Homer Art

No, not homoerotic art. Not art by Homer Simpson. Art by the great Winslow Homer.


Now he was a man who appreciated a fancy cock.


Life Line




The Sharpshooter On Picket Duty (Sorry Johnny Reb)


The Gale


The Fox Hunt


Returning From The Spring


Warmer climate painting: Palm Tree


My personal favorite: Boys In a Pasture

by Winslow Homer

Have a great Thursday! (which sure came early this week)


  1. Best post today

  2. Well you just know I was going to like it.

  3. Field report from flyover country, hotel, rest stops and gas stations, about 50% masked, Bob Evans and Applebee’s are serving dine in with half the tables not being used, limited menus and the employees are masked and gloved. Our server pulled down the mask to speak.

    Hotel is not serving buffet style breakfast, just pre-wrapped muffins and granola bars, still have a giant community coffee dispenser with hand sanitizer next to the fixings.

    Mask wearers have a smugness about them and look with disdain on non-maskers.

  4. Frequent hand washing seems like a better idea than using gloves unless you’re touching a known contaminant/possibly contaminated surface. I’d rather have my server wash their hands or use alcohol sanitizer than wear gloves they just adjusted their mask or their junk with.

  5. There was minimal social distancing happening during the Minneapolis rioting over the guy killed by the cops. No tut tut comments by the talking heads as they rolled scenes of huge crowds gathered around burning vehicles, mobbed cop cars and liquor stores being looted for justice.

  6. What happened anyway? Did a cop kill a guy for good reason or no reason?

    I haven’t read anything about it because I don’t care for racial things.

  7. I just spent 5 mins reading a twitter thread in response to Brit Hume posting a picture of Biden wearing a mask in public.

    It’s just people yelling and trying to shame each other. Thousands of them. The dumb is the size of Ric Grenell’s balls in there.

  8. If the story as told is right it’s unjustifiable. As always, though, I suspect the full story has not been told. That said, I’m not thinking it’s likely that putting your knee on his neck until he dies passes the muster of justifiable police action.

  9. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/refusing-to-wear-a-mask-is-an-empty-act-of-defiance/ar-BB14Gj9s

    I see now. It’s not about us. It’s about the media trying to dominate the Preezy by making him wear a mask so they can make fun of him afterward.

    It’s always about Trump.

  10. I don’t miss southern canada. The push for diversity in the police departments by progressive politicians has resulted in some non professional behavior and coverups. The thin blue line is pretty thick and squiggly.

  11. Yeah, on the surface the Minneapolis killing looks like cops out of control. The Central Park Karens and the guy down south (Georgia?) killed with the shotgun while wrestling with the guy holding it are distracting us with racial overload. Had Biden not just a few days ago had his “You Ain’t Black” moment they’d be ramping up the outrage about Donald Trump’s Amerikka but they’ve lost that narrative for the moment. It’ll be back in no time. As sure as those chains they’re trying to put you back into.

  12. Settle it in court, both civil and criminal. ZFG.

  13. It’s nice to see an art poat.
    Be a shame if some one thumbed it down.

  14. It’s pretty hard to put someone in handcuffs that doesn’t want to be so encumbered. I wouldn’t do that job for any amount of pay. All my dealings with the police from my time there were professional and polite, I know where that Target store is and where the arrest happened, it is not where I would be shopping.

  15. Jam!!! Good to see you.

  16. We miss your monkeyshines.

  17. I saw the video of the cop killing that black dude….
    The cop needs a life sentence.

  18. Don’t lie, Mare, you were just talking shit about him the other day. FTR, I’ve met him and he does not smell like that. Much.

  19. No nekkid women? Not real art.

    The Minneapolis cops flat fucked up and killed a guy. I don’t know why they had such a hard time cuffing him, he didn’t appear to be actively fighting back so maybe just going washboard stiff, and I have no idea why they put him on the ground when they got him over by the cop car across the street. But they fucked up in restraining him. A knee on the neck to get someone under control? Sure. But not for an extended period of time where you cut off all blood flow and kill the fucker.

    As for the rioters? Water canons and bean bags to start. Let’s go.

  20. 🦧

  21. I actually shoeeed once while I was away…

  22. Hhaaaaaaahaaaa!!! Showered.

  23. They didn’t let me in a lab….. the friggen knuckleheads put me on the testing line swabbing and such.

  24. *releases 99 moles/voles into Lauraw’s garden*

  25. If I can muster up the energy I’ll put a poatation together on my two month adventure at Camp Covid.

  26. Were you at one of the drive up/walk up labs? Man, they went through some PPE in a hurry!

    Good to see you again! Hope the bullwhips aren’t too uncomfortable.

  27. Yay! Jam’s restraining order has expired.

  28. Y’know, I still have family in the Twin Cities area. Probably not where the FSA is rioting, but I still worry.

  29. We ran thru ppe faster than hot n tot mawdickin a job site.

  30. The first month was colder than your moms cryo surgery for teh genital warts.

  31. 23 degrees a few mornings.

  32. The best part was I was able to meet and work with some of the stupidest ppl to ever hold a job in nys history….
    Whooooo boy!

  33. There were a couple of h2 potentials there too…

  34. Not sure if that’s a compliment…

  35. The cops have perfect job security. Just kill a black guy.

  36. Jasmine is blooming here. Its such a loverly small carrying through the air.

  37. That’s your mom’s perfume.

  38. Dad?

  39. Anyone hear about the Karen calling the cops on a black dude in NYC?

    She’s become the ultimate Karen, got fired etc.

    What I’ve noticed missing in all of the dumb shit written about it is that the guy she called the cops on did threaten to poison her dog. No one seems to remember that part. Look, they’re both assholes but for some reason every story needs a white/black hat and everyone is willing to fake the story to make it such.

    I find that interesting.

  40. Well yeah, those details always get glossed over to fit The Narrative. Nature of the beast that is Media.

  41. Thoughts and prayers for Kathy Griffin’s Twitter account:


    Oh wait, nothing will happen to her. Nevermind

  42. I thought park guy just threatened to give her dog a treat and pet it and she flipped out because she might catch Wuhan Flu from the lack of social distancing.

  43. I read it differently. This is the guy telling the story…

    ME: Ma’am, dogs in the Ramble have to be on the leash at all times. The sign is right there.

    HER: The dog runs are closed. He needs his exercise.

    ME: All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive, outside the Ramble, and you can let him run off leash all you want.

    HER: It’s too dangerous.

    ME: Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.

    HER: What’s that?

    ME (to the dog): Come here, puppy!

    HER: He won’t come to you.

    ME: We’ll see about that…

    Usually white lady’s dog > black man but for some reason the story was written as black man > Karen. Weird times for the intersectional hierarchy.

  44. Oh I see.

    Black Karen potential dog murderer > White Karen dog abuser

    I should have known.

  45. I don’t see poison in there at all, I see him “threatening” her with second-hand chinapox with the dog as a vector.

  46. “I pull out the dog treats I carry for just for such intransigence. I didn’t even get a chance to toss any treats to the pooch before Karen scrambled to grab the dog.”

    Apparently he wanted to give the dog a treat when he was talking about not liking what he was going to do.

    I’d be weirded out. But again, this is just funny because it’s two total assholes working against each other.

  47. This is a good read:


    My sheep farm is looking like the only viable option, as the work that has gone exclusively to cleared individuals is nowadays being slowly infiltrated by newly-minted, entirely loyal ‘citizens’ that came in on these programs. Oh, and don’t work them too hard during Ramadan or you’ll get a talking-to from HR.

  48. I don’t disagree with that at all, but it’s actually worse. You don’t need H1Bs for L1s at all. The work can be done in India for about .25 the cost as an onshore developer.

    As long as the security is set up correctly it’s no different than developing…anywhere.

    Same trend here in healthcare. Anything transactional is done in a foreign country. Almost all of coding and billing is done in India. And honestly, they’re better at it than the folks the US.

  49. I’m so pleased to know that foreign nationals have access to all our healthcare data and local folks will be on the dole or kill themselves.

    Globalism is great.

  50. wakey wakey

  51. It’s worse now.

    Pre Covid all of the India teams were tethered to a server via desktops. We pushed them all to WFH.

    Your bills and coding is being done by a guy or girl sitting on a floor in India with a terrible public internet connection.

  52. This junk is why I abandoned my attempt to break into IT. I’m having a devil of a time figuring out what, if any, opportunities are still out there for someone like me to go for.

  53. Middle-aged, male, and white? No admission.

    Honey wagons are where it’s at.

  54. I’m aiming for boutique farm product, personally. Lamb, fleeces, and vellum if I can figure out an efficient process.

  55. A few of my colleagues use a scribe for office notes. They’re all from India. When I asked about getting my own Apu they told me I had to see more patients to pay for it. Like a whole other day of office. Fuck you, I’ll use my shitty EMR templates that make no sense but check the box.

  56. Seems like that job could be replaced pretty easily by better voice recognition software.

  57. Half the suggestions I see boil down to becoming an entrepeneur. Except not everyone’s cut out for that. And I certainly am not. So what, I have to be doomed to poverty just shy of 50 because companies want to export all the decent jobs overseas?

    …what is the core skillset for a warlord, anyway?

  58. Hannah is a scribe. But she works in an ER. In Detroit. Level 1.

  59. It’s pretty damned tough to get hired after 45 for anything shy of middle or upper management, near as I can tell, unless you want to point people to the right aisle at Ace or Home Depot.

  60. I forgot to mention the Google glasses you have to wear during your office. One of the sports guys uses it and his notes are awful. Most of the note is boilerplate crap with 2 or 3 lines customized to the patient. On the other hand he’s super busy and in pre-Covid times managed to talk the OR into giving him 2 rooms to eliminate turnover time.

  61. I had a great product idea but it looks like the materials science isn’t there yet. I want a permanently-razor-sharp scythe blade. Looks like cyberpunk missed the mark on how soon we’d have monowire blades.

  62. A friend of mine is a radiologist. He works from home. His service works with numerous hospitals across the country. They take the XRays at the hospital, then send the file in electronically. At any time of the day, he logs on, pulls a file out of the queue, and does the report. He dictates the report to voice recognition software, reviews it to make sure it’s accurate, then sends it and the file back.

    This seems to work really well. I remember when they would take an XRay, then send you home and wait until Wednesday, or whenever to have a radiologist come in and look at it. The guy would only come in once a week, or even once every other week.

  63. Seems like that job could be replaced pretty easily by better voice recognition software.
    Oddly enough the transcription thing hasn’t been solved. We partnered with a company that listened to the encounter, then provided notes, then were edited if needed by the provider. Total failure. Too expensive.

    Google glass didn’t work.

    Apu was ok.

    Transcription software was the worst.

  64. Where is Alex? Still pouting?

  65. It’ll get better. Amazon and Google don’t want to pay for Apu if they can just run their datamining in software.

    The deep irony is that Apu will likely be coding his cousin’s replacement.

  66. Where is Alex? Still pouting?

    You misspelled “transitioning”.

  67. The first I heard of remote Radiology services was close to 15-20 years ago for overnight ER reads of primarily MRI’s. The service was in Australia and our night was their day or something like that.

    This is the one they use now


  68. A friend of mine who programs games has been bitching about this. He gets rotten treatment from the company and complains that he is paid less than he was 10 years ago. He’s my age, so not ready to retire and not able to find another job elsewhere that wouldn’t be another pay cut. The one high point is that he has good health insurance.

  69. MJ, someone at Ace’s said it, during this time rolling up to the election it is now the “WeHaveARacismProblem™ portion of the election cycle.

    How else do dems get their blacks back?

  70. I just got 10 yards of mulch delivered. WTF have I done?

  71. Comment by MJ on May 28, 2020 1:00 pm
    Where is Alex? Still pouting?


    Not a smart ass question, was he mad because we didn’t take COVID seriously enough or we took it too seriously?

  72. I did find a little bit of an answer regarding my “problem of concupiscence”. It’s mere theological speculation, but I remembered a talk I heard a priest giving once on the radio about God using mankind as an instrument in the chastisement and torment of demons. I forget how far he expanded his thesis, but I did my best to fill the idea in when I remembered the one line about chastisement and the gist of his talk.

    If fallen angels really do prowl about seeking the ruin of souls, then it stands to reason that they feel no small amount of agony every time that they fail. Leaving us prey to temptation but giving us grace and weapons to overcome it means every act of resisting vice and choosing virtue is yet another rebuke to what ever demon or demons might be fomenting that temptation, and even if there is no demon present in that moment, the practitioner of virtue is that much more likely to win subsequent battles where one might be.

    Found $20, tithed $2 instead of giving it to the paperboy.

  73. I thought park guy just threatened to give her dog a treat and pet it and she flipped out because she might catch Wuhan Flu

    She took what he said and the dangling of ‘treats’ as the threat. Catching the wuflu was not her concern as she stomped up into his space and he told her to stay away.

  74. Comment by Car in on May 28, 2020 1:48 pm
    I just got 10 yards of mulch delivered. WTF have I done?


    Killed two birds with one stone?

    Functional workout, beds get protection.

  75. That is what got her into trouble. She came up to him and then went off into the distance to make her call and say how he was threatening her and her dog. That, and the way she was treating the dog.

  76. A friend of mine who programs games has been bitching about this. He gets rotten treatment from the company and complains that he is paid less than he was 10 years ago. He’s my age, so not ready to retire and not able to find another job elsewhere that wouldn’t be another pay cut. The one high point is that he has good health insurance.

    This is getting repeated often enough that the quality of open-source game engines and indy games is coming up a lot lately.

  77. Plus all the AAA studios are going all-in on Woke Globalism.

  78. I like the way you think, Leon.

    I know there are Guardian Angels. For me, that’s not even up for discussion.

    And if you believe in good, how do you not believe in evil?

    And the evil one is always looking for someone to devour.

    Thwart him!

  79. Well, I went to Costco and I felt like a complete idiot wearing a mask. Honestly, I was embarrassed. I was wearing some thin deal that you wear fishing but I could barely breathe (my husband, laughingly, gave it to me a while ago and it was in the back seat of my car which was good because I forgot Costco makes you wear them). The only upside (?) were the glances between myself and other people like me wearing masks in a half-assed fashion because it’s store policy. I got the things I generally only get at Costco but I’m done.

    Never doing that again.

  80. even if there is no demon present in that moment, the practitioner of virtue is that much more likely to win subsequent battles where one might be.

    In other words, acknowledge your weakness as a human and don’t give up the battle to attain virtue?

  81. That’s where I think the argument was going, an Evil that God nonetheless permits that a greater Good may come of it. Fallen, pride-filled angels who knew God more intimately than any living being who nonetheless rebelled getting crapped on by mere men who’ve come to the Lord only by faith and witness seems to fit the bill.

  82. I had to look up concupiscence. I’ve seen the word but never used it in a sentence.

  83. You ought to use that Victoria’s Secret mask Mare

  84. The Central Park guy used to work for Marvel Comics as a writer but is working elsewhere now. So of course the comic geek sites are weighing in on it. I’m thankful my adblocker blocks access to the comments since reading them would make my head explode

  85. I used to write for Marvel Comics and no one gives a damn about me.

    Okay, it was mostly “to” rather than “for” and it was mostly angry letters and requests for a She-Hulk and Black Cat Lingerie Special, but it was Marvel-related writing. Better than most of what they publish these days, too.

  86. We went to early vote this AM. First in line. WooHoo. Poll judge comes out and asked if we lived in Bernalillo County. We said “Yes”. Poll Judge said he was checking, because lots of people from Sandoval County had been getting upset about standing in line and not being able to vote. Woman behind us gets upset and leaves because she lives in Sandoval County. She hadn’t even parked in a parking spot. Parked in front of the Voting Storefront. To get to the voting spot, she had to drive past at least 20 signs with our County logo. We laughed. $20.

  87. Dan was the first in to vote. 3 stations. Only 5 voters allowed in at a time. I was second. Old woman was 3rd. Dan’s poll judge was an older black woman whose badge indicated she worked for the County Clerks Office. Dan spells his name and tells her his year of birth. Computer couldn’t find “Mr Gordon”. I can tell by Dan’s over enunciated “That’s Gorton. With a T” that he’s starting to be irritated. Woman says there’s no “Mr Torton” registered to vote. Dan getting more irritated snaps out his last name and is starting to increase the volume. She finds him and asks him to confirm his year of birth. He says 1964. She tells him it didn’t match his first answer of 1954. Older lady and I get our ballots. Dan is still dealing with the idiot. I was finished voting and outside before Dan got his ballot. I was laughing so hard at him, it hurt.

  88. The Anti-Mask people are getting as insufferable as the Pro-Mask ones were.

    Which just goes to show that humanity survived the COVID19 pandemic pretty much unchanged. It was kinda cool at the beginning of this Contagious Stupidity that people were just kind to each other. Now it’s devolved into “YOU JUST WANT TO KILL GRANDMA!” versus “YOU JUST WANT TO KILL THE ECONOMY!”

  89. I have a beard and I’m immune and my face itches from allergies already.

    Fuck masks. Wear one if you like, I won’t.

  90. There are some chicks that are better off wearing masks.

  91. It really is the last attempt to cling to tragedy.

    And another thing…most of the people that died were pretty old. And for the most part, the Karens and liberals could GAF about old people. I was hoping that maybe we’d have a bit of a discussion about how we treat older people in America but instead we’re talking about masks.

    Oh well.

  92. I had to shave mine off to wear one.

    If the store wants me to wear one to shop, fine. Outside, I’m taking it off. In my car, I’m not wearing one. But I also think of the risk to my immunocompromised son. If I get sick, he is likely to catch it and it will not go well for him.

  93. MJ…Bingo.

    I’d extend this to work forces as well. SO many people were coming into work sick as a matter of policy (Can’t find someone to cover your shift, you work anyway…) that it needed to change.

  94. I’ll wear a mask when it does any good. I usually just walk the dog outside. Grocery store too, only 1/2 wear them. Including employees.

  95. It’s a weird thing as an employer to figure out.

    You really want people to stay home when they are sick. But if you pay them (hourly employees) that shit gets abused fast.

    My BIL had to implement a policy at a hospital group that allowed for 2 weeks of paid leave if an employee thought they might have been exposed to Covid. Not tested positive, just near it.

    1000 people disappeared overnight. 1000. Poof.

    That’s fucking hilarious.

    140 or so tried to do it twice. They got busted but you gotta hand it to em. They tried for 4 weeks.

  96. Does HS have a hole in his mask? You know, for reasons.

  97. On a lighter note, doing special education at home with my son has been ridiculous. But fun as heck. He gets so happy to see his teacher.

  98. I can’t even imagine how parents are coping. What a clusterfuck.

    At least my lil guy has no idea what’s going on.

  99. MJ…((Blinks slowly))

    That’s a level of absurdity rarely found outside of College faculty rooms

  100. So, they can’t get 2 leaves? Does the 2nd one take a positive test?

  101. Mr. Science, as with all viruses, how do you prevent your immune-compromised son? Should the whole population be forced to wear masks for a year? OR should those with immune problems protect themselves accordingly?

  102. ^^ protect

  103. Kayleigh McEnany is going to start wearing plastic over her clothes, to keep the blood off, from those poor reporters, just doing their job.

  104. I could not link it but the masks I see most people wear (something along the lines of what a dentist wears) don’t do anything. The picture I saw was a guy who wore one while drywalling and under his mask, his face was full of dust.

  105. And lots of people wear them below their noses and use ridiculous material.

  106. We’ve been doing our best to follow along with the lesson plans our preschool emails us, and my wife has been a SAHM at my insistence since Possum was 4 months old, so at least we haven’t lost an income.

  107. Does HS have a hole in his mask? You know, for reasons.

    I do not.

  108. Mare, my son is my responsibility. I don’t put him at unnecessary risk. Does everyone need to wear a mask all the time? No. If a store wishes to take steps to protect against being sued in our litigious society versus lost business from those that don’t want the bother, that’s on them. (Remember, I live in CA as well. Immunocompromised is a disability. The ADA exists and we are cursed with people who make a living filing lawsuits.)

    That being said, just like there is no law saying you cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, either. I depend on others courtesy, humanity and ability to count change correctly.

  109. Needless to say, I am disappointed a lot…

  110. Just spoke with nurse practitioner with my cardio specialist…blood tests came back negative for signs of infection! They want to do a followup echocardiogram or whatever in a month and defer any referral to a surgeon (apparently standard when ‘vegetation’ is detected in the cardiac equipment). So, good news as far as it goes!

  111. So, they can’t get 2 leaves? Does the 2nd one take a positive test?
    They tried but my BIL figured it out. No four weeks for you!

  112. I took 1 sick day when I got what was almost certainly Wuhan Flu. I slept poorly for nearly 23 hours. I can’t even imagine 2 weeks off when I wasn’t very sick.

    House’d be immaculate. Barn’d be immaculate. I’d have scythe-mowed and bailed an acre of lawn and probably lost 15 pounds.

  113. Tonight’s beer


    Brewed in Kittery where you can practically smell Massachusetts

  114. I depend on others courtesy, humanity and ability to count change correctly.

    Needless to say, I am disappointed a lot
    That was my exact thought as I read the first line

  115. My BIL had to implement a policy at a hospital group that allowed for 2 weeks of paid leave if an employee thought they might have been exposed to Covid. Not tested positive, just near it.

    1000 people disappeared overnight. 1000. Poof.

    That’s fucking hilarious.

    But people just WANT to work. They wouldn’t do this …

    /every lefty I know

  116. 2 and a half hours moving mulch. The pile barely looks different.

    I’m in trouble.

  117. What’s mostly disappointing about the whole Minneapolis thing is how stupid people are.

    Why are people upset, mostly? Not because the cops killed a guy, but they killed a black guy, which (they argue) happens all the time.

    When you point out it doesn’t happen “all the time”, then they shift to EVEN ONE IS TOO MANY.

    WHen you point out that white folks get killed by cops too, they say “WHY ARE YOU CHANGING THE SUBJECT”.

    I brought up Justine Damond and it turned to “DID SHE DIE WHILE PLEADING FOR HER LIFE?”

    They they argue they just want justice, so you inform them that there are TWO independent investigation into the matter. Reponse? THE COPS SHOULD BE IN JAIL ALREADY. We need SWIFT justice.

    I pointed out that the cop who killed Damon wasn’t charged for EIGHT MONTHS …

    I think the response to that is “why do you always change the subject? … You think you know everything, but you’re just a racist.”

  118. Damond.

    And there’s a they up there than should be then.

  119. Oh, and I’m racist for pointing out that white people don’t riot over this stuff.

    To which I said … hello, Antifa?

    But no, generally whites don’t get worked up by race baiters over fake injustice and destroy their own neighborhoods.

  120. I think I’ve covered everything.

  121. A police killing is to looting and rioting as a pandemic is to Democrat governors abusing emergency statutes.

    Pretense for what they wanted to do anyhow. Nothing more.

  122. I think I’ve covered everything.

    In mulch?

  123. Everything is not covered in mulch just yet. This is going to take a few days, k?

  124. People are dumb. I know it’s hard to believe.

    My neighbor has a PhD and she thinks Cuomo is a saint. He’s a real leader.

    Dude lapped every state on the Death Parade 500 but he’s really just swell.


  125. What’s really amazing is how dumb college educated people are. It’s like they spend four years learning how to listen to nothing but their emotions.

  126. I ran 5 miles yesterday and 3 today. 62 min pace per mile.

  127. I’ve worked with a lot of PhDs. Their expertise can be shockingly narrow, and nearly all were would-be “philosopher kings” when it came to politics.

  128. I sorta love our neighbors on the end. They’re from Israel and have some really weird beliefs.

    They want to buy a small place in upstate NY to run away to if the world crashes. Live off the land.

    But only in a Democrat state if they can’t find anything in NY.

    They’re like weirdo lefty preppers. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that if they actually did what they wanted, they’d be living next to a guy like Leon.

  129. Upstate NY has like a 75-day growing season.

    Good luck.

  130. Living off the land under 8 feet of snow.

  131. Link them this and tell them there are lunatics like that everywhere in flyover country. Best they stay safe in their urban enclave.

  132. That’s what would have happened if someone had been around Biden yesterday with a match.

  133. He’d have put out the torch with that shart.

  134. MJ, have you taught your son how to fart on cue yet?

  135. I’m still around, but so disgusted by both sides at this point that I’m avoiding much of the internet until it calms down for my own spiritual health.

  136. …so disgusted by both sides…

    Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought. He’s transitioning to Jonah Goldberg.

  137. Heh.

    Hey did anyone see how Jonah was attaking POTUS’s new press secretary. that guy needs to be put out of his misery. His brain is pure rot.

  138. I ran 5 miles yesterday and 3 today. 62 min pace per mile.

    I was supposed to run today, but instead I moved mulch for 3 hours and was too tired.

    Which means to make my quota for the month, I need to run 14 miles between tomorrow and Sunday.

  139. Hannah’s filling out med school apps. Shit’s getting real.

  140. Will they even have classes in the fall? We might only be in phase 2 or re-opening by then.

  141. MJ, have you taught your son how to fart on cue yet?
    Not yet. But you can basically say fart and he’s farting.

    There have been moments where I laugh hysterically because I’m shocked at how loud and long he’s farted. So little, yet so much gas.

  142. Which means to make my quota for the month, I need to run 14 miles between tomorrow and Sunday.

  143. Wasn’t Jonah Goldberg and all of the other idiots at the Weekly Standard arguing that throwing a few thousand young Southerners into Iraq was a great idea?

    Yeah, fuck him. We’ve learned. He hasn’t.

  144. We should have been out of Afghanistan 15 years ago.

  145. Good presidents are pretty rare.

    Clinton Bush Obama all sucked. Jury is out on Trump still but I’m happy so far.

  146. I asked a customer from Afghanistan if were doing the right thing as we were building up for the invasion.

    He told me how it would end.

    World intelligence couldn’t see it. One Afghan immigrant nailed it.

    Yay Government!

  147. Scott, history will tell you how it ends. You don’t win a war in Afghanistan. And what do you get if you do? Nothing.

    I’ve said this since…forever. Iraq, well, I always thought we should keep a rapid response force there.

  148. Removing Saddam was a good idea. If we hadn’t we’d still be fucking around in Saudi Arabia, trying to keep the sanctions imposed on Iraq. Regime change in Iraq gave us a lot more flexibility in the region, drove Iran to the breaking point (and they would have fallen had Obama not decided to sell out the protesters), and allowed other regimes such as the Saudis to modernize without the threat of a rabid dog on their doorstep.

    As for Afghanistan, we’ve had one foot out the door since 2008, and that’s been the biggest problem: no one trusts us because we won’t commit. If we’d said back in ’05, “We’re building permanent bases and plan a long-term presence to keep these radical elements suppressed” a lot of our problems would have gone away, since we’d be seen as the biggest dog in the region. As it stands, Al-Qaeda expected us to lob a few missiles and run. They told everyone that we wouldn’t slug it out for long. Instead we’ve been willing to fight for almost twenty years.

    If we hadn’t gone into Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush likely would have lost in ’04, a Kerry admin would have continued gutting the military like the Clinton Admin, and the Russians, the Chinese, and the Islamic world would all be saying that the U.S. is a faded power, too weak to stand up for herself. And weakness always had bloody consequences.

  149. Comment by Car in on May 28, 2020 7:54 pm
    Hannah’s filling out med school apps. Shit’s getting real.

    Penelope is changing #1 grandson, shit is very real….

  150. There are 2 realities. Half are sure masks are saving the world, and half think it’s all bullshit. Penelope is big on masks. I’ve only gone to town 5 times since mid February, so I humor her. Plus I wear a mask often in the shop, so I don’t even notice it anymore.

  151. That’s the essential problem with Afghanistan. We either needed to make it a client state or smash shit and get out, and we picked neither.

  152. The problem with smashing shit is there isn’t anything of value to smash.

  153. Heh. MA just gave Dan a free Wuhan Flu test. IYKWIMAITTYD. Carin knows what I’m saying about Vitamin D. MFM doesn’t even talk about it. Too busy ratcheting up the fear. 👋🏻 CoAl.

  154. Vitamins don’t help the immune system and are not important for human health.


  155. #weareallinthistogether

  156. For pupster

  157. #4/10hardtorateagirlforsmasingwithamaskon

  158. MJ, have you taught your son how to fart on cue yet?
    Not yet. But you can basically say fart and he’s farting.

    humn … we made need him for the Ragnar. Poop humor is really big when you’re in a car for 36 hours with the same small group of people.

  159. Some vans keep track of how many poops everyone takes. You run 30miles in a day and a half, and that is hilarious.

    Something about running that many miles. You’ve never taken that many poops in such a short amount of time ever.

  160. College students spend 4 years convincing themselves they are better than everyone else. They don’t learn to better themselves, they learn to be conceited. And that leads to Democrats.

    Since the old days, they always feel they are better than others. That’s why they are racist. Why they divide, and conquer.

    Conservatives try to treat everyone as individuals. racism is opposite what they think. White nationalists, the Nazis, all leftists.

  161. You are into dudes. We get it.

  162. 36 hours in a fart filled van with a 2.5 year old seems like the worst thing ever.

    We’d all be dead anyway. He’s like the monsters in the movie A Quiet Place. Pure destruction mixed with farts.

  163. Scott, it is just … yea. LOL. We’re reduced to the lowest common denominator of humor. I’ve never been so miserable, but laughed so hard.

  164. #mjisbehindthebowlingalley

  165. 36 hours in a fart filled van with a 2.5 year old seems like the worst thing ever.

    Bob would just quietly put window down when he’d fart … lol… everyone would know and die laughing. I wasn’t in his car – our’s was MUCH more civilized.

    But Bob is a bad ass. He ran an extra leg when one of our team members couldn’t. He almost ran two extra legs.

    You’ll both love Bob and be afraid of him.

  166. If you’re not a little afraid of him, you’re stupid. lol . He loves me though, so I’m safe.

  167. I’m not afraid of him in the slightest. Sounds like a fag actually

  168. Bob is going to probably kill Lauraw. Did I mention he’s ex military? I should have mentioned that.

  169. well they are burning the police station now. and a liquor store. Cuz the liquor store is involved somehow.

  170. That area will become a liquor desert and it will be Trumps fault.

  171. https://babylonbee.com/news/space-x-launch-scrubbed-after-karen-called-the-cops-on-it

    I LOL’d. “Cheese it! It’s the po-po!”

  172. I’m supposed to go to Minnepolis in August. Hmm.

  173. Minneapolis.

  174. Discreetly, Edgar rented pornography.

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