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  1. Lola got a doggie DQ ice cream cup yesterday after a walk in Belfast. Star was and Rowan is an asshole on a leash when walking near people and other dogs. Lola, for all her other quirks, is an angel on leash and walks right by other dogs, people, bikes, etc. So the only walks he gets are around the neighborhood with the hope we can avoid other people and animals on the way around. He does get to run free at Paula’s parents house which is surrounded by acres of nothing but woods

  2. I split up the weekend memes into two posts. Also I have an important announcement from management:

  3. train horn

  4. I love the Dr. Memes. Always.

    The horsey and dog are excellent.

    And Mr. Rogers showing his sexy side is tight!

  5. Partial to the pups, but they’re all good.

    I’m in the same corner, leon. The knowledge of my depression added a new twist – is this an extra flaw? Why did I get one? The idea comes to mind that if my suffering can be relieved by the deity that inflicted it in the first place, and said relief would lend glory to said deity, what am I to make of that deity? And then I recall that depression’s root is a voice that lies…and a few rounds of that later I don’t know what to make of the world anymore.

    In some ways I was better off not knowing.

  6. Error 525
    SSL Handshake Failed

    Don’t know what that means but I got that with your last 3 links Pupster

  7. Aaannnnnddd now they’re working

    Fucking computers …

  8. I can’t ready my Facebook feed without getting pissed off. I should just uninstall the damn thing except that’s the only way I hear from family 90% of the time.

  9. That lasso deal was incredible. Had to watch it 4 times.


  11. Just read a WSJ article interviewing the people behind Carly Simon’s take on a James Bond theme song from “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

    Some of the special effects were awfully cheesy but I guess they did the best they could with what they had. Watching the title sequence from the point where his chute opens made me a little sad to realize that they’d never be able to make that film today.

  12. Holy crap did I oversleep. Rain helped, cat didn’t.

  13. X-37B launched this morning.

    I had an intern helping me last year, selecting materials and getting the samples ready. There are eight samples on this flight that are “hers” – she picked the materials (with some guidance from me), prepared the samples, and made all the preflight measurements. She texted me this morning about how excited she was to see the launch and that her mom took pictures of the launch on TV.

    Stupid coronavirus, we should have been at the Cape watching it in person.

  14. Coast Guard always makes me think of Sketch’s World and puddle pirates.

  15. Speaking of pirates, where’s that butt pirate MJ?

  16. kilt it ded

  17. Such is the power of Hotspur.

  18. awe thats too bad for the intern and you, not going to the launch

  19. The COVID narrative is completely and utterly falling apart. Looking for a bright side to another of the left’s attempts to shit on Americans and Trump in particular: I think a lot more Americans know the real fascists are Dem governors. Nice try, dicks.

  20. OFFS, they’re really trying to make Stacy Abrams happen. She’s worse than Beto. Idiots.

  21. Thought of something fun to brighten your day. The dems thought Michael Avenatti would be their Presidential savior and we have the talk show morons interviewing him to prove it.


    Beto? hahahahahaha


    Mike Bloomberg?hahahahahaha

    Stacy Abrams?hahahahahaha OFFS

  22. Where can I get that doormat?

    The next one where mom replaces kid’s school pics with those of the dog…..hits too close to home. I’ve got one of those collage frames with my piggies but never did one of my kids.

  23. Very cool story about the smartest horse EVAH, the beautiful Jim Key!
    The first part, which is about his human, the former slave Bill Key, was more interesting to me.

  24. leon, you want for me and mare to come up there and tell the four year old who’s boss? We’re older and crabbier, in a loving way (to small children and wayward puppies. We’ve honed ‘the look’. Maybe more mommy/daddy time will ease some things.

  25. Beassnsnsnsnsns, Brava, brava! Great story about Bill and Jim Key!!

  26. And I agree, I want to know more about this family.

  27. LA Senator John Kennedy on Pelosi’s 1,800 page crap bill: “It’s not going to pass the Senate, nor should it. My fellow Republicans in the Senate have tried to see things from the speaker’s point of view, but we can’t get our heads that far up our rear ends.”

  28. That’s pretty funny, roamy.

  29. OFFS (I’ve been saying that a lot lately but I’m constantly incredulous)

  30. Is that going to get me mad, mare? Not going to click on it if it’s going to get me mad.
    I’m sick of all the shit.

  31. Yah, you might want to let that one go beajfhgthdnes.

    Click on this instead:

  32. No, Beasnsnsnsns, It’s just a headline basically saying COVID numbers are going down but…..don’t let your guard down, you’re screwed later!

  33. Click on this instead


    Oso should totally find one of those and take a selfie for us.

  34. Mare, them mofockos can GFT.

  35. Click on this instead:


    Hhaahahahahahh Oh, man.

  36. Comment by beasn on May 17, 2020 6:41 pm
    Mare, them mofockos can GFT.


    Beasnsnsnsns and mare are simpatico.

  37. Not happening. No one will be seeing my Mt Rushmore pics, either. Day started awesome. Mt Rushmore as the sun came up. Dan and I. 5 other people. Rain changed our plans for Fri/Sat. We’re coming back for Badlands and Custer. As we were driving through Western NE, which is beautiful, we got a call from Pet Paradise, MA was having seizures. They were keeping her under observation. Seizures increased. They took her to emergency vet. ER vet agrees with our Vet, she is unlikely to survive any surgery. If she makes it through the night, we’re assisting her through the Rainbow Bridge tomorrow. I love you guys. Keeping it on the DL.

  38. We’re already seeing Memorial Day cancellations. We had a car full of gay guys next to us at the gas station in CO Springs. Think Zoolander. Their Cube was covered with Pride stickers. Are Pride festivities cancelled? October Balloon Fiesta is already crowd free.

  39. Sorry Oso.

    Godspeed MaryAnne.

  40. Thanks. My heart is breaking. We never got our Trump Cash. If we got our checks while we were in America, all of it is going to MAs care. As we get closer to NM, freedom decreases.

  41. Always tough. Here’s hoping there’s time enough to be there.

  42. Sad news. Sorry Oso.

  43. Jimbro, Me, too. I think Dan is hoping that he doesn’t have to make the decision. Dan used to sing Toby Keith’s “Who’s Your Daddy” to Ginger. Guess what was playing on the radio when we got the call?

  44. OSO! So sorry.

  45. Well, that. stinks. ((((hugs)))) to Oso.

  46. Thank you, Mare. Thank you, Scott. Scott, I thought NE was ugly and flat. This is pretty gorgeous country out here. We took state roads to CO. There was way too much construction on I25. My previous misconceptions about SD and NE, were totally wrong. As we get closer to NM, tyranny increases. Went to original Cabelas. Went to Runza.

  47. Back roads is my new thing. Interstates are grey and boring. Plus, tolls are coming so it’s good practice.

  48. Oso: OMG, look at those ant hills. Dan: Those are ginormous ants. Oso: oops. Look at all the prairie dogs.

  49. NE has a Shiprock.

  50. Chadron, NE is intriguing as a bug out place. Will explore.

  51. Marian Shrine. 2 Catholic Churches. Everything else was Lutheran. I miss Michael

  52. sorry to hear about MA

  53. (((HUGS))) to Osita, Dan, and MA.

  54. Thank you, J’ames. I’m grieving. I don’t know when I’ll be whole again. Her Vet told us that it could be a week. It could be a year. She would let us know. She is letting us know.

  55. Thank you, Roamy. I feel bad about grieving over dogs more than people

  56. One good side of covid is that nobody wants me in their home.

    My last 5 pick ups have been in the garage.

  57. Did you have to Lysol spray the packages?

  58. you’re wearing your mask below your nose, aren’t you?

  59. Prayers for you guys and MA, Oso.

  60. “you’re wearing your mask below your nose, aren’t you?”

    That is one tactic.

  61. Tomorrow’s job is in upstate NY.
    They don’t give a crap up there.

  62. We have accepted that MA is gone. We can’t stop crying. Kind of freaked that she was saying good bye to a meme

  63. One day I’ll be able to talk about this. This is not that day.

  64. As soon as we wake up tomorrow, we are headed home. Scott, it has been mind blowing which states are free.

  65. I know it’s not the same spelling, but this one’s for MA. So sorry for you and Dan, oso.

  66. Speaking of pirates, where’s that butt pirate MJ?
    I’m here, sailing the seas of ass.

  67. NEW POAT

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