1. Fine set o’ memes you got here

    Great job Jay!

  2. That 491 thing is why I gave up hope. Not because I think He won’t forgive me, but because I have no essential faith in the valid nature of my own penitence.

  3. Husband was doing a project at my daughter’s house, got home late…no garbage can update.

    But I’m worried. I loved that can.

  4. Jay, you killed it again with the memes.

    I’ll keep it simple, I love the dog who thinks I’m cute.

  5. My Keurig died and I’m kind of glad. Expensive POS wherein you must use expensive POS pods. Old ways are some of the best ways.

  6. HUZZAH!! Just got a text from our sweet, old, neighbor. Our trash can is in his garage.

    You know that feeling you get when you don’t see your child in a store for a second, then you see them and everything is right with the world again?

    It’s not like that at all.

  7. HAPPY CANS !!!


  9. I like the harvest cat and the dog who thinks I’m cute best. Everything else is good, too! Thanks, Jay 😊

  10. @bansisharma
    Gov. Cuomo says NY State budget is in deep doo-doo. You know which corporation is doing absolutely great during the coronavirus crisis and could have done so much for New York’s economy. Ah, yes! Amazon. Why does it not have an HQ in NY? Because @AOC!

  11. Our trash can is in his garage.

    I hope you will be pressing charges.

  12. Dog who thinks I’m cute is definitely the best.

    Glad you got your can back, Mare!

  13. That 491 thing is why I gave up hope.

    I think you need to give God a bunch more credit in the merciful department.

    Have you tried wearing an articulated unicorn mask to mass?

  14. ww.

  15. Mass is outlawed.

  16. Plus, it’s not about Him, it’s about me.

  17. Jesus is gonna kick your ass in the parking lot. *looks at sign* At 6PM.

  18. He trained under St Joseph as a “tekton”, which is basically a guy who builds everything not made of metal or leather, with basic hand tools. He’s ripped, prolly whoop my ass.

  19. Rainy as crap here. Perfect time to finish the chicken pen and get the boyds outdoors.

  20. Are the chickens flollicking?

    Is there such a thing as a chicken play date? You and CARin should set that up. I’d like a video of a Possum riding a Moose for my gif binders.

  21. Too much stress on the birds, even when I used to live closer.

  22. Are the chickens flollicking?

    Floridly so

  23. I shaved, showered and put on clothes I haven’t worn in a while that I’d normally wear at work. I’ve been getting WTF looks from Paula every time she sees me.

  24. When I light up a stogie later she’ll be reassured I’m still the slob she married

  25. Mare’s neighbor took care of her dirty can.

  26. “Fighting Jesus? Who did he ever beat up?”

    “Death and the Devil.”

    “…you are so fucked, dude.”

  27. HA! Hotspur! When my neighbor texted my husband and said, “your trash can is in my garage” he added, “yours is the clean one!”

  28. Mare’s Clean Cans Killed It

  29. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

  30. Multi-tasking this morning – talked to my dad while I was trying to debug my computer. I uninstalled several apps, had Norton repair itself (if you go into Settings -> Windows apps and select “modify”, there’s an option to repair), rebooted, ran CCleaner again, now doing a full Norton scan, to be followed with Malwarebytes scan.

    The storm earlier this week destroyed my stepmom’s greenhouses, but thankfully dad and stepmom are fine, the cats are fine, and there was no damage to the house.

    We also had a friendly argument about frost-free freezers. I would think frost-free means your food gets the same thaw/freeze cycle it would in the freezer half of a refrigerator, so that means your food won’t last as long. Dad is buying a new one since the insurance company declared his old one a loss after the house fire.

  31. Oh, and one of my priest friends has the Wuhan flu. Probably got it administering Last Rites. Prayers and good thoughts for him, please.

  32. Frost-freeness is in fact facilitated by thawing cycles. The alternative will preserve food better but will need to be chiseled out every so often.

  33. Current freezer is one that needs to be chiseled out. I do it once a year to make sure I don’t end up with an archaelogy project.

  34. I wouldn’t sacrifice Florida. I’d go with NY and CA, with a dollop of D.C..

  35. Love the black pupper!

  36. I don’t actually chisel it. I move the food into coolers or the fridge, unplug the freezer and leave it open for a while. It is in the basement in a room with a drain, so I line up old towels on the floor to point the water to the drain. I leave it like that for 3 or 4 hours, and it’s mostly done. Sometimes I use a hair dryer to speed things up.

    It’s an upright. I can see where a chest freezer would be a pain, unless there’s a drain plug or something.

    There’s also a dehumidifier in that room, and I think that keeps the frost from building up too badly.


  38. Watching “Oklahoma”. White as Wonder bread Eddie Albert playing a Persian.

  39. Richard jewel was really good. Sam Rockwell is brilliant


  41. you’re getting pretty good at these meme posts pupster.

  42. I buy Brady going in the wrong house. Getting busted for working out in the park seems like a “Look, it’s me!” move. Boston sports media doesn’t mind trashing him now. Same with Gronk. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll hop on the Bucs Train if the Pats have a rough year and trash Belicheck just as readily.

  43. I thought Gronk “retired”.

  44. Getting busted in the park is “our cops are dicks” move. There are tons of people in our parks.

  45. There is a huge billboard not too far from my house welcoming Gronk to Tampa. I don’t watch pro football anymore and don’t have strong feelings about him but isn’t he a gigantic man slut?

  46. Gronk was on The Masked Singer and was so bad, it was funny.

  47. Gronk is an enigma. He’s one of the best Tight Ends to ever play and has not spent a dime of his salary (allegedly). He’s lived off his endorsement money so they say. He’s dated the same chick for years but hasn’t put a ring on it yet. Coach Belichick kept him under wraps as far as speaking his mind about things (same as all his players) which I think we’ll discover was a good move. When he speaks he does himself no favors … he sounds like a dufus. He retired but never ruled out playing again. Our sports media think this was his plan all along. Knowing Brady had a contract that freed him after last season he said all along “Brady is my QB”. If Brady resigned with New England I think he’d remain retired. He just doesn’t like playing for Bill. Too many rules. At the same time he’s been speaking well of Kraft and Belichick. If he has a great season people will say NE got ripped off with the trade but the bottom line is that they got something for a guy who was never going to play in NE again.

  48. Jimbro, that’s an excellent recap! Thank you.

  49. Kim Jung Un

    Dead or alive?

    Seeing rumors he’s dead popping up here and there

  50. BRB, going to go downstairs and look at my trash can!

  51. Let us know if you find Wo Fat

  52. Send pics of your can from downstairs.



  55. Home heating fuel is $1.39 per gallon.

    Going to do the price guarantee thing as soon as I can.

    We paid twice that last year, and 3X that when Obama was saving the planet.

  56. Kim Jung Un is alive, but the Chinese doctors coming to “help” are bringing the ‘rona with ’em.

  57. China was using Kim Jung Un as a puppet for leverage against the US. Trump started dealing directly with Kim and hopefully was making progress in disconnecting the North Koreans from China. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that China removed Kim and will put a better controlled puppet in his place.

  58. Jimbro, he is going to have to get off the CBD. I loved his family on Wahlburgers. His dad is a riot. Maybe, the FL sun will help alleviate the pain that he has credited CBD for mitigating?

  59. His sister is more evil than KJU. KJU was open to Rodman and Trump’s vision of a non-CCP NOK.

  60. Scott, your Gov is getting sensible while #Dolt Murphy is losing it. We still suck more than you guys.

  61. I think the new NFL CBA is much more lenient on weed. I tried finding something that spelled it out precisely but there were too many words and I didn’t care that much. The testing period is dramatically shortened to 2 weeks from 4 months was one of the things I understood.

  62. I was shoveling compost with my gardening friend today and was amazed at how many people were at the compost pile. She told me that because of C19, everybody wants to garden this year. Lots of seed companies are no longer filling orders, sold out. I’m like, AYFKM?? Good thing I started saving my own seed! But now I regret the seed trading/giving I did earlier this year.

    Also, her extreme keenness to take any extra I have is making a lot more sense now. She is taking my discards and making bank.

  63. Jimbro, I only know what I’ve seen on his tweets. He was really enjoying the pain relief on his retirement with the CBD. I bet he’s a toker. A midnight smoker.


    We really do. I keep pinging on Mare on Twitter, but she never shares. It’s a shame. She’s a gorgeous woman.


  66. We got a mis-ship from WM. Bacon. Manager decided to make BLTs. I had a bacon sammich. Not a fan of the L or the T. Don’t really like toasted Sammiches. Dan makes a double BLT. I comment that Dan went with “The Dagwood”. Dan and I are the only people in the room familiar with Blondie. Get off my lawn

  67. I should bake some homemade bacon, BLTs sound good

  68. #Dolt Murphy

    Roamy ♥ Wisermeany

  69. I made the IKEA meatballs for dinner, and they were good. Well, to be honest, I used the Costco frozen meatballs and made the cream sauce to go with them. Nom nom nom.

  70. Osita, Costco was out of the regular bacon when I was there. Lots of low sodium bacon.

    It was weird what they had and didn’t have. Almost no pork or chicken, a few big honey-baked hams, lots of beef, lamb ($$), and frozen fish. Peas but no green beans. Paper towels but no TP.

    I would have bought some lamb, but the cheap cuts were $9/lb.

  71. Comment by lauraw on April 25, 2020 7:26 pm
    I was shoveling compost with my gardening friend today…


    Wow, you life sounds glamorous….. 😉

  72. Mare is spending a ton of time with her garbage can.

    “Garbage can” must be code for something else.

  73. Shopping is all about timing. I took 20 items off limits today. We ran out of paper towels and TP in under 2 hours. We still had both types of flour. We are looking at a severe meat shortage soon. 12 processing plants closed to the Rona. Meat processing is vulnerable to a droplet based virus. Cold and non-porous surfaces

  74. If anybody ever thought my life was glamorous, they were reading someone else’s comments.

    My tomato seedlings look incredibly unhappy. I think it’s just ten degrees too cold down in the cellar, and I’m too cheap to get a seedling heat mat.

  75. lamb has been really expensive for 2 years here too

  76. This state was one vote away from freeing Gary Ridgeway, “The Green River Killer”, from prison so that he would not contract the Kung Flu, it was 5 – 4.
    I can’t fuckin’ believe that. This is way the fuck beyond stupid.
    “Let’s release a serial killer so that he doesn’t get sick.”

    What the fuck is wrong with you??!?!

    But then, we have Jay Inslee as governor, “Trump is fomenting insubordination!
    He does not realize that we are NOT his subordinates.
    He fancies himself as king of Washington.
    He is merely a public servant elected to supervise the administration of the Washington bureaucracy…

  77. Seriously? A serial killer? every lib I know crows about prisoner rights, but only non-violent offenders would ever go free.

  78. That’s insane, ChrisP.

  79. David’s examination revealed pleurisy.

  80. Better pleurisy than piles (for the examiner anyway)

  81. Just signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share at a local farm. I may need to pay more attention to the canning comments around here. Canning … not cans.

    I’ve been driving by their sign for years and bought some produce from them at a farmer’s market last year. They seemed like normal people not hippies.

  82. As I slowly woke up this morning I really had to think about what day it was. It was a toss up between Saturday or Sunday. Then I remembered the memes and got my head set straight.

  83. Yea, days of the week can be tricksy. Yesterday really felt like a Sunday all day.

    I helped a friend move her daughter out of a house who had ended up in a bad situation (of her own making).

    Never been in a house that had been raided by the drug po-po. Doors all knocked in. Shit just spilled out on counters.

    All in all, a pretty educational day.

  84. L:R, Life:me


    Yeah, it’s smacking on Trump, but he does have Fauci down pat, and the last bit is nice.

  86. Apparently Fauci had been asked who he’d like to play him in a movie, and he answered, “Brad Pitt, of course!”

  87. Evictions can be educational as well.

  88. Girl is 18. Ethan’s age. Ethan knows her. He’s told me she was selling hard drugs, and I’m really good friends with her mom – but rumors are rumors and I don’t spread ’em.

    But cops don’t bust into homes like that for Pot.

  89. Chrispy’s story last night caused a little rage.

  90. Ikea recipe meatballs turned out to be really good, I’m going to convert all the skandi to ‘merican and post it on the recipe blerg.

    Today I’ll smoke some ribs, mow the lawn, and drink some beer.

    I helped a friend move her daughter

    You are a good friend.

  91. But cops don’t bust into homes like that for Pot.

    They were actually looking for illegal vegetable seeds.

  92. Or a hoard of N95 masks and/or hand sanitizer

  93. Butcher block counter gets installed today.

    Woo hoo!

    Almost as exciting as finding your garbage can.

  94. Rocketboy and FDIL are coming over for Mass and lunch. I’m making this:

  95. On the far end of my field, close to my neighbor, is a huge stand of Japanese knotweed. It is absolutely thriving for some reason. Every year it gets cut down by the bush hog dude and looks good for about 6 months. My neighbor emailed us this morning asking if she could put some heavy tarps and bricks on it to try to control it. The answer is “Yes, of course!” but we always find it funny the worries they have about it. I mow near their yard and my fence to keep a strip about 10 feet wide but there’s always a rogue one or two plants that try to gain a toehold on their lawn. Every now and then I’ll spot a circle of chemical destruction around one of the pioneer plants.

  96. That looks fantastic Roamy

  97. I have 100% confidence in Meathead’s recipes.

    That will be awesome.

  98. Anyone notice Pelosi is trying to hide her neck behind huge, thousand dollar scarves?

    Something’s fucky.

  99. Almost as exciting as finding your garbage can.



  100. Anyone notice Pelosi is trying to hide her neck behind huge, thousand dollar scarves?

    Something’s fucky.


    Surgery bruises, discolorations?

  101. Flower planting day!

    Lil man is very excited.

  102. The legislators wearing masks is hilarious. About one in 10 get it right. Effing idiots.

  103. Human nature cannot be denied.

    That is why this quarantining/mask wear bullshit is bullshit.

    People are dumb, lazy, in a hurry, and mostly act out of habit. Not bad people just doing what they normally do.

    This thing will spread no matter what because of “human nature” or “human error” doesn’t matter.

    Example: All the people I see at the store either working or shopping wearing masks below their noses.

  104. Hiding a neck … goiter? Thyroidectomy scar? She does have some exophthalmos going on.

  105. Paula has been losing her shit about people wearing gloves in the community. They touch everything including their faces with the gloves on and pretend they have magical powers. When she does triage and people come in wearing gloves that they’ve been touching who knows what with she makes them take them off, use gel hand sanitizer and then proceeds.

    She’s an active Facebook user and rages about the stupid shit she sees there as well. Every now and then I hear “THE WHOLE IDEA WAS TO AVOID HOSPITALS FROM BEING OVERWHELMED! WE DID THAT … TIME TO MOVE ON AND OPEN THINGS UP!” This is one of the reasons I don’t even look at Facebook or have an account.

  106. We planted our tomato plants yesterday. All is now right with the world.

  107. A local family grocery store used to make awesome prepared foods, with a stuffed pork loin pretty similar to that one, Romacita. I miss that place. They sold the business and it has never been the same.

    I have made stuffed roasts like that for Scott and it’s always a hit with him even though he’s not crazy about pork. I usually do a simple sausage stuffing in there.

  108. Something something your mom.

  109. Jimbro, do you think opening up other Country is good or bad?

    Also, something something your mom.

  110. Our country not other…stupid autocorrect on my phone!

  111. Must have been some kind of special flame-retardant charcoal, it took me 45 minutes to get the grill lit properly. This is nuts.

    I made Meathead’s Bread and Butter Stuffing but with regular raisins instead of cranberry raisins and no celery.

  112. Bloody hell, I want things to get back to normal. As much as I love mostly just lounging around the house fucking off (because honestly, there’s jack shit else for me to do), I was raised just well enough to feel bad about it and wanting that job thing to go to again.

  113. My priest friend who has the virus – he dutifully wore all of the PPE for the Last Rites visit at the hospital, used a Q-tip to apply the holy oils, which then went into a ziplock bag and was burned. He thinks he did everything right and still got sick. Or someone else who was asymptomatic got close enough.

  114. All of which complicates my income issues that I really need to resolve, but with the economy being kept in suspended animation…

    The whole damn thing has this unreal quality that really, really irks me.

  115. Rules are for peons.

  116. Hang in there, BroTim.

  117. I think it’s time to gradually open things up Mare. People are not going to be all that eager to rush out right away after being cowed by the media and its representatives in government (or is that vice versa?) but human nature will win. What we’re doing is so contrary to what people normally do which is why it all feels so weird. People enjoyed the vacation for the first week or two, maybe a little longer, but it’s past the point of enjoyment now. Protecting the elderly will remain a need for months. That’s not going to change. But if we get honest reports about suicides, domestic violence, substance abuse, crimes committed by people released early and an accurate accounting of deaths directly related to coronavirus we’re going to see this was a colossal mistake.

  118. A mayor doesn’t know how to remove old nails? ERIN know how to do that.

    Shit. People are really fucking stupid. you look something up (the internet, have you heard of it?) and you follow directions.

  119. Music was spot on. Not used to Nirvana songs without Kurt Cobain’s voice but he acquitted himself well. I could have done without the house dresses even though it was a tribute to Kurt’s choice of occasional costume.

  120. Yep. The house dresses was kind of funny I thought.

  121. There, it’s settled

  122. I just read a story about all the keg beer that’s about to go bad. Brewers missed out on St Paddy’s Day and March Madness and the kegs are good for between 2 and 6 months. They’re also worried about kegs in restaurants that may go bankrupt. Getting them back amidst court proceedings is going to be tough.

  123. But think of all the lives saved.

  124. I want to see the autopsy results of Fauxcahontus’ brother. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her vapid, piehole.

  125. Pork loin was awesome, if I say so myself. Cooked some ribs while the coals were still hot, so either supper tonight or tomorrow is done.

  126. I just listened to an interview with Sidney Powell, Flynn’s lawyer, and my anxiety level is at ELEVENTY!! Nope, make the TWELVETY!! The eleventy hit yesterday when I saw some Trump hater going all in on the bleach thing. I am finding it extremely difficult to hold my temper these days.

  127. Got a couple of beautiful pork purchases yesterday. Also noticed my MIL’s freezer has a lot of room in it. If the rush for meat isn’t on yet, think I’ll borrow half her freezer space.

    My BIL did a drive-by yesterday and dropped off some zinc for his mom. Can’t find it anywhere. He’s a pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy and was able to order some. Took a few weeks for it to come in. (doctor wants her to take it to help with her inner ear issues)

  128. Here’s the link to the Powell interview.

    My fantasy….Trump gets re-elected and reappoints Flynn to deep clean the FBI and CIA.

  129. I have a bad gut reaction to zinc.


  131. My fantasy….Trump gets re-elected and reappoints Flynn to deep clean the FBI and CIA.

    If it’s between this and a mid-20’s Alyson Hannigan in a french maid’s uniform, I pick this.

    It’s a really close call, though.

  132. /stamps “APPROVED” on leon’s fantasies


  134. Kitchen projects alllllll done. Except for the rest of the shelves, toekick, some small filling and sanding and touchups, some kind of wall decoration, window treatments…

  135. Scott bought a bone-in pork loin roast today. Any suggestions?

    Recipe suggestions, that is. I’m not interested in shooting it, blowing it up, or launching it at anything.

  136. You should stuff it full of calamondin, ‘galeux d’eysines’ and goji berries.

  137. No, YOU should stuff it.

    Bad dog!

    *rolls up a magazine threateningly*


  139. Whoever did the music matchup for that is a freakin’ genius.

  140. Sad news – Jazz’s dad passed away. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

  141. Heh, that’s Walter Geoffrie the Frenchie. He’s always embarrassing his mom (that’s the schtick of the page, really funny)

  142. Cuomo refused request from nursing homes to send covid 19 patients to the Comfort.

  143. J’Ames, I’ve seen similar issues at my work. One evening, nurses on a geriatric unit insisted that an incoming patient who was knowingly exposed to a C19+ person, be tested and found negative prior to admission.

    The placement people pitched a fit and made sure that this would never happen again. They made it policy the very next day, that incoming patients known to be recently exposed, but asymptomatic, did not have to be tested for C19 prior to admission to a geriatric unit.

    It’s arguably a recipe for disaster in a situation where asymptomatic people apparently can spread it like crazy and accidentally kill the compromised population.

    But, keep it Shut Down, you proles. Stay at home. Eat old rice.

  144. I would think we’d try and be extra careful in those communities, since they are starting with compromised systems. There just has to be another way to process such patients.

  145. In the best of times, placement in these geriatric/ nursing care places is fierce. Right now it’s horrific, since half the places have shut their doors to new admissions entirely (which I agree with).

    I would defer to the experts as to how best to protect people with specific weaknesses as inpatients. But it seems like a no-brainer to keep exposed/infected persons out.

  146. there’s a big facility in mom’s town, they have been lucky with no positive cases. Her sister started at this place as a nurse a looooooong time ago.

  147. I was talking to my older brother who lives near Lubbock the other day. His wife is an RN who is now working as a caseworker at the teaching hospital for Texas Tech Med School. IIRC he told me that there were around 75 identified positive cases in Lubbock and 60 of them were from one assisted living facility.

  148. Will finally be heading back to Texas on May 10th.


  149. Don’t ever rile pangolins.

  150. Where is everyone?

    News said 1 in 5 deaths were in nursing homes. THe one place in new york had 55 deaths. I’m pretty sure the only only deaths here in Lapeer were in a nursing home or hospice. Plus one elderly guy – I don’t know his situation though. We had a 55 y/o die, but he was in the nursing home.

    My friend Rob – his family rushed plans to move him home. Smart idea.

  151. I’m having astoundingly bad luck with big rock research this morning. Regular sites are all either not showing up or their scripts are broken.

  152. Nursing homes are the hot spots for deaths in Maine as well. I don’t know the exact numbers and I have a feeling they don’t want that leaked too early. Our governor is announcing a reopen plan today supposedly. Paula was delighted to see her gym was opening up next week on Monday. She’s been working hard on maintaining fitness but really prefers the group environment at the gym to just working out at home.

  153. How about abandoned gold mines or some such shit?

  154. Not to be a heartless rightwing fascist nazi, but don’t really old people living in nursing homes constitute a fairly narrow demographic for whom extra precautions could easily be taken without crippling the rest of us?

  155. Office starts late today. Got a baby having a hip ultrasound at 2:00 and my booking secretary had us starting at 8:30, finishing at noon an d hanging around until 2:30 to see the baby. I got her to move things around so we don’t have the big gap. She’s not the brightest bulb in the circuit but she’s nice and has stuck with the job for about 5 years which is one of the longer term office assistants I’ve had at big hospital.

  156. Leon, really, we should change our entire life, give up our freedoms for ever (the New NOrmal) because overwhelmingly the sick and weak can be harmed.

    People really aren’t deep thinkers in this matter. I don’t know if they’ve just refused to contemplate or what.

  157. Leon, I think that’s what people are slowly waking up to realize a little too late.

  158. I lived right next to a ghost town when I was in Belleville. There’s still a Rawsonville Ford plant, but Rawsonville itself is completely submerged. Flooded when they built the nearby dam.

  159. Sadly, no one appears to have “dived” the flooded town for images. At least not that DDG can find.

  160. Crap, I knew it was close, I didn’t realize how often I drove past it. “Belleville Lake” — actually a wide spot in the Huron River — was where the town still sits under a about 100′ of water

  161. They flooded a town or two for the Quabbin Reservoir in MA as well.

  162. Open up the effing Country, dipshits.

    This is the left. They do not care about you. They care about power.

  163. Way too early for this……

  164. I really, really, really hope that the feds aren’t thinking about bailing out states that want to stay shut down.

    Hawaii runs on the tourist industry is staying closed through May.

    Dumb f*cks.

  165. I don’t think I can put anything together in time. I’m a slacker who should be fired as post making person. If I’m lucky my workday will only run from 830 this morning to 1030 tonight.

  166. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 27, 2020 8:10 am
    Sadly, no one appears to have “dived” the flooded town for images. At least not that DDG can find.


    That would be cool.

  167. Norther Michigan has upwards of 50 abandoned copper and mica mines. Most of the photos are just entrances, though. Way to dangerous to just walk down there.

  168. I’m not fixing that typo.

  169. When I went online to check my office start time I thought I’d check the census on a few floors where my patients have historically been. Pediatric ward: 0. Pediatric ICU: 1. Big ICU: 3. That’s just crazy

  170. Morning bags of dick

  171. Is that your breakfast today?

  172. Lack of big rocks killed it.

    I have a few minutes between meetings. I’ll see what I can find.

  173. No

  174. Found something. Soon.

  175. Leon is getting his rocks off.

  176. Not since the lockdown. Only time we were getting a moment alone was when dearest daughter was at school.

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