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Come heavyto walk in with a loaded weapon



Your model for today was born on February 22nd, 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 382538 and 130 lbs.  Please give your attention to and pray for forgiveness from Miss Giselle Lynette!




  2. Worth carrying this one over to today:

    Comment by Thermadin on May 1, 2020 1:09 am


    Here is a ban proof link to the two doctors from Cali press conference.

    That link is via Matt Christiansen who has a pretty good take on it as always.

  3. Thicc.


  5. wakey wakey

  6. Ha! I just clicked on the video links. “Famous Booty World” and “Goku’s Father” lol. The guys at Goku’s Father were debating whether her ass was real or not. Enjoy it while it lasts guys, she’s one kid away from Armageddon

  7. That video is awesome. Jives with the article I linked.

  8. This virus is a completely manufactured pile of bullshit.

    Bill Gates predicts HIS vaccine will be part of the infant panel of vaccines given under one year old.

    FFS that’s crazy.

  9. Huh, breaking news: Biden denies the sexual assault allegations

    There, it’s been debunked. Move along before you’re deplatformed

  10. Denied is not debunked.

    And why would we vaccinate a baby against a disease they won’t even get? We don’t vaccinate them for the fucking flu.

    Bill Gates needs to die in an unfortunate vacuum cleaner accident.

  11. Bill Gates is evil as is his dad, Mr. Head of Planned Parenthood.

    You can’t do that job without being a ghoul.

  12. Another shady deal about that POS, Gates, he’s big on the climate change garbage but he bought a 43 million dollar home ON THE BEACH in southern CA.

  13. Don’t forget Obama’s mansion on Martha’s Vineyard

  14. We had an excellent run there for awhile.

  15. Pretty convenient the greatest economy and the lowest unemployment rate gets trashed by a virus approximately as lethal as the flu.

    Huh, imagine that staying home and shutting down businesses is the only way to trash it. HTF do we do that? Lefties figured it out and the people glued to TV went for it.

    We are dumbasses.

  16. You know it’s all fake when Maine with under 100 deaths is shut down indefinitely by a not too bright governor. Why? People should just ask why?

  17. 10/10 would smash

  18. Definitely a bimodal distribution to her fat cells.

  19. BWAHAHAHAAH, Pups!

    The twerking to the dog. Classic.

  20. We had an excellent run there for awhile.

    The key to happiness is lowered expectations. Ask Mrs. Pendejo to explain it to you.

  21. A nation of Karen’s….hahahahahaha

  22. ^^^^ “We’re not in the same boat, we are in the same storm. Different boats.”

  23. HTF do we do that? Lefties figured it out and the people glued to TV went for it.

    Lefties certainly did figure out a good way to do it:

    Later in the interview, Hume contended that dire early prediction models could have been used to keep people obedient to social distancing guidelines.
    “I think Doctor Fauci and Birx were content to sort of let that happen, because I think they were afraid that people wouldn’t socially distance and people wouldn’t engage in the mitigation efforts, and the result is we have a terrified population and we have people wearing masks while out jogging in Central Park.”

  24. Fauci is a WHO dirtbag.

  25. I’m trapped in meetings all morning and have a mountain of work that I can’t even start because I’m almost out of hours.

  26. And it’s a gorgeous spring day outside. I could be mowing or moving soil for the pumpkin patch.

  27. My tea cup yorkey had 300 dollars in gastric issues yesterday. Had valet veterinarian service. Building horse stalls with Son in law this afternoon. It is the first true spring day, dry clear air , just right temp. Now things are going to get real interesting. The weather screams to come out from hibernation and renew, hormones start kicking, the environment conspires against the lockdowns.

    Sic Semper Tyrannus

  28. On hold with Walmart customer service.

    It took 25 minutes for my wait time to go from 40 minutes to 39.

  29. I’ve heard you get faster responses by posting negative criticism on twitter or facebook

  30. Been 1 minute away for the last 10 minutes.

  31. Is anyone else amused by the fact that our TeeRoy has a tea cup yorkie?

  32. I hope the little monkey is doing better, TeeRoy.

  33. Dan thinks she’s just officially moving the shut down date from today to 5/15. I don’t trust her.
    ….We are closed until 5/20, and that might get pushed back.
    2 full months of this crap.

    They really do want to inflict maximum pain. And I’m pretty sure there won’t be a vaccine. How do you vaccine the continuously mutating anything?
    The abuse will continue until all you f*cking deplorables get your heads right and bow to your demrat overlords.

  34. We are in phase 1, as of today. And the people are not happy about it.

  35. The “vaccine” will be made and then made mandatory. You won’t be able to go out in public without it, or shop at stores.

    Perhaps there could be an RFID implanted in the hand so your vaccination status could be easily checked.

  36. one of the fb libs posted “workers of the world unite!”

    Wonder if he knows that’s in the communist manifesto.

  37. You’d have to be an absolute ignorant retard to not know that.

    So he probably doesn’t.

  38. 95 minutes on hold, but they were awesome when they finally got to me.

    Don’t ever use the 3rd party vendors at

  39. well he is a PhD

  40. Most of those are politically worthless, IME. Too much time enmeshed in the modern academy rots the parts of the brain not needed for the dissertation.

  41. So Sweden is getting knocked because their death rate is allegedly twice that of ours.
    Why should Sweden get knocked. If you’re going to die from this, you’re going to die from this whether now or two weeks from now. Locking down most of the things to slow down the needed herd immunity makes absolutely zero sense.

    Sweden’s mitigation is nearly identical to S. Korea’s and we’re not hearing about S. Korea, who did not lock down most of the things.

  42. one of the fb libs posted “workers of the world unite!”

    Wonder if he knows that’s in the communist manifesto.

    Pretty sure that even if he doesn’t know, once he found out, he’d be on board.

  43. If you’re going to die from this, you’re going to die from this whether now or two weeks from now.



    And gates can eff off with his “vaccine.”

  44. All the little dictators are threatening people with the lockdowns as a punishment. “We’re going to open things up in 2 weeks, unless you don’t obey now. If people violate the order, we’ll extend the lockdown for another 2 weeks….” Bastards.

  45. Joe thought he was putting the rape story to bed this morning.

    Holy crap did that blow up.

  46. Don’t ever use the 3rd party vendors at Walmart.
    Way back, years ago, Paula ordered some DVD for Ben for a Christmas present. It was ordered even before Thanksgiving and all of the other things she ordered had arrived but that DVD. She had the same nightmare experience getting it resolved. Just not worth it.

  47. Sweden’s death rate is only sightly higher than ours, in a fracton proportional to the older average age of citizens.

  48. Sweden’s death rate will soon be lower than ours, with their immunity.


    You can sort all the columns in the matrix. As of today, Sweden has 263 deaths per million people, we have 196.

  50. Very likely, Jay. They’ve let herd immunity form. We postponed it and destroyed the economy for a bonus.

  51. Moooo.

  52. OMG Iowa had 740 positive cases, the highest total to date!

    Not mentioned: almost 3X tested. and those tested are in high risk areas (meat packing plants, long term care facilities). we average 17-30% positive tests. this batch was 25%.

  53. 2926 people tested

  54. That 3rd party vendor is gone.

    I must have been the last straw.

  55. I heard that your mom was down with a little third party vendor every now and then.

  56. Sweden’s death rate is only a thing if their hospitals are overwhelmed.

  57. Your mom is a meat packing plant.

  58. I love that one of the callers into Rush’s show brought up the Milgram experiment “..about the human tendency to follow orders given by higher authorities even if they conflict with a person’s personal conscience.”…-from the 1960s….as it related to Juan Williams quoting some poll where over 60% of those asked said they wanted the quarantine to continue (regardless the resulting harm to a larger number of people).

    – Milgram (1963) wanted to investigate whether Germans were particularly obedient to authority figures as this was a common explanation for the Nazi killings in World War II.

    – Milgram (1963) was interested in researching how far people would go in obeying an instruction if it involved harming another person.

    – 65% (two-thirds) of participants (i.e., teachers) continued to the highest level of 450 volts. All the participants continued to 300 volts.

    I remember this back from my psych classes and how it solidified my ”QUESTION AUTHORITY”. The previous one that pissed me off more was the Jane Elliott’s racism study in small children. I’ve hated that bish ever since.

  59. Though, problem I have with Milgram is that there was no way he could replicate the same kind of duress many of those committing atrocities in Nazi Germany, were under… the same kind of need for self-preservation or for their family. The Nazis themselves – I have no doubt they were all on the same kind of totalitarian/lefty/demrat page.

  60. And I’m pretty sure if we had an actual media with integrity, people would be tarring/feather the various demrat governors on power trips.

    Another caller into Rush was from IL. While fat fuck Pritzger was telling the masses of IL sheep to keep their asses at home, his wife packed up and flew to their FL equestrian farm/mansion. When a reporter asked him WTF, Pritzger got all huffy and said his family life has no impact on his job and HOW DARE YOU ASK SUCH A REPULSIVE QUESTION!!!

  61. Interesting, Beansnsnssn. Generally, I am a rule follower. It’s part of my ID.

    But from the start, I have been pushing back on this and think it’s all garbage. Would I disregard a direct “order” from a policeman, depending on what it is probably not, but I’ll stand with a sign in Downtown Saint Pete and protest if we had to be quarantined or actually stay in our house like CA (it seems like they have to, maybe not).

    We have walked anywhere we want to. Even at the beach. I’ve gone to any store open. Now our Costco is making you wear a mask…hope Sam’s doesn’t follow suit.

  62. Kayleigh McAnany new press secretary

  63. Holy shit? Laura, your package arrived. I owe you a few drinks next time I see you.

  64. Kayleigh is good.

  65. Lately I’ve been reading a few articles that mention Trump’s poor poll numbers. I’m having a hard time seeing how Trump is polling poorly compared with Biden.

    I think it’s the same as 2016. Demoralize his base. I do think it’s going to be close regardless of who the Dem candidate actually is after their virtual convention.

  66. Virology professor post, so you can’t argue:

    I’m a virology professor. I teach about the SARS virus outbreak in 2003, Zika, and others. So here’s the situation about COVID-19. Governor Reynold’s opening up of most counties in the state (including Story County) to allow people to congregate in gyms, restaurants and churches does NOT mean that things are safer now. In fact the RISK OF INFECTION IS GREATER, because the number of COVID-19 cases was rapidly rising, even before the governor began opening things up. Thus, thanks to the governor’s policy more people will become very ill, and more people will die of COVID-19 than if we were under a stay-at-home order. It’s not an opinion, it’s established scientific fact. So WEAR A MASK when you leave home, especially in indoor situations. Not just to save yourself, but to save the health and lives of others, mainly older (and not so older) people. Better yet, STAY AT HOME if you can. No fun, I know, but that’s COVID-19.

    Everything he said was true. Also, overblown, as far as risk compared to economic concerns. Cases are being detected at a higher rate, because of added testing. And it’s opinion about if we were under a stay at home order.

  67. I think republicans are avoiding pollsters, as usual.

  68. I’m a rule follower so long as the rule is tried/true good for my health/well being…keeps the natural order, doesn’t infringe on my God given rights.
    If I were a small child, I might have followed the Milgram experiment to the 300v only because fear I’d be punished…but may have pooped my pants and cried before the 450v.
    If I did it in high school…after the 1st zap, I’d have been out.
    In college, I’d be GFY.
    Now, I’m all get off my lawn and GFY.

  69. Jay, that tells me that if the numbers were rapidly rising DURING SAID LOCKDOWN which was supposed to flatten it, then the lockdown is unnecessary and we should push through and get over the worst of it quicker, rather than the painfully long stretching it out.

  70. I think republicans are avoiding pollsters

    I never answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number.

  71. Let me amend a couple of comments up

    Now I’m get off my lawn and desires a taser to help you GFY.

  72. Comment by beasn on May 1, 2020 2:51 pm

    If I were a small child, I might have followed the Milgram experiment to the 300v only because fear I’d be punished…but may have pooped my pants and cried before the 450v.

    Now I’m get off my lawn and desires a taser to help you GFY.


    Tasers are around 50,000 volts……

  73. we never had a hard/fast STAYATHOMEORELSE order in Iowa. She just shut down businesses of certain types. And has been catching shit for it since.

    I can believe the guy is a professor. The lefty professors infest this city, dropping their big brains on everything.

  74. The shelter in place made sense in NYC, maybe in NJ and CT too.

    If I were in rural Michigan I would be furious.

  75. I am. Rural michigan, tied to the fate of Detroit.

  76. Lapeer has been at 24 deaths for a week or two. Detroit is at 1033 and wayne county (reports separately) is at 747. Detroit is IN Wayne county. So total wayne county #s are the two added together.

    Meanwhile Lapeer 24. Opening at the same time.

  77. Governor Wuhan shut down jewelry stores as non-essential. There is no way to Social distance at our jewelry counter. No one wants to staff the counter. We have to dispose of any jewelry returns. (Technically, we can store them and return them after the fact, but you should’ve seen the Karen’s expression when Membership threw her necklace return in the trash). We haven’t been selling jewelry for weeks. Yesterday, a Karen called our GM and started screaming at him about not selling jewelry with Mother’s Day coming up. He’s non-confrontational, so now we’re back in the jewelry business. We have to make it clear that there are no returns and no special orders.

  78. first positive case in the office.

    Except they haven’t been in the office for a month. working from home

  79. J’ames, co-workers grandson had it. She had to LOA for two weeks. Meat Cutters niece has it. She works at a local hospital. She’s 25. 2 other workers in her unit have it. Office workers/not nurses.

  80. Amen to the comment in Ace’s sidebar with NSA raid or a JDAM on the fucking telemarketers calling about my credit card interest rate or renewing a warranty on a car that was totaled over a year ago. Even more so for the ones who spoof numbers so I think it’s someone I actually want to talk to. Trump needs to run on that.

  81. *still not worried

  82. 24 deaths in Lapeer? That seems high.

  83. I’m not worried. I just like yelling at old people.

  84. OFFS, I’m getting texts to log back on at work. I’m going to buy out the bar when this frickin’ project is done.

  85. oh man, good luck roamy!

    My group project? no one responded to the boss when requested. So I had laid out how to do all the updates, now I’ll be doing them. only a few hours to write everything out.

  86. That is high. We have 8 deaths in a town of 33000.

  87. 1 death in 50k

  88. sorry, 67k

  89. Our County has had 25 deaths out of 265,000 population.

    698 confirmed.
    193 recovered.

    I’ve never looked before because, well, I don’t give a shit.

  90. I don’t know how to go about figuring out who died (what age, and what comorbidities) but I’m sure they were old and infirmed. May they rest in peace. That, I mean sincerely.

  91. Our BBF model is cute and has the exact same smile/expression in every picture.

  92. I just like yelling at old people.

    Went to the liquor store in SC this afternoon, they never got shutdown. I was next in line standing behind the tape on the floor, white lady and black dude in line behind me crossed their tape line barrier to check out the mini-bottle display.

    20 something tattooed/pierced/gauged redheaded cashier YELLS from 30 feet away “PLEASE MAINTAIN 6 FOOT DISTANCE IF YOU DIDN’T COME IN THE SAME CAR TOGETHER!” while staring at me. I thought she was rebuking me, but she was trying to keep me safe from the folks behind me, or she thought they weren’t together, not sure.

    I checked my distance in front and then kind of grinned at the folks behind me and asked “Do you want to hug it out?” No response, no eye contact.

    I think no-bonus-points-redhead gets off on keeping customers spaced out.

  93. NC DHHS has a pretty cool COVID dashboard that shows lots of data if you are into that type of thing. Right here, sorted by age, is all you really need to know:

  94. My county has a population of 17,000, 6,647 Sq. Miles

    Tests: 663
    Cases: 43
    Deaths: 2

  95. Population: 17,000
    Area: 6,647 Sq. Miles



  97. Pups, great graphs and consistent across the nation. Conclusion: IF you’re old and gross like Hotspur kiss your ass goodbye IF you get it, IF you show symptoms and IF you have other health issues.

  98. Your county is bigger than Connecticut, population 3.500,000.

  99. Well, that was unpleasant. Somebody tell me something good.

  100. Don’t tell the Gestapo that I’m going to SoDak.

  101. What are you doing there?

  102. My county used to be the biggest in NM, but they split it up into Socorro, and Catron counties. Catron is 6,939 sq. miles with a population under 4,000.

  103. Jay fucking Inslee has declared the lock-down extended through May 31, then a 4 phase loosening of restrictions, with three weeks between each phase!
    That should take this goat-Fuck through July.
    I hope he catches Covid-19, or just catches fire…

    That fucking clown thinks he’s the king or something.

  104. Catron county is known for inbred hillbillies…..

  105. Chrispy, that’s absolutely horrible.

  106. J’Ames, does your beer do this?



  109. Did I say thanks for the model gif, Pupster? Thank you.

  110. They really fucked this guy over

    If he was a Dem supporter with a Republican governor you know the media would be crying about Gestapo tactics and over reach

  111. 24 deaths because it hit in a nursing home here

  112. Rocketboy and FDIL are planning to spend their honeymoon in Maine. And they are supposed to quarantine for 14 days?

  113. The trend lines in Georgia still look good, thank God.

  114. Inslee is such a F’n idiot. I wish I could say he has no hope of getting elected for a 3rd term, but it’s highly unlikely the commies in King county will ever vote against a democrat. I need to start making retirement plans for being in some other state. The list of possible places seems to keep getting smaller.

  115. So I somehow managed to chip one of my front teeth. The dentist I used to go to would get you in on the weekend if he could. He just retired and the new guy has better hours than a banker. Monday through Weds, half of Thursday closed Friday and the weekend. He still hasn’t called me back. Got an appointment for Monday with another dentist.

  116. “Steve Hewins, president and CEO of HospitalityMaine, an industry group, said Friday he is more optimistic now about the rollout for hotels and restaurants than he was when the Democratic governor first rolled out her plan. The requirement for 14-day quarantines for out-of-state visitors sent shockwaves through the hospitality industry, he said.”

  117. Drug stores sell tooth bondo if it’s sharp and uncomfortable.

    I have built a couple of “weekend teefs”.

  118. Thanks Scott I’ll take a look.

  119. Montgomery County, Alabama. Population as of last census: 229,363.

    COVID cases confirmed to date: 355.

    COVID fatalities (however the hell they count ’em): 6.

    All this in my home county. For a group the size of my high school when I was there. It’s MAYBE .15% of the population.


    I won’t type out what I really want to see happen, but you can guess.

  120. Guess Janet didn’t like that owner giving out her phone number. Still pretty harsh.

  121. I’d listen to him, Thermadin, he’s pre-dentist

  122. I would just like a change of fucking subject. Like there’s nothing else happening in the world?

  123. I am reading the Iron Dragon series by Robert Kroese. It’s got spaceships, a megabomb, pillaging Vikings, but no horned hats. Finished the first one, just started the second.

  124. For lighter fare, Robert Kroese also wrote “Aye, Robot” and “Starship Grifters” which are very silly, and I loved them.

  125. Sorry. I seem to have limited subjects in my head right now. I should stick to shitposting, even I don’t want to keep seeing this horseshit right now.

  126. are you going to epoxy coat your butcher block, laura?

  127. Roamy, the Iron Dragon series looks pretty good. I haven’t read a sci-fi book in a while and I’m getting tired of video games. Can’t golf for another 3 weeks due to my foot and need something to fill the time.

  128. I called my state rep about Inslee. Had to leave a message as he was ‘out of office’. His legislative rep called me right back.
    I told him that I’m old, and drift off sometimes and it seems like, while I was napping, Inslee had been elected king.
    As far as the WA state constitution goes, the Inslee has 30 days for his “Emergency”, and then must get with the legislature to work out an agreement.
    He did not do that.
    He just, unilaterally extended it through July.

    The republicans(minority in both houses) called on Bill Barr, as Inslee is “coloring outside the lines”. Barr got back to “leadership”, but it has not filtered down.
    Many are very angry at ‘King Inslee’ for this shit.They are going to try to take him down, if he does not back off.
    Either that, or some loon will try to whack him.
    I hope that, since he is violating the US Constitution and the WA Constitution, that the WA State Patrol will arrest, cuff, and perp walk him out of the capitol…

  129. Chris,

    Thanks for the update. At some point things have to change or it’s going to get ugly.

  130. And yet, the Jews stayed locked up in the ghettoes of Warsaw, right up until they were herded into the trains…..

  131. Nah, just keeping it plain oil finished. Probably move out before we make any more changes to this place. Except for some decluttering and the garden I’m pretty much done here.

    I was going to gut and redo the first floor bathroom but I’m not feeling it anymore. Let the next guy deal with it.

    We need to get serious about selling this place and moving to a lower tax area. If we could find a place with an outbuilding that had a dock-height electrified outbuilding, Scott and I would be in heaven.

  132. Yes, that’s right, an outbuilding with another secondary outbuilding. None of that shit was a typo. I need all of these structures. I am an administrator of a mighty household.

  133. RARRRR

    *flexes my tertiary outbuildings*

  134. oh shit

    *mops the floor*


  135. *sprays febreze*

  136. really sorry

    had no idea it could spatter that far

    the hump, you know

    *hands over a coupon for lysol wipes*

  137. Desperately, Edgar redialed Paula.

  138. ww

  139. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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