Everything I Meme, Nothing that I Don’t


Y’all can thank Oso for this one. Say it with me, now!



  1. Meatloaf?

  2. Hostage Salad


    Bunch of memes
    T&A gifs
    Non sequitors
    Dab of acronyms

    Puree at low speed until chopped.
    Chill overnight in fridge

    Serve to your mom as ladyfinger sandwiches

  3. Nice poat, Jay. It would be a shame if someone took credit for them.

  4. Sad news from the WSJ

    “Coronavirus Brings Beer Drinkers Back to Bud Light”

    —Craft brewers face a reckoning as Americans opt for value and familiarity with brands like Miller Lite and Coors Light—

  5. That’s so sad.

  6. Not sure this place would be mom’s cup of tea.

  7. No way the beer hipsters are going back to BMC beers.

  8. Cock salad:

    Bag of dicks
    Ranch dressing

    Just stir it up.
    Serve to Mare.

  9. The adblocker one is true.

  10. I need to get the pic from Mini-me of FDIL’s dog in the car. Dog was bored with the drive from STL, and I can identify.

  11. wakey wakey.

    I’ve been up but previous wakey did not go through. I repeat, it did not go through.

  12. Been looking at the Covid numbers all day, and everything is waaaaaay down.

    Time to tell the government to go fuck itself. I want my concerts. I want my races.

  13. One of my favorite food trucks posted where they were going to be this week. The problem is that the notice is in an unreadable font on a black background. I complained about it, and they replied “use the zoom function”. I used the fucking zoom function, and I still can’t read it. Fine, I’ll not patronize you.

  14. Who thinks this is legible?


    /old fart

  15. Time to tell the government to go fuck itself.

    Always time to do that.

  16. It’s legible but barely so. Maybe they don’t want to incite a crowd scene and figured using a weird typeface and color combo would lead to minimal crowds.

  17. I’ll read it to you Roamy. It is hard to read though. You were just trying to help them. That’s the wrong font for black, me thinks.

  18. I don’t understand why Plaquenil is suddenly radioactive. Millions of people take it.

    GND takes it but was only given a two week supply because demand is so high.

    But SuperFudge is really hot so I’m guessing this is just more gaslighting.

  19. Plaquenil is radioactive because it’s been around forever and cheap. The powers-that-be don’t like cheap, they can’t make money off cheap.
    And Pelosi is a nasty cunt.

  20. Gee, I wonder why demand is so high? Could it be that millions of people around the world are not having a contentious presidential election and those who are, are not believing the crap being peddled by the lockdowners?

  21. My one sister posted about the ridiculous crap being done in Chicago by the idiot mayor. My other sister shows up and is all ‘democrats aren’t the only ones doing this stuff….we need to push back’. I’m like, ‘Do tell.’

    Wtf? I’m guessing this is the predictable ‘everyone does it’ when a demrat is so in your face, you can’t excuse it away kind of caught.

  22. I forgot ‘Created Equal’ was on PBS, last night.

  23. My package from Latvia has finally started moving. It left country of origin on 4/20 and then…nothing…until last night where it popped up in Wisconsin and then left Wisconsin. Odd, packages from overseas usually makes the rounds in NY before shooting my way.

  24. It’s true, the shittier repub governors are slow-walking recovery in a lot of places, like Maryland.

  25. http://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/05/17/coronavirus-reopening-shopping-mall-georgia/?arc404=true

    This is my barrio. The SJW virtue signaling in here is hilarious and totally untrue.

  26. Are they having people arrested and their cars towed? I’ve heard Maryland was another state with high nursing home deaths. Is that governor another one who forced the infection in those homes?

  27. That I don’t know and I’d have to check on. Indiana’s gov is R and he’s telling restaurants that they can’t have people sit at the bar or seat more than half their capacity. I don’t know if anyone’s listening to that, but it’s still stupid. Our church is being paranoid about how they are doing masses/eucharist, but I don’t know how much of that is “required” and how much is CYA/panic.

  28. Do you remember when half of the country thought Donald Trump was a Russian secret agent that had been in service to the Kremlin before the fall of communism?

    I wish the Left would stick to less harmful delusions. It’s much less destructive.

  29. Plaquenil = Orange Man Bad. he mentioned it during a press conference way back, and they’ve been bad mouthing it ever since. Even Cavuto is cautioning viewers against it after he mentioned he’s taking it.

    The Nevada governor (D) banned it, then started hoarding it in the state. It’s like they want people to die.

  30. This really is the wet dream they’ve sought forever, isn’t it? An invisible enemy that can only be fought by dem-aligned Big Bidness and requires that all small businesses be crushed and everyone put out of work be on the dole.

  31. I’ve noticed that people on the Left are particularly fearful and especially fearful of things they can’t see.

    They are afraid of guns of course but they are really afraid of CO2, or racism, or whatnot.

    It’s interesting, but I’m probably just categorizing things that have no relationship because that’s what our brains like to do.

  32. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 19, 2020 10:09 am
    Time to tell the government to go fuck itself.

    Always time to do that.



  33. CO2, glaciers they’ve never seen, ocean acidification, phosphorous depletion, diseases that kill almost no one, racism, microaggressions, transphobia, mild disapproval, etc.

    They may or may not be actually afraid of any of it, but you MUST be afraid right along with them.

  34. Welp, this is interesting, I agree with Bill Maher:
    “I worry that the past two months of quarantine have given people the idea that the way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid them completely, and I’m here to tell you, you can’t. The key to beating COVID isn’t dining through glass or never going to a concert or a ballgame again – it’s your immune system.”

  35. What about the 2nd round lockdowns in South Korea and China? How long until they start screeching about that?

  36. Until we have off-world colonies, it’s herd immunity or bust.

    The risk comes with potentially engineered viruses. If a natural virus can be said to have a best-case scenario that it “wants” (which is really not a fair to describe a virus), it’s asymptomatic, widespread infection. Killing hosts fast is bad for transmission. Bad symptoms is bad for transmission because an animal that’s not moving around much isn’t good for transmission.

    Ideally, you want to make the victim feel great and go be friendly with other potential hosts. There’s some evidence that the flu does this with asymptomatic infections, and chlamydia’s side effects (at least in women) make it more likely to spread, but it also causes infertility (which means it will eventually die out or become less dangerous as time goes on).

  37. That’s part of the reason I’m not really worried, mare.

    If a virus is going to kill us all, we’d have been wiped out by now. Modern medicine isn’t even 100 years old, yet here we are, still living.

    You could make the argument that diverse populations haven’t really interacted this much so we might be at a higher risk for extinction but I doubt it. The Chinese have been giving us plagues for thousands of years (asshoe!).

    Just a few years ago the wonders of medicine didn’t even exist. You just died. Infant mortality was super high. There was no dentistry to speak of. Women died in childbirth routinely. People lived in squalor and yet still managed to thrive and build societies that are damn near incomprehensible.

    Humans are well adapted to take calculated risks. Throwing that away is a greater risk than we face from viruses.

  38. I see that leon and I have been brushing up on evolutionary theory.

    He’s still a weirdo fag, though.

  39. An engineered virus wouldn’t be much better than a “wild” virus for all the same reasons. “The Stand” is just a book, and “Contagion” is just movie, it doesn’t work at all like that in real viral spread. The most realistic serious pandemic virus would be something like chlamydia where you get horny and sleep around but all it does is spread infertility. As the dispenser of such a weapon, you’d have a narrow window in about 20 years time where your enemy “might” have a small generation.

  40. Contagion? The Stand? Screw that. The Hot Zone is terrifying, and true. I’m sure embellished a bit, but ebola (and it’s killer cousin Marberg) is a monster.

  41. If I get one more fucking fb notification that DeBlasio or Cuomo are holding a press conference I’m..well….I mean…I’m not getting rid of fb. But I’ll do something!

  42. Ebola is bad, agreed, but it’s so bad that it can’t really go far, and the symptoms are so awful that the spread would be contained by any place with decent hygiene.

    The only world-ending plagues are the impossible ones, like the solanum virus from WWZ.

  43. It’s like they want people to die.

    Vitamin D level correlates to survival rate. Dem governors and mayors close all the beaches and parks, ban the sale of gardening supplies. Britsh cops ticket people for being in their own front yards. No sunshine for you!

  44. Your mom said she needs some vitamin D.

  45. Co-worker: “It’s better than working on (project-that-must-not-be-named).”

    Roamy: “Hitting yourself on the head with a hammer is better than working on (PTMNBN)”

    Almost said “getting kicked in the nuts” but I don’t know him well enough for that. Call me a coward.

  46. >>>Vitamin D level correlates to survival rate.

    Two weeks of no sun, here. It may show it’s face on Thursday and thru the weekend but they’re also saying ‘more rain’ for this weekend.
    Worst spring ever.

  47. We had sun on Saturday but not since. Lawn’s going to be a jungle by the time I can mow, but at least the hayfield is coming in well now.

  48. Not only do I go to work tomorrow, I go in earlier to clean and sanitize my office.


  49. well, they arrested a customer at the NJ gym that opened yesterday, and had the cops there that said “have a nice day!” The gov said last night that penalties would steepen today. This isn’t going to end well.

  50. He returned to the parking lot a short time later, saying he was handcuffed after he refused to give his name to police. He told reporters he was issued citations for violating the executive order and obstruction. The owners have warned members that if they don’t identify themselves to police as they leave the gym, they could be arrested, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    For not identifying himself.

  51. Pools closed for covid?

    From the CDC:

    There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water.


  52. Paula is livid. She just heard Janet Mills is not going to allow gyms to open on June 1st as was rumored last week.

  53. Gyms need to just open and extend a hearty middle finger at this point.

  54. Finally got some cloud cover here. Saturday and Sunday we branded. Sunny and hot. There was a light breeze which was nice. Have to help brand at another place on Friday, hopefully it will be cloudy.

  55. My fav tactic so far is that death tolls and cases are rising!

    Well, they can’t decrease so I guess it’s technically correct but in the great state of Georgia we had 7 souls shed their mortal coil due to the Rona yesterday which is a sight better than a few weeks ago.

  56. The hotel we stayed at in Rapid City had a water park attached that had recently opened. License plates from multiple states. Lots of families checking in. I forgot my phone in the room. Remembered as we were getting ready to leave. Front desk worker created another key. I was looking at her facial piercings and trying to figure out what was wrong with her face. Took me awhile…No Mask. Dan stayed home with MA. Blindness may be permanent. She’s already adjusting. I went back to work. Governor Wuhan’s mask order, means we have to wear masks before we open. We aren’t allowed to say anything to people that are not wearing masks. Karen back in Deli, Karened about another Member not wearing a mask. I told her we couldn’t say anything. She tells me her husband is in hospice and we have an unsafe shopping environment. I told her she could use Pick up or Concierge and never have to enter. She got really mad at me. $20

  57. The real dipshits are acting like the Rona is a Grey Goo scenario. It simply isn’t that.

  58. Roamy, Your favorite astronaut has a huge lead on McSally in AZ. AZ has been Californicated. (I was getting ready to say put a fork in AZ. They’re done. Sparky loves forks.)

  59. The evil witch just took MI out of the win column:


    We’ll never know the real count. I promise you that, but the margin of loss will be precalculated.

  60. I agree, will, but how do you talk with someone to help them out of that? I find it to be impossible.

  61. Meh, I don’t believe polls, especially ones that have dems ahead.

  62. Meatloaf sandwich for dinner.


  63. They try to run this election on mail in votes it will just about guarantee a cw2. No matter who wins it sets the stage for contest. The shitbirds have a escalating history of contesting elections for the past 3 Republican Presidents. If they were to declare victory (using mail ins) given our current climate I dont envision a positive response on behalf of the deplorables. Either way the nation loses.

  64. Today is our 30th Anniversary. Without fail, friends that post gushing posts about their spouses on FB…the poster is cheating. Dan and I make jokes about the posts that are “Over the top”. Dan posted Happy Anniversary to my best friend. Blah blah blah. I wanted to call him an asshoe. Most people wouldn’t understand.

  65. Happy Anniversary Oso and Dan!

  66. 🤪🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  67. My Grammo made homemade tortillas for days. We had lots of Mexican food. Dan is still irritated that a family member made him a plate and he didn’t go through the food line himself. I’m irritated that I didn’t get any of the Groom’s cake. Triple Chocolate. Lots of funny stories from our BIG DAY.

  68. HA!

  69. Banglar King Kong!

  70. Day 2 at my gym, with middle finger extended. No arrests.

  71. So, Chris Cuomo criticizes Trump for taking hydroxycholoroquine, and turns out he took a variant of it when he was positive? Fuck that guy, wish lefties had a shred of shame.

  72. Cousin’s hubby was saved by the Trump Cocktail. They love BHO. They have yet to give credit to the SARS 15 treatment.

  73. https://tinyurl.com/y86l8qah

  74. Roamy, I am really getting tired of the Mansplaining of that photo.

  75. That sucks, Oso, maybe if Dan reviews it with you, you will understand it better and be less annoyed.

  76. Oso, first, get a box…

  77. That was ‘The Big Units’ greatest pitch, EVAH!

    Anitas’ gym opened this morning(SSHH!). She went in for an hour. Every other cardio machine was taped off. It was totally forbidden to open. State AG is going after a gym in Arlington, WA, and one in Puyallup. Going to make “AN Example” of scofflaws…
    A couple hours after Anita left, a friend of mine was in the area picking up his lunch and said the parking lot by the gym was full of cop cars.

    Washing state government is asshoe…

  78. This one is making the rounds again.


  79. Are you referring to ”Septic Tank” Abrams?

  80. Are you referring to ”Septic Tank” Abrams?

  81. Dietrich’s endgame required patience.

  82. Sean, you’re a dick, just admit it.

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