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  1. Nailed it.

  2. Great categories.

  3. They’re all good, but Santa made me guffaw.

    (I just wanted to use the word guffaw.)

  4. Have a wonderful day, Roamy!!

  5. Beasnsnssnsn, how’d it go yesterday?

  6. I see that you all went to H3 and didn’t tell me.


  7. Made homemade browned butter no-churn ice cream last night and it turned out pretty good. A touch too sweet, but the butter balances it out.

  8. First

  9. Wakey wakey

    Work was ok. Yes I remembered how to do everything, but wearing a mask SUCKED. It was pretty bad.

    I copped a 24 hour ban on facebook from something I said a week or two ago. Here it is, so you can see what a horrible person I am.

    Trump is an asshole.

    Bahaaa haaa haa … lol – that wasn’t it.

    “The Germans are nuts. My mil can’t talk her her german relatives about anything”

  10. pencil

  11. Every single frame of Blade was better than the whole of Twilight.

    Except for when Ashley Greene was on screen. Those parts were easier to take.

  12. Only one patron wore a mask (and he’s a bit looney). I had a woman at a table with wipes, wiping shit down but everyone else acted completely normal

  13. The guy with the mask is an alcoholic. Sat at the bar and only lifted the mask up a bit to take a drink

  14. You should start referring to drinks as breath sterilizers.

  15. Went to my local sports pub last night but it was not the same. Servers and hostess all had masks, but pulled down with their nose uncovered. Menu was online, you had to scan a QR code or browse to their website, I guess to keep from handling the same objects as others? They’ve cut the menu down to bar food and sandwiches only, no more dinner entrees. LAME.

  16. Mare, how’d what go? Doctor or dining with roamy?

    Doctor – I was the last patient of the day and his beeper kept going off as he was needed at the hospital. Felt rushed. I’m going in next week for part removal.

    Poated about dinner with the roamingfirehydrants, last night. It was very nice and she sent me home with delicious meat. My MIL was given the ribs and LOVED them.

  17. RANGE DAY! Ready on the left. Ready on the right.


  18. My gal is red hot.
    Yo’ gal ain’t doodley squat.

  19. Tackled the lawn this morning. Holy crap, it was overgrown big time. The first crop of mosquitoes are out there and they suck.

  20. Hayfield has to be mowed and mulched a couple of times before our first real cutting. Got half of it done yesterday, doing the rest today after I do some other yard clean up and the sun gets a little lower in the sky.

  21. It was a mistake putting the cucumber mounds behind the peas. Too shady back there and the sprouts are getting eaten by slugs. Mufaku slugs!

    Will have to start over elsewhere. *shakes fist*

  22. Absolutely beautiful day for a wedding. It’s 76 and low humidity RIGHT NOW, but it says it’s supposed to get up to 89. May that hold off until after The Wedding.

  23. Pissed. That cost me two weeks and some $ because I am trying out some fancy asian varieties. BOO!

  24. “fancy asian varieties” is crying for the YourMom treatment but I can’t wrangle (mangle?) the words the right way. Must be feeling sluggish.

  25. Your mom showed Hotspur the fancy Asian variety.

  26. They’re doing some advanced gardening in CHAZ.

  27. Well, ACKTUALLY, it’s a no-dig method and it’s fine. Will probably work, as long as they made a hole in the actual mineral soil and planted in that, and are just using the cardboard and compost as mulch. I did something similar in my front flowerbed and it worked great.

    If they planted in the compost directly, the plants may still make it but it will take a while for their roots to break through the cardboard and they might be stunted during that time.

    But their plant spacing sucks and there’s no path. Nobody is going to be able to walk through there to harvest food without wrecking shit, when everything is fully grown.

  28. The whole thing just cracks me up. We’ve discussed this method here a lot, so I’m not making fun of that.

    Just their half-assed attempt at it all.

  29. Plus the idea that they’re going to plant a few pitiful gardens are pretend that it’s going to fed them all.

  30. That was my take on it too. Lasagna gardening good, feeding more than one family from it, unlikely. I think it’s mostly symbolic. Cutting off sewer, water and electricity will have them crying like the toddlers they are.

  31. South Park one got me 😂

  32. Yea, it’s symbolic gardening. That’s what it is. So it’s just funny that they’re doing lasagna gardening in their pretend field.

  33. So we have “Loving Day” and “Juneteenth” … how many other holidays can we made that are race based?
    It’s also funny that we are such a racist society, yet we have these days of advancement marked and shit.

    IT’s a stupid time to be alive.

    Then the shit on social media about Trump erases rules that prohibited discrimination against trans folks in health care (say that three times) where these word salad long descriptions make it sound like trans folks aren’t going to be allowed in the ER when in reality it means medical folks will primarily take into account your actual gender (you know, so fake women don’t need pap smears, etc) and also doctors have some leeway in so much that they can’t be forced to remove a young woman’s breasts because she’s trans if the doc disagrees.

    Which, I don’t get the point. I mean … find another doctor?

  34. Carin Seyler O’Brien
    The Germans are nuts. My mil can’t even talk to her relatives (they live in Germany)


    Hate speech.

    It’s really just hilarious.

    It was a response to this article:

  35. So it’s just funny that they’re doing lasagna gardening in their pretend field.

    How long ’til they can pick the lasagna?

  36. It looks like they used pizza boxes, so maybe the pizzas come up first?

  37. How long until they can harvest the beer trees?

  38. This happened with the Twin Otter I used to maintain.

  39. hurry up and grow, I’m hungry!

  40. Where will we get wedding pics? ❤️ You guys.

  41. Dan forgot to barricade the stairs last night. Everything was peachy. Around 2 AM we smelled poop. Couldn’t find it. Couldn’t find MaryAnn. She was at the bottom of the stairs covered in poop and pee. Dan bathed her while I cleaned up the foyer. We were scared. She was prancing around like a puppy. The Vet called her the Energizer Bunny. We believe it, until we don’t.


  43. I think I have a new favorite MMA fighter.

    Julia “Raging Panda” Avila.

  44. Range report. The xd ate fiocheii target ammo like candy. Zero firing issues. I’m still accurate but I’ve slowed. Timer says holster to first shot 1.6, second shot delivered in .52 giving me a average of somewhere around 2.25 for two rounds from holster. First goal, get the entire number down to 1.75 then work from there. Going to train some more tomorrow, then my truck partner is coming over Wednesday and we’ll do some training before getting back to work the week after.

    I suggest all parties take some time and ensure their firearms work properly and that they can be used with basic proficiency. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have. The world isn’t getting any saner at this point.

    On the other hand, a absolutely beautiful day weather wise out here. Humidity stayed down, maybe mid 80s but a northern breeze. Really pleasant.

    Someone mentioned not being able to navigate the garden once full grown due to spacing. Not a problem, barely a inconvenience. That place will implode long before those plants reach maturity.

  45. Mecdes is from Africa. She won’t reveal country of origin. Her daughters have a catering company. They catered the Rio Rancho Trump event. Meh loves Trump. We’ve worked together since 2012. We’ve bonded over the super secret she haters secret club. Legal immigrants H8 Slow Joe.

  46. so, fox is running digitally altered images in CHAZ coverage? No need, Fox. It’s crazy enough.

  47. more rioting in ATL, after another killing.

  48. Better believe there is a cell ready to go in every major city on the slightest pretense from now until November.

  49. The cop involved in the Wendy’s shooting has been fired.

    This is why police unions exist and protect every cop no matter whether they were in the right or wrong.

  50. Our range was very busy today. I just shot two rounds of trap.

    I might break out the Mosin tomorrow. Time to get loud.

  51. i was told there would be cheese.

  52. Notes from right before my first AOS meetup. Damn, dude. It always bothers me that I don’t recall so many of those interactions.

  53. Doreen escaped Romanian prison.

  54. Better believe there is a cell ready to go in every major city on the slightest pretense from now until November.
    Totally believable

  55. Mesa drive by … Hey!

  56. Gots to harvest some rhubarb today


  57. I found two recipes for rhubarb/pineapple and rhubarb/blueberry jams. Rhubarb is one of those veggies (?) that makes me wonder. Like, if I didn’t have a patch of rhubarb out there would I go out of my way to plant some? I’ve heard people lament that they’re unable to grow it in their yard. I have no idea how hard they actually tried or if they are good gardeners or not. When I moved in this house in ’99 there was a successful patch of rhubarb on the hill where it gets sun most of the day. I harvest some stalks off it every few years and every now and then the neighbor lady will ask if she can harvest some. Every few years I put a bag of manure or compost on it in the fall and that’s it.


  58. This article from 2017

    about this book

    is enlightening. I bought it on kindle this morning and really ought to read it sooner than later before it’s “gone with the wind” with our modern day cancel squads.

  59. From the goodreads review site

    ” Alison asked:
    This is the message I received from ‘Lois’ a black feminist living in Canada who crochets and reviews books – after I put a review up and also suggested that different groups look beyond their own prejudices and realise that ALL groups can be opressed ?- as demonstrated in this book – here is her message to me: You are a nasty white racist and I hope you catch coronavirus and die:) “



    This brief article stopped making sense about halfway through but finished with a happy ending when a lib got canceled by her fellow libs

  62. I see everything got stupider overnight.

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