Happy Holiday Celebration!

Put the beer down, and step away from the welder!

Car in got a boat. Mare’s mad, because that was what she was gonna name her boat.


Your favorite part, plays on words!


  1. I’ve seen Dr Perky on the shelves. I had no idea how many knock offs for Dr Pepper there are out there!

    Also seen Mountain Lion for Mountain Dew. I’m sure there’s others out there

  2. I have a dental appointment today. I’m glad that Florida is not on the back end of the curve with regard to opening up.

  3. Yea, well Lapeer opens up when Detroit does. FUCK YOU GRETCHEN.

    wakey wakey

  4. Unless, of course, riots and revolution. I think people are getting close.

  5. What’s the deal on mail in ballots? I’m assuming it’s bad because people filter out to the cities and fill out ballots for voters in clusters.

    Can’t do that with a more rural population or in the burbs.

  6. The analysis about models is really kinda funny at this point.

    I read Hot Air to keep up with the fake conservative movement and there are posts every other day that are breathless accounts of how much the models are moving. Up! Down! Up again! Up you guys, this is bad stay at home! Down, stay at home you guys it’s working! Up stay home! Up again! Down stay home!

    No one has considered that if you have a model that moves by thousands of percent in a matter of weeks, you don’t have a model, you have a model that is no better than a guess.

    God fake conservatives are stupid.

  7. Models have been ridiculous and the problem.

    Ignore them.

    But climate change models are really, really accurate.

  8. What I’ve learned is that epidemiology is less sound than astrology.

  9. The original climate change models are outside of the confidence interval and are therefore no better than random chance. They are worthless.

    It’s important to take in new information and variables but so far global climate models have a track record of precisely zero. Same with pandemic models. Same with investment models (short term). Economic behavior models. And models about your mom.

  10. Love the Texas map picture!

  11. MJ the climate models were purposefully based on junk.

    The hockey stick model? WTF would believe that?

    And of course, it was thoroughly debunked.

  12. White noise passed into the Mann Model re-produced the Hockey Stick.

    He encoded what he wanted to see, whether he meant to or not.

  13. Yeah – the IMHE model changes every week.

    But once the CDC changed their parameters to counting “deemed” deaths as opposed to actual, documented deaths, they lost all legitimacy on the subject.

    If you want me to believe you, you have to at least give the appearance of being scientific. I have much more respect for someone who is willing to admit that their numbers were way off, rather than manipulating the data to save face.

    And they wonder why we don’t believe them any more.

  14. Re: fake Dr Pepper

    What ever happened to Shasta Cola and all the other assorted Shasta sodas? We used to take them on camp outs and lake trips because they were about $.03 per can.

  15. Corona made Greta go away.

    It’s not all bad.

  16. Man, that Greta thing was really weird.

    People love old timey scoldy religion, whatever form it comes in

  17. I’ll take Greta over Gretchen.

  18. Mail in ballots are bad because your mailman can decide if your vote counts or not. Prager U had a good video on that.


  19. I think Wal Mart bought Shasta, and renamed it Sam’s Choice. Cans are the same color.

  20. Not one comment on the first picture? I thought it was perfect for the 5th of May.

  21. absentee ballots aren’t acceptable to the left, because there is a chain of custody. Too hard to ballot harvest.

  22. I liked the song of the day. Gave the music pun one to Mr. RFH.

  23. Someone make me this:

    Nope. If I thought you’d wear it maybe, but that pattern is not for novices.

  24. Why isn’t Pelosi struck by lightning when she starts rambling about “the truth”?

  25. I can’t even with people and their demands everyone wears masks in public.

    I. Can’t. Even.

    If things are so dangerous, and EVERYONE PUT A MASK ON, shouldn’t you be asking yourself why we are opening up? If it that truly important?

    It’s like they want it both ways. EVERYTHING about shutting down the economy was “right” but they want to do shit again, so please cover up your face.

  26. Oh Pupster – you’ are wrong there, because I’D TOTALLY WEAR THE SHIT OUT OF THAT MASK.
    But, yea, the pattern looks super hard.

  27. I would literally take selfies of myself everywhere in that mask.

  28. I mean, I sew, so I know. I’d think about trying it, but I don’t have any fabric that would work. And, they’re all closed by me.

  29. https://www.shastapop.com/

  30. I’d buy a plague doctor mask if it was reasonably priced.

    And made of black latex

  31. boom chicka bow bow

  32. I tried to buy one, but they were wall sold out.

  33. Paul Joseph Watson – Covid 1984

    Lots of TikTok in this one

  34. heh, a plague doctor mask made from Trump Punisher fabric


    Browntail moth health risks

  36. The data is terrible. NYC updated their death rate by 3700 cases a few weeks back but never tested anyone.

    The reduction to 37,000 that everyone was talking about yesterday is a switch to a more reliable method but it’s behind the other tracking methods by a few weeks.

    It’s a total clusterass of information which isn’t surprising.

    We won’t know anything reliable for a few years, I’m guessing.

  37. They’ll shroud it in bullshit even then.

    The only thing we can be sure of is that we were lied to.

    Also that most celebrities are worthless and should be spat on in public.

  38. Everyone is still reporting the old numbers, MJ. And that 3700 has never even been discussed by the chicken littles that want to keep everyone cooped up.

  39. I hope jimbro knows I’m not including him personally in my doctor rants and accusations.

    Except for the lopping off feet for profit. You’re still to blame for that.

  40. Everyone is still reporting the old numbers, MJ. And that 3700 has never even been discussed by the chicken littles that want to keep everyone cooped up.
    Yeah, I saw that. It’s too hard to explain so why bother? Just keep going with the old way.

    And it’s way scarier.

  41. Except for the lopping off feet for profit. You’re still to blame for that.
    Undercut the competition with low fees, make it up in volume

  42. I hope jimbro knows I’m not including him personally in my doctor rants and accusations.



  43. The Worldometer site still has the (inflated) 67k number in their calculations, because they show an utterly bullshit 69k+ for the US.

  44. This story was supposed to show how unhinged people were about having to wear masks. they didn’t want to mention the race of the shooter, because that would have made the lie fall apart from the beginning.

  45. That escalated quickly.

    Somehow I don’t think spending the rest of your life in prison will have been worth it.

  46. The plague mask looks easy enough until you get to the eye sockets. There I would recommend you duct tape on some saran wrap.

  47. disrespect, MJ. How do you get it back once it’s happened to you? you feel me?

  48. It’s a mystery.

    Not shooting someone in the face is a good place to start to earn back all of that stolen respect.

    But you know, shooting someone in the face is also a great place to get back respect as well.

    Sooooo… conundrum.

  49. Regarding the CDC numbers changes…they say “The CDC originally added to their death toll revision statement that the numbers were incomplete due to a lag.” to explain the reduction.

    If that is the case, then wtf did they have to change it down to begin with. If the ‘official’ number you have is 37k, then post 37k, not 60k. And then let’s say that 60k is correct, you still have the problem of including ‘assumed’ in your tally. F*ckers.

  50. Not meaning to diss the respect here, but what kind of names are Sharmel and Demonte? It’s like you take the items off your shopping list to name your next kid.

  51. Obviously, though they were Trump voters. They were probably in Lansing protesting That Woman From Michigan.

    Gretchen should extend the corn teen as punishment.

  52. Like I wrote last week, all the reports I’m seeing indicate it’s never not been business as usual in the hood. The media wants to bullshit and focus on beaches or some protesters but they wont dare expose how the brothers and sisters dont give a fuck about no rona.

    Story out there about the chicago mayor doing a media op where she confronts some youths playing on a court and is promptly told to fuck off by some kid.

  53. Cold and rainy again. Pfft. We bounce from 80 degrees back down to 50 and damp. Like your mom.

  54. I think Beasn is disrespecting Sharmel and Demonte right now …

  55. TeeRoy … come ON now. It’s only the Angry White Men who aren’t abiding by the Brave New Rules.

    Let’s try to stay focused. Here is an instructive photograph to prove my point. There are people who care and want to follow the rules and save your life and then there are these people:

    There is no in-between. We can’t talk about that. It isn’t helpful to do so, basically.

  56. TeeRoy, my childhood friend still lives down in the city. She tells me all the stoops are full and raucus. Noone in da hood is using any sense but by golly all the federal aid is gonna be directed to their under served communities because rayciss. Never you mind they get all the healthcare they want by using the ER for every sniffle while the hospital bills you for it.

  57. I’d be cheering if Melania stood up and did the opposite of the First Klingon by leading the charge of you can’t use EBT for *list all the junk foods here* because Lung Pao Fluey loves it some fatties. And then to tell the grocery lobby to GFT.

  58. My package from Alberta made it to the US in good time. It is now holed up in San Francisco because reasons. Why would it get shipped to CA, when I’ve had packages come from OR directly to the St. Louis distribution center?

  59. Not one of the goobers has a Kriss Vector. And I’m assuming Bishop didn’t either.

    This needs to be addressed.

  60. The 5th of May means something different in Denmark: Freedom.


    Liberation Day, May 5th, 1945

  61. Also that most celebrities are worthless and should be spat on in public.



    Remember when they were considered whores? Those were the good old days.

  62. Most actual whores are better people and more valuable to society.

  63. Speaking of shooting MJ in the face, clean your rifle Muppet.

    Troy- thoughts on:



  64. I’ve been really proud of the black patriots who have shown up at the protests. And there are a lot of them.

  65. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 5, 2020 11:21 am
    Most actual whores are better people and more valuable to society.


    Can’t argue there, Leon.

  66. 308 seems hefty for a pistol. Fun though!

  67. Heh, fish tank wife is being investigated by homicide detectives.

  68. Instapundit linked an article about that “pistol” a few days ago, and it has kind of stuck in my brain for some reason.

  69. So cute! Beluga wanting some skritchies…


  70. Ooo, he may have been trained by the Russians…or was a therapeutic whale. I wonder if you can take those on planes?

  71. Ah, the video they show was taken a day after a fisherman freed him from his harness, which left it’s mark. If you encounter him on your trip to Norway, do not let him charm you into giving him snacks.

  72. Full disclosure. I carry a Springfield XD 40 cal everyday and have done so for the better part of last 15 yrs. I believe in their products. That said, I think 5.56 is as heavy as I’d want to run in the current trend of AR pistols, maybe 300 blackout. I think that with the short barrell 308 requires a shooter with experience to control the platform and you still lose the added range that come with as compared to 5.56. I’ve always considered the 308 to be more of a anti material round in the defensive environment, it’ll kill a vehicle, chew through brick n cinder block and penetrate small trees. I would like one with a minimum 16 inch barrel and probably more like a 18 to get the added accurate range benefit. Also I believe that firing a pistol length 308 indoors without ear pro would probably resort in a immediate painful ear injury to the shooter.

    For any that are interested, YouTube channel Tactical Rifleman has a video where they test various calibers on different traditional wall construction to determine penetration. The results contained a couple of interesting conclusions. I can’t vouch for any of their other material, that’s the only video of theirs that I’ve watched.

  73. “The browntail moth is an invasive species of both forest and human health concern. Maine and Massachusetts are the only states in the U.S. experiencing problems with this moth. The tiny, microscopic hairs found on browntail moth caterpillars, shed skins, and cocoons can cause skin reactions.”

  74. https://babylonbee.com/news/new-york-bans-use-of-all-scientific-medical-advancements-made-by-christians

    I thought Babylon Bee was supposed to be satire. Also, they missed the Jews in this – some dummkopf said he’d rather get the ‘rona than get an Israeli vaccine.

    Holistic therapy and essential oils for the win, but only for Aquarians and Geminis.

  75. Does anyone have a subscription to Fox Nation? Is it worth it? Because I’m not getting it if it’s all Donna Brazile and Juan Williams.

  76. It’s been 8 days, has anyone heard from Georgia or all they all dead already?

  77. It’s Georgia. Who gives a fuck?

  78. Off to shop for MIL. I have to put on pants. Pray for oso.

  79. It’s Georgia. Who gives a fuck?

    The wimmens have sexy accents. I’d miss them.

  80. Not dead. Can confirm.

  81. I’d rather have The Blaze, so I could get Crowder and Dave Rubin

  82. What we’re finding out is that something like 40-50% of people dying from covid were in nursing homes. The dam just broke on that.

    Really sad.

  83. MJ isn’t a Georgian. He’s just some transient dude who can’t figure out where he wants to live.

  84. I just want to cry today. I had the Zelle app, but hadn’t changed the card details. Well, folks tried to send me stuff to help my situation…but it wouldn’t take my password…and it needed the security code on the old card to change it without re-enrolling and resetting everything…which I no longer have…so I re-enroll…and it won’t take the new card.

    I don’t know whether I want to cry or burn things down. Or maybe both.

  85. The email just came to announce this Sunday’s quarantini. I responded that I won’t be joining. If I need to be gaslighted I’ll just go to huffpo.

    I think I just lost a few “friends.”

  86. MJ isn’t a Georgian. He’s just some transient dude who can’t figure out where he wants to live.
    Xe/Xer please

  87. You can call me on Sunday, HS. I’ll be here cuz there’s nowhere to fucking go.

  88. What TeeRoy mentioned:


    Scroll down for twitter video of the Chicago mayor (related to Don King?) being an ass to kids on the basketball court.

  89. BroTim, hoping customer service can help you.

  90. Just spitballin’ here but maybe black folks have gotten Trayvoned disproportionately by the rona because they don’t follow rules like suburban white ass crackers.

    And they’re pretty heavy. With the beetus.

    And the virus is racist, released by the CIA.

  91. How the fuck did Chicago elect that thing?

  92. She looks like a cross between Fred Sanford, a kewpie doll, and a troll.

  93. And the virus is racist, released by the CIA.

    They did it to stop blacks from voting for Trump. Pass it on.

  94. I guess the real reason they celebrate Cinco De Mayo here is so the Mexicans can get rid of that shitty Corona Beer (which Mexicans won’t drink because, well, it’s shitty.) and Americans will.

  95. “She looks like a cross between Fred Sanford, a kewpie doll, and a troll.”

    Do you mean to tell me that thing is a she?

  96. Jay (The Snake) Insley keeps repeating;

    For the vulnerable population, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

    For select values of ‘safe’.

    If you are staying home with that metastatic melanoma, sarcoma, or pancreatic tumor that was scheduled to be removed six weeks ago, missing your chemo or radiation treatment because the surgeon, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and oncologists are on leave and the hospital wings are closed, you *might* not really be “safe”…

    (Best run-on sentence, evah!)

    Besides, if you ‘disobey’ and go outside, the “MURDER Hornets” might get you. Yeah, media, give the sheep something else to be scared of, asshoe…

  97. My brother-in-law is still on hold for a knee replacement he was supposed to get 7 weeks ago. It’s IN, though, so he might get to see someone in the next month or so.

  98. MJ, 56% of Iowa deaths are from long term care facilities. 28 facilities have Covid positive cases.

  99. at a meat packing plant in Perry Iowa, 730 employees tested positive, 56% of their workforce.

  100. “I think I just lost a few “friends.””

    Life is too short to put up with that bs.

  101. If they tested positive and don’t show any symptoms what’s the deal?

    Can they transmit it to the meat?

  102. Your mom loves my meat transmissions

  103. My daughter is in Georgia, Hotspur, shut your whore mouth.

  104. no mare, but current rules sends them home to quarantine, and they get paid for it. Plus all the scared people not showing up. can’t run a meat packing plant with 1/2 the workers.

  105. I was just wondering. If you test positive, you have to have 2 consecutive negative tests to consider yourself recovered. So, a negative test isn’t an antibody test, just means that no traces of virus are detected? And could an antibody test also have a positive result, because of virus?

  106. The test for the virus is either by nasopharangeal or oropharangeal swab. It detects the presence of live virus on the mucosa of your respiratory tissue. The antibody test is a blood test, it detects the antibodies you have produced to fight against the virus in your blood.

  107. Interesting. I wonder if there are actual positive cases there.

    In Chicago my brother in law sent home hundreds of people from their jobs because the policy was, ‘if you don’t feel well and feel like you have the rona you can stay home for two weeks, paid.’

    What a brilliant idea.

  108. If an antibody test is positive, all it means is that your immune system has produced something to fight that specific virus. It’s a good thing.

  109. So yes, if you fight off the virus and no more living virus is in your body, it is likely your immune system has manufactured antibodies against it, making you positive for the antibody but neg for the virus.

  110. Well, except that some of the available antibody tests will show positive for *a* corona virus, of which there are hundreds.
    There were some pretty non-selective tests released, at first…

  111. nasopharangeal or oropharangeal

    And little lambs eat ivy.

  112. One of the Seattle Docs that comments at AoS was saying that he is getting good at spotting Covid-19 by just looking at the patients by now. He tested one guy that was short of breath, had a fever, and O2 saturation was shit and got a negative. Imaged his lungs and they looked like they were full of ground glass…

    Some of the shitty tests just look for an ‘S’ protein, instead of specifically ‘S1’, which binds to the Aces2 receptor on the host cell, enabling it to inject the RNA strand into the host cell to reprogram it for virus production.
    Increased zinc metabolism blocks the binding and stops the reproduction of the virus.
    I can’t find zinc in the supplement racks around here…

  113. 16k gallons of keg beer makes 400 gallons of hand sanitizer.

    It gets distilled.


  114. The email just came to announce this Sunday’s quarantini

    You guys were meeting online, right? Or out on the deck?

    Wth? My neighbors, who are in their 60s were down in FL for opening season of baseball right when sh*t started shutting down. They ‘quarantined’ for a week upon coming home, and have had a steady stream of friends/family over every since.

    Most of MO has opened up. St. Louis and St. Louis Co have not (and are now getting sued for staying shut when the rest of us are not.) The mini strip mall, which has a bar/grill, near my house had a pretty busy parking lot. Tables outside the bar were filled.

  115. thanks for the breakdown of virology tests, laura.

  116. OK, got Zelle running right, can’t figure out the occasional issues with my card. Oh well, rolling while I can. Like I don’t have other worries.

  117. Stella and Moose do NOT like Rosie the robot vacuum. they’re fighting for the spot underneath my computer.

    [spoiler – moose won]

  118. I can’t find zinc in the supplement racks around here…

    Same here, ChrisP. My BIL is a pharmacist and he wasn’t able to order it – I’m guessing manufacturers were out – for several weeks. He finally was able to get some and brought it to his mom (which helps her inner ear problem).

    I can ask him if he can score a bottle for you, if you want.

  119. Urrrgh, trying to track down a new-to-us ranch truck. #1 son has killed 2 junkers in the last 6 months. Found one that looks good in the Phoenix area. My sister is driving over to check it out. Hopefully it will be good and last a while.

    It’s crazy, NM is a poor state, and everything here is super expensive. They would be asking at least $6,000 more for this truck around here.

    The most recent truck started using oil and blowing a little smoke. No big deal, we can live with adding oil every once in a while. Day before yesterday he was hauling a trailer up a steep hill and the rear main seal went. The truck isn’t worth putting a new engine in.

  120. Must have been poking around in the right places. I just saw an AD:

    “Buy a large size of ACE2, S, S1 proteins and get a small size one for free. Recombinant proteins designed for biological drug R&D. Free protocols offered.”

  121. Well, Mother’s Day is postponed this weekend, and graduation next weekend. Crap.

  122. A good used truck is a rare find, good luck Pepe. I had to pay a premium price for my last used truck, most of the ones that were affordable were beat all to hell. I ended up putting in more money on repairs than a new truck lease would have cost over the same time period.

  123. Cash for Clunkers killed cheap used cars and trucks.

  124. If you see something in Central Iowa, I can look at it for you. However, up here, we have salt, so that means we have rust. AZ won’t have that.

  125. Lord & Taylor is going to liquidate.

  126. I like your robot’s name, Jane Jetson

  127. Yeah, prices are crazy. I really don’t care about the body, just has to be good mechanically. One problem is I need a pretty stout truck to pull trailers and haul heavy loads. Heavy duty costs more, just ask your mom……

    But new trucks start north of $40K, and they get beat to pieces out here, literally.

  128. We did okay on our Tundra, but it’s red. Not a popular truck color, and not my favorite by any means, but it’s a good V8 and no rust.

  129. https://tinyurl.com/y9xukrtd

  130. I’m surprised Lord and Taylor is still in business. They left MO years ago.

  131. Shop where there have been big hail storms.

  132. You can sometimes get a good deal on a used F150 here in MI, if only because the UAW guys can leverage their employee discount to trade up on the regular. That said, if it can rust, it’ll have rusted. Salty roads do that.

  133. I don’t think that hot dog is cooked yet

  134. They still have about 50 stores, mostly in the Northeast.

  135. A lot of malls are about to go belly up.

  136. Ours opened up, 3 stores. The rest are closed.

    Someone in the opened one wants the whole state shut down, because people came to her store, from out of town. This shit will never end.

  137. The biggest fucking Karen I work with wants to keep the whole fucking state shut down, hates the Mayor of Grants, bitches about Opening anything up…accidentally revealed today that she’s been going to her gym.

  138. I was just wondering. If you test positive, you have to have 2 consecutive negative tests to consider yourself recovered. So, a negative test isn’t an antibody test, just means that no traces of virus are detected? And could an antibody test also have a positive result, because of virus?
    Laura covered this well. I got busy at work but around the same time you asked that question my nurse, who thinks this is all bullshit too, mentioned reading some story where they were saying a positive antibody test doesn’t mean you’re protected. We both looked at each other and laughed while I said “First disease ever where antibodies are useless”.

    It does seem a little weird that they’re claiming that antibodies don’t necessarily protect you

  139. Can’t you have antibodies and be sick at the same time?

  140. You can, it’s just the statement that having antibodies doesn’t mean you can’t get it again as if it’s a fact. Too premature to know that with any certainty.

  141. https://tinyurl.com/y6w6lkqh

  142. I know they kept spreading scare headlines about not having immunity, but they did have a study released last week that shows it does not defy accepted medicine; that you are immune.

    Ran around this mile path today – one guy covered his mouth with his hand when I passed, and two other girls pulled their shirts up. @@. One other couple of walkers had facemasks – up to their eyes basically. Everyone else was acting like a normal human being.

  143. Follow the fucking guidelines.

  144. Seen on Facedouche:

    I got stung by a weird hornet back in January, so I’ve probably already had murder hornets….

  145. What percentage of people who died from Corona Virus will vote Democrat this year?

  146. Our birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation sales are Fucked. If someone is ordering an half sheet or cupcakes at this point, they’re holding illegal parties. Bakery is using this time to train more decorators. Abel was decorating a cake the other day. Automatically iced “Gloria”. Noticed the hand written order for “Happy Birthday Glorea”. Sophia helped him fix the typo. Guess who tried to get a free cake for “Gloria”? SNAP cake. Beasn knows what I’m sayin

  147. Outdoors they say no face masks. Path has ample room to pass while maintaining 6 feet. It’s fucking stupid.

  148. Hand over the mouth is a good one.

  149. I’m seeing more people coming to the office wearing clear plastic gloves. Masks are old news, everyone has been wearing them for at least a month, either their own or a hospital issued one. The gloves drive me crazy. People are touching everything including their mask with the gloves. They’d be better off going without their gloves, being careful what they touch and washing their hands more often.

    “Magic gloves”

  150. It’s amazing how everyone stands on the “X” while waiting in line. Didn’t they watch Roadrunner cartoons when they were kids?

  151. wondering when the CDC is gonna find the other cases above the 37k posted. Evidently it’s just because processing hasnt gone through yet. It’s debunked.

    Still says 37k.

  152. Path has ample room to pass while maintaining 6 feet.

    But there’s a cartoon out there demonstrating that there is a huge cloud of virus behind a runner. There’s even more behind a biker.


  153. Here’s the running one

  154. Stay at home or die.

    Follow the fucking guidelines.

    If anything bad happens, Orange Man is to blame.

  155. Keeping ten million people at home makes it harder for ten thousand to turn up on the State House steps with firearms. Especially since people who can’t meet face to face are forced to communicate by means which are intrinsically compromised.

    Don’t think that’s not part of the equation.

  156. Does rhubarb have a lot of pectin, or do I need to add it or cornstarch if I’m making filling? Like for pie. But I’m gonna use it for dump cake.

  157. Only time ever trying to control respiratory disease by quarantining the well…

  158. Dunno Jay. Punt.

  159. looks like it’s low, the googles told me.

  160. Jay,

    Never made the dump cake, but you do have to add cornstarch to rhubarb pie. It’s a running mess without.

  161. I’m vexed by a plant that I transplanted into my garden as a seedling last year and can’t identify. Vexed. Because it’s HUGE now. And getting HUGER. I’m wondering if this thing is from the Little Shop of Horrors. Kills me that I haven’t the first foggy what the Hell is it.

    I saw a bunch of wild seedlings popping up in an empty landscape display in front of a restaurant last Spring, and picked one up and put it in a corner of the garden for kicks. It survived the Winter. And now it’s this giant thing. Jeebus.

  162. Laura,
    Pictures, or it didn’t happen…

  163. I’ll take one tomorrow.

  164. What a strange day. Sunny and 70, light breeze out of the WSW, and lightly raining.
    I was looking out to the West and it looked like looking into Mordor. Then the lightning started. I get a message like “Your internet connection has been disrupted”, the UPSs are screaming, and there is Yugge thunder.

    Strange days…

    Jay, rhubarb is 99% water, you could cook it down some or add tapioca, but I hate that.

  165. I called my stepmom earlier to wish her a happy birthday, and she said she was hoping I had called to tell Dad that he’s not going to Rocketboy’s wedding. Fuck no, I’m not going to tell him that.

  166. **waits to squishy hug Sean**

  167. **squishy hugs**

  168. Devin’s eccentricities rankled Padraig.

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