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We need a break from bad news, viruses, and your mom.

Can’t escape the pun!


  1. my god, it’s full of…dogs

  2. First

  3. Jay, you can’t poat first in your own poat you fucking retard.

  4. I poat first EVERY TIME BECAUSE I CAN!

  5. well done Pupster!

  6. LOL This fucking whore doesn’t even know what’s going on in her own campaign.

  7. Wait, a democrat had to rescind a contract? You gotta be kidding me! It’s really the burning times now.

  8. ISWYDT MJ. Well played!

  9. They usually rescind those after the work but before the payment, this is just happening early.

  10. I almost linked a cute dog video because they’re cute and sweet and we (I) needed a boost!

    Well done, Pupster!

  11. It’s cute Hotspur thinks there are rules here.

  12. Kim Jong Un Update

  13. Heh! Jay did you see the meme of Kim Jong Un saying:

    When I die I want all my pantsuits to go to Hillary.

  14. This is JayinAmes. He posts great content every week, sometimes more than once. H***kin good job Jay 11/10.

  15. Ba haa haaa … you guys see Cueom “reemerge” from his basement?

  16. Yeah, Tucker made fun of that last night. Like he hadn’t already been to the Hamptons.

  17. Gah. I’m Coronavirus depressed. It’s cold. I can’t go anywhere. Do anything. Can’t pick out paint for some project.

    Nothing to look forward to because life in the forseeable future has been cancelled. Concerts. One race postponed, but really are they going to run the races even in the fall?

    It’s weird that people seem to value life over living. Let’s just hide in our basement.

  18. The only thing I can think of to defy the order is to go to our lake cottage. I can’t even fire up the pontoon boat and tool around trying to get arrested because it’s still in storage.

  19. I have been going the “wrong way!” in supermarket aisles with no f’s given.

  20. Brother can’t take his boat out in MI either.

  21. New H2 Header image

  22. Nuh unh.

  23. Or as our Cuntvernor would say, “Nein.”

  24. The post we needed right now, but not the one we deserve? Eh, grace on the Intarwebs.

    Love the lot of ’em. Todd at the top truly remembers and keeps the ancient pact between Man and Canine. All the treats for that one.

  25. Good norminegn.

    One more evening shift today then I’m off for a few days. Unlike MI, CT is headed by a spineless puppet and not a spiteful hellspawn, so I can go to Home Depot and buy whatever the fuck I want that is still being stocked. Like those base cabinets I primed and sanded yesterday.

    At some point, more ordinary goods are going to be getting scarce because those workers haven’t been at their posts producing them. At some point, printing money that is not backed by our own productivity could lead to inflation. Let us treasure this moment where none of that has happened yet.

  26. Have you seen the protestors, standing outside, protesting the protestors being outside?

    Yeah, it’s that effing dumb in this country.

  27. I think a lot of people are sneaky-working right now, anyway. When we were out driving around the other day, a lot of small businesses had suspicious numbers of cars in the lots. Central CT has a lot of small machine shops, heat-treat places, etc.
    And we saw a lot of local biz box trucks on the road. If they’re not at work, why are they moving product?

  28. How many children have died from Corona-19?

  29. Yeah, one of my lefty friends remarked (with regard to the protest in Lansing last week). “I can’t wait until two weeks from now when the number of coronavirus cases spikes.”

  30. People are assholes

  31. The comment section on the protest in Maine was filled with those type of comments. I gave up halfway through. The BDN has a corps of committed lefties who spend the day trolling anyone who says anything remotely supportive of Trump or any conservative idea

  32. Mare, 1.

    Gretchen stood on her dead body during her press conference on Monday. She developed an unusual complication.

  33. It’s a bit confusing:

    According to the Detroit News, which was first to report Skylar’s death, the girl tested positive for COVID-19 in March after initially complaining of a headache: her parents took her to the pediatrician, where she tested positive for strep throat and was sent home on antibiotics.

    But the headaches were excruciating so they took her to the hospital, where she tested positive for the virus and later developed a rare form of meningitis and brain swelling. She died on Sunday at Royal Oak Beaumont after spending two weeks on a ventilator.

  34. She died of meningitis which hundreds of kids do every year. Your governor is a lying whore.

  35. As far as North Korea, I think something did happen with him. Whether it’s to the extent the media first reported or much less is anyone’s guess. It may well be disinformation on our part to prep for a possible catastrophic collapse of the Norks. If there were reports of military assets mobilizing in South Korea or in the US I’d believe it was the first report of a near death situation.

  36. Hotspur, facebook is filled with people wishing the virus on the protestors.

  37. Trump disseminates bad info to find leaks.

  38. She had Strep. That could have been the cause of the meningitis. But it’s Covid forever now. The covid could have been something she caught at the hospital. hard to say. She was put on a vent – would they do that for meningitis?

  39. This is honestly a better poat than I would have put up. Thanks, Jay.

    Weird update on the computer ended up blocking Norton Firewall. I couldn’t get Norton to update nor get the firewall back up until I rolled back to an earlier setpoint and tried it again. Cleared cache, ran CCleaner, full Norton and Malwarebytes scans this morning. Rah.

  40. “I can’t wait until two weeks from now when the number of coronavirus cases spikes.”

    Why do they want people to die!!!!11??!?

  41. Because they wouldn’t conform.

  42. Hotspur, facebook is filled with people wishing the virus on the protestors.

    What happens when none of them get sick? Nevermind, I know the answer is “nothing”, because no amount of data contradicting the models can persuade them that the models are wrong.

  43. Protest is the highest form of patriotism treason.

  44. Their violence is speech, our speech is violence. It’s the only consistent rule.

  45. Doesn’t matter if they don’t get sick. they will test positive.

  46. Fox News said the Iranian satellite did not reach orbit, and they are wrong. The guy who tracks objects in orbit reports it’s in a 426 x 444 km x 59.8 deg orbit, and I believe him. The Iranians also dropped their first stage on their own land instead of in the ocean, so smart move there, guys.

  47. I watched the few min interview with Stacy Abrams about being chosen for VP.

    Her response was good. Pick me! I’m qualified.

    The interview actually said, everyone knows you are qualified. That’s not an issue. Tell me something about you.

    Nothing. No desperate personal story to tell about someone close to her dying, and asking her to promise to change the world into a better place.

    She’s gonna need to up her tragic circumstances to have a shot.

  48. She’s gonna need to up her tragic circumstances to have a shot.

    I’m willing to say “no, ugh” with a horrified expression if she offers me sex. She could go off at length on the misogyny and racism she experienced personally at the hands of a rabid Trump supporter.

  49. CM woes continue. Asshole engineer complaining about document sections that haven’t changed in two years, probably because he just realized he has to comply.

  50. Husband has been on conference calls all day. At least 100 people on it with some idjits forgetting to put their phones on mute. I walked by when it sounded like someone was snoring and another time, I heard a loud racket and walked back in to what sounded like someone in India getting their ass beat by a mob. Guy probably went outside for a smoke and we were hearing street sounds OR guy probably got his ass beat for going outside for a smoke. They’re a little more ‘authoritarian’ about lockdown orders over there.

  51. As Fred Sanford proclaimed, “I could stick yo face in some dough and make gorilla cookies.”


  53. Fred Sanford: I brought you somethin’ too, Esther.

    Aunt Esther: Why, that’s nothing but a clear piece of plastic.

    Fred Sanford: No, it ain’t. Put it up to your face. That’s your Hallowe’en mask.

  54. I feel like pulling my hair out with reading/hearing about all these demrat governors doing what they’re doing…and the shit being given to the GA governor for lifting the lockdown even after giving very good common sense reasons why. AND Rush talking about a headline from one of his tech blog sites — apparently at the start of this, the wizards of scientific smarts at the CDC sent out covid tests tainted with covid a federal investigation shows…..

  55. LOL This fucking whore doesn’t even know what’s going on in her own campaign.

    That is distinctly untrue. She knew exactly what she and her delegates were doing. She thought, I assume, that she had all the deplorables so hacked off and protesting that we couldn’t also see the administrative shit she’s been up to, being focused on the military government she has installed.
    Don’t confuse evil and stupid. It’s how they get away with it.

  56. heh, my cousin posting on FB, since we spent 3 trillion already, we should give everyone a million dollars instead.

    J: 300 million people in US, to give each a million, would be 300 trillion dollars

    Ok, but each household, we could do that.

    Other cousin: 128 million households, we could do that for 12 trillion

    J: again, math.

  57. I’m wrong, aren’t I

  58. nope, I think I got it.

    1 million people getting 1 million dollars is 1 trillion dollars. times 128 both sides = 128 trillion

  59. and a stick of gum would cost $10,000.

  60. Each household would have gotten 23K and change on 3T.

    Ok great send me a check.



  63. Santa Clara patient died of Covid-19 Feb 6: 23 days before the first US coronavirus death, according to recent autopsy.

    It’s been here longer than they think.


  64. Brett Weinstein of Evergreen fame has been doing a Covid podcast with his wife and they’re convinced they had it in December. Just his wife and one of his sons got it.

    Pretty interesting. And the podcast is pretty good. It’s basically from a evolutionary theory perspective which is interesting.

  65. What a lump

  66. If I did my arithmetic correctly there are 21.7 million black chicks in the US, and there are 327 million people. That means black chicks are 6.6% of the population.

    Sit down and shut up, whore. You’re a fucking rounding error.

  67. Sit down and shut up, whore. You’re a fucking rounding error.


    I’ve never loved you more.

  68. Question:

    If Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the United States and has a private jet (you know, for all that philanthropy for the Gates Foundation) why in the holy hell would he need to fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane?

  69. Brett Weinstein of Evergreen fame has been doing a Covid podcast with his wife and they’re convinced they had it in December. Just his wife and one of his sons got it.

    Leon and I have been telling you turds we’ve been exposed for months. I was on the West Coast in December and January, there is no question it was there. It’s been moving around for months and I was in a place that was a “hotbed” of corona.

    Knock on wood, I don’t get the flu…ever. But my sister, brother in law and daughter probably had corona.

  70. Carin, now that I think about it, my daughter had a horrible sore throat, went to have it checked for strep, no strep but fever.

  71. Stacy Abrams superpower is making Michelle Obama look feminine.

  72. Heh, good one Xbrad.

    That twerp Shapiro said, “At this point, Abrams is basically standing outside Joe Biden’s house with a boombox.”

  73. These idiots are going to cling to intersectionality until they learn basic math.

    Which is fine by me.

  74. Really don’t like Shapiro but that’s kind of funny in a very Shapiro way.

    You sorta smile, but don’t actually laugh. Cuz he’s not funny.

  75. In very great Coran news…my panic rifle is on the way!

    I’ll be not shooting it in just a few days!

  76. I know, it was funny MJ. That’s why I posted it, I don’t usually find him funny… at all.

  77. Gayle King interviewed the fatty. Gayle is fatty Oprah’s best friend. Oprah was campaigning hard for fat Stacy.

    Lately, there have been a few things I’ve read/seen pics about Oprah that tell me that bitch is a sellout.

    People like to think of her as some “earth mother” type, nope. She’s just a mess with eating problems and a penchant for self-help books-for obvious reasons.

  78. I kinda like Shapiro. Not, I agree with him on everything. Just, I kinda understand his appeal with a lot of folks.

    As to Michelle O., I think you know how I feel about her politics, but I’ve heard that she’s actually quite pleasant.

  79. Heh. Tank must think some DA’s about to come down on her so she’s trying to line up the VP spot for protection.

  80. she’s actually quite pleasant.


    Oh, I’m sure. But I’ve heard she can be quite the nasty one.

  81. Mare, JE’s plane had underage girls and young boys. 🤪

  82. Exactly, Oso, there is no reason for Gates to be traveling with Epstein unless it’s creepy.

  83. Mike Obama looks like a bitch but apparently she’s very nice.

    Oprah looks very nice but she’s a massive bitch.

    Weird how everything is fake.

  84. I’ll bet my tiny little pants that fit over my tiny little ass that Abrams isn’t chosen.

    He’ll buy her off with a cabinet post. HUD or some other bullshit.

  85. She might get sniff tested.

  86. Back from shopping and getting prescriptions. Most things available, still can’t find canned chili. Paper products may as well not exist for all I saw. No problems with bread, milk, eggs, other basics. Should have enough to take me into May, God willing.

    Also, first time out with the stylish cloth masks received from a kind soul (thanks!). Now I need eye covering and outlandish duds and I can go all supervillain, just like I’ve always wanted…

  87. I’ll be not shooting it in just a few days!

    LOL Touché

  88. I always liked the Mooches interaction with Dubya. After 3 years of 45 exposing The Swamp, I get it that D and R doesn’t exist if you’re both Globalist one worlders.

  89. Oprah would pimp for Harvey.

  90. Michelle hates her country and has a massive insecurity problem. Her words tell her story perfectly.

  91. Mare, agreed.

  92. D🐀🐀🐀 apparently have no problems with voting for Anti-American candidates. 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁

  93. I’d like to sleep with Michelle Obama.

  94. So I could give her a Dutch Oven.

  95. MJ, the first thing you should do with your Coronavirus gun is take it out in a rowboat or something. That overturns.

    The loss will be tragic, but you’ll carry on.

  96. Trump Show is on.

  97. Kayak is funnier than rowboat.

  98. MA is going through the Vet drive thru tomorrow. We have been getting rabies shot year to year, because Dan doesn’t want to invest in the 3 year rabies shot on our old dog. 4th year straight.

  99. MJ is sorta … what’s the word he used the other day? Bougie. He probably would prefer a paddleboard.

  100. If MJ wants to learn to shoot his gun, Carin can show him.

    I’ll show him how to shoot his rifle.

  101. He has people who paddle for him.

  102. https://tinyurl.com/y946wlz3

  103. hahahahaha, sweet puppy.

  104. “…One is for shooting, one is for fun.”

  105. Maybe it’s both.

  106. Comment by Hotspur on April 22, 2020 6:13 pm

    So I could give her a Dutch Oven.

    **fixes Hotspur a dinner of broccoli, cabbage, and beans**

  107. TMI. For the most part while working through this, I’m sofa surfing. Dan is in Family Bed. We have visitation. My weighted blanket is incredible. Only 15#. I love it.

  108. Comment by Car in on April 22, 2020 6:14 pm
    MJ, the first thing you should do with your Coronavirus gun is take it out in a rowboat or something. That overturns.

    Now they are passing laws that you MUST report theft or loss of a firearm within 2 days. So, if you lose it and don’t report it, you’re breaking the law. Or you report it lost and it isn’t, you’re breaking the law. No matter what you do, you’re breaking a law…….and that’s just the way they like it.

  109. I’m sick of posts such as these.

    To all the people out there pushing to reopen the economy, I’m an LPN in a nursing home. I am watching my residents; whom I care for deeply; get sick, suffer and die alone, without their loved ones. I’m listening to my residents family members cry over the phone that they can’t be with their husbands, wife’s, fathers, brothers and sisters in the few last hours of their lives. I’m holding their hands and telling them their family members love them dearly and are so sorry they can’t be there with them. Are you all so willing for this to happen to your loved ones? I’m no politician, I’m no expert on anything economy related. All I know is that people are dying. People are suffering and they are alone when they need the comfort of their families the most.
    Please everyone stay safe out there. This lockdown is hard on everyone, but consider the fact that it’s keeping you and those you care about safe.

    Yea, you know what? Those vulnerable people are getting infected WITH the lockdown. 6 weeks here in Michigan, and yet people in nursing homes are dying.

    Expanding the shutdown isn’t going to pull the virus out of the wild, where it’s going to continue to find vulnerable people.

  110. Weeks ago I saw 45 talk about how to keep infections from traveling in nursing homes. Apparently, these fucks were already representing to families that they were doing this. Orange Man Bad.

  111. If it’s getting in there after this long, it’s unstoppable. Let it run its course and be done with it.

  112. 👋🏻 Scott. San Antonio Cousin was able to get her husbands brain tumor treated. Tumor gone. PT yesterday and today. Home tomorrow. Spanish cousin was saved by the Trump Cocktail. Lost a bunch of weight.

  113. Ned Lamont is on Martha McCallum.

    What an impressive guy. Totally blew the GA governor out of the water, since he doesn’t want to open up.

  114. Silly people, it’s getting in there because they haven’t been strict enough on quarantine. Probably got in there on seeds from Home Depot, or leons boat.

  115. Jolly Ned? I missed it.

    He may keep us closed until July but at least we can buy seeds.

  116. I H8 my ears. Stressed by the mask dealio. I’m very aware about ears. Sheridan’s sister haz ears. She married a great voice that recognized Sheridan. He is married to Sheridan’s older sister. 2 kids later and it’s a Pixar movie

  117. But seeds are why old people are dying.

  118. https://tinyurl.com/yax4uwnq

  119. Good to hear, Oso.

  120. Comment by Car in on April 22, 2020 7:37 pm
    I’m sick of posts such as these.


    I always assume those well written, emotional, tear jerker posts are bullshit.

  121. Is Scott the only one who knows WTF Oso is talking about?

  122. https://tinyurl.com/ybojs9hh

  123. I recognize Sheridan as a girl who died from either osteosarcoma or Ewing’s Sarcoma and I know what ears are but I’m going to need a diagram for the rest

  124. https://is.gd/jXL6Pn

    Alaskan pickled eggs seem like fun

  125. I was responding to the cancer and convid comment, not the ear one.

  126. I always assume those well written, emotional, tear jerker posts are bullshit.

    Agree 100%

  127. Jimbro, life goes on. Sheridan’s sister married a guy with bat wings. Her children have HUGE ears. My cousin posted a picture today that has pics of her kids. I ❤️ My family but those ears. Baby Yoda. Huge

  128. “I always assume those well written, emotional, tear jerker posts are bullshit.”

    My eight year old asked me why there wasn’t more testing.

  129. My donkey told me that nurse is a jackass, and he would know.

  130. USNS Comfort is leaving NYC, treated less than 200 people. In the meantime, de BlahBlah is still crying for more ventilators.

  131. And I still think Chris Cuomo is faking it. That bullshit coming out of the basement, “I’m sweaty from my workout”, because a bout with coronavirus leaves you ready for the gym.

  132. Turner Classic Movies is showing “An Inconvenient Truth”. I know Ted is a bleeding heart liberal, but damn.

  133. I should just stop reading the news. It’s too depressing.


  134. Turner Classic Movies is showing “An Inconvenient Truth”. I know Ted is a bleeding heart liberal, but damn.

    It’s a science fiction classic at this point.

  135. There’s a hiring market?

  136. That’s a legitimate question. The benefits are to last for 4 months and it works out to $15 hr. It’s probably not a big deal now, but it will come into play as the country starts to open up. It will have a bigger impact where wages are lower. It will cause small business to have to raise wages to get workers and they may not have the funds. I don’t know if they waive the having to look for a job to maintain benefits. If not that would limit the impact as well.

  137. It’s more the Dem put this kind of shit in all the time because they know the Rep will cave.

  138. I remember working at the restaurant, and full timers kept going on the dole, cuz they could make more money, after they squirted out some kids.

  139. I work and don’t make $15 an hour.

    Fuck everything.

  140. I’m a hero. Not all heros wear capes. NO CAPES

  141. Michelle hates her country and has a massive insecurity problem.

    Exactly. Nice is not a word I would describe her no matter how much candy W shoves in her piehole. Dictates your kid has to eat crap sandwiches for school lunch while hers gets served fine cuisine by chefs while not saying shit about hogs like Tank using their EBT for cake and chips.

  142. My BFF’s son owns/runs a well known restaurant down in the city. He tried to get some of that $$ but it was all gone in the blink of an eye. He still has to pay his lease and is still paying some of his people even though he’s had to shut down. He’s hoping he can reopen by the end of May.

    ….while the Kennedy Center, who already gets federal dollars because reasons, got $21M ….then started laying off people….

    And get this, friend of ours works for an accounting firm that will be processing those ‘stimulus’ checks. Guess how many tax dollars they’re going to get.

  143. Try the cape. You might like it. I use mine to open icky-looking doorknobs, to protect my hairdo in windy weather, to carry hot potatoes out of the oven, I wrap it around my throat when I give national press briefings about COVID19, and I also sometimes snap it like a towel at Scott’s ass.

    Capes! The identifying apparel of heroes, and useful as all Hell! Plus they make you look crazy!

  144. Good morning, Sean.

  145. Just moved the goalposts on Texas’ peak death day – been moved out another couple of days, peak death number will be 37 on that day.

    We recorded 39 deaths on the 16th.

    Graphs/formulas – how do they work?

  146. No capes!

  147. Defenseless, Erik resigned promptly.

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