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Your model for today was born May 13th, 1984 in Barcelona, Spain.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 342435 and 120 lbs.  Please heed the warning signs with Miss Eva Padlock.




  1. 1984?

    She practically qualifies for a meal discount!

  2. First


  3. Happy birthday Moses Harry Horwitz

  4. I predict a lot of smashing will be going on.

  5. Still wondering if wearing a Hawaiian shirt on Juneteenth will land me in prison

  6. So we’re actually taking Juneteenth as a thing? I don’t even understand the word.


  8. Mare, some states are making it a freaking holiday

  9. OFFS The black population in the US is around 14%. And they’ll have 2 stupid holidays? When will government workers work once Asians, Hispanics and muslims have their holidays?

  10. Our Country is lost. There’s no going back to rational, common sense life. It doesn’t matter if the yellers are a minority, they are loud and they have the media and big tech. It’s over. It’s pretty obvious you can’t fight that. No one is willing to put down their phones, tv…FFS people allow Alexa in their house.

  11. The CEO of Chik fil A is insane.

  12. For Leon

  13. Wakey wakey.

    My long nightmare is over. I have found the reload button.

  14. I have found the reload button.
    Is it anywhere near the refill button?

    ‘Cus I could use some more coffee miss!

    *taps mug rim*

  15. It is NO WHERE near the refill button.

    /puts mask on and walks away

  16. My long nightmare is over. I have found the reload button.

    My girlfriends keep telling trying to point it out but I can’t ever seem to find it.

  17. 9/10 would smash

  18. I thought I was losing my mind.

    Juneteenth was never a thing but apparently it is now cuz reasons.

    This isn’t well thought out. It’ll morph into ‘no whites’ and then we’e just back to Evergreen.

    I sorta hate that we’re subjected to this every election cycle.

  19. I have absolutely no problem with anything related to Juneteenth with the exception of its politicization. Which, nowadays, has everything to do with it. If it was allowed to develop organically on its own through the power of social media I can imagine a lot of barbecues happening and a real appreciation of black culture. Hell, even Civil War reenactments (the first civil war) with people of all races enjoying cookouts and beer afterwards. I know, I’m dreaming. Juneteenth will become the new Bake The Cake and people will be required to pay tribute to it … or else

  20. /stamps “APPROVED”

  21. On Juneteenth we all wear dashikis and eat crackers.


  23. last week about 1 in 7million ny’ers knew what juneteenth was – now it’s a recognized state holidy


  25. teh gov cummo is full court pressing the shit out of all possible opportunities

  26. What a stupid time to be alive.

    On the other hand, we’re into caprese salad season and I just lurve a good caprese salad with a nice glass of white wine.

  27. more importantly tho —————–


    that last pic seals the deal.

    she definitely seems nice tits

  28. Are blacks even 10% of the population at this point? I don’t think you get above that without counting all the mulattoes, quadroons, octaroons, and Shaun King.

  29. 12.6%, which I think is the highest they’ve been.

  30. I was under the impression that their population had been on the steep decline since the Roe v Wade decision. I’ll have to check the data later.

  31. I’ll bet Juneteenth becomes a black only holiday.

  32. teh gov cummo is full court pressing the shit out of all possible opportunities

    Wouldn’t you, if you just killed thousands of seniors in nursing homes?

  33. Sounds a bit conservative, interesting

  34. Thanks Jammy Jam.


  35. First

  36. Kwanza didn’t take, so let’s try something new.

  37. If this takes, I insist Kwanzaa be damnatio memoriae.

  38. I made a ceeement birdbath yesterday. Left it rough and today I’mma finish it with a smooth layer. It’s about 34 inches across. Gonna be some birdy pool parties this Summer.

    get clean you filthy boids

    My little plastic saucer birdbaths that were on the same bed are so popular with the local birds that I kept getting buzzed while I was building the new one. I had to temporarily put them back in another part of the blueberry bed so they could get their drinks and baths.

  39. For what it’s worth, Michigan shouldn’t celebrate Juneteenth. Slavery was never legal here, even under the territorial government. The last slaves on this land were Algonquin owned by other Algonquin.

  40. Hey Alex, this up your alley? My mom retired from there pretty happy with the company.

  41. I heard about Juneteenth quite a few years ago, not sure if it was during Bush or Obama’s presidency. It was in the context of an annual celebration that turned violent, unfortunately.

  42. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 19, 2020 9:22 am
    For what it’s worth, Michigan shouldn’t celebrate Juneteenth. Slavery was never legal here, even under the territorial government. The last slaves on this land were Algonquin owned by other Algonquin.



  43. Leon, I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  44. I made a ceeement birdbath yesterday

  45. Mare, Michigan’s cause for statehood was one of the events that led to the secession of South Carolina and eventually to the Civil War. If we’d been admitted to the Union when we qualified, free states would have outnumbered slave states and slavery could have been outlawed by the US Senate. They held up admission to the Union until another slave state could join at the same time, iirc.

  46. The Civil War was basically inevitable. It was baked into the cake when the Constitution was written. The South had cultural, economic, and political influence at the beginning that was starting to wane by the mid-1800s, and ending slavery would have resulted in massive social and economic upheaval that the Southern political elite (who benefited the most from slavery) were unwilling to face.

  47. Chinga tu Madre y Abuela. Cheese en fuego!!!!

  48. Dems: All race all the time.

    Also Dems: Trump is a racialist.

    Makes no sense to me.

  49. If I remember correctly, Texas’ admission to the US was held up several years until Iowa could get organized and these two entered at roughly the same time.

    Tariffs that protected northern industrialists from European competition hurt southerners who had to import most of what they needed to function. The southerners got sick of the imposed inequity. President Jackson, I believe, had to get down and dirty with the South Carolinans in 1820 to get them to comply w federal law regarding collecting taxes at the port of Charleston. If I remember correctly.

  50. I did know about South Carolina but not Michigan which is embarrassing because the political machinations make sense.

  51. Did we talk about Gwenyth’s new candle smell, “This smells like my orgasm.” A video wherein she and her SON hawk this garbage?

  52. Arkansas was the slave state that was admitted in 1836, which threw the balance in favor of slavery, Michigan was the state that put it back to a tie in 1837. Michigan was one of 6 free territories petitioning for statehood after the land was acquired as a result of the War of 1812. They were all ready at about the same time, but they were trickled into the Union one at a time to keep maintaining the near-even balance preserving slavery.

  53. Did we talk about Gwenyth’s new candle smell, “This smells like my orgasm.”

    Definitely not teen spirit.

  54. If the Civil War had waited just a little longer, Cuba and Nicaragua might have been states. How weird would that be?

  55. Who in the hell wants to smell someone else’s orgasm??

    Dear Lord, please let there be a purge. Please strike down all the truly stupid and evil people for they are as Sodom and deserve your judgement.

  56. Who in the hell wants to smell someone else’s orgasm??

    That depends on who we’re discussing, and how close I am to the source.

  57. If there’s to be a purge, anyone who buys those candles should be on The List. Not especially high on it, mind you, but on it.

  58. Couple of wedding pics added to media folder.

  59. If I understand the Census data correctly, they hovered around 10% for decades until 1970 or so, at which point they started climbing up to the current percentage. Couldn’t speak as to the whys and wherefores.

  60. Who in the hell wants to smell someone else’s orgasm??

    Sex lives matter.

  61. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 19, 2020 10:21 am
    If the Civil War had waited just a little longer, Cuba and Nicaragua might have been states. How weird would that be?

    I’ve thought it might be interesting to try and write up an alt history where Lincoln didn’t run in 1860, and the result was a divided Union government. The South holds off on secession until 1862, and then the next two years are spent with a union blockade and endless negotiations, but the North can’t muster the political unity to do much more.

    Rising conflicts in border states, as well as increasingly aggressive abolitionist activity (including smuggling weapons into the South with union support in order to encourage slave uprisings) comes to a head in 1864, with a disputed vote in Kentucky and the election of Lincoln. The hawkish members of the Confederate government push for a rapid military expedition to secure Kentucky, surround DC, and force the Union to agree to favorable terms. It is a disaster.

  62. Aww, see, the Hump is a squish with the boids. I need to put out a birdbath, too. Every once in a while, when the sprinkler is running under a tree, I’ll see a cardinal or robin sitting above it, washing their wing pits.

    Besides the happy song of birds in spring, early summer is also a fun time to watch them as they raise their babies who are calling from the bushes for foodies.

    Speaking of which, I had a weird dream this morning, which woke me up mad. There were several sets of cardinals raising their young…not sure whose yard. One had two young males and another had possibly a female. I wanted to get a picture of them but some dumb blond kid from some sitcom I can’t even remember, ran them off. Then the script changes and there is the vegan gal with 10 kids, from youtube, and her daughter….the daughter having just snared the cardinal and his two offspring. I didn’t see her do it or even see the birds, but either someone told me she did it or I just knew. So I’m yelling at her that I don’t care about her goofy family or the # of kids she has or her diet but FU, you never harm a songbird. Fin.

    Woke up mad. Symbolism of the upcoming removal, perhaps.

  63. I told the husband about the dream and he’s like ‘Why are you yelling at me?’
    Durr, it’s so obvious I’m yelling at her, wth.

  64. Okay, it’s going to be a muggy day. Humidity is back and I need to water things before it becomes unbearable.

  65. We’re fertilizing the hayfield tomorrow. Your mom is jealous.

  66. I’m wearing my Ashante Kente cloth scarf for Juneteenth.

  67. Just finished a few minutes ago. Getting uncomfortably hot out. I need to pick the strawberries but I don’t think so. Gonna let them fester until the shadow crosses the yard…tomorrow night. Will probably have some rotten ones to chuck at that point, but whatever, they’re only strawberries and I’m getting tired of picking them. So many.

  68. uh oh, the Iowa positive test ratio is going up. Last 5 checks: 4.41% 5.12% 7.28% 6.79% 7.5%

    Better shut the whole state down! (this is being said by hystericals on FB )

  69. Antibodies. They’re finding people who already had it.

  70. I saw on the Weather Channel that Helena, MT and Carabou, ME are hotter than Alabama.

  71. And while I’m thinking about it, sunspot number is zero, and there have been 125 days with no sunspots so far this year (73%). Solar minimum continues.

  72. Caribou is practically Canada. They deserve the heat, winter lasts close to 8 months up there

  73. Love the pictures, roamy. Lovely couple!

  74. Hmm, while today is more humid and is going to get up to 90, I did not break a sweat while watering the gardens.

  75. Mr. B shoved my braid up under his ball cap. Oy, I’ll have to poat the picture when he gets back from lunch.

  76. Lovely pictures.

  77. What a world. This is one of the finest weeks for walking away from the internet I have ever seen in my life. Love you guys, see you later.

    –Hump out.

  78. Don’t go. All the plants are gonna die.

  79. Thanks, Beasn. So glad we got to meatup.
    Thanks, CoAlex. Hoping for your turn someday.

    I wish DIL had gotten one of the dresses she tried on here. There were two that were far more flattering to her figure, but she was set on the mermaid style. As I was neither wearing the dress nor paying for it, I kept quiet.

  80. Whew, it was my turn to scrub the hump next.

    Seriously though, I understand taking a break from the madness. I never turned on the TV at the hotel, I had limited computer time, and that was a good thing. I am trying to focus on more positive things.

  81. It certainly showed off her curves.

  82. Just because we are neither wearing the dress nor paying for it doesn’t mean we can’t criticize MJ’s attire.

  83. Good call on Laura’s part. I will likely repeat last Sunday’s “phone turned off” policy this Sunday. AND avoid most web sites. I already know the situation, nothing much is changing, and I can do jack-all about it, so there’s no point being immersed in it all the time.

  84. Asshoe day in the White House press briefing

  85. One other thing about Missouri. They have a chain of home improvement stores called Menards. One was across the street from the hotel, and every time we passed it without Mini-me in the car, either Mr. RFH or I would say “Me nards!” in a pirate voice.

  86. Sorry folks, I didn’t know about Juneteenth. I don’t remember ever hearing about it. I grew up in the military, too.

  87. Menards = lower price Lowes or Home Depot

  88. I wish DIL had gotten one of the dresses she tried on here. There were two that were far more flattering to her figure, but she was set on the mermaid style. As I was neither wearing the dress nor paying for it, I kept quiet.

    She looked like she was about to spill out of it.

    Has she considered a career in the lucrative field of BBF modeling?

  89. There’s a Menard’s just southwest of me here. I don’t shop there anymore because they don’t cut lumber. I’ve got principles.

  90. LOL

    Kayleigh just skewered CNN.

  91. Hey, the slaves freed themselves.

    Huh. That would mark literally the first time in history that ever happened. Even the Jews say God freed them from Pharaoh.

  92. CoAlex, I was thankful for no wardrobe malfunctions. She and I both gained weight during the quarantine.

  93. If they freed themselves, then they don’t owe any gratitude.

  94. I’m guessing all these wedding pics are on facechimp?

  95. Nope, they’re in the media folder here.

  96. You know who else freed themselves? The jews from the concentration camps. Everything else is just white people of privilege talking.

  97. Lovely pictures, Roamy!

    I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon (routine). Guess whose doctor is going to have words with her due to the “Quarantine Fifteen”?

    Oh, well, she is retiring in November, so I’ll be someone else’s problem for the rest of my life.

  98. I’ve lost a few doctors over the years, 2 to retirement and 2 to death. The first one who died was my age with metastatic colon cancer and the last one had been fighting cancer for over a decade. He was 74 so less of a shock. Death comes for us all, live a good life and don’t be an asshole. My neighbor used to be my PCP close to 20 years ago but he was a bit of an asshole and I found a new one. My neighbor is not long for this world due to cardiac amyloidosis.

  99. Death comes for us all, live a good life and don’t be an asshole.

    No U.

  100. It’s a struggle

  101. We’re still at 96% on the media storage. I’m going to take some time and start deleting the oldest of the MMM images from year 1, I think. It’s that, start H3, or re-host the old media.

  102. Note to self, “don’t be doctoring on Jimbro”.

  103. Leon, I was trying to shrink some of the images from Mb to kb size. Need to figure out how to shrink gifs.

  104. The church did require wearing a mask when we were waiting for the wedding to start, and I’m hoping someone got a pic of me wearing the one from Pupster. I got a lot of compliments on it.

  105. Mr. RFH or I would say “Me nards!” in a pirate voice.


    Now I will forever say Me Nards! like a pirate. I used to say it like I was a Timmah.

  106. People have lost their damn minds. Just saw a youtube video title of Chik Fil A guy shining the shoes (or was it washing the feet) of a rapper. Really?

  107. Nice pick Pupster
    I think I like her because she reminds me of one of my scifi crushes, Zoe from Firefly 🤤🤤🤤

  108. Okay maybe not now that I see pics side by side. Guess it was something about the face shape.

  109. Juneteenth was never a thing but apparently it is now cuz reasons.

    Anything to skroo with a Trump rally. They’re that f’in crazy.

  110. Antibodies. They’re finding people who already had it.

    This is the reason numbers are rising here in Arizona too. They’re finding a lot of people had it or have it that hadn’t been tested before.

    If we could suddenly test everyone in the country I think they’d find a very large portion of the population at large has already had it and never had symptoms or thought it was regular flu / something else.

    With the offering of free tests at multiple sites, the numbers will keep going up. But the assholes in the news continue to scream like the sky is falling. This thing is looking less and less deadly as more people test positive but Deaths are on the decline. But they’re sure as hell gonna drag it out as long as they possibly can to f*** the economy as hard as possible.

    This shite excuse is being used to push mandatory masks in public here in Arizona. I think they wanted to shut down things as well but I think they realize people aren’t going to go for that any more without some serious pushback.

  111. 4 stops in Rhode Island tomorrow.

    There will be clams.


  112. LOL, now D&D is being re-written because drow and orcs are racist.

  113. 🤣🤣🤣 They are going after Eskimo Pies now.

  114. I love Rhode Island clams.

    Especially when they’ve been marinated in cheap pinot grigio all night.

  115. LOL, now D&D is being re-written because drow and orcs are racist.

    This is madness. They aren’t even human, and drow are a fucking matriarchy.

    I’ve got no hope whatsoever for Elder Scrolls 6.

  116. I can’t get to the HQ. Did it get whacked?

  117. I’ve got no hope whatsoever for Elder Scrolls 6.

    Yeah, I expect it to be a disappointment at this rate.

  118. I really should have saved my D&D 3.5 books. I fully expect that the next version will have no racial differences other than the merely cosmetic.

    Gnomes = half-giants, h8r.

  119. Honestly, I hate that sex is entirely cosmetic in games.

  120. I get “Bad Gateway” trying to refresh at AoSHQ…

  121. Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat too.

    Ban all the things!

  122. So I hit the toy store, the guitar store and the chinese joint. I got

    One 12 round mag for my xd
    One box of 40 S&W (50 rounds)
    One set of acoustic guitar strings
    Two pork egg roll
    10 fried wonton
    10 crab rangoon
    Lrg House flied lice
    Lrg pohk lo mein
    Sum Bo sweet n sour
    General Tso’s chicken

    I am full and happy, restrung the guitar and now everybody is at the other end of the house. Time to do the evening chill.

    How about some Marshall Tucker? Heard it in a Love Song.

  123. I finished work, made bread pudding which is currently soaking in the fridge. Gonna throw it in the oven tomorrow for breffist.

  124. The backup site and facebook page are still up, but no updates.

  125. I gib this poat 6 of these thingies ;;;;;;

  126. TeeRoy, Free Bird!!!!!!

  127. Finally finished with the new well, storage, float box and drinker. Brought the backhoe home and unloaded 10 big bales of winter wheat hay.

    Seal on the outrigger that was leaking a little, is now leaking a lot. Have to pull the cylinder (152 pounds!) and take it in to get fixed.

  128. Going on an hour, now. I think it really did get hit. Not good.

  129. **squishy hugs UncleFacts**

    I laughed out loud at your Walmart Karen story then had to read it out loud to Mr. RFH. Good job.

  130. The restaurant that spawned the name Pie Town, is no more.

  131. Eskimos aren’t real

  132. 🤪🤣🤣🤣

  133. Any refugees from the HQ are welcome to treat this as the ONT if you happened to stumble over. If anyone knows what’s happening, I’d love to hear it.

  134. Refugees from the HQ?

    Quick, everyone turn off the lights and pretend we’re not here.

  135. Nah, it’ll be fine.

  136. Hotspur?

  137. Hotspur?

    I’ve been tempted to carry a sign with “no lives matter” to some of these protests.

  138. Can’t Ace or one of the cobs be reached on the twatters?

  139. The only twatting I do is with your mom.

  140. updated all the references in the windows service I’m in charge of, and NOW IT FUCKING WORKS!

    Woo hoo! Time for a cocktail.

  141. WTF is wrong with Eskimo pie? Inuit pie, now, but only in some areas?

  142. Inuit pie sounds dirty. It’s either crass sexual innuendo or a pastry stuffed with seal eyeballs.

  143. Went to an Academy today to gaze at the guns and………there were barely any there. About 25 shotguns on display and maybe 20 rifles most of which were either .22 or single shot, not exactly self defense items. There were 14 pistols and revolvers in the case and this ol boy wanted to buy one, so the clerk removed it from the glass case, took the magazine out, and handed it to him. He dry fired it a time or two, looked it over and said, I’ll take it. The clerk reached behind him and grabbed a box and started to put the pistol in it and the guy goes, “you don’t have some in the back that haven’t been out here demo?” The clerk told him, “what you see right here is all we got. There’s nothing in the back.” Ammo was pretty much gone. People are getting they asses ready.

  144. Man work sucked.

    Hey, you know when it’s really hot, and you’re running around – breathing heavy into your mask, the hot air you express just goes up onto your face.

    Man, work sucked.

  145. How much sweat are you willing to accept from someone serving you food?

  146. I know I’m giving the servers a LOT of leeway right now.

  147. Speaking of servers, going to the HQ now gives this:
    ——We’ve had a disk problem on the server. Currently working on fixing it and/or taking the off-site backups and moving wholesale to a brand new sever. Will be back in a few hours. All blog data is intact – every last ampersand – the server just won’t boot right now. 😦 —–

  148. They have to rebuild a set of disks, that’s takes a bit of time. He isn’t hosted by Google, has it’s good and bad points. Pixy isn’t gonna censor him, at least.

  149. Glad to here hq is a technical problem. With what happened to th federalist and zerohedge my mind was expecting something more nefarious.

  150. he’s got a good provider. Not sure of Pixy’s political leanings, but he doesn’t censor. Also, he’s in Australia, so he’s out of reach of the US shame brigade.

  151. So Albuquerque is considering sending social workers out on 911 calls because they can de-escalate the situation, unlike police.

    So when your husband gets drunk and starts beating the crap out of you, you call 911 and they send Stephanie who is in her mid 40’s, has a degree in social work, and is working on her masters in gender studies. She needs to lose 20 pounds, but does yoga……..

    It’s a kinder, gentler approach. What could go wrong?

  152. hmm, my ultra lib sister in law is a social worker, with domestic abuse. In Minnesota. Wonder if she’ll be called to duty.Her brother in law is a SWAT officer in St Paul

  153. Social workers aren’t going anywhere near the ghetto at 2am without police support.

  154. Ayup. Gonna be some dead social workers within a month.

  155. Pup, Well done. It’s high quality content like this that keep me coming back.

  156. Dear Editors,
    Read prudently.

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