1. Excellent post Jay

    Or should I say “Awesome Possum”

  2. when did jay get the pic of mare w/the taco?

  3. Mare’s always eating tacos, IYKWIM, why would it be hard to get a picture?

  4. *high fives Jay*

  5. Well, it’s been established that possums are the cutest things ever and whoever would kill one on purpose is an absolute d…. Oh, hi, Leon.

  6. The shopping list one is me…every damn time.

  7. I only kill the ones that nest in my hay, and only to protect the horses.

  8. When I stop at the store I’ll text Paula for requests after I text a list of what I actually stopped for. That way I’ve got the whole list on my phone. Every now and then we make a list on paper and when it gets left on the table one of us will end up sending a picture of the list. That being said, I haven’t been in the grocery store since early March when the mask/distancing/germ hysteria hit. Maybe next week, maybe not.

  9. I’m going to hell for laughing at the Stephen Hawking one, aren’t I.

  10. The 20yo chick getting the double lung transplant “for covid!” keeps making the rounds. I’m deeply skeptical. My guess is heavy, heavy homebrew vaping.

  11. Tactical Assault Possum for the win.

  12. Great batch of memes! Aussie possums are cuter, tho. (Still like our red-blooded American tick-eaters!)

  13. Did everyone enjoy their paid day off?


    Good one.

    (Actually our usual week of July 4 vacation at work was shelved for this year. Didn’t make much sense, considering most of our stuff got 86’ed and we all had two months out of office thanks to Chinabug hysteria.)

  15. Ordered some cigars from JR Cigar last Saturday. According to USPS they arrived in Detroit Tuesday and were scheduled for delivery Thursday. (Detroit is 30 minutes away.) I still don’t have them, and I get this from the tracking site: “Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered to its final destination. It is currently in transit to the next facility.”

    Some cocksucking government sonofabitch stole them.

  16. Final destination = government sonofabitch

  17. USPS, why do we still have it? It’s a government money/pension suck. In 300 pieces of mail, I may get one piece that is not junk mail. Maybe one in 300. Probably more like one in 400-500.

  18. Aww, cute poat, pups!

    Now why having black people, like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, the chef on Cream of Wheat, on food products, racist? Do blacks not see that they are being erased?
    Is Betty Crocker still on cake mixes or has she been removed because of her privilege?

  19. I liked the picture of Mrs. Butterworth and Aunt Jemima. They were linked to sugary deliciousness and pancakes. I wish I could be remembered that fondly.

  20. And Uncle Ben was a well-met fellow. At least I thought so.

    “well met (not comparable) (archaic) Welcome, greeted. Greeted by a person of high respect or social status.”

  21. Last day to get shit done before the ‘cleanse’.
    Must clean bathrooms.
    Finish laundry.
    Clear/clean kitchen island.
    Review Sunday/Monday prep/procedures.

  22. If there was a food I would put my face on it would not be Spotted Dick like Hotspur, it would be something like goulash.

  23. Oh, I forgot about Mrs. Butterworth. Did they cancel her too?

  24. You go in Monday, Beassnsnsnsns?

  25. Ok


  26. Mare, yes. I have to be there at 5:30 am.
    Nurse said I could start my prep earlier tomorrow, if I want.

  27. …it would be something like goulash.

    Or sausage.

  28. start my prep earlier tomorrow, if I want.
    Add one more to the list for cleansing

  29. Cigar d0t com and cigars international are both pretty reliable as far as getting the goods to me. You ought to call JR and speak with a rep, tell them you wanted to smoke them during a riot and it’s as if your life didn’t matter to them.

  30. LOL

    This is the first time I’ve ordered from JR in probably 15 years. I used to order all of the time when you could get through by phone. This time I ordered online, and I have to say it isn’t JR’s fault. They went out within a day, and were in Detroit that day. But the trail went cold there.

    Maybe Gaia doesn’t want me smoking.


    Countdown to “Trump’s fault” or “It Was Right Wingers” is on … NOW!

  32. Mr. RFH and I went over to Rocketboy’s and mowed his yard. He hasn’t been home for two weeks, it looked like no one was home, and it will be another week before he does come home. We brought our mower and also used his so we got it done in about an hour. First time I’ve mowed since Mr. RFH had surgery years ago. I need to do more cardio, I was trying to breathe, and it was like I wasn’t getting any air at all. It wasn’t that hot for Alabama in June, but it’s humid.

  33. Must be tough mowing with your mask on too

  34. I now wearing only my mask

  35. LOL. Thankfully, Rocketboy took my advice and bought a house where there’s no HOA.

  36. Shake yer moneymaker, Jimbro!

  37. My moneymaker killed it.

    TBH, it usually does

  38. Laundry is done but not put away yet. Yard is as good as it’s going to get. Mail from the past two weeks is all sorted. Kitchen is clean. I may take a nap then watch the Belmont. Picking Jungle Runner for the name and the long odds.

  39. Heh, Yahoo is trying to drum up fear of the boogaloo. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

  40. I’m sprucing up my in laws front patio. It’s been power washed, painted, and I just finished getting the indoor out door carpet cut to fit around the columns and handrails. Taking a break, I’ll return and trim the edge to fit and get happy with the double side tape. My schwety balls indicate that it’s getting warm out there.

  41. Plant tags and opossums were Lauraw bait after she threatened us with a no internet session.

    Looks like I’ll have to take it to the next level.

  42. T Roy, your shopping list from yesterday made me proud to be an American.

    It also made me pick a Japanese steakhouse for my father’s day dinner, but alas they are still takeout only. I guess you can’t flick the shrimp over a sneeze guard.

  43. So we are getting all business casual for the fancy fish house down in Fort Mill or Rock Hill or Flint Steel SC. I get them mixed up. No grilled PEI mollusks but a passable scallop dinner will be had with mucho cocktails.


  44. Marinading duck breast to go into the smoker tomorrow.

  45. Three weeks gone in June and I may finally have working A/C.


    These jackasses don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, I suspect. Or they don’t care and do the bare minimum to get paid. Both likely.

  46. FINALLY! Fuck H-1B!

  47. We finally put our window AC in our bedroom. It’s been okay with just the fan until last night. Hopefully the dogs let us sleep past 0400 when the room is already getting bright because the shades have been open for the fan.

  48. An earlier race today at Belmont Park was won by filly Sweet Melania, named after the First Lady. Descendant of American Pharoah. I saw Sweet Melania trending on Twitter, and now I know who to block. Those people need more Jesus.

  49. Roamy, I’m on the express for laughing at the chair. 👋🏻

  50. Well, this really breaks my rule about not posting unpleasant things, but why am I not surprised that the Fulton County DA is crooked.

    “Channel 2 and AJC reporters discovered that the city of Atlanta sent $250,000 to the district attorney’s office for crime prevention programs and almost 80 percent of that went into Howard’s paycheck.”

    Always follow the money.

  51. Color me shocked! Not. Too bad that a-hole won’t see the inside of a prison cell.

  52. All bathrooms are washed. Laundry mostly done. Will have to do another load tomorrow as I have to sleep on clean sheets after showering and wiping down the with antibacterial wipes (then I’ll want to switch them out again before I leave so I can have fresh to come home to).
    Just finished a delicious barbecued hamburger (mayo, tomato, lettuce), and some taters oven roasted with garlic pepper. So good.

    Now to look for a crochet pattern I thought I had run off..but looks like a no.

    We got about 10 minutes of rain today. Hopefully more will pop up overnight so I don’t have to water before the purge.

  53. Now to look for a crochet pattern I thought I had run off..but looks like a no.

  54. One of the largest yachts in the wold was docked at Newport.

    Limitless. Original sales price was $100,000,000.


  56. jebus, light at 4 am? It’s bad enough it’s getting lighter at 6am here.

  57. should do laundry after colon cleanse.

    And if you are at H2, you better laugh at Stephen Hawking Chair. It’s required.

  58. watch Trump, or Ford vs Ferrari

    Ok, recording Ford. It’s really good, highly recommended. Even Car in liked it.

  59. Fixed my outdoor table, 1X6 and some pocket hole screws. That will hold the green treat 2X2’s together for a couple more years.

  60. I think J had a stroke. Somebody help him.

  61. jkakkmss, jjismgdc

    COc… ooops.

  62. not looking very full at BOK center

  63. They were only allowed a percentage. Unfortunately, for CNN, the percentage is congregating by the stage ad in lower levels.

  64. We are allowed only 300 people at a time. Including associates. I start freaking out around 200. I mixed it up with several people today that don’t respect my personal space.

  65. but they keep crowing about 19k!

  66. Is this the Trump rally? I thought they had a bazillion requests to attend but were limiting the number to get in?

  67. Yes. 50%

  68. Ef the rally. What’s going on outside?

  69. Big screens outside.

  70. Arrests. So far local Antifa.

  71. LOL

    If they keep tearing down pro slavery statues there will be no Democrat statues left!

    (Burgess Owens)

  72. lots of congress there

    media is praying for covid

  73. ^^^ reminds of the old joke that in Heaven, the Germans are the engineers, the French are the cooks, and the British are the police. In Hell, the French are the engineers, the British are the cooks, and the Germans are the police.

  74. I only watched a few minutes of the rally, was it any good?

  75. Evidently a bunch of blm assholes were blocking the metal detectors at one entrance.
    Was a bunch of assholes bunching up to get the rally goers as they exited, then the national guard and Tulsa cops showed up…

    The week in pictures:

  76. standard Trump rally. He made fun of the media and their “concern” for his walking slow at West Point, and drinking with 2 hands.

  77. “Don’t explain,” responded Paul.

  78. I haven’t seen any rally coverage other than what you guys left here. Sounds like the narrative from the left will be “Trump can’t fill stadiums anymore!”

  79. “Women account for 55% of the more than 20.5 million workers who lost their jobs in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, causing some experts to call this recession — the worst since the Great Depression — the “Shecession.”

    “One of the biggest impacts of this pandemic is the loss of jobs, the loss of income, which has been disproportionately affecting women,” said Carole Biewener, professor of economics and women’s and gender studies at Simmons University in Boston. “And that’s unusual in a recession.”
    Economy stumbles, women, minorities and children hardest hit.

    Shecession … FFS

  80. So, all the tickets to Trump’s rally were fake?
    I understand this is a narrative that the left enjoys but they are missing the point of the rallies/reservations.

    I can’t remember if I left this here or at HQ…

    The point of signing up for rally tickets is to gather information. The info is bumped against social media sites and content is created via machine learning/AI based on the users interests. The content is then seen not only by the user but all of the users connections creating multiples of impressions.

    It doesn’t matter if the person has TDS or not.

    For example if the user hates Trump and loves BLM they may get some content that highlights Biden’s racism and the 94 crime bill. They may not vote for Trump but they also might not vote for Biden either if influenced.

    These idiots, aided by the media, think they’re owning Trump cuz tickets. The rally isn’t the product. You are the product. This is the social network model of marketing.

    It’s not a secret. Brad Parscale has been mentioning it for years.

    But muh rallies! But muh empty seats!

  81. Good point MJ, I didn’t know that. A little more reassuring than “Trump got punked”

  82. 6 pack of socks for Father’s Day. I certainly am blessed but my status as The Luckiest Man Alive is in question.

  83. Why not 7?

  84. Exactly

  85. Here’s how it works:

    AOC says punk Trump.

    They sign up.

    They love BLM, AOC, hate racism, the patriarchy, etc. All of this info is available in their social media profiles.

    They get an ad of AOC hating on Biden for being a racist, misogynist, touchy feely, old man. AOC herself has said this. It must be true.

    Thanks AOC!

  86. That, and the whole thing about Zoomies getting tickets they wouldn’t use proves the point about vote-by-mail fraud.

  87. Mernin.
    Happy Father’s Day Hostage fathers.

  88. Happy Father’s Day!

    I talked to my dad this morning. He really didn’t need another coffee cup, but I found one with the aircraft carrier he served on. He liked it, or said he did, anyway. And the card made it, too.

    Now I’m sitting here, trying to remember what I got for Mr. RFH and where I put it. CRS.

  89. Happy Father’s Day to all you motherfuckers.

  90. Ordered one of these shirts this morning off a different site

    Saw it in a tweet this morning, it was being worn by a black woman sitting in a bus full of Trump supporters on their way to the rally

  91. That’s a cool shirt, Jimbro.

  92. The prep has begun. I was supposed to take 4 Dulcolax. I took two because I noticed there is lactose in the ingredients. FUUUUU!!

    *shakes fist at Mare*

  93. The daughter and SIL are supposed to come by at 1:00.

    Oookay, I can holler at them through the bathroom door.

  94. Pray for oso….

  95. Happy Father’s Day

  96. Mornin’ Hostages. I miss dad.

    I suppose these days will someday stop making me sad, but it’s not today.

  97. On the plus side, you won’t be full of shit anymore.

  98. You should try it, hotsquirt.

  99. Fish Fry at the farm, maybe a little rootin tootin shootin later. I hear there be varmints being more varminty than usual, have to put a stop to that. I mean a certain amount of varminting is expected in rural locations but one can’t allow out of control varmintin, what would the neighbors think? Bad enough they got a brand new double wide and think they be all high falutin an such. They say they have cold AND hot running water.

    But I digress. Happy whatever excuse were using this time to gather together to eat and drink in excess.

  100. For Mr. Roamie’s binder.


  102. Father’s Day breakfast at Cracker Barrel was mixed. Restaurants are having to retrain or train new staff. Old couple tried to jump the line, but unlike Spring, TX, we stood up. Now, I’m feeling like an asshoe. It was 30 minutes before they were seated, after I dropped a dime on them.

  103. Bear Lives Matter

  104. How many times has Beasn said “Excuse me” as she hurried to the bathroom today?

    -round to the nearest dozen-

  105. Nice weekend here. Recap:

    Friday night working with the heat and mask was hell on earth. Literally the worst day of work ever, and several times during the night I questioned while i was doing it. So miserable, hard, so not worth it. Tips were ok, but it was … bad.

    Kids came up. Hannah, Matt, Ian. Nephew. BIL. Hannah’s boy friend and their roommate. Four newfies. Weather was great/hot. Other BIL even came up for most of the day on saturday (everyone else spent either one or both nights here). Saturday morning we tried out the new mountain bike trail in Lapeer -which, how cool is that? I guess the city paid some bike outfit to put it in – it’s about 6 miles and pretty cool. It goes through the woods, and hill, and there are jumps and all sorts of rock shit.

    Matt’s girfriend apparently left him on Thursday. UGH. I hate to say she’s a loony, but.

    Ugh . he is the sweetest best guy, and does NOT want to talk about it – but I so want to let loose about how this is a huge mind fuck/manipulation thing she is doing on him. She was reaching to get him, tbh.

    He’s super upset, so I am worried.

    I think that’s all I got. Lots of food, some drinks, sun, floating in the lake. Lots of DOGS.

  106. /excuse me

  107. Pretty sure Beasn is just staying in the bathroom.



  110. Glad you had a good weekend, Car in, minus the stoopid mask and your son’s heartbreak. I’m surprised Hannah showed up.

    My daughter came over alone as they found out SIL’s dad was taken to hospital overnight due to a blood clot in the lung. They saw his parents yesterday and she was renewed worried about ChYna fluey. So her, Mr. B, and MIL sat out on the patio….which I visited between ass pissing.

  111. So, all is going as the prophecy foretold?

  112. Yeah, too bad for Matt. In my 20’s I was in the same boat a couple of times and no matter what my friends told me it felt like the end of the world. Distraction by exercising and mountain biking helped me a lot as well as a couple of benders.

  113. HA! That’s funny, Pepe. Stupid pussy hats.

  114. Hope Matt doesn’t turn gay now.

  115. You could take him antiquing.

  116. I can’t remember who recommended Sneaky Pete on Amazon. See also the movie Bloodshot.

  117. Sneaky pete is ok. Haven’t seen Bloodshot

  118. O Lord, Jesus Christ, Divine Healer, grant Beasn peace of mind
    and perfect trust in You. Let this be the relief and cure which she seeks. Make skilled the work of the surgeon and that of the medical team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that we offer her for healing. We pray You, O Lord, that this procedure will be without complication, and that her recovery will be speedy and complete.

    (credit to CK, Knights and Ladies of the Holy Flaming Skull. I don’t know her AoS name.)

  119. Good luck, Beasn.

  120. Can you just feel the energy?

  121. He’s ready to be presinent on day one.

  122. Good luck. ass pissing Beasn.

  123. I gotta, gotta, GOTTA get something more positive in my life. Even I’m sick of my shit now.

  124. And best of luck beasnssnnnsnsn!

  125. Got notified at 1600 that I’ll be back at work at 0700 in the morning. Coronacation is over. Got some shooting in, did more instructing than shooting but it was productive. Thoughts and prayers are with you Beasn, just relax and think of England.

  126. Dennis earnestly revered Polly.

  127. May the Force be with you, Beasnsnsnsns.

  128. I’m up, MMM throwback coming up.

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