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They blinded me with science.


  1. Hallo der

  2. I saw a video of a teacher using common core to explain a “simple” multiplication problem. It was a split-screen, one side- how we all learned and it took approx 30 seconds, the common core side took over 4 and a half minutes and I’m not exaggerating. WTFF?

  3. Hallo the house!

  4. Riot Control Bees would be awesome


    How appropriate. They need to make Antifazised bees to complete the job

  5. Common core is the devil.

    In our forced homeschooling experiment, we threw common core out and brought religion in.

    Result is that the kiddos are all at least a grade level up in math, and cannot understand why we let the godless communists riot in our cities. Especially since they have made a few city blocks target dense… Should be easy to get them all at once.

    We are considering homeschooling next year too, but my wife has to have several drinks to even talk about that, so I’m not sure how likely it will be.

  6. Multiplication done like the above chart is meant to break it down into small steps for the slower kids in class.

    Because you always want to teach at the lowest level possible.

    There won’t be any long term consequences.

    None at all.

  7. I cannot imagine not homeschooling at this point. But I’m not indifferent to money and child/mom/dad personality issues.

    School is indoctrination.

    And I think a lot of people are figuring out that 2 hours of serious homeschooling = 8 hours of regular school.

  8. Anyone know the website that post Tucker Carlson’s show? Chrispy links it quite a bit but I always forget to bookmark it.

  9. I found it, thanks.

  10. Going to wager that 2 hours of homeschooling + 6 hours of group activity with local kids will add up to much smarter, more resilient, and healthier kids. Just a hunch here.

    The statue thing was about it last night. Frankly that’s senior year hijinks level, not “wild in the streets”. I guess Antifa isn’t interested in starting shit where half the town is armed and getting trigger happy.

  11. Remember when I said this was all a scam…back in March?

  12. Remember when we all thought the hand washing instructions were as invasive as it would get? I long for those days.

  13. Supposedly restaurants open here in Michigan at half capacity and we have to wear face masks and gloves.

    Fuck. that. Shit.

    wakey wakey

  14. Tucker’s monologue last night was epic. It was something like 35 min long.

  15. Then the commentary by VDH … it was an amazing hour to watch.

  16. Crispy posted it on the end of last night’s thread, mare.

  17. I’m not sure why every corporation on earth is trying to tell me that we must end systemic racism and further equality.

    I was hoping the era or corporate feelings would end with Covid but here we are.


  18. Fuck Mike Pence.

    Especially now, after having a President with balls he’s not going to cut it.

  19. That was MJ who was looking for it.

  20. In these trying times, as we all look deeper into our own eyes and reflect on how ending inequality can benefit us and future generations, please know that Tampax supports you.

    Men. Women. Black. White. We all bleed.

    Tampax. We can stop the bloodshed.

  21. Heh,

    Good one, MJ.

  22. I thought Tucker was unfair to Trump last night. He can’t jump in to local and state issues right away. but Trump is tough, and can take it.

  23. Trump has demonstrated that he knows how to read the political winds and gauge public opinion. My guess is that he’s waiting for frustration towards state and local officials to reach critical mass.

  24. I keep going to the electoral map to see where we’re headed and I just can’t see Biden winning.

    It would take a monumental fuck up by Trump. Only he can reduce his support.

    Agreed, Alex. He waits an uncomfortable amount of time before responding in many cases.

  25. Ultimately this is a form of seduction, where Trump is trying to woo a lot of moderate upper-middle-class white voters who supported Hillary! last time, as well as secure his base. He’s a guy trying to convince his wife and the next door neighbor into a threesome. The latter is over bitching about how useless her boyfriend is, but Trump knows not to push to quickly or it’ll blow up in his face.

  26. Ug. That’s just gross.

  27. VDH on Tucker last night

  28. I found it, thanks.

    Always the dick.

  29. I actually didn’t mean to be a dick. Sorry.

  30. Ug. That’s just gross.

    Plus it’s bound to blow up his marriage.

  31. Biden is blathering on TV right now about how we have the right to assemble. PEACEABLY assemble, dude, which doesn’t involve burning, looting, brick-throwing, tearing down statues, and trashing stores and shops. Idiot.

  32. He’s reading a speech. Good for him. He can still read.

  33. Someone needs to remind him that governors in his party have spent the last two months violating our right to peaceable assemble, and persist in doing so.

  34. Good morning Hostages….is Biden really reading? Deep fakes are reeeeeeeeeeeally good now

  35. So its white nationalists that are causing the problems at the protests? Ok. So let’s shoot them first. I hope BLM starts beating the shit out of all the ” white nationalists” cacheing bricks, starting fires, etc.

    Hey BLM your shit has been hijacked by a bunch of whiteys you should probably do something about that. The Latin gangs in Chicago are defending their hoods from looters and neighborhood “watches” are beginning to form all over.

    I’m trying to determine if these commie fucks have a end game or if they even have a clue. They wanted the bad policemen arrested, charged and jailed. Ok he’s in jail, now what? What? Did someone say 14 trillion for reparations? Yeah. Not going to happen.

  36. Yeah, people in my town decided to come out in force to make sure our town didn’t get looted. Lot of American flags and Gadsden flags…Unfortunately a thuggish sort of chap decided to post on FB publicly asking if anyone wanted to “Hit Santee like we hit La Mesa last night” well, that caused a firestorm in my neck of the woods. It was truly a 4×4 parade showing up. Yes, there were some bad elements on our side, a few who more than likely snorted a couple lines of meth before showing up, Hell’s Angels, and Peckerwood biker gangs……..but, nothing happened to our town.

  37. BLM/Antifa Plan for June 2020

    – Riot in our own communities until the cops and Army show up
    – Then go into white neighborhoods and towns until the residents come out and fight back
    – Then blame the whiteys
    – Say they shot first
    – Get loads of favorable media attention

  38. Toppled statue and apparently a crime spree here. Walmarts are closed due to threat, I’m hearing sandbags have been placed at the doors. At least one ATM destroyed and looted. A couple of stop-and-robs got trashed. Low key in comparison to some places but it’s here.

  39. I wonder if Facechimp is hiring.

  40. Given her appearance and vapidity, I suspect “getting it” is pretty much the basis of her career.

  41. I’m way out in the boondocks, so nothing happening here.

  42. This is all because Hillary lost and her supporters couldn’t get over it.

    How embarrassing.

  43. I’m in a district that voted 65% for Trump. It’s pretty quiet thus far, and I haven’t heard of anything erupting in South Bend yet.

  44. Pepe, you’re too far out. It would cost Soros too much money for his busses to go all that way.

  45. This is all because Hillary lost and her supporters couldn’t get over it.

    How embarrassing.

    This is all because Gore lost and the left never got over it.

  46. I’m now convinced that Truman lost but they fixed it. Every loss since then has just been one more fire under their asses.

  47. Nixon should have won, but wasn’t willing to contest the election like he should have.

  48. Got offered fairly good money yesterday to go play security contractor in Kalamazoo. Turned it down. Been there, done that, got the t shirt. Apparently the need for appropriately trained security personnel is through the roof, whoda thunk dat?

    Unless made a stupid offer I’m not inclined to go to a city to save anyone’s ass or property. They voted for this shit, they catered to this shit and now they can fucking eat it. Bring that shit to my AO and I guarentee pain will be visited upon the neer do wells at a minimum of 1250 fps.

    Calls on local social media to form a civil defense group. Think I’ll stir that pot a bit.

  49. School is indoctrination.


    Agreed. However, there is something to think about in that which may cut both ways. If they get the “indoctrination” while they are still under my roof, I can fix their wagon. If they get it for the first time on some college campus, well, the phrase screwed, glued, and tattooed comes to mind.

    Household 6 is a stay-at-home mom even when we are not beset by fanciful virii, so it isn’t a loss of income. It’s a loss of sanity that she is worried about. 4 kids, and one is adopted after foster care, with all the attendant issues that go along with that. And she will freely admit she never, ever wanted to be a teacher. It’s not really like you can get a substitute teacher when you home school. So we’re weighing our options.

    Besides, there is something delightful about going to conferences and the look on the teacher’s face when she explains that First-born was the only kid in the school who refused to wear the rainbow pins in solidarity with PRIDE day. Makes me a proud daddy, and the pain and perplexion from the teacher ALMOST make up for the rest of the crap.

  50. Aww, everyone is posted a blacked out picture on facebook for BLM. Racism is over!

  51. I thought 0bama ended racism.


  52. First-born was the only kid in the school who refused to wear the rainbow pins in solidarity with PRIDE day. Makes me a proud daddy, and the pain and perplexion from the teacher ALMOST make up for the rest of the crap.


    Sorry your kid had to go to such a shitty school that a teacher would hand out pins for pride day.

  53. Well, I had to delete a shit ton more accounts because of the bullshit blackout on Instagram.

    Even Dave fucking Ramsey got the unfollow.

    Everyone has lost their effing mind.

  54. They’re losing their mind because they are scared and dont want admit what’s coming. They’ve never lived in a war zone and they have no clue how to cope. Fuck em. Survival of the fittest and best prepared time

  55. I didn’t used to think the US could really be split up but now I see that it probably will be.

  56. I volunteer MJ and Leon for tunnel rat duty during the burning times.

  57. Sorry your kid had to go to such a shitty school that a teacher would hand out pins for pride day.

    The classy schools hand out rainbow condom packs and flavored lube.

  58. Comment by MJ on June 2, 2020 2:31 pm
    I didn’t used to think the US could really be split up but now I see that it probably will be.


    Yes. Not sure how but yes.

    There was a video of a white, female, protester sitting on the top of a police car taking a shit. This is one example of many millions of how far apart I am from, evidently, about 40-48% of the population of this country.

    I will never see eye to eye with these people. Mainly because leftism is a mental disorder and it’s impossible to have a “dialogue” or “discussion” it’s only ever about shutting us up.

    Everyone is welcome to think whatever they want. But there is a vast divide and we’ve lost too many to the crazy to bring them back to the rational.

    FFS a former National Security Advisor is saying the riots are caused by the Russians.

    A former SoS said, straight-faced in front of families of dead men that a video was responsible for the rioting in Benghazi and the media nodded their heads. Huh, Okay, yeah.

    Too vast a divide. It’s already suburbs vs urbanites. Need to find the video of the 2 stupid black gals driving by the Bellvue (Seattle) neighborhood being guarded by the residents holding AR-15’s.

    Not sure how it’s going to happen but the divide is permanent it’s just the “where are we going to live” that needs to be worked out.

  59. I didn’t used to think the US could really be split up but now I see that it probably will be

    Wife and I just discussed this today. I also am starting to see this as a distinct possibility, but I’m back and forth on its probability.

    I know the anger is there, and the mob, etc. on the left. But much of it to them is academic. When the gloves actually come off, though, and it’s actual rifles and actual bullets instead of theory and rhetoric, I’m not sure that the “resistance” will have many who actually understand what they have asked for.

    Look at DC. Put a couple companies of MPs and some Federal LEOs unleashed by a POTUS who is drawing on an extremely limited pool of fucks, and you have peace and stability in 12 hours.

  60. Looking back on my last comment, I realize it may sound like I’m advocating for increased use of Federal force/actions in what are essentially local and state problems. That is most assuredly not my intent. I was merely observing what would likely happen if the leftist commie teacher’s lounge culture thinks about filing for divorce. When it comes to pushing and shoving, I don’t think they have a lot of people willing to stand up to those who will push back.

    To the extent that the national government has to or chooses to get involved in local matters, I’d say we have multiple levels of failure.

  61. They don’t want “divorce”. They want dominance. And they will fight tooth and nail to keep everyone in their man-made hell.

  62. In the meantime, I am following a tech talk on whether or not we have a new Maunder minimum happening with the sun.

    The resistance thinks food comes from the grocery store. Destroyed Targets may never be restocked, that EBT card may not have next month’s funds on it, and they won’t know what to do next.

    I do appreciate the virtue signaling from all the liberals with blacked out avatars on my timeline, good to know where you stand.

  63. They don’t want “divorce”. They want dominance. And they will fight tooth and nail to keep everyone in their man-made hell


    I don’t disagree with the concept here. But a husband who beats his wife incessantly and says he doesn’t want divorce when his wife says the beatings will result in divorce is either lying or stupid. It amounts to the same thing.

    They may fight and they will definitely threaten, but that is based on the calculation or belief that we won’t fight back. Again, look at what happens to the “resistance” when they meet those capable and willing to fight back. They melt away.

    But as I said earlier, I now see the possibility of the country tearing itself apart. I’m just not certain of the probability, and my gut reaction is that it is actually pretty low.

  64. This speaker needs to switch to decaf.

  65. The Maunder Minimum talk has been circulating for years.

    As for famine, remember that two months of lockdowns have already disrupted supply chains significantly (beef prices, anyone?). Add a combination of new pressures and things can get dicey, fast.

    “Just in time” and Internet-reliant everything were massive, massive mistakes, for which we are about to pay a horrific price.

  66. Come to think, since we’ve already had plague/pestilence and war seems to have reported for duty, it is famine’s turn to saddle up…

  67. Probability?? How many times in history have there been peaceful dissolutions? How many times revolution by violence? There’s your probability. It is how these things are determined throughout the history of man.

  68. Heh, look on the bright side. If The Rona is as bad as they say it is, the Democrats are gonna be hurting in 2 weeks.

  69. Uh oh, I better shelter in place:

    Some places are closing at 4pm today because they have confirmed that the KKK will be present at the gather tonight at City Hall. Please be careful and make sure to contact Ames/ISU Police if there is are any issues.

    Great, more democrats.

  70. I can’t find anything about that guy dying.

  71. Wal Mart in Ames (both of them) are closing at 5, and are barricading the doors. Anyone else seeing this? Sounds like all the central Iowa ones are the same.

  72. A feel good story for you

  73. time to vote, if I still can

  74. Wait, I thought it was all by mail now?

  75. Crim cancelled.

  76. Is that the one MJ is coming for?

  77. Famine in Africa is next. Locusts have destroyed their crops. America is not in a position to save Africa. We are too busy fighting the anarchists and Commies in the US that destroyed our economy over Wuhan.

  78. J’ames, Antifa took their riots to Bentonville, yesterday. We have protocols to keep everyone safe. I think Target was pissed that WalMart wasn’t feeling the pain of the Anarcho/Commies

  79. Probability?? How many times in history have there been peaceful dissolutions? How many times revolution by violence?


    Oh, I agree completely. If it goes… If there actually is a fracturing into two or more sovereign countries, or even a serious attempt to legally fracture, it will go with gas on it.

    The probability I’m referring to is the probability that the actual, no-shit dissolution happens. I think both sides have had it with the other. But I also think one side sees dissolution academically and theoretically, while the other may view it with a tad more realism. The theoretical side will make noise and smoke, but will eventually kneel, or be knelt. I think the great divorce itself is a low probability, not the violence that would come with it if it happened

  80. It won’t fracture. If it did, whose pockets will the lefty pols, pick? Who will pay for the upkeep of them and their state-owned pets?

  81. As it became obvious antifa was co-opting the protest/riots I wondered how long it would take for the libs to be forced to defend them (short answer … never. Because no journalist would ever play the gotcha game with a Dem pol or candidate which they do with the GOP seeking “disavowals” of every wacko who could even be remotely classified as a conservative.)

    The fine folks at Ace’s place, using the language they do, are thinking along the same lines

    “NeverTrump’s next “evolution” will be declaring antifa a positive force for freedom, on balance.
    They have to: It is now the official Democrat position, and therefore it is their position too. Half of them believe it anyway, and the other half can’t afford to buck their Democrat paymasters.
    So expect a lot of “Second Look at Antifa” pieces from the paid-by-Democrats grifters this week.”

  82. One of the jewelers I follow on instagram put up some shit notice about riots being the language of the unheard. Really? Fuck you if you believe the destruction of people’s livelihoods, thus lives, by democrat paid anarchist shitbags is proper payment for what exactly?

    I may unfollow her which is unfortunate since she makes quality stuff.
    I am having hard time dealing with all this.

  83. I may unfollow her which is unfortunate since she makes quality stuff.


    I hope when you do unfollow her, you let her know why. Not because she disagrees with you, but because she is a fundamentally unserious person, who is willing for others to suffer so that she can virtue signal.

    Stupidity should have a cost, and folks should be made aware of it so they can decide if they want to pay or not. Maybe 1 unfollow won’t make a difference, but it might remind some business people that they alienate half their customers when they go all Karen and Feelings.

  84. Dan has been ignoring me for weeks. His BFFS have started to tag him in posts I’m like WTF? Maybe a little less Food Network and a little more JJ at the HQ.

  85. I may unfollow her which is unfortunate since she makes quality stuff.
    I am having hard time dealing with all this.

    I unfollowed/unsubscribed to two accounts today. One was sweet Bernadette, who naturally is a lefty nutter.

  86. Tonight I walked into a local small business that I like to support

    Clerk – ”Sir, you need to wear a mask.”

    I turned around, said “no I don’t” and walked out.

    I went to another Mom and Pop that was less hysterical.

  87. I think our lefty friends have come to a point where they see my silence as support for Trump and racism. In the new democrat playbook if I don’t openly denounce Trump, instead of just keeping silent, I am a racist.

    So be it. It will be harder on HotBride, as they were her friends before she met me.

    We peacefully coexisted for the better part of the past 20 years. But I don’t think they want to continue keeping politics out of our gatherings.

    At some point someone will call me a racist, and that will be the end of that.

  88. That’s the way of the left. They like to scold. “Sir, you NEED to wear a mask!” Instead if, “Sir, could I ask you to put on a mask? Thanks very much.”

    Totally different approach. Totally different results.

  89. “riots being the language of the unheard. “

    I think that is a line from MLK…
    The pseudos love to bastardize snippets fr

  90. I’m like Langston Hughes. Then I get mad at Dan for not paying attention and dismissing me.

  91. Calm down, Hotspur.

  92. So my department has the job of modeling school funding and running scenarios based on proposed changes to the funding formula. The model is a giant Excel workbook with sixty tabs and about eighty megs of data which is a PITA. I’ve been trying to build a new model for myself which is a bit easier to understand and use. Today I discovered that my boss’s calculations were screwed up due to an error in his formulas. Likely off by several million $. Don’t know how far back it goes. Not a huge mistake, when talking about billions in annual funding, but still not good.

    I really hate this job and need to get the hell away from here.

  93. Wonder if there will be a curfew when we’re trying to host a rehearsal dinner.

  94. Missouri reciprocates on Alabama’s concealed carry license. I don’t mind driving around Illinois.

  95. Oh, and the people throwing rocks at the local cops were arrested, and surprise! they are from out of town.

  96. My sister said that they – the cops – have abandoned the St. Louis Police Dept. headquarters down in the city out of fear it is going to be torched tonight. They’ve already removed computers, files, etc.

    St. Louis is going to get what they want, good and hard. Perhaps their little black clad tools will give the mayor a little visit. Can you believe that moron was going to distribute masks to all the marchers ‘to keep them safe’. Are you effing joking me?

    Holy shit we are descending into hell. Demrats really really took it personal when Trump beat all of their cheating.

  97. I…

    I shouldn’t comment on this. I will say things I shouldn’t, on several levels.

  98. (This is not a statement about anyone here, just the situation in general.)


    Warms my cold little heart.

  100. Dieting ended Rodney’s problems.

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