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  1. Your Mom’s House …

    I’m dyin’ here!

  2. “babies born feet first”, aka Breech presentation

    All the breech babies born via C-section are denied the chance to wear a Mom Hat

  3. The “another child actor” deals are new to me and made me laugh, especially the Ewok.

  4. Going to see if tiptoe is good for the dad joke list when Mr. RFH wakes up. List is over 1,200 now. It’s getting harder to find new ones. (Your mom said that, too.)

  5. Glory Hole Etiquette and of course…..your mom’s house.

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. Woke up with TWO newfies in bed with me – there was a bit of a storm. big babies.

  8. I have a big old NOTHING planned for today. Pat is working.

    OH, I’m going to wear my new mask to the store! I haven’t been in a shop since I got it – one where they take the mask stuff seriously. A lot of places around here just ignore it. So You guys can look forward to my grocery shopping in a plague mask.

    And just like that … my day perked up.

  9. So, shopping. Gardening. Maybe take the dogs for a walk.

  10. I have sauerbraten cooking in the crockpot. It’s a belated celebration of Mr. RFH’s birthday since the kids were in St. Louis on his actual birthday. Rocketboy and FDIL will be here for that and online Mass.

  11. my grocery shopping in a plague mask.

    I bet the reactions are going to be priceless.

  12. Carin is turning into my Covid hero. If she turns Hannah, well, then awards are necessary.

  13. I got all kinds of packing to do.

  14. Comment by scott on May 24, 2020 9:22 am
    I got all kinds of packing to do.


    Lauraw, a little more sexy time and a little less gardening? Just trying to be helpful.

  15. So You guys can look forward to my grocery shopping in a plague mask.

    I hope it works out for you, my feelings won’t be hurt if it is too much to wear for an extended period.

    If Mrs. Pupster were going to make more, I’d change the eyes to tinted film instead of plastic (all we had) and make a ventilated area underneath for the breathing.

  16. Thanks for the well wishes. Until The Stupid ends, any plans for services are on hold.

  17. I like the dog that drops his tennis ball over the wall so that people will play with him. He even has his own carpet mat draped over the wall to make him more comfy while he waits!

    I don’t get the one with the 4 different cat faces or the one about the 3 cat bowls.

  18. All kinds means all kinds Mare.

  19. Comment by Pupster on May 24, 2020 9:53 am
    All kinds means all kinds Mare.


    Heh, you are correct, Sir!

  20. If Mrs. Pupster were going to make more, I’d change the eyes to tinted film instead of plastic (all we had) and make a ventilated area underneath for the breathing.
    How about a screen type mesh that you can see out of and provide ventilation?

  21. TiFW, the 4 cat faces is about touching gross things or putting your fingers where they shouldn’t go. 3 bowls is smoking dope.

  22. Yeah, that’s an idea Jimbro. Would Corona leak out at an eyeball level?

  23. In, out … what difference, at this point, does it make?

  24. Watching #1 Grandson while his mom runs errands. Penelope is having fun.

  25. https://tinyurl.com/y779e4tq

  26. Humn, Maybe I can change that part out? I made it through aldi with the mask (checkout I took it off) and halfway through miejer. I’m gonna look for some screen and switch out the eyes. It gets fogged up and that’s the hard part.

    I got a LOT of looks, and at least one person took my picture I’m pretty sure.

  27. At Aldi, a Karen behind me in line had on a mask, gloves, and eye protection.

    And a meijer someone muttered to me that I was going the wrong way down the isle.

  28. I still don’t get it – is “3 bowls” some sort of code for smoking dope? I know absolutely nothing about this stuff.

    Yeah, I know I am hopelessly square.

  29. Yes, it’s a Mary Jane thing. Devil’s lettuce. A “bowl” is when they used a little “device” to partake.

  30. Someone give TIFW a blunt.

  31. Maybe start her out with an edible?

  32. Yeah, it is hard to wear for very long. I’m glad you are getting some use of it.

    *browses to “peopleofaldi.com” *

  33. Simmer down pot heads.


  34. I’ve never used marijuana even once. But I know the terminology. Cause I’m all street an shit.

  35. Yeah, that’s me, I’d be all street and someone would look at me and say hey, jackass you’re holding the wrong end.

    Like your mom.

  36. Since my husband and I can’t decide on a movie to watch (so rare we’re in the mood for the same show) we’ve decided to listen to books on audible instead.

    On our last road trip we listened to Louie L’Amour’s The Last of the Breed. Really enjoyed it.

    So now at night instead of watching a show, if we aren’t reading on our own we listen together to The Lonesome Gods. Good so far.

    Yes. Boring nerds.

  37. Could someone tell me why an author would make several character names similar (and starting with the same letter)?


    There are 9 characters for at least the first 8 chapters and 4 of the nine names start with F?

    He did that in Last of the Breed too. Using S.

    It’s not an alliteration. Would one of you smarties tell me why he does that?

  38. By the time I got to high school I knew I wasn’t much of a pothead. Different times, different city. I was shaking my head in disbelief with my friends who were “discovering weed” in high school and college. My sister could sell an ounce of weed on the bus on the way to school. The THC content was way lower back then. When my friend got married in’93 his freak brother from Seattle brought some of that high test shit the kids are smoking now and I confirmed my decision not to partake after just one hit. Holy crap!

  39. Maybe Louis L’Amour was a pot smoker and just forgot?

  40. Comment by Jimbro on May 24, 2020 2:22 pm
    Maybe Louis L’Amour was a pot smoker and just forgot?

    HA! Probly

  41. Well, I don’t smoke cigarettes, either, so there ya go.

    And my mother and grandmother both died of lung cancer, so I have that to look forward to……

  42. My sister-in-law’s newest trainee.


  43. Crack


  44. Watching #TheMatch. Really enjoying the golf smak. Didn’t expect to enjoy. Dan is making Pickle salad, Roasted Corn, and ribs.

  45. Urrrrgh, just spent the last few hours washing, waxing, and cleaning my truck. It still needs some work, but it’s looking a lot better. I try to get a good coat of wax on it once or twice a year to keep the paint from flaking off.

  46. Awooo, friends.

    Lovely day here today. Got the tomatoes and some of the leeks planted. Mulched a bunch of stuff. Etc. Busy, busy.

    Tomorrow we’re going to kick back and take it easy.

  47. Today is the day that Dan has stopped coddling the Princess. She is fully blind. Having a few issues. Waiting to see her regular Vet.

  48. Our gal Ruby went blind at age 6 and still had fun for the next 6 years of her life, even outdoors in unfamiliar places. They can nav by scent and sound, don’t need to depend on their eyes as much as we do.

  49. Lauraw, Gingy was fine with being blind…then the cancer got her. MA is dealing with her blindness. She has adapted to her anti-seizure meds. She is working us for treats and extra meals. She is doing so much better outside. Dan is the weakest link. He is talking a tough ballgame. I bet he gives her more kibble and treats before 8 our time.

  50. Heh, good thing they don’t depend on vision as much, I swear Elliot is half blind. He’d have really thick glasses at least.

  51. waiting on the brisket, stalled at 160. I’m powering through it, haven’t done that in a while, gonna have some bark.

    No sous vide either. Gonna compare, now that I’ve done a couple sous vide and not pure smoker since.

  52. Our dogs have what Vets call Selective Vision. Apparently it’s also related to their hearing

  53. Never did a sous vide brisket. Was the texture weird?

  54. I did some fancy packing this week.

    $37,000 vase was the most stressful.

  55. Oh, and i’m officially Covid 19 negative. 48 hours for test results.

  56. It’s almost the same texture as regular brisket, except medium rare. Very tasty!

  57. Hamburger was the weird sous vide meat.

  58. yes, that has a different texture, but it’s good for casseroles and such.

  59. chicken can have a weird texture, at lower temp for a long time.

  60. Don’t eat reheated paella.

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