask.

  90. I made your mom wear a paper sack over her head when we were getting busy. It didn’t really have anything to do with safety though.

  91. Hahahahahaha.

    That was a good mom joke.

  92. All media, politicians, and 70% of the country are pro mask.

    It’s gonna happen.

  93. Whitmer is doing a presser at 3. fuuuuu

  94. It’s time for the FoMask

  95. National mask policy…………. The sheep are braying.

  96. Our Walmart had police blocking the parking entrances. An “incident” but don’t know what it was.

  97. Unless it’s to commit hari-kiri in public, hard pass.

  98. Leftists are starting to get quiet on Facedouche. Perhaps they’re just awaiting orders.

    But perhaps they’re starting to realize they’ve picked the wrong side. TWO lefties have come out on the side of the gun -toting laywers. And they are pretty lefty and have been all along.

  99. Wearing masks is really going to work. How do I know? I was in Walmart and 50% of the people were wearing them below the nose. like I was. About 1/5 of all masks were bandana like and didn’t wrap around the chin. And lots of older people, homeless derelicts weren’t wearing any.

  100. “Lots” was actually about 4.

  101. Carin, that’s an incredible video.

    Only thing wrong he didn’t kill at least 4 of the bastards when he escaped the gunfire.

  102. I would have thought Provo was very white and calm. I would have been wrong.

  103. I don’t think there will be a national mask policy. If Trump had been wearing one, I’d feel differently.



    You cannot tell me we can’t find these useful idiots and their Marxist puppeteers with our anti-terror tech.

  105. Mare, and then you have the people who pull down the mask to speak.

  106. Someone commented this at Ace’s.
    466 Provo Police Department

    Provo City Police were made aware of a planned Police Rally and a Counter protest scheduled for last night. Both events coincided without incident until 8:38 pm when a call was received regarding possible gun shots and a hit and run. Shortly thereafter, we received another call regarding a shooting victim at Utah Valley Hospital.

    Numerous citizens and protestors provided video footage. A white SUV was driving south on University Avenue before pulling into the right turn lane in an attempt to turn onto Center Street. Several protestors began crowding around the vehicle. A male protestor ran to the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at driver and shot one round through the window.

    The driver, who was struck by the bullet, hit the gas trying to leave the situation. The same protestor ran after the vehicle and shot a second round that went through the rear passenger window. The video then shows that the protestor conceals the firearm and continues to protest. This same protestor later approached another vehicle at 500 North and University Avenue striking and breaking the window with the handgun.

    We are grateful for the photos and videos we’ve received and we are following all leads. If anyone has video or photos of the incident at Center Street and University Avenue, please contact Detective Patterson at

  107. You cannot tell me we can’t find these useful idiots and their Marxist puppeteers with our anti-terror tech.


    Exactly. DOJ use RICO and get the NSA to tap into who is getting paid, keywords when protests are planned, face recognition.

  108. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on June 30, 2020 3:27 pm
    Mare, and then you have the people who pull down the mask to speak.


    All the time.

    I don’t personally care if I get it or give it. If you’re afraid stay home. If we wouldn’t have had the lockdown this would have made the rounds already. We know the whole “lets not flood our emergency rooms” was a joke.

    I do feel for the vulnerable in nursing homes. Man, they got shafted by mayors and governors.

  109. Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web
    According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Provo was:
    White: 88.47%
    Two or more races: 3.65%
    Other race: 2.68%
    Asian: 2.35%
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 1.39%
    Black or African American: 0.83%
    Native American: 0.63%

  110. Sooner or later someone’s gonna rig claymores on the sides of their SUV, get a bunch of buddies with high caliber (and possibly high rate of fire) weaponry, and drive into one of those “demonstrations” just to dare someone to pull something. And some damn fool will.

    Mark my words. Maybe not those exact measures, but I guarantee that if they keep looking for trouble…they’re gonna find more of it than they can handle one day.

  111. The answer to Provo is simple, all you have to do is locate the communist production facility aka “college” and that’s the source of your protesters. If you live in a town with a college or university you to could find yourself in the midst of a protest. Which really isn’t a protest, more like a tantrum from all the hardcore Bernie bots. I say we shoot the white marxists first then see how BLM feels about looting.

  112. All the reporters in the daily press conference wearing masks, even when asking questions.

  113. If Trump had been wearing one, I’d feel differently.
    That’s a good point. It’s a no lose situation for the media.

    Trump either caves and he’s their bitch or he doesn’t and they can blame him for every job loss or dead older person.

  114. Oh look, Neil Cavuto!


  115. Two trucks, Tim. One rolls through town. It is heavily armored, has a cap on the bed to cover it and prevent easy intrusion. It is bait.

    Unseen, another truck is parked nearby, apparently empty, with a tonneau over the bed to hide the men inside. One with a rifle, one with binoculars.

    The insurgents did this to our guys in Iraq.

  116. You now mare, I’ve always found it a little funny that Portland is so woke they tell us rednecks in the South how to employ diversity.

    There are literally only white people and a few Asians in Portland.

    But by all means, tell us folks from the South who work together, live together, argue over BBQ together, go to church together, and are actually friends how to live.

  117. Lefties are masters of projection. Every issue, every single issue is projection.

    Brennan, Hillary, Comey, Jarrett, Obama, Obama’s “wingman” AG whose name I can’t recall, every single thing Trump’s administration was accused of, they did.

    Russian and Ukrainian collusion were Hillary and Biden’s bailiwick.

  118. Anthony Fauci is a cunt.

  119. If there are any New Yorkers here, I apologize if it hurts your feelings, but your accent is shit. It is hard on the ears and makes you sound like cunts. Nails on a chalkboard is a more pleasant sound than the sound of your voice.

  120. Sorry, but you could drop the accent and fix yourself.

  121. My question to the mask Nazis is “When will it be safe to forego a mask?” This is like waiting until there is a vaccine for the common cold. I think the virus is already mutating, that’s what they do. It isn’t going to happen.

  122. It’s been a fortnight and I’m craving the colonel once again.

    Damn him and his wee beady eyes…

  123. Little boy puts his mask over his eyes. Starts flailing around and landing punches on his brother, while pretending he can’t see. Brother starts whining and gets attention of mom, LB pulls mask down before she turns to see what’s going on. I was laughing so hard.

  124. Now the whole mask raison d’etre has changed from “you’re protecting yourself” to “you’re protecting others”. So if you don’t wear a mask, you are basically guilty of assaulting others. That way they take your right to do what you will with your body and make it about what you are doing to others. Still complete bullshit, but the way there is a coordinated change in message is scary.

  125. Enhanced video of Provo shooting.

    Now they are considering charging the driver!!!

  126. pepe, that’s exactly what Biden said in his press conference today.

  127. Reginald Denny. Never get out of the vehicle.


  129. LOLOLOL

    Great video Pups!!! Rosetta would have loved it.

  130. Biden said it today, but it was every other post on imgur, and even the POS birdcage liner in my little town had an “editorial” from some YMCA instructoress about how she felt guilty for “breathing out death” for a few weeks before adopting the mask. The word went out that this is the best way to prolong the panic and keep the antiparty going long enough to facilitate vote-by-mail fraud, and the OFA/Antifa crowd made sure to boost the signal.

  131. Like I said, don’t give a shit if I get it or give it.


  133. Holy crap, strange new respect for Club for Growth. I would have pegged them as uniparty shills.

  134. Comment by mare on June 30, 2020 7:29 pm
    Like I said, don’t give a shit if I get it or give it.


    For several reasons but most importantly it’s impossible to know.


  136. Pups is asshoe.

  137. Going to see my dad’s side of the family for the 4th. If his siblings give me any guff about not wearing a mask, I plan to ask pointed questions about 1968. And 2009. And 2015.

  138. We’re pretty sure it went through the Club in early January. I H8 the mask, but I like my job. Lots of associates getting HBP and elevated blood glucose…from the masks. Dehydration and headaches. Dan’s Rosacea is out of control. Using all the lotions, steroids, and creams. Mask area is whack. No mascne. That’s me.

  139. I have been studying my enemy. I couldn’t figure out why there weren’t mounds of dirt near chipmunk tunnel entrances. There’s a deep hole, but no dirt. How can that be?

    They are sneaky.

    To help hide the entrance, they fill their pouches with dirt and dump it elsewhere.

  140. Another reason for them to hate sharp stone.

  141. I have been studying my enemy.

    Video of Scott

  142. Just smile at people. Everyone.

    It’s hard to be an asshole to someone who is happy.

    And as a last resort just tell them that you can’t understand what they are saying and then ask them to remove their mask.

    That being said, you do you. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. That’s sort of the beauty of America.

  143. Is Trump doomed, Scott?

  144. Just like that, but I have AC.

  145. Two phone interviews for the Dallas job on Thursday.

  146. Good luck, Alex.

  147. Yeah, I’m working on perfecting my non-risible response to anyone getting aggressive about it.

  148. I get my new dishwasher on Thursday after it broke nearly 2 months ago and no one would install it because of Frau Gruppenfuhrer.

  149. After the old one broke, to clarify.

    Good luck, Alex. I was hoping for Granger, but you getting out of Columbus is the priority.

  150. I don’t think so. 4 years ago Hillary was up by 14.

    If nothing else happens it’s going to come down to what they can do with covid.

    BLM riots give Trump a landslide win.

    A shut down economy over a fake pandemic gives crazy Joe a shot.

  151. Just smile at people. Everyone
    I usually do look at people as I go about my day and when they make eye contact I’ll nod or smile. (Old habits, situational awareness) Now with the whole mask thing I’m more vocal with a Hi! or Good morning! I really think people are scared from everything they’ve heard.

  152. Come October, Sleepy Joe becomes Creepy Joe.

    The Trump campaign floods the airwaves with video’s of Joe sniffing children.

    I change my answer.

    Democrats lose again.

  153. MJ, we are FORCED to wear a mask. Can’t get groceries without a mask. I wouldn’t care at all if it was a personal choice.

  154. I think you’re right, jimbro. People have been told how fast this is spreading. No one is giving death counts, because they have been falling. The new way to scare is ICU beds and hospitalizations. Vents? Plenty of them.

  155. Didn’t know you were in a mandatory mask area.

  156. Laura’s sister is a good example of an average American. She watches the news, reads newspapers and magazines and thinks she is well informed.

    Show her a youtube montage of Joe sniffing people?

    OMG!!!! What a pervert!!11!!!!

  157. McCloskey from St Louis didn’t come off too well on Tucker just now. Gave me a creepy vibe. His lawyer did too.

  158. Odd, all the states where they say covid cases are going up are states where Trump was going to have a rally.

    We are so pathetic and gullible. Protests are fine but funerals for loved ones aren’t. We are effed.

  159. Florida, Pinellas county.

  160. It is summer in the south. People are inside.

    We are outside up here.

  161. Border numbers. Chinese study showed AC influence with a superspreader asymptomatic. Waiter spread the Wuhan to people closest to the AC. I Karen’d My GM into taking fans out of the breakroom. Navajos are one of the hardest hit communities. 4 women met up on a main aisle today. Hadn’t seen each other in months. Chose to catch up in the main aisle today. Chatted for over 45 minutes. We’re supposed to move people along to facilitate the line. Yeah, no.

  162. We are outside up here

    Everyone is at Secret Lake.

  163. Secret lake is now a Covid hotspot.

  164. Not even close.

  165. Watching Johnny Carson and not the news tonight. Carl Reiner and Raquel Welch are the guests.

  166. And SpaceX successfully launched a GPS satellite today. First stage landed on the ship “Just Read the Instructions”. (cracks me up every time, much like the mom jokes here)

  167. 🤓

  168. Of Course I still love you!

  169. MaryAnn sleeps better in the family bed. We are all about the wiener. I’m not even tired. She’s ready for bed. Family tyrant FTW. See you in the funny pages.

  170. Funny, Roamie!

  171. Witnesses claim Cops shot unarmed perp in the back, then cops release video…

  172. Ok, one political thing because it’s funny.
    ahahaha I needed that bed time story…thank you!

  173. Witnesses claim Cops shot unarmed perp in the back, then cops release video…

    Great video Crispy. That was very thorough. As much as I hate the idea of cameras everywhere, it’s stuff like this that sometimes makes me rethink that position. This video is in San Diego, I have relatives and very close friends who are cops here. It’s scary what they’re going through right now. My cousin had to work La Mesa (neighboring town) when it was getting burnt down and he was getting spit on and had things thrown at him, cursed out. you name it. I’m sure people are going to think twice about going into law enforcement now.

  174. Diane expected roses promptly.

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