MMM 403: Joya de Cerén

Not exactly ancient, but the Stone Age lasted longer in some places than others.  In ~600 AD, the Loma Caldera erupted and buried a Mayan city entirely in volcanic ash, much like Pompeii on the other side of the world.  Joya de Cerén is the name given to the archaeological dig site in modern El Salvador where this amazingly well-preserved ruin is being slowly unearthed.  Given that contemporary Mayan pyramids can be found nearby, this buried city gives us an amazing glimpse into the daily lives of the people  who lived there at the time.






Governor Whitmer is an awful, rotten human being to whom many bad things should happen regularly and often.


  1. Good morning!

  2. I wish there were people or something in those pictures to indicate scale. No idea what I’m looking at, could be dollhouses.

  3. Scott is finishing the cabinet shelves. I’m ten minutes away from getting my pots and pans out of the living room.

  4. Not exactly ancient, but the Stone Age lasted longer in some places than others.

    Indeed. It lasted well into the 17th century in North America.

  5. Agreed. The doorways you see are all man-sized, but it’s hard to get that without a person in them. I believe that they are basically suspending people on scaffolds and rails to keep digging the place out. To afraid to disturb the structures that might still be concealed.

  6. For comparison, here’s the still-extant Roman Empire in 600 AD:

  7. Although technically it was the Byzantine Empire by that point, as Rome itself had “fallen”.

  8. And ended abruptly!

  9. Should have refreshed…that was in reply to Hotspur.

  10. We finished the chicken pen yesterday, at least to the point that the birds can go out. Hopefully we can air the chicken smell out of the basement quickly.

  11. It was a beautiful sunny day in Ann Arbor yesterday, and today looks to be a repeat. Things are starting to green a little.

    We have a huge flock of turkeys that cruise through the yard in early morning and late evening.

    Laura, I never got around to asking HotBride what she wants to grow. If you have some seeds to spare, I’m sure she’d love to plant them.

  12. MJ gave me a baggie labeled Seeds and Stems. Not sure what it is, but you’re welcome to grow it if you want.

  13. The pic at Insty of Central Park tells me everything I need to know about why NYC is (1) suffering worse than anywhere and (2) thinks the “lockdown” can go on indefinitely.

    Hint: they aren’t locked down at all, but think that they are.

  14. ‘SMare?

  15. I’m delighted to put together a nice selection for her, HS. How many square feet is her garden? Please email me the mailing addy.

  16. Whitmer is asshoe.

  17. Indeed. It lasted well into the 17th century in North America.
    Hey our Savages were Noble!

  18. Leon, the subway pictures are all I need to know about the stupid people/governor there.

  19. To be fair, the Central Parkers seem to be farther apart than usual.

  20. NY is AH

  21. what picture at insty?

  22. Here, Carin.

  23. MJ needs to go to the old folks home, now.

  24. How do you think all those old people get the clap, Jay?


    *I think

  26. where is the laugh emoji?

  27. May 1, 77 counties in Iowa, restaurants and malls can open at 50% capacity.

  28. Churches will open, social distancing applies.

  29. wow, the stream of comments in the Iowa governor’s press conference is mind numbing.

  30. Who wants to watch the 4pm Delivery of the Day’s Edict from Reichsfuhrer Half-Whitmer for me to protect my blood pressure?

  31. want me to live stream eating in a restaurant May 1?

  32. AL Gov to present reopening plan tomorrow. Two projects I’m working on are planning for a week from today.

  33. Question for Scott – any way to get rid of a baby groundhog? It’s digging a hole underneath the ramp from the back patio, and it’s too cute to shoot. Pepper spray? Mothballs?

  34. Little pest.

  35. You need a cattle dog or two

  36. roamy,
    Live trap it and drop if off 5 miles down the road

  37. Half an apple should bait it nicely. Marshmallows work too, but those are better for raccoons.

  38. *wonders if MJ will sing the gun parts in the mailbox happiness song….

  39. Smelly things are supposed to work

    – old cat litter
    – soiled diaper
    – ammonia
    – lavender
    – garlic

    Not too cute to shoot. That thing will never stop digging and it will eat everything you care about.

  40. Either way, you really need to get him out of there.

    They are incredibly destructive.

    One of them burrowed underneath our porch foundation, so it’s kind of like a bounce house now.

  41. Yeah, have someone else relocate him to “the farm”.

  42. Just shoot the fucker.

  43. Yep, and fill the tunnel. His cousin will find it almost immediately.

    I think I went through 10-15 of those things until I filled the burrow with concrete.

  44. Hotspur, does she have the ability to trellis tall climbers like pole beans/ cucumbers?

    My email is laura w tips AT hotmail

    Address please. I’m sending her small packets of everything that doesn’t require having been started indoors weeks ago.

  45. How big is this garden?

  46. Raised bed is 4’x8’x12″deep. She has lots of other space for climbing beans, tomatoes, etc.

    Address via email.

  47. What or more likely who is the end game for Dems to be pushing Joe out of the race?

    If I was a Bernie supporter, I’d be raging.

  48. Oprah.

  49. Really Leon?

    Are you being sarcastic or is that a play those dolts would make?

  50. Kidding. I think it will be Joe and Tank Abrams, and they’ll get slaughtered, clearing the way for the New Left (same as the Old Left) in 2024.

  51. I think it’s going to be closer than you think.


    <script async src="

  53. Eavesdropping on idiots at work, these LIVs believe everything the MFM and The View reports. Our GM outed me as the person that got the fan taken out of the Breakroom. He thought he was recognizing me for Safety. Y’all can call me “Karen”. True Story: Dan and I continue to be the only people that wash our hands consistently. Just like before the Wuhan. I was just watching footage from Grants, NM. The Mayor opened up Grants. Any businesses that wanted to open, could. He called our Governor “Michelle Wuhan”

  54. Oh, we’re expecting meat shortages in the coming weeks. We started limiting meat purchases again. 1 Chicken. 1 beef. 1 lamb. 🎶🎶🎶 George Thorogood

  55. I tried to use Latinx in a Twitter comment. Autocucumber gave me the option of Latino or Latina. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. We got about 80 lbs of meat today at the restaurant supply place.

    Prices are coming up.

  57. Yes. Supply is getting ready to implode. Load up. We have removed limits for most items. Wipes, Clorox, and paper are still limited. Meat just went back to limits.

  58. Our CEO was just on the Trump Show. He identifies as an “Associate”. He started as one of us. His dad worked for WalMart.

  59. . That groundhog is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  60. I have to go back for some more staples. Freezer still only 2/3 full. I’m ticked off because my mask caused my glasses to fog up so bad in the refrigerated warehouse that I couldn’t see, and had to quit before I got everything I wanted.

    Also, the other customers are usually rude fucks in there, but today they were much worse than usual. There’s a current of tension. It was stressful just trying to walk through there.

  61. He called our Governor “Michelle Wuhan”



  62. You might want that groundhog to fatten up a bit before you kill it …

  63. Sifty posted that urine keeps your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. It might be true. You have to be known as peepee glasses.

  64. I can’t believe anybody would find a rodent cute in any way. All look eminently killable, in my opinion.

    He is on your deck sniffing around because he yearns for the grave, Roamy. Don’t disappoint him.

  65. …escept for beasn’s piggehs of course. They are adorable.

  66. Our baby hawks are here. They are noisy.

  67. I’m going to try to save seed from as many of my plants as possible this year and next Spring. I hate what’s going on right now. It’s bad enough not being able to find paper towels and TP. But the seed racks getting emptied by people who don’t even normally garden is ridiculous.

  68. Probably the most interesting piece at the NY Post today


    If this was the GOP the media would be running non stop with “Civil War In The Republican Party” stories. Instead? … crickets. Just like Joey Fingers’ accuser has been labelled not a credible accusation.

  70. Our floral bouquet sales have been beyond LY. I guess people have increased their floral buys. We are now facing a shortage of flower purchases. Going into Mothers Day. With a jewelry lockdown.

  71. hmm, maybe I should plug in the old freezer, and load it up. already have one freezer

  72. Baby hawks are annoying.

    Feed me!
    Feed me!
    Feed me!
    Feed me!

    Sunrise to sunset.


  73. * throws baby groundhog at baby hawks *

  74. Sofia is so damn hot, but her voice is so grating. However, I volunteer to learn to live with it.

  75. Goodnight, shmoops.

  76. Dirk encouraged Rita’s promiscuity.

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