Back in the day

long, long ago, when the world was open…I used to enjoy seeing this guy at the beach (course, I stopped going to the beach long before covid, cuz like, there’s people and sand there. YUCK)


  1. Hah, I didn’t choose the categories. I wonder if that was a leftover from the last time I posted or does it just default?

  2. It’s a complicated javascript program that analyzes your typing, and translates that into descriptive terms.

  3. I believe the last category added becomes the default unless you specifically set it.

    Also if you do a lot of snake sucking.

  4. Also if you do a lot of snake sucking.

    Well then, I’m very glad the hostages are so non-judgemental

  5. We don’t judge you for snake sucking.

    Hotspur and Mare may judge you if they consider your technique amateur. After all, they do have professional standards.

  6. If it’s not my snake, my rating is pretty much always “0”.



  9. I actually feel sorry for the snakes. I bite

  10. No bit on snek!

  11. Neat video. I can relate in not really liking your job anymore and wanting to simplify your life. I don’t think I could skate every day nor find it that rewarding, but good for him.

    Here is a contrarian take on the the current state of things in the US from RazörFist .

  12. awwww, someone watched the video!!!! I love it!!
    all you snake suckers can eat a bag of dicks.
    I found someone that actually watched the video!!!!

  13. My favorite comment on the video I linked is:

    “Razorfist the Rageaholic is being more chill than Tim Pool the Milktoast Fencesitter.
    Truly the end times are here.”

  14. haha honestly, sometimes the comments are better than the videos

  15. Declaring, “Enough!” Rachel paused.

  16. *high fives pjmomma*

    Loved it.

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