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  1. [Classical art meme]
    Quite nife.

  2. Meme-a-licious.

  3. The HR meme is pretty funny. Ugly funny? No, it’s pretty funny.

  4. I’m doing a rather strict diet until we leave (if we are allowed to travel) at the end of July and if you ever need some discipline to get stuff done watch Jocko Willink videos or listen to his podcasts. That’s what I’m doing and it’s helped. Jordan Peterson is helpful too, besides being so interesting.

    What I’m doing hasn’t been hard really. On the other hand, I think well if it was easy then everyone at Walmart would look fit and trim.

  5. “How much money do you have” must be the meme foretold by the prophet

  6. Love meme posts!

  7. I think well if it was easy then everyone at Walmart would look fit and trim.

    It may be easy, but it’s not pleasant, which is why most people don’t do it. Most people are no better than idiot animals who want nothing more than to eat and shit and fuck.

  8. No alcohol
    No sugar
    No dairy
    No keto treats…meaning no sugar substitutes.
    One exception, I made small, thin, fat bombs with erythritol, coconut oil, cacao butter and freeze-dried raspberries.

    No alcohol is not a big deal because over the course of the last couple of years I’ve cut back significantly. Maybe once a week and then just a couple of glasses of whatever.

    No dairy is more of a challenge. I like cheese. And I like cream in my coffee. No sugar is easy. Eating too many keto treats has been holding me back from “leaning up” progress.

    I use the term “leaning up” loosely.

  9. Classical Art Meme looks like Lindsey Graham.

  10. I think memes are a gift from God in rough times.

    So in essence, Jay and Pups are like John the Baptist. Yes, just like John the Baptist.

  11. The douche in the “a lot” meme is all college students I knew including me.

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Screwdriver, lavender, and co-worker coughing are my favorites. Thanks, Pupster!

  14. Looks like we may finally get some rain today. Everybody’s lawns are fried already.

  15. I have played too much Skyrim and I have most of the big-money alchemy recipes memorized. A field with that much lavender would be like having my own giant platinum asteroid.

  16. Married at 23, yoked Jesus, and Marine Career Options.

  17. Guy on a buffalo…….

  18. From Alex’s link:

    He described an online challenge in which a large group of men and women agreed to not watch porn for 90 days. He said only a few men and zero women were able to complete the challenge.

    That is not the breakdown I expected.

  19. Well, I didn’t read, but I’d say that women who watch porn are not your average audience of women?

    /just a thought

  20. Does anyone have a good link for what happens if the Supreme Court does strike down Obamacare? Everything I am finding is shrieking Orange Man Bad is taking away your healthcare in midst of corona, bad orange man, bad.

  21. That makes the most sense. The % of women into it is likely overall smaller, but more… “dedicated”? I don’t have a sense of how that compares to other addictions. Similarly, maybe.

  22. Roamy, it’s like the Net Neutrality hype/bullshit. It means we go back to the horrible, nightmarish healthcare of 2009, when nuns didn’t have to buy birth control and abortions for other people.

  23. It’s going to kill everyone that survived tax cuts and net neutrality.

  24. I doubt that they will. Roberts doesn’t want another Roe v Wade, so he’ll rule in a way that pushes it back to the executive and legislative branches.

  25. I know this one chick, and she made a joke about how she watched porn during the lockdown, etc (it wasn’t really a joke). She’s overall sorta gross and not really your average woman. She also would have about zero ability to control any of her addictions.

  26. Idiots like this are why I don’t donate to Catholic Charities.

  27. Women consume porn, just traditionally it’s been a different form of porn. Porn studios have been trying for years to make up that gap. My guess is that it’s a mixture of porn becoming more accepted, porn designed for women, and a lot more women without relationships

  28. Weekly envelopes, capital campaign for infrastructure improvements, and the St Vincent de Paul envelope. That’s it.

  29. Most people are no better than idiot animals who want nothing more than to eat and shit and fuck.

  30. Every time I think of Biden debating Trump I find myself wondering what crap the Dems will pull to alter them.

    -Sit, don’t stand
    -No live audience
    -Mess with the audience reaction meters
    -One hour only rather than longer
    -Advance warning of planned questions
    -Moderators fucking with Trump intentionally
    -Slow Joe just smiling at Trump while shaking his head the whole time
    -Schedule a major sports event at the same time
    -Media blitz before/during/after the debates telling everyone how Trump got his ass handed to him by the next president, yes sirree Bob
    -Invent an emergency/BLM+Antifa riot/etc where they must be canceled
    -SECOND WAVE !!!

    I don’t have a lot of faith that the debates, as we traditionally have witnessed, are going to happen. Whatever umbilical cord stem cells they’re injecting into Biden has so far proved ineffective.

  31. First

  32. Most people are no better than idiot animals who want nothing more than to eat and shit and fuck.

    Hey now, I don’t even really want to eat and shit, I’m sorta stuck with those two.

  33. Do steamy romance novels count as porn? Pretty sure women read a lot of those.

    NM governor issued 19 pardons. None of the articles mention names of those pardoned…….

  34. “And this, my precious daughter, is how you entered the world”

  35. Most people are no better than idiot animals who want nothing more than to eat and shit and fuck.

  36. Do steamy romance novels count as porn? Pretty sure women read a lot of those.


  37. holy crap, I was so proud of the post I threw up last night that no one saw and then I come in and find someone actually did work. This is some good memes here Pupster.
    Be a shame if something happened to them.
    ok, actually something DID happen. I sent a good portion of them to family chat…cept not the french fry one even though I DO steal the kids french fries, somehow, I just couldn’t put that one in family chat.

  38. I was so proud of the post I threw up last night that no one saw
    Did that sound passive-aggressive? I was hoping it was full of assholery, but now I have my concerns

  39. Listen Peej, you poat when you want. I had this scheduled, right now I’m trying to cover Fri – Sun with boobs and memes and memes about boobs. If you want your own timeslot take a weekend day, I’m sure you have content and everyone wants to see your gravitas.

  40. “Gravitas”

  41. Gravitatas, maybe.

  42. hahaha yes!!!
    wait, no I had to google gravitas. I’m not sure.

  43. wait, is there some dictionary somewhere where gravitas = lady bits?

  44. Calling for showers all day. Lawn was a wreck not having been mowed all week. Got it done just as the first drops started falling. Yay me. I’m gonna putz around rest of day. I have laundry to wash and iron, my boots needs attention and the bangsticks need clean and lube.

    Also, unfortunately I have to game plan securing new employment scenario. Half the company has resigned to include the CFO and the HR Director along with techs, collectors, and vault personnel. The Director of Ops is try to do a takeover while making multiple piss poor decisions. This has alienated my boss who got a taste of the contractor security lifestyle while laid off and has decided to start his own company.

  45. That sucks T Roy. Do you like either your DO or boss?

    Seems like private security is due for an uptick but I’m just some dog on the internet.

  46. That does suck. Seems security really would be in demand around this time.

  47. Hey Peej, take a few Thursdays to get your posting yayas out. I’m finding, despite ample time, my muse is feeling a bit of malaise.

    Yayas not tatas

  48. haha Jimbro, I just wanted to be ornery this morning. I’ll post that post again on Thursday…it’s an enjoyable watch so don’t do ruining it now by peeking!
    or is it peaking?
    no, definitely peeking

  49. We’re due for rain for the next few days and boy do we need it. As I mowed yesterday I was choking on the dust.

    You can’t write if you can’t relate
    Trade the cash for the beat
    For the body for the hate
    And my time is a piece of wax
    Falling on a termite
    Who’s choking on the splinters

  50. I can hear that song in my mind now

  51. well, you’ve just replaced KONGOS with Beck in my head

  52. 🎶Come with me now!🎶

  53. I wonder what cigar Hotspur is smoking RIGHT NOW

  54. Comment by Jimbro on June 27, 2020 1:26 pm
    I wonder what cigar Hotspur is smoking RIGHT NOW

    Whatever it is, it’s probably long, dark brown, and smuggled over the border from Central America.

  55. No doubt the security industry is exploding. But, been there, done that, got the t-shirts and everything. Current boss is looking into marijuana distribution. I also think the security industry is about to be flooded with a large pool of former cops.

  56. Current boss is looking into marijuana distribution
    What state are you in? Not mentally, but like, physically

  57. I wonder what cigar Hotspur is smoking RIGHT NOW

  58. … flooded with a large pool of former cops.

    Definitely see that happening

  59. That cigar video makes me feel funny.

    Like when we had to climb the rope in gym class.

  60. When I smoke a cigar I’m going to imagine it was rolled on a hot woman’s thigh from now on rather than some swarthy dude

  61. Dog’s got a nicer hat than mine.

  62. I’m in central IL

  63. My current cigar

  64. Can you guys see this or is it blocked? I should start a folder and title it, weird shit my alcoholic brother says

  65. I can see it. Another reason I don’t have facedouche

  66. Paula’s sister has TDS and argues with anyone, including family, who posts anything supporting Trump. She reads some of them to me and I just shrug my shoulders and realize I’ll probably never see her at the holiday get togethers again

  67. Yeah, No Facecock for me. *cough*


  69. Yeah, No Facecock for me. *cough*
    *eyes you suspiciously*
    this mean you’ve been on it this whole time with a FAKE NAME?!?!

  70. I can see it. Another reason I don’t have facedouche
    Oh, he doesn’t need FB to say stupid shit…he just happens to excel at it here.

  71. Well I know I excel at saying stupid shit here so why go anywhere else?

  72. hahaha good point Mare
    your first comment went over my head

  73. Now that Texas has mandatory facemasks, I am seriously considering ordering a Trump 2020 mask, just to mess with the neighbors……

  74. Hot, windy, smoky from nearby forest fires. Cattle got in the wrong pasture. Had to fix a saddle, then find the break in the fence. Fixed fence, gathered up wayward cattle, put them into the correct pasture. Fixed a drinker/float box. Got home, had to call a guy back who had well questions. While on the phone with him, daughter in law called with car problems. grabbed lunch, then checked car out. Helping Penelope keep an eye on ribs in the PBC all the while. And people complain because I don’t make enough knives…….

  75. Smoke wasn’t as bad today. I had to shop after work. I don’t wear a mask off the clock. Only one person asked me “Where’s your mask?” We have signs and videos asking people to limit their groups to 2 people. Door greeter is supposed to tell people that it’s 2 people to a group. We’re their only recreation. 96 degrees outside and the line goes around 50% of the building. I laugh like Muttley once I start. I Muttleyed like crazy. Great post.

  76. Hey Oso!

  77. ^^^^This is why I’m on the Hell Express 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. You know the world is in a bad way when your better half comes home from shopping with four boxes of ammo without being asked and apologizes for it not being more but she was capped. It’s either that or she’s having a affair or purchased some high ticket item she shouldn’t of…..fuck it, four boxes of ammo purchases a certain amount of forgiveness eh?

  79. Yes.

  80. I showed the meme and my comment to Dan. Dan “That’s not the only reason you’re on the Hell Express”.

  81. well, you ARE a Reds fan. Marge Schott is the original racist.

  82. I made a box for Mrs. Jay today. Yay me.

  83. I made a box for a guitar.

  84. When are you putting her in it, Jay, does she know?

  85. Minneapolis gets rid of police, members of city council get private security, paid for by the city:

  86. And yes, there are 2 trans members pictured.

  87. I’m sure Minneapolis is just teeming with white nationalists, Phillip.

  88. Minnesota voted for Mondale.

    Give it to Canada.

  89. I am assured the riots were caused by white nationalists in pickups without beds, license plates removed, and flying confederate flags.

    Actual statement from someone in Minneapolis.

  90. If I wanted to start a race war, I’d join BLM, not KKK. Flying a Confederate flag is worse than useless.

  91. I would say, “eff em, they get what they voted for”
    but unfortunately, I live where Gavin Newsom governs and I absolutely did not vote for that douche.

  92. 16% of Michigan voted for Reichsführer Whitmer, so I can relate.

  93. Dean experienced repeated palpitations.

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