New name? Hostage Autonomous Zone. Or … HAZ. Catchy?


I’ve got an idea. Stick with me for a minute. So, our little blog is a somewhat unknown spot on AlGore’s internet … but say we “occupy” a bigger website and just demand that its our’s?   I don’t mean Ace’s or similar. We need to take back the enemy.  Is Daily Kos still a thing?

I absolutely love the Chaz (is that what we call it?  Isn’t Chaz Cher’s daughter/son?) . I truly do.   Rarely does a such a horribly bad idea come along, that gets implemented, and the media completely ignores the story because reasons.

Rumor is their food got stolen, and they’re asking for vegan, gluten-free, locally sourced food to be brought in.   No worries, though – they’ve GOT a solution.

Ba haaa haaaa haaaa … Please let this be true … I am LITERALLY dying.

Then this reply: “This is the most Seattle-est thing I have ever seen. They took a moment to garden in the middle of a protest.”  Humn … that’s not gardening. They stuck a few starts and put them in the ground.   I’m betting very few of those folks have grown anything but pot.

The people in CHAZ says it’s loverly.  The have free books and free food and painting and movies.   Just like when they were children.   Because that’s what these folks are. Children.  But perhaps this is honestly the wrong way to look at it.   They are not children  – they are adults with childish ideas.  With the support of political leaders who are perfectly happy to let them burn our society to the ground in order to gain the power they seek. These children area being allowed to believe their immature, ill-informed beliefs, because for NOW it serves a purposes.   Do the democrats actually believe the police should be defunded? Or that POC convicted criminals should be retried by community activists and prisons abolished? Of COURSE they don’t.   But none of that matters, because these movements are creating an inertia that they hope will drag Biden’s corpse across the finish line.

And where are the Republicans right now? Where is any leadership opposing this?   Oh right, they’re busy making their own Hostage Apology Videos.

(sorry for the long quote here, but I think it’s appropriate )

On August 19, 1966 – students launched a fight for social justice to fight for the rights of the oppressed in China. The patriarch system in China had been created by the 1% and held down women, minorities, and the working class. The students cried out for a revolution and change. They launched the Cultural Revolution. Students put a red band around their arm to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and called for a change on old ideas that they called the FOUR OLDS. The Four Olds were: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.
The movement was supported by the Chinese media
Mass demonstrations and looting by the students ensued.
Statues were torn down
Chinese architecture was destroyed
Classical literature and Chinese paintings were torn apart and burned
Temples were desecrated.
The Cemetery of Confucius was attacked
The corpse of the 76th-generation Duke Yansheng was removed from its grave and hung naked from a tree
Wealthy homes were attacked and destroyed
Many families’ long-kept genealogy books were burned to ashes.
Public leaders who were considered to be oppressive were tried by angry mobs and vigilantes
Three days later, August 22, 1966, a central directive was issued to stop police intervention. The police were disbanded in the city and the students formed a community solution called the RED GUARD. The RED GUARDS policed the communities and punished anyone who did not agree with their ideas. Even people that supported the movement, but had bad thoughts could be punished.
Though many Christians supported the movement in the beginning, they quickly became the number one target of the RED GUARDS and public trials were held to condemn them to death.
Many of those that were on board with the cause of the rebellion, in the beginning, saw that it was not really what they had signed up for, but by then it was too late. The power that the Red Guard wanted had already been given.
More people died during the cultural revolution in China than any war, famine, or natural disaster in the history of man. – repost from editorial Eugene Bach who has a ministry to communist nations and spent most of his life studying the rise of Communism.

Don’t you wish someone else had done today’s poat?

Anyway – I think this feel-good video will wash away the politics I’ve sullied our blog with today.  I actually woke up singing this the other morning.   Turn it up. Hide your children.

UPDATE (Colorado Alex): Here you go, MJ…





  1. New poat smell.

    wakey wakey.

  2. I have a post ready to go once the mob turns on this one and tries to decapitate it but ends up killing Jimbro in the fallout.

  3. *sniff* *sniff*

    What is THAT smell?

  4. It is sort of interesting to see it play out.

    The mayor, rather than looking at this as a total subversion of the law is trying to understand if the separatists have a point and should be negotiated with.

    LOL. They’re going to eat her alive. I have the conch.

  5. Lot to unpack here


    The crazy thing is, there are people who think this is AWESOME and not a bunch of semi-functional adults living out childish dreams of righteousness. The likelihood anyone of the criminals in there faces repercussions, wait “meaningful repercussions”, for any of the shit going on in there, short of murder, is next to nil.

  6. It is freezing here. Not New Mexico cattle ranch cold, but 50’s after a night that dipped into the 40’s. With all our windows open overnight the house has a definite chill.

  7. If they wanted to start a commune, they could have done that anywhere on private land. I’d lay good odds that thought never occurred to them because they think the country is crowded.

  8. Why is no one trying to take down or spray paint over Mt Rushmore?

    The big one. Big enchilada right there.

  9. Give them time.

  10. Nasty rainstorm last night while I was driving home. Blinding, almost sideways rain that slowed the highway down to a crawl. The nice thing is that it was cool this morning when I went for a run. Of course, it’s likely to get miserably humid this afternoon.

  11. I would love to see that.

    You get there and the mountain is like a mile from the viewing area. LOL

    I always assumed it would be right in front on you.

    What a disappointment that would be.

  12. Countdown for the editorial cartoon showing Mt Rushmore graffitied

    (had to look up how to spell graffitied)

  13. They didn’t set up on private land because these are all city kids. These stupid fuckers wouldn’t last a week and a half trying to survive in the country. They’re using what’s in the shops and structures they’ve commandeered because they have no supplies of their own and barely any skills to create more. In fact I doubt if any of them could build a habitable structure or support themselves by farming if their lives depended on it. Nope, they’re leeching off what someone else labored for. Fucking parasites thinking they should rule the roost.

  14. Wow. I had no idea.

  15. What, that I could f-bomb that many times in a comment?

  16. (had to look up how to spell graffitied)

    Loan words are the worst. You’re taking Italian noun shape and forcing it to accept English verb tense, and it hurts the language processing part of your brain because that Doesn’t Sound Right.

    Tim, you’re absolutely right. If these kids had to make their own anything they’d starve, freeze, and be enslaved by the nearest armed tribe. Kinda like now.

  17. I can see why Gutfeld was so depressed last week, and why he was on his last nerve with Juan Williams uneducated nonsense last week. He took 2 days off.

  18. These stupid fuckers wouldn’t last a week and a half trying to survive in the country.

    Peeing their pants, hearing the coyotes at night.

  19. This is worth your time.

  20. the Seattle Warlord is blaming Trump for media scrutiny. Rich.

  21. First

  22. Did you see where their African scarves were Ashanti, which were the slave traders in Africa?

  23. I caught that. I also saw more than a few comments asking why they took the Chauvin posture rather than the Floyd posture.

    You couldn’t design a more tone-deaf pander.

  24. It’s the kneeling that is significant.

  25. Yep, and kneeling is how you kill George Floyd. Well, kneeling and him being pumped full of fentanyl and meth.

  26. Drug ’em then choke ’em off? Sounds exactly like the Democrat way.

  27. Nice post CARin.

  28. Poat needs more boobs

  29. In the revolution that is now, I am not seeing their wealthy backers homes going up in flames. So, until I see Pelosi’s freezer full of ice cream up in flames……….

  30. car in, I’d enjoy your music selection more if the red guy didn’t creep me out so much.

  31. Poat needs more boobs

    Take a selfie and then poat it.
    I keed because I love.

  32. So I have been avoiding the internets. Someone explain to me when this takeover happened.
    Who are they and who is feeding them.
    Are they on private property?
    Is anyone who owns that property upset about it?

  33. I’d like to see Soros and co’s homes go up in flames but years ago, when 60 Minutes did a thing a him, they were in awe about how many layers of security he had. Equated to Fort Knox.

  34. The man knows he’s hated by people with the means to do him harm, I’m not surprised.

  35. Chinese Regime Sending ‘Politically Correct’ Instructors to Teach in Hong Kong and Macau

  36. If the CIA were worth a damn they’d be arming dissidents in China right now.

  37. Keep in mind, this is all just the pregame show and these fucks are the tailgaters that show up at 6 am. The election will be the kickoff. Saw a article this morning preparing the battlefield, article was premised on what would Biden do if Trump refused to step down. Pretty sure it was on Fox main site.

    My coronacation is coming to a end. State says company can resume ops on the 26th.

  38. CIA is probably being paid by the Chicoms.

  39. What, that I could f-bomb that many times in a comment?

    eddiebear says, “Hold my beer.”

  40. I’d drop f-bombs but my crop of them failed early this year due to Chinese Coronavirus.

    My field of them is empty, and thus I have none to give.


  42. Yeah, I really only went f-bomb twice that comment. I’m kinda chill today.

  43. I see Fox News is dutifully championing the current media freakout.

    COVID is on the rise. It might be due to increased testing, said in hushed tones, but WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE (AGAIN).

  44. I have no fucks and I must scream.

  45. eddiebear says, “Hold my beer.”

    miss the first crazy bear

  46. They claim it’s because of increased hospital bed occupancy, especially in AZ.

    I call bullshit, our testing rates have been steadily dropping, along with hospital beds and vents.

    But try telling that to Karen on FB

  47. TTroy, have you been getting the additional unemployment? I hope so.

  48. we know Car in has been milking the government.

  49. “Researching” the “resurgence” of Wuhan Flu is just reading 3 websites and then filming a histrionic news clip with people in expensive suits and makeup. Way easier than real journalism and it fills a lot of airtime.

  50. They claim it’s because of increased hospital bed occupancy, especially in AZ.

    Doctor was discussing options yesterday, said it is all still dependent on Wuflu…that the hospital is running at 50%. Pretty sure most of those in hospital are not there because Lung Pao. The gal who does the scheduling said the doctors are assigned days for their surgeries and if they don’t fill their slots, other doctors mad scramble to take them. I’m tentatively scheduled a week and a half from now. Three days before, I will have to get tested during pre-registration.

  51. but beasn! they had that big party in the Ozark pool a couple weeks ago. Surely the hospitals are overflowing!

  52. I’ve been trying to milk the government. Because, why not? Fuck them. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten paid in a month because they decided the everyone in the state of Michigan (or virtually everyone) had to go through additional layers of verification. I sent them my ss card and picture of my driver’s license. And still … it’s “processing”.

    THis is your country on socialism. They can’t do anything, and while they promise to give you everything, they are unable to do … anything.

  53. love that video, Leon.

  54. I canned my extra fucks a few years back when I had a bumper crop. I’ve got fucks for days.

  55. Mt Rushmore was pretty cool. No crowds made it even better. They were working on some trails since the visitor center was closed. Trump is going there on July 3rd. Homes with American flags were being targeted by the “Mostly peaceful” protesters. Rioter would have lots of options in SD and NE. Lots of Trump/Pence flags as well. Quarantine ends today. I’m going to get Chinese food. (Taiwanese owned restaurant)

  56. Who is in charge of the autonomous zone? I’d like to see the manager.

  57. Haha! Lady Antebellum has changed their name


  58. New name: Lady A

    Lady A, short for Lady Who Takes It Up The Ass

  59. Lady Antediluvian?

  60. So the new logo for them would be an “A”? Perhaps stitched onto a woman’s dress? Scarlet, no doubt…

  61. Aha, just hearing more radio headlines about increasing Covid 19 cases and I’m connecting it with the “urgent need to pass more relief funding”. Everything was looking upbeat and the GOP was said to have little appetite for additional stimulus.

    Dr Fauci STAT! We need more doom!

  62. Anarchy? Antifa?

    Way to self-cancel, Lady Assface.

  63. I’m still mad that Beaners Coffee changed its name to Biggby.

  64. They’re going to do a tour with the Dixie Chicks.

  65. Biggby? I’m big and that is offensive. I demand that they rebrand to Cuntface Coffee.

  66. “Mt Rushmore was pretty cool”

    Did you go to Crazy Horse too?

    I don’t think they have done any work on that for decades.

  67. *Sips a refreshing AIDS cola.

    Anyone remember that? How unfortunate for them.

  68. Speaking of the Chixeat Dicks, recently I watched a special on bluegrass music, I think it was on PBS.

    There was not a single mention of the Chixeat Dicks, even though they started out as a bluegrass band – and actually a pretty damned good one.

    Even PBS think you can go eat a bag.

  69. AIDS isn’t a thing anymore. Dr Fauci was assigned to cure it 30 years ago and it’s fine now.

  70. The vaccine for Covid will come at the same time as the HIV vaccine.

  71. Once they figured out that it wasn’t going to sweep the heterosexual population like they tried to scare the shit out of us about, it sort of just fizzled.


  72. FB sighting on Xbrad. He spent 8 days in hospital, don’t know why yet. Will post any updates.

  73. Probably his prostate.

  74. I was gonna say is it plugged in, but I didn’t want to go there

  75. haha:

    Lady Appomattox would also work if they wanted to keep the Southern-history theme.

  76. Maybe this has already been asked, but I doubt that it has been answered:

    What’s to be done about FDR statues and portraits in light of the WWII concentration camps he ordered?

  77. The vaccine for Covid will come at the same time as the HIV vaccine.


  78. Apropos to nothing, the AI at is getting better…

  79. I think the last time I heard from Xbrad was when Sox died.

  80. Hope xbrad gets better. Must’ve been bad, at least I was able to post when I was in.

  81. @jay

    I have been very blessed through this whole thing. As a family we saw this coming and were prepared. The company double paid the last hrs I worked then added 40 straight to that check. Then the next pay period they payed out PTO and then matched the payout (I had 33 hrs and got paid for 66) then they announced we had to go on ui. I signed up and havent had any probs. The states 300 and fed 600 have been arriving like clockwork. Furthermore, I recieved the 2400 fed thing in the first go around. Finally, my former company paid out and since I was under 10k required I take a check. Im just a working class guy with a working class lifestyle. No credit cards, car loans, etc. As I said, very very blessed.

  82. FDR statues…


    Antifa: Who???

  83. I saw a Joe Biden yard sign today. It said:

    My time until the revolution.

    Is that seriously their campaign slogan? I’m pretty out of touch with the average American these days and damned sure out of touch with the average socialist but that surely can’t be an appealing slogan to a majority of voters. Can it?

  84. We had a great soaking rain today. It’s still raining but not as hard. We definitely needed it since it’s been kind of dry. The lawn will have to wait until tomorrow.

  85. Haven’t seen many campaign signs yet. The retired teacher on my street is always good for maximum Dem signs. I’ll get a Trump sign at some point and put it in my yard which is not visible from the street. Don’t need the aggravation of deranged lefties tearing it down.

  86. If it isn’t visible from the street what’s the point?

  87. Nice weather today in MO, hope Beasn was able to get out in the sun for a while. Mini-me went off with NBF. Rocketboy, FDIL, and FDIL’s family are doing crafty things for the reception. Mr RFH and I went to the Our Lady of the Snows shrine, walked around in the sunshine, then had lunch on the patio of the shrine restaurant. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

  88. If it isn’t visible from the street what’s the point?

    It’s symbolic you old coot.

  89. I hope everything goes smooth for you guys this weekend, Roamy.

  90. I’m on a busy road and have a giant yard with a spot far enough from the house that a sign being set on fire wouldn’t threaten the house.

    I’m considering a gigantic sign, but my parents might not visit.

  91. Thanks, Pupster.

  92. I didn’t get Chinese food, because the owner decided to focus on carry out and curbside until they can open 100%. Except for the autistic guy who goes with his mom every Thursday. They’ve been letting him eat in his regular booth through this whole thing.

  93. Scott, it was raining most of the time we were there. Crazy Horse was open, but we didn’t go. They have pretty much stopped working on it though.

  94. good, at least someone has some sense, in this whole thing

  95. Crazy Bear Crazy Horse

    sign out front should have told ya

  96. I had chinese food today. under 7 bucks.

  97. why aren’t you tirelessly slaving away for the wedding?

  98. If we have to migrate the blog for more media storage, I nominate HAZ as the new name.

  99. Scott, we’re going back after things open up. Really loved Western NE. Scott’s Bluff is awesome. J’ames, seriously jelly. Just tired of eating in the car. Panda has offered a $20 family meal twice. It was ok.

  100. Was the name of that dish Hawaii 5-0?

  101. I can haz more space?

  102. Not a bit of pineapple, and a little spice, to go with the baby corn.

    Szechuan Chick-on

  103. Everyone add xbrad to your prayer list, or good thoughts.

  104. Done. 8 days in hospital.

  105. Is it because he touches himself?

  106. Get well, Xbrad.

    I told you to get that thing looked at.

  107. Was he hanging curtains?

  108. We need Jimbro to help diagnose.

  109. Changing a lightbulb

    It was a one in a million shot

  110. Fusilli Jerry.


  112. I recently saw a NY ASSMAN license plate.

    That episode aired 25 years ago.

  113. Every now and then I’ll watch old episodes. That show holds up well

  114. Houseguest has some mad grilling skills.

    She throws the meat on, and then watches tv for a while.

    No timer. No thermometer.
    When she gets up to take the meat off it is done.

  115. I don’t know how Seinfeld got that gig.

    He was the worst stand-up comic of all time.

  116. If Jerry Seinfeld was a song, he would be A Horse With No Name.

  117. Worse than Carrot Top? The latest iteration of the non threatening middle aged white guy routine in comedy is Jim Gaffigan. He should change his stage name to “White Bread”

  118. Damnit, now I want Hot Pockets.

  119. I work with a NYASSMAN plate.

  120. I love watching Seinfeld in cars with comedians.


  122. I have friends in Seattle. Family. My cousin 👋🏻Scott, is married to a Seattle Cop. She’s a teacher. They need to quit and come home. Seattle isn’t worth it. My nephew played baseball in Portland last year. The racism was too much. He went home to Las Vegas. Growing up in Las Vegas, he was called multiple names and slurs. My brother’s kids are dark. Lots of melanin.

  123. Tom Oar is one of the greatest Americans of all time.

  124. Prayers up for XBrad.

  125. Trying to brown two pounds of butter. Pray for oso.

  126. wow, BLM is mad at Tucker, and is targeting his advertisers.

  127. Did y’all see the I Take Responsibility video?

    Worse than Imagine.

  128. Tom Oar is one of the greatest Americans of all time.

    The guy on Mountain Men?

  129. I hope everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

  130. Will do. Just got home a little while ago though and it will take a while to wind down.

  131. oh come on, how hard can that job be?

  132. It wasn’t hard work tonight, won’t lie. But whenever I get home from whatever I’ve been up to, it’s impossible to just go straight to bed.

  133. Diego’s empanadas regained popularity.

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