You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Meme

Didn’t see this coming, didja?

Laura and Car in know!

Punny Punny time!


  1. Excellent post Jay.

  2. Segundo

  3. Niiiiiiiiiice.

  4. I see they are trying to push the “you can’t get immunity from Covid-19” so they can try and use that in the fall to prevent people from voting.

  5. It’s all so silly.

    Everyone is always trying to predict the future rather than plan for likely outcomes.

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. And now the latest COVID model has pushed the peak date for Texas out even further, and raised the peak number of deaths from 39 to 49 on the peak date, and extended the “safe” date by two more weeks to June 15th.

    F*** those guys.

  8. Oh, and great job, Jay – I love Tuesdays!

    And Saturdays, too, Jimbro!

  9. Agree with the “It’s all so silly”. Our governor “teased an opening of the state” yesterday and sounded like a mean mommy with her next comment that we’ll need to shut things right back down again if there’s a spike in infections. They’re running up against the limits of our patience. Pretty sure they realize that and this is all window dressing for later so they can cover their collective ass with an I told you so!

  10. Erin made a bumpy cake from scratch yesterday that was to die for. She also is this house’s master sammich maker.

    It’s also … kinda funny, because academics weren’t her strong spot, and she’s super insecure about it – but she really is smart as a whip. She’ll read things, and get stuff out of it that isn’t “dumb girl”. She make commentary on life that is spot on.

    A few weeks back, I came home complaining how Dana had beaten me in the workout. SHe just replies — w/o missing a beat – that dana’s also beating me in divorces.

    that girl.

  11. Dana is my crossfit bff. She’s also a coach.

  12. I kind of feel sorry for the people who are scared and staying home. They’re dumbasses but they’ve been brainwashed. It’s their fault for watching news 24/7.

    I don’t feel sorry for the Karen bitches who feel the need to WALK AROUND and yell at people who are out and about living their lives (as much as they are able). They are the snitch bitches who don’t see THEY would be the nightmarish bitch guard at the Nazi concentration camp

  13. ^^^ I saw another video of a woman walking her dog screaming at people and telling them she hopes they get covid.


  14. master sammich maker
    She’ll make a great wife for a deserving man

  15. Never underestimate the power of a good sammich.

    I wish I could eat them. I’d eat all of them.

  16. Gretchen gave a press conference about what we’re going to be allowed to do and it was just ridiculous. Stuff that we should have been allowed all along, plus silly distancing rules.


  17. This is about 5 min and is interesting on a couple of levels:

  18. It’s been said a million times but it is bizarre how openly power mad she is.

    She’s creepy.

    Her looks, the way she talks and of course, what she says.

  19. My work day started early. I am taking training that I helped write, which is why I’m not paying much attention.

  20. Northam is another one with the open power grab.

  21. Good video. Stossel is one of the news people who I can tolerate. Probably because he has some of the same brains and upbringing his brother had

  22. Good thing it wasn’t published on Medium, because it would be gone by now.

  23. That was a great article Carin. Already shared with many of my friends

  24. Carin, that’s a fantastic cover of Covid information to spread around. No pun intended.

  25. Yea, I thought it was great.

  26. Inspiring: Celebrities spell out “We’re all in this together!”

    Oh, did I forget part of the headline? “with their yachts”

  27. I believed they would do something like that.

  28. Great article, Carin!

  29. Trump has already signed one bill allowing terminal patients to try new drugs:

    Maybe he can get gelsolin fast tracked. More likely the media would get it spiked.

  30. Some new music for “you people.:

  31. Two California docs assert shelter in place no longer needed

    These guys were interviewed on Laura Ingraham last night. by the end of the show, their video was taken down by youtube, violation of community standards.

  32. Insane. What standard did it violate?

  33. It made the current policy look bad. That’s the worst one to violate. The Gretch is a big fan of that one, thought you knew.

  34. So. I have been informed that if I don’t have full April rent by Thursday, April 30 (what I’m behind on), it gets handed over to eviction. I was hoping the Corona check would show up in reasonable time to handle it but I’ve lost hope on that now. And then I have to turn around and pay by May 3 for that one…

    OR I can move out by Friday and not be “evicted” though where in hell I’d go right now with the current circumstances is utterly beyond me.

    To be fair they’ve been incredibly flexible and understandable. I am, after all, about a month behind, and they have to require full rent so as to not lose out on the full amount due to laws.

    Now I do get paid on the 30th, which would put me over and leave a small amount for…um, all other bills including food and gas until paid again May 15. Including, um, the next rent.

    Again, should have taken more care long ago to avoid this situation. Take this as an object lesson. Don’t be like me and don’t wind up like me.

    Funny thing is, part of me just no longer cares. March and April going lost with nothing I could do about it…it’s like fate is just mocking me.

    Well, maybe one of my brothers can help so I have money for food and bills after doing all this. Time to make phone calls. But…if the economy doesn’t open back up…then I don’t know how to work this long term.

    So yeah. I want better income, more stable living conditions, and every fucking Democrat and NeverTrumper garotted on national television in prime time. I don’t ask much…

  35. Keep up with communication, BroTim. They will continue working with you.

    I have been told that as long as you make small payments, they cannot take action against you. I don’t know how that works with real estate, but that is from my mom, as a former bill collector.

  36. as long as you are easy to work with, they will work with you. Evictions cost money and time, and if they will get their money, they will work with you, because it makes sense.

  37. So yeah. I want better income, more stable living conditions, and every fucking Democrat and NeverTrumper garotted on national television in prime time. I don’t ask much…



    I’ve heard more about this kid’s tattoo than his kicking skills

  39. What was the tattoo?

    That link is pop up bullshit heaven.

  40. can’t see it because of my adblocker. I’m shocked he could attend college with a clearly alt-right white supremicist tattoo like Libery or Death.

    jemele hill and terrell owens approved.

  41. Wait an effing minute, it said liberty or death?

    Well, eff that guy for being such a pussy to have it removed.

    And the Southern poverty law center is a ridiculous organization. They are the most racist F8cks in the country.

  42. Wait, it couldn’t have said Liberty or Death. Isn’t that a state motto?


  43. It’s a Patrick Henry quote – totally racist.

  44. Give me liberty, or give me your mom.

  45. White people speaking or being quoted affirmatively is aggressive violence of the worst sort.

  46. Something like this

    There was a shot of him with it in his college uni but it wasn’t that large. A kid who works in the pharmacy at work has one. Whatever. Just because the SPLC says it’s bad doesn’t mean shit.

  47. The Norway v Sweden comparison in Carin’s link should be the end of this shit everywhere on earth.

    But it won’t be. Because Orange Man Bad.

  48. I interacted with the individual who started the 3% concept. That is all it is, a concept.

    Premise. Only 3% of the eligible Male population was willing to pick up a rifle and fight the British during the American Revolution.

    Concept. I am a modern 3%. I will pick up arms if necessary to defend myself and others from tyranny. Including a government gone bad.

    There was never any room in the concept for racism. The subject of this story is a coward and should have the tat removed. He is not a 3%, he’s not willing to stand for himself much less others. He knows nothing about the symbol or the concept.

  49. lots of links were about his Liberty or Death tattoo, also.

  50. To be fair, the country was founded by English protestants, and there were some very serious discussions about whether Germans or Catholics could “be on the team” as it were. The Catholics got Maryland in hopes they’d all stay in their place, and the Germans got Penn’s Woods.

  51. Well said, TeeRoy.

  52. This is also part n parcel of the attack on nationalism. They are attempting to vilify any expression of nationalism as facist. As if there cannot be healthy expressions of nationalism. They are terrified of the consequences of national pride and its ability to unify. They need to keep us splintered to maintain control.

  53. Even simple patriotism is attacked. Independence Day and Thanksgiving are now “controversial” per the MSM.

  54. any way to get rid of a baby groundhog? It’s digging a hole underneath the ramp from the back patio, and it’s too cute to shoot.

    Catch it, give it a bath, put it in a kennel, feed it, love it, and call it ‘George’.

  55. I’m doing my annual security refresher on “insider threats” and there’s a pic of a young man in uniform with the caption “Chelsea Manning”.

    I like that the pic is contemporary to the crime. Feels like the module maker wanted to point out that Brad did this but they were forced to use his desired moniker.

  56. My freezer is only so big. I bought 2 chickens, 5 lbs chicken breasts, 9 lbs of pork loin (mostly because $1.39/lb and I’ve got a hankering for some barbecue), and a thing of country pork ‘ribs’, yesterday.

    MIL said I could use part of her freezer if I need it. She hasn’t learned anything from the TP fiasco. When I shop for her today, I’ll buy more chicken, if I can find it (looked like they were getting low yesterday).

    I told the son and SIL to get out and stock their freezers. SIL did but said daughter was saying they didn’t need to as they could go vegan *rolling my eyes here* but he said he couldn’t do without hamburgers. Not sure if the son did anything.

    So part of my shopping is to cover for the Mushroom in my basement and the dopey kids. Well….the one dopey kid. If daughter can’t be bothered to leave her house or even text her mother once a week, she can eat beans.

  57. Paula’s parents usually buy part of a steer every year in the fall. I ought to have her ask from where and get on it. Our big chest freezer in the basement is half filled with random stuff with probably half of that next to expiration. We have a smaller chest freezer in the kitchen for crap the boys heat and eat on their own like pizza, nuggets, fries and burritos.

  58. I’d been planning to get another freezer and buy half a beef in June, but the TP hoarders have moved on to freezers. I’m mostly eating grocery store meat and keeping my stocks just in case a disruption does come, but that means I’ve got no room for more.

  59. Second look at veganism?

  60. -trolling Leon-

  61. We need more beef. I’m torn between getting a 30 lb slab of inside top round, or a similar size of chuck. I can butcher the round into 4 or 5 nice roasts for roast beef and a couple london broil style steaks. OTOH, the chuck makes awesome faux brisket in the sous vide, and is superior for making ground beef and pot roast.

  62. Second look at veganism?

    I wouldn’t even take a second look at a hot vegan chick in yoga pants.

    Okay, maybe a second look, but emphatically not a third look.

  63. My SIL says they don’t usually buy pork. I think they don’t because they don’t know how to cook anything outside hamburgers and baked chicken.

  64. Hillary Clinton is going to be at Joe Biden’s virtual town hall meeting?


    Am I taking crazy pills???

  65. They need Meathead’s book.

  66. She is endorsing him.

    If Biden picks Kamela it’s officially another Clinton campaign.

    Hilary can put the band back together and fire up the Foundation.

  67. MIL said I could use part of her freezer since she only uses 1/2 max at any given time.
    Told husband I was going to buy more chicken and put it in her freezer.
    He makes all sorts of mouth noises to protect his mom’s space forgetting we had this conversation yesterday morning…”Oh no, you can’t just do that. You better ask her.” in a tone that says I’m overstepping. If he thinks it’s because she’s territorial and she winds up having a problem with it later, then he can take over her shopping. If he’s just saying that because he enjoys being contrarian….

    *adds meat mallet to the list*

  68. If you get a meat mallet, get the kind that leaves those waffle marks.

  69. Mmmm, chicken waffles …

  70. Your mom doesn’t care what kind of a mark my meat mallet leaves as long as it leaves a mark.

  71. I saw Meat Mallet open for Ozzie in 94.

  72. Before all this started, I bought a good stash of various canned meat at Costco. The son of a good friend said he wouldn’t eat canned meat. (I think we were talking about salmon patties for Fridays during Lent.) I said I bet you would if you were hungry enough.

    **surreptitiously hands Beasn slightly used meat mallet**

    Give me liberty, or give me your mom.


    He is not a 3%, he’s not willing to stand for himself much less others. He knows nothing about the symbol or the concept.

    And he’s going to learn, good and hard, that giving in to that crowd is never enough, they will continue to harass him to the ends of the earth or until he gives up and quits. Idiot.

  73. Most apartment management is all-or-nothing due to the way law in this area goes–if they take a reduced amount they lose the right to evict over full payment and it could be kited indefinitely. Honestly I’m about a month overdue so they’ve been very patient, I have no complaints on them.

  74. No need to watch, just important to share around the internet:

    They are taking this down all over the place.

  75. Would one of you smarties tell me why ANYONE is talking about a vaccine for Covid-19 when every single flu virus has mutated and flu vaccines have proven to be about 20% effective since we started giving them?

  76. Could Hillary be the VP pick?

  77. My favorite bit of naval trivia. There’s a guided missile destroyer in the US Navy. It was initially named after John McCain. And also, John McCain. But not after John McCain. Though, eventually, yeah, after John McCain.
    But it’s still not named after John McCain.

  78. His father?

  79. well as long as it’s not named after John McCain, then…

  80. Hillary as VP is her back door to POTUS

  81. Will either her or Joe survive the whole term?

    We’re gonna need another van.

  82. Joe can’t win with Hilary on the ticket, but Hillary can still get in.

    Joe picks Kamela.
    Joe steps down.
    Kamela names Hillary VP
    Tragic accident
    President Hillary

  83. I never ever want to think about Hillary’s back door again.

  84. The destroyer was named after John McCain’s dad, an admiral, and after his granddad, also an admiral.

    John McCain is a cunt.

  85. Was.

  86. Hotspur FTW!

  87. leon, why aren’t you a farmer yet? I’m told it’s free!

  88. It’s now officially named after all three of them, after he died.

    His son, BTW, is a good guy.

  89. Ok, now that Iowa is starting to open, people are complaining that they can’t stay home if they are scared, and keep collecting unemployment.

    Restaurants at 50% aren’t going to take everyone back. I’m sure they can keep you home.

  90. leon, why aren’t you a farmer yet?

    I hope that guy got schooled by some burly men with thick, red necks.

  91. Governor released new “Safer at Home” guidelines to start Thursday evening. What that means for any aspect of my continuing clusterfuck, I have no idea yet.

  92. Today was a Sr day. They are the worst. I had a show down with a manager today. She wanted me to be a Greeter. I can’t wear gloves. I played my Type II card. My boss had my back. I was ready to LOA with a Dr note. Petty politics. This shit gets old.

  93. Are they honestly reporting that the numbers are “creeping back up” basically one day after some shit opens.


  94. Greeters piss me off almost as much as chatty bank tellers.

  95. Car in, we heard that this morning

  96. Yea, I actually started hearing it yesterday. But as I was sitting here, trying to relax, I heard it in the background.

  97. Those Governors will be mass murderers by friday.

  98. Those Governors will be mass murderers by friday.
    They’ll blame Trump. It’s a given.

  99. They are pretty hard on the Gov here. Now they are celebrating all the restaurants that arent opening up on Friday.

  100. Of course the numbers are going to ‘creep back up’, they’re testing more people every day…

  101. Pretty sure the Iowa results creeping up by 150 today was because Reynolds is opening up 77 counties on Friday.

  102. Mrs. Pupster gave me a covid buzzcut this evening. Not a euphemism.

  103. Iowa case count is up by 508 today, to 6,376. Death count up by 9 to 136. 26th state in case count…

  104. And it’s all because the governor is opening 77 counties on the 1st!

    String her up!

  105. In Ohia it’s a Columbuzzcut.


  107. LOL, Pupster, too bad I’ve already done HHD for tomorrow. Those were fun.


  109. This is bizarre.

    The ‘Experts’ are full of shit…

  110. One of the funnest things about my job is where I take almost a week off. work one day, and get the next day off again.

    All the baby lettuces get planted tomorrow, yayyyyy

  111. Although my nose will be back to the grindstone in no time after tomorrow, hah.

  112. Deaf elephants rarely pout.

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