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  1. F-me what day is it?

  2. Excellent carictures

    Thanks for posting Pupster!

  3. wow, Wiser has Sidney Powell, lawyer for Flynn, on the radio tomorrow.

    Just leaving this here as a reminder

    Talk of the Town
    Hosted by: Steve Noxon
    Monday – Friday 10:00 – 1:00 Pm or on the sidebar above with all the other word salad

  4. Wow, Wiser, well done.

    She’s good, really good. Thanks for linking Jimbro.

    I did see Jay’s mention yesterday. (heh)

  5. wakey wakey

  6. What is sort of sad is when people don’t realize how far over their heads they are in during some debates /conversations.

    Usually this is accompanied by smug liberalism.

  7. What I’m saying is that half our population have actually turned into useful idiots.

  8. Feel the Bern, Car in, Feel the Bern.

    We don’t need money to pay everyone, we’ll just print it!

    Tax the rich! they have it all! It’s yours!

  9. Sounds like Vladimir Lenin reborn.

  10. Public schooling accomplished the mission set out for it by the communists who proposed it.

  11. Powell is set to go off anytime. She’s been on fire for the last week on the Fox nighttime opinion shows.

  12. Hey, they actually have wiser’s picture on the WATR website for Talk of the Town now!

  13. What they’ve done to Flynn is one of the worst circumstances of the SHIT FBI I’ve heard. They really are shit. Ruby Ridge. Waco.

    Can we trust these assholes to do anything right?

    I’ve completely changed my mind about cops and getting confessions. That’s a fricken scam.

    Flynn said he was going to clean up the deep state and they took him down. 100% corruption.

    Thank God for Trump. No really, every day I’m thanking God for Trump.

  14. Where is that old douche Hotspur?

    I’m wondering about the comment that he never thought a virus would be political. It does seem really stupid that people just break into camps but I think I’m missing something here.

    Is this a do what must be done for the greater good moment?

    Is it all just so stupid?

    Should we be more measured, as in, start with some reduced services, reduced occupancies, then adjust as things get worse or better? Not just put a sledgehammer down when we’re actually in a situation where no one knows anything?

  15. If everything about this virus was as bad as they first made it out, then everyone would be on board, and would be taking part.

    But it’s not, it just isn’t! If it was, there would be 100 million dead in China. We’d have 2 million dead here, despite everything, because we’ve been going to the store and mingling the entire time, everything would be infected.

    No one wants keep up the charade, except for those who benefit from the charade.

  16. This is all just stupid. Almost all of it. I’m about to go on a 57 state shooting spree.

    We should be fucking Sweden. I honestly and truly think those who are going to die once exposed – is just gonna happen, so we can dribble it out and completely wreck the economy (plus, extra lives lost due to all the added layers of bullshit – depression, abuse (Physical and drug/alcohol), neglect, etc, or go through it. Perhaps you try to slow the spread so we can save as many as possible, but THATS NOT WHAT THEY’RE FUCKING DOING RIGHT NOW.


    Fucking fuckers, I hate them.

    Meanwhile, your leaders are doing whatever the fuck they want.

  17. We did slow the spread, we didn’t overwhelm the hospitals, good job America. Now lets get back to work, and stop being afraid.

  18. I’ve completely changed my mind about cops and getting confessions. That’s a fricken scam.
    I had North Woods Law reruns on a couple of days ago and one of the wardens kept saying “We’re trying to find this guy so he can clear some things up, you know, work with us to help himself out”.

    “Don’t talk to cops”

  19. Great, now I’m gonna have a group project, so no wiser radio today.

    By group project, I mean multiple people will get credit, and will have their hands in it, but I’ll do all the work.

  20. There are 43 cases in my town. It’s pretty rural.

    I really wonder if they’re mostly in a nursing home or skilled care facility.

  21. Every single “issue” is intended to divide us into tribes, balkanize the country. It’s deliberate.

  22. That’s what is, so far, in Lapeer. And isn’t it in MA that 50% of all deaths are in nursing homes?

  23. I think I’m missing something here.

    Is this a do what must be done for the greater good moment?

    Is it all just so stupid?
    If the mortality rate was as large as it was predicted to be I know everyone would be down with The Cause and wearing the ribbon. It’s not. So Stop with the bullshit. It’s like a kid caught in a lie. Have to keep up the fiction otherwise people would see through the bullshit. I really have to wonder how many of these medical and political officials truly believe the crap they’re spouting now. Any fair assessment in a few years after the dust has settled will reveal this as the biggest own goal the world ever fell for. And your mom.

  24. I am firmly in the COVID-19 turned into a means for the dems to trash the economy and Trump. PERIOD.

    It’s a scam.


  25. Exactly. If we were talking about 4% mortality, I get it completely. If it were like the Spanish Flu in hitting the young and able-bodied hardest, okay. It isn’t, that’s painfully obvious now and the people who dug in on the wrong side of that fact are committed and lack the humility to change course.

    But again, it should always, always be an ask not a tell.

  26. And the line for the useful idiots is that those of us who disagree are “selfish” why they are behaving altruistically.

    Such a line of bullshit.

  27. Any argument you have that it’s not a scam is not supported by the numbers.

    Is there a virus called COVID-19? Yes.
    Does it make for a shitty death for people with underlying issues? Yes.
    Other than that…it’s bullshit.

  28. I’m inclined to agree with you Jimbro. I think it’ll take a few years and the data will show that this was a massive overreaction by politicos, but that once the genie was out of the bottle they had to run with it.

    Perhaps running this experiment in reverse would have been better.

    Admit we don’t know shit and put in mild restrictions until we begin to better understand the realities. Walk back as things get worse, move ahead with normalcy as they get better.

    Here is my list of assholes:

    Data scientists
    Do gooders
    Trump sometimes

  29. “Why yes, yes I am selfish. I want to feed my family and provide for my family’s future. ”

    “And also yes, you’re a simpleton with zero thinking skills and an inability to think rationally.”

    Eff off, useful idiot.

  30. MJ, FFS your stupid list didn’t even include the dem machine.

  31. I want a divorce.

  32. You’re fine.

  33. #MeToo

    But not from Hotspur.

  34. I listened to the two ER doctors who did the press conference in CA. Today I tried to send the link to HotBride, but it’s been scrubbed from Youtube.

  35. For any one individual with the disease the results range from mild to death. Age and co-morbidities are a major factor in determining the outcome. We knew that from the flu before the virus made it here and it’s been proven through our 3 to 4 month experience with it so protecting those people makes the most sense. Shutting everything down is plain stupid.

    Instead of a Manhattan Project to develop a vaccine we ought to be focusing on improving immune systems, finding the environmental factors that help fight it, improving screening and non pharmaceutical means of virus eradication.

    A new vaccine is going to be useless when the next chinaman porks a pangolin and unleashes a new virus at the sloppy wet market.

  36. Hotspur, I linked it here yesterday. Would that link still be viable?

  37. Data scientists

    To be fair, there are good guys doing this and pointing out the scamminess of the obvious scam.

  38. Nope, not viable.

  39. The “we have to wait for a vaccine!” crowd are part of the “get Trump” strategy, since that will take months and they know it. The pressure will stay up precisely until Biden’s rotting corpse gets 270+ electoral votes BAMN, then magically we’ll discover that the virus isn’t that serious anymore, this year’s mutation is much less dangerous, etc.

  40. Those CA ER doctors have been “debunked” according to our betters.

  41. To be fair, there are good guys doing this and pointing out the scamminess of the obvious scam.
    But it’s just noise. The failure of the IHME data people to acknowledge their model had a range making it completely useless is beyond abhorrent. They know government people can’t do basic math yet didn’t explain the model.

    Any reasonable person would say, you know, the reaction could be really bad so maybe we should tell everyone that this is a new model with terrible data that can’t really be used for anything other than making pretty charts right now. But as we gain more knowledge we might be able to dial this in and put it to use for future novel viruses.

    But no, the tards at the WHO got a hold of it and decided that the entire world was collapsing. Then our tards got a hold of it and saw the abyss. Fuck those data guys sideways.

    At any moment they could have started explaining that they can’t actually read the future anymore than a Pontifiex Maximus could read the entrails of a bird.

    They started the lie and should be held accountable for it. Instead they’ll get honors, awards, and immeasurable wealth.

  42. Rent is paid. Less than $30 to my name until the 15th or the IRS gets off its donut-eatin’ union dues-payin’ collectively-bargained ass and (a) drops my meager tax refund in my bank accoung and/or (b) does what it’s fucking well been told to do and forks over the coronacheck.

    Y’know, my dad was federal civil service. It paid for raising three boys and kept a pretty nice roof over our heads. But dad retired in ’95, I think he saw where things were going, and now he’s passed on…well, let’s just say I don’t see “civil service” folks in the same light as boll weevils or the bacteria I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to extirpate from my heart.

    Burn DC.

  43. Fuckit, burn everything. Just cut to the chase.

  44. They started the lie and should be held accountable for it. Instead they’ll get honors, awards, and immeasurable wealth.

    I think it was the dangerous amateurs mostly pushing the lie, because they are great with models but suck at actual data science, but your assessment of the abuses and likely outcome is fair.

  45. I need you to get more riled up over this Leon.

    Flamethrower comes to mind.

  46. Oh, I’m incendiarily homicidally angry, just not at you.

  47. I’ve said before that, now, there isn’t a conspiracy theory I don’t believe.

    Two days ago they released videos of 3 UFO’s.

    Roamy, thoughts?

    Oh, and this can’t be said often enough.

    James Comey and John Brennan are utter, corrupt, lying, weirdos.

  48. This idiot is part of Carin’s 50% of the population are nonthinkers.

    <script async src=

  49. Good morning, dorks.

    Mare, I mostly agree with you, but you need to calm down.

  50. Reptoids.

    I kid, but they’re a cutout, a coping mechanism. It’s hard to believe that there’s a world-spanning set of actual humans that treat the rest of us as toys, pawns, or livestock. But there are. They aren’t all on the same ‘team’ in the sense of having a unifying creed or ethnicity or anything so simple, it’s that they want to literally run the world according to their preferences and are willing to do anything to get from here to there, and their preferences tend to align to a global order where they each have a barony at the least, and the rest of us are merely serfs.

  51. Hotspur, send her this instead:

  52. I saw a hilarious, meme (?) on Instagram. It’s Nicholas Cage with the caption,

    Day 3 of quarantine: I should find a fun new hobby.

    Day 30 of quarantine: I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.

  53. I still need to see Color Out of Space.

  54. Love the doggeh pics!

  55. Birx is wearing the biggest scarf I have ever seen.

  56. This is all just stupid. Almost all of it. I’m about to go on a 57 state shooting spree.

    Totally in this camp.

    And my pug self up yonder. Jay has seen too much on my FB page. I h8ts the weed.

  57. Any fair assessment in a few years after the dust has settled will reveal this as the biggest own goal the world ever fell for.

    It will all be memory holed. Especially if a hillary/obama puppet is put in place. It will be like it never happened while the made up new normal – per Maine’s insane governor – gets more rigid (SYWM)

  58. …with the Karens as the enforcers….for your own good.

  59. I think in the beginning, we acted appropriately based on the information available at that time. We had just watched the Chinese take some extraordinary actions within their own country and after watching that for 4 weeks all of a sudden Italy starts screaming fire, while cases begin mounting all over. But just like everything else, the human condition of trying to manipulate everything to gain something came into play.

    The Chinese are responsible for the virus and the American Communists are in charge of fucking up the situation here.

    SAT CONG. I dont want a divorce. They get nothing. They want to live in a “Progressive” state? They can go live in one of the many that exist. I have no where to go and I refuse to live under their rule. SAT CONG.

  60. >>>Admit we don’t know shit and put in mild restrictions until we begin to better understand the realities. Walk back as things get worse, move ahead with normalcy as they get better.

    This is government we’re talking about here. Full of grifters wanting to continue enriching themselves and cronies.
    Common sense, critical thinking, are not allowed.

  61. Yeah, the Karens on twitter are amazing. Everybody cheering on Newsom for closing the CA beaches, and also reporting on young people for playing football on the beach.

    Sheep with an agenda.

  62. Wanna know what the American Communists look like? Take a gander at what they did to Flynn.

  63. That go daddy article is really the best out there for the complete picture of the scam.

  64. Comment by TeeRoy Jenkins on April 30, 2020 12:37 pm
    Wanna know what the American Communists look like? Take a gander at what they did to Flynn.


    I’ve seen signs on twitter that they are going with the “we do this to everyone so it’s not a big deal we did it to Flynn” defense.

    That’s as bad as it gets. It’s so bad God even has a Commandment against it.

  65. They want to live in a “Progressive” state? They can go live in one of the many that exist.

    There are a bunch of hippies who went to some festival down in Panama, to live among the natives and to be close to Gaia. No doubt lots of weed involved. They did this after it was stated there may be issues with air travel due to the Lung Pao Fluey.
    Well, most of the ‘natives’ left them on the beach, the military has moved in, confiscated their passports, and quarantined them until the end of May. Utopia it is no longer and they are not happy. They’ve been told they will have to pay for their meals, and if they don’t have the $$, they will have to work for them.

  66. “we do this to everyone so it’s not a big deal we did it to Flynn” defense.

    WTF, that is not a defense, it’s a full on indictment to raze the whole fucking agency to the ground. We’re talking criminal enterprise territory.

  67. we did it to Flynn
    Sydney Powell wasn’t able to be on the Wiser Show. I still listened until noon then switched to Rush’s fill in host, Ken Matthews. I might have misheard him but he may have said he has her coming on the show later.

  68. Birx is wearing the biggest scarf I have ever seen
    Was there a briefing?

    I miss the Trump Show now that it’s not daily

  69. So, here’s also a nice handy dandy little math thing. The article is a scare article, but if you take a lookie at the numbers …

    They show the United States has having 17,000 “Excess deaths” due to Covid, of course. Over normal death rate.

    BUUUUT – we’ve got over 62,000 Covid deaths. Someone esplain this to me. how is this possible?

    (not really)

  70. Go down to excess deaths chart.

  71. Scott was correct. He said “Laura, it looks like her head is sticking out of a laundry pile.”

    I saw it, it was bulky and covering her entire upper body, lol. I think she’s taunting Limbaugh.

  72. It’s possible with Common Core Leftist math, car in. Heart explodes out of your obese carcass = MOAR$$WUFLU

  73. 400k votes cast. 52 positive tests in poll workers.

  74. Lauraw, I roasted some beef bones yesterday prior to starting the broth. Bones full of marrow. Is it normal for so much oily junk to melt down out of them and what does this mean in having to skim some fat when it’s done tomorrow?

    I’m preferring the smell of chicken stock/broth.

  75. Most of the 52 “election” cases were in densely-populated Milwaukee.

    from the article.


  76. Who were the complete incompetents (or completely corrupt) representing Flynn initially?

  77. you will skim some fat, beasn, I’ve done it too. It will smell a little better in a broth. Scrape all of it into the pot, then add your water. Lots of flavor in those drippings.

  78. It means folks aren’t dying as much of other shit, including the shit that would have killed ’em if COVID hadn’t got to them first. But we also have about 17k poor slobs that wouldn’t have died from ~something~ that COVID got.

    If I’m not mistaken, in a population the size of ours, where 2.8 million people die of ~something~ every year? 17k over 6 months is a rounding error. Though it sucks to be one of the friends and families of those “rounding errors”.

    I just love how they rely on statistics as Bedrock Facts, then when you try to turn it around they decry you for treating people as “just a statistic”.

    Pass the napalm, please.

  79. Yeah, they have a lot of fat. After the broth cools, the beef fat will be hard and easy to take off the gelatinized broth.
    I usually filter and clean it by boiling it in a couple changes of water, and use it for cooking fat, or for putting in my suet feeder in winter.

  80. Speaking of which, I probably have enough saved-up clean beef tallow in my freezer to make a batch of beef fries. Hmmm.

  81. I did that Jay. I even dumped some of the clear ‘fat’ into the pot. I was surprised there was that much….or any at all on bones. Is it from the marrow? Is marrow fatty?

  82. What do suets look like? Wonder if I should feed them.

  83. I need to adopt you, lauraw, so you can teach me all the cooking things.

  84. How exactly do you ‘clean’ it by boil? How long does it last in the freezer, once it’s ‘clean’?

    Making a bar of suet for the birdies sounds like something I’d want to do.

  85. 17,000 deaths is a lot better than 63,000, etc.

  86. I ate three tiramisu flavored Oreos yesterday. I’m up 2 pounds today. Wth.

  87. heh, Ames community FB page took down the PJMedia link within minutes.

  88. Is marrow fatty?

    Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

  89. Is a pig’s pussy pork?

  90. I take the fat off and boil it for five or ten minutes in some clean water, then pour it all through a very fine strainer into another container and chill it. When it’s solid I take it off the water (which should contain the water-soluble bits of corruption now) and scrape any impurities off the bottom of the block. Frequently I do this twice, to get really clean fat and to get more of the salt out if it was from something salty.

    You can heat this and pour it into any mold. I vacuum-seal mine and store it in the deep freezer, so it’s pretty much good forever. I would think it lasts about a year in a regular freezer, but you can research this.

  91. Oh, FFS a simple google search shows Eric Holder is a partner in Flynn’s original law firm representing him.

    Flynn was dumb, his bad for not researching.

  92. I know what mold MJ would pour it into.

  93. Elliot got his spring haircut

  94. Elliot can get an haircut, but I can’t? Goes full Karen on J’ames. (I ❤️ his bandanna)

  95. That’s adorable, Jay.

    How’s the little scamp coming along on his naughtiness?

  96. Mare, DC is pretty incestuous. Law firms all seem to have crossovers with the Clinton/Gore group. MFM is intertwined with DNC, lobbyists, TFG, and Planned Parenthood. Stone’s Judge needs to be impeached. FBI needs to go away with their BS 302s.

  97. Huh, Hillary was never going to give up – was she?

    Lots of women literally begging for the VP position are going to be pissed they didn’t get “paid.”

  98. Eric Holder was is a pretty big player in the previous administration…that had a lot to hide. It was a very poor choice.

  99. And of course, he should have gone outside of DC. That was stupid.

    Sidney is based out of Texas.

  100. Sidney is awesome. He should’ve gone outside of DC, but before Donnie Two Scoops, I don’t think people realized how deep the Swamp went. A year ago, commenters at the HQ were saying you couldn’t get a GJ indictment for any of the Swamp, from a DC jury. After seeing the traitor McCabe, I believe that is true.

  101. Holders firm represented Gitmo fucks that TFG later released. I H8 that sloth looking chinless motherfucker.

  102. …before Donnie Two Scoops, I don’t think people realized how deep the Swamp went.


    Agree. I’m cynical as hell and I had no idea.

  103. Elliott looks hiphop. He should start a K Pop group.

  104. He’s Billy Idol. Mony Mony

  105. I wonder if Sidney Powell contacted Flynn after finding out the corrupt f*ckers on Muellers team are the same ones she’s dealt with in the past. Or did someone pass him her name because same.

  106. The guy Barr put on the second look at Flynn’s case is based out of Missouri. I’m guessing that is where these recent memos have come from.

  107. I wonder if Sidney Powell contacted Flynn after finding out the corrupt f*ckers on Muellers team are the same ones she’s dealt with in the past.


    Good question.

    She has some horror stories about these same characters.

  108. Governor Wuhan-Grisham will be holding a press conference today. I bet she’s going to extend us into June.

  109. Oso, that is absolute insanity.

  110. She is really jealous of the other tyrants. The Rez is being really hard hit by this. Dan thinks she’s just officially moving the shut down date from today to 5/15. I don’t trust her.

  111. Republicans are trying to get a Special Session called. She and the D🐀🐀 Legislators blew through our surplus and have been on a two year spending spree.

  112. Dan was right. Gah.

  113. We are closed until 5/20, and that might get pushed back.

    2 full months of this crap.

  114. Dog groomers are closed here in michigan. With everything else.

    We’re on our 7th week of this bullshit. Today I lost it on some nimrod bitching about the protest in Lansing “Can’t they stay home a month.” humn, why do people from other states care about protestors in another state THAT HAS NOTHING THE FUCK TO DO WITH THEM – AND IT’S BEEN MORE THAN ONE FUCKING MONTH .

  115. Wuhan actually opened up dog services. With CDC guidelines. My dog can get groomed, but I can’t

  116. Hilarious Biden gif in this article. I tried an image search for the gif only but in a move no one should be surprised about google “doesn’t have it”

  117. Hair stylists, barbers and pet groomers supposedly open this week. Tomorrow in fact. But they’ve put so many requirements for opening that a lot of businesses will surely take a wait and see attitude for the first week or two. Phase 2 includes nail salons. Tattoo parlors can’t open until Phase 3. Because the person getting their hair done can’t wear a mask I fail to see why nail salons and tattoo parlors need to wait.



  120. That’s the one. Slow Joe, reminiscing about scalps he’s sniffed


    If I was a barber I’d hold off on opening with all the hoops they’re making people jump through

  122. maine is on tucker right now

  123. Sunday River Brewing Co is opening tomorrow, no matter what. Bethel Maine.

  124. Janet Mills sounds like a real prize.


    Missed it. I’ll catch a rerun of that segmenmt.

  126. segment

  127. Maine has a ton of microbreweries and they’re suffering. I’m going to Bangor in the morning to support my local comic/coin shop and I’ll stop at Leadbetter’s on the way home to see if there’s any local beer on sale.

  128. Support the microbreweries first.

    It will be a more productive day.

  129. Did we scare Sean off? Only derps lately

  130. ugh, Michigan shut down til May 28

  131. Workers got a raise.

    Business owners got punished.

    Win Win

  132. Michigan is a horrible place,

  133. It didn’t used to be. That woman must be stopped, she’s basically asserted that she can extend her “emergency” powers until she sees fit.

    She doesn’t get that the armed protesters are being far more polite than our forebears were to the English. She won’t let the legislature set policy, she won’t let the people speak. Only one box left.

  134. Sorry, there’s one penultimate box: the jury box. A judge’s stay would be a huge step forward. Even if she ignored it, law enforcement who don’t want to die for that bitch will have some official cover.

  135. Why all you Wolverine/Spartan types getting in the way of a VEEP bid? C’mon now.

  136. Could be worse, could be Hawaii:


    Gov. David Ige, a Democrat, on April 26 extended his stay-at-home order to May 31.

    But some businesses in Oahu were being allowed to reopen Thursday by Ige, including golf courses and automated car washes.

    Local officials are pushing to reopen as the state sees fewer than seven new CCP virus cases on a daily basis for nearly two weeks. Ige wants to keep some restrictions in place until later this year or 2021.

    “Life will not be back to what it was until there is a vaccine,” he said at an April 29 press conference.

    Ige’s altered order let Hawaiians use beaches for exercise while allowing healthcare facilities to resume elective surgeries.

  137. “Having a 10 person limit for gatherings is not fair.
    That means Biden can hold his rallies but Trump can’t.”

  138. I was rather startled to get a spam email with one of my older passwords for a subject line. Could have been Walmart, Shutterfly, Snapfish, or SignUp Genius. I didn’t bother changing SignUp.

  139. Went looking for the Dr. Birx pile-o’-laundry scarf and found this.

  140. She’s hiding a bad neck. No botox in the neck, YO.

  141. That giant navy blue one, that’s the one. Gigantor. I wanted to say that one of these days she’s just going to walk out wrapped in a mile of fabric, but it looks like she already has!

  142. Hotspur,

    Here is a ban proof link to the two doctors from Cali press conference.

    That link is via Matt Christiansen who has a pretty good take on it as always.

  143. Dangerous events rattled Patricia.

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