L to R: Trump, Dems


L to R: Trump, Dems


L to R: Trump, Dems


L to R: Trump, Dems






Serious stuff this virus


Happy Thursday!




  1. Hey-hey, hey-hey!

    *said with slight feminine/gay intonation*

  2. Those memes linked at the sidebar of both Mike and Obama are hilarious, especially the slap fight one.

  3. GOAL?

    I don’t get it.

  4. You don’t need to get it

    Just “Be the goal” in your head.

    Focus on the goal, don’t let intruding thoughts into your head like the so many penises and bullwhips past your rectum at your last bath house session

    There, now you’re achieving the clarity you’ve been seeking

    And … exhale … deep cleansing breath in!


  5. I feel better thanks.

    I feel as though I’m being set up for another ancient turkey sandwich post that will never arrive.

  6. I had several thoughts while watching that slapping video

    +Moscow location, of course
    +Some of the slaps in the second half didn’t seem very hard
    +That being said, any one of them would have knocked my head clean off my shoulders
    +I wonder if the medic attending that burly guy was paid or she just does it for the love of the game?


  8. Getting bitch slapped by a Russian bear would really hurt. I mean, like, more than getting hit by a pussy Finnish bear.

    Don’t even get me started on Lemon bears.

  9. Congratulations to Hannah on her MCAT practice score results. She’ll get in wherever she wants to. My 2 cents is to attend whatever school costs the least. At the end she’s going to be an MD with either manageable debt or unmanageable debt. How much debt that is will influence a lot of her life decisions going forward. From everything I’ve seen the general trend has been for decreasing compensation for physicians over time. There are a few ludicrous gigs left (cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, procedure based specialties) but from what I recall you saying previously, she wants to actually help people.

    I was very fortunate to have undergrad paid for by ROTC scholarship and attend a state med school with a ridiculously low tuition rate. I took a few loans out and if I knew how much of a pain in the ass it would be to pay them back I would have lived in a shittier neighborhood and ate more ramen noodles.

  10. I wonder how you train for slap fighting? I can see the slapping training involving weights, heavy bags, cross training on rotational activities to activate your core* but how do you prepare your head to be slapped? Do you let a bunch of elementary students run a slap train on your face?

    *any time you say “activate your core” people think you know stuff

  11. “On this day in 1997, went public on the Nasdaq, offering 3 million shares at an initial price of $18 per share.”

    Where’s my time machine?

  12. First stop after getting the time machine is 1991.

    Sheryl Anderson, you are totally getting broken up with first!

    Second stop, Hawaii, Aug 4th 1961. I’m gonna write ‘white’ on the birth certificate and change his name to Richard.

  13. Unless you’re burning Amazon and Google to the ground before they get to be leviathans, don’t bother.

  14. Huzzah for Hannah!!!

  15. Perhaps Hannah would like to celebrate by running an ultramarathon with her mother?

  16. I’ve always subscribed to the theory that altering past events would affect the future. It’s a familiar theme in some Sci-Fi novels and shows. If you altered Barry’s birth certificate you may have had a President McCain or Romney.

    Where’s Leon? I’m gonna need an explanation on this one

  17. Too late, MJ. You’re doing this.

    If it happens.


  18. /cries

  19. Jimbro – I think her “help people” thing is her liberal college influence, and hopefully that will wane over time. Right now she likes the ER, but who knows. I mean, you can help people, but still get paid for it …

    And if your conscious is guilty, just do one of those doctors w/o borders trips every few years. Win/win.

  20. Hey CARin, did you get the package I sent? Be on the lookout.

  21. Once we get that time machine working, I know exactly where I’m going.

    1995. tool concert. Maybe this one:

  22. I will be on the lookout. Are their air holes in the box?

    /sets up chair by mailbox.

  23. It’s interesting because he’s using two mics. You see them now and the spot for the sound mixers is really cool. Probably about 4 people directly running it with extras for help. The development of a band’s sound team is pretty cool.

  24. ER medicine is a good specialty for a lot of reasons. Variety, get to do neat shit, interact with both grateful people and pure assholes, portable practice, your practice can expand or contract depending on your needs for time or money, you can wear scrubs if you want to, etc.

  25. Pat has been noticing how sloooooow regular mail has been taking. bills etc.

  26. Very interesting how one man’s mental indulgence is another man’s hellscape sound effect.

  27. Mail has been horrible lately.

  28. Time to get ready for my haircut. I was forced to make an appointment like a bitch getting her hair styled at a frigging BARBERSHOP! First time in my life I’ve done that. If one of you ball garglers says “It’s the new normal Jim!” ima jackslap you

  29. 1:07:05 “Ok, so, this is our last song”
    Audience boos
    “Look, we’re not Greenday, it’s not 3 minutes long”
    Maynard’s awesome


  31. Future hostage theater:

    Grandchild I Hope to have someday: “Grandma, tell me about the Great Pandemic of 2020-22”

    ME: “Well dear, it was horrible. People were dropping dead everywhere, and we had to hide in our homes for TWO years.”

    GIHTOHS: “Grandma, that is horrible. How many friends and family members did you lose?”

    Me: “Well child. None. But a friend of a friend (of a friend) lost her mom. She was 91, and in a nursing home. It was tragic. ”

    GIHTOHS: “Did you get sick with the terrible disease?”

    Me: “No- not that I know of. But my half-brother’s cousin got it, and had to stay inside and take Tylenol for a week to cope with it.


  32. I love how when maynard talks he sounds like just a wimpy nerd, but his voice is just soo good and powerful.

  33. is pupster excited because of a Tool song, or because it’s the last Tool song?

  34. Mrs. Pupster was just asking me if anyone at work gotten sick, at the time I said no but the next day I talked to one of my equipment reps who had it (both kids too) in April, he described it as 3-5 day bug. Almost immediately after that phone call I found out one of our techs was exposed to it at his uncle’s house by another visitor and is on a two week lockdown.

  35. That last song is 11 minuets long. And it’s my favorite.

  36. Yea, I’ve known people who have had to corn teen too. None of them got it.

    One guy has had to do it twice.

  37. We had one instance in the office, but they were working from home, so no one had to quarantine.

  38. I certainly don’t want to jinx it, but out of all the people I know, IRL and online (especially online) – there hasn’t been anyone. My halfbrother’s cousin got it. That’s it. And it was like a bad flu for her – stayed home, and took meds for symptoms. That’s it.

  39. OWN GOAL


    two children with one partner. Two children with another partner. now married to yet another.

  41. That’s hollyweird for ya!

  42. 20202

  43. It’s still sad, no matter what the home environment may be.

    His sperm donor was David Crosby; it’s possible that the kid was doomed from the moment of conception.

  44. Honestly, MJ. You’re going to hate me during the Ragnar. But it’s the best worst thing you’ll ever do.

    And it’s going to be the saddest thing ever if it’s postponed.

    EVERYONE who did it last year is doing it again, and our drivers are on teams as well. That’s how much “fun” it was. Sorta. lol

  45. I remember my last run – I had the second to last leg. It was mostly uphill INTO Traverse city. If the hills weren’t bad enough, I had to run about a mile along this lake with loose stone, which makes running difficult even when you’re NOT tired because you’ve run 30 miles in the last 24 hours on zero sleep. That was my horrible moment.

  46. You’re really selling it, Carin

  47. LOL, I know right? I think the point I was trying to make was that no matter how bad it was- it was just a few moments, and I’m eager to do it again.

    Actually, the moment we finished, we all pretty knew we wanted to run it again.

  48. I “gave up” all the obstacle races. Told my husband I just wanted to do this one.

    It would be awesome to do one in another state.

  49. Perhaps you could kick me in the nuts every mile or so.

  50. That’s hollyweird LGBTQ for ya!

  51. BTW I ran 7 miles yesterday at 8:30. Not bad, but I need to tack on more miles for sure.

  52. Nice! I’ll be happy if I can stick to 10 min miles for the whole thing, but who knows. One thing I did last year, but run three times a day. To try out running on tired legs. That’s also a good way to get more miles in w/o doing it all at once. Last year, the longest leg was 9 miles. I had a couple 7s and and a 7.5 I think.

  53. I’m probably going to stick to a 9-9:30 mile.

    Are we doing 13s or 7s?

  54. Jimbro, time travel is (1) impossible and (2) usually a narrative disaster. IMO, it’s done “right” when nothing changes, where you live through the only timeline that can have happened given that time travel events are occurring within it. This assumes that effect can sometimes precede cause, but eliminates paradoxes like preventing your own birth, because then how did you do it? Or going back to stop FDR getting elected, because how did you know he was going to be a monster if he never was?

    If you really can change things, the person travelling should have multiple sets of overlapping and conflicting memories, or instantly forget why they just did that, since the event that prompted the action didn’t happen. It’s a mess.

  55. Can I go back and smash, then break up with Sheryl Anderson?

  56. You mean, are we doubling up the legs? Have you been to the site and checked out how the legs work out either way? I know I can manipulate them (captain). I just went and played with it. Here is you randomly assigned as runner #2:

    User Profile Icon
    Runner No. 2

    leg 2 – 4.70 miles – Moderate
    leg 8 – 6.20 miles – Hard
    leg 14 – 8.00 miles – Very Hard
    leg 20 – 6.20 miles – Hard
    leg 26 – 5.20 miles – Moderate
    leg 32 – 2.30 miles – Easy

  57. “Edith Keeler MUST die. “

  58. Here would be the other option, running consecutive legs:

    leg 3 – 4.10 miles – Moderate
    leg 4 – 9.10 miles – Very Hard
    leg 15 – 6.70 miles – Hard
    leg 16 – 3.10 miles – Easy
    leg 27 – 6.70 miles – Hard
    leg 28 – 4.30 miles – Moderate

    Longer legs, but longer rests in between.

  59. Can I go back and smash, then break up with Sheryl Anderson?

    Would it change the history through which your original self lived if some older creepy dude banged your GF and then she broke up with you?

    Or is that what happened? Because then I think you’re in luck.

  60. I know me going back to see Tool isn’t going to mess up any timelines.

  61. Both are totally doable.

    I don’t really care either way. I’ve looked at the legs but thought we were going to do 3 legs. As in 13 miles, 14 miles, then 6.

    That seemed really hard.

  62. Or is that what happened? Because then I think you’re in luck.

    She did end up dating an oder creepy guy but he was like 23.

    Weird to date a 17 yo but whatever. I think his name was Jim.

  63. You’re going to need a little surgery to pass for 23. How do you feel about being called “Jim”?

  64. I’d just go back and find a way to buy a bunch of preferred stock right after the crash in ’29 and then hide the certificates in a safe deposit box that I open tomorrow, but that’s me.

  65. You guys see this one yet? Saw it on twitter, but it wasn’t on Powell;s site, so thought it might be fake. It’s up there now.

  66. They all vary. This would be runner #4:

    User Profile Icon
    Runner No. 4

    leg 7 – 6.30 miles – Hard
    leg 8 – 6.20 miles – Hard
    leg 19 – 8.70 miles – Very Hard
    leg 20 – 6.20 miles – Hard
    leg 31 – 3.30 miles – Easy
    leg 32 – 2.30 miles – Easy

    So that would be 12.5, 14.9, 5.6

    If everyone can run a half marathon and then go out dancing later that night, then it’s doable. But 10+ miles at once versus two 5 mile runs a few hours apart affect the legs completely different.

    That one I picked for you (leg 2 at random) would be a killer:

    13.2, 9.8, and 11

    Nothing short and easy there. Did I mention the hills?

  67. If you really can change things, the person traveling should have multiple sets of overlapping and conflicting memories, or instantly forget why they just did that, since the event that prompted the action didn’t happen. It’s a mess.
    Clearly you’ve either never watched or forgotten the movie “Memento”. You got to write that shit down somewhere, even tattoo it on your body!

  68. Fun read Jay. At the end this was a nice touch

    “1As a “constitutional lawyer,” surely you recall that perjury (or false statements) also requires intent to deceive.”

    Love her use of quotes around constitutional lawyer

  69. What does the team think? I think shorter distance is better.

    Make it happen.

  70. Clearly you’ve either never watched or forgotten the movie “Memento”. You got to write that shit down somewhere, even tattoo it on your body!

    Why’d you get the tattoo if it never happened?

  71. Yea. While I could probably train for it – and it might be ultimately “better” a few of the team probably would struggle.

  72. Work with me here …

    The fate of countless future novels and sitcoms involving time travel are in your hands!

  73. “Changing the past” should really be said “changing the observed past”. So if something was changed whose effects would go unnoticed and whose effects would be drowned in chaotic blah blah blah blah then yes, otherwise no.

    Of course the trick is, if it’s something that wouldn’t be noticed until a point after you travelled back/made the change, that I could see. Light cones and observer effects and information paradoxes and all that. Otherwise you’re just branching off a new “world” (aka “subset of quantum conditions”) that you otherwise have no contact with.

    Bloody hell, this shit gives me migraines just pondering.

  74. Jimbro, time travel fiction almost always sucks. It’s an overdone genre at this point. I give a lot of credit when they at least have internally consistent rules. Back to the Future 1 and 2 were mostly okay, their rule was that you could make changes but couldn’t return to the previous timeline. Back to the Future 3 makes no sense at all. The narrative is a complete farce.

    12 Monkeys nails it. Gargoyles nailed it.

    And Star Trek can die in a fucking fire.

  75. “Observer Effect” is a good rule, but almost never makes it into movies because it’s too hard to capture on screen for the average movie viewer. In that kind of universe, you’d walk away from a dying friend very deliberately unless you could immediately save them. Could make for some interesting narratives, but it’s rare to see.

  76. IIRC, DC “solves” the problem by eliminating time travel entirely. You just go “sideways” to a universe that’s a few years ahead or behind, and leave the original essentially forever with some exceptions.

    It’s a mess.

  77. I think I’d rather run for an hour at a time, not two.

  78. That article is dead on, Carin. Caught a few minutes of normie TV and every commercial break was more brainwashing.

  79. I liked how Interstellar handled time travel.

    leon is just being a wet blanket again.


  81. Fringe wasn’t internally consistent either. Which sucks because I liked Fringe a lot aside from that.

  82. I didn’t see that one.

  83. I think I’d rather run for an hour at a time, not two.

    lol. The GREATEST thing to see on your runs – when your leg has one mile to go, they have a sign. We started using it as code to our team – it was easier to snap a pic and send it then actually text. They’d know you’d be there w/in 10 mins and to get ready.

  84. I didn’t see that one.

    Pretty good show, X-Files-ish. The principal actors were all great, and I spent the whole series trying to figure out if Anna Torv was attractive or not.

  85. Honestly, I really don’t think too hard about the plot lines of time travel books or movies. I can’t remember any I’ve read other than HG Wells and the movie adaptation of it. Saw BTTF 1&2, didn’t know there was a 3. Trying to figure out what Tim said about it gives me a headache. Don’t forget you’re talking to a guy who reads zombie apocalypse books

  86. *time travels to 9:00 am today, removes stick from leon’s ass

  87. Time after Time was a great adaption of Wells, I thought, or at least a Wells-ian fan fiction done right, with great actors in their prime.

    I’ve read some great zombie novels with some interesting takes. WWZ is a darned good book. Shame about the movie.

  88. Jay, I’m willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of the story, I just want consistent alternate physics or an admission that they don’t apply. Logical contradictions nag at the part of my brain that works everywhere else and doesn’t want to turn off.

    That’s what killed Iron Man 3 for me. Tony was beyond stupid, repeatedly, and they didn’t even mask that with alcoholism. Nope, he’s just super-genius that blunders through everything.

  89. YouTube. Pitch Meeting. I find some of them to be hilarious.

  90. Agreed about Iron man 3. they intentionally forced it for the plot. Weak sauce. Back to the future 1 was a cute movie and I didn’t care so much about the science (fiction) being solid.

    The level of expectation correlates with how seriously the movie takes itself.

  91. Mail has been horrible lately.

    Yeah, I’m waiting on a package from Latvia. Left Latvia 4/20. Probably sitting in NY.

    In country, stuff is taking up to a week to get to it’s destination. Son did get his birfday card in 4 days (counting Sunday).

  92. And, it usually bugs me, Leon – not because I’m big brained. But because it nags on me in a continuity of narration thing.

  93. If I could go back in a Time Machine, I’d go back and warn/stop ChrisP before he blew out his discs.

  94. I follow some of my overseas yarn shops on Instagram. Lots of people bitching at them because ‘WHERE’S MY PACKAGE?!! WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING MY EMAILS!”….that one coming from someone who says her package is sitting in Chicago. So I kindly told her to take it up with USPS..once it’s out of country of origin, it is out of their hands, duh. The public sucks.

  95. Our financial guy’s office is next door to a barbershop. As soon as the state officially opened, financial guy said there has been a line out the barbershop door ever since.

  96. *time travels to 9:00 am today, removes stick from leon’s ass

  97. So Wuhan Flu is extra dangerous for Low T males and the obese.


  98. My barber said she was swamped for the first 2 weeks after she was allowed to open. I paid $40, 20 for this one and 20 for the one I would have had a few weeks ago. She was appreciative.p

  99. I buzzed my own hair yesterday. $40 saved.

  100. So Wuhan Flu is extra dangerous for Low T males and the obese.
    End the lockdown and let evolution do it’s thing.

  101. That certainly explains the higher death rates in China.

  102. I’m a little disappointed.

    I thought since rational thinking people are starting to get COVID is a scam that fewer people would be wearing masks. I hadn’t been into Walmart in a few days and a majority of people are wearing masks.

    Power of media?
    A showcase of stupidity within a demographic?

    Of course, Walmart is not the epicenter of giant thinkers. You should see the cobbled together bullshit people are using as “masks.”

    We’re doomed.

    There are not enough rational people to sustain us.

  103. End the lockdown and let evolution do it’s thing.


    Except for the sweet older people who Cuomo likes to kill, I wholeheartedly think this is exactly what we should do.

  104. If we’re careful around the elderly, it’ll burn out before many more of them take ill. It probably already has.

  105. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 14, 2020 1:39 pm
    If we’re careful around the elderly, it’ll burn out before many more of them take ill. It probably already has.



    We won’t do this because it makes too much sense but we should have in place, for future Covid/Flu Bullshit,™ a nursing home/assisted living protection plan.

  106. Can’t let that be tested, though, Leon. Gretchen has an agenda. MUSt BE CLOSED UNTIL A VACCINE.

  107. Got a mass email from the city manager today. In a county of 48K (2010 census, prolly closer to 52k) we have had a total of 29 cases, one hospitalization, zero dead. Rural living is real living.

  108. If Gretchen wins re-election next time around, after all this bullshit, you Michiganers need to get the fuck outa there regardless of cost.

  109. We’re up to 30 dead in Lapeer. Of course, Genesee county is a “hotspot” and it’s right next door, as is Oakland county – right to the south of us.

    Last I’d heard they were mostly nursing home/hospice deaths

  110. Who the f would buy our homes?

  111. Tarrant County, Texas – 1.8 million people, 897 square miles, 4076 cases, 114 deaths.

    I ain’t wearin’ a mask.

  112. Great. Obese and low T. Might as well put a nice bulls-eye on my damn back.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say this was a fucking stealth eugenics program with a side order of freeing up funds from the elderly. (Would explain the nursing home fuckery.)


    69 in the whole state.

  114. Tim, online “medicine” can help you fix that low T.

    Also pwning n00bs in COD.

  115. Zinc helps fight the ‘Rona and boosts T


  116. Or boner I guess

  117. Canned oysters are still available.

    Have them with the hottest hot sauce you can handle and your T will skyrocket.

  118. To be clear, eat the oysters and hot sauce.

    It’s not a topical nutraceutical

  119. Whatever, candyass.

  120. I’ve always loved that putdown.

  121. Yeah, I like candyass. Mainly because it has candy in it.

  122. Leon bait. Pretty sure he’s seen this, though.

  123. I linked that here in 2016, Pepe, if not earlier.

    It’s… evocative.

  124. We drove from Ft Collins to Rapid City, today. In CO, customers were social distancing and mostly wearing masks. Employees weren’t. No housekeeping until after checkout at hotel. In WY, masks and social distancing by everyone. In SD, free for all. We get to eat in a restaurant, tonight. North Western NE is nothing but cows and rolling hills. Kind of pretty drive. SD is nothing but horses, Buffalo, cows, and antelopes. We would drive for miles without seeing other cars. Gas was $1.67 in CO. $1.43 here. It was $2 in Raton. NM truck stop would only allow 10 people in at a time. No mask; no entry. Wouldn’t even let a kid in to use the restroom. Looked like D🐀🐀 voters, so fuck em.

  125. I accidentally saw a Bill Kristol tweet today.

    He’s beyond parody.




  129. Walking into the Sam’s Club in Rapid City, greeter wasn’t using the capacity App. People were just walking in. Sitting in patio furniture displays. Not wearing masks. Water fountains in CO, WY, NE, and SD have signs explaining water fountains are closed. People follow the signs. In NM, we had to shrink wrap our furniture displays and water fountains. People were still using them. GOV Polis of CO uses the same wish washy phrasing as MLG. He really resents having to open CO. The people of CO have pretty much told him to shove it. They’ve opened the parks, Rivers, lakes, and trails.

  130. Badlands on your agenda?

  131. Tomorrow or Saturday. I really didn’t know what to expect. This is kind of pretty. Not as vibrant as NM. Very green. We keep making jokes about flyover country. Not seeing any contrails. I25 is construction from Ft Collins through CoSprings. We’re taking state roads through NE and CO to avoid the traffic jam on our way home. Adds 50 miles.

  132. Bring twice as much water as you think you could possibly need.

  133. Jimbro, time travel fiction almost always sucks.

    Yep, I steer clear of time travel stories. But Gregory Benford’s Timescape got it right.

  134. We’re used to the water thing. NM. I let Dan carry my backpack when we’re muling water. Weather is cloudy and 50s. Going to spike on Sunday into the 70s.. Dan keeps asking me if I want to buy a bug out place around here. I need to research, but North West NE seems promising.

  135. LOLOLOL

    The dog biting his way through..

    I love him.

  136. Avengers: End Game was totally a time travel movie. 🤓🤓🤓

  137. I am reading the Iron Dragon trilogy, and it’s time travel. I read “To Say Nothing of the Dog”, also time travel. I like them. Too tired to argue tonight.

  138. Have you been to the badlands scottw?

  139. Yes. It was 100+ degrees and scary dry.

  140. Avengers: End Game was totally a time travel movie.

    Marvel ended at Iron Man 3.

  141. Outlander did time travel right. Need proof?


  142. /drops mic

  143. There was an Iron Man 3? 2 was enough

  144. Alternator in our Plymouth Satellite wagon went out. Barely made it to something that resembled civilization.

    Part came in 2 days later.

  145. SD didn’t shut anything down, interesting about the peoples reaction. And still no widespread virus

  146. Leon, IM3 after End Game really improved. Progression of Tony Stark from IM through End Game.

  147. Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports, coronavirus rant

    5 million views, see what you think.

  148. They covered the shit out of the SD meat packing plant though, didn’t they?

  149. Dan loves watching American Pickers. Lots of junkyards and barns full of junk out here. J’ames, it was marginally shut down. Opening casinos tomorrow. Scott, we can’t believe how much CO has built up. Parts of WY. Today was a very relaxing drive through the American West. Home on the Range. Every single state we drove through today had outdoor archery ranges. Gun ranges. Skeet and trap shooting ranges. Even NM. Governor Wuhan has opened ranges. Not gun stores.

  150. Yes. Wuhan delegation visited the plant prior to shut down. Plants need to address production for worker safety. Distancing combined with lower production. Having more shifts to prevent infection.

  151. They’re having a Rez problem. Not as bad as NM. Conditions on the Rez are different. Vitamin D and melanin. One of the docs on Twitter says Vitamin D supplements are only effective in drop or caplet form. Gummies don’t cut it.

  152. in Iowa, meat packing jobs come with a $4 an hour raise now.

  153. That Smithfield plant was a cluster.

  154. J’ames, yes. China owned and union negotiators. SD is having a Rez problem as well as NM/AZ.

  155. The Rez is putting up checkpoints, and Gov Noem is fighting them on it.

  156. Dad really liked his trip to SD. He went on a bus, toured alcohol production facilities.

  157. Now’d be a great time to start seizing Chinese assets in the US and selling them at auction in response to their many acts of war.

  158. What Leon said. China is asshoe

  159. We haven’t encountered any checkpoints. We were worried.China is buying United and Southwest stock. Trump needs to step up. I lived in NM when the Clenis sold our national labs to China in exchange for 💰 to beat Bob Dole. I remember when Clenis sold access to the US to cartels during NAFTA.

  160. We booked our rooms in Deadwood before they opened up the casinos. Room rates jumped $100 bucks. As it stands without sports, our Fall vacation is flying into Baltimore and a road trip to Maine. We’ll keep you guys posted. We’re having to cancel PJ Mama’s wedding in October. California isn’t realistic. HI isn’t realistic, even though we priced out an amazing North Shore Oahu trip in October for $900 a person that we couldn’t get trip insurance for…

  161. Speaking of asshoe. Guess what he teaches.

  162. When we dropped MA off at Pet Paradise for curbside, the Concierge was holding and snuggling her. We could see her snuggling our dog as we drove away. It took her 30 minutes, to check her in to her room.We love that they love our dog.

  163. Yay for spoiling dogs, Osita.

    We went to the Badlands some years ago. The Minuteman Missile silo tour was interesting, the place where they lived when off-duty was a time capsule of the late 70’s, early 80’s.

  164. Roamy ❤️🤓

  165. RL friend lost her hubby unexpectedly 6 weeks ago. Non COVID. No funeral. No memorial. She called in a mental health check on herself. Now, she’s making food for local FF and they’re working out with her. She was in despair over no gym and no church. She lives in FL. We need to open up

  166. I need to cut through a network of tree roots that are invading the South and East sides of my garden. Swamp maples and pines, damn they are persistent reachers.

    Doing it by hand with sharpened shovel and a Mutt is hard work. Scott suggested renting a trencher. Any of you have experience with these?

  167. Lauraw, trenchers are awesome. Tackle caliche like a boss. FIL got old enough to accept recommendations

  168. I don’t know if caliche is similar in texture to my ruddy silt/clay, but I bet it’s the same or harder. My prob though is these stupid tree roots. Every year I go after them with a shovel and an axe or a Mutt. But it’s real hard work.

  169. Ok kids, Quasimodo out. See you tomorrow.

  170. Interesting day today. Got an e-mail from old friends from work that asked if we had signed the petition to repeal the new law that requires teaching masturbation to kindergartners.
    We were like; WTF, Really?
    Yes, WA passed that law.
    We said; Bring it, we will sign it!
    This is a couple that is paying attention to what is happening in this state and the country.
    We made another pot of coffee and shot the shit for several hours, elevating all of our blood pressures.
    We get each-other really fired up.
    Four old greybeards, without masks(!) illegally visiting during the mandatory lock-down. Rebels!!!
    It was great.
    Anita had done the final ’till of the garden yesterday and started mulching the areas where there would be nothing planted. We are only doing corn (Honey Select Triple Sweet, available from Park Seed), one tower of green beans, two tomato plants, two short rows of carrots (Danvers Half Longs), and a couple gold spuds. We’re gonna buy some dirt and shorten the garden 15′ on the east and 6′ on the north. It’s getting to be too much for us to maintain 3500 sq ft. We will just plant lawn.
    Since she was done with the ’till, we swapped the ‘4’ tiller for the brush hog. I did the north pasture yesterday and the east today, at least the part that is not still under water.
    When we got up this am, there were a dozen big elk, and a youngster, in the back yard and the garden. They stomped all over Anitas’ perfectly smooth dirt and kicked dirt everywhere.
    If we had a big empty freezer, there might have been one less leave the yard…

  171. F*cking perverts grooming kindergartners.

  172. Deciding early, Ronald persisted.

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