Makes Me Want to Meme

Dropkick Murphys start country

Always make sure the tunnel is real!

You can hear her voice, can’t you?


  1. hahahahahaha, yelling lady and funny cat.

  2. And that’s why I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine

  3. Google does have a better image search platform but they obviously censor the results to avoid a lot of the stuff critical of their favored groups and indiciduals

  4. And these indiciduals are asshoes.


  6. Comment by Pupster on June 23, 2020 6:41 am


    Hugs Pupster so hard.


    –GND, this morning while brushing her hair and musing upon how people excuse the destruction of history and culture with guilt and cowardice, Vol II chapter IV

  8. Really can’t disagree with that. It’s like the whole Overton Window thing is happening. From what I understand of it, the OW is people saying increasingly radical stuff so that even though the words are greeted with controversy, a sliver of people accept them as OK and some more get accustomed to the concept. Take for example Talcum X saying White Baby Jesus gotta go. Wacky right? Not to everyone.

  9. GNDs firm now says that a Dem sweep in Nov is likely.

    LOL OK!

  10. GND works for dumb people.

  11. A right-leaning friend of mine who transplanted to Virginia was being an idiot about statues of Confederates because he thinks they were traitors anyhow. I told him (1) he was dead wrong about that, even their contemporaries in the Union Army favored remembering them as American patriots after the war, and (2) it wouldn’t stop there, Jefferson and Washington were next. He scoffed.

    I haven’t done the “I told you so” dance yet, but it’s coming.

  12. GNDs firm now says that a Dem sweep in Nov is likely.

    Only if TikTok manages to vote.

  13. Vader meme is the best.

    And the fuck with all the pussies in my town. Just having a tween drama meltdown that people aren’t wearing masks.

  14. I figure the only way the employees get to stop wearing masks is if the customers keep showing up without them. Otherwise, the Whitmer-type shitbirds will keep the orders up forever just to hurt small business and benefit Amazon and the like.

  15. Take for example Talcum X saying White Baby Jesus gotta go. Wacky right? Not to everyone.

    The white Jesus thing has been simmering below the surface for a long time, IIRC.

  16. wakey wakey

  17. Got this from the Digest This newsletter, a spin off from Amazing Ribs

    The original study is in a link on the W&G page but, trust me, it reads like the Unabridged Ulysses. Every now and then I see avocado oil in the store and wonder what I’d use it for. After reading this, not much at all, for me anyway.

  18. Ben has taken after some of his step dad’s eccentricities and one example is him picking up a Black Santa Claus at the TJ Maxx when he was waiting for a Pizza Hut order to be cooked. It’s sitting on a shelf in his room, slowly turning Caucasian from the sun hitting it.

  19. Avocado oil is great for high heat cooking, sautees and on salads. I guess I need to go back to my original brand, which was Chosen Foods. That was a good link, Jimbro, thanks.

  20. The Holy Family went to Egypt to hide from Herod. This suggests that they looked more or less like Egyptians of the time, so Aryan. Not “Nazi Aryan”, but actual Aryan: light-eyed, medium skin tone, dark hair prone to curling, and semitic facial structure. The conjecture that found expression in art was that Jesus himself may have had more Roman features. This came from theological speculation (from Christians) that God may have chosen to appear more like the Romans to appeal to them as well as the Jews and from derogatory claims (from Jews and pagans) that Mary had been unfaithful with a Roman soldier.

    That latter is not a knock on any modern pagans or Jews, it’s found in writings at the time, and it’s not so absurd if you’ve not converted and you’re inclined to dismiss this weird cult of heretic Jews and apostate Romans who live in communes.

  21. slowly turning Caucasian from the sun hitting it.

    I can speed that up for you. 🙂

  22. Avocado oil is less likely to be rancid than olive oil sold in the states. I use it instead of olive oil for that reason alone.

  23. Black Santa makes less sense than White Jesus.

  24. I clicked through to the avocado oil article, hoping for a list of what was good and what wasn’t. If it was in there, I missed it. I just bought some from Wildtree and am hoping it’s the real thing.

  25. It wasn’t in there as far as I could see either, Roamy. I wonder how the author came up with these brands to recommend.

  26. My knuckles cracked loud enough that my computer informed me “your microphone is muted” in this meeting.

  27. Maybe backtracking store vs. online, glass vs. plastic, and country of origin? I’m still going to use what I have, but I might not replace it with the same brand.

  28. Get well wishes to Beasn.

  29. Roamy’s secret orbital solar mirror confirmed?

    Co-worker, one of my bosses, in the hospital awaiting Chinabug test results. This is a small office, 5 or 6 people here at most when everybody’s here, so if it’s a positive result, that’s all of us tested and the office likely closing again for a while as it all shakes out.

    Prayers for him and his family please, his first grandchild was just born a couple of weeks ago. He’s generally healthy, but you never know when you’re going to get a stray vicious strain.

  30. If everyone has it, can’t you just keep going to the office?

  31. Why is he in the hospital? Other problems, or related to this?

    Of course he’ll have our prayers and good thoughts.

    When you are positive, you have to quarantine for 2 weeks, so no office. You should also not be going anywhere else. Thats usually how quarantine goes, but not for this one. All the well people have to stay home and mask up for this one.

  32. So, all the NASCAR drivers put Bubba Wallace at the front of the line, since he had a noose in his race area. Wonder if anything has been uncovered on video, for this.

    Listening to all the Karens about this, and masks, and whatever else. Oh well, shit has to get done at work.

  33. He wasn’t feeling well yesterday and the symptoms were apparently uncomfortably close to teh COVID. I’ve been using mask usually when wandering out of my office but I’m getting stricter now. Of course it’s probably too late for me, it’s more for others at this point. Plus anyone he’s been in contact with that isn’t staff here…and that’s not a small number. This could get interesting.

    And I was just getting used to being back in the swing. One step forward, two steps back.

  34. I’m just sooooo suspicious. This story, they’ve got a description of the elderly white jogger who kicked a young swan. But the “youths” are no more than that. Just youths. “Yobs”.

  35. I do all my math in balanced ternary to confuse other readers.

  36. Okay, that’s not true, but I did once have a symbol-substitution cipher memorized and could write with and read with decent speed.

  37. They mentioned Chosen Foods and there was one more.

    I happen to use chosen foods avocado oil for the last 3 years. I only use avocado oil, olive oil, butter and ghee.

    About 3 years ago I watched a number of videos on the origins of some of the most widely used oils. The bottom line was, do not touch the “hateful 8” which are:

    canola oil
    soybean oil
    corn oil.*
    cottonseed oil.
    sunflower oil.
    peanut oil.
    sesame oil.
    rice bran oil.
    *often under the umbrella of “vegetable oil” as are others

    There is some evidence sesame oil may not be totally hateful. However, if you read about the other oils they are generally a marketing scam. They come as a byproduct that processors didn’t know what to do with so, BAM they marketed them as healthy. They are in most processed food. Very inflammatory.

    Anecdotal observation: After reading the articles I threw out all of my oils and exclusively use olive and avocado oil. Inflammation, visible inflammation in my finger joints has gone down significantly.

    But I also for the most part haven’t touched sugar in 5 years and have basically stopped drinking. I had champagne with my daughter on Father’s day. I had a glass of wine last Friday while we were out for our Anniversary. Anyhoo, who knows what’s working but it is.

    OH LOOK…20 BUCKS!!

  38. I was told there would be no math on this blog.

  39. ugh, those oils are expensive. As a noted cheap ass, I hate using expensive oil.

  40. Our POS mayor just issued an “executive order” that requires us to wear mask indoors.

    In the history of history when has a virus got worse in the summer?

    What is this bitch basing her decisions on? Our numbers are low and they are down from a few months ago.

    Eff this stupid, stupid garbage.

  41. Wow, it’s really nice having a chair that rolls easily. I highly recommend replacing those little wheels on your chair, for the larger ones I just bought. So worth it.

  42. Well, that’s fun.

  43. Jay, health vs a few dollars. Easy for me. But I’m older than you and health gets more important every year.

  44. There is a new study out, that since it’s gotten hotter, people are going inside more and are contracting the disease because they are back indoor.

    So we’re only safe when it’s 70 out.

  45. Those are like skateboard wheels! Made for comfort and quiet!

  46. They work on carpet without a mat, too.

  47. *waits for the mom joke

  48. I was gonna do “Did you put flame decals on your chair?” but flame decals on your mom is way funnier

  49. Just beside the tramp stamp on what Hotspur calls the haunches

  50. Haha, I was ready to throw the chair through a window after catching it on the corner of the mat, or a roll in the carpet, etc. Now I’m calmer.

  51. on what Hotspur calls the haunches


    hahahahahaha, Only old people use that word…like me.

  52. Hey now, I’m a longtime fan of robust haunches on a gal.

  53. Must have heard if from your grandfather. My age.

  54. Someone’s trying to get me to work for them tonight. I’m not recovered from last night. Between the heat, the mask, and how freakin busy we were – I’m dead.

  55. Switch to a bridal veil. Or harem style.

  56. Plus (I know this is boring) – we had five servers on last night. THREE were doubles. That left me and this other chick. So, the doubles usually start grumbling that they want to leave around 7. But last night – we just had people pouring in.

    So, the more vocal of the doubles – starts complaining about how “why can’t we just pick up more tables”?

    Humn – so the restaurant is JUST as busy – if not more- than it’s been all night, but the difference is you want to go now?

    I had just gotten three tables, plus TWO parties … none of them had their food yet – (some had ordered, others had not – the parties hadn’t even ordered) – I’m running around, sweating up a storm – and she’s bitching that I can’t take more tables.

    Honestly, GFY. If I can take more tables, i’m more than happy to. But we’re basically busier than we’ve been all night, and you want to leave the entire dining room with two servers.


    My sales from a night only shift was about $100 less than the double’s sales.

  57. Tell her Hotspur said to eat a bag of Covid dicks.

  58. on what Hotspur calls the haunches

    I prefer the term “flanks”.

  59. Panic 2.0 isn’t really going as planned in GA.

    Seems to be working a bit better in FL.

  60. Wait, so the “racial incident” of a sort which have in past been about 99.99% hoaxes turns out to be…a hoax?

    Who’d a thunk it.

    Anyone want to bet the dude was facing losing his sponsorship after this season before this happened?

  61. The “door rope” story is them walking it back when like, literally everyone but those with an axe to grind said “hoax”.

  62. Ban Door Closing Ropes!

  63. I love meetings that run through my lunch hour, that I don’t participate in, but no one says “hey, do you need to be here?”

  64. Ragnar just got cancelled.

    I’m sorry “postponed.” Until next year.

  65. The county government here is hinting that they might recommend no fans at Iowa State football games in the fall. County.

  66. Life is too dangerous. We should stop doing it at all. For safety.

  67. I’ve lost interest in the return of sports. Probably a combination of not watching any games for a few months, our cable is on the fritz and the resurgence of sideline activism.

    The Bruins and Celtics were doing well this year and the Patriots/Tompa Bay stories had me interested in the season ahead. Just not feeling it.

  68. We’re going to just internet and ditching the cable TV. Other than TCM, The Five and local news I don’t watch anything else. We’ll probably get a new TV to replace the 10+ year old Samsung we have now.

  69. TVs are cheap right now. Just got mom a 55 4k led that has a lovely picture, with all the bells and whistles, $399

  70. I loved football. Pretty much the only time I would take off work was Sunday afternoons. I grew disenchanted with it when the officials started obviously calling games to keep them competitive. We dropped TV last year, so I couldn’t watch football. Didn’t really miss it as much as I thought I would. The political bullshit is just another reason to ignore it.

  71. We got a 55″ “dumb” TV from BB for $175. No microphone, no internet access, and cheaper. I was ecstatic.

  72. Scott Adams

    What do you call a national story about a noose that weirdly includes no photo of the noose?

    Fake noose.

    If the Bubba Wallace noose story is real, it is appalling, of course. But without a photo, I’d give it a 5% chance of being real.

  73. Someone should photoshop a noose for him.

  74. Honestly, what actual white supremacist would even bother with a noose as some sort of “yer kind ain’t welcome heeere” message? You’d have to be a total retard to think it would end in your favor.

  75. You’d be handing a winning lottery ticket to someone you hated.

    Makes no sense at all.

  76. Especially in this instance.

    Suppose I’ve got access to the guy’s garage and I hate him. He’s depending on everything in this garage to help him stay competitive and alive. Hanging a rope with a knot in it? Would that all my enemies were so frikkin’ lame.

  77. The county government here is hinting that they might recommend no fans at Iowa State football games in the fall. County.

    That is so stupid. On hot days people will just use their programs or something.


  79. If fans are outlawed, only outlaws will have fans.

  80. Prosecutors are expected to recommend bail of $6.6 million. If convicted, Jeremy, who stands 5 feet 6 and whose net worth is reportedly about $6 million, faces a possible maximum sentence of 90 years to life in prison.

    Why is his height relevant? WTF?

  81. Sports bars were never going to re-open anyhow, may as well kill the NFL brand with some gusto.

  82. Baseketball and the Professional Jousting Tour have never had a better chance.

  83. We’ve worked for her at her house. Not a very nice person.

  84. I don’t know who Bubba Wallace is, and don’t care.

    NASCAR is about a relevant to me as the NFL.

  85. Why is his height relevant? WTF?

    He’s short, therefore it was obviously sexual assault because what woman would consent to be with a short man?

  86. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 23, 2020 4:32 pm
    Baseketball and the Professional Jousting Tour have never had a better chance.

    Doubles cornholing.

  87. He’s short, therefore it was obviously sexual assault because what woman would consent to be with a short man?

    MJ, you wanna weigh in here?

    I’m trans-tall and have good game with the ladies so I really can’t comment.

  88. How does one gain 5 pounds in a one day hospital stay?

  89. Wow, in the spell check link I get that meme, plus one that says Trump is killing people, and you need to vote like your life depends on it, because it does!!!!!

  90. How does one gain 5 pounds in a one day hospital stay?


  91. yeah my belly is swollen. Trying to work out some gas RIGHT NOW!

  92. I had a dozen people come in my room between the hours of 3am and 11am. Wtf. One was a priest from Africa who prayed for me and gave me communion and another was a phlebotomist, black gal, who upon leaving, turned and asked if I would like for her to pray for me…and I’m like, sure. Pretty sure that wasn’t in her job description, but I’ll take it.
    So there was that.

  93. Praying for Beasn to have gas.

  94. Laparoscopic surgery?

    I had a tough time with that.

  95. Iv fluids

  96. Praying for Beasn

  97. -“yeah my belly is swollen.”
    Ohhh boi.

  98. Glad you’re not dead beasnszesz.

  99. Ya never know what kind of hijinks the docs get up to when you give them access to private parts and place….
    *does that squinty side-eye thing in the general direction of Maine*

  100. Car in z prolly right….

  101. Fluids

  102. Comment by beasn on June 23, 2020 7:00 pm
    …. who upon leaving, turned and asked if I would like for her to pray for me…
    I’d be asking “What have you heard????”

  103. Unaccounted for surgical tools weigh a lot.

  104. Imgur is almost unbrowsable with orangeman bad posts and woke bullshit.


  106. She’s a drug mule now.

    Beasn, if you win any free trips to Europe, don’t go.

  107. If you do go, be sure to wear your lucky hat.

  108. Western NE was pretty cool. Just saying

  109. Tell Michael to not let the sauce stick, and keep stirring it.

  110. Might have to get a new book

  111. Imgur has been like that for as long as I can remember, the only new thing is all the maskhole memes.

  112. Imgur’s gotten a lot worse with the TDS.

  113. And the Branch Covidians aren’t helping.

  114. branch covidian, well done!

  115. AOC winning her primary, 72% of the vote. They want her, she will win, since there are no GOP votes there.

  116. Happy birthday, Clarence Thomas!

  117. AOC, like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee, will be with us for the rest of our lives. That’s how fucking stupid her constituency is.

  118. Not my invention, sadly, and the actual Koresh folks weren’t the villains the Clinton-era media assured us they were. Heretic weirdos, but not Jim Jones or Heaven’s Gate, and definitely not deserving of being assaulted and besieged like they were. Days of deafening music and then tear gas that caught fire. There were babies in there and the Feds knew it. Monsters.

  119. Laughing my ass off at a family member who loathes Facebook nearly as much as Leon does, now dating the queen of social media. She posted over 30 pics just today. The look on his face in some of them is priceless.

  120. No woman is worth such indignities.

  121. If Bubba Fucking Wallace wants to know what a REAL noose looks like, I would tell him that he could ask my daughter to show him how one is tied.

    But she took that knowledge to the grave with her in 2017.

  122. Demanding explanations, Rodney pouted.

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