Memorial Day 2020

Today, we remember those fallen in battle in defense of our nation, her peoples, and her principles.

Michigan War Veterans memorial in Detroit, Michigan, situated in the now-abandoned State Fair grounds.


Jimbro sends a photo of some patriots about to do a Crackfat cult ritual called “Murph” that I’m told is a remembrance of a fallen soldier.  It’s nice to see that incorporated into their kooky religion.




I happened across this room when I was a young man, trying to manage a project to secure the perimeters of various buildings on Ohio State’s campus. Sullivant Hall is one of the oldest buildings, and when I worked there in the 1990’s it housed The Dance and Music Library and was the home of the College of Dance.  On a walkthrough I was given a maintenance keyring and I started poking around, I opened a set of double doors off the lobby and felt around for a light switch.  When I flipped it on I was gobsmacked with this:

The Ohio State University – Sullivant Hall WW1 Memorial Rotunda



The room was a giant circle, all marble, stone and bronze, totally unused other than as a WW1 memorial to the soldiers.  The 4 bronze wall reliefs were bigger than life sized.



It was amazing in scope, a hidden treasure, sadly not open to the public.

Unfortunately, these bronzes were removed during a renovation  in 2015, and may still be in crates in some forgotten place.



  1. Everyone knows Arlington, so I decided to include something I didn’t even know was a thing until today. Please feel free to add photos of war memorials in your state (or just one you know of) if you can find them.

  2. RIP 1LT Demetrius Frison, A/1-26. KIA 10MAY2011, Khost Province, Afghanistan. Great dude. Never forgotten.

  3. My favorite thought when thinking about the fallen:

    “If you want to thank a soldier, be the kind of American worth fighting for.”

  4. “…and dying for.”

  5. Carin, you doing the Murph today?

  6. RIP Uncle Carl, KIA August 1944. Say hi to Mom for me.

  7. Someone with way too much time on their hands but funny.

  8. Leon, I sent a pre-Murph picture of Paula and Ben if you want to include it. Paula is doing a Murph and also a team Murph since her friend Izzy asked her. Ben is part of the team. Since his card showed a charge at 0430 this morning at McDonald’s he’ll be good for about 15 minutes of peak performance.

  9. Added.

  10. I considered not making a crack about Crackfat, but we are where we are, and Traditions must be honored.

  11. Huzzah, for Paula and Ben!

  12. Thanks Leon. I’m really not sure how they’re doing The Murph this year. I think everyone does their own one or portion thereof and it’s all magically combined.

  13. Is that two gators fighting? Or one gator trying to eat the other? What happens if one of them dies due to injury during combat?

  14. Alligators don’t give a shit.*

    An ode to the honeybadger (who also doesn’t give a shit).

  15. Home Depot makes customers wait in line.

    Lowes sales go way up.

    Talking heads are surprised.

    HA! I was a loyal Home Depot customer as they are about 5 minutes away. I have spent at least $1000 at Lowes the last couple of months because of Home Depot’s stupid policies. Looks like I am not alone.

  16. Dad and stepmom are still unpacking from the move back into their house after the fire damage was repaired. Dad had some keepsakes in his sock drawer that the professional movers packed up. They liberated a mini-bottle of booze that dates to before 1991, when Dad quit drinking, but left an antique Barlow knife that he says is worth some $$. (That could be $20 or $200, no telling with Dad.)

  17. I ordered some stuff from Home Depot rather than deal with the BS of waiting in line. If I know what I want I’ll normally do store pick up. There’s a woman who works at the front desk and I took care of her son a long time ago. She gives me the royal welcome and tells whoever is working with her I’m the best doctor in the world. It’s really hard to give that up.

  18. The parking lot was PACKED today and Home Depot did NO line to get in the door.

  19. Just got back from Walmart. The masks are annoying. But then I think. “hey, if they don’t care that I’m not wearing one, I don’t care if they are wearing one.”

    I’m a hippy now.

  20. Yes, did the murph. With the vest, but scaled the pullups since my shoulder can’t do them anyway (I do ring rows). But 15 lb vest for everything.

    And it was Africa Hot out there .

  21. We did it at the gym 10 at a time. FUCK DA POLICE.

    Actually, we had a police officer doing the murph with us.

  22. my friend really wanted to PR her time and did, but I didn’t want to tell her I’d have no rep’d her pullups.

    She’s really focused on outdoing all previous performances, etc. I can’t wait until she”s over this phase. It’s getting … sigh

  23. Poat updated.

    Home Depot here doesn’t make you wait outside, but they encourage curb-side pickup and reworked the contractor pickup area for drive up service.

  24. Brother/sister-in-law/niece came over yesterday for a visit with MIL, and brought their new trainee puppy, who is very chill. We sat on MIL’s patio, under the deck, and niece was wearing a mask. She took it off after I pointed out that 1. we’re outside where the fresh air neutralizes the bad stuff and 2. grandma is sitting upwind.
    We had a nice visit even though MIL really would have preferred they bring her great-grandbaby, who was visiting her other grandparents in Iowa, for a visit.

    For today, we have an 8 pound boneless pork loin thawing out to be sliced up and grilled, later this afternoon. Will also have some sweet corn, tater salad, and slaw. Crap, just realized I don’t have enough potatoes or cabbage.

  25. SIL was saying that they cannot enter anyplace without a mask, where she lives in St. Louis Co. Grocery stores, Target, Sams, etc. there are signs on the doors that you cannot enter without wearing one.

    Where I am (same state, red county) it’s not a requirement.

  26. That’s a great memorial Pupster. Glad you got to experience it in the way you did.

    I’m reading a WW1 book now. “A World Undone”.

    I’m about 30% through, I really ought to read it before bedtime which is my habit. It’s interesting but not a page turner in the classic sense.

  27. Pups, that’s wonderful and sad.

  28. Carin, did you end up just doing PT rehab for your shoulder or just took it easy?

  29. You can wait in line at home depot, Costco, etc. But can’t wait in line at the election polls.

  30. I wear a mask at Menards. They politely ask me to, and it is private property, so I oblige them. I’m mask free everywhere else.

    Just left Meijer’s getting a few things. I’m thinking about 80% are masked, which is down from 95%+ last week. Most of the dudes that aren’t masked are bearded, military haircut, and generally look like they are looking forward to the revolution. Saw one dude who had a plain piece of paper rubber-banded around his face with printing on the outside that said “Recall Whitmer”. Had to give him a fist bump for that one.

  31. It’s a wet and dreary day here in the DFW metroplex. Our friends decided to postpone their annual Memorial Day celebration to this coming Saturday, when the weather is supposed to be nicer.

    Went out yesterday. One of the places we wanted to go was Trader Joe’s, but the liberal weenies were enforcing masks and a social distancing line around the building, so we decided to take our business elsewhere. The wispy soiboi directing traffic into the store had a distinct Hitler youth vibe exuberance at his newfound power over those bigger and smarter than himself.

    Never a good idea to give wimps a taste of authoritarian power.

    Tom Thumb and Kroger’s got our grocery dollars yesterday.

  32. My daughter also came over yesterday upon hearing her cousin was bringing little Valentine for a visit. She was telling me that one of her coworkers was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb., right when all of this *waves hands around* was taking off. She was told her surgery was non-essential and she would have to wait a few months. She finally got it done this past week. A 3 month wait for breast cancer surgery. WTF? And I thought the gal with ovarian cancer, made to wait 3 weeks was horrible (another patient of my doc).

  33. She’s also quite frustrated with what the school system is talking about doing. She’s a speech therapist. You can’t properly do your job of speech therapy over the internet. And, if school does go back into session in the fall, you can’t make children, especially those with autism, to properly wears masks throughout an 8 hour school day. And how can she do her damn job wearing a mask with students wearing masks?
    It’s like the ‘tards have taken over all the things.

  34. I’ve tried PT on my shoulder. It’s feeling ok now, but mostly it’s a back and forth between strengthening and correcting what’s wrong.

    Hanging from the bar and pullups actually aren’t bad for it, but I’m weak as a kitten.

  35. K, off to buy taters and cabbage! I’m hoping they’ve got more sweet corn. I froze a bunch last year and am hoping to do the same, this summer.

  36. Home depot mask wearers were about … 30%. A few more had them, just not wearing them. Pat thinks the number was a little higher, I though it was a little lower.

  37. Hanging from the bar is one of the things I had to do while in therapy for my frozen shoulder. It helped.

  38. The PT guy thinks that’s what it is.

  39. It’s hard to hang, because I’m weak after dealing with this for so long. Last week I did 12 15 second holds, and my shoulder felt GREAT.

    I think what complicates it is that i’m lifting/ doing stuff – but compensating for the issue with my movements. Some of the pain is from using my muscles wrong.

  40. XBrad?

  41. Watched a movie last night, and the rating/warning said, “Violence, Nudity, Language, Gore, Smoking”

    FFS We’re doomed .

  42. How was it?

  43. Pretty fucking good except for the smoking.

    I was triggered.

  44. Pupster, thank you for posting those. That’s a beautiful memorial.

  45. I gotta go with Ann Coulter and vote for Jeff Sessions for Senator. Tuberville gives me the feeling of Roy Moore 2.0, and I want lying, baby-killing, two-faced, dipshit, third senator from New York Doug Jones out of there.

  46. I spent a good chunk of my day off creating a Shutterfly album with pics from the Israel trip a year and a half ago. They have pages half off.

  47. That’s a beautiful memorial.

    I’m guessing you clicked through the article and saw the naked man ass.

  48. Ribs are done, I bid you farewell for now. I will be traveling this week, BBF is set but if someone wanted to cover the weekend that would be great.

  49. LOL. Kind of surprised he hasn’t been rubbed shiny for luck.

  50. I smoked a boston butt today, and it turned out excellent.

  51. Safe travels, Pupster.


    A lot of dumb recommendations. I can see both teachers and parents saying fuck it, I’ll homeschool.

  53. Allen West is out of the hospital, banged up a bit, but still full of attitude.

  54. The PT guy thinks that’s what it is.

    Hanging from a bar (or the lat pull down), the affected side, on the exercise machine…and THEN sit, facing the machine and do 3 sets of 10, building to 20 with the lat pull-down. I felt the most improvement with those. That, and laying on back, arm to side – elbow even with shoulder, holding a can of beans or light weight and letting hand gently go back to touch floor/surface, hold for 30 seconds (this was better than the therapist working that part and making me want to cry like a bish).

  55. ^^ The point being to break up/pop the scar tissue or whatever that has the shoulder ‘frozen’.

    18 months is the usual span of time before ‘normal’. Six months is usually pain as the freezing is underway, six months frozen, six months as it works out. I still get some pain in the tendons.

  56. Those guild lines for schools are effing mental.


  57. Gossip here is that schools won’t re-open. Online schooling only for next year. Our governor is trying to win the despot sweepstakes.


  59. Well that was disappointing.

  60. Deserving eternal rest, patriots.

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