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  1. Foist bae

  2. James Pond, middle aged guys, and I dunno are my favorites. Good job!

  3. For those on Faceplant, Sean put up his conversation with a spammer.
    This is going to take some doing but totally worth it.
    It begins: https://tinyurl.com/y92qddo9

  4. Skipped one, but the scammer is promising Bill Gates’ money.


  5. https://tinyurl.com/ycmgqa9y

  6. “What”

  7. https://tinyurl.com/y9zl466x

  8. Skipped the one with the scammer link and smiling face.

  9. Apparently that’s the Yoruba word for loser.



  10. It’s nice to know Sean stays busy other than composing Daily Derps.

    Hard to believe people fall for that crap but they must or there wouldn’t be so many of them

  11. https://tinyurl.com/yarmcrbj

  12. Freakin’ adorable.


  13. wakey wakey

  14. First

  15. Last night at work sucked, omg. Unexpectedly tough assignments. Ran the whole time from issue to issue and no break. Feel like I don’t even know half of what happened, I was just reacting and working through shit the whole time. Thank God we have a tight team and my coworkers jumped in to help.

    Charge nurse switched up my assignment tonight, phew.

  16. “Ran the whole time from issue to issue and no break……..”


    This is basically my life.

  17. Word.

  18. I asked Houseguest if she has applied to any other places to rent. Her reply:

    “I’ve been looking. I’ve been looking every day!”

    That sounds like an evasive answer. The correct answer is a list of the places she has applied to.

  19. About 6 weeks ago I was convinced my reading glasses had become loose because whenever I was leaning forward to do anything they started to slide off my face. When I got a haircut a month ago the problem went away. Glasses are starting to slip again.

  20. Aaaanyway. I am in a bad mood, muppetfuckers.

    Gonna take a nap before my shift and try to stop stewing on crankiness-inducing thoughts.

  21. Feel better, Laura.

  22. So my inbox blew up a couple of weeks ago with a lot of notifications from the prepper blog I follow, and as I was wrapped up in the wedding, I ignored them. I finally had a chance to see what was going on, and it turns out that Chad Daybell, one of the suspects in the murder of two kids in Idaho, was a contributor to the blog. I never read any of his posts, as that’s in the LDS section, and since I’m not Mormon, I don’t care. Some of the newspapers are making it sound like it’s a doomsday cult. I just stick with the gardening and bug-out bag discussions.

  23. A nap sounds really good right now.

  24. The golf course for Travelers Championship is beautiful. Looks like a lovely day.

  25. Captive to gas station tv while filling up for mowing. Caesar’s resorts in Nevada are making masks mandatory for guests and staff.

    It’s almost July and this thing is nearly dead, so this seems guided by ignorance and innumeracy. Then I remembered that ignorance and innumeracy are the essential demographic requirements for casino visitors, and I realized it was probably good business on their part.

  26. It seems that the scare tactics are working pretty well up here in Lapeer. Lots of masks on when I was out.

  27. That golf course is 4-5 miles down the road.

    When the blimp is there I can see it from my yard. No blimp this year.

  28. You work graveyard Laura?

  29. oh shit, they took out my eyeball.

  30. ahhh, much better

  31. I remember you talking about that tournament and the Blimp. Why can’t they fly the blimp? Balloons started going up a few weeks ago, but no balloon fiesta this year.

  32. blimps are known covid carriers. They fly over a city and drop bats infested with the coronavirus on everyone that comes outside to see the blimps.
    it’s really bad. I saw a video about it youtube.

  33. Jimbro?


  34. No fans

    No sense advertising.

  35. I know a hiking trail that goes right along that railroad.

    I bet the woods are full of fans.

  36. I finally had a chance to see what was going on, and it turns out that Chad Daybell, one of the suspects in the murder of two kids in Idaho, was a contributor to the blog.
    I wonder, in their deranged thought process, did they feel like they were saving the kids from post-apocalyptic horror and it was better to take them out now, painlessly? Course, they certainly left a trail of dead bodies and it certainly wasn’t about “saving” any of those people from “unprecedented” times

  37. Just read through the Idaho thing. Good lord.

  38. Haven’t seen any werewolves. Sasquatch on the other hand …

  39. Anyone try to read the novel in the spam filter?

  40. Pupster, pretty much.

  41. Werewolves are real, Sasquatch is a myth they invented to hide the truth about themselves.

  42. good game

  43. Scott is channeling Dan about the Blimp. You can still advertise on TV.

  44. I still don’t understand why Dan and Scott hate Snoopy 1.

  45. The blimp has a top speed of 50. A couple of years ago it was trying to get back to the airport into what must have been a 49 mph headwind.

    It was over our house for a long time.

  46. Comment by Jimbro on June 28, 2020 5:15 pm
    Haven’t seen any werewolves. Sasquatch on the other hand …


    Leave Hotspur’s mom out of this……

  47. I don’t get the last meme about the job interview

  48. I’m not a rocket scientist but I have to ask why is it that limiting store hours and making it so you can only go through a single entrance is helping ‘social distancing’.

    I just witnessed an egregious amount of the s*** going around Tucson and it kind of boggles my mind. I could see the single entrance idea if they were actually doing something like sanitizing carts (which they are not doing) or sanitizing shelves (which I know they are not doing based on talking to people who work there on the night shift.) So what the f*** is the point of funneling people through a single narrow point of entrance instead of four when this obviously is exactly the opposite of what a logical person would want to social distance?

  49. lauraw clearly doesn’t watch enough porno. It’s a stereotypical casting couch on one of those instructional videos of the adult variety.

    Or maybe…….I watch too much porno and am just seeing what I want to see…….

  50. Everybody is going the same direction.

  51. laura w clearly doesn’t watch enough porno. Or maybe I watch too much……and I’m seeing what I want to see. It’s a stereotypical casting couch from those movies Rosetta warned us about.

  52. Well shit, would you look at that.

  53. https://tinyurl.com/ycvwvgv7

  54. Pulling the hair back for the Lewinsky.

  55. Trying to get back to work after lunch is ridiculous. We can’t go through the exit. We can’t Social distance through the line at the entrance. We can’t enter through the cart Bay. We can’t park on the side of the building with the employee health screen. Mask makes me sick. Attendance policy extended through July. We’re all getting maskne. Mask associated high blood pressure. Dehydration cramps.

  56. Anyone try to read the novel in the spam filter?

    It’s in there three times. Did you know about the number “664”?

    It’s the neighbor of the beast.

  57. We spent the day doing tag-team mowing on the new hayfield. No hay yet, this was one more pass to exhaust the weeds. Going to have to go out tomorrow and run it at an angle to break up clouds if we can, and probably do some dethatching with a pitchfork.

  58. I dethatched your mom. It wasn’t pleasant but she was appreciative afterwards.

  59. “tag team mowing on the new hay field”.

    Who watched the kid?

  60. Clods, you fucking tablet.

  61. That’s why it was tag-team. One on the tractor, one with the Tochter.

  62. Cam Newton is going to the Patriots?

    NFL is dead to me.

  63. THAT’S what you were waiting for? Not the pink uniforms and the kneeling owners, not the relentless pandering to all things LGBTWTFBBQ, but Cam Newton playing for the Patriots was your last straw?

    Who’s Cam Newton? Does he have any stake in the fig bars?

  64. Cam Newton will retire from the nfl with more money than all the hostgages put together x 10. He’ll die a pauper. ax me how I know.

  65. OK City Is NOT Seattle!

    Sucks to be you, antifa…

  66. I can’t remember how to get to the spam filter.

  67. Sucks to be you, antifa…
    Oooh great article Crispy!!
    This quote is delicious. nom nom nom
    “This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

  68. Does everybody remember Peugeots?

  69. Cam Newton is going to the Patriots?

    NFL is dead to me.
    Probably got him at a bargain price. It will be interesting if he actually makes it through training camp, plays at all or wears his pimp suits during post game conferences under Belichick. Either way, this is not the NFL or Patriots of the Kraft/Belichick/Brady Era anymore.

  70. I saw the job interview as obviously a couch at someone’s house because it had a remote control. So I thought she was at her other boyfriend’s house.

  71. Once you have given up pro sports, you will see a new world opened up to you. Life on Sunday not sitting in front of the TV. It’s real and it’s spectacular.

  72. “Protestors” tore down a gate in a gated community and people had to protect their property with guns. Do any of you know if the “protestors” damaged property that was not protected with guns?

    “Eat the Rich” is Marxist, it has nothing to do with Floyd.

  73. I cringe at her lack of trigger discipline and the guy not being careful where he points his gun, but props to them for not taking this shit lying down.


  74. None of this has anything to do with Floyd any more, especially since Pelosi and Schumer can’t even remember his name.

  75. “I wish I could make millions of dollars to suck at a sport like Colin Kaepernick and Bubba Wallace.” -Catturd on Twitter

  76. Shotguns are great for scattering crowds of assholes. But it’s important to have two and someone reloading while you’re shooting…of course, this is dependant on crowd size. I picked this up from someone who dove hunts in Argentina.

    Does anyone know if the castle doctrine applies to your lawn or just the interior of your home in Missouri?

  77. These laws can be a bit tricky and don’t think these assholes won’t get their daddies to pay for a lawyer.

  78. Those two have been memed into greatness by the austists at TheDonald.win.

    Totally hilarious.

  79. wakey

  80. TheDonald.win.


    I don’t get how this works. I click on the title “a meme couple was born” thinking I would see a list of memes. I only saw one meme and it wasn’t that good. I know I’m old but I don’t get how sites like that work.

  81. Oh, I guess you just have to scroll down the site.

  82. Ain’t no one got time for that!

  83. LOL

    *hands mare some geritol and a glass of warm milk

  84. One of the links at TheDonald shows the restoration of the house. Wow.


  85. But they should have compiled them.

    1. makes a new site
    2. ?????
    3. Profit!

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