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  1. Slightly, SLIGHTLY heavy on the puns but excellent as always.Great Poat, Jay.

    Shit Show Earth
    Victoria secret masks.
    Did I shit my pants today?

  2. wakey wakey

    Sorry about your dog and even more your grandma. We know one elderly person who passed under similar circumstances, and two friends lost their parent – and while they didn’t mention if the isolation had any effect, I can’t help but think it did.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Had to go back to see what was going on.

    Very sorry to hear about your dog and Grandma, Will.

    We won’t hear about the real toll of Stay-At-Home/Quarantine. Ever.

  5. hahahahahah, That drummer is wearing a full Boston uniform.

  6. *shits pants*

    It’s OK, they are not my pants.

  7. He often wears the sport’s jersey of where he’s performing.

  8. I get it but he’s even wearing the shorts (the full uniform) which is funny and I’ve never seen it before.

  9. He’s apparently a huge basketball fan. He’s a goofy guy, and way left. Thankfully, he just drums – and at that he’s a rock god.

    BUt he’s also very nice and treats his fans very well.



  12. 1 rufkm meme is the story of my life. How to get a girl to have sex with you is great too… My wife laughed. And the kids being safe was written for my wife and first-born.

  13. I saw that briefing with Kayleigh yesterday.

    10/10 would smash

  14. CARin has changed her mind about gender reveal parties.

  15. The tractor tied down (showed that one to Mr. RFH), have her home by midnight, and Mr. Fogarty are my faves. Had to look up St Anger snare.

    Mini-me’s boyfriend is visiting, and we’re having a 2nd Amendment day if the rain holds off. After much drama this week, the rehearsal dinner invitations are going into the mail.

  16. Pupster tagged Mrs. Cuffy, but I just spent the last ten minutes figuring out where the astronaut was and looking at how the hardware is holding up. (starboard side of ISS, and there’s an avionics box I recognize.) Thanks, Pupster.

  17. I’m hoping we get enough sun today for me to mow the yard-jungle. It never dried out yesterday, grass was soaking wet even at 5pm with no rain at all.

  18. Honestly, St. Anger just wasn’t a good album. Got called “St. Ass” by a few folks I know.

  19. I don’t Roamie gets enough credit for being the coolest person in the world.

  20. Good morning. Whose turn is it to massage lanolin into my dry, leathery hump? Itchy as all get-out.

    *throws tarp off shoulders and waits expectantly*


  22. Those paper pot planters are a game-changer for small farm labor, Pepe. Transforms days of work into a few hours. Farmers are smaht.

  23. Getting preggars on a pull out sofa made me giggle like a retard.

  24. Same here Pendejo

  25. I’m hoping we get enough sun today for me to mow the yard-jungle.

    Me too, Leon. Thunderboomers in the forecasts for every day this weekend, mowing and grilling are the only things on my agenda.

  26. Xbrad got an Aceolanche in the ONT last night.

  27. Comment by Pupster on May 23, 2020 10:33 am
    I don’t Roamie gets enough credit for being the coolest person in the world.



  28. Shit your pants
    Made in china
    Home by 1200
    R u fucking kidding me
    Nelson Mandela

    Mornin Mornin. Looks like the weather may have finally broke. New headlamp lenses for car arrived, going to do the swap and commence detailing the car.


  30. I don’t usually like Tool, but I loved Car in’s video so I bought it

  31. those words don’t really make sense in a sentence, but I’m glad you like the video.

    I found a grand total of three morels.

  32. Someone, anyone in the MI media who has even the balls of a kitten should ask bitchface what she specifically did and where over the weekend. “Considering the additional two weeks you made everyone else in the state remain indoors, it’s only fair we know where you were.”

    Then if they are not the total dumbasses they are known to be they would have pictures of bitchface and her family whooping it up at the lake house if she doesn’t come clean.

    But that would only happen if “journalists” actually did their effing job.

  33. Comment by PepeLp on May 23, 2020 1:37 pm


    hhahahahahaha, She’s gross.

  34. My boys are biking. Pat is working. Hannah is social distancing. Worst holiday weekend ever.

  35. Among some unclaimed freight that Scott had to move thrice for no pay, is an old timey galileo thermometer. He gave it a rip and filled it with water. How do you even tell temp with this thing? Do I have to take a class? I like my digital version better.

  36. OK, I just checked online and this is not what I thought it was. All the glass is clear, no colors, and no temperature tags. Just air filled blown-glass orbs with long stems linked to clear glass teardrops. Some are floating and some are sitting on the bottom.

    I think this thing’s true name is ‘garbage.’

  37. Don’t fuck around with mysterious antique devices, I saw a movie once.

    On today’s episode of What is in Pupster’s Back Yard:

  38. Got the lenses swapped on the car. Pretty dramatic visual change from the funky fogged up ones to the shiny clear. I’m happy. Now I’m heading to a bbq. Going to break my moratorium and raise a glass to the fallen, maybe take a inhalation or two of the evil weed and wonder why the fuck I’m still here.

  39. Cute boid, Pups! Looks a little like an immature Robin, with the streaky breast. I think they’re related.

  40. Front left tire on the mower went as flat as your teenage girlfriend with a half acre left to mow. Wife is out getting a puncture kit, slime failed to seal it.

    Peanut butter whiskey and stevia ginger ale is a neat drink.

  41. That Thrasher looks like it could kick some ass.

  42. Condolences Will.

  43. I used the wrong pronouns on Dan’s boss today. He used to be my boss. His name is still his girl name on the computer.

  44. Brown Thrasher is a pretty good south asian superhero name. Same size and tail as a mocking bird, but brown.

    *Orders a drug screen on Troy*

  45. So she is now he? Susan to Stanley?

  46. She’s a big-clitted chick with a beard and a double mastectomy.

  47. My gardening friend gave me urad dal, fenugreek seeds, and some kind of special rice for making dosas, little crispy crepes. She fried some up in butter for me one of our last play dates and served them with some kind of saucy beans and veggie. Really good. Especially the ones with toasted cheeze browned on top. I think Scott will love them. I’m excited to expand my cooking thing.

  48. Shirlena to Stephen?

  49. urad dal

  50. Peanut butter whiskey

    Sounds fake, but I’ve seen it in my local liquor store. If it was vodka I’d try it.


  52. 14.6 pound brisket carved off 5.5 lb of fat. great deal! 4.49 a pound. hamburger was 6.99


  54. Abigail to Abel. He was being very kind about MaryAnn. He took a fishhook to his dog’s face. $250 dollar vet bill.

  55. MA is blind. She’s adjusting. She is still the softest dog in history.

  56. It’s surprisingly good, Pupster. Smooth and almost no burn.


  58. Man, I recoup my money from trimming beef by making the best cooking oil out of that fat. Good cooking fat is expensive, and getting more so. I mean, most of the stuff we call olive oil is fucking counterfeit, full of canola garbage now.

  59. This is some hardcore shit

  60. Peanut butter whiskey is queerer than a football bat

  61. Had a bad experience with Maple Crown Royal. As in, I could not stand the taste of it and it was a waste of money for the 3 sips I had on3 separate occasions just to confirm it.

  62. Peanut butter whiskey is queerer than a football bat

    I did have an nearly uncontrollable urge to send MJ a dick pic, but I contained it.

  63. Seagull is the best Bad Company song. fight me.

    end of Friday night lights. still a good movie

  64. seagull

  65. A full day. The people celebrating the 2nd amendment got rained on a bit, so lunch was early. I was grateful that I had gotten Mini-me and her boyfriend to make some of the food early (layered bean dip, broccoli slaw, and nanner pudding) It was good having a normal social event. You know it’s been bad when even the introverts are talking and want hugs. After the rain stopped, Mr. RFH won the shooty round. (That oughta keep the boyfriend in line, too.) After everyone left to play D&D, I had time for a shower then went to Mass. Leftovers for dinner, watching “Waterloo Bridge”.

  66. are you allowed mass, or are you renegade, like in CA?

  67. We have to wear masks to even enter the building.

    Nope. I’ll wait.

  68. Yes, we’re allowed, and yes, we have to wear masks. Every other pew is blocked off. “Sneezeguard” thing between the eucharistic minister and recipient – you get a squirt of hand sanitizer as you approach, then hold your hands underneath to receive. The priest doesn’t even distribute Communion – he is four months from retirement, has COPD and heart issues. Holy water fonts are empty, but at least the priest blessed us by sprinkling holy water this week. He forgot last week.

    It was annoying and an overreaction to the situation, but I was still glad to be back in the pew.

  69. Seagull is the best Bad Co. song??? What the fuck has Jay been drinking?

  70. I’ll be tailgaiting at the 8am mass and reading Pardon and Peace or continuing to plod through the OT, haven’t decided yet.

  71. You hear the word “Nigeria” and think backwards third-world shit-hole. Yet Nigerians were able to scam the “Washington Employment Security Department” (unemployment) for billions of dollars.
    Says a lot for the state of WA systems of ‘Checks & Balances’.
    This state is so fucked up.
    I’m lookin’ at YOU, Inslee…

  72. Demetrios endangered Rosalie’s progeny.

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