Do You Believe in Meme?



This is why Car in runs:

Just when you thought the puns couldn’t get any worse…


  1. I think I’m going blind in my right eye … I can only see memes on the left side!

  2. The fork?

    I give this post half an ancient turkey sandwich outta five.

  3. This poat had such promise. As it stands, it sucks.

  4. I fixed.

  5. You’re too kind Pupster.

    No, really. I was having fun making and reading the critical comments!


  7. It was better before.

    I’ll need to see the manager.

  8. The “here have some wine” meme vastly improved with the full screen.

  9. Everyone always kind of knew that MJ was a Karen.

  10. I’m joining Mare in my shame of supporting Paul Ryan. Hell, I made an HHD poat featuring him. Had me fooled. If Dan Crenshaw ever turns, my heart will truly be broken.

  11. I just saw a blurb of a Trey Gowdy on Tucker’s show. Hey, Trey, throw those glasses in the garbage, eat a sandwich and go outside for a bit

  12. Mr. RFH learned early on, do not ask me what I’ve been doing all day.

  13. If Dan Crenshaw ever turns, my heart will truly be broken.


    Oh, man, you nailed it, Roamy.

  14. I’d poke out his other eye.

  15. I am sad because my dad asked me to cancel his and stepmom’s reservations for the wedding. I knew it was coming because stepmom was leaning on me to tell my dad he wasn’t going, and I wasn’t going to do that. She is scared. She brought Dad in for coronavirus testing last week because he was coughing and sneezing. Me, I would have given him a Claritin and waited to see if that would help because the pollen numbers have been high. Both are negative for the virus.

    Delta has given me a credit towards future tickets. Well, I can use mine, but I don’t think my dad will ever fly again, and I don’t think his ticket is transferable. He hasn’t flown since the late 1970’s. I bought trip insurance, but they specifically say they aren’t issuing refunds due to covid.

    I hate this.

  16. wakey wakey

  17. In the last week, two friends have lot their elderly parent. PRetty sure neither was Covid, but they were both in nursing homes.

    Elderly folks don’t have a lot to live for warehoused in a nursing home without real visits.

  18. I hate this.


    It’s awful and wrong.

    Weddings, Christenings, funerals, proms, graduations, birthdays, holidays, Sunday Mass, anniversaries, promotions. Everything. I’m not willing (and I understand I may be in the minority) to forgo these even for a short period of time.

    Life is incredibly short and shorter the older you get. A lot of things have been STOLEN from people.

    It’s a scam.

  19. Add visitations to the list.

  20. In the meantime, I need to get Mini-me’s dress hemmed (may end up doing it myself) and find a dress for me.

  21. I’m just waiting for the narrative shift.

    Trump killed the economy for no reason because he’s anti science.

  22. The complaints about budget cuts are already started. From all those folks who don’t understand math.

  23. Hey, Yo, I’ve got your shift right here!

    *grabs crotch*

  24. It’s always Trump’s fault, no matter what. Opened up the country too soon, people died of the virus, Trump’s fault. Didn’t open up the country soon enough, people died of suicide, loneliness, delayed medical help, Trump’s fault. Oh, and Bill Kristol has gone off the deep end, saying that because Trump and Pence have staff members who are ill, they should step down and Nancy should take over. Wtf.


    Trying to find something nice. Afraid of looking like Bea Arthur.

  26. I like the color and style of this one but am afraid it would lovingly outline every bit of fat on me.

  27. Did I forget to resize again?

  28. Don’t go into Crenshaw and gun control.

  29. I like those, Roamy. two cents… I like the first one better but it’s hard to tell because the second one is on a heavy model.

    Ruching is good for a wedding so you can eat and drink and not continually hold your gut in…

    Love the neckline. Cap sleeves can be problematic but they don’t look too cappy.

  30. I like the first one best too. BOOBIES. lol

  31. All we hear is?

    I don’t get that one.

  32. RAy romano
    ronnie james DIO
    lady GAGA

  33. It’s a queen song

  34. Scott doesn’t own News Of The World.

  35. As long as mare is disgusted, I’m good.

  36. so has Chuck Todd been fired yet? Any news outlet cover it yet?

    And fuck Trey Gowdy with a pineapple. His smarmy ass on Tucker last night pissed me off. Hannity let him off the hook the night before, and Tucker wasn’t allowed to gut him either.

  37. Here’s Trey on Tucker’s show


  38. Are we back to the 25th amendment thing yet? I heard a few rumblings about it two weeks ago but not much else.

    There are also a lot of ‘Here’s Why Biden is Winning’ columns which means he’s getting crushed, regardless of what the polls say.

  39. Unless they say “massive vote fraud enabled by nationwide mail-in ballots” those articles are lying.

  40. ‘Here’s Why Biden is Winning’ columns
    Seriously, what planet do you live on where the consensus is that Biden is a. not having early dementia and 2. would be better than Trump?

    Well, #2 is explained away pretty easily by what we’ve witnessed in the last few years with endless coup attempts. “Planet Dem”.

    The only thing keeping Joe alive in the running is FOB (Fear Of Bernie). If they dump Biden and don’t replace him with Crazy Bernie that all but guarantees a Trump victory. I still think there’s going to be a surprise VP announcement or candidate substitution at the last minute in an attempt to make it spectacular and garner the rube vote.

  41. I know of 4 people off the top of my head that are voting Biden, because they hate Trump. They are ‘biting the bullet’ and pulling that lever, and nothing you say can convince them otherwise.

  42. I think it’ll be Warren.

    It has to be.

  43. From an NPR article description:

    “There’s a big question looming over the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program: Why isn’t aid money reaching minority-owned small businesses?”

    It’s all lining up for them for November, endless drumbeats of racism from now until election day.

  44. Yeah, I can see that Jay. Like in 2016 a lot of Trump votes were “I Hate Hillary” votes but he eventually won over a lot of people who were on the fence for him with his policies. Similarly, the Dems may not be thrilled with Biden but their hate for Trump outweighs everything else including a stable mind.

  45. More COVID stupid

    How is fishing in a chair a risk category? And why can’t you swim, in salt water?

  46. Joy is not allowed, J’ames.

    You’re only allowed “hallmark type” moments locked in your house.

  47. Haven’t you seen the commercials?

  48. I think you misinterpreted that sign. Chair Fishing Season comes later in the fall after the chairs are done spawning.

  49. I wanted to punch every person in those dumb ‘we’re all in trying to cope in these trying times…buy tampons to support our frontline heroes’ celebrities.

    Now I want to burn down their houses. And their agent’s houses as well.

  50. It’s been many years since I got a chair fishing license. Last time I went to the submarine races, I think.

  51. UW scientist on state Covid-19 restrictions.
    He’s probably going to get yelled at by the university.

  52. Weird thought: if Trump is assassinated, do you think there would be a revenge wave of political violence?

    Kind of like a drug war?

  53. Trump is the only thing keeping many petty tyrants alive at this point.

    He’s a load-bearing boss. Anything happens to him and the walls will blow the fuck out on everything.

  54. No, MJ, we have proven most of us are sheep. Give us some crumbs and we’ll behave.

  55. Mare, it doesn’t take everyone, it just takes a few.

    The guys protesting in Lansing with rifles on their backs were just carrying, not using, because there’s still hope for a peaceful solution.

    Trump goes down and that hope is gone with him.

  56. He’s a load-bearing boss. Anything happens to him and the walls will blow the fuck out on everything.


    I hope this is true.

  57. NYC got a Blue Angels flyover. We’re getting a KC-135.

    Yep, a gas tanker.

  58. Not that a flying gas tank isn’t important! It’s just a little more … pedestrian

  59. I’m just sitting over here thinking about the next level panic we’ll have to deal with.

    Zombies are unlikely. Pandemic has proven to be more boring than serious.

  60. Zombies are just a metaphor for urban looters.

  61. Race riots?

    My money is on zombies of indeterminate origin looting Dollar General.

  62. Race riots seem unlikely. Maybe in some cities but not widespread.

    We’re trying to get some racial shit going here in GA but it’s really not catching fire. No one cares.


  63. Murder hornets. Too dangerous. Stay in lockdown while we spray the country with this airborne cleanser the Gates Foundation is charitably providing to our nation.


  64. Does anything help with the hot flashes/ freezing to death cycle? I am close to tears here. No sleep last night and now I have to to to work. I vow to give up alcohol and coffee. Coffee is going to be tough. I tried it before and it did not go well. I can’t live my life with leaden limbs.

    Say that last sentence seven times fast.

  65. Have you tried jiggling the handle?

  66. Wait.

    Lady Gaga.

    In a meme.

    Based on “Radio Gaga”.

    Which she took her frakking name from.


  67. I’ve heard vigorous, regular jiggling can help.

  68. “In this together” = “co-conspirators”

  69. Tha catalyst for the next crisis is right in front of your eyes. We haven’t reached the part where “China must pay” and they say fook yu.

  70. No, the other handle.

  71. “Does anything help with the hot flashes/ freezing to death cycle?”

    Not in my experience.

    *Prays for Scott*

  72. What am I not getting? Aren’t the numbers falling? Isn’t summer hitting soon? Why would LA county shut down for THREE MORE MONTHS?

    Why would anyone living there think that’s rational?


  73. roamy, I like both of those dresses. Buy both, see which one looks best, and return the one that doesn’t. It’s what I did with about a dozen gowns. What you think might look good turns out, not so much.

    I’d loan you mine, but you need more room in the chesticular region.

  74. TFC field hospital, build at great expense prepared for 1000 patients, is closing after having attended to a grand total of 39 people.

    Another center in Novi, intially planned to house 1,110 beds, which was switched to 250 almost from the get go … had 5 patients.

    A center planned in Ann Arbor was cancelled before it started.

    This is all just too much for me.

  75. *jiggles handle

    Still no race war. I probably would have joined the other side just to be contrarian anyway. I’d hate for you guys to have to shoot me for liberating a TV or some shit.

  76. As Jimbro says….


  77. >>How is fishing in a chair a risk category?

    Democrats want to inflict as much pain as possible and the media will dutifully say Trump imposed all the restrictions.

  78. Does anything help with the hot flashes/ freezing to death cycle? I am close to tears here.

    Welcome to the club. I’m still trying to figure it out. Some things trigger them…like if I’m overtired or I need to eat or putting on socks or when the furnace turns on. The eating thing I have control over..the sleeping thing, sorta. It’s hard to go under when the blast furnace ignites and you move to uncover, then freeze, rinse/repeat. Sometimes sticking both feet out from under the covers or light blanket on legs, comforter across torso. It’s kinda like the game of Twister of finding a balance.
    During the day, drinking ice water sometimes helps shorten/shut down the blast heat mode.

    Have you tried jiggling the handle?

    *flicks Pupster upside the noggin*

  79. I do have a book on menopause on my shelf. I should probably read it, tho I do think the author mentions the usual ‘regular exercise (which you probably get by going to work), good diet, vitamins, no booze sorts of stuff. I’ll flip through it after dinner.

  80. These past couple of years, my winter attire has been shorts and tees. Sometimes socks. I will put on pants to go shopping.

  81. Mare, Leon answered your WM question, last night. Just about every Brad Thor release has a special edition for WM. Signed copies. Extra chapter. We buy in bulk and give him full endcaps.

  82. It’s not about science. It was NEVER about science. Or the common good. Or the rule of law. Or any of that.

    It’s about what it’s always been about. It’s about power.

  83. I see George Carlins “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it” rant is making the rounds.

  84. Comment by Brother Tim on May 12, 2020 6:38 pm
    It’s not about science. It was NEVER about science. Or the common good. Or the rule of law. Or any of that.

    It’s about what it’s always been about. It’s about power.


    Nailed it.

  85. Governor Wuhan is considering keeping us shut down through May 30. Already cancelled Memorial Day.

  86. Lauraw, closest I have ever been to that was during fertility treatment. Felt like I was on fire from the inside out. My mom and Tias opted for hormone therapy.

  87. Does anyone have a link to the CDC that compared flu, pneumonia, covid deaths in charts? Lauraw posted it, last week I think.

  88. Beasn is getting all sciencey and 💩. I bought a cool gel pillow to counter act my My Pillow. Need to change my weighted blanket cover from Winter to Summer.

  89. Excuse me but what the holy fuck is on my door jam.

  90. I think it is a dragon.

  91. Not sciency, oso. Mr. B. doesn’t believe me that the CDC reduced the total wufluey down by 40%. I wanted to see those charts again and to show him where they state they are also counting ‘assumed’ cases as ChYna-bola.

  92. I went to the site but can’t seem to find them.

  93. Mantis head and front arms, dragonfly wings, wasp body.

  94. Might be a tiny drone, pupster. Who’d you piss off in the Deep State?

  95. Beasn

  96. 🤪🤣🤣🤣 Dan is pissed. Pride is going forward. Everything else is cancelled.

  97. Mantidfly?

  98. I googled praying mantis with clear wings and this popped up

  99. WTF, so homos can go party in the streets and the rest of y’all gotta stay home…unless you want to celebrate gayness?

  100. From what I can see, mantidflys are harmless.

  101. I’ve never seen one. So cool.

  102. Thanks for the cdc link, scott!!

  103. “convergent evolution” — leon bait.

  104. This thing is metal AF, when it is still a worm it hunts spider babies.

    In the spring, the larva searches for a female wolf or fishing spider, of the genera Lycosa and Dolomedes, in order to bore its way into the cocoon that the spider carries on its abdomen, by biting a slit open.

  105. I was looking for it too, Found it here in a comment search.

  106. Gays and Moslems have civil rights. Your place is on house arrest.

  107. “convergent evolution”

    Dolphins and sharks. Woodchucks and wombats. Cacti and euphorbias.

  108. “convergent evolution”

    Dolphins and sharks. Woodchucks and wombats. Cacti and euphorbias.


    Your mom and STDs….

  109. Penelope had to register a truck, so she called the DMV to make sure they were open. The woman said they were. Penelope drives 35 miles to get there and it’s all closed up, no lights on….. She calls back and the woman says “Oh, we’re not open, open, just online….”. Penelope asks if she can register the Truck online. “Oh no, you’ll have to bring it in. “. This is New Mexico!

  110. Pepe KNOWS! He knows! We’ve been trying to give money to our church for over a month. Parish office is supposed to be open. No luck. Woman working in the garden and fixing rose bushes at church…just drop your checks at the Parish Office. She was just there.

  111. Houseguest did dishes.

    That means I have to pull out 10-20% of the dishes, rearrange, and run it again.

    She had a magical dishwasher at some point in her life.

  112. Scott is Dan? He is OCD about dishes and he gets upset if I don’t do dishes his way. I don’t believe in washing dishes before running them through the dishwasher. Dish washer is not a rinse cycle. YMMV

  113. Dan is right.

  114. Scott and Dan are Mandalorian. This is the way. I have spoken. (30 years. It is better that I don’t attempt dishwashing, than I do and get it wrong)

  115. As it stands, it doesn’t look like we can attend PJs wedding in October. We may get a NE road trip. No sports. Booking foliage trip. We’ll let you guys know what works out.

  116. The water spray comes from the bottom, so you point the openings of mugs, glasses, and bowls towards the bottom.

    Houseguest is unaware of this concept.

  117. Wife seems not to get that you have to pre-wash either.

  118. We know where the jets of water originate in our dishwasher and the general way to arrange things so they get clean. She does shit like face the inside of a dirty bowl to the back wall. We like the flatware basket with spoons up, forks and knives down. Prevents injuries. She does not always do this.

  119. I should refresh before commenting.

  120. omg. Dan would be a better roomie to Scott and Lauraw. I’m like “Why are you rewashing dishes that you just washed?”

  121. He rearranged every single dish I put in the dishwasher for 30 years and then he questioned why I don’t do dishes

  122. *puts a dirty dish in with the clean ones

  123. You get credit for trying, Oso.

  124. My wife and I had the same argument for years too. I got tired of rearranging the dishwasher so I just stopped putting them in. They all went in the sink. Drove her nuts. I explained I don’t care how the towels are folded, but I do it the way you like. Do this for me and that finally got through to her.

  125. Trump’s 404 error page:

    Roamy ♥ Trump. That’s some mighty fine trolling.

  126. Hah! Awesome.

  127. Lauraw and Beasn, check your email.

  128. Looks like my dishwashing methodology is sympatico. The frequency…eh. I’ve fallen off though improving. I would blame the COVID coma except I’m actually doing better than this time last year, so the D? Fuckifiknow.

    COVID check deposits tomorrow. Just in time to get right on rent for the next three weeks. Maybe things have opened up enough I can figure out how to long-range fix my fiscal clusterfuck? God willing, if I would just fucking listen and stop being a damn punk where He’s involved.

  129. Degrading experiences rattled Pete.

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